Doctor Who/ Tommy Robinson Comparisons

From one British hero to another.

I’m probably the first person to ever draw a comparison between the Doctor, a two hearted, time travelling alien from Gallifrey, and Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the EDL, and a media hate figure.

However recently when watching the classic story The Power of the Daleks; I noticed some rather striking similarities between the situation in that adventure, and the current crisis Britain and the west in general faces as a result of Islamic extremism.

Now obviously this was not intentional on the part of the writer of The Power of the Daleks, the late David Whitaker. Power was broadcast in 1966 about 20 years before Tommy was even born!

Still ultimately I find the story to be the best metaphor, unintentionally for the current Islamic crisis we are facing in the west and the Doctor similarly in that story, unintentionally represents Tommy Robinson’s role in the ongoing struggle against Islam.

Hopefully as I explore the similarities you might come to agree with me, though as always let me know what you think in the comments below.

I will also be looking at how certain other Dalek stories can be seen as unintentional metaphors for the current Islamic crisis too, and finally how the Cybermen can be seen as a metaphor for the regressive left in some ways too.

Who is Tommy Robinson?

Before we start I thought it would be best to give a brief introduction to Tommy Robinson for those who might not be familiar with him.

If you had asked me just a year ago what I thought of Tommy I would have sadly like many others derided him as nothing more than a racist thug, and a trouble maker.

The mainstream media always portrayed him that way and I bought into it. However when I saw him being interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson last year I found myself, to my immense surprise agreeing with every single thing he said. After that I tracked down many other videos of Tommy and now I not only think the man doesn’t have a single racist bone in his body, but I would actually consider him a true British hero.

Tommy has never attacked anyone for their race. Indeed you’d be hard pushed to find someone from a more multi cultural and multi racial background than Tommy Robinson.

All he has ever done is criticise the religion of Islam. Islam is not a race. It is an ideology. Criticising it is no different to criticising say Christianity, Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, or Scientology.

Ironically I find people who call criticism of Islam racist, to be the actual racists themselves. After all what they are saying is that we can’t criticise Islam because most of its followers have brown skin. Basically they think its okay for a dark skinned person to follow a violent, dangerous ideology like Islam because, hey brown people aren’t quite on white people’s level yet. We shouldn’t ever hold dark skinned people to the same high moral standards that we would white people.

Meanwhile a non racist person like Tommy doesn’t care about what skin colour someone has. He criticises any ideology that he finds abhorrent regardless of the race of its followers as he ultimately holds every person on earth to the same moral standard.

Now at the same time obviously not all Muslims are violent, and Tommy Robinson has NEVER said that they were.

He always makes it clear that whilst many Muslims who live in the west are good people, the ideology of Islam at its core is violent and dangerous and its influence in our society needs to be curbed.

Tommy has argued that the many peaceful Muslims in the west either abandon the violent parts of their religion, and embrace its spiritual side, or they simply haven’t read their own holy book. I completely agree with him on this point. In fact I think that most religious people including even Christians in secular societies probably haven’t read their own holy book to be honest.

However Muslims who do actually follow the Quran word for word and are raised on genuine Islamic beliefs, at the very least hold prejudiced views against women, gays, black people, and atheists, whilst in the most extreme cases they will end up becoming terrorists.

The reason for this is because Islam’s holy book, the Quran, says very clearly that Muslims have to murder all non believers, that all gay people are to be killed, that women are inferior to men, that black people are inferior to white people, and that if a Muslim sins (which includes things like eating pork, drinking, listening to music) then a way they can redeem themselves and get into heaven is if they kill more infidels.

This is why over 50 percent of British Muslims think that homosexuality should be illegal, why in any country where Islam is allowed to call the shots, women have fewer rights than men, LGBT people are either imprisoned or killed, and all other religions are banned. This is also why Muslim extremists kill themselves in terror attacks, whilst slaughtering “infidels” as they do genuinely believe that they will go to heaven if they kill non believers.

Here are some sources to back up these claims.

Half of All British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Banned

England Grooming Statistics

There is obviously a problem with Islam, even in Western secular societies and it needs to be dealt with. That obviously does not mean that we should round up all the Muslims and get rid of them. That would be utterly inhuman and Tommy Robinson has NEVER argued for that.

However at the same time we need to stop pandering to the religion and try and limit its influence in the west.

All Tommy Robinson has ever tried to do is bring problems caused by Islam to people’s attention, whilst at the same time always making sure not to tar innocent Muslims with the same brush. He has always presented his points in a fair and reasonable way, and has been open to debating anyone, even people who have sent him death threats. See here.

Sadly however the mainstream media have from the start attempted to sabotage Tommy Robinson, simply because they are complete cowards when it comes to Islam. They don’t dare criticise the religion because they are not only terrified of being killed by Muslim extremists, but also they are also scared of being called racists too.

Tommy Robinson meanwhile exposes the media for the cowards they are simply because he does their job for them.

Its Tommy Robinson who brings widespread attention to Muslim extremists that could potentially be a danger to the country. He did a video on the killer of Lee Rigby, 5 years before he brutally murdered the British soldier in cold blood on the streets of London.

He also warned about the Muslim grooming gangs before they became public knowledge in towns such as Rochdale, and even to this day Tommy offers far more support for the victims of Muslim grooming gangs that are all but ignored by the mainstream media and sadly at times even the police too.

See here.

Of course that’s not to say that Tommy hasn’t made mistakes. By his own admission in his youth he was a bit of a thug. Also the EDL an organisation he founded didn’t go quite the way he planned either. He even ended up leaving it in 2013 as he felt it had been taken over by extremists.

Still overall I think Tommy is a good man who has done a lot for this country and whilst the media may have succeeded in turning many people against him, ultimately I think in years to come Tommy will be seen as someone who above all else cared about the people of Britain and did all he could to help them.

Here are some videos you should check out if you have the time.

The Power of the Daleks

Tommy Robinson, Caolan Robertson and Faith Goldy stumble upon some Jihadis. Note; Faith Goldy is obviously way cooler than Polly, but still you get my general point.

The Power of the Daleks was a 1966 story and the first to feature the second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton.

Its premise sees the newly regenerated Doctor arrive on the planet Vulcan in the future. There he and his companions, Ben and Polly discover a far flung earth colony, cut off from the rest of humanity.

The colony is suffering from many problems, chief among them are a group of rebels who plan to take it over. The rebels are secretly in league with a man named Bragen, who holds great influence and power. Bragen however does not actually care about the rebels planned utopia. He sees them as a mere means to an end, and actually intends to dispose of them once he is in charge.

Things become even more complicated when the colony’s leading scientist Lesterson discovers a space capsule containing three deactivated Daleks.

The Daleks are the Doctors greatest adversaries. They are a race of hideous mutants, housed within a near indestructable, tank like armour. They seek to exterminate all other life forms in the universe as they believe them to be inferior.

Lesterson revives one of the Daleks who instantly exterminates his assistant. A woman named Janley however (who is secretly a rebel), covers up the killing as she hopes to use the Daleks to help the rebels take over.

Lesterson carries on with his experiments and revives the Daleks. The Daleks pretend to be peaceful, harmless, friendly creatures. They even chant “I AM YOUR SERVANT!”. All of the colonists who know nothing about the Daleks are fooled by their deception.

Naturally the Doctor tries to warn everyone about what the Daleks are really like, but no one listens to him. They think he is crazy, and at one point they even lock him up in prison.

The Daleks meanwhile are given materials and supplies willingly by the colonists and the rebels which they use to build an army. The army then goes on to exterminate almost everyone on the colony before the Doctor finally manages to defeat the monsters by giving them a power overload.

The Power of the Daleks has long been regarded as one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever made. Sadly however all 6 episodes are currently missing from the archives. Only a few scant clips remain.

In 2016 however an animated version of the story, featuring the original soundtrack which fortunately still survives was released on DVD to great acclaim.

Prior to this there had been numerous reconstructions of the story made by fans on youtube, using pictures and the original soundtrack. Personally I preferred the animated adaptation, but a lot of the Recons were very well done too.

Who’s Who In This Story?

Tommy Robinson/ The Doctor 


The Doctor in this story, much like Tommy Robinson is now, tries desperately to warn a society that has been duped by the followers of a dangerous and hateful ideology what it is really like and that they are greatly underestimating their enemy from within, whose power and numbers are slowly growing.

Of course just as the mainstream media slanders Tommy and most of the population sadly view him as nothing but a racist and a bigot, then the Doctor is similarly ignored by everyone around him like Lesterson, the colonists and even the rebels. In fact Lesterson even states that the Doctor has an irrational phobia of the Daleks.

Just like Tommy, the Doctor is even thrown in prison at one point!

Both Tommy and the Doctor know more than the others around them from experience, but sadly they are not listened to. It ended up being too late for the colonists on Vulcan lets hope its not too late for us!

Another area where I feel the Doctor and Tommy are similar is that neither are taken seriously because of their appearance.

The Second Doctor was often referred to as a cosmic hobo. He dressed in clothes that were too big for him, he acted in a somewhat hysterical and childish manner and naturally people often thought he was a fool.

Of course underneath the bumbling facade he was anything but. In fact he was one of the craftiest Doctors.

Now Tommy I obviously don’t think acts the fool or dresses in a ridiculous way like the Second Doctor, but at the same time I don’t think people take Tommy seriously for superficial reasons to do with his appearance.

In Tommy’s case I feel that its to do with class snobbery. A lot of the middle class regressives in the mainstream media take one look at Tommy and think that he is an idiot because of his accent, his style, his background etc.

Take a look at this interview between Tommy and George Galloway. Galloway just completely dismisses all of Tommy’s claims and calls him a knuckle scraping moron.

Of course ironically in this video here George Galloway debates Nigel Farage on the same issue, but he is completely respectful to the former leader of UKIP in contrast.

Why do you think that is? Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farge make exactly the same points on Islam. In fact you could argue that Farage is more extreme than Robinson, only because Farage wants to ban the Hijab which Tommy has explicitly said he has no problem with.

Yet Galloway refers to Farage as a “truly worthy adversary” and shows him the utmost respect, he even wishes him well, whilst Tommy is dismissed as a “knuckle scraping” moron.

Its because Nigel Farage has a posh accent, is erudite, dresses in sharp suits etc, whilst Tommy in George’s eyes is the little commoner. Ironically George Galloway, the supposed man of the people, and great socialist is actually a class snob.

This video here however is my favourite as this interviewer on Aljazeera clearly thinks Tommy is a moron too and tries to catch him out by reading a line from the old testament claiming its from the Quran.

Tommy Robinson much like the Second Doctor has to deal with people that he is much smarter than, but who treat him like a moron based on the most shallow reasons whilst trying to warn everybody else about the danger they are in.

Finally another area where I feel that Tommy Robinson is similar to the Doctor is that both of them are motivated solely by their desire to help people.

That’s always been a large part of the Doctors appeal, that he was really just a straight, forward good guy.

Most heroes when you think about it are heroes because of some big tragic event in their lives. Batman for instance, its the murder of his parents in front of him, Spider-Man its at least partially the murder of his Uncle Ben. Others like Xena and Angel meanwhile are trying to make up for their past mistakes. Some might even be caught in an accident that gives them powers too.

With the Doctor however its just because he is a good man. The Doctor isn’t on a quest to rid the universe of evil, nor is he trying to make up for past sins (in the classic series at least.) He just simply wants to explore the universe, but whenever he stumbles upon injustice (which is most of the time), he can’t let it go. He has to do something about it

Now Tommy I feel is the same in that I don’t think he was ever really a political person, not because he wasn’t intelligent of course. Based on what I have heard Tommy Robinson say about his early life, he seemed to have other ambitions and plans. I think he was someone who just simply couldn’t turn a blind eye to the people in his local community around him suffering as a result of Islamic extremism and became involved.

It would have been much easier for Tommy if he had just turned a blind eye, same way it would more often than not be easier for the Doctor just to nip in the TARDIS and leave whatever problem he is facing behind.

Ultimately however neither can do that as they both care about the people around them too much.

The Daleks/Islam

” We are men who love death just as you love your life. We’re the soldiers who fight in the day and the night.”

Now again obviously I am not saying that all Muslims are evil here, but sadly it cannot be denied that the ideology of Islam is not only evil at its core, but its ideals are not too dis-similar from the Daleks beliefs.

The Daleks were created by the deranged scientist Davros to despise all other life forms in the entire universe. He felt the only way they could survive was if they came to dominate all other life forms.

Now the Quran as we know says that all non believers, all non Muslims basically are to be killed. It also says that all homosexuals are to be killed regardless, that all black people are inferior to white people and that men are superior to women in every way.

Thus Islam much like the Daleks has an idea of the perfect being, and anyone who doesn’t fit in with that idea in both the Daleks and Islam’s view is to be exterminated!

The Daleks are also prepared to kill themselves in order to destroy their enemies. Examples of this include in Asylum of the Daleks when an unarmed Dalek tries to blow itself up to take out the Doctor, and Destiny of the Daleks when a group of Daleks strap bombs to themselves and try to blow up a Movellan spaceship.

Dalek suicide bombers!

The Daleks and Islam are also created in the image of a twisted, inadequate man. Originally the Daleks were a humanoid race called the Kaleds but it was Davros that mutated them into the Daleks and tampered with their minds.

Everything Davros is the Daleks are. Davros is pitiless, Davros craves power, Davros despises people he considers to be weak, etc.

Similarly everything that Muhammed was we can see replicated in his most vile followers. For instance Muhammed was a pedophile, who kept women as sex slaves, beat women, and regarded them as inferior to men in every way, and sadly we see his followers in many Islamic countries follow his example, and deny women the same rights as men,  make child marriage completely legal, and inflict the most horrific violence on their female spouses and relatives.

Of course the great irony with both Davros and Muhammed is that whilst they managed to ensure that millions more people throughout history would be shaped in their own vile image. Both were also among the most pathetic, inadequate excuses for men you could imagine.

Muhammed was an illiterate, violent, degenerate who used to boast about how many semen stains he made his child bride scrub out. He also suffered an undignified death because he was so stupid he didn’t realise that his food was poisoned; after it was served to him by someone whose family he had killed! He didn’t even realise it was poison after he had bitten into it and could actually taste the poison!

Davros meanwhile is a weak, pathetic man who never faces his death with dignity, despite his constant talk of strength and power.

The parallels between the Daleks and Islam become arguably even stronger in The Power of the Daleks due to the tactics the Daleks use against their enemies.

The Daleks lie to the colonists, claiming that they are peaceful, friendly robots, who love humanity.

Now Islam advocates that its followers, when they are low in number and vulnerable, lie through a process called Taqqiya that Islam is peaceful in order to deceive non believers. The prophet Muhammed himself used this tactic when his forces were weak.

Of course once non believers are no longer of any use then they are to be killed just like any other non Muslim.

The Daleks in this story effectively practice Taqqiya to lure in the unsuspecting colonists, not only into not disposing of them when they are weak and few in number, but also into actually giving them what they need in order to become powerful, and eventually overthrow the Vulcan colony.

Now again when dealing with Taqqiya it is important not to simply dismiss every Muslim who doesn’t support barbarians like ISIS as practising Taqqiya.

However at the same time many Imans and celebrity Muslim speakers have been known to practice Taqqiya.

An example of this is Linda Sarsour, a supposed Muslim feminist (a contradiction in terms if there ever was one.)

Whilst Sarsour presents herself as a progressive ally to marginalised groups, in truth she is a supporter of Sharia Law, a law which states that women are inferior to men, and thus deserve less rights than they do, and worse treats homosexuality as illegal.

Sarsour also has made disgusting comments about Ayaan Hirsi Ali an outspoken feminist critic of Islam.

She said that she hopes Ali gets beaten up and has her vagina taken away from her. Ali is a victim of genital mutilation ( a practice advocated by Muhammed himself). Sarsour knows this and thus is basically saying she would love to mutilate Hirsi Ali’s genitals again!

Radical Muslims like Sarsour are able to use people’s general ignorance of Islam to further their twisted beliefs whilst at the same time presenting themselves as champions of social justice, just as the Daleks used the Colonists ignorance of their true nature to their advantage.

Lesterson/ Owen Jones/ Angela Merkel/ Other Apologists For Islam

Owen Jones and others like him who shout down any criticism of Islam as racist are represented in this story by the hapless scientist Lesterson who ends up bringing about the end of the colony.

Lesterson revives the Daleks because he thinks that they are harmless and can be used for the good of the people of Vulcan.

He is given repeated warnings by the Doctor and his companions, but he doesn’t listen to any of them of course.

He not only revives the Daleks but gives them the various supplies they need to build a machine that creates more Dalek casings, and an incubation chamber that clones more mutants.

Even as it is becoming apparent that the Daleks are dangerous, Lesterson still doesn’t listen, and he only realises when its too late the horror he has unleashed upon his own people.

Lesterson decisions are motivated by a genuine desire to help the people of Vulcan, but at the same time it is also hinted that he is desperate to use the Daleks to further his own career. He is aware to some extent that there is a risk with the Daleks from the start, but he is so arrogant he thinks that the can use them.

People like Owen Jones are exactly like Lesterson in my opinion. Owen Jones for those of you who are unfamiliar with him is a journalist for the Guardian. He is a socialist and also a rank Islam apologist.

He has in fact shut people down who criticise Islam such as Douglas Murray who he deplatformed by refusing to appear on a show as long as he did.

Now whilst I dislike Jones immensely I will give him the benefit of the doubt that his desire to protect Muslims from apparent Islamophobia does stem from a genuine desire to help people.

However Jones is ultimately completely misguided. He equates perfectly reasonable criticism of the ideology of Islam from people like Tommy Robinson with violent attacks against innocent Muslims.

He also knows nothing about Islam (unlike Tommy Robinson) and thus actually champions it as a progressive religion. He has swallowed all of the Taqqiya around him.

Also again I feel that Owen Jones just sticks up for Islam because most of its followers are brown skinned, and so he instantly assumes that they have to be the poor victims of the evil white people (which is ironic as Islam is a white supremacist religion at its core.)

Still Owen Jones like a lot of so called “liberals” has a racist double standard against dark skinned people ironically. No matter what happens he can’t view them as being in the wrong. He treats them like children “aww that’s okay that you throw gay people off of a roof top, you’re dark skinned, its not like you’re civilised like white people.”

As time goes on however and there are more Islamic atrocities, and even just as more people become aware of what is actually in the Quran thanks to people like David Wood, Paul Joseph Watson and of course Tommy Robinson. Then even the likes of Owen Jones begin to worry that maybe they have actually backed the wrong horse when it comes to Islam.

Like Lesterson in Power they have a mental breakdown. When Owen Jones stormed off the Sky News interview after the Orlando massacre I think Douglas Murray was right that it may have in part been motivated by guilt over the fact that Owen deep down must have realised that he spent a large part of his career covering for an ideology that had just killed 50 LGBT people that night.

Owen Jones’ sense of guilt is not misplaced at all of course.

He should feel guilty for creating an atmosphere where Islamic extremism is able to flourish more easily as people like him spread dangerous lies to the general public that Islam is a religion of peace, have prevented Islamic reformers, the only people who have a shot at actually making the religion peaceful from being given as big a platform as they should (as even they are often deemed “Islamophobic”), and he has actively shut down the people brave enough to criticise Islam in public and bring attention to the problems it is causing like Tommy Robinson, by ruining their reputations through smearing them as racists, and actively preventing them from being able to speak in public like Douglas Murray.

Thus Owen Jones in my opinion is in some respects complicit in the problems Islam is causing in the UK getting worse just like Lesterson was in the rise of the Daleks on Vulcan.

At the same time however just like Lesterson a lot of these high profile Islamic apologists are perhaps somewhat more cynical in their support for this twisted ideology.

Angela Merkel for instance I feel wanted more refugees into Germany so that she could use them as a cheap labour force. Of course once again just like Lesterson she greatly underestimated just what it was she was truly letting in.

The Vulcan Rebels/ Antifa

Antifa are perfectly represented by the rebels on Vulcan such as Janley.

Antifa for those of you who are unfamiliar with them are an extreme far left organisation who have carried out violent protests against figures such as Milo Yiannopolous.

Now the rebels I feel not only represent Antifa, but also many other far left organisations who show support for Islam.

These leftists show their support for Islam because they despise western society so much they actually view Islam as their ally in destroying it.

Now I personally would regard myself as a socialist. I have some problems with Western society too but ultimately it is foolish to ally with radical Islamists. The society they would build would be far worse for everyone, atheists, Jews, LGBT people, women, even peaceful Muslims.

However these leftists are so blinded by their hatred of the west they fail to see that they have not only jumped into bed with someone much worse, but that their new “ally” will dispose of them as soon as they are of no further use.

The Vulcan rebels meanwhile similarly are so obsessed with overthrowing what they believe to be an unfair and oppressive society that they end up working with the Daleks, the most evil creatures in the entire universe. The Daleks of course plan to dispose of the rebels once they are of no further use too. In fact Janley, the rebel who covers up the Daleks first killing and thus makes their entire deception possible is gunned down by the monsters at the end of the story during their rampage.

Bragen/ George Soros

The main villain of the piece. Bragen is a greedy, self serving, backstabbing liar who plays both the rebels and the regular colonists against one another.

Bragen is already in a high position of authority and influence on the colony but he is so greedy he wants more. The naive rebels think that he cares about their vision of a perfect utopia, but to him they are a mere means to an end.

Now George Soros I don’t think wants to take over the world, but at the same time he and others like him in high positions in society love identity politics (which is of course embraced by the likes of Antifa) because it keeps the poorest and most marginalised people in society squabbling among themselves rather than actually working together to bring about a genuine positive change.

Identity politics is really the greatest weapon against genuine left wing politics there has ever been. It divides people by race, gender, and sexuality. Rather than working together, men and women for instance as a result of identity politics influence end up at loggerheads over stupid, trivial bullshit like white male privilege, manspreading, and mansplaining,

Thus George Soros uses radical leftists as a tool, much like how Bragen did with the Vulcan rebels. In both cases the anarchists foolishly believe one of the richest and most powerful men in society genuinely cares about their left wing beliefs!

Bragen’s use of the Daleks also somewhat mirrors Soros and others like him’s attempts to use Islam too. Bragen once again believes that he can use the Daleks to help dispose of his enemies and divide the colonists for his own ends.

Soros meanwhile I feel wants to use the problems caused by Islam to further divide the working class, hence why he personally supports radical Muslims like Linda Sarsour who openly supports Sharia Law.

Of course just like Antifa and the apologists like Owen Jones, Soros and Bragen greatly underestimate the damage both Islam and the Daleks will cause. They are not so easily manipulated or controlled.

Other Dalek Stories That Draw Parallels To The Current Islamic Crisis

There are other Dalek stories which could be interpreted as unintentional metaphors for the current Islamic crisis in the west.

The first Dalek story The Daleks sees the Daleks attempt to utterly exterminate the Thal race from Skaro.

Now the Thals many years ago were a brutal war like race. This is explicitly shown in Genesis of the Daleks in 1975 where the Thals killed off the Daleks humanoid ancestors, the Kaleds (with a little help from Davros). However by the time of the first Dalek story they have renounced their ways and are so deeply ashamed of their war like past that they refuse to fight the Daleks, even though the Daleks wish to exterminate them.

An interesting parallel can be drawn between the Thals attitudes and those of many in the west. Both are facing an enemy that wants to destroy them, the Daleks and Islam. Now the Daleks don’t hate the Thals because of what they did to their ancestors. They despise them simply because of who they are. Similarly ISIS have said that it is not because of the West’s various blunders in the middle east that they despise them. Its simply because we do not follow the Islamic faith.

See here.

ALYDON: If only I knew why the Daleks hated us. If I knew that, I, I could alter our approach to them, perhaps. 
IAN: Your leader, Temmosus. 
IAN: Well, he appealed very sensibly to them. Any reasonable human beings would have responded to him. The Daleks didn’t. They obviously think and act and feel in an entirely different way. They just aren’t human. 

GANATUS: Yes, but why destroy without any apparent thought or reason? That’s what I don’t understand. 
IAN: Oh, there’s a reason. Explanation might be better. It’s stupid and ridiculous, but it’s the only one that fits. 
ALYDON: What? 
IAN: A dislike for the unlike. 
ALYDON: I don’t follow you. 
IAN: They’re afraid of you because you’re different from them. So whatever you do, it doesn’t matter. 
DYONI: What would you have us do? Fight against them? 
IAN: I didn’t say that. But you must teach them to respect you. Show them some strength.

ISIS Says We Hate You Because You Are Not Muslim

Now again obviously not all Muslims follow everything in the Quran, but still sadly the majority of them do, which is why over half of British Muslims think homosexuality should be criminalised.

The Doctor and his companions are ultimately able to convince the Thals that they owe it themselves and their ancestors to not just let their culture be destroyed simply because they aren’t prepared to fight for it.

“There is no indignity in being afraid to die. But there is a terrible shame in being afraid to live.”

Now obviously I am not saying that this means we should go and fight Muslims on the streets or anything heinous like that. What we should do however is criticise Islam as much as we do other religions, highlight the problems it is causing in the West, shut down every single Islamic faith school and Madrass, aid Muslim reformers, such as Imam Tawhidi, and limit mass immigration from Muslim majority countries until the problems with extremism are dealt with. All of this will deal with the problems caused by Islam in a peaceful way and not tar innocent Muslims with the same brush as the extremists.

Thus the situation in the Daleks where the Thals have to go and fight the Daleks is not a completely perfect analogy, but ultimately at its core it involves a civilisation (the Thals, the West) who are so ashamed of the horrors they did in the past, that they refuse to defend themselves when a genuinely evil civilisation wants to destroy them for who they are. Both the Thals and the West are willing to roll back and let everything their ancestors spent centuries building up, all the art, history, all of the great things about their culture just be destroyed because they weren’t prepared to defend it.

Once again the Doctor and his companions can be seen to represent Tommy Robinson who desperately tries to convince them that they need to defend their culture, history and people.

(Ian is talking to Alydon and the Thals) 
IAN: to have self- respect. At this moment, anyone could come in here. They could rob, they could steal. 
IAN: They could even kill you. And you wouldn’t lift a finger to help yourselves. 
ALYDON: We will not fight. There will be no more wars. Look at our planet. This was once a great world, full of ideas and art and invention. In one day it was destroyed. And you will never find one good reason why we should ever begin destroying everything again. I’m sorry. 
IAN: You’re not sorry. You stand here, mumbling a lot of words out of your history. But it means nothing, nothing at all. You carry this around with you. Your history records. Well, it must be valuable to you. Supposing I take it down to the city and try and trade with the Daleks? Perhaps they’d think it valuable enough to exchange for our fluid link. 
ALYDON: I don’t believe you’d do it. 
IAN: I would. 
ALYDON: None of us would stop you. 
IAN: If I don’t get the fluid link back, the four of us will die. Perhaps the Daleks are more interested in people? Maybe they were holding us to experiment on us? I could take them an alternative. 
(Ian grabs Dyoni by the arm and starts to lead her off. Alydon grabs Ian then punches him) 
IAN: So there is something you’ll fight for.

In the New Series Dalek story Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks one Dalek named Dalek Sec merges with a human and comes to realise how evil the Daleks creator Davros was, and decides to change the Daleks by teaching them to feel compassion and no longer wage war on the rest of the universe.

The Doctor though skeptical that the other Daleks will allow Sec to do this, nevertheless agrees to help him, but sadly the Doctors suspicions are proved right when the Daleks ultimately turn on and exterminate Sec.

Dalek Sec can be seen to represent Muslim reformers like Imam Tawhidi and Maajid Nawaz. For all the talk of people like Tommy Robinson stirring up hatred against Muslims, the likes of Tawhidi are actually in more danger from radical Muslims who want to kill them, just as the Daleks killed Sec, because in both cases they see them as the ultimate traitor.

Those who try and change a violent system within are obviously always at the most risk, and that’s why this idea of “don’t say Islam does anything bad so that innocent Muslims won’t get tarred” is ironically the worst thing you could do for innocent Muslims.

By denying there are any problems with Islam and worse shouting down all critics of Islam like Tommy Robinson. You just end up leaving the genuinely innocent, secular Muslims who want to reform their religion like Imam Tawhidi out in the cold without any support, and thus in danger of being killed!

As a result of this the likes of Iman Tahwidi will go to people like Tommy Robinson for support before Owen Jones.

Imam Tawhidi Retweets Tommy Robinson

Once again the Doctor can be seen to represent Tommy Robinson in this story. The Doctor tries to help the Dalek reformer, Dalek Sec, even though he has doubts about his plan working (much as Tommy has said he doubts that Islam can be reformed.)

Of course again none of these Dalek stories were meant to represent the current struggle with Islamic extremism, but still I think the fact that they can be seen that way shows what brilliant monsters the Daleks are.

I’ve always said that the Daleks were the greatest monsters in Sci Fi because they ironically in spite of how alien they are represent man’s inhumanity to man in general.

Terry Nation their creator originally intended them to be allegory’s for the Nazis and you can see this very clearly in many Dalek stories by Nation and other writers.

However at the same time the Daleks actions can be seen to mirror those of many of the most evil men throughout all human history.

General Chivington for instance, one of the most evil men in US history who carried out the Sand Creek Massacre openly declared that he wanted to exterminate all Native Americans.

“Following the massacre, some members of Congress had confronted Chivington and the Governor, before members of the public at the DenverOpera House. At one point it was asked whether it would be better to civilize or exterminate the Indians. In a letter from one of the senators to a friend, he wrote that “there suddenly arose such a shout as is never heard unless upon some battlefield—a shout almost loud enough to raise the roof of the opera house—’EXTERMINATE THEM! EXTERMINATE THEM! EXTERMINATE THEM!”‘

As you can see the Daleks could be interpreted to be a metaphor for Chivington as much as they could for either the Nazis or Islam, and again I think this is why the monsters resonate so much with audiences more than anything else.

The Predator might be really badass, the Klingons are fun rivals for humanity, but the Daleks tap into the dark qualities of human nature, despising people simply for being different better than any other monsters.

Why The Cybermen Are The Regressive Left

The Cybermen are the Doctors second most recurring enemies after the Daleks. First appearing in 1966, the Cybermen were originally a race of human like aliens from the planet Mondas. When their planet began to drift away from the sun however in order to survive the Mondasians removed pieces of their bodies and replaced them with metallic components, eventually turning themselves into emotionless machine creatures.

The Cybermen would then seek to convert all other humanoid life forms in the universe into members of their own kind through Cyber conversion.

Now social justice warriors, or the regressive left, whatever you want to call them I feel resemble the Cybermen in certain key ways.

To start with the regressive left desperately want to make everyone like them. Third wave feminists in particular can never just be a part of something like a political movement, or even just the fandom of a tv show. They have to take it over and make it all about them.

Examples of this include the New Atheist Movement, the comic book industry, and even Doctor Who itself.

In all cases feminists came to these things much later than everybody else and then demanded that everything be done their way. Anyone who objected to their changes made to other people’s characters and works was derided as a sexist, a racist, homophobic, etc.

Thus as a result of their bullying tactics (which in some cases included completely destroying someone’s reputation like Steven Moffat who was smeared as a sexist in the mainstream media as a result of their actions.) They always get their own way in the end and succeed in taking over what they joined later than the rest of us.

How Doctor Who Delivered A Righteously Feminist Finale

Even just take a look at the slogan Whovian Feminism (a blogger who has actually spoken to writers and directors of the series) has on her profile picture “My Fandom Will Be Feminist.”


This scene could be interpreted as an unintentional metaphor for what feminists have done to Doctor Who nowadays. The feminists are the Cybermen who are led by their controller (Whovian Feminism) who has captured the Doctor and all of his friends, and want to make them like them, whilst the villainous Cleeg who released the Cybermen in the hopes of bargaining with them is Steven Moffat who tried to make the show super feminist to pander to them, but is still called a sexist for not using the correct pronouns.

The regressive left also are desperate much like the Cybermen to make everybody identical. Not only are absolutely no contrary opinions allowed, but they also want to eliminate the differences between men and women and all borders and the very concept of nationality and patriotism too, all in a misguided attempt to make everybody equal.

In my opinion true equality is obviously giving everyone the same chance, but also recognising that we are all different and still respecting people every bit as much regardless.

The SJW’s however act as though that in order to be equal we need to destroy all differences between people which reminds me of the Cybermen.

“Cybermen now occupy every land mass on this planet, but you need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex and class and colour and creed. You will become identical. You will become like us.”

Whilst the Daleks may have been based on the Nazis, and the Cybermen may have been inspired by techno fear. In the modern world I feel that the Daleks really represent Islam, and the Cybermen represent third wave feminism, and the regressive left overall.

Fanatical psychopaths who are willing to blow themselves up for their cause. They despise everyone who does not conform to their idea of a perfect being (non Muslim, non Dalek basically). They were both created by and in the image of a violent, sadistic, power mad psychopath who was a deeply pathetic and inadequate man overall (Davros and Muhammed.)

Mindless drones who are all identical, who want to make absolutely everything like them, and who think that by eliminating individuality and differences between people they will be creating true equality.

Two feminists attempt to greet a Syrian “refugee”.

The under dog of a British hero who battles the evil fanatical psychopaths and mindless drones at every opportunity. He does what he does because its the right thing to do. He knows that all the odds are against him, but he simply can’t turn a blind eye to all of the suffering around him.


Now again this obviously does not mean that all Muslims are comparable to the Daleks. As I pointed out before most Muslims in the UK practice a reformed version of Islam already, either intentionally or unintentionally.

However the core beliefs are still evil and thus still inspire great evil around the world which is why the religions influence needs curbed in the west.

Sadly however a combination of fear of persecution of innocent Muslims arising as a result of this (which does NOT need to happen) and a lack of knowledge in what Islam actually represents are preventing this from happening.

This is why we need people like Tommy Robinson. Tommy does not tar all Muslims as evil, but at the same time he calls out the problem for what it is unlike Owen Jones and offers peaceful solutions. If he is not listened to however then things will get worse and eventually support for real right wing extremists will grow leading to an all out blood bath on both sides.

Lets not end up like Vulcan.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who/ Tommy Robinson Comparisons

    • LOL I know you’re trolling but this was funny I admit.

      Just to be clear I never said ALL Muslims are comparable to the Daleks. Just that the ideology of Islam is pretty much the same as the Daleks.

      Both say to kill anyone who isn’t part of their idea of the master race/gods chosen people, both advocate fascism, both advocate that you should lie when your forces are weak that you are peaceful until you are strong enough to destroy your enemies, and finally that your individual life doesn’t matter as long as you sacrifice yourself in the greater war against infidels, non Daleks.

      What’s the difference? The only mistake I made was that the Cybermen rely on logic which feminists obviously don’t. Still even then feminists are big mass free of independent thought like the Cybermen who want to make everything like them, so the comparison still kind of fits.


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