Doctor Who is Sexist Against Men

(Note this article is a spoof, I don’t actually think anything in it is true. This is just a light hearted jab at the Tumblr folks who always accuse Who of sexism in particular Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who. Obviously I am not saying that there haven’t been examples of sexism in Who’s long history, but not to the extent they make out. Hopefully this may show you that it is possible if you over analyse something to death you can make it fit any agenda and interpretation you want. I don’t believe any of the accusations of misandry I write here to be to true for a second, but I don’t think they are any less valid than any of these Moffat promotes rape articles we see written everywhere. Both examples are as the 8th Doctor himself would say “human beings looking for patterns that aren’t there.)

In this article I will be taking a look at what I feel is a problem with Doctor Who’s depiction of male characters particularly in the Moffat era. Now don’t get me wrong I love Doctor Who it’s my favourite show, but I feel it does still have a long way to go in terms of having a positive representation of male characters. Now I feel this problem has gotten worse since the revival. The classic era’s depiction of men left a lot to be desired. We’d often have a bumbling oaf like Adric, Jamie or Harry walking alongside a strong brave woman like Teegan and Sarah.

Yes there was the Doctor, but the Doctor was an alien so obviously he would be smarter. Whenever we had a women and a man from the same species as one another side by side the woman would always be the more intelligent of the two like Jamie and Zoe and Liz and the Brigadier. What’s worse is the way the Doctor would talk to these women like Zoe practically as though they were his equals.

They should not be his equals, they are humans and he is an alien well over 900 years old, but hey according to the makers of classic who women are always smarter and even if there is a man over 900 years old, and from a race that have discovered time travel, then she will still be his equal and in some cases smarter than him like Barbara in the Edge of Destruction or Jo in the Three Doctors who figures out a problem that two Doctors can’t!

However having said that there were a few strong men we could look up to like Ian Chesterton and Steven Taylor and Ben in the early years so Classic Who wasn’t all that bad. However it has definitely gotten worse since Who came back in 2005. There was no gender equality at all in Russell T Davies’s stories. Most of the men in Russell T Davies’s Doctor Who’s lives had to revolve around some bloody woman for starters like Mickey, Pete and even the Doctor himself. Mickey’s life completely revolves around Rose, The Doctor its all about Rose even when she’s not there and with Pete? Yeah its all about Rose and Jackie. The fact was Russell really couldn’t write a male character whose life didn’t completely revolve around some woman, except for a very few occasions.

Even if he was an alien from outer space who had lived for 900 years his life still had to revolve entirely around some bloody woman.

Then there was the awful way some of his male characters were treated. Look at Mickey constantly stood up and humiliated by Rose. The way she treats him in the first episode of the Davies era by saying to him thanks for nothing basically before running off with another big strapping man is deplorable. Yet despite this we are supposed to be on her side because hey in Davies’s world the woman can do no bloody wrong.

Rose’s treatment of Mickey gets worse from that point on. She always humiliates him, makes it clear that his life is dull and boring and that she doesn’t care for him any more like in the Parting of the Ways when she says there is nothing here for her right to his face. Added to that she also lets her new boyfriend, The Doctor, call him Mickey the idiot all the time. And threw out all of this we are still supposed to like Rose and be on her side and not view her as the selfish, shallow, thick, materialistic bimbo who uses men sexually and then jilts them at the drop of a hat without any regard for their feelings that she clearly is? Then there is also the way she calls The Doctor my Doctor in The Parting of the Ways as if he is just hers. He’s a man you know with a life of his own he is not just your property.

Of course Russell did give Mickey some development by having him break away from Rose in that alternate universe and prove that he didn’t need a woman to make him happy, but then he went and ruined it by having get married as though that’s the only way a man can be happy is if he is married. And what’s worse is that he is married to one the Doctors ex trollips, Martha. That’s a wonderful message that Davies is sending out to the young boys who watch Doctor Who isn’t it. Even if you’re a strong man like Mickey who can face down Daleks and Cybermen and hold Davros an omnicidal maniac at gun point then you’ll still have to settle for someone like Martha another man’s cast off just in order to be happy. What’s worse is how The Doctor himself is treated however.

My god I cannot believe I had to watch what should be a really strong character for men like the Doctor get his balls chopped off by Russell for 4 years.

To begin with there is the question of sexual assault. The 9th Doctor gets sexually assaulted by Captain Jack in the Parting of the Ways, the 10th Doctor gets sexually assaulted by Lady Cassandra in New Earth and what’s worse is the way in the accompanying Doctor Who confidential Russell T Davies said he would have done the same thing if he were in Lady Cassandra’s position. So basically he’s encouraging the young impressionable girls who watch this show to sexually assault the cute boys they know?

Then we have 10 get sexually assaulted by Astrid, Lady Christina, Madame DePompadour and that filthy old woman who is Wilfs friend in the End of Time who feels up his ass. So is the idea of a woman sexually assaulting a man funny to Russell. I’ll have you know that sexual assault is no laughing matter Russell it’s a very serious crime and one that should not be presented as a funny little moment. And the way that the 10th Doctor actually enjoys getting sexually assaulted by all of these women is obscene as well. Russell essentially turns the Doctor into a whore.

Then there’s the fact that Davies’s Doctor hardly ever saves the day. How many times do we see his Doctor sitting at the side whilst his female companion does all the work. The Doctor is supposed to be the hero, but oh no a man simply can’t be the hero in Russell’s era. It has to be the woman always even if it’s a 19 year old shop girl with no qualifications and a 900 year old alien with a time machine. He’s still got to be less intelligent than she is like in the first episode where he is in her words useless and she is the one who saves the day from the Autons. Or in The Unquiet Dead when she is the one who knows the Gelth are evil whilst he doesn’t. Or in the parting of the ways whose the one who is smart enough to find a way to stop the Daleks? Yes its fucking Rose again. For once just once can’t a man be the smarter of the two in Doctor Who.

That’s not sexist against women to say that you know if there’s a woman who is a 900 year old alien then I’d expect her to be smarter than a 19 year old male chav, but oh no if it’s the other way around the woman still has to be smarter or even just as smart. Russell also seems fond of the idea of men not being able to look after themselves without a woman there like in Rose where we see Mickey clinging to Rose whilst she goes on about how this stupid idiot needs someone to look after him. Then there are the numerous times the Doctor goes nuts without either Rose or Martha or Donna looking after him. Worst of all is in Journey’s End when Donna gets the Doctors powers and abilities and uses them better than he ever did and tells him that he is useless. So what Russell is saying that a woman will always do something better than a man even if that man is the doctor?

Finally there is also the way that the men are sexualized and judged for their appearances in Russell’s Who. Look at Jack, I was so delighted when I first saw Jack I thought finally queer men are going to get proper representation on British television, but then it became obvious that he was just there for the women to ogle like in the Parting of the Ways. He was nothing but a woman’s fantasy rather than a proper representation of non heterosexual men. Watching Donna ogle him made me mad. Donna struck me as nasty old lech who loved leering over men like Captain Jack, and what’s worse is the way she made fun of men that she didn’t find attractive looks like the Doctor. I wouldn’t want to travel with Donna. She would judge me evidently soley for my looks. If she thought I was ugly she’d never stop telling me like she did with the Doctor saying that Martha must have been mad or blind or charitable to fancy him or going on about how skinny he was, or if she fancied me she would keep trying to hug me and keep coming on to me even if I wasn’t interested. She wouldn’t care who I was underneath. Just like Rose, Donna is a thick, materialistic bimbo who only cares for herself, but because she is a woman then that automatically makes her better than an intelligent man like the Doctor. Then there is the fact that the Doctor is now played by a little pretty boy that all the ladies can ogle.

Obviously  Tennant is a damn fine actor, but still I do feel a little uncomfortable the way Russell T always draws attention to his looks. Martha always has to go on about how tight his suits are. Imagine if I were to do a remake of Miss Marple and cast a sex goddess like Maggie Q in the role  and have all the male characters ogle her. Would that be looked on favourably? No, so I fail to see why it should in the Doctors case.

Of course as bad and sexist as Russell T Davies Doctor Who was it still doesn’t approach the horrendous anti men sentiment that runs right through Moffat’s Who.

Steven Moffat clearly has some issues with men as he just can’t for the life of him write a decent male character even if his life depended on it. At least Russell gave us a few male characters whose lives didn’t revolve around women like Jack, but my god all the men in Moffat’s time’s lives have to revolve around some big babe.

We have other thoughts you know Moff, its not all about trying to win over some big hot babe. The Doctor always has to have an impossible girl like Amy and Clara to give his life meaning. Look at in series 7 as soon as he loses one woman Amy he has nothing to live for until he meets another woman Clara.

Lovely message Mr Moffat is sending there to the little boys that watch Doctor Who isn’t it. Unless you have a woman in your life you’re just a sad loser living on a cloud like 11 is until he meets Clara. Then there is Rory a man who punched out the Doctor and Hitler, blasted Daleks, and faced down the cybermen and the silence and his life still has to revolve around a woman.

Moffat decides to develop his character by showing how jealous the Doctor’s relationship with his wife, showing how he stands outside of a box for thousands of years. Rory is never allowed to develop beyond his relationship with Amy and that’s the problem with Moffat’s male characters their lives always have to revolve around a woman and they always have to talk about a woman. Even when all of reality has ended all the Doctor and Rory can talk about is a fucking woman in The Big Bang. Even a lot of Moffat’s guest characters lives have to revolve around women.

Look at Bracewell what is it that helps him break free of the Daleks control, his false memories of a fucking woman. Moffat also seems to be only able to write men in two different ways flirty like the 11th Doctor and Captain Jack or nerdy like Rory. I’ll have you know Moffat that I know plenty of men who are not nerdy and who are not flirty.

Also much like Russell Moffat continues having the men get sexually assaulted by the women in the series. Amy practically tries to molest 11 and puts her hands down his trousers whilst forcing herself on him even though he doesn’t want it clearly and then there’s the moment when Clara just randomly grabs 11 and French kisses him. Also remember that Moffat wrote 10 being sexually assaulted by Madame De Pompadour, and he also had 10 being frequently sexually assaulted by Queen Elizabeth 1 in The 50th anniversary.

Well that’s just fucking great eh in a celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who seen by over 100 million people around the fucking world the doctor still has to get sexually assaulted by the women of the show. 100 million people had to watch Queen Elizabeth 1 and a Zygon in Queen Elizabeth 1’s form forcibly stick their tongues down the Doctors throat. Sexual assault is a serious subject and not one that man hating pigs like Moffat should joke about in their lame little scripts.

Guys like Moffat and Davies think it is okay for a man to get sexually assaulted as long as it’s a blond bombshell like Rose a raven haired temptress like Lady Christina or a flame haired sex goddess like Amy doing it because these geeky guys should be so lucky as to have these women look twice at them! If Amy tried to molest me I can assure you I wouldn’t think “oh yes a big boobed, long legged sex goddess is going to shag little old me” I’d think “fuck this crazy bitch is trying it on when I’m not interested”. Its horrifying watching Matt’s sweet, asexual Doctor get felt up by some sex crazed pervert who then makes fun of him for not having had sex in centuries, like that’s a man’s only value.

Maybe it is to a man hater like Moffat, but I think men have other values than just how many flame haired sex goddesses they’ve banged. What’s even more vile and putrid about the sexual assault in Moffat’s era is the double standard involved. A few women get sexually assaulted though not nearly as many as the men and every time a man does it do a woman he gets reprimanded. 11 sexually assaulted Jenny and she hit him in the face, and then he did it to Tasha Lem and he got hit in the face, Clara did it to 11 and then said afterwards “you like me” so that makes it okay then. Imagine if 11 had said that to Jenny “what you clearly fancy me”.

Also bare in mind that 11 did not sexually assault Jenny because he fancied her he did it get feeling back, similarly he did it to Tasha to prove that she wasn’t under the Daleks control. Both Amy and Clara and Elizabeth and Madame DePompadour however made it clear that they wanted sex, but their assaults were still made out to be okay and a source of fun and if anything we were supposed to laugh at 11 the victim for being such a big sissy and not going ahead with Amy and Clara’s lecherous advances. But if 11 who is an alien and doesn’t know any better and is doing it for non sexual reasons anyway does it then he deserves a slap in the face simply because he is a man.

Men are also judged for their looks even more so in Moffat’s era. Not only is the Doctor again played by a young pretty boy instead of a real man, but the men are constantly called ugly too. How many times is Rory made fun of for his nose and made to feel like he is not good enough for Amy. Even though he stood outside of a box for 1000 years the fact that she is simply so much sexier than he is is enough for her to still be out of his league. He’s also supposed to put up with her cheating and take her married name in order to add insult to injury.

Then there are all the times Matt Smith himself is made fun of for his chin. Then there’s Rivers disgusting remark to Steve Pemberton’s character “you’re the only one I don’t fancy”. Imagine if some good looking guy singled out a woman he didn’t fancy in a crowd and let her know she was the ugly one. I said I wouldn’t want to travel with Donna, I certainly wouldn’t want to travel with Amy, Clara and River. Either they would practically try and rape me if they thought I was hot or they would horrible remarks about my appearance and give me nicknames like Chin boy, the Nose or humiliate me in a crowd full of people simply because they didn’t fancy me.

Finally just like Davies Moffat has undermined the Doctor for his bitches only once again to an even worse extent than the enormous Welshman ever did. Amy remembers 11 back into existence, basically without this one fiery redhead the doctor would be nothing, whilst worst of all in the Name of the Doctor Clara is retconned into being the hero of every Who story. Its one thing to make the Doctor into a pussy who can’t wipe his ass without a woman’s help in the New Poo, but don’t you dare retcon it so that the classic era Doctor was a pussy too.

Why Moffat has been allowed to write such vile anti men trash in a family show escapes me. Worse still is the way he has openly admitted to being a sexist against men before in interviews. He once said “I am sexist, women are cleverer, nicer, kinder, and better and stuff. Don’t let on or they’ll keep us in fields. FIELDS!!!.” And he also said in another interview “You could accuse me of having a fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people” so its okay then in Moffats eyes for women to cheat men. He says he finds it sexy. Well I’ll tell you Mr Moffat I don’t like seeing my fellow men getting cheated by women.

Cheating anyone is horrible and the fact that you think its okay for women to do it to men is very telling. Also finally he once said about an episode “its got two Amy Pond’s in it if you’re a red blooded male surely that’s enough”. I’ll have you know Moffat that men have other interests besides sex. Maybe you think we’re all drooling perverts who will just stare at two big red heads like idiots, but I don’t feel that way I and many other men have slightly more cerebral interests. I only hope things get better for Doctor Who next series. Moffat needs to go, his anti men agenda keeps creeping its way into his works far too often for my liking. I long for the day when we can get a writer on Doctor Who who knows how to write a good strong male character who doesn’t spend all of his time moping over some woman like Rose, Clara, who doesn’t just take being abused about his appearance and sexually assaulted and felt up by some drooling pervert like Amy Pond and Clara and who isn’t some sissy pretty boy either.

Thank you for reading and in my next article I will be talking about ageism in Moffat’s Who. I feel Moffat has some very warped views about people over the age of 40. Like look at 11 and River even though they loved each other 11 still leaves River like a book on a shelf in a library so he can run off with a younger woman Clara. Just because Alex Kingston was over 40 then her husband should leave her to run off with a woman in her 20’s.  Then when the Doctor becomes an older man Peter Capaldi, Clara doesn’t know if he is a good man anymore and all of this crap Moffat has come out with about how Capaldi will be a kick up the arse Doctor, a dark, untrustworthy Doctor, why just because he is old I don’t know about you Moffat, but I don’t think all middle aged people are dark, untrustworthy, angry and cruel and I certainly don’t think beautiful middle aged women should be abandoned by their spouses so that they can go away and chase younger women. Anyway until next time bye.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who is Sexist Against Men

  1. Fantastic post! I shared it with my family. I had written you a longish reply but the computer eated it, so I’ll just say that what impressed me most was your weaving legitimate concerns with rhetorical bs. Also, I think Doctor Who is generally ahead of the curve concerning woman (see Barbara, who you point out is a strong character, right at the beginning of the series), but society’s sensibilities are changing, and a lot of what would have been progressive in the 80s or 00s now makes many cringe. I loved your points on Jack and Donna too–I had thought them myself, as well as the counter points. I’m really glad to have found your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. Its true that a lot of people get carried away with accusing Who sexism and racism. I mean I have criticisms of Moffat you’ve seen them, but to accuse the man of promoting sexual assault is too far in my opinion and so that’s why I did this. Thanks for reading and sharing it that’s very appreciated.


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