Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Black Room


Caroline and Simon tried to help the two guards overpower the King, but it was no use. He was in a state of rage and panic the likes of which they had never seen before. He would kick, bite and throw things at them whenever they got near.

Eventually however after a few minutes, one of the guards in desperation smashed a chair over the Kings head as he came charging at him. The guards and obviously Caroline had been holding back when trying to overpower the King, but with the Vampires fast approaching they couldn’t afford to anymore.

“I just hope I haven’t cracked his skull open or else this will all be rather pointless,” the guard said as he hoisted the Kings unconscious body over his shoulders.

Outside in the nearby corridor they could see one of the Vampires feeding on a guard.

The bloodsucker soon noticed the King and the others in its path and started hissing at them, blood dripping from its fangs. The beast moved at an incredible speed, but was blocked from grabbing Caroline by one of the guards who then tried to tackle the Demon.

The guard didn’t last long as the Vampire effortlessly pinned him to the ground and ripped his throat out with its teeth.

The other guard, Caroline, Simon and the King made their way down a nearby stair case. In the hall below they could see Vampires trying to fight their way in through the windows, only for the King’s elite force to try and hopelessly repel the undead Demons.

Regrettably Carlone, Simon and the guard were forced to abandon their comrades as the Vampires overpowered most of them and broke their way into the castle.

Caroline led the way as she at least knew where the King’s collection of dark magical artifacts were kept or rather where the portal to them was located.

She had never felt comfortable about her fathers collection of the black arts. Ironically they were just about the only thing she clashed with him on. Whilst she didn’t mind keeping some, harmless Demons and Goblins as pets (or rather slaves.) She felt the King was taking too many risks with the black arts and always tried to convince him to destroy his collection.

Now however ironically they were seemingly the kingdoms only choice as more and more guards and police fell to the Vampires. It wasn’t even a battle, as the guards despite fighting valiantly weren’t able to slow the Vampires down for a second. By the time Caroline, Simon and the guard had reached the end of the hall, all of the King’s guards had already been slaughtered. They were only able to slip away because the Vampires didn’t notice them in their bloodlust, they had only focused on butchering the elite guards.

Outside of the castle, Agnes and Robin had managed to sneak their way into the courtyard, keeping hidden from the Vampires who again were more focused on making their way into the castle.

Agnes had the same idea as Caroline to try and use the King’s dark magics against the Vampires. The King had only shared the knowledge of this secret collection with his family, but Robin through trickery had been able to find out about it, and the enchantment that created a door to the room. (Though the room, even with the enchantment could only be accessed from the lowest level of the castle.)

Robin wasn’t happy about going to the room again however. Even in this crisis.

“I still think we should just get the hell out of here. The King’s favourite cars are just round the back, we could use them to fly over this city with a little adjusting from my magic like I did with that other car.” Robin said to a frustrated Agnes who really didn’t feel like arguing again.

“We’d never make it. You were lucky you didn’t blow us up the first time. Besides if these Vampires have found a way to make themselves unkillable, they could override all of albion in weeks. Who knows if there’s anywhere we can run to. We have to find some way to destroy those monsters here.”

“Fighting those Vampires is not our responsibility. We’re just a couple of freaks, we’re not warriors. Besides Vampires only feed on humans. Maybe if we surrended they’ll let us go. Hell maybe if we make out we hate the King, they’ll let us join their army and then we can scarper.”

Agnes was overcome with disgust.

“Wow I knew you were a coward, but.”

“I’m just being practical. What do you think we’re going to come charging out of that mini hell dimension and slay an army of hundreds of unkillable Vampires by ourselves? We are at the bottom of the heirarchy of Albion and you know it. I’m a third rate, 10th rate trickster. You’re the only one of your kind along with your brother. The only way we can survive is not by fighting, but siding with whoever is in charge. That’s the only reason we stayed with our kidnapper, the King. What makes kissing up to the Vampires any different.”

“The Vampires are evil!”

“Why because they kill humans? Humans are lesser creatures to them. The king slaughters animals he considers lesser creatures, and he doesn’t even always eat them. He kills them for sport, at festivals togive his daughter a new shiny coat, and he also persecutes intelligent life forms like us for being different. He locks us up and turns us into his playthings. That is until we get too inconvenient for him, then he just leaves us to die.”

“That’s what this is about isn’t it? Esician. I hope that’s what it is.”

“Why don’t you shut up about that. You know that’s low going for that.”

“We’re all going to die soon anyway, what harm can it be voicing my suspicions now? Just a few days after you started boasting to me and the other pets about having a way into the dark room, Esician went insane. You took her in there didn’t you? It was something in there that drove her.”

“I said shut up!” Robin shouted as he hoisted Agnes 10 or so feet into the air.

“You idiot, put me down! The Vampires will see us.”

“See you maybe, and eat you while I can just slip away.”

“You wouldn’t want that. For all your talk, the fact is that you are still guilty about what happened to Esician. Whatever it was you’re so ashamed you’d rather the Vampires kill you than have to face it again. With this in mind I know you wouldn’t want my death on your conscience too. Or the deaths of all the people the Vampires will kill when there was a chance, no matter how ridiculously small we could have stopped them.”

Robin came to his senses before any of the Vampires climbing the tower spotted Agnes and lowered her back to the ground.

“Okay, but I warn you what’s in that room is probably worse than what’s out here. The king really is in an idiot. He has no idea what he has created by gathering all of those magics and creatures together. Remember it’s not just spells, he stuffed any monster he couldn’t just keep as a cuddly, lovable little pet like you and me in there.”

Caroline, Simon, the guard and the King had reached the dining room on the bottom floor. Fortunately most of the Vampires had already made their way to the top, though the bodies of the guards and the servants littered the halls.

Caroline uttered the words that opened the portal to the dark room, but nothing happened.

“You must have said them wrong.” Simon said in panic.

“No he’s changed the password, he must have. He always suspected that Esician found her way in there. Silly Goblin. Father, father please you need to tell me.”

“Maybe I can help” Robin said as he and Agnes crawled in through a nearby window.”

“You little toad.” Caroline spat at the sight of Robin.

“You did this to him I know it.”

“Yes I did. He kidnapped us, what do you expect?”

“He let you live in his castle, share in his wealth”

Yes, yes I know, but here’s the deal, I’ll undo the rather hilarious curse if you promise not to kill me when this is over.” Robin said with a faux confidence.

“You little freak you are in no position to bargain.”

“Well if I’m dead anyway what’s the point. At least I might be able to bargain with the Vamps.”

Agnes rolled our eyes.

“I guess they didn’t kill enough of our friends for you to see what monsters they are.” Agnes said.

As the sound of the ravenous bloodsuckers grew ever closer Caroline agreed to the Goblin’s demands and assured him that no matter what she would not let the King harm him if they managed to make it out of this.

Robin quickly undid the enchantment, after which Caroline explained to the King what had happened.

It was too much for the King to take in, but when Agnes dragged him to the window and showed him the Vampires outside, tearing his kingdom apart he nearly fainted.

“Long story short we need access to the dark room” Agnes said.

“I warn you, if we go in there we may never come out.”

“Well this isn’t exactly a place we’d want to come back to now anymore is it?” Agnes replied

The king chanted the new ritual, and again nothing happened for a few seconds which caused Simon to scream in frustration.

Suddenly however a mass of black magic came firing across the room burning everything in its path. The guard was only just able to push both Caroline and the King away in time.

The portal soon opened up. It was so dark that no one could see anything inside, though they could hear screaming.

“It doesn’t look very inviting, but we have to get in now.” The King said.

Entering through the portal was painful enough. It felt like they were being biten and clawed at by hundreds of tiny, vicious little creatures for a few minutes. Finally the pain stopped and they were surrounded by a seemingly empty dark void, except for they what looked like a gigantic cauldron in front of them.

“We made it.” The King said.”I’d know that anywhere, it’s Bran the Blessed’s cauldron. It can raise the dead. His head is around here somewhere too.”

“Yes well that’s all very horrible, but is there anything we can use against the Vampires.” Agnes said.

“I’m not sure, we’ve never encountered Vampires like them have we. We need to be careful though. Originally before I cut this room off from the rest of the castle using magic, I had guards placed in here. Unfortunately being around the black magic for so long it, changed them.”

“How” Robin asked.

The King didn’t answer as even he couldn’t admit what he done to his loyal men.

“Let’s just hope you don’t have to find out. Some of the more extreme creatures I have captured over the years were locked up in here too.”

“Were locked up” the guard asked.

We have to keep walking through the black. Nothing will become visible until we get near it. Sadly that includes the creatures.”

“You idiot, why didn’t you try and do something about it.” Robin asked.

“I did. Many warriors have been sent in her to try and tame these beasts, but they have all failed. For years all that has protected my kingdom has been the forcefield I created from the magics in here to seal it off.”

Suddenly Agnes noticed two large red eyes in the distance. They were both about 4 feet long and two feet tall.

As the eyes drew closer they were followed by a hideous hissing sound. A gigantic reptillian face soon came into view.

“The Lambton Worm.” The King said in horror.

To Be Continued

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