Doctor Who: The Path Not Taken: Part 1

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Robert Carlyle (Actor) - On This Day

“Little Sarah. Frightened of the dark. I’ll find you wherever you are” The voice taunted Sarah who had locked herself in the bathroom.

Sarah almost felt like opening the door and letting him in. The last few months had been the hardest of her life.

She had gone completely insane, or at least that’s what everyone kept telling her. She’d had a psychotic break brought on by stress. The only problem was that prior to this awful mess her life had actually been going brilliantly. A promotion at a job she loved, a promising new relationship, and a wonderful new apartment with a stunning view of the big apple. Sarah had never been happier.

Furthermore despite the hours of therapy and medication she still kept seeing the hideous figure that was ruining her life appear. In fact if anything it was getting worse as now it could harm her.

Originally just a few months ago the figure was nothing more than a face that would appear at random and for short intervals. Sometimes it would be on a reflective surface, other times it would just be floating in the air. The face at first would be angry and scream at Sarah. It demanded to know how she had survived, and promised to really cut her up this time.

No one else could see this face, and Sarah (along with everyone who knew her) felt sure she was going mad. However despite all of the treatment she got, the face not only continued to appear, but soon turned into an actual figure. The figure couldn’t harm her at first, but one day through something at her. Once it found out that it could hurt her, its temprement turned from constant anger to sadistic glee, yet still no one but Sarah could see it.

The figure would normally only appear for a few minutes at a time, though it would always try to harm or at least frighten Sarah. She could be alone in her home and it would appear and try and stab her with one of her own butcher knives, she could appear on the train and it appear and taunt her from the distance, telling her that all of these people couldn’t protect her, just like they couldn’t before.

Sarah tried everything to get rid of it. She tried to fight it once, but as soon as she hit the creature she experienced a horrific sensation. For just a few seconds she felt disconnected from almost everything around her. She felt like she was a ghost, trapped in a sea of people who couldn’t see or hear her, except for the figure that had been tormenting her. She also saw visions of the monster hacking her to pieces before she pulled away.

She later bought a gun, but her bullets had no effect on the creature. She even tried to get a priest in to exorcise the Demon that was stalking her. (She was sure the place she saw when she touched the monster was hell.)

The monsters latest attack in Sarah’s house was different. This time its body was sizzling with blue electricity and it appeared to be in tremendous pain. It was still able to corner Sarah in her bathroom however.

Sarah had always felt that she had seen the figure before. There was something eerily familiar about it, but whatever it was she knew it was real in spite of what everyone was telling her.

The creature started to hack away at the door with one of Sarah’s own knives. It wouldn’t be long before it broke through.

There was no way out. Maybe it was for the best she thought. She couldn’t live like this much longer. As the monster hacked its way through however the reality of the situation kicked in. Whatever this thing was it was going to make Sarah suffer. It would be better to go down fighting than become its victim which it had wanted from the start.

Sarah pulled the shower curtain down and when the monster came bursting in she wrapped it around him, allowing her to wrestle the creature to the ground. (Despite everything else the monster was not strong in the slightest.)

She then picked up its butcher knife and stabbed the monster over and over again. She must have stabbed it up to 40 times, but the creature just laughed. There wasn’t even any blood on the knife. Sarah knew that it wouldn’t do any good after her gun didn’t work. She was more just letting her frustration out against the creature.

It was a foolish mistake however as when she tried to pull away the monster wrapped itself around her feet. Normally she would have been able to pull free easily from the weak creature, but as soon as it came into contact with her, Sarah started to see the visions of the creature hacking her to pieces, of her own grave, before she ended up in what looked like New York, except that the sky was grey, and everyone looked grey and see through.

She tried to grab a civilian by the arm to ask for help, but her hand went straight through him.

“What have you done to me you witch.” The figure still clutching her butcher knife said.

“You will die.”

“Farah, Farah please say something.” The Doctor said as tried to wake his companion.

The Doctor as always had suffered a small detour trying to steer the Tardis. He had intended to take Farah to see the planet of the Kazzeligs, reptile men. (The Kazzeligs unlike other reptillian species loved mammals however and often treated their human guests well. The Doctor in particular was well regarded among their people.)

This wasn’t just the usual TARDIS taking the Doctor to Skaro rather than swinging 60s London however. Something had actually managed to knock the TARDIS off course, almost destroy it.

Both the Doctor and Farah had been knocked out in the crash, but fortunately the Time Lord soon saw that neither had been seriously hurt as Farah started to open her eyes.

“Oh what’s going on I thought these Lizard guys were supposed to be friendly” She said as the Doctor helped her up.

“Or did the TARDIS just not work again? Honestly I don’t know why you don’t get a new one. I’m sure the Time Lords wouldn’t mind. They might be stuffy, but you have saved the universe a few times. They kind of owe you.”

The Doctor looked hurt.

“How could you say such a thing.”

“Sorry I’m sure you’ve save the universe more than a few times.”

“Not that. I mean I have, but I was talking about the TARDIS. She may be a machine, but she has feelings you know.”

Farah laughed before she saw the Doctor wasn’t joking.

“Really? You’re serious. Well ehm sorry, I didn’t mean any offence.” Farah said to the TARDIS console. “You, you look really pretty, on the inside. The outside looks not bad too. I like the colour blue, I suppose doesn’t matter though since it can change, or is supposed to, not that that’s a slight against you.”

“Okay, okay Farah, relax the old girl doesn’t hold grudges. You’re not wrong that she’s not the most reliable eh machine in the galaxy. That’s part of her charm, but this was something different. Something threw us out of the vortex, which is extremely worrying as very few species in the galaxy can even time travel let alone have the power to do that.”

“So where have we landed? If it’s somewhere with those awful Dalek things.”

“No according to the scanner, it’s earth in the early 21st century. A somewhat turbulent time, but nothing major. There certainly shouldn’t be anything here that would have the power to do that” the Doctor said as he analysed the data on the scanner.

Farah got a good look at the scanner and saw that they had landed in New York specifically in Central Park.

“New York, looks quite nice, I’m hoping we can get a good look at after you figure out whatever’s going on here.”

“Yes, yes quite.” The Doctor said, not really paying attention.

“Honestly” Farah thought to herself. “Why does he always have to take everything so seriously.”

“Sorry Farah it’s just, from the looks of things we weren’t just pulled out of the vortex. This wasn’t a smooth time corridor that can scoop up another vessel for instance. This was more like a bump in the vortex, in the universe itself. I can’t imagine any species wanting to create something like that. Not even the Daleks.” The Doctor said as he opened the two doors and stepped outside to investigate. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong on the surface. In fact it seemed rather quiet and peaceful.

“Well maybe it was just something wrong with the TARDIS? No offence. I don’t think she can hear me from over her.” Farah said.

“It’s not the TARDIS, and she absolutely can hear you. No there is something else here. I don’t know for sure but I have a theory. I”

The Doctor noticed Farah wasn’t listening. Her attention had been caught by a strange man standing in just ten or so feet ahead, sobbing.

“Excuse me sir can we help you.” Farah asked gently.

“I wouldn’t go near him Farah.” The Doctor said pulling her back ever so slightly.

“There’s something about him that feels. Wrong.”

“Please.” The man said. “You have to help me. My kids, my wife they’ve just vanished. One minute we were eating in a resturant and the next. Oh god the pain I can’t take it.” He said as he clutched his sides and fell to the floor.

Before he could finish the man vanished into a blue mass of electricity.

He then reappeared however just a few seconds later, and a few feet away screaming in pain.

“What is happening to me.”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure the Doctor and I we can help.”

The man however ran away through Central Park screaming and clutching both sides of his head.

The Doctor and Farah followed him for 5 or so minutes shouting at him to stop, but the man appeared to be in such tremendous pain he couldn’t even hear them or didn’t care.

Eventually however he vanished again in another wave of electricity.

The Doctor and Farah waited another few moments for him to show up again.

“Come on we need to get back to the TARDIS. We might be able to find out where he’s going to land next. If I’m right it could be worse than I thought.” The Doctor said with regret.

The Doctor and Farah quickly returned to the TARDIS where the Doctor started to tinker with the TARDIS console.

“You still haven’t explained what’s going on Doctor? It’s not like you to get scared. It’s not like you to show any kind of emotion.” She joked before the Doctor gave her a scowl. “Please just tell me what’s happening.”

“I’m not entirely sure yet. Like I said I have a theory, but it’s, well if it’s what I think it is then it’s something that even I, who haven’t exactly live the most sheltered life hoped I’d never stumble on.”

After the Doctor was done tinkering he saw a light flash on the console.

“That’s where he’s gone, or rather where he’ll show up next. This isn’t going to be easy Farah. I’m sorry.” The Doctor said as he activated the TARDIS controls.

“Sally, sally are you there. Please let me in. My key isn’t working.”

“He’s back.” Sally said in terror.

“This phantom version of your old friend again?” Brian her husband said in frustration.

“Look we’ve been over this, you’re just stressed. He doesn’t exist, I can tell you right now there is no one there. We can’t go through this again. Look at what you put Eric through.”

“I know, I know I’m sorry for that believe me. but I swear there is something out there wearing his face.”

“There is nothing out there it’s.”

Before Brian could even finish a blue light glowed outside followed by the sound of an explosion.

As he nervously made his way to the door suddenly a large blue box appeared in the centre of the room.

Out stepped a man with long hair, a green, extremely battered frock coat and a young black woman no older than her early 20s.

“Okay now I’m starting to think there is something weird going on.” Brian said in a scared tone.

The Doctor spoke. “I’m sure this must be frightening for you both, but believe me we are here to help and.”

Suddenly the figure the Doctor and Farah had seen in the park appeared again in a mass of blue light, only this time lightening bolts fire from his body. destroying large sections of the house.


To Be Continued.

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