King Kong Part 4

“This was where he was last spotted.”

“How long ago was that? A year ago. Maybe those things killed him.”

Liasa could see her words had hurt her mother.”

“I’m sorry, but we turned our backs on Kong why would he.”

“I turned my back on him you mean. I saved him all those years ago from the river. I was the only family he had. I shouldn’t have let them. It doesn’t matter now though, he’s our only chance.”

Suddenly the two women could hear a rustling sound in the distance. Gerisian stopped her daughter from going ahead. It didn’t sound big enough to be Kong, though granted she didn’t know what size the gorilla would be by now for sure, but it sounded more fleet footed and light, like a Raptor. (Or the Gaw as the natives referred to the Dinosaurs as.)

Sure enough the noise was followed by the sound of several Raptors screeching.

“They followed us up here. They’re smarter than you’d think.” Liasa said.

The two women tried to make their way out of the jungle as fast as they possibly could. If the Raptors saw them for a second it would be over. No one could outrun them.

The two women concealed themselves in the low grass to keep out of sight from the Dinosaurs that they could see come into view in the distance. There were three Raptors in total all sniffing at the ground, trying to pick up the two woman’s scent.

Unfortunately however Gerisian and her daughter were too focused on the Raptors in the distance to notice one of the Dinosaurs watching them from above. The Raptors were pack hunters and would often use members of the pack to cover multiple areas, rather than all attack at once.

The Raptor glided slowly from the tree tops like a bird of prey on top of Gerisian, using it’s wing like forearms. It pinned her to the ground with the claws on its arms and feet and sunk it’s jaws into her back.

Before it’s teeth could cut through her spinal chord however, Liasa was able to bat the Dinosaur away with a stick. It’s bite was still deep however and Gerisian was in tremendous pain, though she fought through it for her daughters sake more than her own.

The other Raptors meanwhile had noticed the commotion and were quick to swarm the humans.

Liasa and Gerisian both crawled up a nearby tree, with the Raptors trying to follow, but once she reached the top Liasa was able to knock him back down with a stick.

At the very top of the tree, Gerisian could get a better view of the forest. There was no sign of Kong, but with no other choice Gerisian started to use her special call for Kong.

Back when Kong lived in the village, Gerisian would always use a special call to summon the monkey. She hadn’t attempted to use the call when searching for Kong up until now, as she was afraid the call would make the him flee after what had happened. She was also worried about attracting the Dinosaurs, but now she had no choice.

She screamed out Kong’s call from the top of the forest for a few minutes until suddenly the trees in the distance began to break down. Kong came charging into the clearing behind the Raptors who he towered over. Kong now stood over 15 feet tall, and was several tons in weight.

Kong slammed both of his fists into the forest floor and whilst one of the Raptors wisely fled, the remaining three all foolishly dogpiled on the gorilla at once. The largest Raptor went for Kong’s neck and started to kick with the talons on it’s feet, whilst the other two each jumped on Kong’s arms.

Such a tactic had worked many times for the Raptors when taking down lumbering herbivorous Dinosaurs such as Hadrosaurs. Two Raptors tear at the arms, distracting the animal, whilst another goes for the jugular and takes it down quickly before it can realise what is going on.. Kong however was much too smart for their tricks and slammed both of his arms into trees crushing the Raptors. He then grabbed the Raptor going for his neck and bit down hard, tearing the animal in half. He then threw the bottom half onto the ground and stepped on it, before spitting the top half he had chewed up over the nearby trees.

Kong then beat his chest furiously and roared sending all of the birds and a few Pterosaurs in the nearby area flying from the tree tops.

Even Liasa cowered at the sight of the beast, whilst Gerisian walked slowly towards her former pet, undeterred by the tremendous pain in her back.

Kong stared at her tenderly for a few moments before letting out another roar and grabbing his foster mother in his hand. He hoisted her up to his angry, scowling face.

Liasa ran to try and help her mother, but Gerisian signaled her to stop, even as Kong’s grip around her tightened.

200 Years Later

Scarlett tried to hurl herself forward, but the Dimetrodon was just as fast and managed to grab her foot it it’s jaws. It wasn’t a good bite however, though the monsters teeth still penetrated the skin and muscle on her foot.

Fortunately William in contrast to the cowardly Daniel hurled a massive rock he had found at the Dimetrodon’s sail. He knew these beasts well. They were arguably the most persistent enemies of the humans on the island, but the sails on their back which they used to regulate body temperature, and to attract a mate were nevertheless extremely delicate. Peter’s well aimed throw managed to puncture a hole in the sail.

The Dimetrodon let out an agonized scream and darted back into it’s cave, leaving a trail of blood behind as it went.

William and a few of the other criminals, helped Scarlett up, whilst the rest, including Daniel waited patiently at the top of the hill.

“Can you walk?” William asked.

“Yes I can” she said as he put some pressure on her foot.

“Good because if you couldn’t we would have left you. You’re right in that we are all in this together, but at the same time no dead wood. Unless I get hurt of course.” William said.

“What makes you so special,” Daniel asked angrily from above?

“I’m the only one who knows the natives on this island remember? I not only know where their village is, but I’m your liason in with them. Without me you won’t last long on this island as you can see.” William said whilst looking back at the remains of the criminal the Dimetrodon had devoured. Come on, let’s get out of here before more of those sail back’s get hungry.”

Over the hill ahead was another maze of rock formations, but William was confident he knew the way ahead.

“I remember one of these passages led to a large underground lake where we did most of our fishing. I must have walked past this area 100 or so times.”

“Why did you stop coming here?” Scarlett asked.

“Something else, something bigger and hungrier found out about our little watering hole, let’s just leave it at that. Don’t worry we won’t run into it here. We’ll be fine.”

As they walked down one of the ridges together, keeping an eye out for more Dimetrodon’s, Scarlett couldn’t keep her contempt from Daniel hidden for long.

“I guess there isn’t any honour among thieves after all.” She said in Daniel’s direction as she limped behind the others.

“There was nothing I could have done to help you, Scarlett, besides I’ve only ever looked out for myself before, why should now on this godforsaken island of all places, suddenly change that.”

“Yes well you better hope you’re not ever in danger here yourself. I and don’t think anyone else will be in a huge rush to help you.”

“I wasn’t going to help him anyway.” One of the other criminals said.

“I hope one of those things eats him slowly.” Another pipped up.

“Yes well it wouldn’t want to eat you would it? You look like you’ve already passed through something’s digestive system.” Daniel fired back which caused the other criminal to attack him.

William and Scarlett however soon intervened and broke up the fight, but within a few seconds the roaring of a Dimetrodon took their minds off of the petty squabble.

“It’s near.” William said.

“We just have to stay on our feet.”

William made sure to place himself in the middle of the circle so that if there was a Dimetrodon around any corner he would be the last person to get snatched.

At the end of the latest ridge was a hill at the top of which a Dimetrodon stood roaring. The criminals paused for a minute.

“It won’t go away. It can smell us.”William said.

“It’s waiting for us to go by, into the open where it can pick us off.”

“What do we do?” Scarlett asked.

“We might just have to leg it.”

“I can’t run as fast after that thing bit my leg.”

“You’re dead wood Eva.” Daniel taunted.

“We don’t leave anybody behind” Sarah interrupted. “The fewer of us there are, the less likely we live.”

William meanwhile didn’t say anything for once. He agreed with Daniel, but he didn’t want to push the prisoners too far, or completely alienate Sarah either.

Fortunately it was soon taken out of their hands. The Dimetrodon that William had wounded crawled slowly out in front of them towards the end of the hill. It had obviously made it’s way out of the end of the cave.

Weak, bleeding and limping in pain, the wounded Dimetrodon didn’t even notice the other member of it’s kind at the top of the hill as it pitifully tried to crawl up it.

The healthier Dimetrodon meanwhile bolted down and leaped at it’s wounded kin.

The healthy Dimetrodon easily overpowered the wounded creature after a short struggle and pushed it on it’s back, breaking it’s fragile sail completely.

The Dimetrodon screamed in agony as it waved it’s legs around helplessly on it’s back like a turtle. The healthy Dimetrodon meanwhile started to tear into the other whilst it was still alive.

Even the criminals looked away in disgust.

“It’s the way it is on this island. Food is so scarce the big predators hunt each other just as much. Everything eats everything on this island.” William said.

“And this was where you want.”

The other criminals meanwhile had been forced to go down a different route. After what had happened with the Dimetrodon in the cave they were too scared to go back that way, so instead they decided to climb up a hill near to where the boat had crashed.

Peter had lost any small respect he may have among the other criminals for his cowardly actions in leaving behind one of his comrades to be devoured by the creature.

At the top of the hill, the criminals could see the same maze spread out ahead of them. They also spotted various Dimetrodon’s down several of the passages, some fighting brutally with one another.

In the very distance they could see what looked like a gigantic wall.

“Unbelievable, what the hell kind of a place has that mad man brought us too. ” One of the criminals who had somewhat assumed command of the group, named Hamish thought to himself. Hamish was an absolute bear of a man, standing over 6 feet 5 inches tall. Despite this he was actually one of the more fair and reasonable convicts. He had a pathological hatred of William however and had been against travelling to Skull Island from the start. As William himself had said however, he had no other idea of where to go.

“That hill up ahead” Peter said sheepishly, whilst pointing to another hill that led into the one they were standing on.

“It’s the only way forward, the passages are filled with those sail backed monsters.”

“That hill leads us away from the wall”. Hamish said.

“What’s so special about that wall.”

“You idiot it’s the sign of a civilisation. That’s clearly where these natives William is always going on about live.”

“I don’t care” another of the prisoners said.

“I’m not going through those things. I’d rather have drowned in the ocean.”

Hamish wasn’t too eager to fight his way through those things either and so he sheepishly agreed, hoping they could see another way around the hill.

The criminals walked down the hill, but as they prepared to climb the next hill, Peter noticed there was a small cave beside it. Whilst the others moved on ahead Peter was sure he could hear something coming from the cave, a deep growling sound.

To Be Continued

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