SJWs Don’t Like Female Heroes

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They both probably think the woman below is Wonder Woman .

This is a point I’ve raised many times before, but its one that I feel needs emphasised and explored in greater detail.

For the last few years I have criticised the regressive left’s negative influence on the sci fi and fantasy genres.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination right wing. I have written articles trashing those on the right in the past, such as the following.

5 Worst Right Wingers On Youtube

In terms of liking female heroes and female created forms of entertainment meanwhile, I have written ten thousand word articles on characters from Xena and put forward ideas for tv shows starring female heroes and casting suggestions (that have been rewteeted by popular genre actresses.)  I have also tried to bring attention to more obscure female singers like V.V. Brown and written articles about Amy Winehouse, that her own mother enjoyed (and even started following me on twitter as a result!)

See here.

10 Reason To Admire Amy Winehouse

Ingrid Oliver: Best Tweet I Have Ever Received

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Cult Villains 1: Callisto

In spite of this however I have been accused many times of not being able to stand female led shows, strong women, or female dominated forms of entertainment by SJWs on sites like Gallifrey Base and by people like Mr Tardis and Samuel Davis, simply because I am critical of the regressive left’s influence on the genre.

Interestingly enough however when you look at the SJWs who are so quick to hurl accusations of “not being able to stand female heroes” at others own history. You can see that they often don’t seem to care about female heroes.

In this article we are going to explore famous examples of SJWs not caring about female heroes and ultimately why both male and female SJWs don’t care about female heroes. I feel this is the most important point to raise against SJWs, as they always like to paint themselves as modern day Gene Roddenberry’s; fighting for representation against the evil bigots, when ironically nothing could be further from the truth.

Also from a personal point of view it is very annoying to get told constantly from people with 0 knowledge of female heroes that I need to get used to seeing strong women on tv. I did. Back in the fucking 90s when I was 3!

Famous Examples

Image result for claudia boleyn

Obviously I can’t accuse every SJW of being like this. I am sure there are some SJWs who do genuinely like female heroes, but for the majority I have come across that is not the case.

At the very least the most prominent, influential and high profile SJWs, (who have in some cases had an impact on franchises.) Have 0 interest in female led film and television series.

Mr Tardis Reviews is one such example. For those unfamiliar with him, Mr Tardis is a youtuber who as his name would suggest specialises in reviewing Doctor Who. At one point he also did work as a professional critic.

Mr Tardis is a staunch defender of Jodie Whittakers casting as the Doctor. Now normally this wouldn’t be enough to make me dislike someone, but Mr Tardis has resorted to slandering all of her critics as sexists, homophobes, racists, and bigots who just can’t stand women in leading roles.

A prime example of this was when he claimed that Jeremy Clarkson, a UK television presenter, was a holocaust denier simply because Clarkson was critical of series 11 of Doctor Who.

Clarkson in truth said that he doesn’t think holocaust denial is a serious issue as they are only a fringe group of nutters, who are never going to hold any sway. He compared holocaust deniers to flat earthers and people who think the earth is only 1000 years old in this respect. Now you may not agree with Clarkson and feel that it is a more widespread issue, but that’s hardly the same as Clarkson being a holocaust denier himself.

Mr Tardis has also targeted smaller channels and twitter users and encouraged and sent his fans to attack them as sexists such as the following.

Finally Mr Tardis has also been accused of gatekeeping such as when he famously declared to critics of series 11. “I DON’T CARE IF YOUR FEELINGS ARE HURT BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOUR IN LEADING ROLES WATCH IT OR DON’T BUT GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS FANDOM.”

The great irony is that Mr Tardis himself has 0 interest in female led films or television series. I’ve brought this up to him many times on twitter (before he blocked me.) Each time he tried to come up with a different excuse for his apparent lack of interest in female heroes, all of which fell flat.

First of all he said that there have been no prominent female led films or television series since Buffy ended 16 years ago for him to review. He has continued to make this point against others.

See here. Buffy Ended 16 Years Ago

Ironically all Mr Tardis does with this kind of argument is not only show off his ignorance of female led series, but insult them too.

Since Buffy there have been dozens of female led series. Once Upon A Time which started in 2011 ran for 7 years and featured a woman, Emma Swan as its main protagonist for 6 years. Regina, the Evil Queen, played by Lana Parilla meanwhile was by far and away the most popular character in the series among the fans and the writers and served as both its main antagonist/anti hero.

See here.

In addition to this there has also been Charmed, which though starting just before Buffy finished, ran past it by several years (and ultimately had a longer run too.) Meanwhile I Zombie, Ghost Whisperer, Nikita, Sleepy Hollow, Legends of Tomorrow, Jessica Jones, Supergirl, Underworld film series, Resident Evil film series, Hunger Games film series, X-Men Prequel film series (where the main hero is arguably Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique) Promethius, Sabrina remake, Charmed remake, Scream tv series, Bionic Woman remake, Tru Calling, Battlestar Gallactica remake, Dark Angel, Dollhouse, The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Being Human etc, have all also emerged since Buffy finished.

Not all of these series have had a long run, but the same is true for most male led genre series too. Genre tv in general sadly, apart from a few exceptions like Doctor Who, Buffy, Xena and the later Star Trek sequels often don’t get a long run on tv. Randall and Hopkirk Deceased, Ultra Violet, Torchwood, Lost in Space, Firefly, even the original Star Trek, are all iconic male led series that all only lasted 4 series at the most.

In addition to this there have been strong roles for women in every single male led series of the past several decades. From Killer Frost in The Flash, to Kelly Maxwell in Ash Vs Evil Dead, to Leela in Futurama, to the various companions in New Who. In fact ironically in various male led series like Red Dwarf and Futurama the strongest, bravest, and smartest role has been taken by a woman, Kochanski, Leela etc.

See here.

Dana Delorenzo Wins Artemis Action Next Wave Award Winner

So again for Mr Tardis to try and pretend that Buffy was a flash in the pan for women in the industry (just to cover his own lack of interest in female led series) is incredibly insulting to women like Lana Parrilla and Dana Delorenzo.

Mr Tardis has also said that he hasn’t reviewed these female led series such as Once Upon A Time because they are not the type of thing he normally reviews. This is a pretty lame argument. There is nothing to stop him devoting a section of his channel to looking at genre tv, or if he doesn’t have the time to do a video, setting up a wordpress site such as this.

Finally Mr Tardis, several months after I’d first accused him of not liking any female led series ran through various female led films that he has reviewed.

The only problem with this list was that the films to start with where recent releases that he had been forced to review as a professional critic (or simply to stay relevant on youtube.) They weren’t even films he particularly liked. Even then such was his desperation to get together a decent list of female led entertainment that he’d reviewed, he was forced to include both Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey among them!

50 Shades of Grey is definitely more empowering for women than Xena Trilbee!

If only I’d watched 50 Shades of Grey instead of Xena. Then I’d have really learned to accept strong women like Mr Tardis. 

Ultimately Mr Tardis has not tracked down any female led tv series to review on his own. If a female led show is even remotely niche like Once Upon A Time then it will pass him by. He has never commented on the impact any female heroes have made on the genre. He has never looked at the careers of prominent women within the genre. He has never supported or at least given a shout out to more overlooked women in the genre. He doesn’t even follow any prominent women within the genre like Lucy Lawless, Dana Delorenzo, Lana Parrilla, etc on social media.

Now I am not saying Mr Tardis’ lack of interest in female led series means that he is a sexist. (Though that would be no more ridiculous than his accusations against people like Bowlestrek and Nerdrotic being sexist for not liking one female led show.)

Still in all fairness Trilbee just might not have an interest in modern day genre series? However it is ironic that Mr Tardis is willing to paint himself as being the only sane man in sci fi fandom, desperate to see strong women in the genre, such as here.

Women Are Allowed As Lead Roles In Genre Series

When in truth he is the one who is behind most of the rest of sci fi fandom. He’s the one who couldn’t tell a Lucy Lawless from a Gina Torres. He is the one who would draw a blank at a picture of Lana Parrilla and couldn’t tell you who Emma Swan, Prue Halliwell, Callisto, or Kelly Maxwell were.

Another prominent example of an SJW desperate for female heroes, yet bizarrely never watching them is Youtuber/musician Claudia Boleyn. Claudia Boleyn was a high profile critic of the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who, accusing it of sexism and homophobia.

She became quite a prominent figure in Doctor Who fandom and later got a job working at Doctor Who magazine, as part of their new time team.

Now I don’t have anything against Claudia Boleyn personally, unlike Mr Tardis who has acted in a disgraceful way to critics of series 11.

I freely admit to having been greatly frustrated with some of Claudia’s opinions and statements in the past. Nevertheless in all fairness to her, Claudia has never attacked smaller channels, sent her fans to attack someone, slandered all fans who disagree with her as sexist, or lied about people the way Mr Tardis did about Jeremy Clarkson being a holocaust denier.

See here for an example of Claudia being more mature and respectful to her critics like ShoeOnHead than Mr “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM”.

ShoeOnHead on Twitter: “Claudia Boleyn The Feminist I Responded To In My Video Is A Sweetheart”

I myself had a reasonably friendly and regular interaction with Claudia via twitter and youtube until 2018 when she blocked me on twitter.

Now I don’t hold any ill will towards Claudia for blocking me. I think she just got fed up of me constantly questioning her opinions on things, which is fair enough. You can be open minded, but also fed up of having to constantly defend your position on everything all the time.

Still whilst Claudia may have behaved in a much more respectful way than Mr Tardis. Ultimately I think Claudia sadly still falls under the same criticism, of not practising what she preaches in regards to accepting female heroes.

EDIT Update: Me and Claudia are on speaking terms again. I posted a message of support on a video when she was struggling with depression and she thanked me in one of her videos, showing what a wonderful person she is. I have revised some of my opinions on her from this article, which I will detail at the relevant points.  

Claudia Boleyn likes fewer female heroes than Mr Tardis (if such a thing were possible!) I have never seen her even mention Xena, Buffy, Charmed, The Heroic Trio, The Bride with White Hair, Once Upon A Time, Nikita, Ghost Whisperer etc. She doesn’t follow any prominent women within the genre on social media. (Once again, if you were to ask her who Lucy Lawless, Gina Torres, Eliza Dushku, or Summer Glau were, she’d probably draw a blank.)

Furthermore a lot of the male led shows she has reviewed and is a fan of, ironically have female counterparts that she doesn’t bother with. Its not even like she can say “this show isn’t the type of thing I don’t watch.” (Which wouldn’t hold any water anyway considering Claudia claims the most important thing about a series is good representation.)

Merlin one of her favourite series is for all intents and purposes a British expy of Xena.

Xena and Merlin are both pseudo historical series that merge surreal, camp comedy with quite dark, gritty and violent content. Both merge different historical periods together and revel in the historical inaccuracies as a source of humour. Finally both also update old myths and legends in a modern way.

Take a look at the two main villains from Xena and compare them to two of the main villains of Merlin. One is a cocky, egotistical guy, dressed in black leather with long hair, who thinks he’s god’s gift and who initially holds all the power. The other is a much more evil, intense, psychotic, blonde, who plays on his vanity and later turns the tables on and absolutely humiliates him.

Image result for ares vs callisto

Image result for cenred morgause

So the question is, why does Claudia not prefer Xena? If what she says is true that she has to see bisexual women like her on tv, then shouldn’t Xena that stars two bisexual women interest her more than Merlin, which stars two white, straight men?

Similarly look at Supernatural and Charmed. Claudia loves Supernatural, but I have never seen her mention Charmed. Both revolve around siblings fighting Demons, who come from a long line of Demon killers. Both feature Angels, who are not entirely sympathetic and are portrayed more as petty civil servants, too hung up on maintaining traditions at the cost of human life. In both instances, an older sibling develops an intense relationship with one of the Angels, who goes rogue, whilst the youngest develops a romantic relationship with a Demon; who the siblings eventually end up having to kill. Both shows even feature Death who is played by a sinister, but charming and affable English man. Death in both series holds a special interest in the main siblings, simply because they keep escaping him. Both shows even feature a finale called All Hell Breaks Loose, where one of the siblings dies and a deal is made to revive them, which ends very badly for the older sibling.

Yet once again Claudia loves Supernatural, the one starring MALE siblings and has 0 interest in Charmed starring female siblings.

Finally Class another male led show Claudia loves is basically just a British expy of Buffy. Both revolve around a group of misfit teenagers who have to guard over a portal beneath a school where monsters from other universes and worlds emerge.

So again why does Claudia not care about any of these female led series?

Whovian Feminism (a blogger whose real name is Alyssa Franke) is another famous example of not caring about female heroes, despite promoting herself as fighting for representation for women against the evil, toxic, white male side of fandom.

I have never seen Whovian Feminism even mention any female led series or films, bar the 2017 Wonder Woman that was in the cinemas.

Once again just like Mr Tardis, Whovian Feminism has never tracked down female led series on her own and tried to bring them to other people’s attention. She’s never supported or given a shout out to overlooked women in the genre. All she has done is attack prominent men within the genre and demand that male led series be more feminised.

Similarly the youtuber Samuel Davis is quick to dismiss all critics of Jodie’s Doctor as sexist gammons (including yours truly.) A quick look at Davis’ channel however shows once again that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

There are NO reviews of female led series, like Once Upon A Time, Nikita, Xena etc on his channel. He doesn’t even have any knowledge of female led shows in the slightest. Once again Samuel Davis wouldn’t know a Renee O’Connor from a Maggie Q. Samuel Davies ironically probably likes fewer female heroes or female led, or created forms of entertainment than Claudia Boleyn herself!

Paul Cornell, a comic book writer, who has also written for Doctor Who, is perhaps the poster boy for SJW sell outs meanwhile. He has regularly slammed all critics of Jodie era Doctor, Ghostbusters and Captain Marvel as sexist, homophobic, racist MRAs.

In fact Paul even tweeted this cartoon depicting critics of Whittaker as wife beaters.

I’m sure posting cartoons where people who represent you shag the wives of people not happy with Jodie Whittakers era will get them watching again Paul. There’s a reason Claudia Boleyn is the only one people don’t hate. It is sad though that Claudia, someone in her early 20s was able to make a much more mature and even handed response to a critic, than Paul Cornell, someone in his early 50s! Also nice for feminist Paul Cornell to trivialise domestic abuse by comparing it to a disagreement about Doctor Who.

Ironically once again Paul has very little interest in female heroes. He has written some stories for Vampirella, but other than that the overwhelming majority of Paul’s favourite series and his own fiction star men. Look at his blog and you won’t find reviews of Buffy, Xena, Once Upon A Time, Nikita etc. He doesn’t follow the likes of Lucy Lawless, Sarah Michelle Gellar, or Lana Parrilla on social media, or ever give them a shout out either.

Cornell much like Trillbee knows NOTHING about women in the genre, yet constantly lords it over people with legit criticisms of female led films like Ghostbusters as though he is the only one who has ever watched a female led film.

So the real question is? Why do these people who claim to care so much about female heroes and are so quick to slander others as everything from misogynists, to wife beaters, to holocaust deniers have such little interest in and knowledge of female led series? Well there are 4 main reasons in my opinion.

4/ They Only Care About Making Themselves Look Good

Image result for paul cornell

This more applies to male SJWs like Paul Cornell, Mr Tardis and Samuel Davis. Basically these guys want to lord it over other fans. They want to present themselves as more tolerant, forward thinking and on the right side of history, compared to the sad, smelly, basement dwelling Gammons.  It’s all about their own ego rather than in actually building women up, so they have 0 actual interest in women in the genre.

In many cases they are also desperate to promote themselves professionally and so will pander to the dominant political ideology in the entertainment industry (which currently is leftist politics.)

Mr Tardis is an example of this. He mentioned in his video arguing that there is no political bias in Doctor Who, that he has worked freelance for the BBC before in an effort to claim that the BBC have no biases against hiring white men.

Jump to roughly 31 mins 30 secs in to see him admit he has frequently worked freelance for the BBC.

Trilbee’s claim that there is no bias against white men at the BBC is of course demonstrably not true. See here.

The Unspoken Bigotry of BBC’s Diversity Quotas

BBC Autumnwatch Presenter Sidelined For Being Too White

BBC Presenter Jon Homes Fired For Being Too White

BBC Chief Admits Monty Python Wouldn’t Be Hired For Being Too White And Male

Many have accused Mr Tardis of being a shill for the BBC as a result of lies like this. Whether he is actually being paid by them or not, I don’t think it can be denied that he is trying to get in with the BBC regardless.

In about 20 years time when right wing tribalism replaces left wing tribalism. (Generation Z are according to polls, the most right wing generation since world war 2.) These same people like Mr Tardis will most likely be sucking up to the right wingers who will take over the industry instead.

All they care about is making themselves look good or getting ahead. They currently think they can do that by making out that critics of controversial changes to characters like the Doctor hate all women, and that they are the modern day Gene Roddenberry’s standing up for the little people in fandom.

The great irony is that they end up using all of the tactics they accuse “toxic fandom” of using. Gaslighting, humiliation, dogpiling on people, misrepresentation of people’s opinions etc, but again they don’t care as they’d actually have to have principles for that.

3/ They Don’t Like Sci Fi or Fantasy

Related image

The sad fact is that many SJWs don’t actually like Sci Fi and Fantasy. The likes of Claudia Boleyn and Whovian Feminism for instance are not actual sci fi fans. (This is not about gender before people accuse me of going on about fake geek girls. There are just as many male fans that this also applies too.)

These people will like just a few sci fi or fantasy franchises that are popular, but will ultimately not have any real knowledge of the genre. They won’t seek out sci fi, horror or fantasy books, films, television series or comic books on their own. They won’t even bother with the franchises they like now in a few years time when the franchises popularity fades somewhat. Of the franchises they do like, they won’t even like them for their sci fi or fantastical elements. Instead they’ll only care about things like shipping, representation, costumes they can wear to comic con etc.

Claudia Boleyn is a prime example of this. Claudia Boleyn does not like sci fi or fantasy in general. Look at her twitter page and you will find constant tweets about Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm, two soap operas. She won’t bother with any sci fi or fantasy series that is not current. She won’t track down the old classics like Xena, Buffy, Blake’s 7, Lost in Space, Charmed, Red Dwarf etc.

Similarly if a current series is even remotely niche like Once Upon A Time or Ash Vs Evil Dead it will completely pass these people by. They will only know about a franchise if its current and mainstream.

I’m not saying this makes these people stupid or shallow. They just don’t have a vested interest in sci fi as a whole, but as a result of this they genuinely won’t know the likes of Kelly Maxwell, Callisto, or Regina even exist, as most sci fi and fantasy, regardless of whether its male or female led is niche.

I’d also argue that a lot of SJWs actually look down on sci fi and fantasy.

There is absolutely an element of class snobbery in their disdain for the genre. Many SJWs come from upper middle class backgrounds, where sci fi and its fans are seen as stupid and childish. Take a look at this memorable quote from Whovian Feminism about the people who don’t want a female Doctor.

“Supposedly well meaning observers always like to come in and say that hardcore fans won’t accept a woman portraying the Doctor. This attitude does both the show and our fandom a disservice. While there’s always a smattering of assholes to prove this type of attitude does exist, they aren’t even close to the majority. And even if that were true, we should not let the direction of the show be dictated by the worst of its fans. If a misogynistic jerk who disparagingly refers to a woman Doctor as The Nurse says he’ll quit watching the show, then he is exactly the type of fan we should be proud to piss off. I promise, plenty of new fans, (especially ones with disposable income) are waiting in the wings to take his place.”

We definitely don’t want any riff raff or plebs watching Doctor Who right?

The real question is why are people like Claudia Boleyn and Whovian Feminism being treated as experts of the genre? Why do people listen to them when they complain about how sexist the genre is? About how there aren’t enough women role models? How they fuck would they know?

Similarly why are they more or less being allowed to decide the future of the genre, with producers seeing people like Claudia and Whovian Feminism as their target audience and pandering to them above all else?

The answer is because anyone who disagrees with the ideology these people represent is seen as a woman hater. Still ultimately these are people with 0 interest in the genre, making sweeping statements about it and its fans because it suits their agenda.

2/ Misplaced Guilt and Projection

A lot of SJWs who claim to be desperate to see more female led films and tv series, yet have 0 interest in any existing female led properties, I feel are perhaps projecting when they accuse others of needing to get used to female heroes.

These people (particularly if they are men.) Actually feel guilty for not preferring Xena and Buffy to Doctor Who and Star Trek. Its stupid for them to feel that way of course.

They might just prefer Doctor Who or Star Trek because they prefer the writing, acting, and characters. Also even if they did prefer the Doctor, a male hero, because they are male, by the SJWs logic what’s wrong with that? The Doctor had to actually be changed from male to female so that Claudia and others could enjoy the character more. With this in mind what’s wrong with a male viewer preferring a male hero because he relates to him more?

Still whatever the case because these people are so obsessed with gender politics they actually do feel guilty for preferring a male hero to female hero.

See here for a classic example. Steve Shives, a notorious feminist youtuber who actually is made to feel guilty by his wife for preferring Angel as a series, not even as a character, to Buffy!

You can see how with this in mind a lot of these men are actually projecting when they rant about fandoms not accepting female heroes. Deep down they worry that applies to them for the stupidest of reasons.

1/ Anti Men Bigotry

Image result for jodie whittaker

The regressive left have a very strong anti men bias. They essentially view all white men as being privileged shit lords who need taken down a peg or two.

See here for examples of the regressive left’s hatred of white men.

Man Free Festival Guilty of Discrimination

Why Sex Ed Classes Are Anti Men

Youtube Stops Hiring White Men As Part of Diversity

Cinemas Sued For Women Only Wonder Woman Screenings

NUS Gay Men Are Not Oppressed Enough

As a result of this, the regressive left naturally want to tear down forms of entertainment that men enjoy more, (which sci fi is perceived to be) and destroy any strong roles for men in entertainment that they can.

This is undoubtedly a large part of why feminists are more interested in changing male characters into women, or replacing them with women, like the Doctor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor etc; than in original female heroes.

Xena, Buffy, Regina, Kelly Maxwell, Ripley, Nikita, do not take anything away from men. None of those characters ever make comments about men being inferior, nor have the actresses playing them even insulted their male viewers. Those characters are solely about building women up, which is why the likes of Claudia Boleyn and Whovian Feminism have 0 interest in them. Evidently building women up is less important to SJWs than tearing men down.

Feminists first of all want just about every sci fi or fantasy series to include digs against men. We can see this in SJW themed series such as the notorious CW version of Supergirl and later seasons of the 21st century version of Doctor Who.

See here.

In addition to this feminists want to turn as many male heroes into women, not because they want to see more female heroes, but because they want to take role models away from little boys.

Don’t give me the “but a female Doctor can still be a role model to little boys just as much.” If that’s the case, then why can’t a male Doctor not be a role model to little girls?

Ultimately you don’t have to take a role model away from either. You can create more female counterparts to male heroes, or more totally original female heroes. In Doctor Who’s case there already was a time lady character named Romana, who could have been brought back to the revival and then given her own show, allowing both little boys and little girls to have role models of their own.

The feminists and the SJWs don’t want that however. They want little boys to lose role models, because they perceive them as all being privileged and having had it too good for too long.

Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor was slandered as a sexist and eventually chased off of social media by feminists, for daring to say that he was unhappy at boys losing a role model in the Doctor.

Peter Davison Quits Twitter Over Toxic Who Fandom

How dare Peter Davison say he’s sad for little boys to lose a hero. Fucking bastard Gammon!

If the SJWs can’t take a role away from male audiences then they will insist on the character being emasculated or weakened.

Examples of this include Luke Skywalker who was famously undermined in Star Wars The Last Jedi, or the original William Hartnell incarnation of the Doctor who was brought back in the first episode to feature Jodie Whittaker, and rewritten into a sexist, homophobic moron.

All of these petty little digs against white men are clearly far more important to the SJWs than actual female empowerment.

The irony is that their constant digs against men are why the majority of both men and women in fandoms HATE SJWs. Men don’t like seeing iconic characters like Luke and the Doctor be made into self loathing males, whilst the majority of women outside of the SJWs little elitist bubble don’t like seeing men get insulted. Most men and women actually like each other. I’d never watch a show where strong female characters like Xena and Buffy were constantly insulted or undermined the way the men are in Supergirl, or the 21st century version of Doctor Who.

Its got nothing to do with people not being able to accept female heroes. Ironically the SJWs are the people who want to systematically attack the representation of one gender, but like all bullies they present themselves as the victims and accuse people of what they are guilty of, IE attacking all postive and strong representations of one gender.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that the likes of Claudia Boleyn, Christel Dee, or even Whovian Feminism are psychopathic, man hating feminazis who would never be friends with a man.

I think that they are all young people who have fallen under the influence of a very toxic ideology. One which does at least foster bitterness and resentfulness against men.

This is not about women taking over franchises. Ironically about 95 percent of the people who have brought this SJW nonsense into sci fi and fantasy series are men! Either men worried about being called sexist for nothing other than being men, like Steven Moffat or people who don’t really believe it, but think it can make them popular, like Paul Cornell. Many of the most outspoken critics of identity politics meanwhile have been women.

Ultimately this is about a corrosive ideology (that is pushed by just as many men as women.) Having too strong an influence on the entertainment industry.

Its an ideology that harms both men and women in the genre. Not only does it pit them against each other, but it also tears down or replaces all strong roles for men, like Luke Skywalker, the Doctor etc, whilst ironically ensuring that strong roles for women like Xena and Kelly Maxwell are ignored.

We need to therefore always challenge SJWs about what it is they really want. Make them question why if they actually care about representation, they don’t bother watching any female led shows that are out there? That question should always be asked of the likes of Whovian Feminism, Claudia Boleyn and Samuel Davis.

Thanks for reading.

(EDIT update, Like I said I have revised some of my opinions on Claudia Boleyn. I absolutely do not think she is even remotely bigoted against white men. Ironically she has spoken out about issues that affect men such as depression and suicide rates. I also think I was wrong to say she isn’t a sci fi fan just because she likes mostly modern sci fi series. That was gatekeeping. However I do still stand by my point that ultimately fans of more modern genre series and adaptations like Claudia are not the best people to judge how well represented women have been in the genre. This is because we are seeing more adaptations of old characters now, such as Marvel, who were originally created in less enlightened times and therefore the bulk of their rooster are male heroes. Ironically things are worse now for female heroes than say in the 90s or the 00s where original characters like Buffy were given more of a chance. I also do think that whilst Claudia is not anti men, she and many others have been swayed into thinking that the male side of sci fi fandom is largely toxic, misogynistic, boys only club and needs taken down a peg or two, which it absolutely is not. Granted the backlash against woke culture which I think has gone too far in recent years won’t have exactly helped and has just further splintered fans politically. Though again it is worth remembering that there are just as many women on the grifter anti sjw side. Still I stick by my other points that creating original female heroes is a better option, though obviously I will not be too quick to label someone as bigoted based on a shallow understanding of their opinions in future. It’s ironic that I complained about Samuel Davis doing that to me, when I did the same to Claudia. I do stand by every single thing I said about the likes of Mr Tardis and Paul Cornell in this article however. If anything my opinion of Mr Tardis has actually dropped even further since writing this.)

4 thoughts on “SJWs Don’t Like Female Heroes

  1. Claudia Boleyn is fake in general, she’s faking mental illnesses for attention, she comes from a generation that has been brought up to list perceived oppression, participation trophies, and over-diagnosis of mental illnesses. She definitely doesn’t care about the causes she claims to victor, she is cares that it makes her look good to others and the bisexuality is fake as well.

    I hope to one day write a blog post about this, and SJW’s psychology also.


    • I don’t think her mental illness or bisexuality are faked at all. I’d never make a claim about someone’s depression being faked as obviously you can never tell for sure. Also her depression is not important to any of her political points.

      IMO Claudia fell under identity politics because she was bisexual. The worst of the left and the right feed on each other. Its quite fascinating and I am going to look at it in my Horse Shoe Series.

      Basically the right with their homophobia, being against gay marriage, gay adoption etc, and their vile attitudes towards women (just look at Stefan Molyneux’s videos.) Drove scores of young women and LGBT people into the lefts arms. They made them bitter and hateful and created third wave feminism.

      The rabid, insane left who have taken over DW however drove dozens of white men into the rights arms, with their cancerous opinions of white men, grouping them all together as racists, potential rapists, privileged shit lords etc.

      The thing to do is to convince young men and women that NEITHER side is the option and that they should not feel they have to belong to a tribe.


  2. I know you posted this article a year ago, but I just found it through your comment under Claudia Boleyn’s video about centrists. I wanted to leave a reply because I agree with everything you wrote here and under her video! As a fan of Buffy and someone who likes Once Upon A Time, iZombie, The 100, and Supergirl, it’s something I also noticed and could never understand. I don’t get the genderbending of established male characters or why those people who are always screaming about women representation never talk about or promote the actually good representations that already exist lol

    As a huge fan of Star Wars who was completely disappointed by the last trilogy, I also concluded that those people probably do not even enjoy the fantasy/sci-fi genre. It is at least clear in my mind that the people who made the last SW movies do not really like or even understand the franchise and just wanted to make something with women and bring down the male characters to appear “feminist” and “good”. It’s really so sad and infuriating…

    Anyway, thank you for all the recs in this post! I’ve been desperately looking for good shows and you reminded me that I still have Xena and Charmed to watch. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂


    • Thank you for the supportive comment. As you can see I don’t have anything against Claudia personally, though I may have been frustrated with her at times as she has with me, but sadly she is a good example to use of this type of SJW culture of focusing more on tearing down, or replacing male characters than female ones.

      Xena and Charmed are great. I think that Xena does lose it in it’s 5th season. I won’t say why so as not to spoil it LOL, but just as a heads up that’s it’s dire period. Other than that though it’s great. Lucy Lawless is one of the most dynamic leads in any genre series. She is honestly on a par with Tom Baker and William Shatner in terms of having an iconic image, a gigantic and all consuming personality and being a shameless ham LOL. She is one of the biggest hams who ever lived.

      I can’t help but laugh when people go on about Jodie’s insipid primary school teacher being ground breaking when you have a character like this.

      That’s your great female icon and I honestly think that Xena as a character is as good as Batman and the Doctor as I think she is a very versatile character who can be used for historical fiction, drama, horror, comedy, romance. She also has brilliant supporting characters, a large mythology and a wonderful rogues gallery. Callisto, her version of Ares and Alti are all some of the best villains of all time.

      They could easily do a remake of Xena. It’s a strong enough character to be rebooted again and again (though ironically I wouldn’t want it rebooted in the current SJW climate as they’d probably just turn it into a man bashing show, but in a few years time yes!)

      Charmed meanwhile is good fun, though personally I think it suffered from not having as strong villains and monsters as other series like Xena and Buffy and Classic Who.


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