Problems With Feminism

In the last few decades feminism has broken into mainstream popular culture like never before.

Whilst initially this was a good thing as it helped to bring a greater focus to women’s issues, sadly it has also led to various other problems which I will explore in this article.

I don’t identify as a feminist. I don’t have anything against the concept of feminism itself, as it is simply equality between the sexes.

At the same time however feminism is more than just a concept. It is a full blown political and social movement and whilst it has done many great things in the past, in its current form its not something I would wish to associate myself with.

Sadly however I feel that many people in the mainstream media are too scared to ever criticise the feminist movement, as any criticism of feminism is almost always seen as an attack against all women.

A recent example of this can be seen when Piers Morgan simply voiced a criticism of the Women’s March in January and Ewan McGregor and Patrick Stewart both boycotted This Morning, a programme which Piers Morgan co-hosts (with McGregor cancelling a scheduled appearance and Stewart vowing to never appear on the show again as long as Morgan is host.)

Now regardless of whether or not you agree with Morgan, its quite frankly pathetic of both Stewart and McGregor to boycott the man simply for expressing a negative opinion about anything even remotely feminist related.

If you disagree with Piers Morgan wouldn’t it be better to go on his show and actually you know, argue with him, explain why he is wrong, maybe listen to his arguments in a fair and decent way before decrying him as a sexist bigot who should be boycotted?

Sadly however because Morgan was criticising feminism, then neither Stewart or McGregor (along with many others) were willing to give him a fair shake.

Ironically however by reacting this way, people like McGregor and Stewart just end up hurting feminism in the long run. As feminism can’t look in on itself and recognise where its going wrong because any and all critics of feminism are shouted down as sexists. Then as a movement, feminism is becoming stagnated and static.

Every single movement must be able to look inwards and acknowledge its own faults, and even just change with the times. If it can’t then it will cease to be of any relevance and become an old archaic, puritanical group of people clinging on to outdated concerns and silencing anyone who dares to disagree with it.

In this article  I am going to highlight the problems modern feminism has, the different types of feminists there are, and why true feminism is still needed in the world today despite the problems it has.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below.

Why Feminism Is Still Needed, But Why Its Also Standing In The Way

There is no denying that on a global scale women have it worse than men. That’s not to do down men’s issues or try and turn misery and suffering into some kind of competition of course.

Still in certain countries around the world such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Somalia, women live lives of unbearable suffering and inequality. Though again that’s not to say that things are rosey for the men in these countries either, particularly if you are gay. In fact its worse for LGBT people as they will be killed in Islamic majority countries, regardless.

Still all women in these countries are deprived of basic rights and privileges such as being allowed to drive, marry whoever they want, an education, and even just being allowed to dress however they wish. They are the property of their husbands, fathers, and brothers, they have to do everything they say, and are regularly traded like pieces of meat. They also have to endure such horrific forms of abuse as genital mutilation, acid attacks and regular violent sexual assaults.

These countries are in desperate need of first wave feminism, and we here in the west should do all we can to help the women suffering in these countries to overthrow the genuine and disgusting patriarchy they live under.

First we need to supply any feminists groups and even just individual women brave enough to fight back against the misogynistic Islamic culture they are cursed to live under with financial aid.

Second we must also boycott any country that treats women as less than fully human the same way that we boycotted South Africa during the Apartheid regime. Finally we must always make sure that everyone knows how women are treated in these countries.

I am sorry to say that I did not know about the case of Dina Ali until just a day or two ago. Sadly it appears that it may be too late to help this poor woman, but at the very least she should serve as a further reminder that we need to focus on the plight of the women (and other people) in Islamic countries more than we do now.

Every activist worth their salt should be doing all they can to bring tragic cases like Dina Ali to as many people’s attention as possible; rather than taking part in marches organised by self promoting, Sharia Law supporters to attack Donald Trump for saying pussy 12 years ago.

Feminism far from being obsolete is in some places needed now more than ever.

In the west meanwhile I think its more complicated. I do not believe that we live in a Patriarchy in the west.  I believe that western society is by and large an egalitarian society where everyone is treated equally regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation.

Ultimately we do not live in a society where anyone is told that they cannot go for a job, or any position based on who they are. I also do not believe that we live in a rape culture either. Its true that our justice system is far from perfect and there have been many great miscarriages of justice (not just for rape but many other crimes too). But at the same it is also true that rape is rightfully viewed as one of the most reprehensible crimes in our society. An accusation of rape is enough to completely ruin someone’s reputation forever.

Christina Hoff Sommers: Rape Culture Is A Panic Like 1980’s

RAINN, Nations Largest Anti Sexual Violence Organisation Rejects Rape Culture Idea

Similarly other claims of an institutionalised patriarchy such as the gender wage gap have been debunked time and time again too. See here.

Don’t Buy Into The Gender Wage Gap Myth

Yes The Gender Wage Gap Is Still A Myth

Thus I don’t believe we live in a patriarchy. However that said I do think there are certain areas where women are disadvantaged compared to men in the west, but at the same time there are areas where men are disadvantaged compared to women too.

The reason for this is because ironically I think that western society does not take into account the key differences between men and women. Men and women are obviously equal, but they are different, not just physically, but in terms of personality in some respects too.

Sadly modern western society I feel is probably too egalitarian for its own good in that it does view everyone as exactly the same and doesn’t consider that some situations might benefit one gender more.

For instance the way the education system is set up currently favours women more, hence why fewer boys are going to University than girls and generally do well overall. See here.

At the same time the way the medical profession is set up favours men as it doesn’t take into account the fact that women will naturally need to take long periods off in order to have children. Young women in the medical profession sadly often have to make a choice between having children and having a career.

Females in Medicine. Having Children

Similarly there are many other double standards against men and women in our society. On the issue of sex, I would agree that there is a slut/stud double standard in some respects, but at the same time there is ironically a double standard when it comes to female on male rape as people tend to view men as always wanting sex, and being lucky if some hot girl pays them any attention.

Current British laws on rape are very misandiristic as according to the law a woman cannot be charged with raping a man unless she is an accomplice to it.

Is The Law On Rape Sexist

I feel that in order to counteract these double standards we need to accept the differences between the genders and try and find a way to accommodate them in every situation that requires it.

Create an education system that can benefit both genders, take into account that women in certain professions may need to take a certain amount of time off in order to start families, and work around that etc.

Modern, third wave feminism however I feel stands in the way of recognising the true cause of gender inequalities in western society for various reasons.

To start with many feminists argue that gender is a social construct created by the patriarchy. Now its true that certain stereotypical male and female behaviours are as a result of indoctrination, but ultimately most of them do stem from biological differences.

I feel that feminists often say that gender is a social construct in a misguided attempt to help trans people. They probably think that by tearing down so called gender norms they are making people who blur the lines between genders behaviour more socially acceptable.

The thing is by saying that there are differences between men and women you are not saying that trans people are either amoral, or don’t exist.

Obviously there is a spectrum and therefore we do get some men who are more feminine, and some women who are more masculine, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However the point is that most people do tend to behave according to their gender. I am not saying that gender decides every aspect of your personality, but it certainly does have a noticable impact on 99 percent of men and women.

Even with trans people it does too. If there were no true differences between the genders why do trans people feel that they were born in the wrong gender? Why do they change their gender if there are no true differences between the sexes? Ironically by saying that gender doesn’t exist you are actually saying trans people don’t exist and ignoring what they go through.

People have actually had their careers threatened for daring to question the received feminist wisdom that there aren’t only two genders such as Jordan Peterson.

Furthermore by insisting that we live in a patriarchy despite the many disadvantages faced by men such as the following.

Feminists tend to gloss over men’s issues (apart from obviously a few positive exceptions such as Hoff Sommers), as ALL men are seen as privileged in some way over all women.

Though some feminists may occasionally comment on things such as the high rate of young men committing suicide, even then I find its often in a way that is anti men.

It says that its men’s fault that things are so bad for them because of their own “toxic masculinity” which apparently drives other men who can’t compete to suicide. Feminists “sympathy” for men suffering in the west therefore, is often just a tool they can use to further attack masculinity which again diverts our attention away from the real causes of inequality. A lack of understanding of the differences between men and women.

Finally the fact that feminists view western society as being completely anti women also leads I feel to feminists always trying to view a situation in a way where women are hard done to rather than in any kind of objective way.

An example of this was Hillary Clinton’s outrageous comments that women are the real victims of war as they lose their husbands and sons! Even when men are being sent off to die in pointless conflicts in their thousands, sometimes millions, its still somehow women who are suffering more?

On the one hand its true that we need feminism to tackle the very real inequalities that women still face all over the globe, but on the other hand its kind of standing in the way in combating real gender inequalities in the west caused by natural differences between men and women, as it leads us down a mistaken path where we believe that we still live in a patriarchy, whilst also somewhat paradoxically telling us that there are no true differences between men and women.

Feminism therefore needs a top to bottom reformation, but in order to do that I feel we need to know the different types of feminists there are in the world today in order to see where the movement is going right, and where it is going wrong.

Whilst there are many different feminist groups I feel they can all be grouped into the following five categories by and large.

1/ True Feminists

These feminists include the likes of Christina Hoff Sommers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Maryam Namazie and Camile Pagilia.

Now I don’t always agree with every individual thing these feminists say. For instance Ayaan Hirsi Ali politically is probably more to the right than I am.

Still these women at the end of the day do actually follow the true definition of feminism, “the belief in equality between genders”, and combat the very worst forms of misogyny in the world today.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been a vocal critic of Islam’s treatment of women for her entire life. She has helped to bring the suffering of women in countries like Somalia to a far wider attention in the west. She has given countless lectures on the subject of women in Islam, made tv appearances, written best selling books (many of which draw on her own traumatic childhood in Somalia where she was forced to endure among other things, her genitals being mutilated.)

She later founded the AHA foundation which is the worlds leading organisation working to end things such as female genital mutilation, honour killings and arranged marriages.

As a result of this Ali has faced genuine attempts on her life by Islamic extremists. In fact she has to walk around with bodyguards everywhere she goes, and has even had to cancel several public appearances.

Maryam Namazie, another outspoken feminist critic of Islam similarly has had to endure regular threats against her life, and recently even had to deal with Muslim men trying to interrupt a lecture she was giving on what women endure in Islamic countries.

See here

Feminists like Ali and Namazie are true champions for female empowerment. They help the women who are suffering from the ugliest forms of misogyny at a risk to their own safety.

They also at the same time however do not have any anti male feelings either. In fact they fight just as hard for men’s rights. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has devoted her life to helping marginalised groups of men in Islamic countries such as gay men (who again in some ways have it even worse than women in Muslim countries.)

You’d actually be hard pushed to find a greater champion of men’s rights in the west than Christina Hoff Sommers herself meanwhile.

These feminists care about inequalities against both genders and battle for many worthwhile causes across the entire world.

Sadly however whilst they have done a lot of good work for many marginalised groups, they are not only a minority within modern feminism, but their influence on mainstream popular culture is also limited.

The reason for this is because these brave ladies expose the mainstream media for the cowards they are in dealing with radical Islam.

Now I am not trying to tar all Muslims as evil, and I am certainly not advocating for persecution of innocent Muslims.

However at the same time the religion is in desperate need of a reformation (more so than feminism!)

Islam at its core is a violent, bigoted, and dangerous religion. It says very explicitly that all other religions are to be abolished, that all LGBT people are to be executed, that all black people are inferior to white people (Islam also advocates slavery too.) That all women are inferior to men, and finally that all non believers be killed or converted.

Now not all Muslims follow the bigoted beliefs that are in the Quran. Many Muslims who live in the west abandon the negative aspects of their faith in order to fit in with western society.

However those who do not and actually follow what their holy book says word for word, at the very least hold prejudiced beliefs against gays and women. Sadly its a higher percentage than you’d think.

A recent poll showed that over 50 percent of Muslims in the United Kingdom believed that homosexuality should be criminalised.

Poll Shows That Half of British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

52 Percent of British Muslims Want Homosexuality To Be Criminalised

Of course in the most extreme cases Muslims born and raised even in western countries on Islamic beliefs can become suicide bombers and carry out violent crimes against those who insult their prophet Muhammed and even just non believers.

Sadly these violent crimes have only increased the more influence Islam has gained in the west. Rather than make more concessions to Islam, we should be insisting that it change its values to fit in with our own. We should be aiding Muslim reformers (including Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz.)

However the mainstream media is simply too terrified to take Islam on. Nobody wants to end up like Charlie Hebdo. The only reason things like Charlie Hebdo happen however is because the mainstream media leaves small, low key critics of Islam out in the cold.

Its easy to pick off critics of Islam like Charlie Hebdo, a tiny little magazine. If the entire mainstream media however starts criticising Islam as much as it does other religions then things have changed. We have shown the extremists a sign of strength, as images of their prophet are everywhere, on tv, in the newspapers etc, and its not like they can destroy the entire mainstream media is it?

However the mainstream media are a pack of shameless cowards and so they refuse to comment on the problem with Islam, but at the same time they also slander those who are brave enough to speak out against the religion which sadly includes the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in order to cover their tracks.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is either slandered as an Islamophobe and racist (despite Islam not being a race.) Or just ignored completely (much as many Islamic crimes are too) by the mainstream media.

Sadly as a result of this Ali and others like hers influence is sadly not all that it could be, and worse still the mainstream media in an effort to look progressive starts to prop up a very different type of feminist as their safe champions of women’s rights, which leads to my next point.

2/ Career Feminists

The most contemptible and dangerous type of feminist. These feminists include the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Gloria Steinam, Rebecca Watson, Hillary Clinton and Amani Al Khatabeh.

These feminists emerged when feminism started to become popular and trendy. They saw that there was money to be had in the movement, however they didn’t want to actually take the risks that would come with speaking out against the worst form of sexism in the world today. Risks that again true feminists like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maryam Namazie have to deal with on a daily basis.

So they instead invent mythical bogeymen like the patriarchy, and the gender wage gap to rally against. They pick perfectly benign targets such as video games, sci fi tv shows, and comic books and slander them as sexist in order to make themselves look like feminist champions.

They also somewhat ironically present themselves as damsels in distress by trying to make out that they are constantly harassed and victimised in western society. Now I am not saying that western society is perfect, but again a lot of these so called hostile environments for women that career feminists complain about are blown out of proportion or just flat out made up.

Take for instance the harassment women endure online. Feminists would have you believe that its only women endure online harassment.

Truth is men ironically endure far more abuse online than women do according to studies.

Higher Proportion of Men Report Abuse In Online Survery

Now this does not mean I condone any of the sick and twisted abuse that women get online, but the point is, its not a gendered issue is it? These sicko’s clearly go after everyone for every reason, which is why the best thing to do is just ignore them.

Similarly feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian will often try and paint video games, the sci fi and fantasy genres and comic books as being hostile, unwelcoming places for women, and indeed minorities such as black people. They will also tar their fans as being openly misogynistic and racist.

Once again nothing could actually be further from the truth. To start with many studies have shown that there is no link between violent forms of entertainment and people committing actual acts of violence.

Also whilst its true that many video games do allow the players to murder female characters, far more male characters are killed in video games.

Furthermore sci fi and fantasy, and video game fandom’s are usually welcoming to women and minorities. There have been many, many sci fi and fantasy films, television series, video games, comic books etc that star non white, non male, non straight characters and audiences have embraced them just as much.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena the Warrior Princess and Charmed. All 3 series were among the longest running fantasy series (until it was surpassed recently by Supernatural, Charmed was the longest running fantasy series in American history.) All three also became global icons and had an immense influence on popular culture and other television series.

In fact the sci fi and fantasy genres have often been ahead of the curve in terms of representation for women and minorities, with the original Star Trek series having the first ever interracial kiss in an American drama. None other than Martin Luther King himself praised Star Trek for its progressive values and actually said it was important to the civil rights movement!

Yet feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian seem to go out of their way to target these genres more than others because they are the most progressive genres and Sarkeesian therefore won’t have to actually deal with a genuine misogynistic backlash.

Also things like sci fi and video games are looked down on by the mainstream media. Even with the recent geek fad, nerds are generally still looked down upon, with things like comic books and video games being seen as childish interests.

The mainstream media will naturally be on the side of the feminists against the supposed, smelly, sad, basement dwelling nerds and even some nerds themselves will be on the side of the feminists. They won’t want to be seen as sad gits whose whole lives revolve around things like video games and Doctor Who so they will happily join the feminists in slandering their own interests.

Now I don’t doubt that the likes of Sarkeesian have received death threats from some psychotic nerds and gamers, but there are psycho’s in every group. Many anti feminists have had to endure death threats, and even physical assaults and attempts to get them fired from their jobs.

See here

All of this ironically is worse than anything any feminist critic of video games or sci fi has ever had to endure. No nerd or gamer has ever thrown their own urine over Anita Sarkeesian. No one has ever actually punched Rebecca Watson in the face, and no one has ever tried to get say Whovian Feminism fired from her job and ruin her life. Mean tweets? Yes okay, but again those aren’t quite the same thing, and as we have been over anti feminists, indeed EVERYBODY gets mean tweets.

So no I don’t think that Anita Sarkeesian is in the same kind of danger as Ayaan Hirsi Ali for speaking out against video games. I don’t even think that Anita is in as much danger as Lauren Southern is for criticising feminism or saying that there are only two genders.

So that’s why Anita goes after video games. Its a brilliant way through a little media manipulation of making herself look like a feminist champion without actually having to do a sodding thing to help women in genuine need of feminism.

Anita Sarkeesian and others like her are total opportunistic cowards.

Other career feminists might have a second agenda of their own, beyond simply becoming famous, and use feminism to make themselves untouchable.

I feel that Muslim feminists fall under this category. I am sorry but its impossible to actually follow the teachings of the Quran and be a feminist. The Quran openly says that women are inferior to men. Any movement that advocates the equality of both genders has to be at odds with the teachings of the Quran (that is until the Islamic faith has a reformation.)

Now many of these Muslim feminists claim to be practising Muslims who know their own holy book. So going by their own words we can’t just accuse them of being ignorant of the true nature of their faith.

Even then though if they were merely ignorant then that doesn’t say much about the type of feminists they are. They claim to care about women’s rights, yet they don’t know what the religion they follow actually says about women?

Or indeed the suffering it has inflicted on women throughout history and still continues to do so throughout the world today?

Nevertheless I feel lot of these Muslim “feminists” such as Amani Al Khatahbeh actually lie about how sexist Islam is in order to dupe people for a variety of reasons.

First of all it can allow them to gain more oppression points. The modern SJW consensus is that Muslim women have to endure double what western women do. Not because of the religion of Islam of course, but because of evil western Islamophobia.

Also as devout Muslims the likes of Amani are following a process called Taqiyya. Taqiyya is the name given to deception in Islam.

Muhammed encouraged his followers to lie to non believers about the true nature of his religion through Taqiyya when Islamic forces were weak.

Once Muslim forces were strong enough then the non believers they had lied to were to be disposed of or forcibly converted like all infidels.

Here are some interesting videos on Taqiyya.

By far and away the most disgusting example of a Muslim Feminist duping unsuspecting liberals through Taqqiya however is the case of Linda Sarsour.

Linda Sarsour is a vile human being. She advocates Sharia Law, a law that says that women are inferior to men, and that homosexuality should be criminalised and she has also said that she wants to take away Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s vagina because of her remarks about Islam.

The fact that Ali is a survivor of female genital mutilation is something that Sarsour must surely be aware of. With this in mind it doesn’t seem likely that this was just a random threat does it? It seems to me as though Sarsour was saying that she actually wanted to cut out Ali’s vagina, but was hiding it under the mask of feminism of all things by saying it was because Ali didn’t deserve to be a woman.

To the mainstream media however, Sarsour is a champion for women’s rights and the underdog as that’s how she presents herself through clever deceptions such as the Woman’s March.

Linda Sarsour exposes herself as a lying, homophobic, racist, hateful, poisonous scumbag, traitor to her own gender and wannabe hood bitch every time she opens that cancerous asshole she calls a mouth.

Of course sadly other career feminists will often support these Muslim feminists because they benefit their narrative. If people wake up to how big a danger Islam is, then Anita Sarkeesian will be seen as the joke for going after video games and appearing at the UN to try and censor people saying she sucked!

Same with all the career feminists who focus on things like manspreading, women being called bossy, etc. They support the Muslim feminist deception of Islam being a feminist religion to cover up their shameful cowardice compared to true feminists.

Finally male career feminists not only use their position to further their careers but also for sex too. I know that’s a cliche, and I certainly would not decry every single man who identifies as a feminist as simply wanting to get laid. That’s as lazy a way of arguing as when Social Justice Warriors just call someone who disagrees with them a Nazi.

However at the same time it cannot be denied that many militant male feminists who slander other people as sexists and even perverts have been exposed as using their status for sex.

See here.

Of course they are the perfect feminist champions for the mainstream media to prop up as they are safe. They won’t have to run the risk of actually worrying about taking on genuine misogynists like the Islamic extremists who try and murder Ayaan Hirsi Ali or even just the Islamic thugs who tried to silence Maryam Namazie. Instead they can just slander nerds, or video gamers.

Sadly however as these feminists and the mainstream media work together (as they both benefit each other) these feminists have a far greater influence and reach than the true feminists do. This in turn leads me to my next point.

3/ Misguided Feminists

These feminists are often young feminists who I feel have been taken in by the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, and Rebecca Watson. These feminists include the likes of Claudia Boleyn, Laci Green and Emma Watson.

I don’t see these feminists as being malicious. I do think their hearts are in the right place, but the problem is all the media they have been exposed to has filled their heads full of lies that they live in a society that despises women and so they actually believe bullshit like the gender wage gap, sexism in video games, etc.

Furthermore they also buy into other dangerous lies such as Islam is a religion of peace, or even that Islam is a feminist religion and will ironically end up defending a religion that says they are inferior for their very gender!

Claudia a bisexual, feminist really needs to watch these two videos

To see how duped she was by the toxic alliance of feminism and Islam.

I think its important to try and reach out to and debate with these feminists. In the case of people like Anita Sarkeesian they don’t want to reach out and debate with people as they know their beliefs are a lot of bullshit, but they don’t want their arguments to be disproven because then their cash cow will end. Anita Sarkeesian has openly refused to debate Milo Yiannopolous several times for instance. Even when he has offered to donate money to feminist charities if she did.

Then there was her recent hilarious outburst when Sargon of Akkad merely sat in the audience of a talk she was giving. Aside from calling him a garbage human she also outright refused to debate him when he offered too.

Misguided feminists however I feel are not the kind who always shout down any opposing opinions.  I’m sure some of them will, but ultimately I think a lot of these feminists are kind, decent, intelligent people. They have just been given the wrong idea which is why its important to talk to them.

Claudia Boleyn, though I strongly disagree with many of her opinions I find to be a nice person all around. I’ve had a few disagreements with her on twitter about various things, but she has always been very polite and courteous to me. She’s never derided me as a sexist, a bigot or anything like that. She has also done a few response videos to people who disagree with her and again has always been very polite and respectful in them too.

ShoeOnHead did a video challenging her views on women being funnier than men, and Claudia once again was very polite and respectful in her response to Shoe. See here.

“Claudia Boleyn The Feminist I Responded To In My Video Is A Sweetheart”

Laci Green similarly had a very civil debate with Blaire White, and has also recently expressed an interest in debating more anti feminists too.

As you can see its vital to have an open debate with these kinds of feminists. I think that sadly however because of the likes of Sarkeesian who try and shut down anyone else having a discussion, all feminists are tarred with that brush and as a result many people assume the likes of Laci and Claudia are unwilling to have a discussion and so they don’t reach out to them.

I’m not saying that these feminists are less intelligent than I am for believing things like the gender wage gap.

Until just a few years ago I used to believe in feminist lies like that too. Its understandable as that was all people from my generation in particular ever heard all around them, from television, to the papers, to the education system.

However the rise of the alternative media in the last few years has helped to shed a light on many of the main feminist myths and really I think its just a matter of time before most of these types of feminists like Claudia Boleyn will see the truth about the state of their movement.

I’m not saying that they will stop being feminists. They might do, but I think it would be more beneficial if they instead tried to reform their movement, as again sadly feminism is still needed in some ways now more than ever, but its just people like Sarkeesian that are making it a negative force.

Of course not all of these misguided feminists are nice, reasonable people like Claudia Boleyn. I feel that some of these women are sadly deeply unhappy people who have issues which third wave feminism exploits to lure them in.

Indeed many ideologies and cults try and lure in the most vulnerable and unhappy people by telling them what they want to hear, IE its not your fault, its everyone else’s fault, we have all the answers, get back at the people who did this to you etc.

An example of this is Cora Segal. Segal for those of you who don’t know is a feminist who famously heckled Milo Yiannopolous and Christina Hoff Sommers. She threw a child like tantrum shouting “KEEP YOUR HATE SPEECH OFF THIS CAMPUS, KEEP YOUR HATE SPEECH OFF THIS CAMPUS” over Sommers every time she tried to speak.

The footage of Segals outburst was uploaded onto youtube and Segal was subsequently mocked by people all over the world. She even became a meme, and earned the unflattering nickname of “Triggly Puff”.

I feel sorry for Cora. I think she is probably very unhappy with her weight. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being fat of course. However from a practical point of view if you are obese then you will be more likely to have serious health issues.

The same thing applies for someone who is far too thin as well. No extreme size is healthy.

Someone like Cora Segal if she is unhappy with being overweight should do one of the following things. 1/ Try and lose weight which is obviously hard. 2/ Come to terms with the fact that she is overweight. There is nothing wrong with being overweight morally, but again from a practical point of view it is unhealthy as are lots of other popular habits such as smoking. I would never dream of bullying smokers, or decrying smoking as amoral, but at the same time I would also never lie and say smoking is a perfectly healthy habit either.

However feminism will lure young, unhappy overweight women in. First it will make them feel better about being overweight by spreading lies like “healthy at any size”. Then it will make them angrier by telling them that everybody hates them because they are overweight, that no one will ever find them attractive if they are overweight etc, because of the patriarchy.

As a result of this women like Segal will never do anything about losing weight, and they will never come to terms with being overweight either, which will make them unhappier in the long run as they ultimately believe they live in a society that despises them.

Its a shame and I would never mock someone like Cora Segal. I would much rather talk with her, but with feminists like her I admit it is somewhat harder as they have invested in their beliefs emotionally more than people like Laci Green and Claudia Boleyn.

Finally once again misguided male feminists I feel can differ from their female counterparts somewhat. Misguided male feminists I feel are men who are guilted into being feminists, simply because they are men.

They buy into all of the myths about toxic masculinity, all men being privileged, all men being potential rapists etc, and grow to despise themselves as a result.

Steve Shives I feel not only falls into this type of male feminist but epitomises it!

See here.

In spite of how loathsome he can act such as when he tries to shut down anyone who disagrees with him from Sargon of Akkad to Laci Green, I do feel sorry for Steve Shives to some extent. Ultimately Shives is someone who has been made to feel guilty just for being a man!

However it is difficult to have a conversation with a feminist like Shives as he has invested so much emotionally in feminism he can’t stand any kind of criticism or skepticism (ironically) on the subject.

4/ Bully Feminists

These feminists are people who know that feminism can make someone utterly untouchable and use that to bully others. There are always people like this who emerge when a movement gains power and prestige and abuse it.

They are not by any means exclusive to feminism, but sadly again as feminism has gained power and influence in our society then these bullies have emerged too.

Here are some examples of people using feminism to push others around and in extreme cases even try and ruin their lives just because they can.

5/ Men Hating Feminists

I know its a cliche, but there is no denying that its true. A lot of modern day feminism seems to be more focused on kicking men down, taking away things they like, and generally treating them like crap than it does in helping women.

I am not including psychopaths like Valerie Solanas here. Solanas was a feminist who wrote the SCUM manifesto (which argued for the extinction of men) and tried to shoot Andy Warhol. She was an obvious lunatic and is not representative of any modern day feminist (apart from other lunatics of course which as I said earlier are found in every movement.)

You don’t need to be a raving looney to be bigoted towards a group of people like Solanas. Indeed sadly I think many misguided feminists can also fall under this category to some extent, as their heads have been filled with such anti men nonsense.

That doesn’t mean that they will despise every single man they come into contact with. I’m sure that personally they will have lots of male friends, and still be decent people all around, but sadly their general attitudes towards men will be negative.

Anti men feminists in fact can fall under all of the previous categories (except for the true feminists like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers.) Some career feminists can often use their platform to simply vent any frustrations they have against men too.

The general feminist consensus is that all men are privileged compared to women, that all men have sexist attitudes towards women ingrained into them by society, that all men are potential rapists, and that all men have had it too good for too long.

All of these points are completely false of course. Privilege is no longer defined by gender. Does a homeless man have privilege over Beyonce who is the worlds highest earning singer.

Men ironically make up the majority of the homeless in western society.

84 percent of Hidden Homeless Are Male

9 out of 10 sleeping rough are male

Also far from having sexist attitudes towards women, most men are hardwired to actually be sympathetic towards women.

People Are More Likely To Protect Women Than Men

Also as far as the “men have had it too good for too long argument” goes, well there is an element of truth to that.

For years women were not given as many opportunities and rights as men, and were viewed as genuinely lesser, which was obviously terrible. Still it wasn’t a picnic for men years ago as well.

Men were viewed as being more expendable than women, hence why they were the ones sent off to die in pointless wars, and forced to do the hardest jobs.

As Christina Hoff Sommers said there are and have always been disadvantages and advantages to both sexes, and that’s why men and women who are in this together need to recognise that, rather than simply compete for who had it the hardest decades, even centuries ago.

Sadly however as feminists for whatever reason, feel that men are responsible for ALL the problems of society and have all the breaks, then they will attack them in every way they can.

Feminists have recently begun to force boys as young as 11 to be taught that they are potential rapists. Children have reportedly come home in tears at being made to feel that they are potentially evil, simply for who they are.

We Must Stop Indoctrinating Young Boys

Then of course there is the fact that feminists have shut down shelters for abused men.

Domestic Abuse Shelter Shut Down

Need Knows No Gender

Its not like this is an isolated incident. There are 33 spaces dedicated to male victims of domestic abuse in safe houses and refuge’s in the United Kingdom, whilst there are 4,000 spaces reserved for women.

Feminists have outright attempted to shut down Men’s Rights Groups and ban them from being able to speak and have even laughed at men’s issues being raised in public.

See here.

Feminist Protesters Shut Down MRA Event

Row After University Cancels MRA Event

Why Are Our Universities Blocking Men’s Socieities

You can see what I mean here. This isn’t feminists being fed up with men’s issues being brought up every time someone want’s to talk about women’s issues (as they often paint it.)

Instead this is ironically feminists not being able to stand it whenever men’s issues are brought up at ANY point.

Look at the entertainment industry as well. Any form of entertainment that men might enjoy more or might even just feature more male characters has to be feminised from top to bottom.

Feminists will complain about something starring a male hero, and featuring other male supporting characters as somehow being sexist, until all of the male roles are replaced with women, more women are hired behind the scenes than men, and there even anti men jokes and remarks inserted into them.

Take a look Doctor Who, and video games. Now Doctor Who is a male dominated series. Its lead the Doctor is obviously a male character, his archenemy the Master is a male character, as are many supporting characters like The Brigadier and Davros.

Feminists however for years have been calling Doctor Who sexist simply for having male leads and have demanded that all of the male cast be replaced with women, which has already happened. The Master is now a woman, and UNIT a military organisation, previously staffed by men are now all women. (EDIT update, after laying the groundwork for it for many years, it was announced in July 2017 that the next Doctor will be a woman too.)

See here.

The Depressing Disappointing Maleness of Doctor Who

How Doctor Who delivered A Righteously Feminist Finale

No one is having that attitude towards female heroes. I’m not going on about how “its so disgusting that in Xena and Buffy and Charmed, and Once Upon A Time, and Ghost Whipserer, and Resident Evil the men never save the day. Instead its always the women, we need to change that set up pronto.”

When it comes to a male led show like Doctor Who however, then because of the feminist audience the makers have to, while the character is a male undermine him constantly for his female sidekick, like this.

That is until they turn him into a woman. I wonder if Jodie’s male companion will threaten to hit her across the face so hard she’ll basically die?

PS the whole “its canon that the Doctor can turn into a woman” argument feminists trot out is utter bullshit. It wasn’t for 50 years until the feminists bullied the showrunner into including it. I won’t go into why a female Doctor is a terrible idea as this isn’t the place, but if you want to know why and also how the feminists slowly took over (and sunk) Doctor Who by bullying its makers and its fans, take a look at this article I wrote about it here.

5 People Who Killed Doctor Who

Of course at the same time whilst Doctor Who a male led series has to be completely feminised from top to bottom, then when it comes to female heroes like Wonder Woman, not only do feminists like Whovian Feminism not want men to write and direct for them, but they also don’t even want men to be allowed to go and see them until women have.

Of course banning men from public events is something that feminists like to do whenever they can.

Swedish Female Only Music Festivals Until Men Learn To Behave Themselves

Video games meanwhile have always been a form of entertainment that men have enjoyed more. I’m not saying that no women enjoy them, but they are mostly a male dominated interest.

Naturally as a result of this, feminists want to absolutely destroy the video game industry. And no I am not saying that they want to destroy them by getting more women to like them, or by demanding that more female characters be included (there have been popular female video game characters from the start.)

Feminists are ruining the industry by slandering it. Smearing its fans as anti women bigots, and making ludicrous claims that it encourages not only bigoted attitudes but even violence towards women.

As Christina Hoff Sommers puts it in this video here, they basically just want the video game culture to die, simply because its one that men prefer.

Feminists essentially want to take any form of entertainment that men might enjoy more away from them, silence issues that affect men more and finally teach you boys that they are potentially evil simply because of how they are born.

This is really the main reason that not just most men, but most women hate modern day feminism and refuse to identify as feminists.

See here.

Poll Few Identify as Feminists. Most Believe in Equality.

Feminism is now seen as a hateful, bigoted movement and with good reason. Its nonsense to claim that its just because people hate women’s rights. As the poll shows most people in modern society support equal rights for everyone, and that’s why they hate feminists.

Quite frankly the fact that anybody still supports a movement, never mind men, which uses phrases like toxic masculinity, shuts down any attempt to talk about men’s issues, bans men from public places, attacks any masculine interests as evil and sexist, whilst trying to ironically exclude all men from any feminine interest, I think shows how people are more sympathetic to women’s issues over all.

Even when the movement is so blatantly sexist, people still don’t want to junk it completely as they still think if its for women, then it has to have some merit, surely? Imagine if there was a movement that cared about genuinely marginalised men’s rights, but at the same time constantly attacked women at every corner. People would not bother with it for one second.


The governor Pat Condell sums it up brilliantly as always.

As you can see there are still many great feminists who are true champions for equality around the world such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers.

Sadly however their influence on the next generation of feminists, though not completely insignificant, is ultimately dwarfed by the safer, career feminists who have filled an entire generation of young men and women’s heads with irrational and ultimately unimportant bullshit like manspreading. These career feminists have also whipped extreme bigotry towards men, whilst ironically making it hard for people to talk about the biggest danger to women in the world today, Islam, simply to cover up their own cowardice.

At the same time the fact that feminism has become utterly untouchable in the modern western world then it has also become something that bullies and frauds like Linda Sarsour can use to make themselves untouchable and further their own ends.

Its important therefore that the next generation looks up to women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers instead of people like Anita Sarkeesian in order to learn what true inequalities against women need to be fought. If not then feminism which has almost lost all credibility among people will be an almost completely dead movement within then next generation.

Thanks for reading.

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