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Okay its an understatement to say that this has been a very hectic and troublesome year for me personally.

Throughout the first three months of this year I suffered a severe bout of depression, one of the worst I have ever experienced in my life.

Tragically my Uncle also passed away in June this year after a heart attack, and another close family member has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Needless to say I haven’t had as much time to work on this blog, but now after possibly the worst 6 months of my entire life I am ready to resume my work here.

This article will cover what I am going to write about in the up coming months.

The History of N-Space

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About 2 years ago I wrote an article arguing that Classic Doctor Who and New Doctor Who did not take place in the same universe, but that Classic Who did take place in the same universe as various other fictional series and franchises.

I even wrote up a fictional history for them all together called the History of N-Space. However I felt it didn’t work at the time and so I deleted it.

However after the recent female Doctor debacle I have decided that as far as I’m concerned New Who and Classic Who are not canon to each other so this is essentially my head canon. Since according to people like Steven Moffat and Paul Cornell Doctor Who has no canon, then as far as I’m concerned The History of N-Space is as valid as New Who.

I’ve also had a few people telling me they miss the N-Space article, so I have decided to redo it, but hopefully in a much better way than before.

Obviously this means that the history of the Daleks articles which treats all of New Who and Classic Who as canon will not be continued. I won’t be deleting them as they are popular, but they are finished for now.

Don’t worry I won’t be writing anymore articles about how much I dislike the latest few seasons of New Who. I’ve pretty much said all I have to about that, so really there is no need to keep beating a dead horse. Also I hate being negative all the time, so the History of N-Space article will NOT be one bashing New Who in the slightest.

I actually think that splitting New Who and Classic Who into separate universes makes New Who far more enjoyable, as you can appreciate say David Tennant’s excellent performance, and scenes like Rose and the Doctor being on the beach without having to imagine him as being the same character as the older, more mature, asexual character from Classic Who.


The happy couple?

As to which other franchises I believe exist in the same universe as Classic Who, I see it like this.

Classic Who, Dan Dare (the first three versions), Blake’s 7, Godzilla (Showa era), Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Destroy All Humans video game series, Futurama, Quatermass, Prince of Darkness, the comic book Caballistics, Inc and Lost in Space all take place in the same universe in my opinion, as all have had loose crossovers with one another.

Doctor Who and Dan Dare crossed over in a Children in Need special where the Doctor and Dan visited a prison planet containing the Doctors worst enemies and the Mekon.

Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who have had a few crossovers with one another. In the novel Corpse Maker by Chris Boucher, a one off character from Blake’s 7 called Carnell encounters the Voc Robots, Leela and the 4th Doctor. Furthermore in the audio series Kaldor City, which features both Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 characters, the main protagonist is implied to be Avon, the main protagonist from Blake’s 7 in disguise!

Classic Who meanwhile had a few subtle crossovers with Quatermass in the story Remembrance of the Daleks. British Rocket Group and Quatermass himself are given a few mentions as real things.

“I wish Bernard were here.”

“British Rocket Group has its own problems”

In Futurama meanwhile the character of the 4th Doctor appears twice as a real person. First in Moebius Dick where he is one of the space travelers devoured by the space whale who are later rescued from its stomach by Leela.

In All The Presidents Heads the 4th Doctor is also briefly seen running back to the TARDIS in the altered timeline.

Fourth Doctor.jpg

File:Doctor Who.PNG

The Jupiter 2, the main spaceship from Lost in Space is also among the ships the Space Whale has trapped too, showing that it exists in the same universe as Futurama and therefore Classic Who.

Furthermore Godzilla also appears in Futurama as a real creature too, which once again links Godzilla to Doctor Who. As to which Godzilla it is however, well personally I am going to settle for the Showa era Godzilla.

Aside from the fact that he is my favorite, the Showa era Godzilla series had a crossover with the Planet of the Apes film series. In Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla the earth is attacked by a race of talking Apes working with a race of mutant men who wear masks made of human skins.

Whilst it is never made clear in the narrative, the intention of Toho was that these were the Apes and the mutant humans from the first two Planet of the Apes movies travelling to the past to change history. There is a slight reference to this in Terror of Mechagodzilla where the aliens mention saving the earth from mankind.

Futurama makes reference to Planet of the Apes having happened in the episode The Late Philip J Fry, so since Planet of the Apes and Godzilla both exist in the same reality as Futurama, that means that it has to be the Showa era Godzilla.

Of course this also means that the last 3 Planet of the Apes movies of the original series are not canon either. I have nothing against them. I think they were all great films, but they cannot be made to fit in with the N-Space timeline. You can rationalize it that the last 3 Apes movies take place in an alternate universe, with a similar history, but ultimately different in other ways.

Destroy All Humans and Cabillistics also contain references to events from Doctor Who stories as though they actually happened.

Prince of Darkness, a classic horror movie by the legendary director John Carpenter was said to have been based on real events, researched by Martin Quatermass, who in publicity material written to accompany the film, was said to be the brother of Bernard Quatermass. Thus as it is linked to Quatermass, then it is linked to Doctor Who too.

Finally the TARDIS also appears in Red Dwarf in a cameo scene.

Image result for tardis red dwarf

Incidentally the cast of Red Dwarf have also said that they want to have a crossover with Doctor Who, though they also said that they wanted to have one of the original Doctors instead.

Red Dwarf Cast: We Want A Doctor Who Crossover

So for all of these reasons and more I personally think that all of these franchises share the same universe as one another and I am going to try and work them all together in one history. I will have to take a few creative liberties with them to make them fit, but by and large I am going to try and stay faithful to every series in order to make them work.

Every Cyberman Story

Image result for cybermen

Having reviewed every Dalek story, I now intend to do the same for every Cyberman story. We will be looking at the Classic era Cybermen stories only as again I don’t really like to acknowledge New Who as much these days.

Other Non Sci Fi and Fantasy Reviews

Image result for Katey Sagal

In the last few years this blog has tended to focus more on sci fi and fantasy which are my two favourite genres.

However I’d like to review other non sci fi or fantasy series. I intend to do reviews of various animated series and classic British and American comedy series too.

I want this blog to be able to branch out a bit, though obviously we will still be looking primarily at sci fi and fantasy, but there will be other types of reviews on this blog too.

My Own Fiction

I am going to post my own fiction here too. I already have a website to showcase my fiction, but being the oldest blog, this has the widest reach, so I am going to post them here as well as on my other site.

Thank you for reading and the first article will be up tomorrow.




11 thoughts on “Coming Up On Burrunjorsramblesandbabbles

  1. Hey Burrun, thought I check in once in a while to see what my favorite ex-IMDB pal has been up to. Sad to hear about your depression mate andnI can totally relate since I went through the exact same thing at exactly the same time as you. If you ever need a friend to talk you know you can always send me a mail.

    Almost a year has passed since the Jodie Withaker announcement and you what? I still feel like it is all some kind of bad dream. It still feels so surreal to me that it ever came this far.
    For years on end I genuinely never ever thought we would get a female Doctor, or if it did then fan backlash would have been all over the place.

    I can honestly say the genderation of the Doc played some parts in my depression, it came at exactly the wrong time. I feel it did somewhat the same to you too.

    And you know what? Even though I firmly 100% disagree with the decision I would have gone iver by now had the BBC + Chibnall handled their response differently. If only the Peter Davison message had the been the universal message ala ” we understand your concerns, please give us a chance to convince otherwise ”

    instead of the ussual ” if you do not fully support this then there’s something very, very wrong with you ”

    Like are these people insane? Do they realize they’re actively driving their own fans away? Who in their right mind would this? Especially when Chibs has yet to even prove himself? Talk about a utter lack of perspective.

    We see the same thing happening to Star Wars, which has been sinking ship ever since The Last Jedi came out? Why? Because the captain of the ship is litteraly telling his crew to jump overboard, because he doesn’t need any of them.

    In think in the case of DW, they expect the same thing to happen that happened in 2005. That those who loved the old version will quitely dissapear while a whole new wave of dedicated fans will come in.

    Its a bleeping PR dissaster if you ask me, and happened purely because Chibs and the BBC have waned themselves untouchable. DW has become the victim of its own ( past ) success.
    Do you think RTD would have made such slanderous remarks back in Series 2 or 3? Or Steven Moffat when Series 5 was in the make?

    No off course not, because back then they were smart enough to know that if you flip off 50% of your fanbase your show will die out. Simple as that.
    By now in 2018 the showrunners have gotten themselves into some kind of god-complex. Doing and saying things with the fear that it may have consequences for their brand.

    Call me a bastard but I can’t wait to see that trainwreck of a Series 11 fail so very very hard. Let Chissy Chinball became the next JNT, and let the dissaster hang as a cloud of shame over his entire carreer for the rest of his life. He thinks he doesn’t need to pay the fans respect, and it is going to show later down the road.

    Let series 11, 12 and 13 be littered with wonderful gems like In the Forest of the Night, the Girl Who Died, Sleep No More and Hell Bent.
    It’s going to be very entertaining to see it crash so spectaculary.


    • Hi man so good to hear from you again. Missed the IMDB community. Its like an old pub closing. Really hope to hear more from you.

      Yeah its been a horrendous year for me so far. I’ve suffered from depression for my whole life, but the tragic circumstances of the last few months have made things worse.

      As for Jodie’s casting, well I have become a bit obsessed recently, but only because I actually find the whole thing interesting. Its gone beyond DW just being ruined TBH.

      Its fascinating seeing how something so beloved can be taken away from so many people because of a couple of bullies, and its interesting the way that they have been able to do it to so many other franchises too.

      IMO these people only go after nerds because they are cowards. Its easy to bully nerds who are already looked down on. Plus a lot of nerdy men are going to be self loathers who are either desperate for their series to be liked and think this is the way to do that. Or they are not going to want to be seen as sad basement dwellers, so they go along with it..

      Notice how these people don’t go after Westerns the same way they do Sci Fi? Western fans are at least stereotypically, shy, anxious young men like sci fi fans. Their genre is respected and they aren’t going to take people like Anita Sarkeesian’s shit.

      Imagine if Anita tried her “male entitlement” crap to a room full of “Good Ol Boys”. Imagine if she told them they couldn’t watch Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood shoot and beat up bad guys because its problematic?

      This would be the response they’d get.

      So these SJC’s go after nerds instead.

      Remember I was always saying this and having to put up with people like Paul Beardsley telling me I was crazy that we were headed this way, now we have.

      I still blame Steven Moffat for what happened. He was the first to pander to these people. Had he just not made the Master a woman, not gone out of his way to insult the male fans. Chinballs is the one who took it off life support, but Moffat is the one who brought it to that.

      People don’t think that a group of whiny online bullies can influence a show, but why not? Look at how they chased Peter Davison off of twitter? Look at Scarlett Johannsan, a big Hollywood star being bullied into quitting a movie because they got offended.

      This is what happened to DW. These people attacked not just Moffat but DW, its fandom and the BBC for being so sexist and they caved, hence why everything for the past three years has been pandering to these people even as its viewers have sunk like the Titanic.

      These people always get their own way, but the pendulum will swing back the way. Of course sadly because of the poisonous influence these people have had it will probably swing back the way too far. We will probably start to see audiences not give things starring women and black characters a chance, because they will assume that it will be full of anti men bile like that awful Supergirl tv series.

      Its a shame of course as obviously having a black or female character as the lead doesn’t mean you have to shit on men. Xena, Buffy, Charmed etc never shat on men, Blade didn’t race bait like the makers of Black Panther. These people have dragged us back to the 50s. Sad but true.


  2. I completly agree, and honestly the whole gender switch made me see a whole new political perspective.

    As you remember I was a big supporter of Missy and het casting. mainly because I thought his ending in TEOT was the perfect ending, and the only way I ever wanted to see him again was if they did something very different.

    Gomez was so charismatic, and I had very high hopes for her. But I always said I never wanted to see it happen to the Doctor personally. He means quite a lot to me as a man role model, and I also disagree that men and women are exactly the same. Equal yes, but gender is a lot more then a ” associated stereotypes ”

    Either way, in my personal view The Doctor died on a Cyber-colonyship. He died saving a small town in a utterly doctorly way, after that he laid halucinating himself meeting the first version of himself, and then he died.

    From now on I’ll watch and observe to see the show calling itself Doctor Who fall into utter catastrophy. I’ll laugh at loud at all of the ” men and white people are bad, colored people especially women are brilliant ” tinted episodes while mentally editing Capaldi in all the decent ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I understand that this has woken a few people up to what the SJWs really are like. For the record I am very left wing normally. I support the NHS, the Welfare State, etc. I just hate identity politics which is a way for cowards to make themselves feel like social justice champions, bully people, and ironically spew their bigotry at people.Its so sad that this has taken over DW, what was once the most wonderful of shows.

      Michelle Gomez is a very talented actress, but she was woefully miscast as Missy. That’s the annoying thing is that there are so many roles she could have played and no one would have minded, but they ridiculously crowbarred her into that role to make a point about how men and women are identical and they’re not!

      As you say equal yes, but different. How could they not be? The physical differences between men and women alone couldn’t help but shape their personalities to some extent. If you were to try and crowbar a woman into ANY previous point in DWs long history it wouldn’t have been DW anymore.

      Patrick Troughton? There would have been a whole new dimension to the fact that the Doctor was now a woman, and his relationship with Victoria and Polly and Zoe would be different. Depending on the age of the woman they got to play him, his relationship with womanizer Jamie would be different too! Not saying she would be attracted to Jamie of course, but itt wouldn’t be the brotherly one we all love.

      Jon Pertwee? Of course his relationship with the Brig would have been different. They wouldn’t have clashed as Alpha males. Instead it would have been about how the old fashioned Brig has to learn to take orders from a woman, and the clash of values that would have brought about. Similarly he wouldn’t have been the same FATHER figure to Jo that we all know and love either.

      If he had turned into a woman instead of Tom Baker? Of course his relationship with the Brig would once again be affected, his relationship with Sarah Jane, Harry Sullivan.

      If C.Baker had become a woman? My god! Imagine how the feminists would have attacked it for having the female Doc go mad and be unlikable.

      If Eccelston had turned into a woman? Imagine how that would have affected his relationship with Rose?

      Ditto Smith into Capaldi? How would that have affected his relationship with Clara?

      Its stupid to pretend that you can just turn a male character into a woman and there not be ANY difference.

      Its not even remotely sexist to say that. We often get treated as though its a simple thing of we can’t stand female heroes, despite the fact that I obviously watch dozens of female led series (ironically more than fucking Claudia Boleyn or Whovian Feminism or any of these pro female Doctor advocates.)

      This was not about giving women more roles it was about taking them away from men (that’s why all of these feminists like Claudia Boleyn, and Whovian Feminism and Anita Sarkeesian NEVER watch, review or comment on female led series, because its not about building women up. Its about kicking men down.)


  3. You seem to be coping very well with your depression and loss, getting back up and putting a brave face on things. Your N-Space canon is fantastic, I’m really glad you have a way to express creativity that allows you to view the classic show more comfortably *and* the new show more positively, and it fits with DW’s lack of official canonocity.

    (Btw, thank you for not deleting your old Dalek history articles, even if they don’t fit with your modern output. I still enjoy them.)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Btw, this doesn’t really relate to anything else, (XD) but do you know anything about Andre Rilstone? I’d be interested to hear if you had any thoughts on him.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Nathan great to hear from you again. Yeah its been a hard year. I am currently working on the N-Space article. Its going to be a bit long to say the least LOL. I’ve also got a few other history of universe articles coming up. They are fun to write and since the Dalek history ones seemed to be quite popular what the hell. Might even do one on M-Space too.

      What are you opinions of series 11? I know there is very little to go on, but you didn’t seem to mind it as much as I did (though that wouldn’t be difficult LOL.) Also in regards to my own fiction, I am doing several series so if you and Blessed want to chip in ideas, even have a go at writing a story or two for them I’d be more than happy. I need to get the series on the run first though, get a few stories of each one done before I bring in other writers so they can have an idea of what it’s about.


      • I actually haven’t watched any of Season 11, now that it’s over, so that when I do the hype will gone down and I can view it with less outside coloring of my perception.
        Did you have any thoughts on Andrew Rilstone? I wonder this because his perspectives on things, including Doctor Who, are very unique, and I wondered if you, a dedicated DW fan, would have any comment on them, is all.

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  4. Hi Nathan sorry I can’t respond directly to your post. Annoying when that happens. I have checked out Andrew Rilstone’s blog and its quite interesting. I don’t agree with all of his points, like I think you can do something interesting with the Master. I dont just see him as a pantomime villain. Still Id be interested to hear what he thinks of this blog (assuming he’s read it.)


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