Recap on this blog

Just a quick update on what’s going on here.

This year has seen me expand out onto other sites and expand on the original fiction I have been producing too. However a drawback is that I have been spending less time on this blog and as a result some of my current series are all over the place.

I am creating a shared universe or rather multiverse which I will call the Burunverse for clarity. To date there are 7 series in the Burunverse. I realise that is a lot to take on at once, but I am determined to devote as much time as I can to this project.

At the same time however I don’t want to see this blog go by the wayside, so I will try and make sure I have enough time for this blog.

For the forseeable there will only be a certain amount of series on this blog however. I felt it was best to let regular readers know here as this blog has become somewhat scattershot recently.

Non fiction series on this blog

The Horseshoe Effect Series

My Favourite Heroes

What Ruined Doctor Who

Top 30 Monsters from each franchise

Fiction series on this blog

The Circus Master

Professor Fang

Doctor Who: An Alternate Sequel Series

Devil’s World

The Savage Era

King Kong

All series will be released sporadically due the massive workload, but there will be at least two episodes of each every month.

If you are interested in my fiction you can also find other series on my Webnovel page such as

The Mysterious Mr Diassa

The Monster Club


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