Doctor Who Enemies 2/ The Daleks

Last month we took a look at the The Master the Doctors Time Lord nemesis. This month in time for Christmas we will be looking at his most iconic and recurring enemies as well as my personal favourites, skaro’s finest, The Daleks!

As I pointed out in my last article the Daleks are really like the Doctors version of the Joker. The Master is like Ra’s’ Al’ Ghul the later enemy who shows up and is more of a classical nemesis for the hero, but even with that and their popularity, the Joker and the Daleks will always be the villains that the public thinks of when they hear the hero’s name mentioned. You say Batman the next name people think is the Joker, you say Superman and the next name people think of is Lex Luthor, you say Sherlock Holmes and the next name people think of is Professor Moriarty and you say Doctor Who and the next name people think of is The Daleks.

Over the course of the next month I will be taking a look at the 4 main interpretations of the Daleks there have been over the years.

I think there have been 4 writers on television who have come up with their own take on the villains, Terry Nation who created them along with Raymond Cusick, David Whitaker who wrote all of their stories during the Second Doctor’s era, Russell T Davies who brought Doctor Who back in 2005 and finally Steven Moffat the current as of the writing of this article producer of Doctor Who. That’s not to say that these 4 men are the only people who have ever written good or even classic Dalek stories, but I feel these are the only people who have really brought something new to their characters. In one article I will look at Terry Nations Daleks, then the next David Whitaker’s Daleks, then Davies’s Daleks and then finally Moffat’s Daleks. On top of this I will also be looking at how the different Doctors have interacted with the Daleks and which Doctor had the best interactions with them, who was the best Dalek Doctor?

I will also be reviewing every single one of their stories and finally looking at why the Daleks have stood out among the Doctors other enemies.

I hope you enjoy these series and the first article on Terry Nations take on the Daleks will be up soon.

Edit Update

I have now completed all 5 articles. I decided that Eric Saward who wrote two Dalek stories “Resurrection of the Daleks” and “Revelation of the Daleks” also came up with a fairly interesting take on the monsters too. Thus I have done one for him as well. Here are links to all 5 articles, note the Saward one was written last and in the RTD article I mention Saward as someone whom I don’t think did that great  a take on the Daleks, but that was before I changed my mind obviously.

Terry Nation’s Daleks

David Whitaker’s Daleks

Eric Saward’s Daleks

Russell T Davies’s Daleks

Steven Moffat’s Daleks

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