Were Any Of The Doctors Gay?

Note: This is a spoof article. I obviously do NOT believe any of the things I post here.

The Doctor as we all know changes his appearance whenever he regenerates, but he also changes his personality too. Whilst he is the same person underneath certain key aspects of his personality do change. His likes, his dislikes, his willingness to kill, even his opinions of certain people can all just change in a flash because of regeneration. So I ask you why not his sexuality? Why not have a gay Doctor. Surely it is a tad homophobic to suggest that time lords can change every aspect of their personality, but not their sexuality?

I am not saying that all of the Doctors are gay, but yes I think that some of them have been and the signs are all there as I am going to show you in this article.

1st Doctor

I do not think that the first Doctor is gay. There is plenty of evidence to back it up, the fact that he had a grand daughter, and the fact that he had an Aztec groupie show that he clearly wasn’t gay. Though having said that it is possible that The Master in an earlier female incarnation may have been Susan’s grandmother. It would explain their feud that the Master was always upset that he had taken her grand daughter around the universe and also why the Master could never kill Jo because she reminded him of his grand daughter.

However even then that doesn’t mean he was gay as the Master was a woman at the time.

2nd Doctor

The 2nd Doctor is probably not gay, but there are a few suspect moments. He does seem to enjoy travelling with that hairy legged Scot Jamie who was his only constant companion. He seemed all to quick to allow the dolly bird Polly and the gorgeous Victoria to leave him. Then there is the scene where he and Jamie end up holding hands in Tomb of the Cybermen. So yes I do have my suspicions about him.

3rd Doctor

I think the third Doctor was most likely gay. The signs are rather obvious.

He dresses like gay icon Liberace to start with

Then there is also the fact that he spends a lot of time among sweaty men on earth. Oh yes he is exiled, but still even when his exile is broken he could leave yet still spends so much time on earth around UNIT.

It doesn’t help that UNIT is made up of Mike Yates who is conformed to be gay in spin off material, and The Brigadier who has a very gay look. Seriously between Pertwee’s clothes and the Brig’s mustache it looks like Liberace and Freddie Mercury are working for UNIT.

Also remember it is later said that the Brig’s first marriage ended because of an affair. Funny we never find out who the person he was having the affair with was, but considering the only person he was hanging around with at that point all the time was the Doctor. Think about it those long hours in the UNIT offices with nothing else to do? The 4th Doctor also mistook the Brigadier for Alexander the Great who many believe to have been gay!

Also I might add that Pertwee’s Doctor was the first Doctor on screen to meet the Master and well we al know what type of relationship they really had.

So yes I think that the Pertwee Doctor was most likely gay.

4th Doctor

I do not think that the 4th Doctor was gay. Despite being very camp he seemed to be quite keen on Romana and also desperate to cut his ties with the Brigadier and travel with Sarah. So he definitely isn’t gay, instead he is one of these ladies men who is really camp like Russell Brand or Noel Fielding.

5th Doctor

The gayest Doctor of them all. It should be obvious to anyone that this Doctor is gay. To start with this Doctor was never seen putting his arm around any of his companions except for Adric. Its worth noting that Adric was also played by an openly gay actor whilst Nyssa, Teegan and Peri were all played by gorgeous young women.

Plus there is the scene where he is dying and his head is right next to Peri’s rather large cleavage and the 5th Doctor doesn’t even notice! What heterosexual man would not notice where his head was in those final moments even if he was dying.

A straight guy

A gay guy.

The fifth Doctor was clearly gay.

6th Doctor

Clearly not gay. Gay men are usually said to have good taste in clothes and take care with their appearance. Look at how this man dressed. There is no chance he was gay.

7th Doctor

Probably not gay. His dress sense isn’t much better than sixie, however he and the Master do seem to enjoy wrestling with each other using bones that have very phallic shapes


Its practically gay porn! Opposites attract. ATTRACT!

8th Doctor

Probably not gay as he and Grace seemed to like each other, but still he did seem to want to spare the Master who had earlier said that he wanted to steal his body and murdered his wife.

I reckon 8 was probably bisexual.

9th Doctor

I think the 9th Doctor was very suspect. He did seem to like Rose, though bare mind he only kissed her when absolutely had to. He also not only seemed to like Captain Jack but he also seemed to be unable to save Lynda another young woman who seemed to like him too? Bit suspicious if you ask me?

10th Doctor

I take it back this is by far and away the gayest Doctor of all time. My god I don’t know where to begin!

This is a Doctor who to start with in contrast to sixie is very well dressed. You can see quite a lot of time and preperation has gone into his appearance!

Also this is a Doctor who lets not forget shared a bed with an oversexed Freema Agyeman who was desperate to shag him and what did he do? He turned her down!

Then he also turned down a chance to travel the universe with an over sexed Michelle Ryan who was also desperate to shag him.

Yeah he turned down a chance to travel with her, but he was desperate for an oversexed John Barrowman who was also desperate to shag him and who also I might add loved getting naked at every opportunity too, to travel with him.

Is there any doubt that 10 is gay?

Bare in mind it also took him a year to escape the Master. Very odd isn’t it. Look how long it took hetero fourth Doctor to beat the Master in The Deadly Assassin about 2 minutes. 10 meanwhile spent a year as his bitch all the while he sent that gorgeous woman who was in love with him Martha Jones around the world on a will goose chase so that he could spend his time in a kennel being whipped by John Simm whilst John Barrowman “handsome Jack” was being kept in chains below.

I know what you are going to say what about Rose? Well Rose and the Doctor were never actually involved with each other until Handy the Doctors clone. Maybe that was why Handy was left with Rose. Not only could he have a life with her because he is human but also because he was straight.

10 was gay there is no doubt about it.

11th Doctor

I am not sure what to make of this Doctor. He seems to be bisexual. He said he had a robot boyfriend, seemed keen to meet the Brigadier for “drinks” and turned down a chance to fuck Amy Pond. If it wasn’t for the fact that he stalked Clara and was into bondage with River Song I’d have said he was as gay as David Tennant’s Doctor.

12th Doctor

From what I have seen so far 12 seems to be straight. Yes he kissed Missy but Missy looks like Michelle Gomez now so that’s different. Also he seemed eager to travel with an oversexed Ingrid Oliver in series 8 and is now eager to do so again from the looks of things in series 9 so I’d say he is straight and is possibly the first straight Doctor in the revival. Then again 12 did say he might go back a queen too. Maybe Ingrid is just his beard.


As you can see a few of the Doctors were definitely gay.

It goes like this

First Doctor definitely not gay.

Second Doctor probably not gay but a bit suspect.

Third Doctor VERY suspect.

Fourth Doctor not gay.

Fifth Doctor gay.

Sixth Doctor definitely not gay.

Seventh Doctor probably not gay.

Eighth Doctor a bit suspect.

Ninth Doctor VERY suspect

Tenth Doctor gay

Eleventh Doctor very suspect

Twelfth Doctor most likely not gay.

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