Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 5: Old Friends and Enemies

(Sorry about the delays. Once again my computer was acting up. I was getting a new internet provider, and there were some problems that left me without the internet for a few days. Sadly I wasn’t able to get Doctor Who done in time. Fortunately the connection is now completely fixed, and Doctor Who, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will be back at all their usual times this week.)

The Demon slowly emerged from the hall, allowing the prisoners to get a good look at the monster.

It was gigantic. It stood about 9 foot tall, had thick black plated skin, pointed ears like a bat, long pointed teeth, claws and spikes from its head all down its back made of fire, and a long, spikey tail. that ended in a purple spike made of bright, purple energy. Jenna gripped Kirsteen hard. Kirsteen was just as helpless as she was, but Jenna instinctively clung to the woman she had looked up to for her whole life.

The Demon stared the petrified crowd down for a few minutes before its tail reached out at a lightening speed and grabbed the little urchin.

The boy screamed as the monster shone its purple flame into his face. The old man instantly ran at the Demon, but it managed to slash him with its flaming claws. Flames started to appear in the old man’s chest. The old man knew he was done for, as his body began to twist and change into something else.

“Run all of you” he screamed in pain as he rugby tackled the Demon to the ground. The Demon quickly overpowered the old man and started slashing and biting him. The 4 others (including Kirsteen) realising there was nothing they could do quickly ran past the Demon, but Jenna, who trailed along at the back, was impaled by the beasts tale.

Kirsteen turned around to see the monster impaling Jenna, before it ran its tail right up through her, slicing her in half up the middle. Kirsteen would never forget the final look on Jenna’s face for the rest of her life before it tore her in half. For just a short while on this horrible night, Jenna had taken Kirsteen’s mind off of her troubles, not just here, but in general. She had made Kirsteen feel more accepted than ever before and now her life had been cut short in the most cruel way. Kirsteen wanted to tear the Demon’s head off, and she almost went to attack it, but the soldier pulled her back before the Demon could claim her too.

The old man writhed in agony on the floor as the flames consumed him, whilst the boy meanwhile’s face hadn’t been burned by the purple flames, but instead had been twisted into a hideous Demonic form.

The old man soon rose up, his body now completely made of fire. All humanity had literally been burned out of him and he was now a Demon.

The child and the old man bowed to their new master Slekovora, who said calmly “this ship is dead. We need to take the one its docked too. Gyster. I shall infect him and he will be my new servant. There is nothing I can’t accomplish with the living ship at my disposal.”

The 3 survivors included Kirsteen, the confederate soldier, whose real name was Luke, and a woman from the far future named Alice. Alice had been born on a space station known as Eden. Eden was created entirely through magic. It was an experiment to see if humanity, could create a hospitable environment entirely through magic.

The experiment was a success at first. Two entire generations were born on the magical station of Eden, but sadly during the time of the third, mankind became involved in a war with a hostile race of Demons from another world. The Demons were able to find a way to twist the magic of Eden into black magic, corrupting the people on board into monsters.

Gyster abducted Alice from just a few months before the station was corrupted. Luke meanwhile was chosen simply because of his status as a soldier. Gyster would often pluck people from random wars, often not caring what side they were on (apart from a few circumstances) to use as foot soldiers.

“If only I had a gun” Luke said in frustration as they ran down the dark corridors.

“I don’t think that would make a difference with that thing” Kirsteen said as she ran behind them. They could see the old man, now a hideous fire Demon at the other end of the corridor chasing them. He lit up the entire corridor!

The fire Demon shot a ball of flame at the three time travellers, who barely managed to duck in time. Alice was the first to get up and she quickly ran down the other end, whilst Luke tried to help Kirsteen up. Alice had lived a relatively sheltered life in a beautiful magical kingdom, so she wasn’t exactly used to facing creatures like Slekovora, though neither were Kirsteen or even Luke either.

When Alice saw that her two companions weren’t behind her, she did run back for them, though it was more out of fear of being alone on this ship than anything else.

The fire Demon proved to be too fast and quickly advanced on the three petrified travellers. As it raised its hand to hurl another fire ball in their direction, suddenly the monster became distracted by a groaning sound at the other end of the corridor.

It was a Zombie. The monsters had managed to make their way to the dock of Gyster, and without any magic protecting the Professor’s vessel, they easily tore it down and were now swarming the Professor’s ship.

“How tiny you seem to me now” the Demon said as it laughed at the puny, shuffling Zombie. Thinking quickly, Luke grabbed the Zombie as it stumbled near and pushed him into the fire Demon. The fire Demon quickly overpowered and destroyed the Zombie, but Luke’s actions gave the 3 time travellers enough time to flee down the corridor.

Slekovora meanwhile had made his way to the bottom floor of the ship where Professor Fang kept his collection of art, literature, and films, gathered from planets all over the multiverse. Photograph’s Lindsey had taken of all the planets they had visited all over the universe were also stored here.

The Demon started to burn them all. It was a petty, childish act. It knew how much the Vampire and Lindsey adored their collection. The Demon didn’t want to destroy the Professor’s vessel for now. It may need it, if Gyster’s will and magic proved to be too strong. Still for the time being it was taking a great pleasure in destroying the the collection, the Professor and Lindsey had spent years gathering together. Many of the works of art and literature they had collected, represented the last known copies in the entire universe that would sadly now be lost forever.

Kirsteen, Alice and Luke had managed to evade the fire Demon. It had become distracted by two more Zombies who had jumped it in one of the corridors, thinking it was one of the humans in the dark.

The fire Demon effortlessly tore the two undead creatures to bits and burned the remains, but the Zombies had unintentionally given Kirsteen, Luke and Alice a good head start on the Demon and they were able to slip down a nearby corridor.

The three quickly made their way to the main room the Professor and Lindsey had brought them too in the first place. Unfortunately it was now filled with Zombies.

The three kept hidden just outside the room, watching the monsters shuffle and groan. There was no way they could make their way through the Zombies, but they couldn’t go back either. They could hear the flame Demon coming up the other way. There was no other way out.

“I’m sorry ladies, I don’t think there is any way out of this. I could always distract some of those freaks, but there’s so many, they’d spot both you when you tried to run past.”

Alice broke down into tears. Kirsteen was terrified too, but she still couldn’t believe the situation she was in. She almost felt like laughing. “I always thought I’d OD or be in a clumsy accident. I didn’t think I’d be eaten by space Zombies!” She thought to herself as she constantly looked behind for the Demon.

Suddenly however the three prisoners heard a voice echoing in their heads. It was Gysters.

“I am sorry. I dragged you into this. All of you would have died anyway had I not abducted you. Please believe me I was only trying to help.”

“Did you hear that?” Kirsteen said, wondering if she was going mad.

“It is I Gyster. The ship who abducted you. I only ever wanted you to be my new crew.”

“I’m sorry did you say you were a ship?” Kirsteen said.

“Yes, a living vessel, made from magic. I can help you escape from here, but only if you follow my instructions.”

“Its a trick” Luke protested. “Its that Demon”

“Trust me, if I was that Demon I wouldn’t waste time with tricks. You can get out of this, but you have to do exactly as I say.”

“Alright fine” Kirsteen said much to Luke and Alice’s surprise.

“Well like you said, we’re all dead anyway. Either eaten alive or burned to death. What difference does it make?” Kirsteen responded.

“Okay now what I want you to do is imagine you are somewhere safe.” Gyster said.

“What do you mean?” Luke responded.

“I’m still weak after the operation, but I might still have enough power to send you all weapons. They will help you deal with the Zombies, but if you see the Demons run. If you imagine you are out of this nightmare, then my limited magic will do it all it can to help you, by sending you a weapon.”

“That’s ridiculous” Luke shouted.

“No trust me I’ve lived my entire life with magic. He’s telling us the truth” Alice said.

Before Luke could protest, he was suddenly distracted by the sound the fire Demon roaring from down the corridor.

The three instantly started to think of their homes. Luke thought about his wife and child that he had left behind during the war, Lucy and Jonathan. Jonathan was just 3 when Luke had been drafted. He wanted nothing more than to see his little boy again, but he had prepared himself over the last few years for the possibility that would never happen. Still he thought hard about his family, and how he was determined that he would see them again in spite of the monsters.

Alice meanwhile thought about her mother, Noella. Noella had raised Alice by herself, as her father had been killed in a tragic accident when she was young. Noella had been there when she saw Alice be abducted by Gyster. Eden had detected the presence of Gyster arriving, but they thought their defences could take care of it. Sadly for Alice they were mistaken. Alice was determined to see Noella again, not just for her sake, but because she couldn’t bare the thought of her mother losing her only daughter as well as her husband.

Kirsteen meanwhile didn’t have anyone to think of back home. All she had was her dingy little home, and her old life of feeling rejected by her friends and the public. She tried to think of the fact that her music would be remembered, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

Two weapons appeared in Alice and Luke’s hands. Luke quickly pulled the door open, alerting all of the Zombies. They stared at Luke for a few seconds before all lurching towards him. Fortunately Luke and Alice were able to mow them all down with their new death rays.

“What kind of an evil could turn men into these things” Luke said bitterly as he looked down at the burnt remains of the Zombies.

“The kind of evil that just saved your life”,  Gyster said in a somewhat angry tone.

“Listen to my instructions and you can make your way back to me.”

“Aren’t there hundreds of Zombies on your ship.”

“Yes but there I and two other people can help you now move, that Demon’s on your tail.”

Back in Gyster, Lindsey and the Professor were still trapped behind a blue wall of energy that blocked off the corridor. Not all of Gysters wounds had healed yet.

“You can’t wait for that wound to heal.” Gyster said.

“Besides he’s waiting for you on the other side.”

“Jiazan” Lindsey said?

“Yes, he’s been waiting for the last few minutes. You won’t escape from him in here. He’s even stronger than you Professor, and your little stick won’t slow him down this time.”

“Well I suggest you teleport us away like before.” The Professor said indignantly.

“I can’t, as you said I’m still weak. You’ll have to climb to the top of this room. There’s a vent up there, but”. He paused

“But what.”

“It only leads to my zoo.”


“Yes where I collect animals from all over the entire universe. When you crashed into me, the power to the cages went down. Fortunately I was able to lock the door to stop those things from getting out, but.”

“So it seems to escape from one monster, you want us to run through a room with hundreds?” Lindsey replied.

“Trust me you’ll have a better chance up there. Most of my creatures will have probably killed each other by now, and there is more space to run. Hurry you don’t have much time.”

The Professor quickly ran up the wall. He may have looked like a frail old man, but his Vampiric powers meant he could move really fast. Lindsey meanwhile struggled behind him as the wall of blue light began to fade. The Vampire quickly jumped back down and pulled Lindsey to safety, just before the blue light vanished and the furious Zombie below emerged, screaming impotently for revenge.

The Professor and Lindsey crawled through the vents into a large room that stunk even worse than the Zombies.

In the pitch black they could see several empty cages as well as in the distance, what appeared to the remains of a gigantic four legged, blue creature! Its guts had been torn out and its head had been ripped clean off.

The two time travellers slowly crept through the room, careful not to draw attention to themselves. They could hear screams and moans of other animals in the distance.

“Just keep walking ahead, you’re near the door, I’ll open it” Gyster said.

Suddenly however Lindsey and the Professor heard a thumping sound coming behind them. They slowly turned round to see what looked like a large, predatory Dinosaur in the distance.

It was an Allosaurus. Lindsey recognised it right away even in the dark. Lindsey had seen many Dinosaurs out in the wild on her journey’s, but even before she had become a time traveller, Lindsey had been a huge Dinosaur fanatic.

The Allosaurus stood about 15 feet tall and was close to 40 feet long. It’s body was positioned in a horizontal frame, whilst it stood on two kangeroo like legs, counterbalanced with a long stiff tail behind. Its forearms were long and thin, and each ended in three sharp claws. Its neck was long and ended in a long crocodile like head, with two large, red crests above its eyes. The monsters face was still smeared in the blood of its previous victims.

The Allosaurus had been the apex predator of its home era, the Jurassic, over 150 million years ago. Ironically this species had always been a big favourite of Lindsey growing up, but now it seemed to be focusing on Lindsey more than the Professor.

The Professor was a Vampire and therefore dead to the Allosaur. Even though the Dinosaur could see him moving, he still smelled cold to it. Lindsey was alive and warm and so the monster viewed her as prey. The creature let out a roar and chased Lindsey, though the Professor ran too at first, it soon became apparent that it was after Lindsey more.

The Professor jumped out of the Allosaurus’ way, and after it ran past him, he grabbed it by the tail.

He briefly held the Allosaurus in place for a few seconds with his Vampiric strength, allowing Lindsey to get a good distance from it. The Allosaurus however flipped the Professor over twenty feet in the air with its tail before charging at him.

Lindsey paniced for a minute. She didn’t know how to help the Professor, but she still grabbed the Professor’s magic staff that he had dropped when dodging the Allosaur. If she could revive one of the larger fallen beasts, maybe it could distract the Allosaur long enough for the Professor to get away.

Lindsey looked ran back to the corpse of the giant four legged creature and fired the staff at the creature. It briefly revived the beast which started to crash into some of the cages.

The Allosaurus had cornered the Professor, but it hadn’t attacked him yet. It was more curious about this strange smelling, small, yet strong creature. Still the giant headless behemoth managed to distract the Allosaurus, who again stared at the beast more out of curiosity than anything else. The Allosaurus had actually killed the giant just a few hours earlier!

Whilst the Allosaurus was distracted, Lindsey would revive another one of the creatures using the staff. Behind one of the cages, she saw several Raptors, feasting on the corpse of a gigantic, green bipedal, Wolf like creature.

As soon as Lindsey revived the monster, it scattered the Raptors, managing to grab one in its jaws and crush it.

The Wolf then instinctively went for the other giant predator in the room, the Allosaur. It was about as large as the Dinosaur. Once again however the Allosaur was more confused by the sight of the larger Wolf than anything else. The Wolf however struck the Allosaur, and it hit it so hard that its own, rotting, putrid arm came off!

The Allosaur in response rammed the Wolf, shoving it back into one of the cages, whilst Lindsey and the Professor ran ahead to the door Gyster had already opened for them.

Once they made their way out. Gyster closed the door before the Allosaurus, or anything else could follow them. (With both the Wolf and the giant having died again.)

Unfortunately however before Lindsey could get her breath back, the two time travellers suddenly heard a growling sound and looked up to see a Sabre Tooth Cat at the other end of the corridor. It had managed to sneak its way out when the door was open.

The prehistoric monster went for Lindsey again, much like the Allosaur, but the Professor managed to tackle the Cat to the ground just as it pounced on her, and with one strike to its face, knocked it out cold.

“I hope more didn’t get out. The Zombies were enough” the Professor said as he adjusted his suit.

Back on the Professor’s ship, Luke, Kirsteen and Alice had managed to make their way through more Zombies, following Gysters directions to the dock of the ship.

Luke handed his gun to Kirsteen, telling her to fire at any Zombie or Demon she sees, whilst he and Alice try to pull the door open.

Kirsteen didn’t know how to use a gun, but she hoped she wouldn’t have to.

Luke and Alice pulled and pulled at the massive door until it started to open a little bit.

Just then however a noxious substance from above splashed into Luke’s face causing him to collapse in agony.

It was the young urchin child who had been turned into a Demon. He had managed to make his way to the end of the ship first and had been waiting for the right moment to strike.

The boy, who was now completely unrecognizable. He had morphed into a hideous, horned, goblin like creature, jumped on top of Luke and started to bite and claw at him.

Knowing he was done for Alice pulled at the door which came open a lot more easily now. As soon as she opened it however, several Zombies came pouring out!

To Be Continued.


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