Just a quick update on the status of this blog. Sadly I have had to abandon plans for my latest two full length sci fi novels. It was foolish of me to even think of starting such a big project when I’m working on three series.

Doctor Who: The Fire of the Daleks will finish this week, after which Doctor Who and The Circus Master will take a break for two weeks. Next week will see the final two parts of the current Professor Fang story.  I will also be posting a few more reviews and opinion pieces in the weeks ahead too. I don’t want to completely abandon those types of articles as they were what launched the blog in the first place.

Its been a hectic couple of weeks which has sadly caused me to fall behind with all three series. The break will allow me to catch up. I have also decided to move forward my adaptation of Scratchman. It will be the first story to feature my version of the Tenth Doctor.

Finally I would also like to announce two new series. Carlene the Jazz Vampire ( a prequel series about the character from The Circus Master) and Van Helsing. Both will be starting either at the end of this year, or early next year. (Only an idiot would try and produce 5 series at once, so they will obviously be beginning after The Circus Master and Professor Fang are finished.)

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