Possible Ideas For A Companion In Doctor Who

Continuing the theme from the last post here I will be looking at possible ideas for the next companion after Clara (who I believe is leaving this year) in Doctor Who.

I have liked pretty much all of the companions in New Who. Some more than others I freely admit, but still I would never say that there is a New Who companion I actively hate.

Still despite this I think its fair to say the New Who companions have fallen into a bit of a rut. All of the main companions certainly are female and from 21st century earth usually London. In the classic era whilst most of the companions were still women we nevertheless did have quite a large variety of different types of companions and consequently a larger variety of companion/Doctor dynamics. We had companions from many different periods of human history, the past, the present, the future, we had older companions, aliens, companions who travelled with the Doctor for fun, because they had to as their planet had been destroyed or because they stepped on the TARDIS as it took off and the Doctor far from being able to use it to tow planets in the classic era couldn’t pilot it properly.

It would be nice if the companion after Clara completely broke the new who template in every way and wasn’t someone from modern day, didn’t travel with the Doctor to escape her boring everyday life and didn’t fancy him!

I will say that I don’t want there to be no female companion. I don’t mind a male companion in addition to a female companion (as long as he is not her boyfriend I have had enough of that) but I think the companion should always be a woman because I think that is part of what makes the Doctor companion dynamic unique. Most hero/sidekicks are the same gender as one another. Batman/Robin, Holmes/Watson, with the Doctor and his companion its quite interesting to have a man and a woman work together, even more so when the relationship was platonic.

Thus I would never want them to not have a female companion, but a female companion does not have to be limited to 21st century earth or be infatuated with the Doctor.

Hopefully you might find some of my ideas interesting. I doubt we will see any of these in the show itself, but you never know

A Companion From The Year 100 Trillion

Now I didn’t come up with this myself. I saw someone else suggest it on a DW forum. So I am not taking credit for it. Sadly though I can’t remember the name of the person who did come up with it I am afraid as it was many months ago.

At any rate I really liked this idea so I am going to include it here.

In the Doctor Who Universe it is established that humanity survives until the year 100 Trillion, the very end of the universe itself. Now the person on the DW forum suggested that it would be quite interesting to have a companion come from the year 100 trillion. A time when humanity is struggling to survive on one of the last planets left in existence with all the stars having burnt out and reality itself having virtually crumbled around them.

A companion from this time would certainly offer up a different dynamic. Here we would have a character who comes from a period where everything is dying, mankind knows that its time is up, that nothing matters, that it all just ends. They would find a way to escape thanks to the Doctor and see a universe that was young, stars in the sky, beautiful planets, bright sky’s and worlds such as the earth that she had only heard about in ancient myths and legends.

Imagine her reaction when she first sets foot on the earth. She who had spent her entire life on a barren dead world that’s constantly dark as there are no stars, she struggles every day just to stay alive, and then thanks to the Doctor she is able to travel to the earth in the 21st century and see the planet in the brightest of day, in a big city with hundreds of people around her, living normal lives.

I think this is a potentially fascinating idea for a companion and it would be a shame if the producers didn’t take advantage of it as it would be unlike any companion in not only the revival but the classic series too.

Someone From The Past

New Who came close to having a companion from the past with Victorian Clara. Sadly Victorian Clara proved to be nothing more than a red herring for yet another sassy, 21st century girl.

I think it could be quite a nice change of pace to have a companion from the past. The thing is I don’t think you can go too far into the past as then you have to have the Doctor explain how simple everyday objects work to them. This was a problem with Katirina a companion from the 1st Doctors era who was from ancient Troy and believed that everything was magic.

I think a companion from the 1st World War would be a good idea. I’d like to see the Doctor pick up a young man who was in the trenches and who would have died otherwise. I like the idea of the Doctor taking someone away from a period in history that is truly awful. Only problem with someone from World War 1 is that I think we have had enough of the soldier theme in series 8 with Danny so it would probably be best to leave that for the next couple of companions down the line. Still there are many options to choose from in terms of having a historical companion.

Remember that Jamie the longest serving companion from the classic era was from earth’s past too.

A Time Lady Companion

We’d have to bring Gallifrey back of course but still it might be interesting to have a time lady character join the Doctor. We could always bring back Romana or Susan but still I think it might be quite interesting to create a new character. This time lady companion could also help to solve the question of the female Doctor by introducing this character who is a time lady and thus can do anything the Doctor can and then give her her own show.

An Alien Companion

I think a companion from another world would offer quite an interesting change. Through them we could be introduced to a whole new race and culture. We could also this way see how dangerous certain enemies such as the Daleks were as we could maybe have them conquer this companions world permanently unlike earth in modern day.

Let me know what you think of my suggestions and thanks for reading.

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