Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Vampire Invasion



The pale figures slowly gathered around the Green child and the Goblin who backed towards the pub.

“I’ve wanted a piece of this city for some time now.” One of the figures, a young woman, who appeared to be the leader said.

“Smug King thinks he can control the black arts. He’s about to get a nasty surprise.” The woman sneered.

Agnes and Robin darted back into the pub, but when they tried to close the door behind them, the pale figures smashed the door down, and sent both Robin and Agnes crashing to the floor.

“Well, well, look at you drinking, having a good time. No idea what’s about to come your way.” One of the pale figures said before hissing and baring their fangs.

All of the patrons backed down. The people of Jisican had fleetingly seen stories of these monstrous creatures called Vampires on the news, but they had always believed that their kingdom in particular was safe. The King of Jisican was apparently a good friend of Vincent Carradini, the Vampire King of Albion. They two had even supplied each other with magical artifacts and spells. This naturally made Jisican one of the few places in Albion safe from Vampires. (Consequently anti Vampire propaganda was also mostly prohibited in Jisican.)

Peter reached under the bar and pulled out his shotgun.

“Keep back bloodsuckers.” Peter said nervously.

“You know nothing old man. Go ahead” The Vampire laughed.

Peter’s gun was actually loaded with silver bullets, a weakness of this particular breed of Vampire. (The most common breed of Vampire in Albion. Even the people of Jisican knew that.) Silver was a common weakness of many Demon species. The King’s fascination with the occult had its benefits. He knew the most common Demon weaknesses and insisted that his people all keep silver weapons, as well as other common Demon repellents of some kind in their homes and places of work.

Peter aimed for the Vampires heart, but it did nothing. He shot again and again only for the Vampire to laugh each time.

The Vampire then walked up to one of the terrified patrons and ripped the crucifex she was brandishing from her hand and crushed it to dust.

The leader of the Vampires then pounced over the bar and and grabbed Peter’s gun which she used to blow his head clean off.

The rest of the Vampires started to attack the patrons. They were like sharks in a feeding frenzy, tearing people’s limbs off, fighting with one another for certain kills.

Agnes and Robin were cornered against a wall by the original Vampire that had come to inspect the pub.

Agnes tried to smash a bottle over its head, but the Vampire didn’t even react.

“That wouldn’t have hurt me even before I was a Vampire. I’ve known fairies who hit harder than that.” The Vampire laughed.

Agnes however in response stabbed the broken upper half of the bottle into the Vampires eye which caused it to double back in pain.

Agnes then smashed a chair over it’s head which knocked the bloodsucker to the ground. When she and Robin tried to flee however 3 more Vampires surrounded them.

Robin tried to conjure up more tricks, but again they had no effect on the bloodsuckers.

The only thing that saved Agnes and Robin was the fact that several of the Vampires began to fight over who got to taste the green child’s blood first.

Whilst the bloodsuckers were squabbling, Agnes picked up a chair and smashed a nearby window. She and Robin then fled into the streets outside without looking back. As much as they hated it, they had no choice but to leave the other patrons as there was nothing they could do against the Vampires.

Outside however was not much better. Vampires were flying through the air, breaking into homes, feeding on people in the streets. Normally a Vampire of this breed could not enter a house unless invited.

“We need to get to the castle.” Agnes said. “He’ll have something for these bloodsuckers.”

Agnes and Robin took refuge behind a nearby car. Up ahead the Vampires had begun to burn down some buildings. Most of the monsters weren’t even feeding, they were just slaughtering the villagers for their own twisted amusement.

The police were just as helpless against the bloodsuckers as Peter had been. None of their Demon repellents were even able to slow the Vampires down. Worse still the Kings other supernatural pets were not faring much better either. Goblins, trolls, some species of Demon, they had all gathered in the city to enjoy themselves whilst the King was incapacitated, but the Vampires were tearing them apart too.

It wasn’t even that the Vampires were stronger than all of the Demons the King had gathered, but they were just so much more vicious and numerous that none of the King’s pets had a chance.

Robin using his magic slowly opened the door to the car he and Agnes were hiding behind and started it up. He was very careful not to make a sound.

“We need to get out of Jisican.” Robin said.

“No my brother is still with the King. If you think I’m leaving him behind, you’re stupider than I thought. Besides like I said the King will have something in the castle. I’m sure of it. He might not be in the best position to take on the Vampires though after you’re stupid little prank.”

“I’m sorry Agnes I.”

“Save it, we have to do all we can to help him now.”

Agnes drove her car through several Vampires up ahead. The Cars like most of the technology in this world, ran on magic. Whilst Vampires had a greater immunity to spells and the black arts than most natural or even paranormal creatures, there was still enough concentrated magic in the vehicle to send the Demons flying through the air.

The car was really nothing more than a hollowed out gigantic piece of metal with holes for windows and a very basic door. The car like all vehicles in Albion was completely propelled by a transparent field of magic around it (that made the husk hover a few feet above the ground.) The magic was only visible under the car where it took on the form of a blue energy field. The inside of the car meanwhile was made entirely of magic too.

The car sped through the streets of the city dodging a few Vampire who attempted to leap onto the vehicle as it sped past. All around, Agnes and Robin could more people fleeing in vehicles, though most had crashed into buildings, whilst others had been swarmed by packs of Vampires, who in some cases had managed to rip through both the magical barriers and the metal to get to the victims inside.

Agnes was suddenly forced to stop the car as up ahead in the main square of the city were dozens of Vampires gathered round in a feeding frenzy, tearing civilians and police officers apart.

She tried to back the vehicle away slowly so as not to draw the attention of the Vampires in the frenzy, but as she did a young woman threw herself at the car, or rather the barrier surrounding the car.

Her neck was bleeding,her clothes were ripped and her face was covered in scratch marks.

“Please, please those things they killed my husband you have to help me.”

“We can’t, she’s been bitten. She’ll turn into one of them.” Robin said coldly.

Agnes knew he was right and continued to back the car away, completely ignoring her pleas, but unfortunately as she backed up the woman became more frantic and she drew the attention of some of the Vampires from the frenzy. Six of the bloodsuckers ran towards the car, and Agnes in response quickly drove backwards, leaving the poor woman behind who was dogpiled on by three of the Vampires.

Unfortunately however as Agnes backed up, she saw that a horde of Vampires were emerging from the other end of the street, as well as breaking out of and crawling down several of the buildings, hissing, baring their fangs and covered in the blood of their victims.

“There has to be something, Robin any magic tricks you know, anything.” Agnes said frantically as the Vampires from all ends closed in. There were far too many of the monsters for Agnes to simply try and ram through them like before.

Robin in desperation tried to force more of his magics into the cars power centre, or rather its engine. The centre however could only hold so much magic at the one time, and the excess amount of magics could either give it a temporary bust before burning itself out, or blow it up.

Robin wasn’t worried about the latter however. It would still be a more pleasant death than whatever the Vampires had in mind for them.

Robin’s magic caused the energy field at the bottom of the car to turn green before shooting off into the sky.

The car smashed its way through several buildings, across the city before plummeting back down to earth.

Just as the car was about 50 or so feet from the city ground, Robin jumped out of the vehicle, pulling Agnes with him. Robin used his magics to slowly lower them to the village floor. It took him a few minutes and left him drained for a short while afterwards. Fortunately the car had landed miles up ahead. Closer to the castle, but still a good distance away.

The Vampires in the immediate area attention was drawn by the car smashing into a nearby buildingso much, that they didn’t even notice Agnes and Robin.

As they lowered themselves to the ground, the Goblin and the Green woman could see several Vampires crawling up the walls of the Kings castle like spiders in the distance. The guards on the armaments were pouring holy water on the Vampires, and shooting at them with silver tipped arrows, but the monsters continued to climb the castle unfazed.

“The king’s just as helpless as everybody else.” Robin said.

“We have to get out of here.”

“No not while Simon is still in the castle. You want to leave? Fine, I won’t stop you, but I’m not going to leave my brother.”

“Okay fine” Robin grumbled. “I probably wouldn’t make it through those bloodsuckers on my own anyway.”

In the castle, the King was still suffering the effects of Robin’s curse. Both Simon and the King’s actual daughter, Caroline had been by his bed the entire time.

A large part of Simon’s devotion to the King were his feelings for Caroline. Agnes and Caroline had never gotten on however. Caroline felt the green woman was arrogant and ungrateful towards her father for letting Agnes live in his castle. Agnes meanwhile regarded Caroline as nothing more than a spoiled brat.

Caroline’s hatred for Robin however was even greater than Simon’s. She knew he was behind this. She didn’t have any proof as the Goblin covered his tracks well, but she instinctively knew and as soon as her father was better she was going to convince him to execute the tiresome Goblin.

Simon kept quiet about Robin’s involvment only for Agnes’ sake.

Robin’s magic had some unintended sied effects on the King. The paranoia the magic created about the Kings clothes had reached such an extent that the King was lying next to his bed, naked, curled up, to afraid to touch anything or look anyone in the eye.

Neither Simon nor Caroline had even come close to bringing him out of this state, and every time they got near him he would attack them.

“Please father, wake up. The Vampires are attacking, we can’t hold them off. Tell me, how do I access the dark magics you keep locked up?”

The King foolishly only trusted himself with his magics.

“Please father I know you can hear me in there, if you don’t help me now, the Vampires will tear this city apart, everything you have ever worked for.”

One of the guards suddenly came barging into the room.

“Princess, we have to get the King to safety now. The Vampires have scaled the tower.  We have no way of fighting them.

To Be Continued

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