Where Have I Been

I have taken the longest break from my blog and my writing in general. Since October I have battled a really terrible form of depression. The worst period was in October, but it has come and gone in waves since then. The latest wave started in January this year and it has been a rough couple of days.

Sadly this has meant that my blog and writing have been put on hold for a while. Even when I feel better it’s hard to get back into the way of things, and then of course there is the fear that I might fall back into a terrible habit again.

I don’t know when I will be better. In the past I have foolishly come off medication after a few months when I thought I was better. I realise that depression is a life long battle and that you don’t just have odd periods and waves of anxiety. I might still be out of commission for a few months yet, but hopefully it won’t be as long as that.

I just want loyal readers to know that I haven’t forgotten about them or this blog, it’s just hard to stay focused right now.

2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been

  1. Hello Mr Burrunjor,

    I’m really sorry to hear that you have been struggling with depression (+ certain so-called ‘fans’ have been making life intolerable for you). ☹️ I really enjoy reading your N-Space chronology and how the other continuities (ie New Who, Scream of the Shalka etc etc) are different, divergent timelines. 👍 And as you (+ a few others elsewhere) have suggested Doctor Who (in its current form) should go into hiatus for a bit…and that there should be a bonafide continuation of Classic Who (either following on from ‘Survival’ or the TV Movie). I also agree with RTD that there should be a Doctor Who Shared Universe multimedia franchise a la Marvel and Star Wars et al – and then we could see a Romana /Jenny/Susan spinoff and so much more! 😎👍But first things first, the main series needs to rest and Chibnall and the Fitzroy Crowd need to go! Likewise a new story group needs to brought on board! One that there are fans of and know the Whoniverse, as well as being sci-fi fans in general…rather than soap and reality TV addicts! 🤔😏 We can but hope! Keep well, keep up the good work Mr Burrunjor of Kasterborous. 👍🙏👏👍😉

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    • Thanks man always great to hear comments of support. I’ll probably be back at the end of this month. I’m a lot better than I was in early January, but I’m obviously wary that I might have another relapse, as I had one in November after thinking I was better and then another at New Year. In the mean time I will be editing a lot of old stuff on this blog, making it more presentable.

      (I’m also going to delete all episodes of An Alternate Sequel Series, Circus Master and Professor Fang from her and put them on another site, as well as on Webnovel. TBH here was never the place for them. They are too jumbled up, rough drafts and scattered here. Instead this site will serve as the place for all that stuff from now on, and also webnovel and royal road. )


      (The actual name of the site is Burrunjors Tall Tales, but I haven’t been able to change the address from the old one yet.)

      I am glad you like my proposal of an alternate sequel to Classic Who. To be honest though I think Jodie’s era should be exercised from the revival too. I’ve always said that I am happy to have New Who and any alternate sequels take place in alternate realities to one another, as that way you can decide which if any are set in the same reality as Classic Who. Everybody wins, and you can have elements from all of them in your sequel, either as alternate characters or crossover characters.

      Jodie’s era however wrecks RTD era Who as a series in its own right. I hate watching Tennant era stories, thinking he isn’t even a Time Lord, never mind Tom Baker stories. I also hate the way that Gallifrey was destroyed again after the 50th, how the Daleks position as his archenemies has been undermined etc.

      The Jodie era is bad for all of Who tbh. I hope it serves as a lesson to always move forward in a franchise and not just keep focusing on rewriting the past.


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