Top 10 Big Finish Audio Doctor Who Adventures That Should Be Adapted For TV

Now Big Finish productions for the past 10plus years have produced Doctor Who stories on the Audio format using past actors who played the role of the Time Lord on television. Thanks to Big Finish we got a chance to hear new stories featuring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy and most importantly we got a chance to fully see or rather hear what an excellent Doctor Paul McGann was.

Over the years they have produced many classic stories, some of the best Doctor Who stories ever made in fact. There have even been Big Finish stories adapted for television. The Fifth Doctor story Spare Parts for instance has been adapted as David Tennant’s first Cyberman story The Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.

Here are 10 more stories that I think would make excellent tv stories, for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in particular. I know a lot of people think that its unoriginal to just adapt every big finish story for tv and I agree. I am not saying I want all of these stories adapted, but these are just 10 stories that I think could be adapted potentially as great stories.

10/ Enemy of the Daleks

Now this is definitely one of the best Dalek stories in any medium in my opinion. Its a brilliant idea, that someone creates a monster to destroy the Daleks, that proves to be even more fearsome. However don’t think the Daleks menace is undermined as a result of this. They are at their scheming, manipulative and ruthless best and there are some brilliant Doctor/Dalek moments too. I’d love to see Capaldi face the dying black Dalek. Not that McCoy isn’t excellent here of course, but I can see how with a few adjustments this would work brilliantly for Capaldi’s Doctor too.

I’d also love to see how they’d design the creatures too. I think this story would only work as a two parter however. Since they according to rumor have to use the Daleks once every year anyway, then this could fill next years annual Dalek story quite nicely.

9/ The Holy Terror

One of the all time best Doctor Who stories. This potentially could be a terrifying, dark and very adult story, that would be ideally suited for 12’s darker nature. Also in much the same way that this story helps to show a gentler side to th 6th Doctor, then similarly this story could show us a lighter side to 12. I have compared 6 to 12 before and I still say they are very similar characters. Both older, grumpier, darker characters on the surface, but somewhat more softer underneath.

Also finally the this story would hopefully get Robert Shearman back. I cannot believe after the success of Dalek they have never got him back for another story.

8/ Terror Firma

Now Davros has been gone for ages so his return, provided they didn’t mess it up would be very welcome. Terror Firma is a brilliant story and it similarly dealt with a return of Davros after a long period. It was the follow up to Rememberance of the Daleks. Even though 8 and 12 are very different Doctors I still think with some adjustments this could be made to work with 12. 8 is very cold to Davros in it so that might work with 12’s nature.

Also this could lead to an interesting story arc with Davros’s new human Daleks that he creates in this story going on to battle the originals.

However knowing Moffat he probably intends to bring Davros back as a woman called Davrosa. With this in mind maybe it is best to leave this story and the character of Davros behind until Moffat goes.

7/ Master

Now this is one of my favorite Master stories in any medium. Unlike certain other stories cough Dark Water/Death in Heaven cough this actually attempts to flesh the character out, and doesn’t just portray him as a vicious psychopath. If they did a version of this story next year then all would be forgiven for the travesty that was Dark Water/Death in Heaven.

I think that Michelle Gomez would absolutely have the acting chops to pull this story off. The problem was never in her casting, just in how badly Missy was written. Her performance as Missy was abysmal, but I think any actor or actress would have been as bad in the role. Playing a one note psycho who goes “banana” when zapping people is not gonna make any actor give their most nuanced performance. However a story like this could make Missy a more compelling character and allow Gomez a proper chance to play the villain.

6/The Four Doctors

One of the better multi Doctor stories I think this might be quite a good Christmas special. Of course the Doctors would have to change so there would have to be some adjustments. The Doctors I would pick would be the 8th Doctor, the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor and obviously Capaldi as the incumbent Doctor.

I can see all 4 of these Doctors having a quite interesting dynamic with one another.

5/ The One Doctor

A brilliant story all around this would make a very unusual television episodes to say the least. They would definitely have to get Christopher Biggens back for his role in this story. It wouldn’t be the same otherwise and I would enjoy seeing how he and Capaldi would play off of one another.

4/ The Chimes of Midnight

The best ever 8th Doctor story in my opinion. This is another Robert Shearman masterpiece. If done right this could be a real return to the Philip Hinchcliff era style of Doctor Who a real cracking good gothic, horror story. Of course it would need some rewriting for Capaldi’s Doctor, but I think you could still make it work none the less.

3/ Omega

Now I would love to see this story adapted for a number of reasons. First of all aside from the fact that its a bloody good story all around I also really want to see Omega return to the series. I think its a shame we never got to see Omega during 10 or 11’s time. I think he would have been a much better villain for the Doctor to face when he was the last of the time lords rather than the Master. Think of what a brilliant contrast that would have been the man who created Time Lord society against the man who ended it. Still I think Omega would be a great villain to bring back and this would be a great story to use him in.

However only problem with this story is that it really is so perfectly suited to the 5th Doctor that I am not sure if you could tailor it to suit Capaldi. Maybe its best just to go with a new story for Omega. Still if they could make it fit Capaldi I would love to see this on screen.

2/ The First Sontarans

Oh how I wish they had made this story for season 22 instead of The Two Doctors. I really cannot believe they passed on this masterpiece for such a bland, nonsensical and dreary story as The Two Doctors.

This would be a brilliant story to adapt for a number of reasons. First of all it would suit both Capaldi and Coleman fine. I could easily imagine 12 and Clara filling in for 6 and Peri in this story no problem.

Also I think it would be a good story to do now for the Sontarans. The Sontarans have been somewhat reduced through Strax to nothing more than a comic relief in the new series.

I don’t have anything against Strax I rather like him, but its true it would be good to see a story where the Sontarans are a legitimate threat in the new series again.

This story really shows how devastating and ruthless they are. We see them turn on and destroy their own creators the Kaveetch whom they merely dismiss as an inferior species.

The fact that Strax has made the Sontarans seem somewhat cuddly to new series viewers if anything could actually work in this stories favour, as it would seem even more shocking and disturbing to new viewers when we see them ruthlessly exterminate an entire species in the blink of an eye.

1/ Masters of War

My favorite Audio story and one of my all time favorite Doctor Who stories ever made ever. Now this might seem like an odd choice as it is set in an alternate universe and thus deviates from Who canon quite a bit. However I think with some adjusting it could be an amazing story on television.

To start with Peter Capaldi’s older more, arrogant, restrained and refined Doctor could easily stand in for David Warners older, more, arrogant, restrained and refined Doctor.

As for who could stand in for The Brig well there are a number of choices. Captain Jack might work, but I think Kate Lethbridge Stewart would probably be the best choice.

I think there is potential in Kate as a character. However sadly that potential has been wasted. All we ever see her do is just go on about how fabulous her dad was. She has not played a role in saving the day in any of her three stories so far.

This story however could really help flesh her out and make her a useful ally to the Doctor. We could maybe have her after Osgood’s death be so devastated that she leaves UNIT. They could actually show us her reaction to Osgood’s death and the depth of the relationship they had, which they bloody didn’t do in Death in Heaven. Thus like the Brig in this story she would be desperate to travel with the Doctor almost to make up for her failures in the past. We would then see her lead the Thals into battle against the Daleks and finally prove her worth as a strong ally to the Doctor.

Davros meanwhile we could have it that he joined the Quatch, who really are creepy bastards after Journey’s End. Again we would have to change certain aspects of the story, but by and large I think this could make one hell of a season finale.

An old school Dalek story, set on Skaro (which we have only seen a glimpse of in new Who), with Kate Lethbridge Stewart used to her full potential and the surprise return of Davros, plus the Daleks and the Thals working together. Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be an amazing finale.

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