Coming Soon

Starting from the 8th of February, Professor Fang and The Circus Master will return.

This will be part of a new schedule which will see two episodes of 6 series released every week.

Last year was too hectic. Trying to crowbar three stories in every week wasn’t working, and there were gaps due to personal problems and other issues. This year however I will stick to a proper schedule. I appreciate the patience regular readers have had in waiting for me to get better and sort out this blog.

8th and 9th of February, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will both return with two new stories,.

Doctor Who Vs Scratchman will return the next Saturday, and on the Sunday a new series based on King Kong will start. I am a huge fan of King Kong and I have wanted to do my own adaptation for quite some time now. This series will not be a straight remake however. It will be set in the early 20th century, and feature a prison ship full of criminals crashing on Skull Island. The series will follow the criminals and the wardens attempts to survive together on a hostile island filled with Dinosaurs, giant insects, lizards, prehistoric creatures and of course a gigantic Ape named Kong!

The following Saturday will then see the start of Carlene the Jazz Vampire, whilst on the Sunday The Savage Era will start. This schedule will then repeat indefinitely.

In the meantime before the 6 series start/resume, I will finish reviewing every Cyberman story as well as offer a few opinion pieces.

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