Why A Female Doctor Who Is Anti Men Bigotry and Hate

Yes I know another article about why SJWs have ruined Doctor Who. This is definitely going to be the last one for a long while. After this I am going to say farewell to the new Doctor Who from this point on.

I have touched on the anti men feeling among certain female Doctor advocates before, but I feel that in the past I have more focused on why a female Doctor is a terrible idea from a creative point of view. So in this article I am going to run through why I feel a female Doctor represents anti men bigotry for many reasons.

I am not saying that everybody who wants a female Doctor is a misandrist. Some people might just simply be curious, but ultimately I feel that the main driving force behind Jodie’s casting is sexism against men and it disgusts me the way its presented as something great and empowering for women.

Hopefully by the end of this article you will agree with me, and if not? Well tell me why in the comments.

1/ Why No Romana, Jenny, or Susan Spin off?

The main question that Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall should be asked at every single convention for the rest of their lives is “why didn’t you at least try to give Romana her own show?”

A lot of female Doctor advocates like Whovian Feminism, Claudia Boleyn, and Paul Cornell have all said that they want a woman to play the Doctor because they want to finally see a woman play the hero.

Well leaving aside the dozens of female led shows and films that the likes of Claudia Boleyn and Whovian Feminism NEVER watch, review or even comment on. There are actually already THREE time lady characters exactly like the Doctor just waiting to return to the show and be spun off into their own series.

Romana was a character introduced near the end of the 70’s. She was a younger more inexperienced Time Lady who was somewhat more naive than the Doctor, but also in some ways had the greater scientific mind.

Romana was a very popular character. Not only is she a long standing fan favourite, but she is also fairly recognisable with the general public having been in the highest rated Doctor Who story ever made, City of Death, which was seen by over 16 million viewers.

She was played by the late Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward on tv and in spin off material she has also been played by Juliet Landau, best known for her role as Drusilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Romana has already carried several spin off series in the Big Finish audio range which detail her rise and tenure as President. We also do not know what happened to her after the time war either, so she is a huge loose end just waiting to be tied up. They could have easily brought her back in the Capaldi era, introduced her to modern viewers, and then spun her off into her own show.

I actually think a Romana spin off series could have been amazing. To start with it would be a solution that would make everybody happy. Those who don’t want a female Doctor don’t have to see the character changed, whilst those who want a female Doctor would get their leading Time Lady character.

Also a Romana spin off much like Doctor Who could run for decades if it was good as the character of Romana can change her face just like the Doctor.

A Romana spin off could also have enhanced the profile of Doctor Who too. It could have been like Buffy and Angel, Xena and Hercules, we could have had brilliant crossover episodes involving Romana and the Doctor being forced to team up to take on greater threats.

There are also a number of quirky and unusual character actresses who I think would have been excellent as a 21st century Romana such as Dawn Steele, Katie McGrath, Sarah Parish, Hayley Atwell, Rachel Shelley, and Carmen Ejogo. Any of these actresses could have easily carried their own series too (particularly Dawn Steele.)

Susan was the Doctors first companion and his grand daughter. She was played by Carole Ann Ford

Susan was a somewhat awkward, shy, geeky young girl who was still shown to be a strong and brave person at her core when it mattered, such as in the first Dalek story where she ventures out onto the surface of the planet to find the anti radiation drugs that can cure the others.

Susan left the show at the end of the story The Dalek Invasion of Earth after falling in love with Dalek resistance fighter David Campbell.

Sadly 53 years on and the Doctor still hasn’t come back. Personally I’d LOVE to find out what happened to Susan. Even without this silly “we need a female Doctor” crap hanging over our heads.

What would Susan be like now? Did she have an easy life with David? Would she thank the Doctor for giving her this marvellous opportunity? Or would she be bitter and resentful towards him? What happened to her during the Time War? These are all things that could be the basis of an interesting story that reintroduced Susan to the show, and  set things up for her to have her own series.

Just like with Romana there are a lot of actresses out there that I think would be great as Susan. Morven Christie in particular.

Finally another reason to bring Susan back was because Peter Capaldi himself wanted to see her return to the show as he felt it would be a good way of showing a softer side to the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi Wants Original Companion To Return

Peter Capaldi mentions Susan in this video, showing that the character was clearly on his mind a lot. Look at the way he acts when talking about Susan in the little bit he improvises as well at round about 2 minutes 50 seconds in. Clearly he wanted a chance to do that in the actual show itself, yet he never got it.

Jenny is the Doctors clone daughter. Played by Georgia Moffet (who is not only the daughter of 5th Doctor actor Peter Davison, but the wife of 10th Doctor actor David Tennant.)

Jenny had the same moral code and sense of adventure as the Doctor, however she was shown to be a bit more of a straight forward action hero, and perhaps a bit more ruthless than the Doctor was at the same time.

Much like Romana, Jenny I think balanced out the Doctor quite well. She was a much more dynamic character physically than the Doctor and certainly more quick to use a weapon (which is saying a lot when you think about it.)

At the end of her debut she was seemingly killed, but the final scene saw her revived and journey into space with the desire to follow in her fathers footsteps.

JENNY: Oh, I’ve got the whole universe. 
(The shuttle takes off into the sky.) 
JENNY: Planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat, and an awful lot of running to do.

Sadly despite this ending being a clear set up for future stories with the character, Jenny has never appeared again in now almost 10 years. Georgia Moffet has regularly expressed interest in returning to the role even outright saying “please bring Jenny back”.

I find it very bizarre that in all of this discussion about whether or not the Doctor should be a woman. These characters were never brought up as a more suitable alternative?

You’d think the feminists who claim to care about strong roles for women would want one of these overlooked, interesting, original female characters to return. Rather than awkwardly crowbar a woman into a male role?

Ironically the only person I’ve seen mention any of these characters in this debate is Peter Davison, one of the few people brave enough to say he doesn’t want a female Doctor.

The reason for this is because a lot of these female Doctor advocates. Not all, but a lot (and certainly the most vocal ones who are willing to slander other people as sexists like Whovian Feminism.) Actually don’t give a shit about there being more interesting roles for women on tv.

All they care about is taking them away from men who they all see as privileged shit lords that need taken down a peg or two.

Of course it wasn’t the feminist fans who actually made the show during the Peter Capaldi era, but as I have been over many times, they definitely had a massive influence on the show from 2014-17.

The feminist fans slandered Steven Moffat so viciously during Matt Smith’s time 2010-2013 that he gave into all of their demands during Peter’s era.

See here for examples of the feminist smear campaign against Steven Moffat, as well as the responses from people involved in the show, showing that it clearly bothered them.

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That doesn’t mean Moffat should be let off the hook of course. Yes it was nasty and hypocritical the smear campaign the feminists launched against him, but he could have had a backbone and stood up for the show he claimed to love.

Instead Steven Moffat ironically ended up giving the people who completely and utterly ruined his reputation everything they wanted.

For the past three years Steven Moffat has done everything he can to set up a female Doctor with things like Missy, and the Generals regeneration from a man into a woman. He was a complete traitor to Classic era fans as at no point did he even try and make a compromise.

He could have spent the last 3 years reintroducing any, or all of the 3 Time Lady characters I have mentioned into the show, and instead of making the spin off Class, (which was a fucking disaster in all respects.) He could have made a show about one of these characters.

Instead he actively went out of his way not to include any Time Lady character from the show’s past (apart from his own River Song of course who can no longer regenerate, and whose story is finished anyway.)

The return of Susan was in fact the only fanboy wish of Peter Capaldi’s that Steven Moffat didn’t grant to him during his time in the TARDIS.

Peter Capaldi wanted to see the Mondasian Cybermen return to the show so Moff gave him them in his last series.

See here Peter Capaldi Wanted Mondasian Cybermen

Capaldi also wanted a retro TARDIS to feature in one of his stories.

Peter Capaldi Wants Old Tardis To Return

So Moff gave him one in Hellbent (the old TARDIS will also be returning in Twice Upon A Time.)

Finally Peter Capaldi also wanted to do a story with the First Doctor too, which is a lot harder since both actors who played him in the original series, William Hartnell and Richard Hurndall are long dead, whilst not only is the original actress who played Susan still alive, but she could also simply have regenerated too.

It Was Peter Capaldi’s Idea To Cast David Bradley As First Doctor

Yet despite this, Capaldi ultimately still got his first Doctor story.

Still no sign of a Susan adventure however Moffat? Why was that the only one you stamped your foot down on evidently and didn’t do?

Simple because if you had brought Susan back it would have completely fucked the feminist audience (who have you by the balls) push for a female Doctor. Here we would have had a female counterpart to the Doctor.

If Susan were written well, played by a talented, respected actress like Morven Christie and became popular with modern viewers, then she could easily be a candidate for her own show. What would the feminists arguments be then?

Really this was obvious as far back as when Missy first pranced onto the screen in Capaldi’s first story.

Why did Moffat cast Michelle Gomez as The Doctors male archenemy, The Master and not as The Rani?

Yeah it makes more sense to cast Michelle Gomez as that bastard with the beard who hates women, rather than as this woman who looks like her!

The Rani was a Time Lady enemy of the Doctor from the 80’s played by the late great Kate O’Mara. She appeared in two stories of Classic Who. The first, “The Mark of the Rani” was fairly well received whilst the second, “The Time of the Rani” is often regarded as one of the worst adventures of all time. (Though its not a tenth as bad as Capaldi stories like Dark Water/Death in Heaven, Hellbent or Kill the Moon.)

Still the character is a fan favourite. Its become a running joke in fact among fans whenever a new female character is announced that everybody thinks/hopes she is really the Rani in disguise.

The character is due a comeback. The reasons Moffat however gave for her not being brought back are incredibly lame. He said that she was in a terrible story, and that no one would know who she was anyway outside of a few fans.

Well to start with mainstream viewers didn’t know who The Autons, The Macra, The Ice Warriors, the Sisterhood of Karn, Rassilon, the Silurians or The Great Intelligence were either who have all been brought back. (The only two stories the Intelligence was in were WIPED at the time he was brought back and literally hadn’t been seen in 50 years!)

Also I refuse to believe that Moff who revels in continuity porn and practically didn’t go a single episode of Capaldi’s second series without a reference to, or even a picture of a past Doctor, would be put off by bringing something old back. Why’d he do a spin off about Coal Hill school if he thinks no one will remember anything from the past? Coal Hill School is hardly one of the big icons of Doctor Who is it?

Second of all, so what one of the Rani’s stories was crap? What long running villain hasn’t been in a poor story? Not just in Doctor Who? PS Moffat the Master has been in stories far worse than Time and the Rani, including virtually every single appearance he has made in New Who!

And New Who fans have the cheek to say that the Rani was in terrible stories.

Surely there is something interesting that could be done with a ruthless Time Lady scientist who sees her twisted experiments as being for the greater good, who views humans as nothing more than cattle, was once one of the greatest scientific minds on Gallifrey, and who loves Dinosaurs and keeps them as pets?

Added to that Michelle Gomez would actually have been amazing as the Rani. She looks a little bit like Kate O’Mara and her sense of humour matches the character too.

Gomez as the Rani opposite a version of the Master played by an actor like Robert Carlyle would have been fantastic.

The Master!

The Rani

What the hell would be wrong with that casting? You’d still have Michelle Gomez on the show, you’d still have a powerful female adversary for the Doctor, but this time Peter Capaldi would have two villains to play off of.

Again the reason Moffat didn’t do that and awkwardly crowbarred Gomez into the role of the Master was because he was pandering to a group of people who hate men and simply wanted to take as many characters away from them as possible.

Ask yourself, why do all of these people like Whovian Feminism, Anita Sarkeesian, Claudia Boleyn etc, view the Doctor being played by a woman, or even the Master being played by a woman as a victory when there are already 4 great Time Lady characters just waiting to be used? Why do they have such little interest in original female characters like Xena, Buffy, and the Charmed Ones compared to female versions of male characters like Thor, the Doctor and the Master?

The way I see it is there are only two options. Either they are self loathing women who just want to be men, and playing a man is therefore ultimate victory for them. Or again having a woman play a man is better for them as in their mind it allows them to get back at the evil white, privileged, cis gendered men.

Personally I think its the latter of those two suggestions.

2/ The First Thing They Did When It Was Announced Was Gloat

It was very telling the way that when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Doctor, so many people who had wanted it took to twitter, or even wrote articles for various websites, and papers just to gloat about it to the fans who didn’t want it (who were all dismissed as woman hating bigots, even if they were women.)

See here.

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Quote from Whovian Feminism from before the female Doctor was cast, but it still shows the attitude behind it (as well as little bit of class snobbery the way she equates having a low income to being a sexist.)

“Supposedly well-meaning observers always like to come in and say that hardcore fans simply won’t accept a woman portraying the Doctor. This attitude does both the show and our fandom a disservice. While there is always a smattering of assholes to prove this type of attitude does exist, they aren’t even close to a majority. And even if it were true, we should not let the direction of the show be dictated by the worst of its fans. If a misogynistic jerk who disparagingly refers to a woman Doctor as “The Nurse” says he’ll quit watching the show, he’s exactly the type of fan we should be proud to piss off. I promise, plenty of new fans (especially ones with disposable income!) are waiting in the wings to take his place.”

Finally there was this interesting response from Russell T Davies. Now I don’t think Russell was someone who was particularly desperate for a female Doctor, but obviously now that its happened and he is part of the fandom in crowd then he will have to say he likes it regardless.

Still anyway now that Russell has adopted their attitude he had this to say.

Ex Doctor Who Boss Says Fuss About Female Doctor Is Outrageous

Basically he said that there are only a few people who are creating thousands of accounts online to complain about Jodie’s casting. As someone else on a Doctor Who forum pointed out, this is exactly the same thing Michael Grade said on Room 101 when people complained about the show being cancelled.

Grade and Davies’ comments come from the same place. Absolute sneering contempt for a particular type of undesirable pleb. In Grade’s case its just all Doctor Who fans, but in Davies’ its “sexist” Doctor Who fans who dislike Jodie’s casting.

Of course these don’t represent everybody who wanted a female Doctor, but still you can see what I mean about how wanting to upset male fans really did play a huge role wanting a female Doctor for lots of people.

If something I wanted to happen in Doctor Who actually did happen. My first reaction would just be to be happy, rather than rub it in the faces of people who didn’t like it.

Like take for instance if Osgood, a character I like were made the companion I wouldn’t write article after article about why all the people who hate Osgood are just white men who can’t stand smart non sexualized female characters on tv and then go. “Oh its making me so happy to see you all flip out over this HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”.

But again that would be because I would genuinely be happy that Osgood was the companion and not just desperate to annoy people who didn’t like Osgood.

Its not even like they tried to debate with people who disliked the decision (apart from a few exceptions like Claudia Boleyn.)

In fact ironically Peter Davison who simply suggested that we should try and welcome people who are unsure about it instead of telling them to fuck off was derided as a sexist, and eventually chased off of twitter.

Peter Davison Quits Twitter Over Toxicity Of Doctor Who Fandom

Peter Davison’s Tweet is Disappointing

Levine should be mocked not encouraged

Its very telling that Peter Davison was chased off of twitter for simply saying that people who didn’t like a female Doctor shouldn’t be abused as sexists, whilst Colin Baker was able to slander all those who didn’t want it as not true fans, people who think they own the show and sexists several times; and hey, he’s still on twitter.

Colin Baker Supports Female Doctor

Kind of lets you know which side are the bullies doesn’t it? This is leads onto my next point as well.

3/ Little Girls Need Role Models

I think its hilarious that Colin Baker claims that people who don’t want a female Doctor are the ones who think they own Doctor Who. We aren’t the ones who have come to the show later than anyone else and then demanded that the biggest change happen in the entire shows history just for us, and then attacked anyone who didn’t agree with it as a sexist, and actually succeed in driving a former Doctor Who off of twitter.

One of the arguments I have seen most often from people (including Colin Baker) for a female Doctor is that little girls need role models.

Now personally I don’t give a shit about role models for either boys or girls. I don’t want the Doctor to stay a man because I’m a man.

I just hate a female Doctor because I think its a silly idea creatively.

As I have said many times before there are only really three ways you can have a characters gender change and it work.

Write them as being like a real trans character, someone who feels they were born in the wrong body and transitions into the opposite gender. Or write them as being completely gendereless. Or change their gender in a remake, or a reboot that has nothing to do with the original.

None of these options is a good fit for the Doctor.

All of the Doctors are meant to be the same man underneath, so its not like changing a characters gender in a remake.

Furthermore the Doctor has obviously never expressed any unhappiness at being in the wrong body like a real life trans person. To suddenly write it in that he does after 2000000 or so years would seem like a parody, and be in danger of trivialising gender dysporia, as it would make it look like just a phase people went through.

Finally the Doctor has never been written as genderless (at least not until a few years ago, when Moffat spinelessly caved to feminists.)

Contrary to popular belief, the character of the Doctor can not change into absolutely anyone. All of the Doctors are meant to be the same person underneath. They all have the same consciousness, same core personality, and the same memories.

This isn’t just my interpretation. Robert Holmes who wrote more episodes of Doctor Who than anyone else, and is long regarded as one of its best writers, said that he regularly made no distinction when writing between the different Doctors. As far as he was concerned they were all the same person, and he’d just let the actor deliver the lines in his own way, IE, Pertwee would deliver them completely straight, Tom would be more eccentric etc. Terry Nation, the shows other most prolific writer, who also created the Daleks, also voiced a similar opinion, as did JNT, whilst Terrance Dicks, the shows longest running script editor, said that the single most important thing is not to change the Doctors character too much.

Jon Pertwee who played the third Doctor also said that he was adamant about making the Doctor seem like the same person, hence why he insisted on his Doctor being asexual. Tom Baker also described the role as being the most limited he ever played as there were so many things he couldn’t do, or else he wouldn’t feel like the Doctor anymore, whilst Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy all said that they tried to amalgate aspects of previous Doctors, whilst bringing something new to the role, and spent hours watching old tapes to get an idea of who the Doctor was, and stay within it.

Now obviously a woman could embody many of the Doctors core traits such as his bravery, intelligence etc.

However at the same time the Doctors gender has really become a part of the template of his overall character by default. Men and women are different. Equal but different (since when did equality mean that we are all exactly the same? True equality is recognising that people are unique, but that doesn’t mean they are less deserving than you.)

Still since men and women are different, then trying to turn the Doctor into a woman at this stage, it just wouldn’t be a good fit.

Every single one of all 13 Doctors relationships have been from a male perspective. They’ve all at various points, been a grandfather, a father, a husband, a boyfriend, had fatherly relationships with their companions, they’ve all dressed in more masculine clothes, all of the male actors who have played the role have brought aspects of their own male personalities to the role.

If the Doctor could have morphed into a woman at any point in his previous 12 regenerations then I feel he would have had to have been written and played as more gender neutral from either the start or a very early point.

Same with other Time Lords (as they all regenerate too.) Again why were the likes of Romana and Susan quite so feminine if they could technically at any point have morphed into Brian Blessed?

Its one thing to have say Tom Baker morph into Peter Capaldi and Lalla Ward morph into Dawn Steele, but imagine if Tom had morphed into Kylie Minoque and Lalla Ward into Vinnie Jones. It would be much harder to take them seriously as the same characters anymore.

A woman is not just in danger of sticking out more in the present, but also in my opinion of ruining the very delicate image that people like Terrance Dicks and Tom Baker have built up of making all the Doctors seem like the same man.

See what I mean? Where as before it looked like 13 different versions of one man, now it looks like 13 men and a new female character standing in front of them. No one is saying that a woman can’t play a hero, or even a similar hero to the Doctor which Romana, a big fan favourite is. But its that the particular character of the Doctor at this point is set as a man, and so sticking a woman in there after 50 years is like trying to make a square peg fit a round hole.

If they wanted to make Time Lords gender neutral it should have been done near the beginning.  The characters should have been less gendered, dressed in neutral clothing, and not had the types of relationships they have had with one another and other races too.

Imagine if Susan morphed into Brian Blessed for instance. Her and David, a human male she married and eventually had a child with’s relationship might be a bit awkward to say the least.

You can’t say that Brian Blessed is a ridiculous choice for Susan. If you go by the “Time Lords have no gender” argument, and “the Doctor can change into absolutely anyone, nothing has to remain the same between the Doctors” argument too. Then yes Brian Blessed is as valid a casting choice for Susan as an actress like Morven Christie is. In fact going by the ridiculous “all change is good argument” that female Doctor advocates use, Brian Blessed is a better choice for Susan than Morven Christie.

Hey if you cast Morven then you are just going for ANOTHER dark haired, unusual, intelligent, pretty young woman. Brian is totally different so he’ll be better and stop the show from going stale. Only the same type of people who objected to Patrick Troughton would object to Brian Blessed playing Susan.

Then there is also the male Time Lord who eloped with Leela, the Doctors human female companion. Suppose he falls, bangs his head and regenerates into a woman too? A bit irresponsible for the Doctor not to tell either Leela or David that before hand.

Look at this exchange from the most recent two part story, written by Moffat to try and pave the way for a female Doctor.

DOCTOR: Yeah, I think she was a man back then. I’m fairly sure that I was, too. It was a long time ago, though. 
BILL: So, the Time Lords, bit flexible on the whole man-woman thing, then, yeah? 
DOCTOR: We’re the most civilised civilisation in the universe. We’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes. 

Yeah except that’s bullshit for many reasons. Number 1, binary genders are not a petty human obsession with gender stereotypes. Binary genders are something that most species have. They are a facet of evolution.

Here from a trans person.

Now fair enough Time Lords are aliens, but again looking at everything we saw of their society, and Time Lords themselves before a few years ago when Steven Moffat introduced this shit to pander to feminists. They most certainly did not seem like a gender neutral species.

The Master for instance was written as a psychopathic, violent misogynist across many incarnations.

Master/ Killed by an insect. A girl. How inappropriate!

How did the Master have that attitude Moffat if Time Lords apparently didn’t even NOTICE the differences between men and women?

Also if they genuinely didn’t need two genders, why would they have evolved to have two genders in the first place? The Sontarans, major aliens in the franchise are a genuinely genderless species, and are written accordingly.

The Sontarans do only have one gender, they also dress in more neutral clothing, and from the start have regularly had trouble in understanding the differences between men and women.

Can you really say that the Time Lords, who have regularly had romantic and sexual relations with humans are like the Sontarans who think that Jenna Coleman is a man? No, so why bother after 50 years to completely rewrite them to be that? Technically you could rewrite any alien race like say the Vulcans to be gender neutral if you wanted as none of them are real, but why bother when its going to jar, and make it difficult for viewers to buy them as being the same characters as before.

That would be like suddenly rewriting Captain Jack Harkness into being asexual. It would fly in the face of everything we know about the character. Why would Jack have shagged all of those people if he was asexual? Similarly why would the Doctor always have changed into a man, and acted like a man, and been 100 percent completely comfortable as a man too, if he was really trans and wanted to be a woman?

Also I might add that if the Doctor has no preference in being either a man or a woman, why did he choose to be a man 13 times!

Its established that Time Lords choose how they are going to look when they regenerate. Romana tries on several bodies before settling on one for her second incarnation. The Master decides to be “young and strong” when regenerating from Jacobi to Simm. Finally even the Doctor himself it has been stated controls how he looks. He does so unconsciously however, but still that’s meant to explain why he chose to be young as Matt Smith and David Tennant (because he wanted to be accepted.) And why he chose to look like someone he had saved as Peter Capaldi.

Now remember that when the Doctor regenerated into Matt Smith he was on his last life and at that point as far as he was aware the Time Lords were gone, so he had no chance of getting any more lives.

Even then however he still didn’t change into a woman! Clearly he has a preference (nothing sexist about that. We all have a preference, even trans people hence why they change.)

The only other possibility is that a Time Lord gender change is random, but even then this still doesn’t really mesh with what came before. To start with the fact that we’ve seen Time Lords decide how they are going to look several times (and its played important roles in many stories, as well as the development of the Doctor and other characters) contradicts this.

Also even if it was random, then the odds of the Doctor becoming a man 13 times in a row by chance are almost 4000 to one!

Go on flip a coin up in the air and see if it lands heads 13 times by chance? And that’s just counting the Doctor, never mind other Time Lord characters like Morbius, Rassilon, Romana, The Rani, The Master, all of whom regenerated into the same gender many times (in some cases they used up all 13 lives as the one gender.)

For all of these reasons a female Doctor just doesn’t work for me. I honestly can’t see any value in it. Its not like a female Doctor gives you a chance to create a new and iconic female hero like Buffy or Xena. The character of the Doctor will always be viewed as a male character as that’s the way he has been seen in popular culture around the world for 50 years and 13 interpretations. One, or even a few forced female versions aren’t going to change that.

Similarly its not going to give you a chance to create a memorable trans character either, as a female Doctor is a male character forced to change against his will, rather than someone who has chosen to change due to feeling like they were born in the wrong gender.

All you’ve got is a female version of a male character who doesn’t fit in with her male predecessors. As an idea a female Doctor is really more like that Futurama episode, Neutopia where the main characters genders are changed against their will by a powerful alien.

How is that scene any different to virtually any involving Missy talking about her gender or the General’s ego line?

Still whilst those are my reasons for hating a female Doctor, lets say Colin Baker and others like him are right that little girls need role models.

Well okay don’t little boys need them too? This to me just strikes of more anti men feeling, as basically its saying “lets put our little girls first before our little boys.

Suicide is the leading killer for young men in today’s society.

Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among Young Men

If role models are crucial to someone’s development and self esteem. Then why try and take them away from the group who are killing themselves in record numbers?

And don’t give me that shit of boys have enough role models. To start with so do young women.

Xena, Buffy,  Charmed, Once Upon A Time, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terminator 1 and 2, Nikita, Resident Evil, Wonder Woman film and tv series, Supergirl, Earth 2, Charlies Angels, original and remake, The Survivors original and remake, Dark Angel, Alias, Ghost Whisperer, I Zombie, Sleepy Hollow, Jessica Jones, The Bionic Woman, Sarah Jane Adventures, Kill Bill, Alien film series, Underworld film series. Do they all mean nothing? How very feminist to say that all of these great female led shows and films are worthless compared to the Doctor, one male character.

Also suppose a young boys favourite show is Doctor Who? Suppose they don’t give a shit about Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man? Are they just to lose that role model then? I might add that the Doctor was always seen as a special role model to little boys.

Not only was he one who was interested in science, but he was also something of an outsider too. He wasn’t a big muscle bound, sexy, conventional leading man like Superman and Batman are.

Many of the nerdier boys (who made up a large part of Doctor Who’s target audience) Probably felt they could relate to him more than most other male heroes.

Colin Baker and others have said in response to this “boys can still have a female Doctor as their role model too“, but this is extremely hypocritical. If that’s the case then why can’t girls still have a male Doctor as their role model?

If you think the Doctor has to be changed to be a woman in order to be a role model for little girls, then he has to be a man to be a role model for little boys too.

Now you might be thinking “well you want to put little boys ahead of little girls by keeping the Doctor as a man” but I’m not.

To start with I have no objection to a more cerebral female hero being invented as a role model to little girls. A female hero does NOT have to be created at the expense of a male one like the Doctor.

Also even within the Doctor Who universe itself, I have actually tried to think of a compromise for everybody. A Romana, a Jenny, or a Susan spin off alongside Doctor Who.

That way girls would get their role models and boys would get theirs. People like me who don’t care about role models, but think a female Doctor is a really silly idea, also wouldn’t have the show ruined for them. Even actresses like Michelle Gomez and Jodie Whitaker still get to play leading roles in the Doctor Who universe, but its roles that they are actually right for like Romana and the Rani.

You could also still have a trans companion accompany the Doctor and Romana, or have a trans Time Lord character become the President of Gallifrey.

Everybody wins that way!

That’s the point however the likes of Whovian Feminism don’t want a compromise for everybody because they absolutely despise the male fans and want to upset them above all else.

So sadly we do get this horrible double standard where we are constantly told how marvellous it is that little girls have someone they can look up to, whilst anyone who is upset that little boys have lost a character to look up to is abused as a disgusting sexist, and chased off of twitter like Peter Davison.

This cynical, and manipulative video trended online to show us how marvellous it was the Doctor was someone she could look up to, but all it did to me along with the vile treatment that Peter Davison got highlighted how little boys are placed behind little girls in so many ways. Rather than even attempt to make little boys and girls happy it was all just the one way. PS using children as human shields for their arguments is something that feminists are fond of doing.

EDIT UPDATE, here is what the mother of this girl said when someone asked her if she could share her video.

No automatic alt text available.

Like I said hiding behind children as human shields is a low feminists are often willing to stoop to.

Turning the Doctor into a woman not only prevents him from being a role model to little boys in the present, but it also I feel takes away the ability for the previous Doctors to be a role model to little boys.

Now the Doctor was never a male character. He was basically a genderless character, who didn’t even notice the differences between men and women and could have been a woman at any point (he just happened to be a man THIRTEEN times by coincidence.)

That’s how the character will be viewed in popular culture from now on, as the gender bending alien, and thus the SJW “fans” have not only taken a character away from little boys in the present, but retroactively too.

Colin Baker has made a big mistake in siding with these people. I don’t think he is a bad guy or anything for doing that. We all make mistakes, and I can say having had the pleasure of meeting him that he is a very nice person. Still he has certainly put his money on the wrong horse here. I can’t imagine many of the fans who bought his Big Finish stories being happy to cue up to get his autograph after being told by him that they aren’t true fans compared to feminists gloating about man babies.

At the end of the day if Colin and others like him care so much about young people having characters they can look up to. Then they should have been in favour of Romana, Susan and Jenny getting their own shows so that little boys and girls would have had a role model.

4/ Many Of Its Most Vocal Supporters Are Misandrists

I wonder if Alyssa will be so upset when Jodie saves her male companion and write blog articles saying that the show is anti men? Also whilst I don’t condone online abuse everyone does get it regardless of gender. Alyssa should google Thunderf00t’s video “Hate Mail Special” to see what people who speak out against feminism also get. 

Now I am not saying that all of the people who wanted a female Doctor are misandrists. However the most high profile supporters for a female Doctor, as well as those who arguably had the biggest influence on the decision actually happening have at least expressed misandristic views.

To be fair they might not actively hate men. I think that a lot of these young people as ShoeOnHead has pointed out are simply misguided as they have been spoon fed a lot of this crap at University courses for years and by the mainstream media.

If any of the women I am going to talk about in this section want to debate me here in the comments of this article and get their side of the story out there on this page, then by all means go ahead. I’m no Steve Shives or Richard H Cooper who’ll just shut people I disagree with down or block them.

Anyway yes a lot of the people who were pushing for a female Doctor have said things about men that quite frankly if I were to say to say them about women, I’d rightfully be branded as a woman hating pig.

Lets take a look at Whovian Feminism. Now Whovian Feminism whose real name is Alyssa is a blogger that has interviewed members of the New Who production team like Rachel Talalay, who directed every single finale of the Peter Capaldi era, and writer Sarah Dollard. Talalay has also promoted her blog, whilst others such as Paul Cornell have retweeted her on many occasions too. Russell T Davies also seems to be a big fan as well.

Clearly Alyssa is someone whose opinion the makers of the show care about. There are so many Doctor Who fan blogs out there, yet Whovian Feminism is one of the very few that the makers have given any attention too, even outright promoted and she is nowhere near close to being the most popular.

Now Whovian Feminism has certainly expressed many misandiristic opinions over the years.

For instance she defended a remark in the episode Hell Bent where a character called The General makes fun of men by saying that all men are egotists.

Regarding The General’s Ego Line

Whovian Feminism has made many more misandristic comments online. I also find that she brings up the fact that people she doesn’t like on twitter are white and men. This might seem like a small thing to complain about at first, but its actually very bad.

What the hell does the colour of someones skin have to do with their opinions? Imagine if someone commented here and I just dismissed them as “okay black guy whatever you say”. That would be racist as it would show that I looked down on his opinions even more because he was black.

Look I’m Not Saying That All Men Are Trash

Ban Men

Whovian Feminism On Seth McFarlane

Add This To Your Collection Of White Men

Whovian Feminism White Women

Whovian Feminism also has openly said that she does not want men to direct female led films and television series such as Wonder Woman, (even stating that she would boycott the Wonder Woman sequel if a man was hired to direct it.)

Whovian Feminism’s Reaction To J J Abrams Hiring

Whovian Feminism All Female Lord of The Flies

Kind of a bit hypocritical Whovian Feminism when you desperately want more women writing Doctor Who a show (until you got your way) that was about a leading male character?

Whovian Feminism “Steven Moffat We Need More Female Writers”

Woman Director For Series 9 Conformed!

So what in your mind, men aren’t allowed to write something about a woman like Wonder Woman or the all female remake of Lord of the Flies, but men also should be limited or outright refused from being allowed to write for and even play classic male characters like the Doctor or Thor. So basically men are not allowed to have anything at all?

And you wonder why I think you’re a misandrist?

Another notable pro female Doctor advocate is Tabetha Wallace. Now Tabetha Wallace is the host of the RT show Watching the Hawks. I enjoy some of Watching the Hawks. They did make some good points, but ultimately the show ended up becoming far too SJW heavy.

Tabetha seems to be the worst of the lot. She follows both Anita Sarkeesian and Linda Sarsour on twitter. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Sarsour is a woman who thinks that Sharia law, a law that deprives LGBT people and women of basic human rights is reasonable! She’s also said that she hopes Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a true feminist champion) gets her vagina taken away from her and gets the shit kicked out of her too!

Still Tabetha Wallace ironically considers herself a feminist despite following someone like Sarsour, but sadly her brand of feminism seems to be shitting on white men.

Take a look at these tweets.

I’m enjoying the fall of mediocre misogynistic white men

(Its a shame she has to associate the late great Kevin Smith and the wonderful Xena/Hercules franchise with her racist, misandristic tweet.)

We Must Regard All Men As Potential Monsters

Men Are Always Lying

White Men Need To Shut Up

If You’re A White Woman And A Feminist

White Male Fragility

So again baring this in mind its not hard to see how a case could be made for Tabetha caring more about the Doctor being a woman just to get back against white men, than because she gives two shits about the actual show itself.

Another prominent female Doctor advocate is Gaby Dunn, a woman who works for Buzzfeed. Here is a video she did about why the Doctor should be a woman.

Gabby also famously did a video where she said she wanted men to have to gain consent to say hi to women as she hated having to talk to men unless she absolutely had to.

Of course Buzzfeed themselves who Gabby works for were all in favour of a female Doctor and produced videos and articles arguing for it (and took part in the smear campaign against Steven Moffat.)

It would be harder to find a more anti white male organisation than Buzzfeed. They have made countless videos tarring all white men as racists, sexists and homophobic.

This Is Why Its A Bad Idea To Have A Lady Doctor Who

Quite frankly the most pathetic strawman I have ever seen in my life. Buffy, Game of Thrones and Wonder Woman were all ORIGINAL creations. Janeway meanwhile was a new character, not Kirk who’d been turned into a woman against his will.

Also even the Battlestar Gallactica remake was different as it was well, a remake. The Doctor is a long running male character who has been turned into a woman against his will within the narrative so its completely different. This would only be applicable if these people were saying women heroes in general is a bad thing, but not one of the examples they could find has said that. Instead it was all just strawmanning them as people who hate women on tv.

Then again what do we expect from the people who brought you this gem.

Finally the journalist Caitlin Moran who has also expressed anti men sentiments many times is in favour a female Doctor too.

Fishing is just an excuse for blokes to have a sulk

Caitlin Moran’s 12 ramblings from a nonsensical feminist

Now there are many more examples, but I feel these are the most prominent as most of these people will have had something of an influence on the show itself.

Whovian Feminism as we have seen is beloved by many of the people who make the show. Buzzfeed and Tabetha Wallace meanwhile all have a wider reach than most fans and can give off the impression that their opinion is the majority, whilst Caitlin Moran is a close personal friend of Steven Moffat.

Thus I think its fair to say that they will have helped sway the decision more than anyone else, and with this in mind its not hard to see how their anti men and anti white people sentiment seeped into the show not only with the casting of Jodie designed to spite male fans, but also with the many anti men and white remarks such as not only the General ego line but the following bits and pieces, seeped throughout Doctor Who and Class.

MASTER: Do as she says. Is the future going to be all girl? 
DOCTOR: We can only hope

BILL: Regency England. Bit more black than they show in the movies. 
DOCTOR: So was Jesus. History’s a whitewash.

TANYA: White people. 
APRIL: White people what? 
TANYA: Always so optimistic. Always so certain things are going to work out for you. Oh, well, because they usually do. 
APRIL: My dad tried to kill me when I was eight. 
TANYA: But you got your mum up walking again. Typical white-person happy ending.

Yeah things always work out for white people.

As A Rotherham Grooming Gang Survivor

Imagine this person, or someone like them, or even just one of their relative or friend watches that exchange in Class. How do you think they’ll feel? Being told by some privileged black actress who has never done a days work in her life, that things always work out for them.

I can’t imagine they’ll be too happy with Doctor Who, and that’s the sad thing. NEVER in its 50 year history was Doctor Who hateful. Yes there might have been the odd politically incorrect moment, like getting a white guy to play a Chinese man in The Talons of Weng Chiang, but even then it wasn’t actually hateful against one particular group.

In fact the Chinese character in Talons of Weng Chiang is portrayed as a very complex, and even sympathetic villain who is given a moving death scene. Had it been played by a Chinese actor then I’d imagine people would have been praising it.

Talons of Weng Chiang didn’t actually come out and say “all Chinese people are parasites, things always work out for those lazy bastards, I’m fed up of seeing chinkys on my tv screen.”

Now however that is what we see directed at men and white people in Doctor Who. Thanks to people like Whovian Feminism, ironically for the first time in its history, Doctor Who is a bigoted show that is genuinely offensive to people (including ironically rape survivors who were targeted for the colour of their skin, ignored for years by the police, yet are told everything always works out for them.)

CLARA: Hush. Go, now. Go and find Vikings on other planets. The universe is full of testosterone. Trust me, it’s unbearable. We won’t follow you, see? We don’t need to fight.

River Song: What’s that face. Are you thinking? Stop it! You’re a man it looks weird.

APRIL: I like Downton Abbey. 

TANYA: Of course you like it. It’s a bunch of white people being nice to each other. 

5/ All Male Roles Are Being Replaced

As I have pointed out before its not just a question of the producers being open to having a woman play the Doctor. It seems like they are going out of their way to replace all the male roles with women in the show.

The role of the Master, the main UNIT personnel and now the Doctor all used to be occupied by men, but in the last few years they have all to the last been feminized.

Now I don’t hate the new female UNIT family which consists of Osgood and Kate. In fact I love Osgood as Ingrid Oliver who plays her is one of my favourite actresses and just an all around amazing person.

I also a few years ago when I thought representation was needed thought it was a good thing that we had a female UNIT, and to be fair it does have an actual story justification too. Obviously there is no problem with having women take over the Brig and Benton’s roles as unlike the Doctor and the Master they are not meant to be the same people. Also it might be quite a nice contrast too to have women occupy the roles that used to be occupied by big manly men.

However it just feels that on top of the Master and the Doctor becoming women that they are trying to feminize the show from top to bottom.

Now this bugs me because again it feels like an attack against the fact that Doctor Who was a more masculine show.

Imagine if I were to remake a predominantly female led show like say Xena and replace all of the female roles with men.

Xena herself, her female archenemy Callisto, and the Amazons who she works with, who I suppose in a way are her version of UNIT. Imagine if not only were they all replaced with men, but the new version of Xena was littered with anti women remarks about women being all nags, the future being all male, femininity being toxic etc.

Female Xena fans would rightfully view this version with contempt not just for messing with the shows dynamic, but for outwardly attacking women by saying “this thing would be so much better if it were starring men”, or worse “I think its time the women who love Xena and the little girls who look up to her get taken down a peg or two and we remake it all with men just to spite them.”

I certainly wouldn’t mind a female UNIT normally. Indeed they already gave the Brig a female replacement in the 80’s and I, nor anybody else cared. Its just on top of everything else it feels like they are basically trying to eliminate every strong male role in the show.

6/ No One Is Pushing For A Male Xena

Okay I know what you are going to say “but Xena doesn’t regenerate”. Well to start with I’ve never really thought that argument had much merit anyway.

You can change a characters gender in any remake you want as a remake is not connected to the old version. Did Batman regenerate from Adam West into Michael Keaton for example? Ironically a female version of a hero like Batman, Superman or Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I don’t think they would be particularly good ideas, but the female Batman wouldn’t actually be any of the previous versions who had suddenly changed his sex for no reason. It would stand as its own separate thing to all the previous versions, just as Christian Bale’s did, so I really wouldn’t give a shit. Make as many female versions of Batman as you want.

However the reason I bring up Xena is because Xena does actually have the power to change her shape and gender within the narrative of the original series just like the Doctor.

Sadly its a moot point now anyway as recently it was announced that the Xena remake had been cancelled. I think this is a shame as Xena I feel has a lot of potential for a remake. To me she is a character like the Doctor, or Sherlock Holmes that can be reinterpreted again and again.

Anyway yes within Xena canon it is established that Xena will be reborn again, and again, and again alongside her friend and lover Gabrielle. Now this never played that big a part in the narrative of Xena, but it is still established canon and furthermore its established that Xena can change gender when she will be reborn too.

Thus you could make the next Xena a sequel series following Xena and Gabrielle’s souls reborn into two male bodies in the future, rather than a remake (in this respect you could extend the life of the show too.)

So with this in mind why weren’t people like Whovian Feminism, Paul Cornell and Claudia Boleyn campaigning for a male Xena before the remake was canned.

Absolutely all of the same arguments apply for changing Xena’s sex as they did for changing the Doctors.

1/ Its canon (I might add that it was always part of the canon that Xena could change gender when she is reborn, unlike in Doctor Who where for almost 50 years it wasn’t established that Time Lords gender bend until the feminist “fans” bullied Moff into making it canon.)

2/ Its something new.

3/ It could give marginalized groups a chance to be the hero (lets make Xena and Gabrielle black gay men, who have fewer role models than women.)

4/ Anybody who doesn’t like my idea of a gay male Xena is homophobic and misandristic. They are probably men hating bitches who hate men because no man wants to touch them. (No more nasty, and ridiculous than saying that all people who don’t like a female Doctor, or Ghostbusters are sexist, man babies, who hate women, and are sad basement dwelling smelly losers!)

5/ Female fans who don’t want a male Xena shouldn’t be allowed to think they own it, by stopping people who know fuck all about the franchise from coming along and completely changing the dynamic of the show to suit their divisive political agenda’s that demonise half the population of earth.

6/ Since when did Xena need a vagina and a pair of tits to save the day?

7/ Xena always thrived on change, because there were a few continuity blips in the shows history, and they introduced new characters now and again. That means there are no constants apparently.

8/ What possible characteristic does Xena have that a gay man can’t?

9/ Xena was always silly and camp. What Gods, women like Callisto coming back to life after being killed in quicksand, women like Alti who feed on people’s souls; And the woman babies think Xena getting a sex change is sooooooooo unrealistic compared to that nonsense?

10/ There are so many men out there who would be amazing as Xena like Tom Ellis. Why should he be excluded just because he has a penis hmmm?

How are those any different to the arguments that actually persuaded Chris Chibnall to castrate the Doctor?

Answer? They aren’t, so why did those who wanted a female Doctor not demand that Xena change sex for all of the same reasons?

They can’t say that they don’t care about Xena, as all of these people like Tabetha Wallace, Whovian Feminism and Caitlin Moran claim to care so much about strong roles for women on tv. So I assume that they would know just a little bit about a female character so iconic she had a a planet named after her?

However they didn’t campaign for a gay, black male Xena, because again all they actually cared about was in taking a role away from men.

A male Xena would rightfully be viewed as a stupid idea by the mainstream media, whilst a female Doctor, though being every bit as stupid an idea, is hailed as a great thing because its seen as a way to kick male geek culture, and male viewers in general in the teeth.

7/ No Men Were Allowed To Audition For The Role

It was recently revealed that Chris Chibnall had only auditioned women for the role of the 13th Doctor.

Now from Chibnall’s own perspective this is sexist. You might be thinking that I am equally sexist as I do not want a woman to play the Doctor, but its different.

I do not see the role of the Doctor as one that men and women can play. Yes women can play similar roles, but that specific character to me is male for the reasons I have already been over. I would view the role of Xena as being the same. Yes men can play similar characters to Xena, but that specific character is female to me.

So I would only ever audition men for the Doctor and women for Xena. Here’s an article I did before the Xena reboot was cancelled giving suggestions for who could play the Warrior Princess.

7 Actresses Who Could Play Xena

There you see no men awkwardly (and obnoxiously) crowbarred in there, so I am consistent if nothing else. I would only ever hire a man for a male character, and a woman for a female character.

However Chris Chibnall, Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell and Whovian Feminism are all saying that the Doctor can be a man and woman. Again I don’t agree in the slightest, but lets say they are right. In that case the only not sexist thing to do is to open the role to both genders and simply pick the best person for the part regardless.

Chibnall didn’t do that. He excluded one gender from a role that he claimed to be one anyone can play regardless of gender. So why did he exclude men from the part then? He can’t use the same reason I would for excluding men from being allowed to audition for Xena, as well you can’t say the Doctor isn’t a male character can you?

Its yet more anti men feeling regardless of whatever way you spin it. Either you think the Doctor is a male part in which case he has been changed into a female role because? Or you think he is a role that anyone can play regardless of gender, and that the best person should get the part regardless. Okay, why shut out half the population then unless you are bigoted towards them or at least operating from that mindset.

8/ Why Do The Female Doctor Advocates Have Such A Problem With A Male Hero

Anyone who doesn’t want a female Doctor is instantly treated as though they can’t stand a female hero, or any form of entertainment that is female dominated.

Even if like me you’ve written 10 thousand word articles about Xena, Buffy, Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith etc, you’ll still get told from people that you need to get used to a female lead or female driven forms of entertainment.

The funny thing is why is this logic never applied in reverse. It seems that all the female Doctor advocates are the ones who are the sexists as they have a problem with a man being the hero.

Take a look at this article from Vanity Fair.

How Doctor Delivered A Righteously Feminist Finale

See what I mean? The article constantly goes on about how awful it is that the Doctor is the hero in his own show simply because he is a man! They actually want the Doctors companion to be the hero instead.

When did that ever happen before? Does anyone want Watson to solve all of Holmes’ cases? Robin to solve all of Batman’s cases?

It would be ridiculous for anyone to suggest such a thing, so why is it okay to want to see the Doctor be undermined for his sidekick, just because he is a man?

Lets imagine that I constantly complained about the fact that Xena was a female hero with a male sidekick, Joxer. Imagine I constantly said that it was awful the way that Xena, the main hero saved the day, and not Joxer, just because Joxer was a man and Xena was a woman?

The Depressing Disappointing Maleness Of Doctor Who

“The Depressing Disappointing Femaleness of Xena the Warrior Princess.” Yeah I would look like I had a problem with the fact that a woman was the main hero if I wrote an article like that. Now imagine I was demanding that all the female roles in Xena be replaced with men too, and insulting the female fanbase as “whiny little bitches”.

I would rightfully be viewed as a sexist who couldn’t stand women on tv in leading roles.

So lets cease this double standard then. The real sexists are the people who evidently had a problem with a strong male character on tv. Whovian Feminism who couldn’t stand seeing 11 carrying Amy Pond to safety because for once the man was in the heroic position.

I have 0 problems with watching Xena save Joxer, Buffy save Xander, (in fact I’m consistent. I said that I thought it was quite crap in the Buffy finale the way that basically Spike saved the day, as it was Buffy’s show. I don’t like the main hero being undermined regardless of gender as its silly.)

I don’t have a problem with this pose. A woman standing at the front as the hero, whilst the man cowers behind her. Doesn’t make me think the producers hate men, doesn’t make me feel threatened as a man. I love the show and I think Lucy Lawless is easily as good a genre lead as William Shatner and Tom Baker.

Yet feminists actually had a problem with this poster, cited it as proof that Steven Moffat is sexist, claimed it was reinforcing harmful attitudes towards women.

See here. Problematic Posters For Doctor Who Series 8

Yeah it seems to me that the female Doctor advocates are the true sexists here. They actually feel threatened when a hero isn’t the same gender as they are.

9/ Its Part Of A Bigger Drive By The BBC To Get Rid Of Roles For White Men

The BBC in order to bring greater diversity to their co-operation have begun to fire white men from jobs that they earned through their own hard work.

Now Presenter Fired For Being White And Man

Autumn Watch Presenter Sidelined For Being Too White

I honestly do not think that representation matters. I think that you can get anywhere you want provided you are good or lucky enough, or know someone.

Also its not only bigoted to fire people for the colour of their skin and gender (its fucking textbook bigotry.) But its also extremely condescending to women and minorities to basically say the only way they can succeed is if we rig the competition for them.

With this in mind you cans see how a female Doctor fits into this. Basically lets not hire men for any more leading roles.

10/ They Haven’t Actually Got A Reason For Wanting A Female Doctor

Its quite incredible that for the past 30 years not one person has been able to give a reason as to why a female Doctor should happen. Every single reason that I have seen from the most passionate female Doctor advocates like Richard H Cooper and Whovian Feminism are incredibly weak, and indeed they have all been torn apart multiple times.

Yet they’ll still be trotted out later without trying to offer any kind of counter argument to the previous rebuttals.

Here honestly tell me in the comments below if you have ever seen any argument for a female Doctor that wasn’t one of the following lazy, poorly thought out arguments.

1/ It will be a change and all change is good. Right so that’s why the half human bit in the 96 movie, the 6th Doctors coat, 6 choking Peri, 7 acting like a clown in season 24, the new Dalek Paradigm, and “I don’t want to go” were all such massive successes with fans and audiences right?

Doctor Who has a very flexible formula that can allow it to change if need be, but there has to be a reason. With Hartnell to Troughton, there was a reason. Hartnell was too ill, it was the only way the show could go on, it technically didn’t contradict much, as nothing had been revealed about the Doctors race, and home planet.

Similarly setting the show on earth for large periods in Pertwee’s time was so that it could reconnect with audiences after a ratings drop, by being in more familiar surroundings.

Now if someone could come up with an actual story reason as to why a female Doctor was a good idea, and why it was vital to the survival of the show then fair enough. But so far its just been a generic “all change is good.”

2/ Sydney Newman wanted it and he was the creator of Doctor Who. Okay first of all Sydney Newman wasn’t the sole creator of Doctor Who.

Second of all Newman didn’t always want what was right for the show. This is the same man who hated the Daleks and didn’t want to do the first Dalek story. Newman by his own admission “really tore” into Verity Lambert the day after he saw the first Dalek story screaming “YOU’VE RUINED IT!” by including the Daleks, what ended up becoming the greatest icon from the series!

He also hated Patrick Troughton, and didn’t want him cast. He also was ironically the one who botched Susan’s initial characterisation to the point where Carole Anne Ford left the show, and wanted the show to be nothing but an educational series for children.

Ironically the very things that made Doctor Who so popular in the first place, and ensured its longevity, the Daleks, the monsters, stories about aliens, and casting Patrick Troughton, were ALL vetoed by Sydney Newman. On top of that his ideas to reinvent the show in the 80’s were terrible too. They included first of all, ironically turning the Doctor back into Patrick Troughton, then into a woman, and giving him a trumpet playing hippie with John Lennon glasses as the companion.

Needless to say saying Newman wanted it isn’t the best argument for what should happen in the show over 20 years after he died when most of his ideas were lets be honest. Shit!

3/ It will finally give women a chance to be the hero. As we have been over all this argument does is just show that the person making it has 0 interest in female led series as there are dozens and dozens out there, and even within the Doctor Who universe as we have covered, there are at least THREE Time Lady characters set up who could be heroes in their own series.

4/ The Doctor is a shapeshifter so he can be a woman. Since when did shapeshifter equal genderless? Mystique? Martian Manhunter? Both of these characters are much more extreme shapeshifters than the Doctor. Should they automatically change gender too?

If a character has no gender then they have to have been written that way before hand or else its just jarring. Nothing about the way the Doctor was written for 50 years suggested he was genderless.

The same applied for every single other Time Lord character, some of whom married humans, many of whom were shown to choose what their next bodies looked like (and they always chose to be the same gender.) Finally some of them were even written as sexist too! This of course leads to my next point.

5/ Its canon. Yeah except for almost 50 years across all forms of Doctor Who media, it was NEVER said that they could regenerate into the opposite gender. It was only a few years ago when Matt Smith mentioned the Corsair.

As I have said before that would be like me coming in, taking over Doctor Who and having it that Time Lords change into Dinosaurs and using all of the same arguments. “Well they never said that they couldn’t turn into Dinosaurs did they?”

Also just because its canon doesn’t mean it HAS to happen. The TARDIS can change shape too remember. Unlike gender bending Time Lords which was put in at the behest of a self loathing fanboy, bullied by feminists, this has been there from the start.

So why then is the TARDIS still a police box? If all change is good and its canon and Sydney Newman wanted it and he did. (He wanted the chamelion circuit to work originally, but the budget wouldn’t allow it so they settled on a police box. PS yet another icon of the series that Newman didn’t want.)

So then why don’t we change the TARDIS every week and do away with the police box permanently?

6/ I and every other person who doesn’t want a female Doctor is a racist, a sexist, transphobic and homophobic too. Yeah I don’t have to point out how stupid this one is do I?

All of these arguments are so flimsy that I refuse to believe that any pro female Doctor person actually believes them. And these are the best they could dredge up. They’ve had about 30 years since Tom Baker first said in an interview (as a joke to wind up John Nathan Turner.) Yet this is the best they’ve got?

There has to be a reason these people care so much about making the Doctor be a woman? Given the anti men sentiment so many of them have expressed, coupled with the level of misandry in Doctor Who itself as of late. I am inclined to believe that the reason these people wanted a female Doctor was again just to stick it to the male viewers.


As you can see the motive behind casting Jodie Whitaker was really nothing more than spite against male viewers. There were alternatives that could have created a happy compromise for all viewers, like a Romana, a Jenny, or a Susan spin off.

Added to that the majority of, at least the most high profile people who wanted a female Doctor (and who most likely had an influence on the show itself.) Seemed far more interested in “annoying the right people” than they did in Doctor Who itself.

Also many of the most high profile supporters have exhibited clear prejudices towards men many times.

Finally the fact that all male roles in the series have been slowly phased out, mixed in with the fact that there are NO attempts to replace female characters with male counterparts shows that it is all one way directed towards removing strong male characters from tv.

For all of these reasons I refuse to even watch a second of Jodie Whittakers era. I have always disliked the idea of a female Doctor yes, but to be fair if it had happened under different circumstances then I would have at least given her a go, but its the reasons that this already terrible change happened that actually anger me.

Like I said before the 13th Doctor, Missy and the whole Peter Capaldi era represent bullies getting their own way. They demonstrate how sadly in modern society if you shriek the loudest, are willing to actually slander people like Steven Moffat, Peter Davison and famous Doctor Who fan Ian Levine who has also been derided as a sexist and a bigot after his outburst against Jodie’s casting on twitter. Then you’ll get your own way, regardless of how stupid it is.

To those of you who still want to watch it, and aren’t anti men bigots then good luck to you. I hope you do enjoy it, but for me this is the end of Doctor Who.

I will of course still watch the classic episodes and the new who stories from the past I do enjoy, but sadly Doctor Who officially belongs to the anti men bigots, the spoiled brats who always have to get their own way, and the bullies who call anyone who disagrees with them sexists and so it certainly isn’t the show for me anymore.

Thanks for reading.

In the words of Ian Levine. “He can fuck off!”


60 thoughts on “Why A Female Doctor Who Is Anti Men Bigotry and Hate

  1. It’s also not brave and bold to cast a good looking younger woman as the Doctor. Why didn’t they cast someone Capaldi’s age if they really intended to make some daring feminist statement? Helen Mirren filmed episodes of Prime Suspect throughout her fifties and did the series finale after she’d turned sixty. Jodie Whitaker is neither middle-aged like Mirren, nor a buff, tough, and Amazonian physique like Lucy Lawless, nor an unglamorous Plain Jane like Dawn French, all of which really are somewhat outside the norm for a TV series.

    But young, conventionally beautiful female leads with slim, willowy physiques are the default norm of TV and film, so why are they acting like they’ve done anything daring? If they never intended to cast someone older and more “average” looking, like Capaldi or Hartnell or Pertwee or Troughton, if they always intended the Female Doctor to be a hot young babe, then there’s really and truly no reason whatsoever not to make a series about Romana instead. Jodie Whitaker’s gorgeousness makes her an obvious successor to Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward, not the majority of men who played the Doctor.

    Even Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston are quite quirky-looking, they aren’t quite a conventional Brad Pitt looking hunk, even if they are also quite handsome. They have good looks but very OFFBEAT good looks, memorably FLAWED faces. With the female Doctor, however, they actually didn’t make a surprising or daring choice at all. They went for a conventionally beautiful woman, same as any typical run of the mill Hollywood blockbuster.

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    • I don’t know how Jodie is as an actress to be fair. She might be good as Romana, but I still would have loved Katie McGrath or Dawn Steele as Romana instead. Though going by the current way Moffat has fucked up DW canon, Vinnie Jones should play Romana 3 (or 4 if you count Big Finish.)


      • I don’t know how she is as an actress. I was strictly talking about her looks, her looks make her more appropriate for a Romana series than a future Doctor, since the Doctor, Peter Davison and David Tennant notwithstanding, has usually been played by an older man or one with more offbeat, quirky looks.

        However, I already dislike her for condescending, sexist comments towards detractors (“don’t be afraid”), as if “fear of a strong woman” was behind the protests, rather than exasperation at the idea that because it’s an SF/fantasy series there are no rules and you can make anything happen at any time with the wave of a magic wand.

        This sex change is all of a piece with Moffatt’s desire to wave his wand and make characters die and come back to live ten times over, like Rory, or make the Doctor escape the Pandorica just because in Moffat world, anything can happen for any reason. Anyone can be the most perfect, omnipotent, immortal being for any reason at all, any plot twist can be retconned at any moment just by wishing upper n a star, any dead character can be resurrected… in that context, no wonder a sex change seems like a trivial thing.

        Let’s face it, the show is ruined. When there are no more ground rules, when any timeline can be instantly retconned and there can be an endless series of do overs, all sense of drama and peril is lost. Bill turning into a Cyberman, Rory turning into an Auton… Rory, Amy, Clara all dying… none of it has any impact since it all can – and inevitably will – be retconned the next week or two anyway.

        That’s what is exasperating about the gender swap. It’s not that I’m “afraid” of a strong woman as Whitaker condescendingly implies, it’s that a gender swap is yet another example of the showrunner eliminating any sense of limit. Without real limits to the Doctor’s power over matter, without a sense of material limit, you have no real conflict and no dramatic tension. The show becomes devoid of suspense.


      • All good points.

        I still want either Dawn Steele or Katie McGrath as Romana 3 or 4 if you count Juliet Landau. Both are gorgeous, though I think Dawn might be a bit of a harder Romana which would make sense after the Time War. I am really impressed with Dawn on River City she should definitely get her own show (though again I want to see her play a female hero, not awkwardly crowbar her into the role of a character like say Captain Kirk just to pander to a group of whiney, man hating crybullies, who’d probably move on after the first episode to try and sink some other male led franchise).

        Bill not remaining a Cyberman was one of the worst plot developments in the show. This stupid water woman who saved her is now the most powerful being in the universe. She is immune to Dalek death rays, and she can vaporise a Dalek with a thought, she can raise the dead, and she can undo Cyber conversion, and she can make people exactly like her and travel in time.

        What is to stop this woman from creating an army of creatures like her who can wipe out the Daleks and turn every single Cyberman back into a human being, and revive all of their victims? Who the fuck needs the Doctor anymore.

        Then there is Clara who is also completely indestructable and can travel to any planet at any point in its history.

        Oh and on top of that there are 20 million Zygons on earth. Zygons who apparently fought in the Time War and therefore must be one of the higher races. They should be able to protect the earth from just about anything. They also presumably can control the Skarasan right? A giant, 10000 foot cyborg dinosaur that can’t be hurt by nuclear weapons. They can shape shift, read their enemies thoughts (how else did Zygood know about Osgood’s prettier sister? How pretty does that sister have to be by the way if Ingrid Oliver is jealous of her! That’s a role they can’t cast sadly as Ingrid Oliver’s so gorgeous I would refuse to believe she was jealous of anyone’s looks.)

        What good is the Doctor anymore? LOL he’s obsolete.

        PS do you think we will get a horde of male characters like Bill’s girlfriend and Clara who undermine the female Doctor, and even slap her back into place and take her place in the opening credits?

        The Peter Capaldi era is nothing but bigotry towards men, written by a self loathing geek who has been bullied into doing it a certain way.

        I hate to psychoanalyse someone, but when you look at this article Steven Moffat wrote in the 90’s about DW it really does explain how the feminists were able to bully him so easily.


        You can see how from this he is someone who is deeply ashamed of being a DW fan, and a geek in general. He keeps going on about how embarrassed he was to show his friends the show, or admit he liked it to them.

        Now obviously yes people do change their opinions, and normally I wouldn’t hold this article against him at all, but here you can see same type of attitude he has now of “oh the feminists and the SJW’s are the cool kids, lets keep in with them by completely and utterly changing everything that makes Doctor Who, Doctor Who”

        There are so many other self loathing fanboys like that to be fair. I’m not saying they are bad people, as its understandable. Sci fi and fantasy and those who like them are looked down on, even with this trendy geek culture.

        Still I lose sympathy for self loathing fanboys as not only are they often the nastiest to regular fans who they treat as sad freaks, anoraks, and losers, but they often sink the franchises they take over as they are happy to go with whatever they think is trendy. Sometimes it will work for a short while, but eventually they will back money on the wrong horse and that’s what they have done this time with social justice.

        The likes of Moff, Chibnall and the rest are sealed in their liberal, celeb bubble, divorced from the rest of the world so they actually think that this identity politics crap “is what the kids are into” unaware that most people fucking hate it!

        And yes Jodie’s comments pissed me off. Hey Jodie if you’re reading this a couple of things you should know.

        1/ In Western society people don’t have a problem with female led forms of entertainment. Hence why the two biggest selling albums of the 21st century in Britain are by WOMEN, (Adele and my fave Amy Winehouse.) Hence why the biggest singers around all of western society are almost all women, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Adele. Hence why Charmed up until Supernatural recently surpassed it, ran LONGER than any American fantasy series starring a man. Hence why Xena was the biggest selling cult show in the 90’s. Hence why Angel and Hercules, two male counterparts to two female shows, Xena and Buffy failed to run as long as, or make anywhere near as big an impact as their female counterpats.

        Hence why there are many huge female led series and films, Ghost Whisperer, Underworld, Resident Evil, etc.

        2/ You aren’t playing a female hero Jodie. You aren’t playing a trans character either. What you are playing is a male character who has been forced to change his gender against his will. PS how are you going to play that Jodie? Are you going to play him as a man in a woman’s body? In which case why were you even cast in the first place? Are you going to play him as just acting like a woman, and thus be the first to throw out everything from all of your predecessors? Its fucking ridiculous.

        3/ You didn’t win this role on merit. You won it because A/ Moff sold his testicles to feminists circa 2013 cause they said mean things about him on tumblr and so he has set everything up for this to happen. B/ Chris Chibnall rigged the audition process for you by refusing to allow men to audition. C/ You’re a mate of Chibnall who clearly cares so little about the show, he just wanted a woman to virtue signal, and so he went to the first woman he knows YOU!

        With this in mind stop condescending to us and acting like you’re anything important for women in the industry. So many other women have reached the top on their own merit, and against genuine adversity.

        Ugh just so disgusted with this decision its not true. Fuck Chinballs.


  2. All very good points, and ones that the Feminazis refuse to consider.

    For even if the water woman had been a water man, it would still be equally terrible. It’s not the gender of the character that is at issue, it’s the fact that when you introduce Mary Sue characters into a TV show, you end up turning the whole story into bad fanfiction.

    These deluded feminists honestly think viewers hate the idea of an omnipotent and virtually immortal Clara because they are sexist and afraid of “strong women.” The truth is, though, that if it had been Danny Pink who had been resurrected and turned into some omnipotent godlike Superman, and all these plot twists had centred around him, these developments would have been just as widely loathed. It’s just that Moffat would never have done that with a male character. His guilt complex leads him to pull these stunts only with female characters.


  3. I agree with this 100%.

    The self-obsessed harridans who scream me down for daring to think a female Doctor is a terrible idea make me almost want Doctor Who to die to spite them.


  4. There’s this odd issue, ‘male chauvenism’, that Moffatt and his gang are eager to bring up in regard to the First Doctor in the forthcoming Christmas Special. Somewhere in a video, Capaldi spoke very highly and reverently of Hartnell’s portrayal of the First Doctor.It’s bound to strike a jarring note to Capaldi as this, sadly but inevitably, is the closest opportunity he ever could get to act with “the Original” Doctor (by proxy). To the last Moffat incorrigibly insists to push the polemic on gender and chauvenism into the narrative to the point of a despicable character assassination of both the First Doctor, and by implication, the actor, the man who portrayed him, William Hartnell. So far, Peter Capaldi came off clean in countless discussions in the social media in regard to the encroachment by SJW/Third Wave Feminism of Doctor Who, virtually degenerating the series into a billboard or manifesto of the worldview and tenets held by these movements. I can’t believe he was unaware of that constant build-up of wrongs done to the series, and ultimately, to the Doctor himself; he might have chosen to ignore them, overly in awe and delighted that he was given a fabulous change to put his stamp on the character of the Doctor, a dream come true and in the hope to counterbalance a little misandrist interjection in a honest yet futile attempt to appease a good part of Whovian fandom which got fed up with this irksome trend. Maybe Moffat managed to placate him by agreeing into many of his suggestions to bring back old monsters and enemies, allowing the few and far between nods to the old glorious past and of being a grandfather, his encounter with the Doctor’s original incarnation, etc etc.


    • I agree that the first Doctor being a sexist in the Christmas special is complete character assassination. Worse its proving those bastard journalists who slandered the show in the 1990’s as sexist old tripe right by saying “yeah it was sexist in those days, but our one is better now.”

      The First Doctor never had a problem with strong women. Look at Barbara, Sara Kingdom, Vicki? The only female companion he was condescending too was Susan, but that was because she was young and his gran daughter and you are always over protective of your kids.

      That’s the whole point of the Dalek Invasion of Earth is that he leaves her because he says that he needs to stop seeing her as a little girl for him to look after. She’s a woman now who has ironically been taking care of him for the past few years, and its time to let her go and forge her own destiny rather than travel everywhere because that’s what he wants.

      Now that’s just tossed in the bin and actually Hartnell’s Doctor was just an old sexist.

      Also even within their own bullshit it doesn’t make any sense! Hey Moffat remember when you wrote this two episodes ago?

      DOCTOR: She was my first friend, always so brilliant, from the first day at the Academy. So fast, so funny. She was my man crush.
      BILL: I’m sorry?
      DOCTOR: Yeah, I think she was a man back then. I’m fairly sure that I was, too. It was a long time ago, though.
      BILL: So, the Time Lords, bit flexible on the whole man-woman thing, then, yeah?
      DOCTOR: We’re the most civilised civilisation in the universe. We’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.

      Hmm seems not, as now the First Doctor has the attitude of an old guy from the 1960’s LOL. How the fuck did he develop that attitude? I mean HOW! He could have fallen over and banged his head and morphed into a woman at any point!


  5. If New series had made more than 2 Strong females (Catherine Tate: Donna Noble/Alex Kingston: Prof. River Song) other than Donna and River Song we’d probably wouldn’t be seeing this much push for a Female Doctor.
    Yes, we had Rose, Martha, Amy etc. But they Grew to become strong, they weren’t Written outright to be Strong.
    Kate Stewart was another they could have Written as a Strong Female Role Model, but yet again they Wrote her more as the Fluttery, Doe Eyed character who needed the Doctor to save her and UNIT from the Evils of the world.
    IF they had written Kate Stewart as someone who Did Not follow in her Father’s footsteps to be a member of the Military Fine. People could understand and respect it, but to write her as Weak as they had when her father was Lith Bridge-Stewart, that was Apauling.
    In closing, if the show had written More women who were Strong we probably would not be seeing this much demand for a Female Doctor.


  6. The hurdles Doctor Who will have to overcome by being a woman.
    1: If the ratings are poor, Lion’s Share of the complaints Won’t be because of the Actor/Writing/Directing, will be that the BBC/Doctor Who Chose a woman.

    2: When it is directed towards the Writing/Directing, they’ll be accusing them of Purposely Writing/Directly poorly so they could Prove a Woman Should Not have been chosen.

    3: They are going to Have to have a Male Companion (which they added 2), otherwise BBC/Doctor Who will be accused of Promoting Violence towards women If they continue to write the Doctor as someone who Dives into trouble No Questions Asked.


  7. I would concur with your points all, I’m 44 and a lifetime viewer, even if it meant holding my nose often in the last two series. So, like any good internet user I looked for those that agreed with me online….
    Wow, just wow…39k dislikes on the Jodie Doctor introduction. And yet every forum, web search, and internet thingy I can think of, turns up something like 95% feminist propaganda (excluding the main article here!).
    Now this has disturbed me greatly, just how much is the internet censored now? I really can come up with no other conclusion that nearly all the negative reactions to the female doctor, have been removed.
    I can tell you personally, that many forums threads where i attempted to talk about this, have deleted my threads.
    So that being said, If anyone can point to somewhere on the web where free speech, and constructive defiance to the female doctor could be voiced (you realise were looking at a 50 year stint as a female, right?), please, point me in that direction.


    • Snap! This is exactly my experience. Although, as I have mentioned elsewhere in these comments, I actually haven’t watched Doctor Who for a number of years, I have to admit that I was curious about the extent to which fandom (which I came to know very well without actually ever being a part of) accepted this peculiar decision. Imagine my surprise when people who have watched the show since before I was even born (and I’m 47!) expressed their sheer delight at having a female Doctor. People like Bradley Walsh, Colin Baker, and Chibnall himself (who was born in the same year I was) all declared that it was a fantastic and inspired idea. Inspired, sure, but inspired by madness as far as I’m concerned.

      Now, the fanboys I once knew (yes, boys… I only ever met one female Who fan before the new series started) would be spitting blood over the idea of a female Doctor so… what’s happened? Well… I quite agree with your post – I think it’s very disturbing censorship. My experience was identical to yours; I spent ages trying to find a dissenting voice. Now, there are people who would sneer at my description of this as ‘disturbing’ and tell me to do such things as ‘get a grip’ because, after all, ‘it’s only a television show’. This, to my mind, shows just how thoughtless and ignorant these people really are because they’re totally missing the profoundly concerning point – if they can censor something as trivial as a television show, what else are they manipulating? Of course, we can never be certain but… well, let’s just say I have my suspicions!


    • Oh, sorry… I forgot to mention that I, too, have had nearly all of my posts deleted from the various discussions on forums that I attempted to participate in with regard to this subject. Here is an example of a comment which never made it onto the internet:

      If gender isn’t important or relevant to Time Lords, why do they have gender at all? Unless they’re beings with no gender then gender must be relevant because men and women are (whether people care to accept it or not) different in many ways, not least of all physically.

      Furthermore, the oft-repeated notion that “Time Lords are above our petty squabbling on gender/race/sexuality etc.” is frankly risible given that the change of gender for the Doctor is actually DEFINED by our obsession and preoccupation with these issues. Far from being open-minded and progressive, they are actually extremely narrow in their thinking as they are taking a show about an alien with command over all time and space and imposing a very narrow, twenty-first century planet Earth political concept onto it.

      If we are to accept that the Doctor, as an alien, can be (as is often stated) anything at all then why limit it to merely female/black/gay – issues that currently preoccupy us? By that logic, why shouldn’t the Doctor be a dwarf? Why shouldn’t the Doctor regenerate into a dog or a yeti or any creature that exists anywhere in the universe?

      Logically, the colour issue doesn’t make any sense either. Why would a white male Time Lord change into a black female? Here on Earth, there is only one reason people’s skin colour is different and it’s down to where on the planet they originate from. If a white Time Lord was going to move to a warmer part of Gallifrey then it would make perfect sense for him/her to change colour during regeneration. Otherwise, it would not. That is, of course, if the reasons for different skin colours on Gallifrey follow the same lines as they do here on Earth. If they don’t, why aren’t Gallifreyans various shades of most or all colours? Ever seen a green Time Lord? No? How about a purple one or a blue one? Again, these are OUR issues and concerns tied to OUR time and place, so please… don’t prattle on about Time Lords being “billions of years beyond your petty obsession with gender”…. they’re obviously not!

      I’ve tried several times on several sites to express honestly held opinions on this matter – always polite, always (I hope) well thought-out and succinct and never rude or offensive. The funny thing is, they NEVER get posted… maybe they’re just too ‘controversial’ because they point out facts (yes, facts – not opinions) that don’t suit some people’s view. What a sad world we now live in. Being insulted and put down for expressing an opinion is only another form of controlling and bullying behaviour; the exact kind of behaviour that the people who seek to silence you claim to despise. Increasingly in modern society, opinions are being expressed as facts. For example ‘Political
      Correctness is wholly positive’ is only an opinion – it may (possibly) be a commonly held opinion but it is an opinion never the less. On the other hand, ‘Everyone eventually dies’ is a fact.
      There’s a difference, in the same way that there’s a difference between listening and hearing or looking and seeing.

      I’ve seen numerous articles that boldly declare: “Some people do not want a female Doctor – here’s why they are wrong.” Erm, no… I think that should read something like, “here’s why we think they are wrong.”

      Someone once said to me, “The problem with you is that you always think you’re right.” It remains to this day the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard anyone say to me- show me someone who DOESN’T think that their own opinions are right! You’re never going to hear anyone ever say, “I think that’s brilliant but I’m wrong because it’s rubbish really.” The point is, just because you’ve thought something through, have weighed up all the facts and are convinced that your point of view is right, that doesn’t, in itself, make it right. It makes it well-considered but not necessarily correct. This applies to everyone – yes, I admit, even me!

      What I do find sinister is the way in which the media and establishment seek to alienate people who don’t conform to the ascribed view. In the west, we allegedly have ‘free speech’ but, were that the case, people wouldn’t be scared to say what they think for fear of being branded ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ and being ostracised, losing their job, income or worse. In a mature society, people should be able to deal with offense – after all, if you don’t respect the person who is insulting you, why the hell would you care what they think about you (or anything else for that matter).

      Which of these scenarios do you thing works best? Scenario one: One guy says, “I don’t like you because you’re gay”. The other guy is offended, horrified and runs off, arms flailing, to shut this bigot down, make a massive fuss and demand an insincere apology… or, scenario two: One guy says,
      “I don’t like you because you’re gay” The other guy replies, “I don’t care” and walks away. What’s more, he really DOESN’T care; he thinks the first guy is an idiot, he has no respect for his opinion and, besides, he has too much self-belief and self-respect to be hurt by the comments of a complete stranger who knows nothing about him.

      Finally, I just want to point out that if a bigot is defined as ‘a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions’, then those calling anyone who is against the idea of a female Doctor a bigot is, by definition, a bigot themselves. After all, how can you lay claim to be a truly tolerant person if you refuse to tolerate the views of anyone who in your view is intolerant?
      I wonder why that failed to get posted when I first tried? Any ideas?

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      • Well said. This shit is everywhere sadly. I’d recommend the youtube channels from ShoeOnHead, Blaire White, Chris Ray Gun, Tree of Logic, as well the work of Brendan O’Neill, and Tommy Robinson to really see how much this shit has infested popular culture.


  8. I absolutely agree with everything expressed in this article but this particular misogynist man-baby isn’t exactly crying. Despite first watching Doctor Who back in 1973 when I was three years old and sticking with it through a steady and painful decline and the ensuing wilderness years, I actually gave up on this drivel before Capaldi ever set foot in the Tardis.

    I can always enjoy the stories I loved as a child and young man and nobody can take either those or the memories associated with them away from me. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned the women are more than welcome to this messy load of old rubbish as, when all is said and done, us men have already had the best of the wonderful series it once was.


  9. Good points. A couple more to make. Firstly, I think you will find that the BBC is much like Hollywood, if you don’t believe the right things, you don’t work. Acting is a form of prostitution anyway. “For the right price”. So I wonder what the former doctors REALLY believe. I’m sure you saw what happened to Peter Davison.
    A side thought, what happened if a male companion saves the doctor? We have seen the female ones do this regularly, Can the..left? (for brevity) watch a male companion, rescue a female doctor? See for this to happen it would mean the doctor made a MISTAKE…can you see them swallowing the female doctor making mistakes?, or NEEDING help?
    I’m actually quite looking forward to watching the left community explode when this happens.
    As to watching the older series, like yourselves, I have pretty much all of them. I have ALREADY found that watching them now, just reminds me of how angry I am. Perhaps in time I will get over that, but, when the left press starts doing headlines like …
    “female doctor saves show, 50 years in the wilderness to find the true most epic incarnation of the show”.. or something in that vein. I believe headlines like that will quite possibly end up sullying the past.


  10. Oh btw, on the female fans of the show, in the 80’s and 90’S? No, never met one, Took alot of abuse OFF girls in those decades for watching it though. 🙂 Modern age…went to the cinema for the 50th, saw a fair few girl fans, many of which dressed up as Matt Smith.
    So, they exist. Sure. My personal OPINION is its still maybe, only 1 in 10 women who actually like Sci-Fi at ALL. And that is NOT enough of an audience to float the show.


    • Yep, I quite agree… I fully expect ratings to drop dramatically once this nonsense hits the screens. I often wonder why we are so arrogant to assume that we’ve got all this social stuff right when that would mean that practically every human society and civilization throughout history must have got it wrong!
      You’re dead right about the BBC… sadly, the same applies to most forms of media and, equally if not more worryingly, education. I’m a qualified teacher but I don’t teach. Although that’s because I choose not to, I’m all too aware that I would never get a job in education anyway – and in spite of massive teacher shortages – because I believe in helping children to think for themselves and form their own opinions rather than indoctrinating them with a state-sanctioned ‘correct’ and ‘acceptable’ view of the world.

      Very sad.


      • ” I often wonder why we are so arrogant to assume that we’ve got all this social stuff right when that would mean that practically every human society and civilization throughout history must have got it wrong!”
        Are you referring to gender roles and equality?


  11. Musing : Snowflake safe room students probably still hide behind the sofa when the dalek’s come on! Wow, do you think DW is going to need a trauma trigger warning?


  12. Making the Doctor regenerate into a woman (or, I assume, an alien which happens to look like one) isn’t what’s wrong with new Who, although it may be symptomatic. What’s been wrong with it since 2005 is the low standard of writing, and (it seems to me) this is mainly down to the showrunner system. Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat may be reasonable writers, although with a fairly limited repertoire if Who (and The Second Coming and Sherlock) are anything to go by, but they aren’t Verity Lambert by several light years. They both disregarded fundamental aspects of good storytelling in favour of spectacle, in-jokes, agendas and, it would seem at times, preening their own egos. I think this is because they were in an echo chamber of uncritical approval that might have ruined far better writers. Much as I hate to say it, even Neil Gaiman’s second story for Who wasn’t up to much, and Neil Cross made a pig’s ear of one of his – and if writers of that calibre can’t come up with the goods, what chance is there for lesser lights like Davies and Moffat?

    My personal theory is that the rot set in in the 1970s, when Douglas Adams came on board. Again, everyone told him he could do no wrong – Hitchhikers was such a huge hit that he seemed to have the Midas touch, but sadly he seemed to be a bit of a one-trick pony, and applying zany humour to Who (as opposed to in-universe humour) made something that already was intrinsically ridiculous – but no one minded, because it was fun – into something that looked completely ridiculous. And once a show that’s intrinsically ridiculous stops taking itself seriously, it’s liable to fall flat. James Bond had this problem, and eventually tried for a “gritty reboot” with some success. I can only hope Chibnall does the same for Who, getting it back to its core values of scaring kids – but it can’t do that if the Doctor is a “lonely angel” or “oncoming storm” or whatever. He or she has to be vulnerable, and the stories have to have internal logic. RTD and SM pulled far too many resolutions out of thin air, bringing people back to life who would have had far more impact staying dead, solving everything with a wave of a magic wand. And don’t get me started on Moffat’s stories that didn’t even have a story…


  13. Wow, that’s a really well-written article, it’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. For me the change totally spoils the character of the Doctor, and this is the first series ever that I don’t want to watch. This is as dumb as if they had tried to create the character of Xena by turning Hercules into a woman. It would have been so much better if they had created a spinoff with Romana.


  14. Honestly, I get your complaints with some of the toxic sections of the Doctor Who fanbase. There are people on both the far left and the far right that ruin things for everyone. But if Chibnall wanted a female Doctor, I think he has every right to do that. It freshens up the show and could attract more viewers. I used to be totally against a female Doctor, but really, why not? If the Doctor is already a shape shifting alien, a woman could easily play the part.

    And the argument about bringing back Romana or Susan to lead a show instead of having a female Doctor is a fair one, but I think having the 13th Doctor be a woman is crucial to the survival of the show. Ratings have been dropping for a long, long time now. This bit of casting made global news and could really help ratings go up.

    I think we should try to separate the “toxic” tumblr fans and the toxic “diversity is EVIL!” fans from what Doctor Who really is, a tv show about a funny alien who travels with his or her companions 🙂

    Also, Jodie Whittaker is one of Britain’s best actors. She’s great in Adult Life Skills and Oscar-worthy in Journeyman.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I still disagree that the Doctor could be a woman. IMO shapeshifter does not equal genderless (as seen with other even more extreme shapeshifter characters like Mystique or Martian Manhunter who are very much gendered characters.). Also I think a female Doctor in this day and age went beyond just an idea. It became kind of a slogan for these people and their movement. The fact that they have taken over the entire show and its franchise shows that. Its not just a female Doctor, a female Master too, a female UNIT, conventions are now more about MeToo than the show itself etc.

      Still I appreciate your fair and balanced approach to the subject and i’m glad you commented as this page should not become an echo chamber and its nice to have a fair and intelligent response from the other side, though I suppose you’re really more in the centr ethan the other side.


    • Also one final thing I’d like to add, personally I think the viewers have been dropping as a result of all this tumblr stuff. Clara, Missy, the anti men remarks etc. See also Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 and Marvel/DC and Star Wars for how this can further sink a popular franchise.

      IMO this will probably attract viewers for a short while, then collapse. I also don’t think Jodie Whitaker is a great actress having seen her in action (and I’m not talking about that little clip.) She looks very self conscious to me.


      • The viewers have gone down almost every single episode when Jodie took over. Merchandise is dead, her sales are down, whole channels have become popular through mocking her, and overseas the series viewers are absolutely pathetic.


      • On the contrary, ratings are high, and the reviews are largely positive.
        And that sounds like what happened with the Star Wars sequels and Captain Marvel, which doesn’t change the fact that the audience and the fandom like those movies, despite the loud minorities.
        Wait a minute, let me guess: you think those movies are SJW trash and that the majority agree with you?


      • Consolidated figures don’t mean much as they are often fiddled. Also yes, her first episode got big viewers for the novelty of a female Doctor, then it fell for practically every episode since. Even the BBC’s favourite shill and coat hanger Shilbee admitted they were down for series 12.


  15. I haven’t read the entire post (not enough time right now) so excuse me if I’m stating the obvious or whatever.

    Within the context of the show there has never been a suggestion that Time Lords/Ladies can change sex. As an SF concept this one is pretty old, so I wouldn’t have minded if they had been able to. Indeed, there is no particular reason to think that any of them ARE the sex they appear to be, this could be just a personal choice, possibly based around them being a far-future evolution of humans (which would explain their fascination with and resemblance to us). They may well not be gendered, and may reproduce through some completely different means, e.g. building new bodies via nanotechnology.

    So actually I feel the idea itself is rather lacking in imagination. A bit of thinking outside the box (as it were) might have been better for making the programme great again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the changing sex thing is such a big deal that it would need to have been introduced from the start.

      I know that regeneration itself wasn’t, but regeneration isn’t as big a deal as a sex change. The Doctor basically renews himself, but is the same guy.

      Gender is a much bigger thing to change than age, height, weight, etc. Again that’s not sexist or transphobic. Men and women are different. Equal but different, and they balance each other out.

      As for them not being the sex they appear to be, I am sorry but I never bought that argument.

      Look at it this way. Susan shagged David, Leela elopes with a male Time Lord and the Master shagged Ingrid Pitt. Presumably Time Lords must have genitals that are similar to ours if they can you know mate with us. Not get into too much detail about this of course, but you can see my point LOL.

      Also again look at how they have been written. Third Doctor teasing Sarah in The Time Warrior as a member of the fair sex, the Master screaming at the Rani for being a “STUPID BLUNDERING WOMAN!” Even just little things like Susan calling the Doctor grand father, the Doctor, Susan, Romana all wearing gendered clothes, and being written as gendered characters.

      The Doctor is very much a paternal male figure throughout Classic Who, and then there are all the romantic relationships of New Who, which seem quite hilarious in hindsight now. Imagine the look on Rose’s face if he had morphed into a woman!

      Time Lords are just not genderless characters and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own, but trying to rewrite every Time Lord character into being that is going to feel awkward.

      That’s why the SJWs are so hated however. Rather than acknowledge those complaints and maybe try and find a way round them if they had to have a female Master and Doctor, they just stomped all over the show with their size 12s and ruined characters like Missy and abused the fans, showing that agenda was all they cared about. Hence why their two main arguments are contradictory.

      On the one hand all change is good and that’s why Missy and a female Doctor are great, on the other apparently Missy is channelling Delgado and this isn’t a contradiction at all.


      • No he didn’t. He said that as a joke to wind up JNT who he knew courted the fans, with Tom thinking they’d turn on him as a result.

        Also Tom thought that the companion should be a cabbage. (Mind you that would have been a better actor than either Toisin Cole or Mandip Gill.)


      • I don’t know whether or not he was serious, but making the 6th Doctor a woman was seriously considered by John Nathan-Turner. It fits perfectly with established canon: aside from the other Time Lords who have changed gender upon regeneration, the DW concept of regeneration easily allows for gender swaps.


      • JNT never considered making the Doctor a woman. He said that it was something media hacks plugged, but that at no point was it even on the table.

        And no regeneration does not equal gender change. Where do you New Who fans get this crap from? To start with since when does shapeshifter equal genderless? Martian Manhunter, Mystique etc, neither of these characters are genderless and they are far more extreme shapeshifters than the Doctor.

        Meanwhile regeneration isn’t even just the usual shapeshifting. It’s more an advanced form of healing, IE the body breaks down and then it repairs itself, but in doing so it rebuilds itself from scratch gaining a new appearance, with the personality being given a bit of a shake up.

        Ultimately however all the Doctors have the same consciousness and the same core persona. With this in mind suddenly changing sex is a bigger change than suddenly being in a shorter, or an older body.

        It’s one that I don’t feel can be properly handled given the characters history. How is he going to react to being in a female body? Logically he’d find it uncomfortable after being a man so long. He’d suffer from gender dysphoria, want to be a man again etc. So why bother with it? No one has given

        The only way round that is to retcon time lords as being genderless, but that’s stupid as they very clearly weren’t that for 26 years of old who and even the entire RTD era. How was the Master a wife beating misogynist if Time Lords have no concept of gender? Why did they used gendered terms like “grandfather”? Why did they dress in a more gendered way, why did the likes of Romana only choose potential female faces, why was the Doctor offered up only male faces in the War Games etc.

        All this it’s canon that time lords change sex, yeah only when you lot bullied Moffat into MAKING it canon and he spinelessly caved and handed the whole franchise over to you.

        If that were the case then I could bully a showrunner into making it canon that timelords turn into Dinosaurs, but that doesn’t mean it would be A/ a good idea and B/ still not stupid and contradictory to what came before and C/ would make a mockery of the past knowing at any previous point William Hartnell could morph into a Brontosaurus and that all 7 classic Doctors were just flukes.


      • In 1986 the show’s creator Sidney Newman said the Doctor should become a woman at some point, suggesting Dawn French, Joanna Lumley and Frances de la Tour for the role.
        Judi Dench was seriously considered for the 9th Doctor, and Helen Mirren was suggested for the 12th Doctor.
        (I love Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor, but I would’ve also loved to see Judi Dench in the role. I can easily see her nailing it.)


      • Oh god these same desperate arguments keep getting trotted out. I am so fed up of debunking them at this stage.

        Newman didn’t know shit about DW. Yes he created the basic concept of a guy travelling through time and space, but that’s it!

        Newman never wrote a single episode. Everything else about the Doctors character and the shows lore was created by other people. He also didn’t want to include the Daleks as he thought they were crap, and he didn’t want Patrick Troughton cast as he thought he was a terrible, terrible actor. He also didn’t want the show to have monsters, and didn’t keep up to date with what happened after he left (very early.)

        He didn’t even know who the Time Lords were!

        Yet you people dredge up this argument again and again as though it’s proof that the show needs to have a female Doctor? PS it’s funny how the goal posts move. One minute its DW has no canon, then it’s everything the creator says has to happen?

        PS Terrance Dicks who created the Master and the concept of the Time Lords, and fleshed out regeneration HATED Missy with a vengeance and thought a female Doctor would kill the show. By your logic then since he actually created the Time Lords, his opinion must take priority over Newmans.


      • What’s inconvenient about it? The guy who had the basic idea, but nothing else to do with it said a woman should play it when he knew NOTHING about the show at that point?


  16. Burrunjor, you are my new favorite person! I’ve spent the last couple of days binge-reading your blog, and I fucking love it! Your thoughts on why everything happening to Doctor Who is an insult to the old series, your alternative suggestions, your ideas for casting… I think it’s all perfect!

    On a side note, I’ve seen a YouTube account called “Burrunjor Man.” Is that you?


    • Hey man sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Yes Burrunjor Man is me. I also frequent a site called the Hive. Its quite interesting, but been a bit quiet recently.

      I’ve been a bit quieter as I’ve been busy on the History of N-Space articles. Taking longer than I thought, haven’t had time for much else on the blog, and sadly my own fiction as a result. Should get it finished by the end of October thought.

      I’ve decided to split New Who and Classic Who into two separate universes to get round the problems we have with it.

      IMO its the best solution for everybody. They are both still connected, but New Who takes place in M-Space, whilst Classic Who takes place in N-Space.

      At the same time I also noticed there were a number of crossovers between Doctor Who and other franchises like Blake’s 7 and Quatermass so I decided to include them in it too.

      Essentially the history of N-Space will include the entire ficitonal history of Classic Who, Godzilla (show era) Gamera, Blake’s 7, Futurama, Dan Dare, (original three versions only.) Prince of Darkness, and various others all compiled into one big timeline.

      There will also be one briefly covering the alternate universes too it, which will include not just New Who’s universe, but the Cushing Movies and Doctor Omega too. We’ll be looking at what point their histories differed to N-Space’s as well as some crossover stories where they meet each other.

      Hopefully it might make things easier for anyone who has trouble with New Who and Classic Who all being one messy timeline. I mean hey I know its just fanfic, but according to the likes of Moff, DW has no canon, so this is as valid as anything else LOL.

      Hopefully you’ll like some of my casting suggestions for the 9-13th Doctors and the post Roberts Masters and the post O’Mara Rani’s of N-Space too. I’ll just be using those actors images obviously.

      I will say though that while this might fix the canon of DW, ultimately the problem with sci fi fandom still persists.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Burrunjor,

    first of all what a great read that was, ive been angry about the decision to change the gender of the Doctor for over a year now, and still am, ive been watching since 1974, and came to a heartbreaking decision that i wont be watching anymore … its ridiculous it just wont be he same, just wanted to say great article and agree with all of it, its been a struggle to find any other articles without everybody calling you a sexist… Thanks again.


  18. The last season was bad enough with Horse Faced Biww in every episode declaring she was gay, and then someone applauded her for it.

    Then they re-imagined the First Doctor as a sexist who was completely useless. Watch the XMas episode. Doctor First does nothing except serve as a sexist pawn – yeah, sexist for treating his teenage granddaughter like a kid.

    Why not spin off a female character? They did that with “Sarah’s Lame Adventures”. But that would never be as popular as the Doctor, the hero. So a plan was hatched – hijack the popular Doctor. Over the last few seasons the makers of DW placed the companions in superior roles – the impossible girl saved every Doctor through all of time, for example. That still wasn’t enough.

    Now the Doctor is a woman, and the feminazis are writing things like “the inevitable progression of Doctor Who and why there’s still more to accomplish”.

    Note every major sci fi franchise is now SJW – diversity for the sake of diversity, men replaced by women (Star Wars with Rey, the female Luke, but Rey was instantly superior to any men – she beat the best light saber duelist of the generation even though she had never before used a light saber.

    Doctor Who is gone, replaced with this SJW version – diversity for the sake of diversity.

    You asked a great question – where is the male Xena, the male Wonder Woman (Wonder Man?), the male Larry Croft? Note there was no push to change Lara Croft’s gender.

    Doctor Who is no longer being made. I expect this female Doctor to mark the end of the franchise.


  19. The fact that you’ve spent so much time and energy ranting about this is in itself a victory for the SJW crowd. They’ve succeeded both in making you angry and in making you think about the issue of gender, which is, at the most basic level, exactly their goal. I’m not a big fan of the whole SJW thing myself, but getting this angry about it only validates their arguments. So what if the Dr is a chick now? It’s just a TV show. Relax. Personally, I think the SJW thing is a fad that will eventually run its course and disappear, once it’s novelty fades. But the longer people like you rage against it (and therefore validate the need for it, in the eyes of the SJW) the longer it will continue to be a thing.
    I will agree that the show has pretty much sucked since the first or second Capaldi series, which is a shame. But every TV show fizzles out eventually. Maybe it’s just Dr who’s time.


    • Sorry for the late reply. This is a ridiculous comment. You’re not allowed to get angry at something or else they’ve won? By that logic never debunk any stupid ideas. These people did not spring up because we complained about them. They bullied and slandered Steven Moffat (and the proof is in this article) until he caved to them. So its okay for these people to bully the makers of the show, walk over its fans, trash its lore, destroy the quality of the series, and drive its popularity and fandom into the ground and if people complain about these bullies we’re the ones that are keeping it going?

      This does not validate any of their arguments. Care to explain how it does? Changing the Doctors sex is a huge deal. Its SJW nonsense to pretend that a gender change is no big deal. It represents their contempt for white men by taking roles away from them.

      And its not just a tv show. This is symbolic of what these people are doing all over society like in the education system. This isn’t just a show fizzling out. Personally New Who from the start has been a bit of a misfire. This is the hijacking of something huge for a toxic agenda.


  20. Another thing that really upsets me is when you buy a Classic Series Doctor Who DVD or Blu-Ray, there are “Special Features”. How many of these are modern people attacking the very show you just spent money on? And telling you how much better Nu Who is than the DVD/Blu-Ray you’ve just bought! The nadir was probably bloody Bidisha attacking Doctor Who for its sexism and racism. If people want to make shows like this, attacking Classic Who, then they should go ahead. But the fact BBC/2Entertain put these “Special Features” ON the actual Classic Who discs speaks volumes.


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