Doctor Who: The Path Not Taken: Part 3 (11th Doctor)

The entire mock version of New York started to shake violently, so much so that the Doctor, Brian and Farrah were all thrown off of their feet.

After a few minutes the shaking stopped however and everything seemed to go back to normal. The inhabitants of the city were absolutely terrified and panic started to break out in the streets.

The Doctor, Farrah and Brian did their best to try and get through the mass of people, fighting, screaming and running for cover, but the Doctor soon became separated from his companions.

“Doctor, Doctor” Farrah screamed as she tried to push her way through the crowd, but it was no use. The Doctor was lost in the sea of desperate people around them.

“Who cares about him, we need to find Sally.” Brian said.

“You idiot, none of us can get out of here without the Doctor.”

“He can take care of himself I’m sure. He’s an alien with a weird spaceship. Sally’s all alone in this nightmarish place.”

All of a sudden one of the fleeing fake New Yorkers grabbed Farrah from behind and started to choke her.

Brian tried to help her, but again the crowd who didn’t even notice what was happening got in the way.

The man almost choked Farrah into unconsciousness and then threw her to the ground before he started to punch her.

Farrah however was able to overpower him with a swift kick to the stomach and a punch to the face, knocking him on his back. Whilst he was on the ground Brian grabbed him and pulled the lunatic away. The man however struggled free, but seemed to come to his senses when he started into Brian’s face. It was like he became an entirely different person in an instant. His expression changed from savage rage to intense fear and guilt before he ran away back into the crowd, terrified.

Brian helped Farrah who was still gasping for air up and the two took refuge from the chaos in a small alley nearby.

“Almost as soon as society breaks down it doesn’t take much for people to turn into animals does it?” Brian said.

“I don’t think that’s what it was. If the Doctor’s right and this place is breaking down, maybe the people are too. It’s not just the buildings and the pavements that are crumbling, the people both physically and mentally are coming apart. “

“So you’re saying they’re all going to go insane before this place crumbles.”

“They already are. Sure they have reason to panic but still just look at them.”

All around several of the fake New Yorkers had not only become violent, but others were beginning to collapse in pain, whilst some were also beginning to suffer horrific deformities, including the man that attacked Farrah who pleaded with the fleeing citizens around him for help. Sadly none of them could oblige. Many others meanwhile degenerated to the level of animals and started to violently attack the rest of the crowd. The man who had attacked Farrah was jumped and literally torn apart by three more people who had completely degenerated.

“If only there was something we could do for them.” Farrah said with regret.

“We have to find Sally now.”

“Without the Doctor there’s no point.”

“Please. From what you’ve told me this is just another day for your friend. You both fight monsters or aliens or whatever all the time, but Sally if she’s cornered, she’s just a normal person, she won’t know what to do. She won’t know what’s going on. “

Farrah knew he was right. Chances are the Doctor had already found a way to escape from the horde and either way he did stand a better chance on his own than Sally.

“Okay” she said reluctantly. “We need to move now.”

The Doctor meanwhile had managed to escape to Central Park, where all of this had begun in his universe. He had evaded the horde of monsters he had become swept up in, by climbing onto the roof of a parked car and then literally jumping from the roof of one parked car to the next until he had managed to reach the end of the street leading to Central Park.

The horde had become too busy fighting with one another, and tearing any other New Yorker unfortunate enough to be caught in their path to follow or even notice the Doctor jumping from one vehicle to the next in a rather clumsy way.

The woods of Central Park looked rotten, the leaves had almost all fallen off of the trees, and even the gray grass looked worn down and brittle.

The woods were filled with more creatures fighting with one another.

The Doctor couldn’t help but feel responsible even though there was nothing he could have done any of the unfortunate souls in this crumbling city. Even if he had somehow managed to get them all free from this universe, they would still either break down, or worse cause a paradox in his universe.

The Time Lord kept his distance from the chaos, trying to conceal himself behind any rotten tree he could.

As he made his way slowly through the twisted parody of Central Park, the Time Lord was suddenly rocked by an explosion. He turned around and saw just outside of Central Park, a strange, glowing figure with blue lightening firing from its hands that it used to burn anyone unlucky enough to get within its reach.

The Doctor felt sure he recognised the figure, or rather his counterpart in the actual reality, but couldn’t place him right now.

“Sarah, Sarah, it’s no use hiding. Look at what I’m doing to this entire city! I am god!” The figure shouted.

“Sarah” the Doctor said to himself. Whoever this creature was, the Doctor was sure that he must have crossed over from this reality into the main one at some point. He must have brought someone from this universe too if that were the case. It was possible that was who this Sarah was. As much as he hated the thought, the Doctor would have to follow this monster until he found whoever he was looking for. He couldn’t take a chance that there was anyone else from the main reality trapped here when the universe collapsed.

He couldn’t intervene and help the people the figure was attacking now. They were doomed no matter what. If anything the monster was doing them a favour, killing them now, rather than letting them slowly degenerate. There was also most likely nothing he could do to save them. (Though how exactly he was going to save even Sarah, whoever she was from that monster he had no idea.)

The figure started to burn its way through the mob, causing even the most deranged and monstrous of the crowd to disperse. The Doctor slowly crept back the way he came, in the monsters direction, whilst trying to remain out of sight, though just as he reached the end central park, one of the deranged crowd jumped him and pinned the Time Lord to the floor.

The Doctor got a good look at the mutants face. Its skin was rotting and putrid whilst its teeth were rotten, yellow and had begun to crack. It dribbled a thick, noxious, black tar from its mouth, whilst its hair had already begun to thin.

The Doctor couldn’t even bare to look at it never mind try and fight it off. Still he tried to use Venusian karate on the monster, but it didn’t work. He then tried to use the monsters own weight against it and was able to pull it forwards and then hurl the brute several feet ahead. Unfortunately however the monster went a bit too far, and fell into the crowd of creatures ahead.

The Doctor got up and ran from the horde of monsters pursuing him. Unfortunately however the glowing, murderous figure up ahead soon noticed the crowd and he started to burn them. The Doctor however was able to dodge his attacks and hide behind a nearby car, near the park. The figure however had still spotted the Time Lord, as he appeared grey to it and soon blasted the window of the car open, forcing the Doctor into view.

“Why is my power not affecting you? What are you?” It demanded of the Doctor.

“I doubt you’d believe me.”

“Try me.” The monster said as it charged up the blue energy in its hands.

“Well okay I’m an alien and this is a fake universe that’s crumbling and you don’t actually have any real powers, you’re just a sad moron who thinks he is a god, but is about to tumble head first into oblivion.”

The figure responded by trying to blast the Doctor who only barely managed to evade the death ray and bolted back down a nearby street. There were plenty of monsters that way, but again the Doctor had no choice. As the figure fired at the monsters to get to the Doctor, they all started to flee in panic and in the rush, the Doctor was able to push past a few of them, climb on top of a vehicle and then dart down a nearby alley. The figure however again was able to pick the Doctor out of the crowd due his grey appearance (or rather the fact that he appeared grey to the alien) and followed him.

At the other end of the alley, the Doctor noticed there were too many of the creatures and so using his sonic screwdriver, he pulled down the ladder to a nearby fire escape of a block of flats and crawled up it, pulling the ladder back up before any of the creatures could follow.

The Doctor ran up the escape as fast as he could, but as he made his way up however he looked in the windows of several of the flats. In one of them was a young woman crying in a corner, covering her face. The Doctor was distracted by her plight for so long he failed to notice one of the creatures on the window next to hers until it crashed out of the window. Roaring and spitting its noxious black ooze, the monster tackled the Doctor and nearly pushed him over the edge of the escape, but the Doctor managed to trip the beast up and tried to flee. As he ran up the nearby stairs however, the monster grabbed him by the leg, pulling the Time Lord face down on the steps.

The Doctor tried to kick the monster away, but sadly his blows did little to deter the mutant. Worse than that, the crying woman the Doctor had observed soon came bursting out of her window, having now turned into one of the degenerate monsters.

As both creatures advanced on the Doctor, the Time Lord used all of his body weight to ram the first monster back into the woman. Both of the creatures as soon as they came into contact with each other started to attack one another. The male had the upper hand at first until the female grabbed a piece of broken glass from the window pain and stabbed it into his neck after which, once she got him on the ground she continued to slash at his throat until she took his head off.

The Doctor raced up the fire escape, until suddenly the entire upper section exploded. The Doctor was almost caught in the blast, whilst the rest of the fire escape barely hung from the wall. The Doctor held onto the railings, whilst the female creature fell into the crowd below where she was torn apart by the horde.

The Doctor looked down to see the mysterious glowing figure standing with the rest of the horde cowering at either side.

“If you tell me who you are, I’ll blast you before you fall and make it quick.”  The drop wasn’t that big. Clearly the figure had other plans in mind for the Doctor once he fell.

The Doctor smiled.

“I have a few tricks left up my sleeve too you know.” He didn’t but as always he hoped he could maybe bluff his way out .

The figure prepared another blast, but before it could fire it was suddenly struck by a large car that sent it flying over twenty feet and through the wall of the building.

The Doctor not being able to hold on much longer, jumped onto the top of a nearby parked vehicle. Two women came out of either side of the car that had rammed the figure through the wall, neither grey. The Doctor instantly recognised one of them as Sally.

“You” she said with rage. “You caused all of this!”

To Be Continued.

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