New Projects

Just an announcement that there will be two feature length stories coming this summer.

Both will be part of long running series, but they will only be released once a year, though again they will be longer than any of the Doctor Who, Professor Fang and The Circus Master series.

There are more stories I want to tell, but obviously trying to write several more series would be too much, so these will be one off stories. They will be released in July.

The two stories will be released near the end of June.

They will be set in the same universe as Professor Fang and The Circus Master.

Fritz Klaber: The Angel of Death

Each year this series will revolve around a Vampire hunter in a different country around the world and explore different Vampire myths. The first story will revolve around a German Vampire hunter named Fritz Klaber who shrinks Vampires and Demons and keeps them locked up in miniature environments so he can study them.

Fritz however soon faces a new enemy when a powerful Vampire escapes from a local asylum, designed to try and cure supernatural creatures.

The Land of Larshia

A fantasy story about a couple of post grad students who discover an entire world located on the upper levels of their block of flats, Larshia. This story will attempt to blend some of the more innocent fairy tale elements with more visceral horror.

Two chapters will be released per week.

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