The Worst Types of Sci Fi and Fantasy Fans

Fandom can be a tricky thing. On the one hand when a show, comic book or film develops a devoted fan following they can help keep it alive through dark times, ensure that it is never forgotten and work hard to make sure it gets the respect its due in the industry.

Sadly however at other times, fans can end up sinking the thing they love and even in extreme cases, salt the earth so that future writers and directors can’t or won’t ever go near it ever again!

They accomplish this either by taking their favourite franchise over, or forcing the writers to do things their way by slandering them in the media.

In this article I am going to look at who are the worst types of fans and why pandering to these people will kill a franchise stone dead, or at least make it a shadow of its former self.

The Purist Fan Myth

Before we start I’d just like to dispel one myth that the worst type of fan to pander to is the purist fan. Now obviously a fan who can’t stand any kind of change will never be happy, but to be honest those types of fans are in the extreme minority.

Most purist fans are happy with some change, but they just want the product to remain recognisable as what it was originally in some way.

Take for instance the Heath Ledger Joker and the Peter Cushing version of Van Helsing. Both are in many ways different from the original versions, yet both are arguably the most beloved adaptations from die hard fans.

The Ledger Joker doesn’t have perma white skin like the original Joker, whilst Cushing’s Van Helsing is a younger, more physically active character, who has devoted his entire existence to killing Vampires as opposed to just reading about them.

However both still seemed like the same character in other, more important ways so most even die hard fans didn’t mind those changes.

The Ledger Joker was obsessed with proving his superiority to Batman, yet could never kill him as he acknowledged that no one else could keep up with him, which is exactly the same relationship the comic book Joker has to Batman.

Here compare their dialogue.

Original Joker

(To Batman) “I could never kill you. Where would the act be without my straight man?””

Ledger Joker

You won’t kill me out of some
misplaced sense of self-
righteousness. . . and I won’t kill
you because you ‘ re too much fun .
We’re going to do this forever. 

The Ledger Joker also had mysterious origins just like the original too. We never found out his real name like the comic book Joker, and just like the comic book Joker he told a multitude of different stories about how he came to be, with the implication being that he was so insane, even he didn’t know which, if any of them were real.

“Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes I remember it another. If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.”

The Ledger Joker meanwhile was also obsessed with proving that ordinary people can be made into monsters just like the original Joker has been throughout much of his history. Indeed the plot for The Dark Knight is similar in some respects toThe Killing Joke, a classic Joker story.

In The Killing Joke the Joker tries to drive Commissioner Gordon insane by crippling his daughter, Barbara Gordon, whilst in the Dark Knight the Ledger Joker famously drives Harvey Dent insane by killing his lover Rachel, and scarring him.

Again look at their dialogue to see how they both have pretty much the exact same motivation.

Original Joker

So… I see you received the free ticket I sent you. I’m glad. I did so want you to be here. You see, it doesn’t matter if you catch me and send me back to the asylum… Gordon’s been driven mad. I’ve proved my point. I’ve demonstrated there’s no difference between me and everyone else! All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. 
You had a bad day once, am I right? I know I am. I can tell. You had a bad day and everything changed. Why else would you dress up like a flying rat? You had a bad day, and it drove you as crazy as everybody else… only you won’t admit it! You have to keep pretending that life makes sense, that there’s some point to all this struggling! God, you make me want to puke. 
I mean, what is it with you? What made you what you are? Girlfriend killed by the mob, maybe? Brother carved up by some mugger? Something like that, I bet. Something like that… 
Something like that happened to me, you know. I… I’m not exactly sure what it was. 
But my point is… my point is, I went crazy. When I saw what a black, awful joke the world was, I went crazy as a coot! I admit it! Why can’t you? I mean, you’re not unintelligent! You must see the reality of the situation. Do you know how many times we’ve come close to World War Three over a flock of geese on a computer screen? Do you know what triggered the last World War? An argument over how many telegraph poles Germany owed its war debt creditors! Telegraph poles! 
It’s all a joke! Everything everybody ever valued or struggled for… it’s all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can’t you see the funny side? 
Why aren’t you laughing?”
Batman: “Because I heard it before and it wasn’t funny the first time. I spoke to Commissioner Gordon before I came in here. He’s fine. Despite all your sick, vicious little games, he’s as sane as he ever was! So maybe ordinary people don’t crack. Maybe it’s just you.”


Ledger Joker

I believe that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.

Madness is like gravity. All it takes is just one little push. 

Batman: What were you hoping to prove? That deep down we’re all as ugly as you? This city just showed you that its full of people ready to believe in good. 

You can see how the dynamic is pretty much the same.

The Ledger Jokers way of operating is also similar to the original. Both make it known to the public that they are going to kill a high profile figure before they do so, both stay ten steps ahead of the police and the Batman, and both also use disguises too.

Finally the Ledger Joker also keeps the villains trademark look. Okay its more dishevelled, but the overall look, green hair, white face, large distinctive grin, pink or purple suit, is still there.

Similarly the Cushing Van Helsing keeps the two defining traits of Van Helsing. That he is an ordinary man with no super powers who has to defeat Vampires using his wits, and cunning, and that he is the world’s greatest expert on Vampires, Demons and monsters.

Now compare these two versions of iconic characters to the Hugh Jackman version of Van Helsing and the 1998 Godzilla and you can see when and why die hard fans DO get angry at characters being changed.

The Hugh Jackman Van Helsing is nothing like the original. He has no knowledge on Vampires, Demons, Werewolves etc. (In fact he has another character there to fulfil that role!). He also has super powers and jumps hundreds of feet through the air, and bends steel with his bare hands.

With this in mind in what way is he Van Helsing except in name only? Similarly the 98 Godzilla is not indestructable, is smaller, weaker, never fights and doesn’t have any firey breath. His design is also not even remotely similar to Godzilla’s. Again much like the Joker, Godzilla’s design has changed over the years yes,  but there is always a blueprint to the Dinosaurs look, which the 98 Godzilla ditches completely.

So in what way is the 98 Godzilla, Godzilla?

Fans disliked these versions because in a way they felt like an insult to the original character. Essentially someone was coming along and saying that Van Helsing and Godzilla were boring, or silly heroes, so lets do our version that has nothing to do with the original, whilst using the name Van Helsing and Godzilla to sell our product and trick people who actually like them into watching it.

At the end of the day I don’t think that most fans mind a character being changed in some way, just as long as they are still recognisable as the character they are supposed to be

Sadly however the media with its anti nerd bias will often smear fanboys as being so unreasonable that they can’t stand ANY change. Thus fans who want to remain true to the character are often slandered as the worst type of people to pander to.

They are ALWAYS portrayed as the types who are out of touch with what the public want, want their product to be something for them only, are irrational and entitled etc.

The great irony is that whenever the more faithful and purist types of fans get their hands on a franchise they tend to do a better job with both the public and critics.

Take for instance Batman. The DCAU (a series of animated shows and films based on DC comics, which includes Batman the Animated Series) was made by purist fans.

Bruce Timm and Paul Dini the two major creative forces behind the DCAU, were huge fans of DC comics and they wanted to make their versions as faithful as possible. Of course they changed a few things around, but overall they tried to remain faithful to the history of the characters they were adapting.

The result was what many deem to be the greatest versions of icons like Batman and Superman, a Saturday morning cartoon so popular that it made its way to prime time tv, and a franchise that ran for almost 15 years.

Similarly Christopher Nolan was a huge Batman fan who whilst making it more realistic and gritty, still tried to stay true to the original Batman mythos. He even cited the Jokers first ever appearance as his main inspiration for The Dark Knight.

The result? The most successful live action version of Batman.

The 2014 version of Godzilla is yet another example. Its director, Gareth Edwards outright said that he wanted this version to be more faithful than the 98 version, and it was. The 2014 Godzilla restored his atomic breath, followed the template of the original Godzilla design, and made him both indestructable to human weapons, and a ferocious fighter, taking down other monsters, just like the big G we all knew and loved from the Toho films.


You can see how the 2014 version is basically just an old Godzilla movie,  but with updated effects.

The result was that this version of Godzilla was a massive success both critically and commercially and will be the start of a new series unlike the 98 version which crashed and burned with critics and audiences.

I think people tend to cite 80s Doctor Who as proof that pandering to die hard fans will kill a show. In the 80s Doctor Who’s producer John Nathan Turner hired superfan Ian Levine as a continuity adviser. Many believe that Levine forced JNT to include too many references to the past and that this was the reason the shows viewers tanked.

Personally however I’ve always found that to be a weak reason, often given by self loathing fanboys. Whilst its true that there are probably too many continuity references in the Davison and Colin Baker eras (when Levine was present.) At the same time there were far more important reasons as to why 80s Doctor Who suffered a fall in viewers.

To start with the BBC at the time HATED Doctor Who and its production team and openly admitted to wanting to sabotage it.

They cancelled it in 1985 when its viewers were still strong (and the shows overseas following was bigger than ever.) Though they brought it back after 18 months, by that time it had lost a lot of viewers in the wilderness.

They also gave it no advertising, slashed its already small budget, raised prices of stories abroad to the point where no one could afford them, and put it up against Coronation Street which was the death slot. They also fired its leading man, (and even went against the terms of his contract.) And refused to allow its producer to leave when he wanted for 5 years, all of which made working on DW look like career suicide to anyone in the industry.

All of this contributed to its death far more than a couple of little continuity references in the Davison and Colin Baker eras. Really I’d go as far as to argue that Ian Levine played NO role in the death of Doctor Who. (I might add that Levine wasn’t even there for the shows last 4 years, which is when the real fall in viewers and critical acclaim began.)

Still even if you can lay the blame at Levine’s door, the decline of 80s Who is nowhere near as bad as the following ways in which other types of fans have wrecked franchises.

80s Who simply saw the show lose its popularity. At the end of the day Doctor Who was still Doctor Who when it finished in 1989. The Master was still the Doctors archenemy who hated him and wanted him dead, the Doctor was still the same grandfatherly, eccentric scientist we knew and loved. It could be brought back at any time with no baggage. The same is not true now.

3/ The Shipper Fans

We all have couples that we like, characters that we want to see get together, but these people take it to a whole other level.

The shipper fans will write fiction devoted entirely to their preferred couples, but even then that’s not what bothers me. I mean hey I may not like those kinds of stories, but if other people do, more power to them I say.

What bothers me about shipper fans (not all) is the way they will often bully and harass other fans and even the makers and producers of the product they are “Fans” of until they all pander to them in some way.

People are often too scared to say anything back to shipper fans, because they often assume they are women. Male nerds are petrified of ever disagreeing with a woman out of fear of being labelled a sad man baby who doesn’t want women being a part of his favourite franchise.

Of course the great irony is that there are just as many male shipper fans as female shipper fans. Indeed its often the male shipper fans that actually bring this shit into the franchise itself like with Batman and the Joker, the Doctor and the Master, and even The Mekon and Dan Dare.

Still the stereotypical image is of a young woman sitting on her laptop writing erotic fan fiction, so most nerds will be too scared to say anything against them.

Also in recent decades as shipper fans have begun to focus more on same sex pairings, if you say you disagree or dislike their interpretation of certain characters relationships then you are slandered as a homophobe.

Thus sadly the Shipper fans, despite being far more unreasonable, far more entitled and having far more of a visible influence in the downfall of fandoms, characters and franchises are often treated more favourably and pandered to by the media and the producers of various series than the purists.

On the one hand we will get purist fans being told they are sad gits who should get a life, whilst on the other we will get actors and writers apologising to shipper fans for supposedly “queer baiting them” whatever the fuck that means.

Queerbaiting is more frustrating than ever

Fan Complaining At Queerbaiting Trailer

The worst thing about Shipper fans is not even that they often have an influence, but also that they are by far and away the most infantile fans in any fandom.

They reduce every single relationship to being about sex. Now I’m no prude. I have no problem with romantic relationships in genre series, either straight or gay. But there is a time and a place, and not every single relationship has to be devolved into that.

Thanks to the Shipper fans influence so many iconic characters and relationships  have all been rewritten to be more romantic, and consequently made less interesting and unique.

Take a look at Spike and Buffy for instance. Spike from seasons 2-4 was a very interesting and unique Vampire. He was a practical self server, who was happy to work alongside the vilest villains, and the heroes if it benefited him in some way.

In season 2 Spike agrees to help Buffy save the world. Whilst his main motivation is to get Angelus away from his girlfriend, Drusilla, Spike also does genuinely want to save the world because he likes it the way it is.

“We like to talk big.  Vampires do. ‘I’m going to destroy the world.’  That’s just tough guy
talk. Strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood. The truth is, I like this world.
You’ve got dog racing, Manchester United. And you’ve got people. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs. It’s all right here.

But then someone comes along with a vision. With a real passion for destruction. Angel could pull it off. Goodbye, Picadilly.  Farewell, Leicester Bloody Square. You know what I’m saying”

Its an interesting idea that a Vampire, or a Demon wouldn’t actually want to destroy the world, not because he has fought the Demon inside of him, or found love, but for purely selfish reasons.

In this respect Spike would actually prove influential on the character of Crowley from Supernatural. Crowley much like Spike is an unquestionably evil monster, a Demon, but he still nevertheless helps the main heroes to save the world solely for his own safety, and later regularly flips back and forth between working against and with the heroes for his own reasons.

Sadly however from season 5 on Spike, suddenly out of nowhere, fell head over heels in love with Buffy. This was simply because Buffy and Spike were popular characters, played by two attractive and sexy leads, and shipper fans wanted to see them get together.

So Joss Whedon, ever the fan panderer, rewrote it that Spike has always been in love with Buffy, and that was the real reason he worked with her in season 2 to save the world.

Now in all fairness the Buffy/Spike romance wasn’t completely terrible, unlike some other forced ships. Still it definitely made Spike less interesting and less unique.

How many times have we seen a Vampire become a good guy because he falls in love with someone? Its the biggest cliche in all of Vampire fiction. Spike from season 2-4 was something new. Also Buffy itself had already had a romantic Vampire anyway, with Angel whose relationship with Buffy dominated the first 3 seasons of the show.

For seasons 5-7 of Buffy Spike really just becomes Angel mark 2. They repeat all of the same beats they did with Angel. Like Angel he gets a soul, like Angel he is in love with Buffy and wants to be a better man for her, and like Angel he goes bad again after getting that soul, before getting it back and becoming a champion.

Its not until season 5 of Angel that Spike is able to become the Spike of old again, but by this stage, his entire character had been dominated by his love for Buffy to the point where sadly that’s all the character is remembered for in popular culture. Another romantic Vampire.

This brilliant article which you should read if you have the time sums up why Supernatural in some ways did a better job with Crowley than Buffy did with Spike.

Why Fergus (Crowley) Went Right Where William (Spike) Went Wrong

Its not even as though the actors were happy with the Buffy and Spike relationship. Sarah Michelle Gellar hated the story, feeling that it diminished her character, and James Marsters is never done complaining about how much of a pussy Spike became from season 5 on.

Though the Buffy/Spike pairing is popular, it is also without doubt the most polarising relationship in the show, and indeed many fans feel that the later seasons of Buffy, particularly the last 2, where the Buffy/Spike relationship takes centre stage are among the weakest.

A more extreme version of a character being ruined by shipping fans is the Master from Doctor Who.

The Master for those of you who don’t know is the Doctors archenemy. He is a time lord just like the Doctor. The Masters aim in the original series is to take control of planets like the earth because he believes that under his rule, he can make them better places.

His logic in some ways is sound. As a Time Lord the Master will have knowledge of the future and so he will help humanity avert disasters, wars, alien invasions. Everything from the Titanic sinking, to the Second World War, to the Dalek Invasion of the 22nd century he can stop.

The Master with his intellect can also give races like humanity technology that can cure diseases, end hunger, explore space, and he can also using his alien intellect end all inequalities too.

Whilst the Master is also motivated by his own selfish lust for power, he does genuinely believe that when he rules he will be benevolent and can justify many of his most heinous crimes to the Doctor as being for a greater good.

See here.

JUDGE: Counsel for the defence may now cross examine the witness

THE MASTER: Thank you, your honour.

THE DOCTOR: Of all the infernal… You don’t mean to tell me he’s defending himself?

THE MASTER: Sadly, yes. Sir Roderick met with a most unfortunate accident.

THE DOCTOR: Yes… I’m quite sure that he did.

THE MASTER: Would the court please make note of the witness’s hostile attitude. The Doctor is a very old, and, may I say, a very dear aquaintance, but sometimes a little incautious and hot headed in his choice of language.

THE DOCTOR: I’m not hot headed, you scoundrel. 

THE MASTER: Do make a note of that.

THE DOCTOR: Now see here…

THE MASTER: I really think, Doctor, it may be best if you take a nice deep breath. I say this, speaking as a friend.

THE DOCTOR: I am no friend of yours!

THE MASTER: Indeed? The whole court has heard you give an impassioned speech asking for me to be shown clemency. Who but a friend would do that?

THE DOCTOR: A merciful man.

THE MASTER: A humane one?


THE MASTER: But it is these very humane humans of yours that wish to put me to death.

THE DOCTOR: Well… you’ve killed hundreds and tried destroy their planet half a dozen times.

THE MASTER: I dispute that last statement. I really must protest. I have not tried to destroy this planet. I will admit I have, perhaps encouraged regime change on several occasions.

THE DOCTOR: You admit it!

THE MASTER: The human race is not very advanced is it Doctor? They still, for example practise the death penalty.


THE MASTER: They regard all alien life as hostile and frequently wipe it out in their encounters with it.

THE DOCTOR: That is regrettable.

THE MASTER: You see, ladies and gentlemen of the court, please don’t take this amiss, but as a species you’re not experienced enough. You are likely to misconstrue the actions of other species simply because you cannot yet comprehend them. You may perceive our actions as a threat when really they are a benevolent attempt to bring you advancement. Would you not agree, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: I would not!

THE MASTER: So, when you brokered a peace treaty with the Silurians, what was the reaction of the human race?

THE DOCTOR: They, er, well, they blew them up.

THE MASTER: They destroyed an ancient civilisation? Dear me, hardly the action of an advanced species. Is it, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: No. No, on that I must agree. But humanity is… well… I mean, for a level 2 civilisation, they’re doing remarkably well.

THE MASTER: A level 2 civilisation! Would you care to define a level 2 civilisation?

THE DOCTOR: I’m not really sure I should.

THE MASTER: Come now, Doctor. You introduced it into evidence?

THE DOCTOR: Very well. A level 2 civilisation is one that has discovered elementary space travel, hydrocarbons, antibiotics and the principles of nuclear fission.

THE MASTER: A capital definition. And what do most level 2 civilisations do with the discovery of nuclear fission?

THE DOCTOR: They build power stations.

THE MASTER: But what, would you say, is the principal use made of it by humanity?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, that’s hardly fair. Its how humanity learns, they find a thing and their first use is always.

THE MASTER: Yes Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: In weapons. They make nuclear weapons.

THE MASTER: And how would such a development be viewed by, say, a level 3 civilisation?

THE DOCTOR: As barbaric. But..

THE MASTER: Barbaric! And tell me Doctor. What level is our own race?

THE DOCTOR: Ah, ah, well, a level 12 civilisation.

THE MASTER: So would you say you are more qualified to judge humanity’s actions than they are?


THE MASTER: I’ll rephrase the question. Are they qualified to judge your actions?

THE DOCTOR: Certainly not.

THE MASTER: So are they qualified to judge me? All right let me put it to you. I stand here accused of being now what is it, ah yes under article 18B of the Emergency Powers Act of being of hostile origin or association, and of committing acts prejudicial to public safety. Doctor I dispute these allegations, and you are going to help me prove them false.

THE DOCTOR: I have absolutely no intention of helping you.

THE MASTER: Since arriving on this planet, would you not agree that I have revolutionised the efficiency of the plastics manufacturing industry?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, but

THE MASTER: Thank you. I’ll admit my methods were aggressive, but oh so human. And have I not also had remarkable results with the elimination of psychopathic tendencies in the criminal mind.


THE MASTER: I’m afraid its a yes or no question.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, but

THE MASTER: And finally, did I not offer humanity a remarkable solution to its energy crisis?

THE DOCTOR: Fine, yes fine. But in every case

THE MASTER: I know, I know. My good intentions were rebuffed and misconstructed. Surely, however even you can agree with my actions in Devils End.

THE DOCTOR: Not in the slightest.

THE MASTER: Come now. Who better to sit in judgement on a level 2 civilisation than its creator, Azal of the Daemons. We can both see the mess this species is in. You can choose to do nothing. I tried, oh how I tried, and then when that failed, I appealed to Azal, hoping he could shape and reform it. Instead regrettably, he wrote the experiment off. Wasn’t that what happened, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Well… yes. If it hadn’t been for Miss Grant. You’re leaving out your actions on Uxarieus, where you tried to take control of.

THE MASTER: Where I attempted peacefully to adjudicate on a dispute between worthy pioneers and a legitimate mining concern. But I’m fairly certain Doctor that events on ther planets are outside the jurisdiction of this court, and should not be brought into play. 

THE DOCTOR: They prove that you want to play God.

THE MASTER: Merely to improve the existence of the common lot, I assure you. I am on this planet for its own good.

THE DOCTOR: If not the good of its population.

THE MASTER: Now, that is unfair, Doctor. I try my best. What more can anyone say? 

At first The Master believes that the Doctor can be a possible ally. The Master hates the Time Lords because he believes that they waste their great power. However the Doctor who as far as he knows is the only other Time Lord who has left Gallifrey and gone into the universe and had an influence. He genuinely hoped that the Doctor could help him build his better galaxy.
MASTER: We’re both Time Lords, we’re both renegades. We could be masters of the galaxy! Think of it, Doctor, absolute power! Power for good. Why, you could reign benevolently, you could end wars, suffering, disease. We could save the universe. 

Of course when it becomes apparent that the Doctor is never going to join the Master, the Master sees him as his biggest threat and tries to destroy him. The more the Master fails however and the more his killing is for nothing, the more the Master grows to despise the Doctor to the point where it at certain points becomes the Masters main motivation to make the Doctor suffer.

Later stories also see the Master lose his regenerations and end up in a burnt out husk of a body and see him try to extend his life. Still the Masters desire for power does always persist.

Every single Classic era story gives the Master one of the following three motivations. Lust for power, revenge on the Doctor, and desire to prolong his own miserable life.

As time goes on the villains hatred for the Doctor as well as whatever it is that scarred him and took away his regenerations drags him further and further into madness and turns him into a monster.

The Doctor in turn always regarded the Master as evil. As early as the Masters second appearance, the Doctor tried to kill the Master even when the villain agreed to flee as the Doctor believed he was too big a threat to the rest of the universe.

JO: But I don’t see why you’re so upset. If you give him (the Master) back the circuit and he hands over the missile 
DOCTOR: You just don’t understand, do you, Jo? Once he gets that circuit back he’s free to roam through time and space. We’d never catch him. 
JO: Then you’ll just have to give in. The Master’s got the missile and all we’ve got is this wretched machine. 
DOCTOR: Jo, will you stop stating the obvious. What did you say? 
JO: I said all we’ve got is this machine. 
DOCTOR: Well, that’s it. That’s the answer. We’ve got the machine and we’ve got our friend, Barnham. 
JO: I don’t understand. 
DOCTOR: With a little help from you, old chap, we can destroy this machine and the Master at the same time.

MASTER: (After the Doctor attempted to trap him in a place that was about to blow up) Ah Doctor I was afraid you’d be worried about me, so I thought I’d let you know that I’m alive and well.

DOCTOR: I’m extremely sorry to hear that!

DOCTOR: Well, I didn’t actually see him (the Master) fall, you know. I was quite busy. 
ENGIN: Oh, but if by some miracle he survived the fall into that chasm, he was dying anyway. 
DOCTOR: There was a good deal of power coming out of that monolith, and the Sash would have helped him to convert it. 
SPANDRELL: Are you suggesting he survived? 
DOCTOR: No, no, I hope not, Spandrell. And there’s no one else in all the galaxies I’d say that about. The quintessence of evil.

There was never ANY sexual tension between them. In fact Roger Delgado, the actor who originated the role of the Master believer that he was actually the Doctors brother, and the two creators of the Master, Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts intended to reveal this in the Masters final story which was sadly never made as Delgado was tragically killed in a car accident. Still as Delgado and Jon Pertwee always intended them to be brothers, it doesn’t seem likely that either they or the writers added in a sexual element does it?

John Nathan Turner who produced all of the stories with Anthony Ainley’s version of the Master also said that the he always considered the Master to be the Doctors brother, and came close to revealing it.

The only other incarnation of the Master was the burned Master, who was a rotting corpse so it can be taken for granted that there was no sexual tension there!

Sadly however throughout the 90s the shipper fans began to dominate Who fandom and for some reason insisted that there was a gay subtext between the Master and the Doctor.

Even though there demonstrably wasn’t a gay subtext, the shipper fans just kept claiming there was (often by taking lines and scenes out of context) until it became received wisdom. Its like Lenin says. A lie repeated enough times becomes fact.

See here. Doctor Who Foe Yay

When many of these shipper fans like Paul Cornell, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies brought the show back, they started to make it canon that the Master wanted to shag the Doctor which eventually culminated in the Master changing his sex, falling in love with the Doctor, trying to shag him almost every time he met him, and French kissing him!

The Master I grew up with. A relentless and effective villain who still tries to kill the Doctor even as his world crumbles!

What Shipper fans did to the character. Yes SHE is actually meant to be the same character as the one in the cloak above!

The Master was completely destroyed as a character by being made into basically the Doctors jealous ex.

To start with his motivations became less interesting. Before he was a megolomaniac who believed that he would reshape the cosmos in his own image. Now SHE is only interested in winning the Doctor back as her boyfriend.

Her plans all revolve around getting the Doctor back from about 2014 on. Not once does the female Master attempt to take over the earth.

In Death in Heaven she creates an indestructable Cyber army as a present to give the Doctor, whilst in The Magicians Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar she doesn’t even have a plan until the end when she can kill Clara, a rival for the Doctors affections. Throughout all of  season 10 meanwhile all she does is try and go good so she can be with her ex boyfriend.

The villain has been completely undermined and reduced to nothing but a jealous ex of the Doctor, and his past characterisation of hating the Doctor has also been made a mockery of too. Now it just looks like the Master was overcompensating because he couldn’t accept being gay for the Doctor.

Here some dialogue from the Classic era Master.

No, we could not have used anyone. You do not understand hatred as I understand it. Only hate keeps me alive. Why else would I endure this pain (holds his shaking, burned hand up.) I must see the Doctor die in shame and dishonour. Yes, and I must destroy the Time Lords. Nothing else matters. NOTHING!

Here some dialogue from the female Master.

Oh Clara, Clara, Clara, I might shoot her in a jealous rage, now wouldn’t that be sexy.

My hearts are maintained by the Doctor.

(To the Doctor) I have two hearts. Both yours.

Show a bad girl how its done.

(About the Doctor) I want my friend back.

Of course anyone who is angry at the Master being vandalised in this way has been tarred as a sexist, homophobe by the shipper fans.

Other iconic relationships that have similarly been degraded by either pandering to shipper fans, or shipper fans going on to write for the show, comic etc, are Batman and the Joker, the Green Goblin and Spider-Man, Dan Dare and the Mekon, Buffy and Faith, Superman and Lex Luthor, and Holmes and Moriarty.

Here is a list of some of them.

Comic Books Foe Yay

None of these characters have been downgraded quite as much as the Master of course, but still writers have attempt to explain away the Jokers obsession with Batman, The Green Goblins obsession with Spider-Man and Moriarty’s obsession with Holmes as all being because they are secretly in love with the hero and can’t admit it.

In all cases much like the Master and the Doctor, this not only makes characters like the Joker and the Goblin all much less effective villains, but it also makes their relationships with their archenemies boring too. They are all basically the fucking same as each other now.

It seems no one can have a villain/hero relationship that doesn’t get back to sex. It was always frustrating the way no one could ever have a villain and hero of the opposite gender to one another who weren’t attracted to each other at some point.

Even if that wasn’t the original intention like Spike and Buffy, someone somewhere would come along and write that in.

Now however it seems we can’t even have a villain and a hero who are of the same sex without someone making it all about sex. Even if said characters are not gay or bisexual, it doesn’t matter. Somewhere some hack writer will add a sexual element and think he is being really edgy by doing so.

Again I’m not saying don’t ever have a romantic relationship between a villain and a hero. I rather liked Ares and Xena for instance. It wasn’t perfect, but at least it made sense. Ares from the second he first appeared on screen clearly had a powerful attraction to Xena, so it didn’t just spring out of nowhere and contradict the characters entire history like Spike and the Master.

Still don’t drag it into every single fucking relationship. Its infantile if you can’t conceive of two characters having a rivalry, or a relationship of any kind that doesn’t revolve around sex.

Was there sexual tension between Hitler and Churchill for instance? They were rivals. By these people’s logic it has to be because they were secretly gay for each other and couldn’t admit it.

Shipper fans should always be held at bay. NEVER apologies to them for supposedly queer baiting like Misha Collins and Steven Moffat have both done in the past. NEVER change two characters relationship simply because they are a popular pairing in fan circles, and NEVER pander to shipper fans in any way shape or form. Even if its just one character making a joke like Dean to Castiel, they’ll jump on that and use that as proof to later vandalise said character when they get hold of the franchise.

2/ SJW fans

Yes I know old ground for me. I won’t spend too long on this as I have covered why I hate these people in other articles, but I can’t not mention them when talking about awful types of fans can I?

SJW, which stands for Social Justice Warriors, is an ironic, mocking term used to refer to those who see themselves as the modern day versions of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks etc, but focus on trivial bullshit and end up becoming genuinely bigoted themselves.

At first glance most impartial people will probably think “well what’s wrong with SJWs? All they want is stronger roles for women, black people, LGBT people etc”.

Thing is that’s not just what they want. Obviously the overwhelming majority of sci fi and fantasy fans have 0 problem with LGBT characters, female characters or black characters.

Some of the genres biggest hits have starred LGBT characters, black characters and female characters. Xena, Buffy, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Blade, Spawn, Alien, Terminator, Red Dwarf etc.

SJW fans however want to inject their own very particular and poisonous brand of  politics into a product until it completely takes it over.

Female, black, LGBT characters have to remind us every three seconds that they are all of those things, and in a condescending way to the viewer that’s basically the writer saying “I bet you people watching at home are shocked to see someone non white, non straight on tv!”

On top of this, white male characters will have to be full of self loathing for being white, and will have to be emasculated and constantly insulted by the smug black/LGBT/female character for having white male privilege.

Case in point.

See what I mean this is not simply having a black or an LGBT character and people going crazy because they can’t take it, as the SJWs often like to paint it.

Xena was bisexual and had many romances with men AND women throughout her 6 year long series, yet funnily enough no one cared and Xena was the most popular cult series in the world at that point (being shown in more countries than classic who ever was!)

It might be because Xena was a fully fleshed out character, and didn’t have to virtue signal about being LGBT, or go on about hating white men every two seconds, or comment on the petty Presidential politics of the time in a way that would date her in about 5 years!

Red Dwarf’s main character is a black man, and NOT once is it mentioned that he is black. Think of all the things Lister insults Rimmer for. Not once does he go on about Rimmer having white privilege. In fact he is very sympathetic to Rimmers problems about his dad, but just thinks he is a smeg head all around.

SJW fans also want to change or replace already existing characters too. The likes of Thor, Wolverine, and Iron Man have all been killed off and replaced with female characters taking up the mantle.

Others meanwhile as we have seen like the Doctor and the Master have been rewritten to be transexual, bisexual, lesbian lovers!

Again nobody has a problem with a hero being a woman, bisexual or transexual, but create your own heroes that are that. Killing off a fan favourite like Wolverine is obviously going to anger his fans, and similarly completely changing the Master from the Doctors nemesis, to his jealous gay lover is obviously going to annoy his fans, because now we won’t get to see a Master story anymore. We’ll have to watch a story with Missy, who is a totally different character in every way.

However anyone with these legit complaints will be shouted down and outright abused by SJWs as a bigot, a manbaby etc.

Case in point.

On top of this when not running a show, SJWs will always get their way by abusing the makers and producers in the media.

The most notable example of this was when SJWs and feminists launched a smear campaign against Steven Moffat, the former producer of DW from about 2011 on. They accused him of being everything, sexist, homophobic, racist, abelist etc, until by a bizarre coincidence he started doing everything they wanted from about 2014 on (to the extreme detriment of the show, like Missy.)

See here.

Trigger Warning Sexual Assault in Doctor Who

Problematic Posters For Doctor Who

Why Does The Man Behind Doctor Who Still Have A Job

Asylum of the Daleks is Problematic

Doctor Who Is Racist New Book Claims

New Doctor New Direction

SJWs are bullies and fanatics who always get their own way, which is not surprisingly why die hard fans hate them. The shows, video games and comic books they take over will often fail with mainstream viewers just as badly as they will focus solely on the fact that they have black, LGBT people, female characters at the expense of everything else (like you know having a fucking story. See Ghostbusters 2016.)

They foolishly think they can sell something on diversity alone which in a way is insulting to the minorities they claim to be fighting for. Apparently an LGBT sci fi fan doesn’t care about well written stories, or interesting, thought provoking ideas and concepts. All you need to get them watching is just to have two guys, or two women make out and that’s it. They are apparently a very easy audience.

Finally SJWs won’t even remain loyal to the thing they claim to be a fan of. They are professional victims who always want to be offended. You could have the most diverse cast imaginable and they’d still find a way for it be racist.

Here are some examples of them eating their own.

So with this in mind why would anyone want these people as their audience?

You’ll drive away everyone but a tiny minority and said minority will still slander you as being sexist!

Pandering to SJWs has sunk every single franchise that’s done it, from Ghostbusters to Doctor Who, but incredibly enough, SJWs as much as I despise them are not the worst fans out there.

1/ Self Loathing Fans

The most destructive fan of them all. The self loathing fan is someone who is embarrassed to be a nerd and tries to get round it in many ways.

To start with they are happy for their favourite franchise or series to completely change if they think that it will be popular among the masses. They will justify these changes with a stupid motto of “all change is good, because the franchise or series changed in the past”.

Of course no one is saying that ALL change is bad. However its equally stupid to say all change is good. Take change on a case by case basis.

The self loathing fan if he is male will also have a patronising attitude towards women. He will be desperate not to be seen as the stereotype of a nerd who can’t stand women liking sci fi or fantasy, so he will not only agree with a female nerd on ANYTHING, but will abuse any male fan she is arguing with as a sad “ming mong” fan.

The self loathing fan if they are male will almost always go on about how much they care about representation and will display some manufactured anger at how there are apparently no female heroes. “It makes me sick to see another cis white het dude cast as Batman/the Doctor/ James Bond” or something like that.

He will of course be in favour of male characters being changed into women too, like Doctor Who, even if he isn’t a fan of said hero. The great irony is that he will most likely not be a fan of ANY female led shows. Xena, Buffy, Charmed, Earth 2, Ghost Whisperer, Star Trek Voyager, Once Upon A Time. You’ll be lucky if he has two of these in his collection.

He also won’t have any black led films and tv shows like Red Dwarf, Blade, or any foreign genre films and tv series such as the classic Chinese horror films like Mr Vampire, A Chinese Ghost Story etc.

His DVD, book and music collections will be the most testosterone filled, white, heteronormative collections you’ve ever seen. But that will be why he is so self loathing. He actually thinks this makes him sexist, racist and homophobic.

Of course you could never prefer say Doctor Who to Charmed, because it might just be your thing more. No it has to be because you have been raised in a society that hates women.

See here for an example of this type of fan. Steve Shives, a notorious feminist who thinks that preferring Angel to Buffy makes him a sexist!

Now you might be inclined to feel sorry for this type of fan more than the shippers or the SJWs as they are bullied, but ultimately they are the worst as they are the fans who allow the SJWs and the shippers to wreak havoc on beloved franchises.

The likes of Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall are self loathing fanboys who gave into the SJWs because they foolishly thought they were the “cool kids” that they had to get liking their show.

Take a look at these quotes from Steven Moffat about Doctor Who in the 90s.

Back when I was in my early twenties, I thought Doctor Who was the scariest programme on television. I had one particular Who-inspired nightmare which haunts me to this day — except it wasn’t a nightmare at all, it was something that happened to me on a regular basis. I’d be sitting watching Doctor Who on a Saturday, absolutely as normal… but I’d be in the company of my friends!!

Being a fan is an odd thing, isn’t it? I was in little doubt — though I never admitted it, even to myself — that Doctor Who was nowhere near as good as it should have been, but for whatever reason I’d made that mysterious and deadly emotional connection with the show that transforms you into a fan and like a psychotically devoted supporter of a floundering football club, I turned out every Saturday in my scarf, grimly hoping the production team would finally score.

Of course my friends all knew my devotion to the Doctor had unaccountably survived puberty and had long since ceased to deride me for it. I think (I hope) they generally considered me someone of reasonable taste and intelligence and decided to indulge me in this one, stunningly eccentric lapse. And sometimes, on those distant Saturday afternoons before domestic video my nightmare would begin. I’d be stuck out somewhere with those friends and I’d realise in a moment of sweaty panic that I wasn’t going to make it home in time for the programme—or worse, they’ d be round at my house not taking the hint to leave — so on my infantile insistence we’d all troop to the nearest television and settle down to watch, me clammy with embarrassment at what was to come, my friends tolerant, amused and even open-minded.

And the music would start. And I’d grip the arms of my chair. And I’d pray! Just this once, I begged, make it good. Not great, not fantastic —just good. Don’t, I was really saying, show me up.

And sometimes it would start really quite well. There might even be a passable effects shot (there were more of those than you might imagine) and possibly a decent establishing scene where this week’s expendable guest actors popped outside to investigate that mysterious clanking/groaning/beeping/slurping sound before being found horribly killed/gibbering mad an episode later.

At this point I might actually relax a little. I might even start breathing and let my hair unclench. And then it would be happen. The star of the show would come rocketing through the door, hit a shuddering halt slap in the middle of the set and stare at the camera like (and let’s be honest here) a complete moron.

I’d hear my friends shifting in their chairs. I could hear sniggers tactfully suppressed. Once one of them remarked (with touching gentleness, mindful of my feelings) that this really wasn’t terribly good acting.

Of course, as even they would concede, Tom Baker (for it was he) had been good once — even terrific — but he had long since disappeared up his own art in a seven-year-long act of self-destruction that took him from being a dangerous young actor with a future to a sad, mad old ham safely locked away in a voice-over booth.

Which brings us, of course, to Peter Davison (for it was about to be him). I was appalled when he was cast. I announced to my bored and blank-faced friends that Davison was far too young, far too pretty, and far, far too wet to play television’s most popular character (as, I deeply regret to say, I described the Doctor). Little did I realise, back in 1982, that after years of anxious waiting on the terraces in my front room, my home team were about to score — or that Davison was about to do something almost never before seen in the role of the Doctor. He was going to act.

Let’s get something straight, because if you don’t know now it’s time you did. Davison was the best of the lot. Number One! It’s not a big coincidence or some kind of evil plot, that he’s played more above-the-title lead roles on the telly than the rest of the Doctors put together. It’s because-get this!-he’s the best actor.

You don’t believe me? Okay, let’s check out the opposition, Doctor-wise (relax, I’ll be gentle).

1. William Hartnell. Look, he didn’t know his lines! (okay, fairly gentle. It wasn’t his fault) and it’s sort of a minimum requirement of the lead actor dial he knows marginally more about what’s going to happen next than the audience. In truth, being replaceable was his greatest gift to the series. Had the first Doctor delivered a wonderful performance they almost certainly would not have considered a recast and the show would have died back in the sixties.

2. Patrick Troughton. Marvellous! Troughton, far more than the dispensable, misremembered Hartnell, was the template for the Doctors to come and indeed his performance is the most often cited as precedent for his successors. Trouble is, the show in those days was strictly for indulgent ten-year-olds (and therefore hard to judge as an adult). Damn good, though, and Davison’s sole competitor.

3. Jon Pertwee. The idea of a sort of Jason King with a sillier frock isn’t that seductive, really, is it? In fairness he carried a certain pompous gravitas and was charismatic enough to dominate the proceedings as the Doctor should. Had his notion of the character been less straightforwardly heroic he might have pulled off something a little more interesting. His Worzel Gummidge, after all,is inspired and wonderful.

4. Tom Baker. Thunderingly effective at the start, even if his interpretation did seem to alter entirely to fit this week’s script. (Compare, say, THE SEEDS OF DOOM and THE CITY OF DEATH. Is this supposed to be the same person?) I think I’ve said quite enough already about his sad decline so let’s just say that it’s nice to see him back on top form in Medics. Well, is was while it lasted.

5. Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Miscast and floundering. Neither made much impression on the role and none at all on the audience. Or at least on me.

So with this in mind its not hard to see how the feminists and SJWs were able to bully Moff into changing everything about Doctor Who. Someone who actually cared about Doctor Who would have stood up to them, but Moff who liked the show, but ultimately was embarrassed by it was happy to change it to fit the tastes of what he thought were the current generation of “cool kids”.

New Who to be fair was always run by self loathing fanboys, hence its willingness to throw away time honoured traits of the character of the Doctor such as his asexuality, in order to appeal to the youth. It worked for a short while in the Eccelston and Tennant eras, but ultimately when you run a show that way you are going to put money on the wrong horse, and that’s what happened when Moffat, like all celebs sealed off in their own little bubble, thought Social Justice was what the kids were into, and wanted to win favour with them.

The same is true for other franchises too such as Star Wars, where the self loathing fanboys like Wil Wheaton have at the very least shouted down all fans who have ANY complaints as sexists and bigots.

If it weren’t for the self loathing fanboys then our greatest sci fi franchises like Doctor Who and Star Wars would not be in the awful state they are in right now.

Even long before the SJWs showed up however the self loathing fans were responsible for some shitty remakes and sequels. The 98 Godzilla was an example of self loathing fanboyism for instance.

Dean Delvin its writer was a big Godzilla fan, yet he was embarrassed that if he actually made Godzilla, then people would laugh at him, or it wouldn’t do well. So he decided to change Godzilla to be more like Jurassic Park (which was popular at that time. Still is of course, but that was the height of Jurassic Park mania.)

The current unholy trinity of self loathing fans, SJWs and Shipper fans has led to the devastation of franchises like never before and its time that the purist fans started to fight back.

Thank you for reading.

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