Did The Daleks Kill Osgood’s Mother?

Okay now followers of my blog will know that I am a big fan of Osgood. Though she has only been in four episodes so far, I like her because Ingrid Oliver who plays her, is by far and away one of my favourite actresses.

Recently I developed a theory linking Osgood to Skaro’s finest. Personally I think that one of the Daleks victims in the story Resurrection of the Daleks, Professor Laird is in fact Osgood’s mother.

Now we know that Osgood’s father is Tom Osgood who appeared in the third Doctor story “The Daemons”. Steven Moffat conformed as much in a DWM interview and indeed Ingrid Oliver’s Osgood even has the same glasses as Tom.

Tom much like his daughter worked for UNIT. Many people think that Osgood’s fascination with the Doctor came from stories her dad used to tell her. This also explains how Osgood is familiar with the Master, as Tom encountered the Delgado version.

However who Osgood’s mother is has never been revealed, and I think its perfectly reasonable to assume that Professor Laird is her mother.

Laird works for the military. Now it is never said that it is UNIT that investigate the warehouse in Resurrection of the Daleks. When asked whether it was UNIT or not John Nathan Turner, the producer of the story, said it simply never occurred to anyone during the making of the serial that it was UNIT, but that if the fans want to assume it was then that’s fine.

Whether it was UNIT or not doesn’t really matter as Tom and Laird both worked for the military so there is a chance they could have met at some point and fallen in love, and had a cute little baby that inherited their myopia.

Also added to that Osgood would be about the right age to be Laird’s daughter. Ingrid Oliver who plays Osgood is 37 years old. She looks at least 10 years younger, but lets just assume that Osgood is 37 then that would make her old enough to Laird’s daughter, assuming Resurrection is set in the year it was broadcast 1984.

Okay so its perfectly reasonable to assume that Laird is Osgood’s mother, however why would you?

Well Laird in my opinion is basically the 80’s Osgood. She looks like her. She has exactly the same thick retro spectacles that Osgood has, and she even dresses in the same blue coat Osgood has in “Death in Heaven”

You can see what I mean they look VERY alike. Their personalities are even alike too. Laird is intelligent, and open minded, and very quickly earns the Doctors respect. She is somewhat anxious and easily frightened, yet at the same time, she is also brave when it counts. She sacrifices herself in order to allow Teegan the Doctors companion to escape. Like Osgood she also gets a swift, yet brutal and shocking death, when she is gunned down whilst trying to flee from the Daleks duplicate Soldiers.

Now it is possible that its all just a coincidence that Laird and Osgood are so alike, and with any other writer I would say that is the most likely explanation, but this is Steven Moffat we are talking about here.

That man loves tossing in little Easter eggs and references to Classic Who, and remember that the 5th Doctors era is by far and away his favourite too.

So with this in mind does it really seem like he wouldn’t, even if that wasn’t his intention to start with; have not noticed the similarities between these two characters?

I would argue that Osgood’s role in “Death in Heaven” was even an homage to Laird’s in Resurrection of the Daleks. Hence why she was dressed in the same coat.

Personally I think that Moffat intended for there to be a connection between them, and it would make the most sense for Laird to be Osgood’s mother.

The only problem with this is in Day of the Doctor when Osgood briefly met the Daleks and she didn’t seem to react at all to their presence any more than she did to the Zygons and the Cybermen. You think she would if they had been responsible for her mothers death.

“Oh there’s just one of those things that killed my mum.”

To be fair there was other more important things going on at the time. Also in the many years since, she may have managed to get over her mothers death.

I think making Laird Osgood’s mother would be a great backstory for Osgood. It would explain her interest in the Doctor, and her desire to join UNIT. She would be like Adeliade this way. Someone who, after suffering a tragedy at the Daleks hands, rather than simply become consumed with vengeance like Absolam Daak, seeks to try and find a better understanding of the creatures that killed her mother, and subsequently came to admire the Doctor for doing what he could, to stop them throughout all of time and space.

I would love to see Osgood be in a proper Dalek story, and meet them, and then comment to the Doctor that her mother had been killed in a previous Dalek incursion and that her mother was a scientist.

I don’t think this would alienate new viewers, but at the same time it would be a great little nod to the character of Laird and the Classic series in general.

I guess we will have to just wait and see if there are any references to Laird in Osgood’s next appearance, but personally I am calling it now. Laird is Osgood’s mother, therefore Osgood’s mother was killed by the Daleks, and this is what began Osgood’s career in UNIT and her obsession with the Doctor.

While we are discussing the Osgood lineage, I would like to add that I also think that O’Donnell who appeared recently in Under the Lake/Before the Flood two parter is also the descendant of Osgood.

She is again far too similar a character to Osgood for them not to be connected. Bare in mind that they are in the same era as one another too. Literally just a few episodes apart.

It does seem unlikely that Moffat would have a character that is so similar to Osgood, pop up just a few episodes after her death (and a few before her return) and not expect the fans to make a connection between them. O’Donnell like Osgood is a huge fan of the Doctor. She works for UNIT like the Doctor and she even cosplays him too. Look at her closely she has a scarf, granted its yellow, but still. She also even has her hair in a pony tail like Osgood and her name begins with an O too! Also once again like Osgood and Laird she is killed violently and suddenly by the main villain of the story.

I can’t believe that Moffat would have a character who was for all intents and purposes Osgood 2 or Laird 3 and not have them be connected.

I’m calling it now that O’Donnell is Osgood’s direct descendent and the fascination for the Doctor which begun with her carried on for generations. I only hope that O’Donnell either had kids or a sister so that this family of cosplaying, brainy, brave fan girls can continue for many more generations to come.

I suppose though they are an unlucky family when you think about it. They remind me of the Freewaterfall family in Futurama. For those of you who haven’t seen that series, the Freewaterfall family, are a family of hippies who all die violent and horrific deaths throughout the shows run. One of them in the “The Problem with Popplers” is swallowed whole by an Omicronian, whilst another in a “Taste of Freedom” is crushed to death by a giant robot crab, comically stating “You may crush my bones but you’ll never crush my spirit” before screaming after he is crushed “AHHHH my spirit”.

The Osgood family are the Freewaterfall family of Doctor Who.  Every time we see one of them they have to die violently and horribly.

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