King Kong: Part 3

It had been a long tormented night for quite possibly the last of the Kongs. After Gerisian had taken the monkey back to her tribe, she was predictably met with scorn by the others. Her leader complained that it was one more mouth to feed, that it could attract predators. It was only Gerisian’s mother who thinking quickly, was able to convince the tribe to keep the ape. She argued that when it grew larger it could protect them.

Even then however the tribe leader was still unsure, but agreed for now at least to let Kong recover in their village.

Kong had been kept in Gerisian’s family’s hut overnight, and though he was made comfortable by Gerisian, the recent horrors the monkey had been through haunted it’s dreams.

Kong kept dreaming that he was back in the safety of his cave, with his parents and sister, just before those nightmarish Tyrannosaurs attacked. In the morning the little ape would be jolted from it’s tormented slumber by something nudging him. It was Gerisian’s pet Protoceratops. The little Dinosaur was more curious about Kong than anything else. She certainly wasn’t trying to harm him.

Gerisian’s little sister who had been playing with the Dinosaur stood at the back, curious, but also scared a little of the strange new creature her sister had brought home. The fact that it was almost human in it’s appearance, movements and expressions just made it all the more unnerving.

Kong initially crawled away from the Dinosaur in fear. It didn’t have the best experience with reptiles to be fair, but the Protoceratops followed him, which soon caused Kong to jump on the Dinosaurs back and start biting it in self defense.

Gerisian’s sister, named Herisic, instantly tried to pull Kong off of the Dinosaur. Kong held on tightly however until Gerisian entered the room and Kong stopped in his tracks at the sight of her.

Herisic quickly rushed the Protoceratoprs outside to tend to it’s wounds. Fortunately the Kong’s single bite wound wasn’t deep and the little Dinosaur would recover easily. Herisic however was furious and picked up her fathers spear, but Gerisian got in the way of Kong.

“He’s just scared.” Gerisian pleaded.

“Please, I’ve always wanted to see one of the legendary Kongs. Please.” She continued

Herisic slowly dropped the spear.

“I warn you if he hurts her again. I won’t hesitate.”

Gerisian tended to Kong who had curled up in the corner. She approached him slowly and after a few minutes started to pet the ape gently.

Kong in some ways was just as unsure of the humans as he had been of the Dinosaurs, but in time he would come to view Gerisian as a mother figure.

Gerisian showed Kong more affection than even his own family had. She would spend all her time with the monkey, who soon became her favourite pet. Initially her bond to the little Kong was somewhat shallow. She loved it simply because it was a special animal, that only she had. She loved to boast to her friends that she had the rarest animal on the island and they were all a little jealous.

Still as time went on the Kong was able to show a greater loyalty to Gerisian than any of her other pets. He would always shower Gerisian with affection, even when the rest of the village would turn against her for sheltering so many animals. Gerisian in turn spoilt Kong, and even forced her father to build a small area outside their hut for him to play in undisturbed.

These would be the only years the last of the Kongs would know peace. The rest of Gerisian’s tribe would also come to accept him in time. Many of the other children would come to play with the ape, whilst even some of the adults came to see having possibly the last of the Kongs as a big accomplishment for their tribe.

Sadly however these years would not last, as Kong grew larger, and Gerisian moved on and had a family of her own, their bond would begin lessen.

200 years later

One by one the survivors crawled out of the wreckage of the ship. Only a few had died in the crash, though many more were injured.

Scarlett, Sarah, Daniel and William had all managed to escape uninjured and were among the first to make it to the beach.

“I can’t believe we made it.” William said excitedly, completely oblivious to the wellbeing of the rest of the crew.

One of the other prisoners got so angry, he ran at William with a knife, but fortunately for the former captain, Scarlett noticed and warned him in time.

William ducked, whilst Scarlett tried to restrain the prisoner only to be easily overpowered.

“This maniac has killed us all. He crashed the ship on this godforsaken rock, and you want to protect him?”

“He knows this place better than the rest of us. We need him.” Scarlett argued.

“Really. I’d argue that we can’t trust him” Peter said from the back, as he limped forward in pain.

“He lied to us about this being some safe haven. Look at it? It’s a barren wasteland.”

“It is not. There is a tribe just over the rocks ahead. They’ll take care of us.”

“Even if you’re telling the truth, how do I know those natives, are going to be friendly towards us? You hate us. You think we’re all freaks, I heard your entire conversation with this slapper.” He said about Sarah.

“He said we’re all freaks that he couldn’t stand to be around for another second. That was why he was so reckless bringing the boat to this dump.” Peter shouted to the rest of the convicts.

“I don’t think much of any of you, but there’s what? 200 or so of you here. It would be a bit stupid of me to make enemies of all of you wouldn’t it.” William replied.

“What makes you think these natives will want to look after 200 people?” Another one of the criminals shouted from the back.

“Trust me there are enough resources on this island to feed all of us. If we work with them, we can be part of their team and help protect them. They welcome outsiders here. The more the merrier.” William said.

“Protect them? From what?” Peter said.

“This is all a trap.” Another young woman from the back shouted.

“I say we kill William and take what we want from his native friends, if they even exist.” Peter said to bloodthirsty cheers from most of the rest of the convicts.

“You’re an idiot if you think you’ll get anywhere near them without me.” William shouted over the convicts.

“We were idiots for letting you take us all the way out here.” Another one of the prisoners interrupted.

“And where else would you have gone? If we’d made our way to back to England we would have been arrested and stuck on some other ship. None of you had any idea where to go. I warned you that we would have to take the long way round to escape the authorities. You all owe me.”

Several of the prisoners started to surround William and Scarlett, including Daniel and Sarah, whilst the majority gathered around Peter.

“Think about what you’re doing now. I won’t show any mercy if you cross me.” William said, only to be met with laughter from the rest of the prisoners.

Knowing he was outgunned, William ran down a nearby passage way between two rock formations.

Scarlett, Daniel, Sarah and a few others were quick to follow, whilst the rest of the mob searched scattered around the Island in attempt to cut him off.

William knew this area better than they did however, and he also knew that there were dangers lurking in these rocks that he had seen the natives struggle with every day.

In some respects William had actually hoped that some of the prisoners would turn on him as it would make it easier to get through these cliffs. The monsters that lurked in them had a real taste for human flesh, so much so that the natives still lost several of their number to every year. William would have been perfectly happy to lose all of the prisoners except for Sarah. Though he didn’t know much about her. In fact in the entire time she had been locked up, she never once shared with him what she had been found guilty of. William had nevertheless found her more understanding than any of the other prisoners. It seemed doubtful however that she would ever trust him again.

Whilst Sarah had taken his side against the other prisoners, it was more out of self preservation than anything else. Much like Scarlett and Daniel she felt that her best bet was with William, only because he knew these cliffs and rocks, though even then neither she nor the others were equipped for what they were about to encounter.

Peter had followed William’s group straight down the passage, along with several more criminals, including the one who had originally attacked William.

Little did they know however that William was luring them into a trap. At the end of the passage was a ditch that led to a cave.

William suddenly stopped the rest of the criminals for a few moments.

“Why are we waiting here! They’re coming up behind us!” Daniel screamed.

“I know just any minute.”

“You lunatic I’m not waiting around.”

Suddenly Daniel’s hysterical cries were drowned out by a roar in the cave. Slowly a creature started to emerge from the dark, enough to make all of the supposedly hardened criminals tremble. It was a long creature, short in height, that waddled on four legs like a Lizard. It had a massive sail along it’s back and a short, squat, toad like head, and a large mouth filled with long, razor sharp teeth.

It was a Dimetrodon, a prehistoric reptile even older than the Dinosaurs and the top predator from this part of Skull Island.

On William’s urging all of the criminals who had sided with him stood completely still, whilst the monster inspected them.

A few seconds later Peter and his team came charging down the path after them. They initially froze in terror at the sight of the monster that instantly diverted it’s attention towards them. Peter was so terrified he instantly pushed the largest criminal there down and ran for safety.

The Dimetrodon soon went for the criminal Peter had knocked over and clamped it’s strong jaws around his skull, killing him right away. The other criminals scattered, and the Dimetrodon was able to pick another one off. The creature despite being larger than a Grizzly Bear was able to move at a lightening speed and grabbed another criminal by the leg. With one bite it tore his leg clean off and crushed it into pulp.

“Now” William said as the Dimetrodon was busy tearing into it’s victim. William and his team headed up a nearby hill. Unfortunately as they ran, Daniel tripped on one of the rocks. Scarlett quickly went back for him, but the Dimetrodon, having made short work of the criminal pounced on them.

Daniel was able to pull himself up and fled, whilst the Dimetrodon knocked Scarlett off her feet.

To Be Continued

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