King Kong: Part 6

The smaller Raptors started to attack Kong first. Their great speed allowed the Dinosaurs to effortlessly dodge Kong’s strikes, and the more Kong kept missing, the angrier, less focused and clumsier his strikes became.

Whilst trying to strike one particularly bold Raptor that had jumped up and managed to slash Kong’s face with the claw on its foot, the giant gorilla stumbled over itself and landed face first on the ground.

It was at this point that the larger Raptors came in. Five of the Dinosaurs jumped onto Kong’s back and started to slash with the claws on their feet and tear massive chunks of flesh from his back with their strong jaws, with the largest going for his neck in particular.

Kong struggled to try and grab the Raptors, but they were too fast for him. He then tried to drop backwards and crush the Raptors under his back, but again the fleet footed Dinosaurs were able to escape. As soon as he landed on his back however, hordes more Dinosaurs jumped on Kong’s chest and started slashing and biting him.

One particularly large Raptor was able to slash at Kongs throat. In desperation Kong rolled himself forward, managing to crush 9 or so Raptors in the process.

As Kong hoisted himself back on his feet, the natives who were watching from their huts could see the great ape was covered in scratch and and bite marks, some of which were clearly very deep.

The Raptors again gathered round Kong, but this time the giant monkey grabbed a nearby massive tree and pulled it out from the ground. Kong swung the tree at the Raptors and managed to strike at least 20 more of the Dinosaurs. Though they were considerably faster than Kong, the length of the tree allowed him to reach the monsters before they even had a chance.

Only a dozen or so Raptors survived Kong’s attack and fled to the center village, but rather than simply escape they still stood their ground against Kong.

Several of the Raptors scattered to the side, whilst a few tried to hold Kong’s attention at the front. This was the tactic the monsters had always used to take down slow witted, large and powerful Dinosaurs, but Kong was wise to the Dinosaurs tricks and looked around him before hurling the tree at the Raptors in front. Only two were able to escape it in time.

Five Raptors in total from either side dogpiled on Kong at once. One particularly large Raptor tried to go for Kong’s eyes which caused him to focus most of his attention on it. The rest of Raptors meanwhile dug their claws in incredibly deep.

Eventually the pain became too much for Kong and he stumbled backwards into a nearby house, bringing it down. Fortunately the family had fled into the back garden as soon as Kong got near their house.

All of the Raptors started to go for Kong’s face now, except for the largest Raptor who again went for Kong’s throat and dug its sickle like claw deep in deep. Kong started to choke on his own blood as the raptor dug its claws in deeper.

Fortunately the father of the family from the house Kong had smashed reached for a large piece of rubble and with his wife’s help he was able to throw it at the Raptor on Kong’s throat, catching it off guard and knocking it off, before it could slice open his jugular.

Kong then grabbed the two Raptors over his eyes and crushed them into paste before hoisting himself up, after which he then stomped then Raptor that had been near his throat into the ground.

One of the Raptors then turn its attention to the family, but before it could pounce, Kong grabbed it from behind and bite the creature in half. The three remaining Raptors subsequently fled from the village.

After they were sure the Raptors were gone, the villagers all slowly emerged from their huts around Kong, nervous at first. After just a few seconds however they all started clapping and chanting “Kong” in praise of their saviour.

Kong beat his chest in a sign of triumph. The fight had taken a tremendous amount out of the giant ape, but fortunately the Raptors wounds weren’t serious.

Gerisian had never been more proud of her pet who was now the hero of her tribe. Unfortunately however there were a few members of the tribe who hadn’t forgotten why he was banished in the first place, and were less than eager to embrace the Kong as their saviour.

200 Years Later

William greeted the natives warmly.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you old friends.” He said with a smile on his face.

The Skull Islanders however all pointed their spears at William.

“Don’t any of you recognise me? I’ve not been away that long.”

“Yes we do. It seems you’ve come crawling back.” One of the natives at the back said.

“We warned you that there was nothing on the outside for you.”

“Well to be fair this island isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a paradise is it? Still you were right. As horrifying as this place can be, this is the only place I have ever felt accepted.”

The natives lowered their spears whilst Daniel rolled his eyes in frustration.

“You remember the quickest way to the village.” The native asked.

“Unfortunately I do.”

“Why is that unfortunate?” Eva asked.

“It’s a cliff edge above a large cavern filled with, well Spiders, but much, much, much bigger spiders than you’re used to back home. They live in the darkest pits of the island and usually only feed on vermin, but if you’re unlucky enough to get to close to one of their pits, you’ve had it.” William said.

“The creatures tend to sleep during the day time” The natives leader added.

“Had you signaled us at night we wouldn’t have come for you.”

“Well thank you anyway.” William said.

“We must hurry, we don’t have much sunlight left.”

Hamish and the others had meanwhile become completely lost in the maze of rocks and caves on the outskirts of Skull Island. Hamish still had a vague idea of where they were going, but he had taken so many detours by now he almost felt like giving up. His team had lost a further three men to the Dimetrodons. Little did they know however they were being pursued by a far more dangerous predator. Their old ship mate, Peter.

Having managed to escape the Bat creatures, Peter had similarly become lost in the maze of the island at first, but he had managed to reach the massive cavern just ahead of the village and got a good feeling on his barings. Ironically it was thanks to the Bat that had dragged him considerably further inland that he had such a good head start on Hamish and the others.

He had spotted Hamish and his men from a distance and immediately made plans against them.

Even though he knew he would be lucky to last a day in this godforsaken place on his own, and he had no idea where William’s group had got too, he didn’t care.

He wanted to make the others pay for their betrayal. Deep down however perhaps Peter simply wanted to experience the rush he got from burning something one last time. He had never been more happy than when creating a fire and the betrayal was the perfect excuse in his twisted mind.

Peter followed his former ship mates for twenty minutes until he saw the right opportunity arise. Along the way he collected logs and bits of the old trees, and sticks, anything that would light.

Peter then ran ahead of his team mates and dropped a large chunk of debris at the very end of a long passage way they were about to walk down (as it was the only way forward.)

Using a box of matches he had kept with him since the break out, Peter set it ablaze. The smell of smoke drew Hamish and the others even closer as they felt it was a sign of the natives. Unfortunately by the time they reached the end of the passage and saw it was cut off, Peter had already managed to drop another pile of flaming debris at the other end, trapping the crooks.

Peter soon taunted his former ship mates from above as the smoke began to choke them.

“You thought you could just leave me to die. To be eaten by that thing?” He said whilst struggling not to laugh.

The walls on either side of the passage were far too steep for the criminals to climb up. Worse Peter started to throw the few flaming torches he had left down on their heads. He managed to set Hamish’s arm ablaze

“You maniac Peter” Hamish shouted up. “How do you expect to survive on this island without us?”

Peter wasn’t even listening however, he was in hysterics as the criminals tried to push the flaming mass out of the way, only for two of them to catch fire.

Peter’s joy was short lived however as he soon noticed in the distance four of the same winged creatures that had abducted him flying towards the passage, drawn by the flames. Peter ran as fast as he could in the other direction whilst the flying monsters made their way into the passage.

The smoke was so overwhelming however that even the monsters could barely stand to be in the passage. Hamish grabbed onto one of the monsters as it tried to fly away.

The monster struggled to shake him but as the smoke began to choke the beast it hurled itself upward with Hamish holding onto one of its legs.

Hamish looked down as the smoke from either side filled the passage way, trapping all of his men in between. Hamish also looked around for Peter. He so hoped one of the winged monsters had caught the little rat, but sadly the lunatic had managed to escape once again.

The bat creature started to kick at Hamish with its other foot, but he held on for dear life. Below he could see several Dimetrodon’s who had been drawn by the flames, though some of the sail backed monsters attention had turned to Hamish. Some where even standing up on their back legs and snapping at Hamish. The bat creature flew around in panic, but it wasn’t until another of the creatures grabbed Hamish that he was forced to let go.

The other bat dug its Talons straight into his flesh to the point where he couldn’t hold on another second.

The second Bat creature then dragged him along the ground until one of the Dimetrodon’s grabbed his arm in its jaws. A tug of war ensured between the Dimetrodon and the giant bat until eventually the Dimetrodon was able to pull both Hamish and the Bat to the ground. Before he could even attempt to flee, Hamish alongside the creature that had pulled him here were set upon by dozens of Dimetrodon’s who ripped them both to pieces.

Peter meanwhile had ran up ahead back to the massive cavern in front of the village. The only reason he hadn’t gone ahead was to make Hamish and the others pay.

As soon as he reached the cavern Peter could see some of the natives at the other end. He called out to them and they started to answer back.

Sadly he couldn’t hear them, but little did he know they were trying to warn him. Just below Peter’s shouting had alerted one of the creatures from the pit that was crawling up the side of the cavern in front of him.

To Be Continued

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