Advert for New Series in 2020

In 2020 this blog will undergo several major changes. A lot of old material will be edited, the opinion pieces will return, and my three ongoing series will return to a more ordered schedule. This last year whilst productive in many ways, has definitely been poorly planned. I tried to do too much at once without working it out properly first and it showed.

Aside from reorganising my old content, I will also be premiering two new ongoing series. Carlene the Jazz Vampire, and The Savage Era.

Carlene the Jazz Vampire will be a prequel spin off to The Circus Master. Carlene is by far my favourite character from the Circus Master to write for, and this series will explore how she became a Vampire in the swinging 60s and learned to control her powers and thirst for blood. This version of Carlene will naturally be a lot younger and more vulnerable than the one we are used to in the Circus Master.

The Savage Era meanwhile is set in an age before recorded history began, when the first Vampires started to appear and follows three young women from very different backgrounds who come together to take on the hordes of undead in an age of blood, magic and Demons. This series will also explore how creatures like Vampires, Dragons and Zombies came into being and their relationships with one another.

Both series will start in February. Also stay tuned tomorrow for the final part of Journey to the Centre of Evil.

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