Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Green Children

Sorry things have been a bit quiet here recently. It’s been a bit hectic dealing with a family member who was seriously ill during the lockdown. Things will be back to normal soon. In the meantime enjoy for the first few parts of a project I’ve been working on in secret for some time. This is the first in a series which is set in an alternate universe where Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and Witches are all common knowledge and mankind uses magic instead of science. Each “series” will take place in a different country and feature creatures and myths from each country. The first series takes place in Britain and will feature a wide range of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh monsters and Demons. Enjoy!

“I’m fed up of your stupid little pranks Robin” Agnes said.

“One of these days he’s going to find out it was you and then we’ll all be for the chop.”

“Oh come on, you know he’d never do that. We’re too valuable for him.” Robin said whilst barely able to contain his laughter at the King’s predicament.

“I wouldn’t bet on it. The woods are filled with freaks and monsters. I’m sure he could find something to replace us, two green children and a smarmy Goblin aren’t that special.”

“Well maybe but as long as you keep your mouth shut he won’t know.”

“You can count on that. I suppose I should thank you. At least we have the day off now.”

Agnes one of the two green children, along with her brother Simon, and Robin Goodfellow had been among the many supernatural creatures captured by the King of Jisican.

The King had a fascination with the occult and would often send his men on wild goose chases to recover some rare artifact or supernatural creature that he would then keep in his castle.

Agnes and Simon were arguably the prize of his collection however, as they were among the rarest creatures in all of Albion. Two Green children who had mysteriously appeared near the village of Woolpit in Sussex. Nobody, including the children themselves who suffered from amnesia knew who they were, or were they had come from.

The children soon became the pride of Woolpit, until the King’s spies were able to capture them in the middle of the night. Neither were particularly bothered as they didn’t really have any ties to Woolpit, having always just been a freakshow attraction there too.

Robin meanwhile was a lone Hobgoblin that had been abducted from the forest, though again he had no ties to his home, that was a dark, wild place filled with Demons and creatures.

Despite this however neither Agnes, Robin or indeed most of the creatures the King had abducted had time for him as he would generally tend to keep them locked away from the rest of the kingdom and force them to entertain him.

He would reward them if they did, and even in some instances let them play outside, but generally speaking The King preferred to keep his supernatural creatures to himself.

As he got older and slower however the King would often fall victim to his Goblin’s pranks. They would often perform various curses on him, from the magics he had accumulated. They were never severe, though they could be quite cruel.

Robin’s latest prank was a mild form of a Dark magic that would normally cause the victim to rip their own skin off. Robin’s spell however simply made the King tear all of his clothes off and then refuse to put them on for a day. Worse this was during a day of a huge celebration in the city.

Agnes felt that Robin had gone too far this time. They’d be lucky if the King didn’t destroy all of his magics and execute all of the creatures he had locked up just to be sure.

Still at least for today the Hobgoblin and the Green lady could enjoy themselves at the tavern. They were always the most popular guests there. Robin loved entertaining the guests with his tricks, whilst Agnes would often make up tall tales about the place she had come from. Even she had difficulty keeping track of all the ridiculous things she had made up about her homeland, from Golden Dinosaurs, to singing apples, to trees made of fire!

Today however she wasn’t really in the mood for such theatrics.

“Give me a scotch on the rocks Peter will you.”

“Is everything all right?” He asked as he knew that was always a sign of trouble for Agnes.

“It’s just Simon. We had a huge fight.”

“Oh dear, I know how bad it can be between siblings. Even if he does come from another dimension.”

“You’d think we’d get along a lot better, what with being the only two green people in possibly this entire universe.”

Sadly Agnes couldn’t really divulge anymore about her fight with Simon. In contrast to Agnes and Robin, Simon had extreme loyalty to the King. Simon was only 8 when the King first abducted the two Green Children, whilst Agnes was 15. They had been in his custody for over 8 years now, and despite his somewhat callous treatment of them, Simon had come to see the King as a father figure. He had been tempted to turn Simon in for humiliating him, but had only relented because of Agnes. Still things had gotten quite ugly between them and Simon had decided to spend the night helping to look after the King and try and break the curse.

“Cheer up love” Peter said. “I’m sure whatever problems you and your little brother have, you’ll resolve them and get back to that land of dancing Octopuses.”

“Oh eh yes, quite.”

At the other end of the bar meanwhile a strange, deathly pale mans attention was suddenly drawn towards Agnes. She didn’t notice him until he had gotten a little to close.

“Excuse me is there something I can do for you.” Agnes said. She was used to dealing with lecherous drunks. Her green skin made her more of a prize to the men of the village.

The figure reached out and grabbed her breast. His hand was so cold to the touch that Agnes fell back off of her chair. Robin quickly helped her up, whilst the pale man giggled.

“I’d hoped you’d have a greater constitution. You’re so, human under that green skin. Still I can have some fun with you anyway.” He said whilst reaching out.

Agnes however punched him in the face and though she sent the creep tumbling backwards, again her hand was burned off of his cold face.

Peter soon grabbed the figure and threw him out.

“Agnes I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.”

“It’s okay.” She said rubbing her hand to try and get some feeling into it.

“I do hope that guy isn’t the kings latest little pet.”

“What do you mean?” Peter asked?

“Did he not seem a bit off. I mean more than just being a creep.”

“We’d be the first to know if there was a new supernatural creature brought in to the castle.” Robin said.

“There’s no way any other creature could get into Jisican.” He continued.

“No I suppose not, there was just something about that man.”

“He was just another creep. We don’t get too many of them in here you know, but you tend to remember them more than your nice customers.” Peter said.

As the night went on, Agnes became a bit more sociable and started to regail several of the patrons with more fabulous tales from her supposed homeland. She’d spend hours thinking them up in the King’s castle for her next trip to the tavern.

It was Robin however who held most of the bars attention with his tricks. Towards the end of the night however, the Goblin was challenged by a patricularly large patron named Brian.

Brian had it in for the Goblin ever since one of the imp’s little spells left him thinking he was the King (which got Brian a year in prison for his troubles.)

Brian had tried to let it go, as he was on probation, but the more the insufferable little braggard kept boasting, the more impossible it became.

“All right you little freak” Brian said as he towered over the tiny little creature, with most of the other patrons backing away. Brian stood almost 7 feet tall, whilst Robin in contrast was barely five foot.

“We know you can do some tricks, but that’s just because you’re a little pipsqueak who’s not good for anything, and personally I think it was you that cursed the King.”

Robin let out a fake laugh.

“Why would I do that? He took me in, I love that man”. The Goblin said unconvincingly.

“You know how it is, all those dark magical artifacts he’s stolen. They’re always backfiring on him.”

“It seems like the type of stupid thing you’d do.” Brian said as he grabbed the Goblin’s throat.

“Now, now no trouble here.” Peter said.

“Funny you let him back in here after what he did to me.”

“That was only because of what you did to Sarah.”

“I know what you did to her. You’re lucky you only got a year. I’d hoped the King would take your head clean off. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.”

Brian slammed the Goblins head hard onto the bar.

Agnes tried to pull Brian off, but with one hit he sent her flying across the bar.

Two more barflies pulled Brian off of the Goblin, but he soon threw them away. Robin then punched Brian in the stomach, but he barely hurt the hulking brute.

Brian lifted Robin into the air by his lapels and barked at him.

“Not much without your, your” He suddenly started to choke.

No one bothered to help him at first. They all had suspicions over Sarah’s death after all. Eventually Brian coughed up a small red egg.

“Did you have chicken for dinner tonight.” Robin said.

“What did you do to me?”

“Trust me that punch was more than it seemed.” The Goblin laughed as the egg hatched into a black, red eyed, demonic Chicken that grew to be over 5 feet tall.

The Chicken screeched and jumped at Brian who ran out of the door and into the streets with the Chicken in pursuit.

“What did you do?” Agnes asked.

“Relax, I just conjured up an illusion. It was a Demonic image of the last animal he ate. Some people can actually conjure up real Demonic spirits of the last animal someone ate or killed to take revenge on it’s killer. I’m pretty sure my one was just an illusion though. Well we’ll know if Brian’s body is found with peck marks tomorrow.”

“Robin” Peter barked.

“I’m just kidding. He’ll get a little fright that’s all. I did so hope it had been a chicken he’d eaten last.”

“I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it, but I really wish you wouldn’t keep messing around with these magics. One of these days you’re going to.” Agnes stopped.

“Let’s just get home. The King’s probably better now and furious.”

It was pitch black outside, but the beauty of Jisican still shone through the darkness. The King’s supernatural collection had helped him through various magics and trades, build up Jisican into being one of the greatest cities in all of Albion.

Agnes and Robin normally loved taking their time on the walk home as they so rarely got to see the city in all it’s glory, but this time was a little different.

“Honestly Robin what were you thinking? A few hours after you curse the King.”

“All right keep it down.”

“You then do the same thing to Brian in front of a tavern full of people.”

“It was like I said the King has all sorts of crazy magic in that palace of his. This can easily just be seen as an example of that if you keep your mouth shut. Remember when he lost a servant to a hell dimension? Or when he accidentally revived his grandfather as a Zombie? I’m still convinced he keeps him in the attic. The way I see it the King get’s people in trouble all the time by messing about with magics. It’s only fair that it should happen to him.”

“Yes well forgive me for not believing you wanted to avenge the memory of a servant whose name you probably don’t even remember. I think you just like being able to push people around.”

Before Robin could protest, their argument was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a scream in the distance.

“What is that?”

“Probably Brian being menaced by a chicken.” Robin giggled to himself.

The moaning suddenly became a lot louder.

Agnes, ignoring Robin’s idea of just going back to the castle checked out the alley nearest to the tavern and saw much to her horror the letch from the pub, holding a young woman in his arms and biting her neck.

The letch looked up, blood dripping from his mouth, his eyes now burning red. The creep licked his lips and dropped the woman to the floor.

Robin tried to conjur up a magical illusion, but it disipated as soon as it hit the pale man.

“Pathetic. Want to know how many Goblins I’ve killed?” The creep said as he bared his fangs.

As Agnes and Robin prepared to run in the opposite direction they suddenly saw more pale figures emerging from the nearby alleys and even in some cases crawling down the sides of the nearest buildings.

To Be Continued

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