6th Doctor Badass Moments

The 6th Doctor though sadly one of the shortest on screen nevertheless still had many memorable and shocking moments. Arguably the darkest incarnation of the character seen to date, old sixie was more inclined to use lethal force in order to stop his enemies.

Whilst this made him controversial among certain viewers and fans I personally loved the characters no nonsense attitude. It was refreshing after the somewhat meek and timid fifth Doctor to suddenly see the character just say “fuck it” and blow the shit out of his enemies.

In this article I have decided to compile a list of the most badass moments of the 6th Doctor which will hopefully show you even if you don’t approve of his methods that he is the last Doctor you’d want to mess with.

Its worth noting that Ingrid Oliver who plays Osgood says the 6th Doctor was her favourite because she used to fancy him. I guess all women want bad boys after all.

Blasting a whole squad of Cybermen.

We’ll start off with a fairly light one. At the end of Attack of the Cybermen the Doctor picks up a Cyber gun and blasts the crap out of not just the Cyber controller but a whole squad of Cybermen including the Cyber Leader and the Cyber Lieutenant. I always liked this moment. I know a lot of people don’t like the Doctor using a gun which is fair enough in that generally speaking the Doctor is a more cerebral hero, but at the same time I don’t think he should be averse to using them either.

People forget that the 4th Doctor loved guns! He regularly used them on Sontarans, Fendahl’s and Giant rats. Whilst the Doctor should think his way out of problems, at the same time to not have him pick up a gun and use it when he has to in my opinion makes the character seem stupid.

This was a problem I had with the Tenth Doctor. He refused to let Jack use a gun even when there was a crowd of flesh eating monsters baring down on them. Old sixie thankfully when there is a whole squad of armed Cybermen in front of him blasts them to oblivion. No muss no fuss.

Burned Two Guards in Acid

A notorious moment that drew the ire of many fans and viewers alike when the 6th Doctor casually tossed two guards into acid. What was even worse in many people’s eyes was the way he made a light hearted little quip about it afterwards. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t join you.”

Smothered Shockeye To Death with Cyanide.

One of my favourite badguy deaths in the show.  Shockeye is one of the vilest villains in the entire history of the show. He enjoys eating people, tortures Jamie by slowly burning his flesh and brutally stabs Oscar, the lovable, bumbling owner of a restaurant to death with a knife. Added to that there is the way he pursues Peri with a truly revolting combination of both hunger and lust.

Really if there’s a character in anything I don’t mind seeing get smothered to death in Cyanide then its him. After stabbing the Doctor in the leg Shockeye chases him through the woods, following his blood stains. Unfortunately 6 uses this against him and lures him into a trap where despite his wound manages to over power him, wrap a cloth around his head and stuffs a napkin cloaked in cyanide down his throat. Its a long agonizing death as Shockeye screams and struggles to break free. Once again the 6th Doctor can’t help but joke like Arnold Schwarzanegger would in an action movie “Your just desserts.”

Shooting the Borad

This scene never fails to make me laugh simply because of how spectacularly vicious the Doctor is. The Borad fires his death ray at The Doctor. Before he does so the Doctor warns him that the crystal he is holding will absorb it and shoot it straight back at him.

The Borad of course doesn’t listen and zaps him and the crystal does fire it back at him ageing him to death.

Now you might think what’s so vicious about this? He did warn the Borad after all? Well whilst it is true that the Borad brought it on himself its the way the Doctor seems to enjoy it that’s so vicious. The Doctor has the most smug look in his face and he counts down to the Borad’s death. “I did warn you 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5” He continues to count down the more the Borad gets visibly scared. It ironically is exactly the same as Missy counting down to Osgood’s death! The Doctor is actually kind of like Missy in this scene.

Also I might add that he didn’t even need to kill the Borad. This isn’t like him shooting a badguy who is about to detonate a bomb like in The Invasion of Time. The Borad can’t harm him and he could have easily just pointed the ray away from him but he decided to kill him anyway and actually counted down to it. I guess Missy wasn’t lying when she said we are the same.

Made the Borad Cry

It is later revealed that the Borad the Doctor killed was a clone he made. The REAL Borad later shows up and captures Peri, but the Sixth Doctor smashes a mirror causing him to view his own reflection which distresses him. The Doctor taunts him and actually makes him cry.

I can’t think of any other Doctor who makes the badguy actually cry. Its fine shooting them, or tricking them into blowing up their own planet, but making them sob? That’s just mean! Again not that the Borad doesn’t deserve it but there is something so funny watching the Doctor taunting him by telling him “nobody wants you” and making him cry before elbowing him into the Timelash.  It does seem a bit too much of a kicking someone when their down, but again the fact that he’s a vicious half lizard man who tried to rip out Peri’s eyes makes it okay.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “6th Doctor Badass Moments

  1. I’m a big fan of Sixie. He competes with Tom Baker for the place of my favourite classic Doctor. I think the Doctor ultimately holds to strong pacifist principles, but he’s not averse to using violence when needed (although it doesn’t mean he likes it). It just so happened that the Sixth Doctor was less timid about using violence than his other incarnations, and I got on board with that. It’s not like he was ever cruel or sadistic or that he ever employed violence for anything other than a good cause.

    I also agree that the modern show’s portrayal of the Doctor absolutely abhorring all violence in all circumstances whatsoever to be slightly mawkish and not necessarily consistent with the character in the classic series. Although it could be argued that the Doctor’s experiences in the Time War set him against violence, if you wanted to rationalise it…

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  2. I think there’s no question that Sixie is the most underrated Doctor. And I’ll never truly understand why he’s not as beloved as he really ought to be. True, he was violent on a more regular basis than his predecessors (because let’s be honest here, they weren’t ALL totally faultless), but it was always out of a certain amount of desperation. A last resort. And usually to save Peri.

    In some ways, it makes their relationship not entirely unlike the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, and Sixie and Peri were one of the first things I thought of when I was watching ‘Hell Bent’. Six is and will always be one of my absolute favorites. I’m so happy to see him get some of the appreciation he so rightly deserves!

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