Why Osgood and Journey Blue Should Be The 12th Doctors Companions

It was announced recently that Jenna Coleman will be departing after series 9. Obviously at this stage nobody, including the makers of Doctor Who themselves have any idea who her replacement will be, but in this article I am going to make, hopefully a good case for Osgood and Journey Blue being 12’s new companions.

I think that these two characters should be his companions together. It would be great to have another TARDIS team and I think that these two characters would work particularly well together.

Journey and Osgood might seem like an odd pair at first, but hopefully I may be able to sway you on this.

Lets get started then.

1/ Osgood and Journey Blue Would Both Play Off Of The 12th Doctor In Different And Exciting Ways

I think that even already with their limited interaction we can see two very strong yet different dynamics develop between 12 and Osgood, and 12 and Journey.

With Journey there was a more confrontational relationship. 12’s more callous behaviour began to outrage her, whilst at the same time her more gun ho attitude was at odds with the more cerebral Doctor. Despite this however the two did respect one another and even came to trust each other with 12 managing to convince Journey not to kill Rusty.

12 meanwhile was shown to have a more fatherly relationship with Osgood. He was less blunt like he usually is with people around her. Indeed it seems Osgood is the only person 12 is always sweet and caring too. Even Clara is sometimes on the receiving end of his scathing put downs, but with Osgood we see a First Doctor/Susan type of relationship where she is the only one he is a big softie too all of the time.

Its nice to see 12 being more affectionate and caring around a companion. I always think this is the key to darker or grumpier Doctors showing them being a real sweetheart to a companion. We had that with 1 and Susan, 3 and Jo and 9 and Rose.

Of course at the same time I think Doctors of 12’s type need somebody to clash with too. The first Doctor in earlier stories tended to clash with Ian a lot, 3 was always locking horns with the Brigadier, and even 9 and Jack in his first story clashed.

Thus I think Journey Blue could give 12 that type of character.

Also I think it would be quite interesting to have a woman fulfil that role as in the past it has normally been men who clash with him, whilst women companions tend to more fawn over the Doctor either because they look up to him as a mentor or they are in love with him.

Now I think that both of these dynamics on their own would be interesting, but together it might be quite fun to have one companion that views the Doctor as a role model and the other who questions what he does and is at odds with him a lot.

Also I think that these dynamics would offer up a different TARDIS team from what we are used to in New Who of a female companion who has feelings for the Doctor and her boyfriend. Rose and Mickey were that, Amy and Rory were that and obviously Clara and Danny were that.

Osgood and Journey would be two women who had no feelings for one another, knew the Doctor independently from each other and had very different type of relationships with him to one another and thus would offer up a completely fresh dynamic from anything before in New Who.

Both Would Take Us Away From Soap Opera Elements And Back Into Science Fiction

Now a big problem I have had with all new who companions is that we have to keep returning to their home lives and its boring.

I mean really no disrespect intended to Moffat or Davies, but its so tedious having to cut back from the science fiction aspects of the story to what is basically a soap opera involving the companions family or their place of work.

Episodes about Rose’s family are like watching an episode of Eastenders and episodes that are about Clara’s place of work are like watching an episode of Grange Hill.

I know a lot of people like these episodes as they feel that they flesh the companions out, but I am sorry in my opinion they take Doctor Who in a direction it really shouldn’t go in. Doctor Who is not a bloody soap opera. Its a science fiction series about a man who can travel anywhere in time and space. It should focus on things like alien planets and time travel. In these types of episodes the science fiction elements are kept to a bare minimum like in The Caretaker. The robot in that so generic it is literally just tossed in.

Now Journey Blue and Osgood I think would be the perfect companions in this respect. Their backgrounds unlike Clara and Rose are firmly rooted in science fiction.

Journey Blue comes from a post apocalyptic future where the Daleks are exterminating humanity. Osgood works for a secret organisation designed to track down aliens.

If we did go back to their home lives it would actually be interesting, in fact unlike say Listen or Time of the Doctor where the bits with the companions home life detracted from the main story. In Osgood and Journey’s case the companion’s home life could actually be the story itself. In Osgood’s case we would have a modern day UNIT story like in the Pertwee era, involving monsters attacking the earth and we could see lots of great characters in her story too. Obviously Kate would be there, but so could Malcolm Taylor, even perhaps Martha Jones and Mickey Smith, and maybe we could even get a guest appearance from Sergeant Benton too.

With Journey Blue meanwhile we would get a great Dalek story set in the far future, we would also see Rusty a potentially fascinating character again.

I think Journey Blue and Osgood could solve so many problems the show is lumbered with. According to rumours the show has to use the Daleks at least once every year or else they will lose the rights to them per a deal they made with the Nation estate. At the same time they have to set some of the series on earth both for budgetary reasons and because it is felt that people will identify with a story if its set on earth. Also finally many fans in contrast to my opinions want to see more stories about the companions home life as again they feel it fleshes them out more.

Osgood and Journey could solve these problems as the invasion earth story could just be one that sees Osgood go home and work with her UNIT friends again. You’d kill two birds with one stone that way and make everyone happy. Those who want to see more stories about the companions home life would get their wish, but unlike with Rose fans like me would get a good sci fi story and the invasion earth story would feel less random too.

It is always a bit too much the way the Doctor happens to land at exactly the right moment when aliens are attacking. With UNIT stories you don’t run into that however as they track down the monsters and contact the Doctor himself.

Similarly if they had to do a Dalek story then that could just be the story where we go back to Journey’s home and once again we would get a good sci  fi story instead of well The Caretaker. Also this could benefit the Daleks as Journey’s story would be set in the future and thus we could see them attack other worlds. When you have the Daleks attack modern day in a story like say Doomsday the drawback is that you know they are going to lose or else there will be no more who stories in modern day. In Journeys story in the future however you could show them take control of other planets, destroy them even, we could see the full might of a Dalek empire and thus restore their menace.

Both Journey Blue and Osgood Have Strong Links To The Doctors Enemies

Now both Osgood and Journey Blue have had some not so pleasant encounters with some of the Doctors worst enemies. Osgood’s sister, her Zygon duplicate or the real Ogood was ruthlessly dispatched by the Master, whilst Journey Blue’s brother was exterminated by the Daleks.

Thus when they both encountered these villains again it could be quite a tense moment. Journey would be like the 9th Doctor, someone who lost everything to the Daleks, whilst Osgood I’d imagine would have a bone to pick with the Master.

It might be quite an interesting new change to see the Doctors companion have an all consuming hatred of his mortal enemies. They tried this with both Nyssa and Teegan in the 80’s when the Master killed Teegan’s auntie, and Nyssa’s father, step mother and her entire world.

Sadly they never really did anything with it. Indeed Nyssa barely mentions her father being possessed by the Master whilst Teegan after Logopolis never mentions that the Master killed her only living relative.

With Osgood however we could have a companion that wants to kill the Master for what she did to her double and goes against the Doctors wishes. Or perhaps Osgood is so terrified at what happened before that whenever she goes near the Mistress she freezes up.

Likewise the Daleks would not only strike fear into Journey’s heart, but make her lose her cool, her hatred of them would be so immense.

Both Would Be Good Role Models For Young Women

Osgood is a scientist who uses her brains to solve her problems. She is someone who seems a little bit vulnerable at first, but is actually very strong underneath. She is not some perfect person like Clara who is right when 7 billion people are wrong on whether or not to spare the Space Dragon, and inspires humanity to survive to the end of creation itself.

Osgood in contrast is an ordinary woman who uses her brains to think her way out of the worst situations. I think a lot of people could relate to her.

Journey Blue meanwhile is a good old fashioned Ellen Ripley style heroine who again isn’t perfect, but nevertheless always manages to overcome her fear and is a great combination of intelligence and strength.

Both Would Not Be In Love With The Doctor

A problem with the companions of the revival is that they are all infatuated with the Doctor which if nothing else has gotten boring after 8 years. Now Osgood and Journey would not have this problem.

Osgood as we can see has more of a father/daughter relationship with the Doctor which is something that I have missed with the companions in New Who. Journey meanwhile obviously isn’t going to have that type of relationship with him. Indeed most fans believe that Journey is a homosexual as she is shown to take a romantic interest in Clara briefly.

So both of these characters would avoid just simply travelling with the Doctor because they were in love with him like almost every female companion so far in the revival.

There Is More To Tell With Both Of Their Stories

I feel there is potential in the both of them, not only due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the two characters, (despite their limited appearances in the series) but for many other reasons as well.

With Osgood we have already seen her develop quite strongly over the course of just a few episodes. She has gone from the wimpy cry baby, to someone capable of keeping the peace between two whole species. It is possible that it was the real Osgood that was offed by Missy, but in my scenario I’d prefer it to be the real Osgood that was not killed.

Still even if it was Zygood then there is more to explore as well. How did a seemingly evil, selfish Zygon that seemed to go out of its way to torment Osgood, taunting her when she was seemingly helpless. End up becoming such a compassionate figure? Desperate to keep peace between two races, capable of developing a real love for a human being? There’s clearly more to tell with Osgood and her Zygon sister in between Day of the Doctor and Death in Heaven, regardless of which one was offed in Death in Heaven.

I like updates on monsters like Zygood. Its such a great twist the idea that a Zygon could develop a bond with a human. One that I never would have thought back when Zygon Harry tried to kill Sarah with a pitchfork.

Journey Blue meanwhile I feel there is more to explore in her battle against the Daleks. The idea of a human who hates the Daleks due to having lost her family against the monsters, having to work alongside another Dalek that hates the rest of their kind is a brilliant idea that has a lot of potential. Also I think it would be an interesting idea to actually have someone who has lived under the horror of the Daleks for their whole life too. All of the Doctors companions only ever have fleeting encounters with them, but Journey has had a whole life time of them.

Now we don’t need to make the both of them companions to explore more of their story, but still it is an option none the less.

They Would Work Quite Well Together

Yes even though the two characters have never met one another I think that they would work quite well together. It would be quite interesting to have two characters from completely different time periods travel together. On the one hand Osgood would be eager to explore all of space and time, whilst on the other Journey would probably be happy visiting Osgood’s time, as she would get to see an earth that was safe and normal and not constantly at war with the Daleks.

Also like I said both would have such contrasting relationships with the Doctor with Osgood looking up to him and Journey being in conflict with him.

Osgood and Journey I can see also clashing for reasons that aren’t anything to do with the Doctor. Osgood prefers to find a peaceful solution first and is capable of befriending even her tormentors as seen with her Zygon duplicate. Journey however strikes me as the less forgiving type who would happily have blown her Zygon duplicate to bits with a gun. It could be quite interesting to see how they would both tackle a problem.

Old Who often paired companions from different time periods, even different planets together like Jamie and Zoe, Teegan and Nyssa and Adric and later Turlough and Susan and Ian and Barbara. Again New Who (Captain Jack aside) hasn’t really done this. All companions are usually just a couple from 21st Century, so I think pairing Osgood and Journey together would once again be a nice change.

They Could Bond Over Losing Loved Ones To The Daleks

Whilst Journey and Osgood are two I could see clashing initially over their different methods and different relationship with the Doctor. I can eventually see the two women being brought closer together due to both losing loved ones to Skaro’s finest.

I personally think that Osgood’s mother is Laird a character from the Classic Who story Resurrection of the Daleks. Laird is a scientist just like Osgood who is called in to help deal with the Dalek incursion. She is pretty much exactly the same character as Osgood. She is a mousey, somewhat anxious scientist who is nevertheless brave underneath it all and even sacrifices herself to help Teegan escape. Sadly like Osgood in Death in Heaven she gets a sudden, violent and brutal death at the hands of the Dalek’s duplicates. I personally think that Moffat intended her to be Osgood’s mum but decided to leave it open to interpretation for the fans.

Remember Moffat is a massive fan of the 5th Doctors era. Its his favourite era by a country mile. I refuse therefore to believe that he could have created a character so similar to Laird and not expected anyone to make that connection at least.

See what I mean Osgood’s got on the same sodding jacket as Laird! Don’t tell me that’s not a clever little homage to Resurrection of the Daleks.

My head canon is that Laird was Osgood’s mother and when she died Osgood was desperate to find out why. This led to her career as a scientist and later her joining UNIT as she was desperate to find out about the creatures that killed her mother and it later led to her admiration for the Doctor as he was the one man who did all he could to stop the Daleks across all of time and space.

Journey meanwhile we know lost her brother to the Daleks. I think it would be quite interesting to explore the effect losing her brother had on her. Personally my head canon is that Journey and her brothers planet was invaded by the Daleks and both were taken to the Dalek camps and spent years in them before being rescued. I think Journey did all she could to protect her brother in the camps and managed to help him survive all those years until he was suddenly vaporized by the Daleks.

I think this would be a great backstory for Journey as it would allow us to see the Dalek camps in great detail. We could see the lengths Journey went to to help him survive in those hellish camps and the suffering both endured for decades which would make it all the more tragic when she lost him in just a one in a million space battle years later.

I also think that not only would this help bring Journey and Osgood together but it would also help make the Daleks seem scarier as we would see the effect their evil has on people with both Osgood and Journey’s lives having been damaged by losing their loved ones.

Ingrid Oliver and Zawe Ashton are Excellent Actresses

Ingrid Oliver is one of the most versatile British actresses around at the moment. Take a look at the list of characters she had played below and see how they are all as different to one another as you can imagine.

You couldn’t get a more different selection of characters than that lot!

Zawe Ashton meanwhile is also incredibly versatile performer too. Her character in Fresh Meat for instance is nothing like Journey in any way shape or form.

Ashton is also a highly respected actress and playwright outside of her role on Doctor Who. Take a look at this article about her here.

Zawe Ashton The Coolest Person on Tv

Finally as if that wasn’t enough they are also both massive Doctor Who fans too who as evidenced by their previous performances would treat their characters very seriously.

Really I think any show would be lucky to have two such versatile, charismatic and talented actresses as their leads.

yesscarfgirl: Look who’s back? 


Hopefully as you can see Journey Blue and Osgood would be a great two companions for the 12th Doctor. Sadly I don’t think its likely that they will become his companions, but a man can dream, a man can dream. I hope at the very least we will see more of them in the next few years. Its ironic that people accuse Steven Moffat of not being able to write women and of being a sexist. Both of these relatively minor female characters have proven to be very interesting, and both have already developed huge fanbases too.

5 thoughts on “Why Osgood and Journey Blue Should Be The 12th Doctors Companions

  1. Great article! I agree completely, especially with one of your main points, which is the idea of not spending so much time on earth. I just re-watched “The Time of The Doctor,” and this was one of my biggest problems. I cannot stress enough how little I cared about seeing Clara’s family on
    Christmas. We had an interesting story happening on Trenzalore, put the focus on that! That whole episode was rushed, but it was nice to see what Clara was up to in “The Day of The Doctor,” and Series 8 when she wasn’t traveling with the Doctor. I think Osgood and Journey Blue would make great companions for Twelve. When Danny Pink was introduced I almost thought the producers were returning back to the Classic era by creating that dynamic similar to Ian, Barbara and The First Doctor. Sigh missed opportunities haha. I do believe this is Clara’s final year traveling with the Doctor and I am very interested to see who becomes the Doctor’s next companion! Btw did you hear River Song is going to be in The Christmas Special? If so, what are your thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the reply. Time of the Doctor is boring in the bits with Clara’s family. Watching 11 slap her on the bum and Clara sit around in that dismal little flat after there was a war between Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Weeping Angels and the Silence was annoying to say the least.

      Really, really, really hope Osgood and Journey are 12’s two companions. Osgood’s death was one of the worst written scenes in the entire history of DW. It needs to be undone. Its nasty for the sake of it, its full of plot holes and it undermines the Doctor as a hero by having him not only not react to it, but fucking kiss Missy later on!

      IMO they need to undo it.


    • Also about River I am not sure about how I feel about her return. On the one hand I like the character, but on the other hand I am scared that she is being bought back for the sake of it ala Rose. Like everything I will judge it only after I have seen it however.


  2. “Indeed I don’t think there are many women in science fiction series who are like Osgood. Non sexualized, not in love with the male hero or simply the object of the male heroes affections, and relies solely on their brains to solve problems.”

    Jocelyn Peabody from “Dan Dare” fits the bill. But generally, yes.

    While Moffat isn’t particularly sexist (to the best of my knowledge, and leaving aside his famous “mechanical digger” comment), his writing for female characters seems to reduce them to a few catch-phrases and / or turns them into the centre of the entire universe. Not that the men are necessarily much better, but anyway…

    …anyway, can we have you as showrunner?

    Best wishes,


    • Thank you so much for your comment and the kind words.

      I agree that that is Moff’s problem with his female characters and male characters that he makes them too important and relies on catchphrases. I think Moff is actually quite good at characterisation but it tends to be his lesser characters like Osgood and Sally Sparrow that are better.

      As I have said before I think its more a case of with his lead characters he is sometimes perhaps limited by what he feels his audience expects of them like a lot of writers of popular series are nowadays. He sticks in catchphrases and badass moments because those trend on twitter and become meme’s

      I think he makes his main female characters too perfect and at the centre of the universe meanwhile because like a lot of writers he is afraid that if he gives them any faults then he will be called a sexist. Hell that Whovian Feminism already said Osgood’s characterisation was sexist because she wanted the Doctor to save her.

      FFS can’t we show women being vulnerable in ANY situation without it being seen as sexist.

      With his lesser characters however there is less focus on them so I feel he is able to write them as real people more.


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