King Kong: Part 1

She couldn’t move another inch. The infection from her wound had finally overwhelmed her.

It had come from just a tiny little bite on the foot from one of those vile reptiles, but the infection had spread throughout the last day or so. Those monsters mouths were filled with so much bacteria and poison, they were capable of bringing down even the largest beasts on the island.

Still her brother did not give up. He couldn’t understand what was happening to her, but he knew one of those monsters had followed them from the cave and was closing in on them. The two children had spent their lives on the highest cave on the island, seemingly safe from the horrors of the jungle below. Sadly however just yesterday, the great reptiles, ( that their parents had lived in fear of for their entire lives.) Finally found a way through a cave system that had been created by the constant upheaval of the island’s ecosystem and habitat. The parents had tried to fight the reptiles off, but it was no use. They were torn apart, with the two children only barely managing to crawl their way out of their former sanctuary, into a world they didn’t even know existed.

The brother tried to hurl his sister over his shoulders several times and carry her, but his strength was nowhere near great enough for that. Instead he was forced to drag her along the forest floor. Several of the large flying reptiles however had begun to circle up above.

Like giant vultures they had been biding their time waiting for the sister to die, but some of the more bold and hungry reptiles had started to attack. The brother however had always been able to shoo them away with a few sticks. The flying reptiles were not built for combat. Their wing membranes were weak and delicate and their bodies were light and hollow.

Still the largest male reptile was so consumed by hunger that he finally made a full attack and didn’t back down from the young brother, who continued to swing his stick in a futile gesture.

More and more of the flying reptiles started to descend, inspired by their alpha’s boldness. Unfortunately for the winged terrors this would prove to be their undoing.

Whilst the flying reptiles were distracted by their prey, one of the monsters that had been pursuing the children from the cave was able to jump them all from behind.

Most of the flying beasts were able to retreat back to the sky, but the largest and slowest alpha was caught in the tiny arms of one of the two giant monsters as it leaped forward.

The two mighty beasts stood over their intended, tiny victims. The monsters were both over 24 feet tall, over 40 feet long, and 10 tons in weight. They stood on two long, bird like legs, had long, upright tails, large bulky bodies, which stood in a horizontal position, and massive squat heads with gigantic, blood stained jaws.

Their arms were tiny, with only two claws. Still given how easily one of the two beasts held the struggling flying reptile in place, they were clearly a lot stronger than they looked.

The monsters would later be known to mankind as Tyrannosaurus Rex, though they had many names to the various other human civilisations unfortunate enough to have lived on this god forsaken island. To the two children they had cornered species, (the great apes who would one day be known by man as Kongs.) The Tyrannosaurs represented one thing. Death!

The Tyrannosaurs had been able to track the Kongs through jungle, with their advanced sense of smell after finishing off the parents. The Tyrannosaurs weren’t hunting the two Kongs out of hunger, but rather to eliminate a potential threat.

The Tyrannosaurs and the Kongs in the last few hundred years had become the bitterest enemies. For thousands of years before the two species had kept themselves to themselves. Their island had once been a gigantic landmass, with the Kongs living near the largest mountain in the center of the island, whilst the Tyrannosaurs lived in the tropical jungles on the outskirts of the island.

Unfortunately as the island began to sink into the sea, the Tyrannosaurs were forced inland into the Kong’s territory.

Both had been the kings of the world they knew. The Kongs despite being gentle herbivores were larger than the other meat eating Dinosaurs they lived with, and far more intelligent and agile. All of the meat eaters preferred to prey on slow moving, less intelligent Hadrosaurs and Brontosaurs instead. The Tyrannosaurs however were less indiscriminate. Their hugely powerful jaws allowed them to take down the largest and most powerful prey, and so the great apes for the first time in their existence, were fair game.

The apes were certainly a greater challenge to the Tyrannosaurs than any of their previous prey, but ironically that just made the Tyrant Lizards more determined to bring down the Kongs. The Tyrannosaurs weren’t used to any kind of challenge, and they started to hunt the Kongs, not just for food, but to eliminate any danger to themselves.

The Kongs had ultimately been driven to near extinction by the Tyrannosaurs. Though a match for the Tyrant Lizard Kings in combat, the Tyrannosaurs greater numbers and their more blood thirsty nature allowed them to eventually eliminate their rivals from the island.

The two Kong children’s family as far as they knew were the last of their kind on the island. Their father had spent many years searching the jungles of the island. The apes were very social creatures who generally tended to live in large groups. (Even more so since the Tyrannosaurs invaded their territory.)

Unfortunately the only other Kongs they had encountered were another large family of apes that had tried to steal their cave. The cave was not large enough for both families and so the two parents had been forced to fight off and even kill the other members of their kind.

Now it seemed the children were the last two of their kind. The brother hugged his sister and pushed her behind him as the male Tyrannosaur, who had bitten the sister earlier slowly stepped closer.

The female was too busy tearing into the flying reptile. She completely shattered its wing with one bite, and then ripped its leg off, before tearing its guts out, whilst the creature screamed and flapped its remaining wing in pain and desperation.

The Kongs could hear the flying reptiles fragile bones snap as the Tyrannosaurus’s mighty jaws tore its helpless victim apart.

The little male Kong tried to do his best as his sister collapsed from the infection. He roared, beat his chest, thumped his little fists into the ground.

The Tyrannosaurus however simply roared and charged at the siblings. Out of sheer self preservation the male Kong was forced to jump out of the way of the hungry beast. The ape’s entire world had revolved around its family, but at the end of the day there was nothing it could do. Even if it did manage to carry her to safety, the infection would have killed Kong’s sister in a slow lingering way. If anything the Tyrannosaurus was doing her a favour now.

With one bite the Tyrannosaur picked up the female Kong in its mighty jaws and crushed her entire body into paste within a few seconds, which it then swallowed in a single bite.

The female Tyrannosaurus meanwhile threw what was left of the flying reptile to the ground, and started to pursue the young male Kong.

The Tyrannosaurus was a lot faster than it looked, but the young and more agile Kong was able to get a good head start on the Dinosaur until it reached the edge of a river. There was no way forward but through the river, and with no other choice the Kong jumped in the water. Unfortunately however the monkey not only had no idea how to swim, but it was quickly swept away by the strong current.

The Tyrannosaurs watched as their helpless prey was carried off into the distance. Unlike the little Kong they knew this area well and knew that there was no way the little ape could survive so they didn’t bother to pursue seemingly the last of the Kongs.

200 years later.

“If you think I’m eating this.”

“Well what were you expecting? Be grateful for it now. In a few days we’ll be drinking our own piss. Though that’s still too good for you.”

Almost all of the food rations had run out since the prisoners had overrun the ship. The captured French vessel, the SS Mesira had been converted into a hulk by the British in the year 1898. It was both one of the largest and among the last of the dreaded Hulks, holding over 200 prisoners and personnel of both sexes. On the 6th of April, 1910 however its prisoners had managed to overrun it and took the ship out too deep sea to escape the authorities.

One of the prisoners, a former captain named William who had been tried for murdering one of his ship mates, knew of a place that no one would dare follow them too. According to legends, Skull Island as it was known, was said to be to be a nightmarish land filled with terrible creatures.

William however assured his fellow prisoners that the fanciful tales about Skull Island were just stories, and that it would be the perfect place for the prisoners to hide.

Unfortunately however the journey had taken a lot longer than he had hoped. Tensions were running high. Several of the wardens had been kept alive at first as leverage, but most of them had been thrown overboard to reserve food supplies. A few of the surviving staff had been subject to public executions by some of the more brutal prisoners. In all fairness most of the prisoners didn’t exactly raise their objections. The guards of the ship were renowned for their cruelty. It had also served as a form of entertainment on this difficult journey which was taking longer than anyone had hopes.

One of the prisoners named Daniel Jackson couldn’t take being among these savages any longer. It wasn’t out of morality however, more just that he was used to the finer things. In contrast to many of the other criminals here, Daniel had come from a wealthy background and had built up a massive criminal empire. He had a fantastic mind and had even played the key role in the break out, along with William.

He was certainly not used to the hard living of many of the other criminals here, and the criminal who had been appointed the ships caterer, Robert had worked for Daniel before. The two had hated each other long before the desperate situation they were in now. Indeed most of the criminals who had worked for Daniel hated him, and sadly most of them were on the ship. It was a testament to how much they hated Daniel, that they still showed him no gratitude for breaking them out.

“If it weren’t for me you would still be getting beaten every day by the bastards you hanged yesterday.” Daniel said as he threw the disgusting meal he had been served up to the floor.

“Yes and look where we’ve ended up thanks to your great leadership.” Robert replied.

“I’m not the one who said to go chasing after some mythical land like Atlantis.” Daniel insisted.

Several of the other criminals behind Daniel were starting to get restless.

“I haven’t eaten for 4 fucking days mate. If you hold me up longer I’ll fucking eat you.” One of the criminals behind Daniel barked.

“You heard him” Robert said whilst barely able to contain his laughter.

“You may have been a big deal back in London, but here you’re just a little spoiled brat. I suggest you move if you don’t want to get your head smashed in.” Robert taunted.

“Honestly that I one of the greatest criminal minds of this century should be forced to rely on a few perverted bullies.” Before he could finish the criminal behind Daniel punched him in the face.

The others all laughed and cheered as the convict continued to kick Daniel on the floor.

Before he could seriously hurt Daniel, a young female prisoner named Ella Scarlett intervened. She had been one of the few to not take part in the executions of the guards (apart from one very special incident.)

Still Ella was not helping Daniel out of altruism. As much as she despised Daniel, she realised that they may need him on Skull Island (should they ever get there.)

“Get off of him” she said as she tried to push the criminal away.

“We need to stick together.” She continued as she was now forced to try and fight off the crook.

Whilst she was struggling, Daniel siezed his chance and grabbed a broken, sharp piece of the bowl he had smashed and stabbed it into the convicts neck.

Before Ella could stop him, Daniel stabbed the convict over and over again in the throat, chest and face.

The other convicts stood back in shock as Daniel spat on the convicts corpse before standing up, his arm dripping in blood.

“You are all nothing to me, do you understand. NOTHING!” Daniel screamed. He then jumped over the counter, with Robert now being too scared too do anything back and grabbed the pot filled with the disgusting food that was left.

One of the prisoners tried to stop him, but Daniel threw the contents of the boiling pot all over him, before throwing it at the crowd.

“You are nothing to me, do you understand. NOTHING!”

“We’ve made it, we’ve made it.” William shouted.

Sarah came running up the deck.

“Skull Island? Thank god” She said.

“Another few days and they’d have eaten each other.”

“I didn’t want this. Those guards, I know they deserved it, but. Please understand. I tried to stop them.”

“I know, I know. Neither of us belong here.” She said with regret.

“Well we’ll have a new start ahead of us. Just up ahead.”

Sarah could barely see the island it was so foggy and the waves were wild. Still from she could see it looked like nothing more than a harsh barren rock.

“It doesn’t look the best place to get a fresh start to me.”

“Trust me. Its the one place I’ve ever felt l belonged.”

To Be Continued

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