The Horse Shoe Effect: Part 1: Freedom of Speech

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Two brave men who sadly have been made shining examples of the left and the rights contempt for freedom of speech. 

For the first article in the Horse Shoe Effect series we will be taking a look at how both the left and the right despise freedom of speech. I didn’t intend to cover this subject first. I wanted to start with more low key issues such as the left and the right’s impact on the entertainment industry before moving onto how their tribalism impacts greater society as a whole.

The recent arrest of Julian Assange however motivated me to cover this now. I feel that anyone who claims to care about freedom of the press needs to stand with Assange, regardless of how small their platform is. Every bit of support matters. (This article will not just cover Assange, but he will still be a major focus of the article.)

McCarthyism vs Feminists

The left and the right have both shown throughout their history that they can’t stand even the slightest contrary opinion. They will tar even the mildest centrist as a Communist or a Nazi and try and shut them down.

We can see this clearly in the right’s case with Joseph McCarthy and in the left’s with third wave feminism.

Joseph McCarthy was a US senator in the 1950s who helped to kick off the second red scare policy where those accused of being communists or communist sympathizers were fired from their jobs, blacklisted and in some cases even imprisoned.

Most of those McCarthyism labelled as communists were completely innocent. As Humphry Bogart said. “They’ll nail anyone who ever scratched their ass during the national anthem.”

Now you might be thinking well why bring up McCarthyism? It happened 60 years ago? The point is that McCarthy shows how the right are capable of shutting people down, slandering people based on no evidence and ruining people’s lives over nothing.

How The Red Scare Destroyed A Small Town Teacher

7 Artists Almost Ruined By McCarthyism

Remembering McCarthyism

McCarthyism Victims

The Injustice of McCarthy

Threat of McCarthy

Its not even as though the modern right disavows McCarthy. Sargon of Akkad has outright said that McCarthy never did anything wrong, whilst Stefan Molyneux has tried to reassess McCarthy as a hero.

See here.

Related image

With this in mind I can’t help but feel that if the right regained the social power the left currently has, they would return to shutting down “Evil commies” and smearing anyone with even the mildest left wing views as “evil socialist, commie bastards.”

The left meanwhile has its own version of McCarthyism. Third wave feminism. Often if you disagree with, or offend a feminist online the first thing they will do is ask to speak to your employer.

I’m not saying that all feminists are willing to ruin someone’s life over a joke. Still feminism certainly has the power to shut people down and ruin their livelihoods. Much like religion many decades ago; feminism in modern society is seen as untouchable. If you have any objections to third wave feminism you must be a sexist, same way if you weren’t a Christian years ago then you must not have a moral code.

Sadly however many modern day feminists are only too happy to abuse the privileged and powerful position feminism has in modern society.

Here are some examples of feminists getting people fired for simply disagreeing with them.

Feminists not only have the power to get people fired, but much like McCarthy they have the power to get them blacklisted to the point were they’ll never work again. One such example was Tim Hunt a noble prize winning scientist who was fired and in his own words left hung out to dry, after making some lame jokes that feminists deemed too offensive.

Tim Hunt: The Guardian

The most extreme example of leftist McCarthyism in the 21st century however is the trial and conviction of Scottish comedian Mark Meechan.

Meechan (who is better known by his youtube moniker Count Dankula) is fairly left leaning. He supports both the NHS and the Welfare State as well as gay marriage.


Count Dankula on Twitter

Count Dankula NHS

In 2016 Mark Meechan was arrested after he posted a video where he made his girlfriends pug perform a Nazi salute. Dankula made it clear in the video that he hates the Nazis. He explicitly says that he is sick of his girlfriend going on about how cute the Dog is, so he wanted to make it do the most horrible thing he could think of to annoy her; which is imitate the Nazis!

Still Meechan was accused of promoting Nazism. He was fired from his job, unable to get a job anywhere else and was routinely slandered by the mainstream media as a hate preacher.

The charge against Meechan hung over his head for two years until he was finally charged in early 2018 and forced to pay a fine, (which he has refused to.)

Man Arrested After Teaching Dog To Perform Nazi Salute

Man Guilty of Hate Crime For Dog Video

Much like McCarthy, its disgusting and terrifying that modern day leftist ideologues are able to ruin a man’s life over something so trivial and inconsequential as a joke to wind up his girlfriend!

Just as McCarthy would nail anyone who scratched their ass during the national anthem. Then so will the leftists nail anyone who makes at worst a tedious joke they can’t stand.

Fidel Castro vs Agusto Pinochet

When Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died in 2016 the left almost all lined up to cannonize him as a great man and a fighter for justice.

In all fairness Castro did free his country from the rule of what were essentially US backed criminals before him. It also cannot be denied that Castro improved the life expectancy of Cubans.

When the Mob Owned Cuba

The Rise of Castro

Castro Derails The Mob’s Plans in Cuba

How Cubans Live As Long As Americans At A Tenth the Cost

10 Facts About Life Expectancy In Cuba

Whilst its true that Cuba has suffered extreme poverty since Castro’s rise to power. This is arguably more down the blockades placed around what is a small country by the US, than Castro himself.

See here.

The Impact of US Sanctions

Cuba is Poor But Who Is To Blame

The Effect of US Embargo on Cuba.

These facts are often ignored by Castro’s critics on the right such as Sargon of Akkad.

Still whilst there are some legitimate arguments in defense of Castro it cannot be denied that he was a dictator who subjected homosexuals to brutal treatment.

See here.

This Is How Castro Persecuted Gay People

Castro Takes Blame For Homosexual Persecution

With this in mind its completely inappropriate for those on the left who see themselves as champions of LGBT rights to overlook Castro’s record on gay rights.

Those on the right such as Sargon of Akkad and Dave Cullen were quick to attack Castro’s defenders on the left for praising a dictator and overlooking Castro’s victims.

At the same time however many on the right, including Sargon himself have been rank apologists for Pinochet.

Agusto Pinochet was Chilean Capitalist dictator who overthrew the democratically elected leader Salvadore Allende. His dictatorship not only drove the Chilean economy into the ground, but it was also notorious for its horrific sadism.

They Were Taking It In Turns To Electrocute Us

Victims of Pinochet Reveal Torture

How I Survived Torture Under Pinochet

Excavations of Pinochet Torture Site

Pinochet Coup Victims Recall Horrors

In spite of all of this Sargon, who did an entire video trashing Castro’s supporters claimed that Pinochet only killed 400 communists and that he was good for his economy.

See here.

I think he killed more than 400 people Sargon. A LOT more. Also mr free speech, are you saying it would have been okay for Pinochet to torture and slaughter people, just because they follow an ideology you don’t like?

Chile Identifies 35000 Pinnochet Victims

Sargon is far from the only right winger who defends Pinochet. There are even memes of Pinochet killing his victims by dropping them out of helicopters. Go on just about any video documenting Pinochet’s heinous crimes and you will see a comment like this.

“Big deal some Commies got free helicopter rides.”

Its hilarious that in their defense of Pinochet, the right are guilty all of the things they accused the left of when they defended Castro.

They too are happy to see a dictator remain in power and they are happy to disgrace the victims of said dictator, as long he follows their ideology. I actually think that the right in this case are worse than the left. Not only was Pinochet far more brutal than Castro, but Pinochet overthrew a previously democratically elected leader.

Furthermore whilst Castro did improve the life expectancy of the Cubans. Pinochet’s policies did nothing but harm for the Chilean economy.

See here.

How Pinochet Destroy The Economy

Chile’s Failed Economic Laboratory

Now fair enough in some cases it can actually be worse to remove a dictator from power. Personally I don’t want Bashir Al Asaad removed from power because it would destablise Syria. Similarly I thought the same about removing Sadam Hussein from Iraq (and I was proven right.) However I would never dream of describing Asaad as a hero, or disgracing his victims as getting what they deserved as both the left and the right do about Pinochet and Castro’s victims.

Ultimately in both cases we can see how the left and the right’s tribalism supercedes their actual principles and beliefs. The left may claim to care about LGBT rights, whilst the right may claim to care about the right to freedom of speech. They may even believe they do, but when its someone who is seen to represent their tribe that violates those rights they will still defend them no matter what.

Tommy Robinson vs Julian Assange

Image result for tommy robinsonRelated image

Tommy Robinson and Julian Assange are both brave men who have helped to shed light on some of the greatest injustices in, or perpetrated by the west for the past 30 years. Sadly as a result both have been demonised by the crooked and cowardly mainstream media and subjected to persecution and even torture by the government.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon is the former founder of the EDL and a journalist. (The only reason he changed his name was because of threats to his family.)

Tommy Robinson is an outspoken critic of Islam. He is not contrary to what the mainstream media tries to paint him as. A white supremacist. Tommy Robinson is actually a supporter of multiculturalism and a staunch critic of race realism.

He also does not tar all Muslims as being the same. In fact Tommy Robinson recently presented a more favourable view of the Muslim community than the mainstream media in regards to a proposed statue of Lee Rigby. The mainstream media claimed that a statue to Rigby (slain in the middle of the streets by extremist Muslims.) Would offend the Muslim community, whilst Tommy Robinson took to the streets to actually interview Muslims and found out that they wouldn’t mind a statue to Rigby in the slightest.

Ironically with this in mind it was actually the mainstream media who were in danger of whipping up tensions between Muslims and non Muslims by assuming that the Muslim community would object to a tribute to a young man killed by extremists, until Tommy put people straight.

All Tommy Robinson has ever done is attack the ideology of Islam. Tommy Robinson has simply argued that Islam is a dangerous religion that needs reformed, and its influence limited in the west for the following reasons.

Islam’s holy books, the Quran and the Hadith command all Muslims to either slaughter or subjugate all non Muslims. It also commands that all homosexuals be executed, that all black people are inferior to white people, and that all women are vastly inferior to men.

10 reasons Islam is not a religion of peace

Now it is true that there is horrific violence in the Old Testament. From a practical point of view however the Old Testament is less dangerous than the Quran. The Old Testament is too contradictory to live your life by. It is also not presented as the definitive word of god so there is some room for interpretation. The Jewish religion is also a more loose and tribal religion over all, with a vaguer concept of the afterlife. Finally the Jewish religion has been amended and reformed over the centuries too.

The Christian’s holy book, the New Testament meanwhile though containing some dodgy passages still ultimately tells its followers not to murder their enemies. Jesus is also presented as a martyr who forgives those who tortured him to death.

Islam’s holy book meanwhile is not contradictory. Muhammad does tell his followers to live in peace with non believers, but that is ultimately superceded by his later violent commands. The Quran is also presented as the definitive word of god, so there is no room for interpretation. Everything in it must be taken literally. Finally Islam has had no reformation throughout its entire history.

Now this does not mean that all Muslims living in the west live by Muhammad’s violent teachings. Many Muslims abandon the violent parts of the Quran and simply use their religion as a way of keeping their community together, or as a form of comfort for the hardships of life. Still those who are raised on what Muhammad actually says at the very least hold bigoted views towards Jewish people, homosexuals and women.

In countries that follow Islamic law homosexuality is illegal or even punishable by death. Even in the UK over 50 percent of British Muslims think homosexuality should be criminalised.

See here.

Over 50 Percent of British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

Islamic Hatred of Gays and Lesbians

British Muslim Parents Object To Same Sex Lessons

Birmingham Stops Same Sex Lessons After Majority Muslims Protest

Women fare little better in Islamic countries as well, whilst even in western countries, grooming gangs and female genital mutilation are statistically much higher among the Muslim communities.

As A Rotherham Abuse Survivor I Want People To Know

Muslims Think Most Women Should Wear The Veil

To say that all religions are equally bad is not only dishonest. Its moral cowardice. There are very specific problems with Islam that need to be resolved. All Tommy Robinson has ever wanted is for these issues to be talked about. Not once has he ever said to ban all Muslims from the country.

Tommy Robinson has simply advocated for a reformation of the Islamic faith in the west, a limit (not a ban) on Islamic immigration, and for Islam to be as scrutinised as much as other religions and ideologies such as Christianity and Scientology.

Sadly however the mainstream media has tarred Robinson as a white supremacist. I’m not saying that Tommy Robinson is perfect or that all of his methods are right. I don’t think street protests that Tommy regularly uses are a good way of raising awareness to the problems caused by Islam.

Street protests are easy to demonise. They also can in all fairness appear intimidating to moderate Muslims and scare them away, and they are not always easy to control either.

Still whilst Tommy Robinson has made mistakes. His arguments about Islam are ultimately right. (Even if Tommy was a closet racist who actually did just hate all brown people then it wouldn’t matter in regards to his arguments about Islam, which are still based on facts and evidence.)

Sadly however the mainstream media and the government hate Tommy Robinson because he exposes them for the cowards they are.

The mainstream media and the government are scared to criticise Islam for many reasons. First and foremost there is the violent retaliation from extremists. No one wants to end up like Charlie Hebdo. Second there is also the social stigma attached too.

As Islam is a religion practised by predominantly dark skinned people, then criticism of Islam is often misinterpreted as racist by the left.

Ironically this itself comes across as racist, as essentially those on the left are not holding dark skinned people to the same high moral standards that they would white people. Compare say Scientology, an ideology practised by mostly white skinned people that the left has no problem insulting.

Still the leftist stigma helps Islam to be a protected faith almost as much as the violent retaliation from Islamic extremists.

As a result the victims of Islam are left out in the cold, as are Muslim reformers, whilst tensions between Muslims and non Muslims have risen dramatically.

See here.

Politically Correcg Do Gooders Shutting Down Discussion That Needs To Be Had

Why Won’t Feminists Stand Up For Women

Goldsmith Feminist Side With Islamists

Feminist Mayor Betrays Women

Rochdale Abuse

Rochdale Inquiry Lied

Telford Abuse Scandal

Tommy however is not afraid to call Islam out for the problems it causes, and so the mainstream media tries to slime him as a Nazi to stop people realising how they have been betrayed by those in power.

All of Tommy’s platforms on social media have been either shut down or severly limited. His facebook and twitter pages have been deleted. (Even mentioning Tommy’s name on facebook will get you a strike for hate crimes.)

Youtube unpersons Tommy Robinson

Facebook Unpersons Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson’s high profile arrest in 2018 meanwhile for supposedly sabotaging the trial of several Muslim men found guilty of sexual abuse was completely bogus.

The mainstream media claimed that Tommy Robinson had violated the reporting restrictions, even though he only reported what a newspaper had previously printed.

See here for further details.

The Injustice Against Tommy Robinson

It was an obvious pretense to jail Robinson and during his three months in prison Robinson was subject to solitary confinement. Worse he was moved from a prison with a low Muslim population to one with among the highest, simply so that he could be forced into solitary confinement. His cell was even placed right next to the prison’s Mosque. As a result Muslim prisoners were able to throw feces through his windows which forced him to board them up, leaving Tommy in perpetual darkness for 3 months. Robinson described the experience as mental torture. One only has to look at the physical effects his time inside had on him.

Related imageImage result for tommy robinson time in prison

Tommy both before and after his time in prison.

This is not the first time Tommy’s life has been put in danger. In 2012 Robinson was again sentenced to 5 months in solitary confinement for spurious reasons which caused him to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (something the authorities were well aware of when he was imprisoned again in 2018.)

Tommy Robinson also recently exposed the BBC’s attempts to smear his name in their documentary series Panorama. Here the BBC were shown to actually try and bribe former associates of Tommy Robinson into writing smear articles about him. They also did so little research into his past, that they used a fabricated story about Tommy (that he himself had put forward to see if they would take the bait.) In a further effort to smear him.

See here.

Regardless of whether you support or dislike Tommy Robinson, I don’t think it can be denied that he has been persecuted by both the state and the elite simply for being critical of Islam. He has been smeared as a Nazi, arrested, subject to mental and physical torture in prison, and been wiped from every major platform online. The leftist elite want to not only silence Tommy Robinson, but remove all trace of him from social media simply because he exposes the truth about Islam. Islam is the most conservative ideology on the planet, and the left have ironically made it untouchable simply because of their soft bigotry of low expectations towards dark skinned people.

On the other side of the spectrum however are Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Julian Assange has been subject to the right’s fascism and much like Tommy Robinson has been unpersoned, smeared and subject to torture.

Assange founded Wikileaks in 2006, an international publishing organisation known for publishing leaks about human rights violations. They came to widespread attention in 2010 however when Chelsea Manning published a series of leaks detailing American war crimes in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Since then the American government has attempted to silence Assange and Manning through any means necessary.

Remembering the Crimes of the Powerful Exposed by Julian Assange

In 2010 Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange, following allegations of sexual misconduct. He denied the charges, claiming that they were simply an excuse for the Swedish government to extradite him to America, where he could face the death penalty.

UK Labour Leads Rape Smear Accusations Against Assange

Assange would eventually seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy where he would remain for 7 years, until Ecuador’s new President Lenin Moreno, finally ended his asylum.

Chelsea Manning in the meantime was arrested in 2010 and initially sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, before Obama shortened her sentence to 7 years. She was arrested again in 2019 however for refusing to testify against Assange.

In prison Manning much like Robinson was subject to solitary confinement and poor conditions.

Torture of Chelsea Manning

The US government under both Obama and Trump have continued to persecute both Assange and Manning. Trump during his Presidential campaign expressed great admiration for Wikileaks, but recently claimed that he knew nothing about Assange and that his arrest didn’t interest him.

This sadly proves once and for all that not only is the President a puppet for those around him, but that people only care about freedom of speech when it affects them.

Hence why when Wikileaks are attacking his enemies, Trump loves them, whilst at other times he has apparently never heard of them? Similarly Sargon will champion Count Dankula’s freedom of speech, whilst being an apologist for those who persecute communists like Pinochet and McCarthy, whilst the same left who lived through McCarthyism will think nothing of Tommy Robinson being unpersoned and arrested for his beliefs.

Freedom of speech must ultimately apply for all political groups. As soon as you get into the mindset of “well communists or Islamophobes are too dangerous to be allowed to spread their harmful ideas.” Then you end up becoming the very thing you hate. If ideas are truly terrible, then they will exposed as such when brought to the public’s attention.


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