Where Have I Been

I have taken the longest break from my blog and my writing in general. Since October I have battled a really terrible form of depression. The worst period was in October, but it has come and gone in waves since then. The latest wave started in January this year and it has been a rough couple of days.

Sadly this has meant that my blog and writing have been put on hold for a while. Even when I feel better it’s hard to get back into the way of things, and then of course there is the fear that I might fall back into a terrible habit again.

I don’t know when I will be better. In the past I have foolishly come off medication after a few months when I thought I was better. I realise that depression is a life long battle and that you don’t just have odd periods and waves of anxiety. I might still be out of commission for a few months yet, but hopefully it won’t be as long as that.

I just want loyal readers to know that I haven’t forgotten about them or this blog, it’s just hard to stay focused right now.

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