King Kong: Part 7


It had taken the villagers many weeks to rebuild their shattered lives after the Raptor attack.

Kong had mostly stayed away from the village atop a nearby hill. The Great Ape had always felt safest at high places, undoubtedly because of his upbringing.

Gerisian would still visit him every week however, much to her daughters chagrin. Other villagers had tried to approach the great Ape but he would tend to shun them away. Even Gerisian wasn’t always welcome, but some times the Ape would pick her up for just a few minutes. It almost looked confused at why it’s mother who once held her in its arms was now so small, but it would still always hug her all the same (careful not to crush its tiny mother in the process.)

Gerisian was still sick from the Raptor bite. She tried to hide it as best she could, but the infection was slowly eating away at her leg, and she soon found it difficult to walk. Nevertheless she would always do her best to see her former pet.

Unfortunately however not everyone in the village had been so willing to forgive the great Ape.

Ticas, one of the villages strongest warriors father had unfortunately been one of the twelve men and women killed by Kong when the Ape was first cast out of the village.

He had also fought valiantly against the Raptors during their attack and had even saved Gerisians life. Unfortunately no one cared about his great deeds and heroic actions after Kong’s battle with the Raptor pack, (the last few survivors of whom hadn’t dared to give the human tribe anymore trouble.)

Ticas had even interrupted a tribute from the village to Kong, which took the form of a massive pile of Kong’s favourite food which they laid out every week.

It often took the villagers days to gather the food together,  but eventually, unable take the monster being celebrated any further, Ticas burned the pile right in front of the others.

“You celebrate that thing as some kind of hero? It’s pathetic. What does that beast know about bravery?” He shouted.

“I fought against the monsters when I knew they were going to kill me, when there was 6 to every one of us. Those creatures were nothing to that monkey.”

“If we’d relied on you, we’d be dead.” One of the villagers shouted back at Ticas as he was escorted away.

Following this humiliation Ticas hatred only grew and he eventually made plans to kill the last of the Kongs. He couldn’t do it himself of course. Even when the monster slept, he didn’t want to take any chances he could wake the beast. (Also it was very doubtful that any weapons in the village would be strong enough to cut through the Great Apes skin and muscle.)

Finally Tiscas also hoped to kill the beast in a way that wouldn’t draw any suspision. To accomnplish this he needed another giant monster, but fortunately he knew where to get one.

The massive lake that existed near to the village had until recently been the source of the Natives water supply housed one of the few creatures on the island that could harm Kong. The Piranhadon.

The Piranhadon was a gigantic Eel like creature that could grow to over 45 feet long. The creatures tended to live in the waters just outside Skull Island, but now and again stray Piranhadons would venture inland through passage ways beneath the island and become trapped there.

The lake the natives used for their water was connected to the sea via a large passage, but the Piranhadon actually had no reason to leave, as there was enough food in the lake and no competition.

The Piranhadon’s fed primarily on other marine animals, but now and again they would leap out of the water to catch flying Pterosaurs, or any unlucky animal that strayed too close to the pond. Only the largest meat eating Dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus were safe from the monster.

The tribe had simply lost too many men and women trying to defend the area, and as a result had been forced to use the river Gerisian had originally found Kong floating down as their primary water source. Whilst they had used the river now and again in the past whenever there were too many predators gathering near the lake, ultimately the River was not practical as a long term source of water, as it was nearer the home of many larger predators. Using as often as they had done in the last few months had already drawn quite a few Allosaurus’ near to the village with many Natives losing their lives in the process.

Ticas hoped that if he could lure Kong near to the lake, the Piranhadon would attack him. As it was a fully grown Kong could have easily fought off a Piranhadon, but the Ape hadn’t quite reached his full size yet and was still somewhat weak after the Raptor battle.

A little over a month after the Raptor attack, Ticas would put his plan into action. Using a torch (that he also used to make his way through the dark and bat off any creatures that came near him such as small Dinosaurs and some very large insects.

He eventually made his way to the top of the hill Kong rested on every night. It was going to be very hard for Ticas to make his way down the hill ahead of Kong who could leap several feet, but that didn’t deter him.

In many ways it wasn’t just vengeance or even jealousy that made Ticas so desperate to rid the junge of the last of the Kongs. He was also scared of the great Ape. Before Kong had left the village when during a famine, the leader of the tribe had decided to steal the Ape’s own supply of food that it had been gathering which lead to a fight, where Kong killed 12 men and women before fleeing. That was several years ago, now the Ape was twice that size. Added to that it had decimated almost all of the Raptors who the villagers strongest warriors had barely been able to stand against. If there was ever to be another conflict between Kong and the villagers, which was highly likely given the Ape’s volatile and unpredictable nature, then he would completely destroy the village.

At the same time if Kong killed the Piranahdon then the village would still be rid of one pest. Either way he felt, his people would win.

Ticas walked slowly up to Kong, ready to flee at the slightest movement from the Ape. He made his way to within a few feet of the Apes paw and stabbed his torch into it.

Kong instantly woke up and came face to face with Ticas who waved his torch in the Apes face scaring it back a little before running down the hill.

Kong beat his chest in fury and ran after Ticas on all fours. Within a few seconds he managed to catch up to the native who he then picked up and prepared to crush.

Ticas however jabbed the torch straight into Kongs thumb causing him such pain, the Ape was forced to drop him.

It wasn’t a smooth landing for Ticas however as he landed on some rocks, breaking his shoulder in the process. Nevertheless he still hoisted himself up and ran as fast as he could down the hill, with Kong quickly resuming chase.

The Gorilla caught up with Ticas yet again as he reached the bottom of the hill, but this time Ticas was able to ward Kong back before he could grab him, by waving the torch in the beasts face.

Ticas managed to make it to the woods, with the Ape in pursuit, Kong however found it much more difficult to keep track of his tiny enemy in the undergrowth and so he started to smash down all the nearby trees he could to either crush or expose Ticas.

Ticas however was too quick for Kong and made it to the lakeside. He cut his hand over the water, hoping the blood would draw the Piranhadon near. As Kong drew ever closer however drawn by the faint sight of Ticas’ torch, the Native had no choice but to wade through the water as Kong had blocked off his only other escape.

Ticas couldn’t see any sign of the giant, even through the murky depths, but he clutched onto his torch for dear life.

Suddenly out of nowhere the Piranhadon lunged forward at the Native. The monster could move a lot faster than even Ticas had thought in the water. Fortunately however as its jaws almost clamped around Ticas he was able, purely on reflex to jab his torch into the brutes tongue causing it to double back.

Waving his torch in the direction of the beast, Ticas waded his way back to the bank, just as Kong had arrived, having been drawn by both the torch and the commotion.

Kong pounded his fists into the ground at the sight of Ticas, but his attention was soon drawn to the Piranhadon that literally leaped out onto the bank in order to try and snatch Ticas who managed to just jump out of the way.

Kong was startled, but not scared at the sight of the large creature which in turn looked back on the Ape with a strange curiosity. Neither had ever seen a creature like the other before, and Ticas noticing their lack of animosity threw his torch into the woods behind Kong.

The sight of the fire frightened Kong and forced him into the water to escape. The Ape however still couldn’t swim, even after all of these years and so it more waded through the shallow bank. Unfortunately however the Piranhadon, scared of the new creature entering his domain, clamped its jaws around Kong’s arm and tried to pull him down deeper.

A tug of war soon ensued, but Kong despite the monster biting straight through the bone of his arm, not only held on, but actually managed to partially lift the Piranhadon out of the water.

Ticas however grabbed another piece of burning wood and hurled it at the great Ape, distracting him long enough for the Piranhadon to pull Kong into the deeper end. Here the Ape was helpless and the Piranhadon pulled Kong to the very bottom of the lake where it prepared to clamp its jaws around his head.

200 Years Later

Peter didn’t notice the monster until it had crawled over the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately however the creature wasn’t alone. A further five similar giant insects crawled over the cliff edge and soon surrounded Peter.

The monsters resembled gigantic cockroaches, with huge pincer like claws at the front. They stood close to 6 feet off of the ground, and were close to twenty feet long.

One of the monsters grabbed Peter by the legs, whilst another grabbed him by the arms. The two monsters engaged in a brutal tug of war with their prey until eventually Scarlett couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed one of the Natives spears, hurling it at the cockroach grabbing Peter’s arms and killing it instantly.

“They’re not so tough.” She laughed. The Natives were furious however.

“You idiot. There’s hundreds of those monsters down in that pit, our only hope was to slip away and you’ve.” The Native was soon cut off by a buzzing sound of many more of the gigantic insects crawling their way up.

Meanwhile the creatures on the other side of the chasm turned their attention towards the Natives and flew over towards them, with Peter fleeing instantly.

It never even occurred to him to try and return the favour and distract the bugs long enough for the others to escape.

“You should have told me they could do that.” Eva said somewhat awkwardly.

“You stupid bitch you’ve killed us all.” Daniel said in usual hysterical tone before William slapped him.

“Not that he’s not wrong, but I just couldn’t have died without doing that once.” William said as they ran through the narrow caverns ahead to try and escape the bugs. Not all of the Natives and the prisoners were lucky however as the creatures tore two apart and dragged a further three, two prisoners and one Native down into the pit below.

Peter meanwhile was forced to run back the way he came. The rest of the prisoners had all been caught in his trap and for the first time he was starting to regret it. Back the way he came he could see dozens of insects hovering over the pit.

He couldn’t possibly hope to survive out here on his own so for the first time in his miserable, cruel life, Peter decided to help other people.

Picking up a burning torch from the mass of flames he had created up ahead, Peter ran back the way through the bugs. He warded any of the abominations that came near him away with his torch, whilst drawing them away from the Natives on the other side.

With many of the creatures blocked off his way back, Peter ran further down his side of the edge of the chasm until he could find a bridge between the two sides.

The rest of the Natives and the Prisoners meanwhile hadn’t even noticed Peter’s uncharacteristically brave actions and had continued to press on to the village which was not that further ahead.

Finally after 10 or so minutes of running, Peter came across a large log that bridged the gap. The Natives had obviously pushed the tree down from the other side.

As Peter tried to cross it however the Bugs started to circle the pyromaniac from all sides. Though he was still able to drive most of them away with his torch, one of the monsters coming from below was able to nudge the log slightly, causing Peter to fall and drop his torch down the pit. At the very bottom it created a massive fire, which caused hundreds of similar insect creatures to fly above

Peter managed to land on one of the insects as it flew up, and held on long enough until he reached the other side of the chasm, after which he then hid as best he could.

Up above however hundreds and hundreds of bugs flew in one direction. To the Natives village that Peter could see up ahead.

To Be Continued.



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