Why Do Geeks and Nerds Hate Feminists?

In the last couple of years the sci fi and fantasy fan community as well as the gaming community in particular have developed a very hostile attitude towards third wave feminism.

Whilst many high profile geeks in the industry itself such as Will Wheaton have welcomed what they feel are progressive changes to the industry brought about by feminists. Most fans I think its fair to say feel that the current brand of identity politics has had a poisonous influence on many large franchises.

In this article I am going to run through the main reasons as to why geeks and nerds generally tend to dislike modern feminism’s influence on the sci fi and fantasy genres, but before we start I’d just like to dispel some myths about the sci fi and fantasy genres and their fans.

Contrary to what we often read, sci fi and fantasy are not sexist, racist or homophobic. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Popular sci fi and fantasy at least have always been very progressive genres.

Obviously among the older Classics like Star Trek and Doctor Who there are some examples of sexism and racism in certain episodes, as is to be expected from any television series from the 60’s sci fi or not.

Still overall the genre has often been ahead of its time. Star Trek the original series may have had the odd sexist episode, but it also played a big role in the civil rights movement within the entertainment industry. Even Martin Luther King himself praised Star Trek.

The original Doctor Who meanwhile was very progressive in its depiction of female characters. It regularly featured strong roles for women throughout its entire 26 year run, from Barbara to Ace.

The second longest running sci fi show in the UK, Red Dwarf’s leading character Dave Lister is black, and the main love story is an interracial one between Lister and Kochanski.

There are also prominent LGBT characters in Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Battlestar Gallactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Once Upon A Time. In Torchwood the entire cast is LGBT.

Fact is many of the most popular sci f and fantasy franchises feature non white, non straight and non male leads.

Charmed is one of the longest running fantasy series ever made. In fact until it was surpassed just a few years ago by Supernatural, Charmed was the longest running American fantasy series of all time. Its main characters are 3 women, whilst its longest running supporting character is a black man!

Buffy meanwhile is often hailed as being the most influential genre series of the past 30 years, and ran for 7 years, as long as any Star Trek series and in fact over twice as long as the original Star Trek.

Xena the Warrior Princess ran for 6 seasons (again twice as long as the original Star Trek, and longer than Blake’s 7, Babylon 5 and Lost in Space, all among the most iconic male led series). It also is regarded along with Buffy as being the most iconic and influential series of its generation, and was so popular that they named a planet after Xena!

Other female led series such as Once Upon A Time (on its sixth season),Star Trek Voyager (lasted for 7 years), Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Earth 2, Wonder Woman TV series, The Survivors (original and remake), The Bionic Woman, Ghost Whisperer, Jessica Jones, Alien film series etc, have all developed big cult followings. Its true that not all of them have had long runs, but then again neither have that many male led series. Firefly for instance was axed after just a few episodes, even the original Star Trek didn’t even make it to 100 episodes.

On top of that in many of the most successful male led series the strongest, most powerful and competent role is still taken by a woman! In Futurama its Leela who is the only competent member of the crew and regularly saves Fry, in Blake’s 7 Servalan is the most intelligent character who regularly outwits and defeats Avon. In Red Dwarf the only competent member of the crew is Kochanski, whilst in Angel, Illyria is the most powerful member of Angels team. She curb stomps and kills the entire team (in an erased timeline) in about ten seconds flat!

Then of course there is the whole no strong roles for women in video games myth.

So overall no geeks and nerds hatred of feminists does not stem from a hostile attitude towards women, or an inability to accept female heroes as people like Will Wheaton or Anita Sarkeesian often make out. Fact is some of sci fi and fantasy’s biggest hits across all mediums have starred female, LGBT heroes.

In all fairness its not even like nerds and geeks hate feminism in general. Ironically feminist themed series such as Buffy and Charmed still continue to be among the most popular cult series. Also I am sure that many feminists are still decent people who bring a lot to their fan communities, and I am aware that some of the hate certain feminists have gotten has been out of order. Though its worth remembering that there are bullies and psychopaths in any fandom, organisation etc. Also its worth remembering that men online get just as much harassment as women do to, and that extreme feminists are just as hateful as the worst geeks.


For the record I don’t think that feminism in principle is bad. I just feel that the movement is in a bad place right now, and as a result of that I feel its just modern day feminism in general rather than any individual woman or man who identifies as a feminist: that geeks and nerds by and large hate for very particular reasons as we will explore.

Some people feel its important to make a distinction between third wave feminists and feminists (as I have done in the past). Ultimately I think that third wave feminists and their beliefs are so dominant that sadly the majority of feminists are either third wave or think the same way. Thus I will not bother with the distinction here, though I acknowledge at the same time not every individual feminist agrees with third wave feminist beliefs. The movement by and large does.

Finally I’d also like to add that I don’t necessarily hate these feminists as people. Some yes are nasty overall, but others like say Claudia Boleyn I’ve found to be nice, agreeable people. However I still hate the influence they have had on the genre, and ultimately the movement they have chosen to be a part of. Also this is not simply looking at what I think, but why nerds in general have a very hostile attitude towards feminism.

Feminists Have To Make Everything About Them

Again nobody has a problem with female led, or even feminist themed shows like Buffy, but the problem is that feminists have to make fucking everything about their movement.

Often feminists will find a way to criticise something that is completely benign as being sexist and demand that it be changed. They will accuse anyone who disagrees of sexism, and rather than talk about the show, film, comic book, game that we would normally have just talked about and enjoyed, everyone has to instead talk about ridiculous accusations of sexism.

A classic example of this was the recent animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic comic The Killing Joke. Now fans had been clamouring for an animated adaptation of this classic story for many years starring Mark Hamill, long regarded as the greatest Joker.

Finally in 2015 it was announced that Mark Hamill would be reprising his role as the Clown Prince of Crime in an animated adaptation of the story after all. Most fans rejoiced. Even those who didn’t particularly like The Killing Joke were happy to hear Mark play the Joker again. (Chances are that most, not all, but most Bat fans like either Mark’s Joker or The Killing Joke.)

Sadly however feminists complained that the story was a dated, sexist piece of work and even demanded that it not be adapted.

See here.

Batman The Killing Joke And Its Edgy Rape Storyline Is Not A Comeback I Want To See

Its Time To Kill The Killing Joke

The reason feminists have always hated The Killing Joke is that they feel it is sexist the way that Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl is crippled as part of the ongoing feud between The Joker and Batman. They argue that this is a trend in comic books where female characters are killed off or crippled in order to make things harder for male heroes. Other cited examples include Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacey being killed off by the Green Goblin, or Green Lantern’s girlfriend being killed off and stuffed in a fridge, which gave a name to the supposed trend, “Women in Refrigerators.”

Now I think Women in Refrigerators does have some truth to it. I absolutely do not think that the writers of these stories such as The Killing Joke or The Death of Gwen Stacey are either sexist or are promoting violence against women. (Its not like we are meant to look up to the Green Goblin or the Joker is it?)

However it does point out that sadly for many years women were often delegated to the role of sidekick, or love interest in most works. Its an old trick that in order to make a villain seem scary you’ll have them kill or torture someone close to the hero.

Again in the 50’s/60’s and 70’s as most heroes were heterosexual men then naturally the people closest to them who it would be a bigger deal if the villain killed were women. Even then though that isn’t always the case. Look at what happened to Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Feminist fans often say “but Jason came back after his death so he was defrosted” but that’s nonsense. Jason came back as a murdering psychopath! Though yes it took longer for Barbara to regain the use of her legs, she ultimately became a greater hero, Oracle after her ordeal. Apparently in these progressives minds, becoming a cripple is worse than becoming a psycho looney who murders people.

Anyway whilst stories like the The Killing Joke are not sexist in themselves, then they do represent a sad trend. However the way round that is to simply make more stories where women are the heroes and men are the sidekicks, rather than to attack stories like The Killing Joke, and smear their authors as creepy sexists.

To be fair in the last 20 or so years we have started to see the women in refrigerators trope in reverse the more and more popular female led series and works have emerged.

In shows like Xena, Charmed, Buffy and Once Upon A Time featuring female protagonists, there have been many instances of the heroine’s male love interests being killed off.

In fact the classic Xena episode, The Return of Callisto is almost a remake of The Killing Joke set in ancient Greece. Callisto, Xena’s archenemy was driven insane when Xena accidentally caused a forest fire that burned her village to the ground and killed her family. Callisto naturally wants to make Xena pay, but she also wants to prove to the Warrior Princess that anyone can be as evil as Callisto is. Thus she targets Xena’s little friend Gabrielle and murders her husband, Perdicus in cold blood. Gabrielle ultimately however despite coming close, finds that she cannot kill Callisto, proving to the villain that ultimately she is responsible for her own actions.

This is exactly the same story as The Killing Joke. In that story we find out that the Joker went insane when his beloved, pregnant wife was killed in a horrible accident. He was finally pushed over the edge when Batman pushed him into a vat of chemicals that bleached his skin white and disfigured him. The Joker just like Callisto seeks to prove that anyone can be a monster like him and so he brutally cripples Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Batgirl in order to drive the Commissioner insane. However Gordon just like Gabrielle resists the urge to kill the Joker and thus proves to the Clown Prince of Crime that he is responsible for his own actions.

Yet nobody has ever accused the Xena episode of being anti men, nor should they. Both stories are simply using an old trick of upping the ante between the main hero (Xena and Batman) and their archenemy (The Joker and Callisto) by having them kill/injure someone important (Perdicus and Barbara) to one of the heroes friends (Gabrielle and Commissioner Gordon.) Feminists however again only attack the male led example which in my opinion is an unfair double standard.

Sadly however the discussion about whether or not The Killing Joke is sexist completely overshadowed everything else about the animated adaptation. The focus should really have been on the fact that it was Mark Hamill’s last proper performance as the Joker, a role he had been playing for over 20 years.

Instead it all became about fucking Batgirl who much like Perdicus in The Return of Callisto is a side character, and about how we need to be aware of how sexist her treatment in the story was. Even reviews on non feminist sites had to mention how sexist the story was and put a heavier focus on Batgirl’s treatment than was necessary.

Finally even the film itself was compromised by a need to pander to feminists. The opening 30 minutes of the film revolve entirely around Batgirl. The producers did this in order to counteract the claims that the story was sexist by expanding on Batgirls role.

Now personally whilst I enjoyed the film overall I think this was a mistake. The Killing Joke is NOT Batgirls story. Its about the Joker and Batman. Again in that remake of Xena, if they decided to remake The Return of Callisto are we going to have to expand on Perdicus’ role to avoid bullshit claims of misandry? No of course not, so whilst I understand wanting to expand the comic book’s story to fill an hour, again the opening extra 30 minutes should have been related to Batman and the Joker and their feud with one another.

The only reason they chose Batgirl was to avoid being called sexist. It makes 0 sense otherwise as Batgirl is not the main character. Making her the main character for the first 30 minutes is pointless as we ultimately have to abandon her when the story actually starts. Thus the first 30 minutes is completely detatched from the rest of the movie.

Of course the great irony is that feminists found the opening 30 minutes even more sexist. Still the point is the fact that it was Mark’s last proper performance as the Joker (he has since voiced the character in Justice League Action, but since that is a short series, aimed at a younger audience, then its really his last performance in a serious, feature length production.) And also just simply the fact that it was an adaptation of a much loved, and highly influential comic book was completely overshadowed by the feminists complaints and instead all anyone talked about was whether or not the story was sexist or not.

Another example of feminists complaints completely overshadowing a product is of course Doctor Who, the worlds longest running and along with Star Trek most successful Sci Fi series. From about 2011 on feminists began to sink their claws into the Doctor Who franchise.

They targeted its showrunner Steven Moffat in particular and slandered him as a vile sexist, homophobic,  racist, abelist etc. Sadly it became received wisdom that Steven Moffat was incapable of writing women, that he hated minorities and the man’s reputation was harmed greatly. Of course all of this complaints were hollow or downright ridiculous. They included things like “Steven Moffat hates the mentally ill because he did a story where the Doctor blows up an insane asylum of Daleks”, or he is a sexist because he had Karen Gillan were a short skirt, or Oh my god his female characters lives revolve around the Doctors life. No shit, a supporting character’s life revolves around the main hero. Say it ain’t so.

Ironically Steven Moffat has created some of the most beloved female and LGBT characters in Doctors Who’s long history such as River Song, Amy Pond, Madame Vastra and Jenny, he even introduced Captain Jack Harkness.

Sadly however again just like with The Killing Joke it got to the point where all anyone could ever talk about in regards to Doctor Who was whether or not it was sexist. Practically all Steven Moffat talks about in interviews nowadays is that he is not sexist, even when promoting the show for its 50th anniversary.

Steven Moffat much like the makers of The Killing Joke also began to pander to feminists in many ways, throughout both Doctor Who and its short lived spin off Class. He cast a woman as the Master, the Doctors archenemy, and rewrote him to be in love with the Doctor. He also beefed up the role of the Doctors companion, Clara to be far more important than she should be (to the point where she was even billed first instead of Capaldi). Finally he also included many anti male, and even anti white remarks throughout the show too such as the following.

TANYA: White people. 
APRIL: White people what? 
TANYA: Always so optimistic. Always so certain things are going to work out for you. Oh, well, because they usually do. 
APRIL: My dad tried to kill me when I was eight. 
TANYA: But you got your mum up walking again. Typical white-person happy ending.

And finally throughout his 3 years on the show Moffat has also been laying the groundwork for a female Doctor Who.

Most fans, male and female are opposed to the idea of a female Doctor. The reason for this is not because of sexism, or transphobia as many would have you believe.

Its simply because the Doctor contrary to popular belief can not change into anyone. The Doctor is a time lord, an alien race with the power to change their forms whenever they are killed, allowing a new actor to play the role. However there is a clear template to how the Doctor and all time lords should be portrayed.

All timelords have a core personality that remains consistent across incarnations. You can clearly see several characteristics, traits and aspects of the original Doctors personality carried across all later Doctors. Even physically there is something of a template that almost all of the Doctors follow that comes from Hartnell, long hair, Edwardian/ Victorian era clothing, a fancy hat etc.

The same applies to the Master too. You can see traces of the first Master, Roger Delgado in all of his successors as different as they may seem on the surface (except for Missy). All of the Masters are hypnotic, all of them are manipulative, all of them despise the Doctor, all of them are craven cowards, all of them seek ultimate power, and even physically all of them wear in contrast to the Doctor, more dark, toned down clothing and usually have shorter hair and thick facial hair too.

So as you can see baring this in mind its important for these time lord characters to have some key similarities to one another. Its a hard balance to find admittedly to keep enough familiarity with the previous Doctor or Master, yet obviously allow the new actor to put their stamp on it. But that’s the point its a balance. You don’t get someone to just ape the previous actors performance, nor do you get someone like say Arnold Schwarzenegger who is too different to play the Doctor.

Now obviously a woman could play the hero, no one is disputing that other than a true bigot. However specifically the character of the Doctor could not be a woman as it would jar with what came before. The Doctors gender has become part of the template of the character really by default. He’s always been portrayed as a man, all the actors who have played him have brought aspects of their male personalities to the role, all of his relationships have been from a male perspective. He is embedded in popular culture as a male character. To act as though he could suddenly be a woman and it wouldn’t seem out of place, or fail to mesh with the previous 13 men is ridiculous.

However thanks to the feminists complaints then all anyone can ever talk about whenever an actor leaves the role is “will a woman play the Doctor”. To be fair it has always been a question since the 1980’s, but in the last few years it has become the dominant question in talking about Doctor Who.

In fact its not just when an actor leaves. Throughout the entire Peter Capaldi era there have been constant articles about will Peter Capaldi’s successor be a woman. Hell practically the first question Peter was always asked at any conference or interview was “will the Doctor be a woman?” And finally just this year it was announced that the 13th Doctor will be played by a woman after all.

Thus once again just like with The Killing Joke all anyone can talk about when Doctor Who is mentioned are the feminists complaints. “Is Steven Moffat a sexist? Do enough women like Doctor Who? Should the next Doctor be a woman?” And just like the Killing Joke it has seeped its way into the actual show.

Marvel Comic books are another example of feminists having to make something all about them. Marvel comics just like Doctor Who have begun to pander to them recently to the point where they have replaced longstanding male characters with female counterparts just like the Doctor (including Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine) and have begun to fill their comics themselves with more divisive SJW propaganda.

These videos cover the extent of Marvels and to a lesser extent DC’s SJW propaganda brilliantly.

Now again you can see the problem here. People who just want to read a fun story about monsters and superheroes have to have all of this crap shoved down their throats constantly. I’m not saying you can’t ever make a story that features a political allegory. Sometimes a writer of a long running series like say Doctor Who might write a story with a particular political slant its true, but again that’s different as it won’t be featured all the time. Also if a character was previously politically neutral then I don’t think its a good idea to change them to being a political metaphor.

For instance Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder-Woman are all characters that everyone can enjoy, liberals, conservatives, socialists, capitalists. They are just escapism.

Take a look at these scenes from CW’s adaptation of Supergirl. Now again Supergirl has always been by and large a politically neutral character. This series however has to make her a feminist, a social justice warrior and has to have her fight strawmen anti feminists.

Supergirl has NOTHING to do with feminism. Just because she is a female hero. By that logic then does Batman have to be reinterpreted as an MRA and complain about things like unfair custody battles, and the high rate of male suicide in the next Batman movie?

No other political or social group has to inflict their ideology on a work of entertainment that’s supposed to be for everybody like feminists do.

Dave Cullen, better known under his youtube moniker “Computing Forever”, and probably most famous for his youtube series “The Regressive News” is a hardcore conservative. He thinks Socialism and Marxism are among the most destructive and dangerous ideologies ever devised, and he also voted against gay marriage in Ireland. He is also a massive Doctor Who nerd.

Now does Dave or indeed any conservative Doctor Who fan insist that Doctor Who be a conservative show and revolve around their political opinions and the Doctor be a conservative character? No Dave and others like him just accept the Doctor for what he is and enjoy the show.

I on the other hand, though I agree with Dave on a number of things like Islam, third wave feminism, etc and I enjoy a lot of his work. Politically I am on the opposite end of the spectrum to Dave in a number of ways. I am a socialist, and I also support gay marriage very strongly. However again do I insist that Doctor Who follow my political beliefs and have the Doctor rant about how socialism is the only way forward for humanity, or do I just take it as a sci fi show?

Feminists like Whovian Feminism however HAVE to make Doctor Who completely revolve around their political movement. They bully the people who make the show by slandering them as vile sexists, they write smear articles about the show, its fandom until eventually to counteract this, the makers do everything the feminists want.

See here.

2012-2013 Feminists Attack Moffat

Steven Moffat Furious With Sexist Claim

BBC Hits Back At Doctor Who Is Racist Claims

2014-16 Doctor Who Suddenly Becomes Ultra Feminist and SJW 

Steven Moffat on Hiring Women Writers

Steven Moffat A Woman Will Take Over Doctor Who Role

2017 The Character of The Doctor Becomes A Feminist And Is Played By A Feminist

A Female Doctor? She’s The Revolutionary Feminist We Need Now

The Master From 1971-2010

The Master After Feminists Take Control Of The Show

Now I’m not having a go at the person who did the fan vid of Missy and the Doctor. Also I am not bashing Michelle Gomez who plays the female Master/ Missy who is one of the best actresses in the United Kingdom right now.

The point is as you can see from those clips Missy isn’t the Master in any way shape or form. The reason the Master has been so popular for years is because he is The Doctors rival who would do anything to make him suffer. Colin Baker who played the 6th Doctor sums up the characters appeal brilliantly here.

“My favourite enemy is the Master, because Sherlock Holmes has his Moriarty, and while most monsters have no particular desire to destroy the Doctor, the good thing about the Master is that it’s a personal matter, so there’s great opportunity for confrontation”

Missy meanwhile obviously doesn’t have that dynamic with the Doctor. She loves him, she snogs him, they hold hands and they both just want to be together. The Master is now no longer the Master and truth be told can never go back to being the Master. The sexual element added to their relationship is really too big a thing to just simply ignore.

I don’t doubt that some people do genuinely love Missy, as Gomez’s performance is objectively excellent, but that’s the point Gomez could have been cast as a new character who is a love interest for the Doctor and I and am sure about 98 percent of Missy’s detractors (myself included) would have 0 problem with her as again most people seem to like Michelle Gomez, rightfully so. However the character of Missy had to be the Master simply because feminists couldn’t just simply like the Master. They had to turn him into a character they wanted, a non binary trans woman who used to be in a gay relationship with the Doctor and wants to win him back, rather than the character he had been for 40 years.

Even the fans who can’t stand the feminists changes and ideas for the show still end up having to talk about them. Like me for instance I had to have so many female Doctor discussions because I was worried for so many years about it happening thanks to these feminists influence. And now as a result of the feminists influence the Doctor is a woman even though the majority of audiences didn’t want it to happen.

See this poll here.

Most People Are Against A Female Doctor

Yet it still happened simply because the feminists and SJW’s wanted it.

Thus as a result of this feminists earn the hatred of nerds more than any other political or social group because they are the only ones who have to take over the entire product they become “fans” of.

To be fair this is not just specific to the sci fi and fantasy genres. Feminists have a habit of taking over everything they latch onto. Take a look at the New Atheist movement. Now I was never that interested in the New Atheist Movement, but it was at one point a healthy, thriving movement filled with diverse opinion, but once again feminists complained that it was sexist (over the most trivial reasons) and ultimately took it over, creating Atheism +

This video by Chris Ray Gun sums up how they took over the New Atheist Movement superbly, but really he could be talking about Doctor Who, Marvel Comics or just about any fandom that feminists have taken over.

They Claim To Speak For All Women

Tumblr inline np3i5eWuFg1s7lmou 500.jpg

Courtesy of Drunken Peasants Wiki.

Ironically among the people who despise feminists and their influence on fandoms the most are women.

The reason for this is because feminists often act as though they represent women in general. Any criticism of feminism by nerds is seen as an attack against ALL women by evil white men. Similarly anything the feminists want is apparently what ALL women who are sci fi fans want to happen.

Examples of this include Will Wheaton’s fawning article about Anita Sarkeesian where he says about her critics.

“She also talks about her life as a target in the online culture war known as Gamergate, waged by entitled male gamers who fear change in an industry that is evolving while they seem determined to remain 15 forever.”

The irony is that many of the things feminists like Anita Sarkeesian champion, most female nerds despise.

Again take for instance a female Doctor. The likes of Whovian Feminism would have you believe that all women who watch Doctor Who desperately want a female Doctor. Truth be told most people against a female Doctor are women!

See here

Women Do Not Want To See A Female Time Lord

Similarly whilst Will Wheaton might be quick to tar Anita’s critics as being all entitled male gamers, truth be told many of her harshest critics are women!

See for yourself.

Ironically Will Wheaton is doing a better job of ignoring what women have to say, as he isn’t even acknowledging certain women’s existence because they don’t fit into his “evil men attacking poor little damsel Anita Sarkeesian” narrative.

Indeed feminism has done more to silence women in the sci fi and fantasy fandoms than anything else as female fans like Ciarra McCord’s opinions are NEVER represented in the mainstream media. They’d have you believe that every woman automatically agrees with Anita Sarkeesian. Furthermore feminists often have a condescending attitude towards any women that disagrees with their narrative of “you don’t know what’s good for you”, “trust me in the long run you’ll thank us” or the classic “you’re suffering from internalised misogyny by disagreeing with us”.

Fact is many women despise the influence the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Whovian Feminism are having on certain franchises just as much as any male fan. However they end up being more pissed at being automatically lumped in with people like Sarkeesian simply for being women because feminists claim that they speak for all women when in truth they don’t.

They Limit Female Characters

SJW’s and feminists are really more desperate to be offended than they are to enjoy something. Thus it doesn’t matter how interesting or well written, or well acted a female character is, they’ll still find one way to call her portrayal “problematic” to say the least.

Ironically however this just prevents writers from being able to do as many interesting things with female characters as they are with their male counterparts.

Lets take a look at one of the all time greatest female characters, Xena the Warrior Princess.

Now for those of you might be unfamiliar with her, Xena played by Lucy Lawless began as a supporting villain on Hercules the Legendary Journey’s. She was a cruel warlord who eventually learned the error of her ways thanks to Hercules. Such was her popularity that she eventually gained her own series which ended up being not only the most successful genre series of the 90’s (in terms of overseas sales it was the most popular show in the world at the height of its success.) But also ran longer than its parent show Hercules.

Xena would travel the world in her own show alongside her sidekick Gabrielle. The two fought evil warlords,  Gods, and figures from history like Julius Cesaer. Though some critics have dismissed Xena as just a camp 90’s show its impact on the entertainment industry was immeasurable. It led to a massive craze of female led shows which included Buffy, and it influenced the likes of Quentin Tarrantino who based his movies Kill Bill on the feud between Xena and her archfoe Callisto. It also was even one of the key influences on the revived Doctor Who and Torchwood.

The character of Xena meanwhile has remained an icon around the world ever since and recently it was announced that there were plans for a remake over 20 years after the original series.

Sadly however if it were up to feminists and SJW’s then Xena may very well have never been made as when you think about it Xena based on what they have said in the past would offend them too much.

To start with Xena is obviously too sexy for feminist fans. Feminist fans always complain about the male gaze and have also argued that the heroines like Wonder Woman set a bad example for little girls by not being more realistic, or even overweight.

When Will Wonder Woman Be A Fat, Femme, Woman of Colour

Wonder Woman Fired From Job At UN

So again it goes without saying that Xena, the stunningly beautiful amazon that men like Ares are desperately in love with would NOT be popular with modern day feminists.

Furthermore feminists would NOT be happy with extreme levels of violence directed towards women in Xena the Warrior Princess.

Recently a poster for X-Men Appocalypse was banned after complaints from feminists because it featured the titular villain grabbing Jennifer Lawrence’s character Mystique by the throat.

Feminists complained that it was promoting violence against women so Fox actually had to pull the poster.

Fox Apologises For Offensive X-Men Poster

Similarly a recent poster of the Joker threatening Batgirl also had to be pulled for the same reason.

DC Pull Cover Of Joker Menacing Batgirl After Complaints

Also Whovian Feminism, among others have also complained any time a female or LGBT character is killed or harmed in the revived Doctor Who.

An Open Letter To Steven Moffat

With this in mind how the hell would these people cope when Xena is strung from the ceiling, beaten with clubs, crucified, shot with dozens of arrows, has her back broken, her legs smashed with a hammer, decapitated, drowned, whacked with a log etc.

All of these scenes would clearly have to be cut, which would make Xena’s adventures a little more boring to say the least.

Finally far too many of Xena’s storylines revolve around men too. There is her longstanding romantic relationship with Ares, there is the death of her brother which turns her evil, the death of her son which drives a huge wedge between her and Gabrielle, her ongoing feud with Cesar, her redemption at the hands of Hercules. Undoubtedly many episodes of Xena where she battles Ares, Cesar and other male adversaries won’t pass the Bechdel test.

If you ever wanted proof that the Bechdel test is nonsense take a look at the scene where Xena finds Solon’s dead body.  Its easily the most powerful scene in the series.

Earlier Gabrielle had given birth to a half human, half Demon child that she named Hope. Sadly Hopes evil side was too great and she began to murder innocent people (including those who had risked their life for her.) Xena wanted to kill her for the greater good, but Gabrielle lied to Xena that she had already killed her, when in truth she managed to get her to safety.

Hope later returns and murders Xena’s only son Solon after tricking Gabrielle again. Its an amazing twist in the series and a truly heartbreaking moment as we see Xena cradle her lifeless teenage son in her arms.

However technically it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test as hey, Xena and Gabrielle are talking about a man. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bechdel Test it is where feminists judge something in terms of how sexist it is by looking at how many times women talk about men, obviously the fewer times they talk about men the better.

The Bechdel Test has often been used as proof of authors like Steven Moffat being sexist because his work apparently fails the Bechdel test.

Similarly Steven Moffat has been criticised for having his female supporting characters lives revolve around the lead male character, the Doctor in Doctor Who.

Is Doctor Who Sexist?

Now obviously its not good if the only thing women talk about is men, but at the same time the Bechdel test is too flawed a way to measure it clearly.

By its logic then Xena and Callisto’s final showdown after Solon’s death (which Callisto helped to orchestrate) and Gabrielle trying to apologise to a heartbroken Xena are deeply sexist and problematic scenes as they involve two women talking about a male character, and their lives also at this point revolve around a male character.

Naturally as a result of all this many writers find it more difficult to write for women nowadays. They don’t have to worry about having a male character whose life revolves around a female character like say the Doctor and his grand daughter Susan, or the Doctor and Rose, or Spider-Man and his many love interests.

They don’t have to worry about making male heroes big, strapping, sexy muscle bound heroes. Nobody is pushing for a fat, bald, ugly James Bond are they?

Furthermore nobody cares whenever anything violent happens to male heroes. There have been plenty of posters of male heroes being attacked and beaten that nobody has ever complained as well they shouldn’t.

Oh my god Batman is being tortured by Bane on the cover, quick pull it, pull it, this is promoting the most heinous violence against men.

Thus ironically I feel more writers nowadays will be inclined to write for male characters instead as they are given more artistic freedom, and their characters aren’t looked at by crazed MRA’s desperate to find everything about Batman’s portrayal problematic for vulnerable young men.

Their Complaints Are Often Hypocritical

Many of the things that feminist fans feel are problematic about portrayals of female characters in the genre apply to men too, but feminists never complain about them.

Personally I don’t want them to complain about them either, but again if they are after true equality then they should be complaining about these things too.

Why are they only upset when female characters are killed off? Even though far more men are killed off than women in sci fi and fantasy?

A poster of a woman being strangled by a male villain is enough to outrage people yet a scene of Wolverine slicing and dicing hundreds of guys goes un noticed.

Men make up a far larger amount of victims of the weeks, mooks the hero slaughters, and far, far more male villains are killed in gruesome ways too.

Look at this scene from Buffy season 6. Now imagine a male hero killing a female villain in this way.

Think people would cheer him on? Granted Willow is meant to have crossed a line here, with Buffy herself condemning the killing. but even then most fans in my experience tend to support what Willow did here, and indeed the show often makes out that she was right anyway. Xander in the next episode says that Warren had it coming and Buffy doesn’t entirely disagree.

Feminists also complain about oversexualised images of female characters and also how fanboys drool over them being sexist and examples of “male gaze”.

Now I am not going to deny that female heroes like Wonder Woman, Xena, Buffy and the Charmed ones obviously have a lot of sex appeal. Xena was my biggest crush growing up I freely admit.

However what’s wrong with that? Its perfectly natural and furthermore there are just as many examples of over sexualised male characters for the female fans too.

Feminists however never complain about this at all which ironically creates a double standard against men and women. Men are shamed for their natural sexual urges in a way women are not, whilst at the same time female performers like Lucy Lawless and Gal Gadot are shamed for looking gorgeous, and using their sex appeal in a way that hunky male leads are not.

At the same time ironically it could be argued that actually there is a greater market for the “female gaze”.

Put it this way do male fans of Charmed go online and write pornographic stories about Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano the way that fan girls do about the lead characters in Supernatural, the Winchester brothers?

Its not just Supernatural of course. Slash fiction is a phenomenon in many major fandoms and its almost always female dominated. Now again I have no problem with it, but imagine the scorn feminists would have for a male fan who constantly wrote lesbian porn stories about two sexy female characters that he spent all of his time drooling over on fan forums?

Furthermore non sexualised male characters like the Doctor have been completely sexualised in order to appeal to female viewers.

For 26 years the Doctor was a completely asexual character and was often played by older men like Jon Pertwee, and William Hartnell.

However for the revival Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat both said they wanted women to like Doctor Who so they decided to make the character more appealing to women. As a result of this they not only for many years cast younger actors in the role, but they completely rewrote the character of the Doctor to be more romantic and sensitive to make him appealing to the fangirls.

Again imagine the absolute outrage there would be from feminists if there was a major, completely sexless female character like say Miss Marple who had to be reimagined to be sexy for male viewers and they not only cast an actress like Maggie Q in the role, but also deliberately rewrote her to act like what they think a young man’s idea of the perfect woman is.

Its a double standard plain and simple and again one that affects both men and women within the genre itself.

Another example of feminists hypocrisy is the way that they complain whenever a female characters story revolves around a man. Again poor old Steven Moffat is often slated as being unable to write for women because he makes their lives revolve around the Doctor in Doctor Who.

However once again these feminists NEVER comment on examples of male characters lives having to revolve around women (not that I think they should but again either comment on both or none at all.)

Spider-Man’s existence revolves entirely around his love interests, the Doctor from 2005 onward’s life usually revolved around a woman, Rose, Donna, River Song etc, Dave Lister the lead protagonist from Red Dwarf’s life revolves around his love for Kristine Kochanski. Many of Angel’s story arcs revolve around his love interest on both Buffy and his own show.

Similarly supporting male characters in female led shows like Riley in Buffy, Ares in Xena, and Cole in Charmed’s lives revolve around the female leads, yet feminists don’t condemn those series as anti men the same way they did the 11th Doctors era, because Rivers life revolved around the Doctors.

They Never Create Their Own Characters

Feminists and SJW’s can never create their own characters. They always instead demand that other people’s characters be changed to their liking. Examples of this include Wolverine, Thor, The Doctor, The Master and Iron Man who have all been replaced with or been turned into women.

SJW’s always claim that representation is important, but the thing is there is nothing to stop them from going out there and coming up with their own characters. However there are two reasons they don’t.

One is that they want to push their agenda to as many people as possible. Thus they want to use an already established and iconic character like say the Doctor, rather than create a new character and take the time and effort to make them an icon.

Take a look at Frank Hampson the creator of Dan Dare in contrast. Hampson felt at that time that Comic Books weren’t teaching children proper values. Hampson was a devout Christian and a socialist. Thus he decided to create Dan Dare (who went on to be arguably the most influential British comic book character of all time) that espoused those values.

If he had been like the feminist fans of today however he would have simply attacked other people’s work as sexist, racist etc until they did it the way he wanted. But again that’s because Frank Hampson unlike modern feminists fans wasn’t a parasite who used other people’s creations to push his own agenda’s.

Also there is a certain level of spite involved if the product stars white men and its fans are white men. Feminists always LOVE to go on about how they have made sexist male fans heads explode by taking away their characters. Thing is you are not a sexist if you don’t want your favourite character to be replaced which has essentially happened in all of these cases. Fans have similarly not liked it when beloved characters have been replaced by other men such as Damian Wayne taking over as Batman.

However the difference was you didn’t have to get other fans relishing in the fact you were upset or telling you you were a bigot for not liking Damian Wayne

They Never Bring Attention To Original Female Characters

Continuing on from my last point, feminist fans are often the last people who actually ever like, never mind talk about female led series and fans.

Take a look at Claudia Boleyn. Now I certainly don’t hate Claudia Boleyn personally. She is a really nice, intelligent girl, and any time I have spoken to her on twitter she has always been nice. She just seems a little bit misguided to me.

Still however Claudia sadly I feel cares more about turning male heroes into women to get back at the perceived “entitled male fans” than she does about actual female heroes. I’m sure she doesn’t think that and probably believes that she does care about representation as she does seem genuine, but deep down I really don’t think that is the case because of her tastes.

Claudia virtually never comments on female led shows. Look at her blog or her youtube account. Almost all of the shows she reviews or is most passionate about star men. Doctor Who, Class, Torchwood, Merlin, Supernatural.

Where are her videos about Charmed? About Xena? About Buffy? About Earth 2? About Ghost Whisperer? About Once Upon A Time? She goes on and on about desperately wanting to see women and LGBT people like her on tv, yet Xena, a series about two bisexual women who are the worlds greatest heroes has never interested her?

Thus clearly Claudia actually doesn’t need to see someone who is like her on tv as she evidently has 0 interest in the massive franchises that already feature them. In fact ironically there are female counterparts to all of her favourite shows.

Supernatural and Charmed are two very similar shows. Both revolve around siblings who battle Demons. In both cases one of the siblings develops a close relationship with an Angel, whilst the youngest develops a romantic relationship with a Demon who wavers between good and evil and is eventually killed by the siblings. Both shows also feature a finale called All Hell Breaks Loose where one of the siblings is killed and the other is forced to make a deal with a Demon to save them which results in bad consequences for the eldest sibling.

Charmed however stars women and was created by a woman, whilst Supernatural stars men and was created by a guy.

Which one is Claudia a devoted fan of? Yep the masculine version.

Similarly look at Merlin and Xena. Both very similar shows in terms of style. Pseudo historicals, which mix fantasy, surrealism and humour. Take a look at two of the main villains in Merlin, Cenred and Morgause, a cocky egotistical guy with all the power, and a psycho blonde who eventually turns the tables on him.

Where have I seen that before?

Yet again between these two similar series which is the one Claudia loves? The one starring the two bisexual women or the one starring two white dudes?

Torchwood and Class also both have a similar premise to Buffy another female led series. All three revolve around portals to other universes below modern cities which attract monsters to them. Class is even set in a school!

However again which is the only one ironically out of those three Claudia isn’t a devoted fan of? That would be Buffy, the one starring a female lead.

Again I’m not saying this makes Claudia a liar. I think like a lot of these young fangirls she’s been worked up by a lot of the crap around her into thinking that representation is important (as indeed I was at one point.) She also has no doubt been convinced that anyone who doesn’t say want a female Doctor is trying to limit what women can do in the genre.

However if she stopped and thought about it then she would probably realise that actually she clearly doesn’t care about representation as ultimately she can’t be bothered with the vast majority of female led genre series out there, even when they are very similar to shows she already likes.

Having said that though whilst I don’t hate Claudia I can understand why someone who doesn’t know her would be annoyed with her, when ultimately here is someone who doesn’t actually watch any of the female led classic series like Buffy and Xena telling people that they need to get used to seeing women on tv simply because they didn’t like the Master becoming a woman.

The same applies for Whovian Feminism. This woman claims that she is desperate to see things starring women, yet she always reviews Doctor Who? I put this question to her on twitter that she cared more about taking the role of the Doctor away from men than in female heroes, which fair enough was probably a little too confrontational a way to phrase it.

Still all Whovian Feminism could say (aside from calling me a random white dude, like skin colour has anything to do with it) was that she liked the Wonder Woman movie.

That hardly shows an extensive knowledge of female heroes Whovian Feminism that you like the one currently in the cinemas. I doubt she has even heard of Callisto or Alti.

Paul Cornell is another male example who claims to care about female representation yet I have never seen him even once mention any of the classic female led series. Almost everything he reviews or indeed has written for is male led apart from a very few exceptions.

Doctor Who, Wolverine, Sherlock Holmes, Superman, Dan Dare. Where are Paul’s extensive reviews of every episode of Xena? Where are his Buffy comics, his novel showing us what happened to the Charmed sisters, his character who is a love letter to 90’s female heroes?

He doesn’t give a shit about any female heroes! Same applies to Will Wheaton. The only things I have ever seen Will Wheaton talk about are male led shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek (obviously) or films like Star Wars.

The same applies to all of these women and men who keep going on about “now that the Doctor is a woman my daughters will finally have someone to look up to”.

If they didn’t before then that’s your fault! You were the one who chose to show them nothing but male led things like Doctor Who or Star Trek.

You could have maybe, just maybe shown them one of the following, Xena, Buffy, Charmed, Once Upon A Time, Relic Hunter, Nikita, Charlies Angels, Terminator 1 and 2, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Alien film series, Star Trek Voyager, Resident Evil film series, Underworld film series, Day of the Dead, Wonder Woman tv series, The Bionic Woman?

Of course feminists earn the hatred of nerds not only because they go around telling the rest of us we need to get used to female heroes (despite never watching anything with female heroes) but they also ironically do down the contributions of many iconic female led series too.

The way feminists act now you’d think we were still living in the 40’s. The way they go on about how “little girls need to know that there is someone they can look up too.” You’d think that the likes of Xena and Buffy never existed!

As a devoted, life long fan of Xena I am fucking fed up of it constantly being overlooked, but the reason for that is that it doesn’t fit into the “women are never allowed to be the heroes narrative” which is fuelled by feminist fans.

If feminist fans really cared about female representation in the genre, they’d either go out and create new characters or try and bring attention to female led classics like Xena and Charmed that are perhaps a bit overlooked. Instead however they are obsessed with making as many male characters into women as they possibly can, showing that its more about taking it away from men than a true desire for equality.

They ALWAYS Get Their Own Way

Sheldon’s a better representation for feminist fans in this scene than any female hero like Wonder Woman.

No group in any fandom gets their own way quite like feminists. Just take a look at the Doctor Who series.

As soon as they started complaining, EVERYTHING in the show was tailored to suit their needs. The Master was made into a woman, there were constant references to the Doctor changing gender, another timelord gender flipped, and finally the Doctor got turned into a woman. It all happened in about 4 fucking years, solely because feminists wanted it.

Similarly Marvel has also killed off and dropped many of their greatest and most popular heroes like Iron Man and Wolverine just because feminists wanted more diversity.

Similarly as we have been over various other works have to be amended such as the Killing Joke, things even have to be banned in order to please them.

The reason they have so much more power is because they slander the makers of series personally, calling them names such as sexist, homophobic, racist etc. As ShoeOnHead has pointed out many times, people are more sympathetic to women’s problems, and as people associate feminism with all women sadly, then people are more likely to listen to and feel they have to try and fix their “problems”.

Also the mainstream media is on their side too and thus will often skewer things like Gamergate are Nazis, all people who don’t want a female Doctor are evil sexists etc, whilst not presenting the other side of the argument at all.

Now all of this is understandably annoying, but what makes it even worse is the way that feminists always go on about white male fans being privileged and that they need to get used to things not going their way!

In her review for Death in Heaven Claudia Boleyn comments on how the death of Osgood represented accurately how the fangirls had been treated by the writers of the show all season.

Are you fucking kidding me! For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who the season Claudia was referring to was one where the Doctors archenemy, the Master was turned into a bisexual, trans woman who wanted to shag the Doctor, where the groundwork was laid for a female Doctor, where Clara not only completely took over the show but also even took Capaldi’s place in the opening credits and was billed first, all to satisfy the feminist fan girls who complained about the companion not being given enough to do, that another white man had been cast as the Doctor and that there weren’t enough LGBT characters.

The idea that Claudia could think that was a season that went out of its way to antagonise the fan girls is laughable. In fact it reminds me of a line from the Doctor Who story Resurrection of the Daleks “No matter how you react the Daleks see it as an act of provocation.”

They Only Bully Sci Fi Because It Is An Easy Target

Its funny the way feminists and SJW’s have singled out these two genres to attack more than any other.

Sci fi and fantasy as I already mentioned have a long history of being among the most progressive and left wing genres (particularly when it comes to female lead series).

There aren’t nearly as many leading roles for women in other popular genres like westerns, crime thrillers, and spy and espionage stories.

So why don’t feminists go after these genres? Simple, because they are not as easy to bully. Sci fi and fantasy are sadly looked down on. Even with the recent geek fad, they are still often seen as sad and childish interests. Thus not only are the papers often going to be on the side of the feminists against the sad gits who like silly childish interests, but many nerds are also at the same time not going to want to defend their interest so vigorously out of fear of looking like sad gits.

Thus they will often only be too happy to let the feminists tread all over their franchise. Also to be fair again as the genres have always historically been progressive and forward thinking places then its fans will initially be more open minded.

Thus for all their talk of fighting for equality, feminists pick the easiest prey so to speak.

They Sink Every Franchise They Latch Onto

Not Cast On Merit

Every time a franchise panders to feminists (which as we have seen is often) its viewers, readers, audience in general will sink dramatically.

Doctor Who has shed two million viewers every single year since it started pandering to feminists. In fact the last series scored the two lowest rated episodes in the shows entire 50 plus year history, with viewers dropping to barely above 2 million at one point.

Marvel have of course begun to suffer record losses too since their SJW pandering began.

Doctor Who Viewers Down At 2 Million

Marvel Executive Diversity To Blame For Low Sales

The reason they drive away viewers is because ironically for all their talk of diversity they make things like Doctor Who that could previously be enjoyed by anyone into things that only they can like.

Another reason they sink each franchise they influence is because they don’t actually care about what is the best thing for the franchise. Only in pushing an agenda. Thus stories take a back seat to virtue signalling, actors and actresses aren’t cast on merit, writers aren’t cast on merit, all to tick boxs.

Take a look at Whovian Feminism, a woman who undoubtedly had an influence to some extent on the direction of Doctor Who (as she has interviewed several writers and directors from the show so they are at least aware of her blog.)

She has regularly said she wants a female Doctor and Master, just because. Thus neither Jodie Whitaker or Michelle Gomez were cast on merit. On top of that Whovian Feminism is demanding that there be an equal amount of female and male writers for the next season. I obviously have no problem with female writers, but nobody should be hired solely for their gender.

When you do that you are obviously not going to end up with the best person, and I a fan want the best people hired for Doctor Who. Whovian Feminism however doesn’t and again as she is the type of fan they listen too, because she slanders the makers as sexists the show doesn’t always have the best people working on it and thus its quality falls.


Feminists are the most hated group in any fandom they become a part of and for good reason. They ultimately are the only group who can never just simply be a part of any franchise they claim to be fans of. We all have our own expectations and ways we want franchises to go. Difference is we don’t all bully anyone who doesn’t want it to go the way we want to as sexists, or racist, or homophobic.

I mean hey I wanted Osgood to be 12’s companion. When Bill was announced I didn’t try and bully Moff into still making Osgood the new companion. I just accepted it. Feminists however sadly have to make everything go their way, and they always get it, whilst at the same time claiming that they are the victims.

Until feminists take a long hard look at how they have been acting and step back from making absolutely everything about them and their movement, then they will always remain the most hated members of any fandom.


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