The Time Travelers Bar (coming soon)

This is just an advert for a story that will be premiering at the end of this year at Christmas.

The Time Travelers Bar will be a crossover story between my three current time traveler series, Doctor Who, Professor Fang and The Circus Master.

The story will reveal that on the outside of the multiverse, in the ether beyond creation itself, there is a hotel of sorts where time travelers from all over creation can take a break, enjoy a holiday and meet up for a few drinks.

The Doctor, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will all be enjoying a nice break there when trouble hits the bar.

Now originally this story was just going to feature MY Doctor. In 2019 I started my own alternate sequel series to Classic (True) Who, which featured different 9th-13th Doctors.

My 9th-13th Doctors were based on totally different actors than those from the 21st century revival. (Sadly the series hit a delay late last year, along with all the series on this blog, due to a really bad bout of depression. Fortunately its back on track now.)

I originally retconned it that New Who and Classic Who took place in alternate universes to one another. I felt that this was the best solution as it didn’t just ignore new who, but it freed the future of the series from the problems it created, such as a lovestruck Master, gender bending regenerations etc.

However the last episode of Doctor Who was so terrible, that I feel it along with the Jodie era needs retconned from the revival too.

I may not be the biggest fan of the revival, but I think its a shame that Chibnall’s latest retcons and foolish decisions have wrecked the entire 10 plus years of the revival, even as a story separate from New Who.

Take a look at this scene from The Day of the Doctor.

Now that powerful scene that everybody loved makes no fucking sense and has no impact whatsoever. To start with there are far more than 13 Doctors. Why didn’t the Moment summon any previous Doctors to Hartnell? There’s literally billions of Doctors now. (Remember the Doctor was created before Time Lord history began, and according to Rassilon it lasted billions of years.)

Furthermore Gallifrey was destroyed just a few years later anyway. Worse Gallifrey is destroyed in such an undramatic, lazy way. After all the horrors of the Time War, one Time Lord, The Master was able to kill every single Time Lord no problem? The Doctor also didn’t even seem to care this time round either. Look at Jodie’s non reaction after Gallifrey is blown to pieces, and compare that to the 9th Doctor’s mental breakdown in dealing with the lone Dalek as a result of his people’s loss.

Its a terrible ending even to the revival, and so I have decided to feature the 12th Doctor as one of the main characters, in a way that will write out the 13th Doctors era.

The 12th Doctor it will be revealed at the end of The Doctor Falls refused to regenerate. As a result his body was badly burned from the excess energy and he nearly died. However with his last ounce of strength he made one trip to UNIT HQ (which is thankfully still around in this version of events.)

There Kate and Osgood nursed him back to health, but unfortunately, his refusal to regenerate had caused the energy to completely burn out, leaving him unable to regenerate ever again.

Thus the 12th Doctor in this version of events will be the last Doctor of the New Who universe. I won’t kill him off directly in this story though, don’t worry, as anyone who doesn’t want him to die can then imagine that maybe he went back to Gallifrey and gained more regenerations, or perhaps there is still some energy left he’s unaware of, but his next incarnation is more erratic like sixie. Its up to you to decide if he will one day die for good when his 12th body runs out, or if he somehow gets more lives, but the point is he will not ever become Jodie’s Doctor.

As far as I’m concerned the 12th Doctor after losing the power to regenerate will one day accept his final death as 12, having lived beyond the natural life span of a Time Lord anyway, and having saved his people (who aren’t just randomly killed again.) I’d like to imagine him being buired on Gallifrey as the hero of the Time War, finally accepted by his people in death. Again though his death won’t be shown so its up to you.

I must admit I am looking forward to writing for the 12th Doctor. Whilst I may not have been a fan of his era, I did always love Capaldi’s performance, so it will be a joy and an honour to try and recapture his characterisation, but with the added aspect of he now knows he is on his last life.

In The Time Travelers Bar he didn’t change and he will meet my version of the 10th Doctor, The Circus Master and Professor Fang for a few pints and a threat to all of reality.

This story which will still run in the serialised format will begin round about Christmas time. I still have a lot of work to finish before then.

This story will not just completely ignore the 13th Doctors era however. In the previous article I already ran through how I think it can still fit into the Doctor Who multiverse.

The Timeless Child was the last of a race of Time Lords from another universe who was sent through as their universe was ending. She contained not only the power to regenerate, but the knowledge of the entire history of the Time Lords in her mind, (as they downloaded the Matrix into her head.)

Her job was to find a primitive planet and upgrade its people into being the new Time Lords in order to ensure their history and culture would live on.

However she was found by Teceteun first who took her back to her own planet, experimented on her and created a new race of Time Lords both from her DNA and the knowledge from the Matrix in her brain.

The Timeless Child herself was then programmed to be their champion, and came to name herself the Doctor after the knowledge in her head of the Doctor of the previous universe. She even came to model some of her incarnations on past Doctors from that universe. (The same way Capaldi modelled his face on the Roman he met.)

She isn’t the same character however as either the N or M-Space Doctors. The 13th Doctor will not be appearing in this story either, but there will be references to her universe, establishing it as different.

For me this story will mark a send off to the Doctor we followed from 2005-2017. 12 years wasn’t a bad run, but I feel the story deserves to be rounded off properly, rather than just going back in circles with Gallifrey being destroyed yet again.


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