King Kong: Part 2

The little ape tried to grab onto any nearby branches as the furious current pulled him downstream, but it was no use.

He screamed in panic, but seemingly the only animals nearby were large, slow witted plant eating Dinosaurs, Brontosaurs who didn’t even take notice of Kong who was dragged further and further down the gigantic river. His cries would soon be answered however by a member of one of the latest unfortunate human tribes of Skull Island. Over the millennia various human civilisations had come to Skull Island, only to all fall before its monsters.

These Skull Islanders however were made up of survivors from various boats that had become shipwrecked on the island. They came from all over the world. Europe, Africa, America, with all differences being forgotten in the desperate struggle to survive against the Dinosaurs.

Whenever a new ship would crash on Skull Island, the natives would welcome any survivors into their clan and teach them how to survive, as well as learn any secrets from the outside world that they knew. With so many ships crashing near Skull Island, the natives were able to keep up to date with many aspects of the outside world.

The native who had noticed Kong, was a young woman by the name of Gerisian. She had come to the river to do some fishing. Gerisian had always had a real soft spot for animals. Her tribe kept small Dinosaurs named Protoceratops as a source of food, but she had bonded with one of them so much that she refused to let her tribe kill it, even when food supplies were low.

As a result she was often the first sent out to try and get food for the rest of the tribe, which was what she was doing now.

As soon as she saw the little Kong in the very distance ahead however, she instantly forgot about her tribe and focused on helping the little monkey by cutting down a small tree near the river.

Gerisian’s tribe had lived in the jungle for centuries and had witnessed the last of the great apes fall to the Tyrannosaurs. Gerisian herself however had only ever heard stories about these strange, giant, wild men of the forest, and was quite shocked to see this strange creature at first. The way it thrashed around so desperately, it truly did look almost human in its desire to live.

Gerisian managed to chop the tree down just before the little Kong was pulled ahead of her.

The ape quickly grabbed onto the log and pulled itself up. It then ran to the other end of the log and jumped with all its strength onto the river bank beside Gerisian. The strain of constantly trying to pull free from the current, and jumping across the log had worn the Kong out, and he more or less collapsed into the young woman’s arms.

Gerisian was torn about what to do. She thought it might be better to leave the Kong. Her tribe were running low on food already, and they most likely would not give up any of their vegetables for a monkey. Worse she was worried that in their desperation they might try and eat the monkey! Still ultimately she found she couldn’t leave the little creature to fend for itself. This jungle was crawling with predators big and small. The fact that it was such a rare and unusual creature may have also influenced Gerisian too. Whilst she did genuinely care for the animals she took in, there was also a somewhat selfish and shallow aspect of wanting to own as many unusual creatures as she possibly could. Regardless she decided to take the Kong home, and wrapped it up in her blanket.

200 years later

The crowd had remained somewhat quiet since Daniel’s outburst. None of them were willing to risk provoking him as he sat in the corner just simply staring into space.  His gamble had paid off in that once again his former lackey’s knew their place.

The prisoner who had been burned meanwhile was being tended to by Scarlett, who was the only one not scared of Daniel.

“Why are you helping him?” Daniel asked.

“Do you know what he was guilty of? He murdered his wife. Beat her to death. Dying like that’s too good for him.”

“You’ve done worse.” Eva replied. “Yet I tried to help you. I did it for the same reasons. Wherever that mad man is taking us we’ll all need to stick together. I personally don’t think it’s the promised land.”

“I never killed anyone I didn’t have too.” Daniel protested.

“I made sure the people I cared about were taken care of. I never betrayed anyone who trusted me. Can you say the same thing?”

Eva was clearly shaken by his words for a moment but pressed on anyway.

Suddenly the entire ship started to shake. Despite the foggy weather, William had pressed on with the journey. He told Sarah that the waters around Skull Island were always dangerous, and that given their low supplies they couldn’t afford to wait around.

However the landscape had changed somewhat since William’s last visit. Skull Island was slowly breaking off into the ocean, due to unstable fissures at the center of the landmass.

Every few years the fissure’s would act up, and giant shards of land would be ripped off. Whilst most of these pieces of land would sink to the bottom of the ocean, a few were left sticking out around the island, blocking the way. Coupled with the strong rapids that tossed the ship from side to side, it was a foolish decision to press on, but William couldn’t take another second with the crew.

As soon as he made his way through the foggy waters the ship was knocked into a large piece of broken off land. Fortunately it didn’t pierce the ships hull, but it still threw the entire crew off of their feet including William.

William nevertheless jumped back up and still pushed the ship forward.

“Are you mad?” Sarah shouted?

“Trust me I’ve been through these waters before, we just have to stay calm.”

“We’ll be lucky if we can stay on our feet. What harm can there be in waiting.”

“You want to spend any more time with those freaks below than necessary.”

The ship continued to be thrashed around by the weather, but William for the most part was able to avoid the next few shards of land, until the boat reached just a few miles off the shore.

Even this close however, William and Sarah could barely make anything out of the island up ahead. It looked like a dark, dreary place, though Sarah for just a minute thought she could make out what looked like some ruins in the very distance of the island.

“What the hell kind of a place is this?” She said to herself.

The boat soon bumped into another shard of land, this one despite being concealed by the fog, was the largest yet. It was at least twice as big as the others.

As William tried to steer the boat away however, the boat hit another few bumps along the way.

It was yet another shard of land, that was mostly concealed beneath the waves. Its very tip however was still high enough above the water to pierce the outer hull of the vessel.

William still ploughed on, even as the scraping of the metal against the rock became defeaning.

Sarah tried to stop him, but he pushed her back.

Unfortunately for William however one of the prisoners, named Peter soon arrived on the deck.

Peter had always been somewhat cowardly, though despite this he was one of the most vicious killers in the prison. He was a pyromaniac who had torched several buildings, killing over 50 people. He always however made sure to set his fires from a safe distance.

Peter didn’t even try and reason with William and instead came at him with a knife.

Peter and William struggled, whilst Sarah tried to get the ship back on track. Unfortunately however during the fight William knocked Peter back into Sarah, causing the ship to crash harder onto the shard. This time it managed to pierce the hull to an even greater extent.

The ship almost became embedded in the rock, but William (who had easily overpowered the weak Peter) managed to push the boat further towards the shore of Skull Island.

As the vessel reached the shore, Sarah and Peter could begin to make out the Island through the fog.

They could see what looked like a gigantic wall in the distance, over 100 feet tall. In front of the wall looked like the remains of several temples, buildings, and statues.

A large mountain, near the edge of the shore however soon came into closer view behind the fog. William was the first to run below the deck, with Peter and Sarah following.

None of the three of them had any time to warn the rest of the prisoners, before the ship smashed into the mountain and toppled beside it, crashing right onto the beach of Skull Island.

To Be Continued.

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