The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 9

The Demons, now back in their Robot bodies instantly started open fire on the slaves whose enchantment no longer worked. As more and more of the workers were butchered, Florence’s spell started to wear off, and the majority of the slaves got on their knees and begged for clemency. The Demonic Robots however naturally continued the slaughter.

The humiliation the Robots had suffered at the hands of the Circus Folk and the Jiang Shi in particular made the metal monsters keen to reassert their dominance on the aliens, though it was detrimental to their cause to slaughter so many of their servants (especially after their recent troubles.) The Demons wounded pride and bloodlust sadly overcame their better judgement.

Florence watched the massacre from the top of one of the mines. She had managed to flee from the Demon after her visions had temporarily incapacitated the brute, though she didn’t know how much longer she could hide here.

There was nowhere for the Siren to flee too however. The entire mine was crawling with the bloodthirsty robots. She wanted to help the slaves, but what could she do? The Siren had never felt so useless. Suddenly just as the blue skinned time traveler tried to crawl down the mine without being noticed, she heard the sound of the gigantic fused Demon coming down the corridor she had just escaped from.

The monster could clearly sense where she was and had followed her from their last confrontation. Florence had no choice but to jump head first into the warzone, of rather slaughter up ahead. At least if the Robots blasted her it would be quick. She couldn’t bare to see the hell the Demons had come from again.

The leader of the Demons, now back in its black robotic casing approached Denika, Ashlei and Keptis.

“It appears your magics have worked. We have another task for you.” It said.

“I won’t help you again I don’t care what you do.” Denika replied.

“Why bother making pointless threats? We broke you before, we can easily do so again.” The leader said as one of the Robots grabbed both Ashlei and Keptis. Denika tried to charge up her magics to fight, but she soon saw it was pointless. Not only could the Demons easily snap Ashlei and Keptis’ necks before she could do anything, but there were dozens and dozens of Robots all surrounding her and ready to fire.

“What do you want me to do.” Denika said with shame.

“The boy.” The leader of the Robots replied.

“One of our scientists attempted to posses him. We are not sure if the Professor is alive or not. You need to help retrieve the him if you can. He may have been a foolhardy idiot, but we need him to help repair the generator.”

“Trust me, if one of you freaks was stupid enough to possess a Jiang Shi, then he’s dead. The Demon in there will rip him apart. “

“You’d better hope he’s not. You’ve seen the pit. You know what we can do to your friends. Their deaths will be just the beginning.”

With no other choice Denika used her magics to try and put a lock onto the Demon possessing the Strange Boy. No force in this universe could remove the Jiang Shi Demon from the boy sadly, but the Demonic Professor, provided he hadn’t been torn apart would be no problem.

As Denika got a trace of the Demon however, she found its grip on the boy stronger than she had expected.

Denika used her magics to force her mind into the Strange Boy’s. She had tried to do this once before in an effort to communicate with and maybe even help the boy, but the Jiang Shi within nearly tore her apart.

Naturally she wasn’t eager to try the same thing a second time, but it was seemingly the only way she could pull the Demon out.

After making the connection with the Demonic Professors mind, Denika suddenly found herself in a small dark room where she saw the Demon scientist holding a knife to the Strange Boy’s throat. The Strange Boy looked different however. He looked normal. There was actually an expression on his face for once, one of terror. In the distance meanwhile, Denika could see the Jiang Shi spirit that had attacked and almost killed her the last time. It stood over seven foot tall and was not too dissimilar to a Kardon in appearance, though its skin was bright green.

“It’s no use in growling.” The Demon scientist taunted the Jiang Shi spirit.

“I know if this boy dies you do. The magics that originally bound you both together have fused you too.”

The Strange Boy’s human side spoke.

“You don’t know what a monster he is. There’s nothing that can subdue his bloodlust. I feel it every second of every day. I takes all my will power to influence him.

“If that were true my boy then you wouldn’t be here. Clearly whoever used the magics to keep your spirit trapped in here, when it should have been ejected found a way to subdue him. Now that I’ve got him to sit, let’s see if any of my magics can make him a little more agreeable”

Denika started to slowly charge up her magic to use against the Demon Professor. She hoped she could maybe use him as a bargaining chip to free Ashlei and Keptis.

As Denika prepared to attack however, the Strange Boy’s human side noticed Denika. At first he smiled at seeing her, but then he called out on her to stop.

Unfortunately his scream alerted the Vampire spirit and it jumped Denika before she could retaliate.

“Please you have to help her.” The boy pleaded with the Demon.

“Why should I care? If anything she can be a good way to test the Vampire’s power.”

“I won’t help you if you do.”

The Demon held its knife to the boys throat.

“I don’t need your help you worthless little freak.”

The Vampire threw Denika around like a rag doll and started to claw at her. Fortunately if it bit her in here, then it wouldn’t be able to transfer the curse of the Jiang Shi, but it could still nevertheless destroy her spirit easily.

Though magic could harm the beast, it moved so quickly that Denika wasn’t able to land a hit on it.

The Strange Boy’s human side started to sob, but when he screamed out, the Jiang Shi suddenly stopped in its tracks for just a few seconds, allowing Denika to hit it with a full blast of magic, sending it flying back into the darkness.

Unfortunately the boy screamed at the same time and nearly fainted, nevertheless the fight had distracted the Demon Professor long enough for Denika trap him in an energy field.

Whilst he was helpless, Denika ran to the boys aid.

“Denika, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.” The boy said.

“Likewise, it’s good to finally be able to talk to you.”

Their reunion however was cut short by the sound of the Jiang Shi spirit re-emerging. Denika picked up the Demon’s knife and held it to the boys throat. Obviously she would never harm the boy, but she had to make the Jiang Shi think that.

Unfortunately the Demon didn’t even stop for a second.

“You stupid Witch. The Jiang Shi and the boy are linked. Everything he knows, it knows. You’d never harm him. If anything it has the advantage that way as it knows you’d never kill it or else you’d kill the boy.” The Demon Professor sneered from inside his prison.

With no choice, Denika was forced to encase herself, the boy and even the Demon in a forcefield, that held the Jiang Shi back. Unfortunately however she couldn’t hold it up for long as in here the Jiang Shi was even stronger. Worse the strain of holding both the bloodsucker and the Demon back was getting to Denika.

“You have to try and control him eh.” Denika said.

“I’m called Rong.”

“Rong, all this time and I never even knew your name. None of us did.”

“How could you?”

“I tried you know. I was always looking for ways to find a way to communicate, but I.”

“It’s okay I understand. In spite of everything I still consider you all friends. You’re the only people who ever took me in after what I became.”

“You didn’t become anything. That thing over there is taking you over, but you can beat it. Most of the time you’re in control of your body.”

“No I’m not. He always is. I see through his eyes. I feel what he feels when he tears into people’s throats. All I ever do is influence him from in here. I’m able to redirect his bloodlust onto Demons, Vampires and other monsters. He’s always in the drivers seat however. I’m trapped in here, and when he doesn’t get a chance to live out his violent urges, I have to do all I can to keep him locked in his cage. I don’t have a seconds relief from it. My father, or rather my adopted father did this to me. After I was infected. He used all the magics he could to trap my spirit in this body. He wanted to save me, but instead he’s locked me into hell with that thing.”

“I’m so sorry you’ve been trapped like this. For how long?”

“Over 100 years.”

“Oh my god. I can’t even begin to imagine.”

“I had no idea all this time.”

“All this time it’s that thing that’s been helping you. It’s been fighting the monsters. Not me.”

“You’re the one who’s influence it Rong. What you’ve done, in spite of everything you’ve been through. You’re the strongest one out of all of us. That’s why I need you to be strong again.”

“I can’t. When we encountered the Kardons, their presence caused the Jiang Shi to become stronger, more feral. I sometimes wonder if he’ll even kill me. I can’t control him.”

“I can help if you’ll let me.” The Demon said.

Denika ignored the Demon, and continued to try and hold up the wall, but within a few strikes the Jiang Shi spirit completely tore it down.

Denika tried to fire at it again, but the monster was too fast, and with no choice Denika was forced to flee, using her magic to carry the boy and the Demon across the darkness ahead.

Outside of the Strange Boy’s mind meanwhile the Demonic Robots could see Denika was struggling.

“That Witch is useless.” One of the Robots said in frustration.

“Now, now it’s not entirely her fault. That fool is always getting himself into trouble. Still she has ten minutes left at the most. We can’t waste any more time on this and that Demon child gives me the creeps. ” Their leader replied.

“It’s got the mark of a Kardon on it, how could it not.”

Whilst the Robots were talking, Keptis reached backwards and grabbed a piece of lab equipment. He didn’t know what it was, but it looked unstable. It was a new kind of magical explosion that the Professor had only begun to develop. Keptis hesitated for a moment more for his team mates sake but he soon realised that they would all be dead if he did nothing anyway. He hurled the explosive straight at two of the Robots, and it broke off of their armour, but still produced a minor explosion, enough to knock the Robots next to Keptis and Ashlei, as well as the two time travelers themselves, off of their feet.

None of the Robots were damaged, but Ashlei instantly jumped up and followed the Martian’s lead, grabbing another bomb. As she was about to throw it at the centre of the lab, the leader of the Robots begged her to stop.

“You fool you don’t know what you’re dealing with. If you blow that up you’ll unleash dark magic on this place, the likes of which almost killed that freak friend of yours.”

“Almost? You mean Carlene is still alive?”

“If that is the name of that alien with the large black, domed head, then yes. It somehow overcame our black magics. You will not be so lucky.”

Ashlei was so overjoyed to hear about Carlene she almost let her guard down, but as soon as the Robots started to advance on them she held her the explosive up again.

“You wouldn’t dare. You’d kill your friends too, there’s not a chance” the leader of the Robots said, only for Ashlei in response to drop the explosive, and catch it just as it almost hit the ground, making all of the Robots jump back in terror.

“You really want to test me? My friends are dead anyway.”

The Robot knew that he was beat for now and allowed the Martian to go free. Keptis was of course reluctant to just leave Ashlei here, but she insisted that he find help.

Ashlei also insisted that the Robots let Denika and the Strange Boy go too, but unfortunately the Witch was still trapped in the Strange Boy’s mind.

“Get her out.”

“Easier said than done.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure a way in. You’ll have to unless.” Ashlei said as she dangled the explosive over the dark magic.”

“Hello come in, can you hear me?” The Roslax commander said through the communicator.

“You’re wasting time.” The Robots former slave said.

“Our platoon has agreed to help you, against our better judgement, the least you could do is be patient. We need all the help we can get if these eh Demons are as bad as you say they are.” The Roslax commander said.

The Roslax commander had decided to order his platoon to help the Hinsekos simply out of fear. After what the Circus Master had shown them, they couldn’t ignore the supernatural threat they and indeed the whole galaxy were facing. Furthermore like almost all civilised worlds in the galaxy, Roslax had dealt with its fair share of Demons and monsters. Though they had mostly been written off as superstition, or covered up (again like in many worlds around the galaxy) a greater number of Demons had begun to emerge on their world. The commander had even seen some thing that he felt couldn’t be explained either, as had many of his men.

It seemed the Demon’s dominance on one planet was making the entire galaxy a hotspot for supernatural activity.

“Patience? While your wasting time, thousands of my people are being slaughtered by those things.”

“He’s right. If what the Robot says is true the rebels are our best bet of banishing the Demons.”

“They’re useless” the slave said bitterly.”

“Well even if they are Mr eh, sorry I don’t think I caught your name?” The Circus Master said much to the slaves, irritation.

“Why would you care I’m just a nameless, faceless drone aren’t I.”

“Oh please drop all that self pitying crap darling.” Carlene interrupted.

“We didn’t exactly have time for pleasantries when we were being chased by Demon Robots.”

“My name is Uiskan” The slave said.

“I’m sorry about my temper, it’s just that. I never thought I’d live to see the day those monsters that took my family actually pay for what they did. Now it seems like it’s actually possible.”

“I wouldn’t get too carried away.” The Robot said.

“We cast them out of their machines. We actually made it off the planet. For so long it felt like nothing could harm those monsters and now.”

Uiskan was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a voice coming through the speakers.

“Hello, this is the Hinsekos rebel command do you read me.”

“Yes this is Commander Aesoka, of the fifth Roslax airfleet.”

“There was a pause on the other end.”

“This is a trick” the leader of the Hinsekos said. “You think we’d fall for this.”

“It’s true Oskioa.” Uiskan said.

“You know me, you know what I lost against those Demons. You know I would never lie for them.”

There was another moments silence before Oskioa spoke again.

“What do you want Roslax. You made it clear that you don’t want anything to do with us. Is it to simply gloat over our misfortune.”

“Believe you me I could care less about you, but after seeing what was down there on your planet, well.”

“Is your government behind this or?”

“No, we’ll only be able to send our own fleet, of forty or so ships. The Robot told us you have a spell that can send all those…. Demons back.”

“Yes but we’d have to make it into the mainframe of their city to program the spell into their computers. All our attempts have failed, but with your extra firepower.”

“You still won’t make it”  Uiskan said.

“We need the backing of this entire planet.”

“Trust me that isn’t going to happen. You’re lucky that we took the time to listen you.” Aesoka said.

“He’s right we have to strike now that the Demons are vulnerable anyway. You won’t have to make into the mainframe the Demons.” The Circus Master said before being cut off by the rebels leader.

“The Robots have regained control of their machines. We detected their power shortage, but before we could do anything about it, they had repaired the problem.

“Well still” the Circus Master said.

“I agree that it could take years for the Roslax government to want to use time and resources to help the Hinsekos. Maybe they’ll be reasonable and listen to us, maybe they’ll stop the one fleet willing to help us from going. Maybe there are Demons in your government already? Who knows.”

“There are no Demons in our.”

“Trust me I’ve seen it on billions of planets throughout history. They always place themselves in high places. We can’t take any chances. It’s now or never.” The Circus Master said.

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