Why The Left Are Hypocrites For Not Supporting Tulsi Gabbard

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A short article but one I feel needs to be written. Tulsi Gabbard is a Democratic senator who is running for President in 2020.

Tulsi if elected would in my opinion be the best President since World War 2. Tulsi is a staunch anti war candidate. She supports genuine left wing ideas such as free healthcare and welfare, she is critical of the US’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and unlike Bernie Sanders (who said that white people don’t know what its like to be poor.) She does not divide people by race or gender, or focus on infantile identity politics.

Sadly as a result of this both the establishment right and left have attempted to sabotage Tulsi in various ways.

Whilst this is to be expected from the war hawks on the right, I think we can see quite an interesting bit of hypocrisy from the left here.

In 2016 many on the left declared their support for Hillary Clinton because if elected she would have been the first female President. Personally I don’t think having a female President matters one bit. As long as a woman can be President, then what difference does it make who is first? Elect people based on their ideas, not their gender. I personally didn’t want Hillary Clinton to win because she was a war hawk who would have been more dangerous than Trump.

See here.

Still I and many other critics of Hillary were called sexists for not wanting a woman to be President regardless of her appalling record. Flash forward to 2020 however and these same people on the left are not pushing for Tulsi the same way they were Clinton?

Surely if having a woman President is the most important thing, then shouldn’t all of these people, like Caitlin Moran, entertainers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga be every bit as supportive of Tulsi (who is more of an underdog and thus could actually use their support.)

I would have thought that this woman here.

Was a better role model for young girls, than this crooked, corrupt, blood stained war mongering psychopath here?

Yet bizarrely enough virtually NONE of the high profile Hillary supporters in the mainstream media have got behind Tulsi.

Of course again not that I’m saying I want people to only vote for Tulsi because she is a woman. Vote for her because she is a fantastic candidate. Still going by those on the left, who not only pledged their support for Hillary, but for Obama for being the first black President’s way of thinking; shouldn’t they all automatically be behind Tulsi, a non white woman?

Ultimately I think this goes to show that those on the left are phonies who use representation to manipulate and bully those around them into silence. Hillary and her supporters didn’t actually care about having a woman as the President, but it was an easy way of dismissing any of her critics as “being sexists for not wanting a woman in a position of power.”

We see a similar thing happen in the entertainment industry too. I have been called a sexist by people like the youtubers Samuel Davis, and Mr Tardis for not liking the new female Doctor Who, played by Jodie Whittaker. Apparently that means I can’t stand dirty women in strong roles. Meanwhile I have used my platform to promote Tulsi, a woman, for the highest and most important position on earth, whilst they both probably don’t even know who Tulsi is!

The reason is because again they don’t actually care about female representation. They simply claim they do either so they can smear critics of a particular woman, or so they can jump on a bandwagon that might suit them. It was trendy for people like Mr Tardis to make out how much they hated Trump and supported Hillary for instance, but its not for Tulsi who is a genuine underdog and who the dominant political class don’t like.

So Tulsi despite being an immeasurably better choice for the first female President gets a millionth of the support Hillary does.

Now I don’t mean to tar all of those who would idnetify as being on the left. I personally don’t identify with either the left or the right, but I’m sure there are some people on the left who did support Hillary and now want Tulsi to be the first female President.

Still there are not nearly enough, and next time those on the left try and make out that they care more about female representation than anyone else, that actually its just a ploy to silence critics.

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