The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 8

Apologies for how long this has been delayed. The work on all my other series caught up with me. This has been my most ambitious year so far and I appreciate everyone being patient with me. Rest assured though this series and Professor Fang, King Kong and Doctor Who will not be delayed any longer. 

“Incredible, absolutely incredible. This beast bears the mark of the Kardons.” One of the Demons said about The Strange Boy.

The Demons had trapped the Vampiric child in a forcefield which barely managed to hold him in place. Whilst he was restrained they attempted to read his soul. Such a thing normally wouldn’t work on a regular Jiang Shi, but the Strange Boy’s soul was still trapped within his body. Nevertheless every time one of the Demons attempted to read his soul, the Vampiric spirit trapped within The Strange Boy’s corpse would lash out at them. One of the Demons had already been fatally wounded by the Jiang Shi spirit.

“Incredible, absolutely incredible. How could a natural creature survive against such a thing. That Demon within is constantly clawing at that boys soul, trying to take him over. If we could only extract the Demon think of what we could accomplish.” One of the Demons said.

“Are you insane? A pack of those things down there set us back by decades.”

“Yes but in here we can contain it. We’ve found the beasts major weakness is magic. In time perhaps we could find a way to control it. Think of the untapped well there is in that Demon. The power of the Kardons lies within our grasp.”

“Precisely why we shouldn’t interfere. We’re at the bottom of hell’s food chain, the Kardons are at the top.”

“Yes well the Kardons are sealed away for good now, whilst we endure. Power means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.”

Without any further arguing the Demon cast another spell that would allow him to possess the Strange Boy. It was essentially a spell to boost the Demons natural possession powers, which would normally be used to overcome powerful magics. The Demon hoped if he could possess the boy he could take control of the Vampiric spirit within and extract it.

It was an incredibly risky venture as the Jiang Shi spirit up close could easily shred him to pieces, but the Demon felt he had no choice. He wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity pass him by.

“What happened, why aren’t we crashing?” Carlene asked.

“We’re caught in a tractor beam.” The Circus Master said as he tried to regain control of himself.

Carlene looked out of the front window and saw beneath them what looked like a gigantic city that stretched out into the distance. The buildings were of a strange design. At least to Carlene, they were all too familiar to the slave, whist the Circus Master had seen far more spectacular sights in his long life.

Four small, cube shaped vehicles started to fly from the largest building in the city towards the vehicle.

“We made it.” The slave said with joy.

“We’ve landed on Axiurus.”

The Circus Master and Carlene both responded with blank expressions.

“You really aren’t from our world, or even this galaxy are you?”

“You’re only just getting that darling?”

“They were once our closest allies, but it came to an end when, well I don’t think that matters now.”

“Does it not, there has to be a reason they haven’t helped you against those Demons?” Carlene asked.

“We just haven’t been in contact, now that we’re here we can tell them and.”

Suddenly the ships two main doors opened, and three short yellow skinned, green eyed, humanoid creatures carrying strange weapons emerged from them.

“What is this a Hinsekos? And what are those things.” Their leader said whilst waving its gun in the direction of The Circus Master and Carlene.”

“We’re earthlings, well sort of. Earthlings fused with Demons.” The Circus Master said jovially before he was forced to clutch his sides in pain again.

The aliens raised their guns.

“Relax” The Circus Master said. “Those guns wouldn’t work on me anyway.”

“Look I can’t explain everything that’s going on right now, but rest assured we’re only here because we need help.” The slave interrupted

One of the aliens smiled. “We know.”

“You know? So you’ll help us.”

“No, we’ll send you on your way.” The alien said before lifting out a small radio like device.

“We have them secured a Hensekos, and two aliens. They don’t seem to be any danger, but their ship is in no state to go. Better take it down.”

“Emergency, emergency headquarters is under attack, one of the Demons screeched as it came hovering down a nearby corridor.

“The rebels are using enchantments to banish us, you have to get the power back on soon or else will not last.

“I think I might be able to find someone that can help.” One of the Demons in the command said with a wry grin.

In reality it wasn’t the rebels, but rather the slaves, under Florence’s command were chanting the banishing spell constantly against any Demons that came near the mines. This not only dwindled the monsters forces, but also kept their attention making it easier for Florence and Cricex to sneak their way in. Unfortunately however Cricex didn’t have any way of contacting the rebels back at the base to help.

Florence didn’t like using the slaves this way, as despite the enchantment she was sure she was putting them all in danger.  Still the distraction had proven vital, though even then she had been forced to banish more than a few of the Demons along the way. More and more Demons kept emerging from the base.

“Just how many of those monsters are there.” Florence asked.

“The Demons have found a way to keep the portal to their hell open through their magics. If we banish all of the originals here it will close and they will be cut off. It’s not far ahead to the mainframe now.” Cricex said.

Unfortunately however when the Alien and the Siren reached the mainframe they saw it was guarded by a gigantic, black Demonic spirit, far larger and more ferocious looking than any of the monsters they had encountered in the base. It was surrounded by several lesser Demons.

“Oh no I had feared this.” Cricex said.


“It’s exceedingly rare, in fact I thought it was just a myth, but apparently several of these Demons have the power to merge into one. According to the legends when they do however they can never separate. Eventually the power consumes and destroys them, hence why they don’t do it that often.”

“I take it our banishing spell doesn’t work on them in this state?”

“Nothing can harm them in this state, or at least nothing we know.”

“I honestly wouldn’t have though that any Demon would have been willing to sacrifice itself for the greater good?” Florence said.

“They aren’t. They’re just scared of being thrown back into the hell dimension they came from. Those Demons are the lowest on the food chain down there.”

The larger, merged Demon started to behave erratically and clawed at several nearby walls, causing the lesser Demons to back away slightly.

“It can sense us.” Cricex said.

“It can sense me. I’m a Demon just like it. Which is why I have to draw it away.”

“That thing will kill you.”

“As long as it doesn’t take my head off then I can take whatever it can throw at me. You need to get to the mainframe before they switch those machines back on.” Florence said as she jumped out to confront the Demons.

The lesser Demons all swarmed her first, but Florence was able to drive them away by singing the enchantment.

Sadly just as Cricex had guessed, the larger Demon was completely unaffected by the spell, and before Florence could do anything, the monster struck her with its full strength. The Siren was hurled over 30 feet across the room and into one of the steel walls. She hit it so hard she made a massive crack in the metal.

Such a hit would have smashed a normal person or a Hensekos into nothing but mush. Instead it simply broke every bone in Florence’s body.

The Demon laughed at her plight, whilst Cricex looked on in horror. However within a few seconds Florence’s bones started to nit together again and she stood up.

“Okay I’ll admit that hurt a bit.” As soon as she had finished the Demon struck her again sending her back into the wall, but yet again her bones quickly started to heal.

“What are you.” The Demon asked.

“Does it make a difference you’re going to kill me anyway.”

“Yeah I suppose you’re right.”

The beast tried to strike again. Its movements were lightening fast, but Florence managed to just narrowly dodge the monster and jump through the Demons non corporeal body.

It was a most unpleasant experience. Whilst in the monsters body, even just for a few seconds, she saw flashes of the individual Demons lives, the hell they came from, the suffering they had endured there, and the suffering they had in turn inflicted on the aliens of this world. At the same time the Demon had also seen flashes of her life, though they had no effect on the monster except to let it know how to kill her.

The Demon spun round and grabbed Florence by the foot whilst she was still dazed on the floor from the experience and reached out to grab her by the throat.

Meanwhile Cricex had made his way into the mainframe. There were only a few Demons left in there which he easily took out with the enchantment.

Florence meanwhile managed to crawl inside the Demon again after pulling her foot free. (And losing a massive chunk of flesh and skin in the process.)

Inside the Demon Florence started to conjure up her most nightmarish memories, of the Kardons, The Hylexans and other monstrous creatures to try and intimidate the Demon.

At the same time images of the hell it had come from plagued Florence’s thoughts. She could feel the pain they suffered in hell, but she held in for as long as she could. Again the pain would have been too much for any natural creature to take.

Meanwhile the pain Florence had endured in her life was nothing compared to the Demon, but the images of the terrible creatures from this universe that it saw such as the Hylexans was enough to scare it.

The Demons had been somewhat naive about how dangerous the creatures of the natural world could be. Having only ever invaded a few primitive planets, they had become somewhat complacent, viewing natural creatures as nothing more than cattle. Even with their technology however, the Demons would be lucky to stand against many of the species Florence and the rest of the Circus Folk had encountered on their many travels.

Carlene, The Circus Master, the robot and the slave were brought before the commander of the aliens platoon, with their ship being repaired. The aliens had also managed to find a way to recharge the Robot, much to its shock.

“I cannot thank you enough.” The Robot said. “Your technology is clearly far in advance of our own. Once my power runs down, my systems freeze and no power on our planet can restart it. Incredible.” The Robot said, in a tone that almost suggested happiness.

“Yes well we’re happy to help you get back to your planet, but don’t expect anything else from us.”

“Look darling, do you mind if I talk.” Carlene said.

“Me and my eh, friend, companion, whatever are kind of outsiders to whatever tiff you lot have going on, but if you’ll”

“Exactly alien, this does not concern you. I do find it amusing though that the Hensekos haven’t told you the truth? Could it be that you finally feel shame for how you treated us.”

The Circus Master, who was trying not to show the discomfort he was in from the Demons spoke.

“Whatever happened here it doesn’t matter. What’s going on on that planet is a danger to every life form in this galaxy.”

“You really don’t know do you?” The commander said.

“Allow me to explain.” He continued, whilst the Circus Master rolled his eyes.

“The Hensekos here were once among the most advanced life forms in this galaxy. While the rest of us were just mastering space travel, they had already expanded beyond the solar system. At first our people, the Roslax, along with the others in this galaxy were their allies. They helped us, gave us access to their technology, built us up, but then came the war. Another race of creatures known as the Iscalia. To this day none of us even know what the war was about. A planet? A solar system? A galaxy? We were recruited as foot soldiers in this war. Millions of us died for them until our leaders finally saw sense and pulled out of the war.

The Hensekos however launched their final deadly weapon. A plague that could spread through space. It destroyed the Iscalia, but it also spread throughout our solar system too. Only their planet was save. Millions more died in a few weeks from that filthy plague than had died in their pointless war.”

“I’m, I’m sorry I don’t know what to say.” Carlene said in shock, before the Circus Master interrupted her.

“I don’t care.” The Circus Master said.

Even the slave was shocked.

“Now, now Demon” The Robot said. “Our planet’s history is shameful, we have to be mindful when.”

“No we don’t. Believe me I’m sorry for what happened to your people, but that doesn’t change what’s happening now. Demons are threatening your solar system. They’re using the people of Hensekos”

“Actually our planet is called Hensika.”

“Of Hensika, to create weapons, warships and magics to conquer as many worlds as they can. They’ll kill more people than the war and the plague combined. You can either let a petty grudge get in the way, or you can help stop that. If you choose the former well, you’re no worse than the Hensekos who made you fight.”

“Whatever tin monsters they’ve created on their world, we can handle. You’ve seen how we’ve already begun to surpass them in technology. It’s been terribly amusing to watch the Hensekos own inferior technology turn on and destroy them whilst we prosper.”

“Yeah except they’re not just tin monsters. Those robots you’ve seen are possessed by Demons. Creatures from a Hell dimension. They’ll fuse the Hensekos technology with the black arts to create weapons you can’t even conceive of. Don’t think a small lead of a few decades because the Hensekos have been too busy battling Demons is going to save you.”

“You expect us to believe these ludicrous stories.” The commander said as he signaled his troops to take the prisoners away.”

“Yes actually” The Circus Master said as he opened his shirt to reveal a circular blue light in his chest.

“I do.”

Several green Demonic faces started to swirl round in the blue light, the “digested” remains of the Demons the Circus Master had devoured. He’d been holding them in now for as long as he could, but after relaxing for just a few seconds the Demons started to manifest, and even began screaming.

“YOU WILL DIE, ALL OF YOU” The voices screamed before the Circus Master was forced to repress them again.

“What, what trickery is this.”

“Oh for god’s sake do I have to let them take me over for you to believe? Those are some of the Demons that have taken over, or the remains of some. I’m also a Demon, but I’m one of the nice ones. I consumed some of them, but I bit off more than I could chew and now I’m having trouble keeping them down. Anyway this is what’s waiting for you on that other planet, unless you help us now.”

“I’m afraid even I did believe you there is no way that the government would be willing to let a battle fleet go to.”

“We’re not asking for one.” The slave said.

“We just need a few ships to attack the Demons while they are vulnerable.”

The commander told his guards to leave them alone for a few minutes.

“What have you done to him you monsters.” Denika said as she saw the Strange Boy contained within the Demons forcefield.

“He’s just a boy.”

“We both know that isn’t true.” The Demons commander said.

“Don’t worry about the boy however. If you want to save your friends, you are going to help us.”

The Demons gathered around Ashlei and Keptis.

“You see witch, the magics from your reality can if applied properly be used to block our magics. We have ways to counteract yours, before you get any ideas, but still we never mastered your magics as they were too harmful to us. Now given there is tear in one of our power lines, if you were to cover it with a spell, it would allow us to use our robots whilst we repaired it. We could get the job done in no time if we had the machines to help us.”

“Don’t help him Denika.” Ashlei said.

“It doesn’t matter if he kills us, you can’t give in.”

“Who said anything about killing you.” The Demon said as his form began to spread out and envelope both Ashlei and Keptis.

Just as Florence began to experience the Demons memories from hell, so did Ashlei and Keptis. These weren’t just any old Demon’s memories. This Demon had risen to the rank of commander after escaping the worst, most heinous hell dimension.

The briefest flashes were enough to bring Ashlei and even Keptis to their knees screaming.

“They won’t die, not at first, but when they do, even death won’t ease their pain for I’ll keep their souls trapped in here, constantly reliving the agonies I endured for thousands of years.

Denika tried to look away from the sight of her friends torment. She had always prided herself on being level headed and cool in a crisis, but eventually after just a few minutes she couldn’t take it anymore.

“All right!” she screamed.

“You’ve got me, for now.”

And with that Denika cast her spell, even from up here that was able to create a forcefield over the rip. Within seconds the Robots and their city started to come to life again.

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