The Horse Shoe Effect Series

Last year I wrote an article exploring how both the left and the right are really no different in terms of behaviour or even ideology.

The article I feel made some decent points, but was too long and rambling (and coming from me that says a lot!) Ultimately it was trying to cram too much into one page.

So I deleted the article and have decided to revisit the topic of the Horse Shoe effect as a series. Over the next 10 weeks I will be examining how the left and the right really are every bit as bad as each other, and why you should reject both. Some of the material from the original article will be revisited, but there will also be new points raised in this series.

I’m not saying that neither the left or the right are ever make good points or are correct. You should never automatically disagree with either in principle. Don’t however feel you have to side with them. Both have a “either with us or against us” attitude towards just about every subject, both are happy to race bait and stir up bad feelings between men and women for their own profit, both have a sneering, superior attitude to those they regard as the lower classes, and finally both if given the chance will come for your rights and freedom.


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