Why I Hate Owen Jones

Owen Jones for those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with him is a left leaning political activist and journalist for The Guardian and The New Statesman. He is also the author of such books as Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.

Now in spite of what people have said about me being alt right I would consider myself a socialist to some extent. There are many things I overlap with Owen Jones on such as socialized healthcare and welfare. Ultimately however I find Jones to be someone who does far more harm than good. He is actually a threat to free speech as well as a total hypocrite and a racist, on top of being one of the most high profile apologists for the most retrograde system on earth.

Hypocrite on Free Speech

My biggest beef with Owen Jones is the way he tries to present himself in his youtube series such as in the video above, as a laid back, nice guy who is open to hearing other people’s opinions. He even ends his video with a “tell me what you think in the comments below”. The truth of the matter is its best not to disagree with Owen Jones too much or else he will try to shut you down.

A notorious example of this was when he complained about there not being enough LGBT voices being allowed to talk about the Orlando massacre, yet he deplatformed Douglas Murray, a gay man by refusing to appear on Channel 4 with him because he disagreed with Murray’s views on Islam (and other things).

A more prominent example of Jones shutting down people he disagreed with was when he got Katie Hopkins fired from LBC.

I despise Katie Hopkins to be clear. I think she is an ignorant professional troll and attention seeker with nothing useful to contribute. (Much like Milo Yiannopoulis.) Still Jones’ behaviour towards her was disgusting. Hopkins said there needed to be a final solution to the Islamic problem after the recent Manchester attack.

Now obviously “final solution” was a very poor choice of words, but Hopkins after realising how bad it sounded apologised and said that she did not mean to encourage violence against Muslims. Simply that people needed to wake up to the problems Islamic extremism caused. (Considering that Hopkins normally revels in causing offence and not backing down. The fact that she apologised in this instance, suggests to me that she genuinely didn’t mean it that way.)

That wasn’t good enough for Owen Jones however. Jones started a campaign to get Hopkins fired from her job and sent tweets to her employers. He called for a public boycott against LBC until they fired Hopkins.

Sadly LBC relented and after Hopkins was dismissed from her position Owen Jones spent the next day gloating about it in the most nasty and childish ways.

See for yourself

Owen Jones Tweets About Katie Hopkins Being Fired

Owen Jones Gloats Over Katie Hopkins Firing

Owen Jones is a like a little spoiled child, stamping his foot, and refusing to appear on tv if someone he doesn’t like is on with him, or storming off on live tv if everybody isn’t talking about what he wants. Compare him to another left leaning journalist John Pilger who in this clip interviews a truly disgusting individual named Duane Clarridge yet keeps his cool.

And Owen Jones couldn’t even share the stage with Douglas Murray! To even call him a journalist is an insult to true journalists like John Pilger.

The fact that Jones would want to prevent some opinions from being heard and even ruin people who express a view he doesn’t like’s entire livelihood makes him a threat to free speech and a nasty bully all around.

Rank Islam Apologist

Owen Jones despite being openly gay is an utter apologist for a belief system that wants to criminalise his entire way of life.

Obviously there are people who are genuinely bigoted against all Muslims regardless of their alignment, and those people should be called out as much as extremist Muslims.

However Owen Jones regularly smears (and tries to deplatform) any fair critic of Islam like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray as Islamophobes and racists.

Again to be clear I don’t like Paul Joseph Watson, and there is a lot I disagree with the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray on (Murray was pro Iraq War for instance.)

Still these people (and others who have been smeared by Jones) have always stressed that not all Muslims are evil. Indeed the likes of Murray and Harris are close friends with Maajid Nawaz a devout Muslim man and reformer of the Islamic faith. Sam Harris has even written a book with Nawaz.

Whilst the majority of western Muslims are decent and integrated, the fact is that there are dangerous aspects to the Islamic faith. It is moral and intellectual cowardice to say that all the problems with extremism have nothing to do with Islam.

There are passages in Islam’s holy books the Quran and the Hadith that command ALL Muslims to murder or conquer non believers, apostates, and LGBT people too. The Quran and the Hadith also say that women are inferior to men and that white people are superior to black people too.

Here are some sources to back this up.

Note: I also lost all respect for Kraut the maker of this video after he got Rage After Storm a youtuber fired by contacting her employers. I hate Rage’s video that he replied to about race realism, but Kraut much like Owen Jones should not have tried to harm someone’s career.  However that said this video is probably the most detailed and well researched on Islam’s violent hatred towards LGBT people. 

Muslim Grooming Gang Statistics

Easy Meat: Britain’s Islamic Rape Gang Problem.

The Proof That Islam Has A Problem With Homophobia

52 Percent of British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

Now again this doesn’t mean that all Muslims in the west follow these extremist beliefs. Indeed most don’t, but there has still been a significant rise in the Muslim community of bigoted views towards women, LGBT people, Jews and Atheists; and this is before we get into the rise in Islamic terrorism which has struck nearly every major European city over the past 4 or 5 years from Paris to Barcelona to London.

Yes there are bad aspects to all religions. The old testament is quite possibly even more cruel and violent than the Quran, but just as no two political ideologies are exactly the same, then no two religions are exactly the same either. In the modern west, radical Islam has a distinct set of problems caused by the fact that it has never had a reformation like Christianity, whilst the Islamic holy books are presented as the definitive word of God and therefore have to be taken literally unlike most other religious texts.

Islam religion needs reformed by the likes of Maajid Nawaz, Imam Tahwidi and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whilst the problems within the Muslim community need discussed and dealt with in a civilised and reasonable way.

Ironically thanks to the likes of Owen Jones who shut down any discussion about Islam, Muslim reformers such as Imam Tahwidi are actually in greater danger as even they are deemed as Islamophobic and their message isn’t able to reach as wide an audience leaving them more vulnerable.

This is not about race, this is about stopping extremism.

Sadly however Owen Jones and others like him have to make it all about race simply because a lot of Muslims have dark skin. This in itself ironically is racist as basically Owen Jones and others like him are not holding dark skinned people to the same high moral standard as white people. Ironically in his attempt to combat bigotry all Owen has done all he can to make it impossible for people to talk about the bigotry caused by Islamic extremism.

First of all Jones has tried to smear anyone who talks about Islam as a racist like Richard Dawkins.

On Owen Jones Fallacy That Richard Dawkins Is A Bigot

Owen Jones on Anti Muslim Bigotry

Then of course as we have been over there are his attempts to actively ruin the livelihood of critics of Islam such as Katie Hopkins and Douglas Murray.

Jones has also I’ve noticed almost every time there is an Islamic terror attack tries his best to shift the discussion away from Islam and onto some kind of manufactured offence against the mainstream media.

After the Orlando massacre, Owen Jones gave a lot of the SJWs an excuse to not talk about what it was that caused the massacre, the Islamic hatred of gays. For the first few hours after the slaughter I noticed a lot of SJWs I follow like Claudia Boleyn and Paul Cornell being oddly quiet on social media.

I think it could have been a turning point for many of them as this was one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history directed solely at a group of people whose rights they claim to fight for. Here for once they couldn’t just sweep it under the rug. They’d have to confront Islamic hatred of LGBT people as dictated by the Quran, but sadly Owen Jones on air childish tantrums allowed the likes of Boleyn and Cornell to side swerve it once again.

Instead all the SJWs would talk about the next day was “Sky News is so homophobic because it didn’t say LGBT every two seconds and apparently mistreated Owen Jones because of that.”

Similarly after the Manchester bombing, Owen Jones once again diverted attention to Katie Hopkins and gave the SJWs a chance not to talk about the real issue, a religion that commands that all non believers be killed and is inspiring people to do that all over Europe.

Finally Owen Jones has often tried to compare the hatred towards Muslims in modern society as being comparable to the hatred Jews experienced in Nazi Germany.

I think its disgusting that Owen would try and compare people like Tommy Robinson and Paul Joseph Watson to the Nazis. Jones ironically with his obsession with comparing everything to World War 2 (Trump is Hitler, the Muslim ban is like the Holocaust, the EDL are the Fourth Reich etc.) Is actually in danger of trivialising the true horror of the Nazis.

In modern European societies there have been some occasions of the authorities actually covering up crimes carried out by Muslims out of fear of looking racist.

Police Cover Up Islamic Hate Crimes

Why Did The Police Cover Up The Abuse Of 1400 Girls

Its Not Only Germany That Covers Up Muslim Sex Attacks

Swedish Police Cover Up Migrant Crime Spree

Can you imagine the Nazis doing all they could to cover up a crime carried out by a Jewish man so as not to appear racist?

Ironically Jones also ends up harming integrated, peaceful Muslims too. The longer there is a double standard against Islam compared to other religions like Christianity, the longer extremist elements are clearly not being tackled, then the easier it will be for genuine right wing fanatics to build up actual resentment towards the Muslim community in general.

Racist, Sexist Hypocrite

Owen Jones as we have been over is not only a racist towards dark skinned people, as he never holds them to the same high moral standard as white people. He is also happy to demonise all white people.

Want proof? Take a look at this article that Owen wrote about the supposed rape culture in the west.

Not All Men Commit Rape, But All Must Condemn It

In this article Owen argues that all men in the United Kingdom are complicit in the widespread abuse of women due to the culture they live in. Apparently even though we live in a culture where rape is rightfully viewed as one of the worst crimes a man or woman can commit, and where an accusation of rape is enough to ruin a man’s entire life. Our culture still somehow tells men that rape is okay?

Yes there are terrible miscarriages of justice in some rape cases, but the same is true for many crimes. Our justice system overall is not perfect.

Still lets play Devils advocate here and suppose that Owen is right that there is a rape culture in the west.

Okay Owen so if all western men, even those who do not commit crimes are still complicit in it because they are part of a culture that promotes it, why does the same not apply to Muslims? Even all of those innocent Muslims? They are part of the same ideology that does say to kill all LGBT people, kill all non believers and that all women are inferior? So using YOUR logic Owen. ALL Muslims are complicit even if they don’t take part in the extremists atrocities.

Yet you won’t find Owen ever saying that all Muslims need to take responsibility for the crimes carried out by their religion. In fact quite the opposite

Is Islam the Problem? No

“Look At The Difference In Owen Jones Articles When Its An Islamic Terrorist And A Far Right One

The great irony here is that Owen is judging people for something beyond their control, whilst famous critics of Islam like Tommy Robinson that he regularly derides as bigots are not.

Owen Jones has also publicly said that white people are not victims of racism in the United Kingdom.

See here White People Are Not Victims Of Racism In The United Kingdom

Really Owen? So in that case anti semitism doesn’t count as racism? Also what about the unprecedented epidemic of white girls being abused by Muslim men who openly say that they abuse them because they view white women as inferior.

White Women Are Inferior Says Muslim Grooming Gangs

All White Women Are Only Good For One Thing For Me To Fuck Them And Use Them As Trash

Owen Jones for all his talk of socialism and feminism is perfectly happy to throw these young underprivileged girls under the bus by basically denying that they were victims of racism, as hey by his logic they can’t as they are white.

Its very telling that Naz Shah recently retweeted and liked a tweet from an Owen Jones parody account telling white girls who had been abused to shut up for the sake of diversity, thinking it was actually a real tweet of Owen’s.

Naz Shah Shared And Liked Tweet From Parody Account Of Owen Jones Telling Abused Girls To Shut Up For Sake Of Diversity

It amazes me that Owen Jones after this didn’t maybe rethink a few things? Imagine knowing that someone could do a parody of you saying that young girls who have been raped should shut up and people would actually think it was you!

Personally if that was me I’d definitely reassess my position as a champion of women’s rights and the little guy.


Owen Jones is a bully and a threat to free speech. He is actually helping to stop genuine progress in the United Kingdom. There is a real problem with Islam that needs to be talked about, but the longer it goes unsaid the more innocent people like the victims of the Muslim grooming gangs will continue to suffer in silence, Muslim reformers will also continue to be in danger as they will be left out in cold, and finally there will be a greater chance of a genuine right wing backlash against peaceful Muslims.

Finally Owen Jones also seemingly doesn’t care about people as much if their skin is white. He’s happy to demonize a group and hold them all accountable if their skin is white (and their gender male), and he’ll deny that white people are victims of racism in this country even when hordes of young white girls are being sexually assaulted because of the colour of their skin.

With all of this in mind Owen Jones in my opinion can only be viewed as an utter disgrace and a Quisling to genuine left wing and progressive politics.

5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Owen Jones

  1. ” believe a total capitalist system leads to corporatism and that we need to at least start making our way towards socialism”. Erm, have you ever heard of the socialist Benito Mussolini?


  2. I agree with your blog on many points, (even if it stands as being a rather verbose argument made) such as Owens attempt and succession in taking Douglas Murray off of a public platform for being, as Murray states, ‘not the right kind of gay’. This stands correct as Owen cannot stand akin with anyone who he feels fuels the culture of Islamophobic and guns them down Instead of criticizing the deplorable actions of Jihadist soldiers who bomb our streets and civilians in order to deconstruct our way of life…..and our book of faith.
    The latter being something which Douglas has spent many years educating others on.


      • Owen Jones wants exclusive rights to the arguments of the left and condemn anyone who considers him to be out of touch as liberal bigots.

        and you’re welcome fella. Feel free to follow me back. Want to keep a breast of your views.


  3. Owen Jones is not a Journalist in any form of the definition. He is not even a reporter. [First sentence]

    Owen Jones is a political and social opinion writer. The world of journalism is already in a sullied state, do not denigrate it further by associating us with him.


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