Doctor Who: The Fire of the Daleks: Part 2

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“You mean to say that none of them survived? It can’t be”

“I’m afraid so Asica my liege. The entire world of Meliscor is completely gone. We are the only survivors of the galaxy now.”

The king felt like giving up. All of the sacrifices and atrocities that had been carried out in his name, all those years of suffering had seemingly been for nothing.

“We can’t possibly hope to fight the Daleks off on our own.” The King said.

“No sir we can’t. This means we shall have to resort to the final option.”

“I prayed it wouldn’t come to this, but our race must survive and surrender isn’t an option.” The King said with regret.

Asica had been ruling their world throughout most of the war. His father Leri, though an effective and just ruler had struggled during the early years of the war with the Daleks. Leri chose Asica out of all his children replace him during the war because he believed Asica was the most heartless, and therefore the best to deal with the horrors ahead.

Its true that Asica was always the hardest out of all of his siblings, but even he had not been prepared for the Daleks. Asica had been forced to send billions of young men and women away to their deaths, ravage his planets resources, starve his people and force them to work themselves to death. As a result the king was the most hated man on the entire planet, but there was really nothing anyone could have done differently. It had only been through Asica’s ruthless actions that his world had held out for so long, but now it appeared that it was all for nothing. Or maybe not.

The only hope for the Heglozians was to try and get a select group of their people away from the galaxy in a spaceship that had been constructed over the course of the last few years. This plan, called the final option had been prepared during the last few years when most of the planets fell to the Daleks.

In spite of the devastating losses, the King still hoped he’d never have to implement the plan. Not only did he not want to abandon his people, the plan also had a very slim chance at succeeding anyway. Asica would have to essentially use most of his soldiers to distract the monsters, whilst he and the select few fled. The Daleks would most likely pick up a ship fleeing the solar system anyway, but if there were enough vessels distracting the Dalek war fleet.. it might just slip by. There is no way that all of the men would abandon their post around the planet however. Furthermore if the public found out about the ship, they would do all they could to stop it from leaving.

There were regular attacks on Asica’s central command from various different groups of rebels, all with their own reasons for hating Asica.

Those in the poorer areas who were forced to work night and day, whose husbands, wives, daughters and children were dragged away to fight viewed Asica as a glory hound who cared about defeating the Daleks rather than his own people. They wished he would surrender to end the conflict. (Having no idea that surrender was not an option.) Others meanwhile viewed Asica as an incompetent leader who wasn’t doing enough to stop the Daleks. Others believed that he needed to be stopped due to the damage he had inflicted on the environment, which they believed was worse than anything the Daleks could ever do.

Whatever the case most people on the planet wanted him dead. It was hard for Asica to even get loyal body guards. The only way he could ensure their loyalty was to promise them that their families would not be called on to fight the Daleks, and that they would be given a place on the escape ship. This meant that many of the elite who had been originally chosen however would have to be replaced and executed to prevent knowledge of the plan from being leaked.

Whilst the people were divided into different groups, desperate to try and take control from Asica. The knowledge of the ship would most likely unite them all against him.

Even if the ship did manage to escape its own people and the Daleks, all of the planets in the entire galaxy next door were seemingly inhospitable. There is no way they would have enough supplies for most of the crew to survive the journey, let alone trying to terrorform a planet.

Finally the vessel which would have to travel faster and further than any of their other ships had not even been tested yet. There was no way to test it. For all Asica knew, the ship would explode as soon as they tried to take off.

Asica contemplated simply ending his own life now. Better that he thought than to order millions of young men and women to sacrifice themselves to the Daleks whilst he and the elite fled like cowards.

“No” the king thought to himself. “I have a duty to our people. Some of us must survive. We can’t let hundreds of thousands of years of history and struggles end like this.”

Just as Asica was about give the order to implement the final plan however, another guard came bursting into the room with a look of horror on his face.

“My liege, we’ve just had report that one of our vessels escaped the massacre of Meliscor. It crashed right in the centre of the badlands.”.

“Where there any survivors.”

“We don’t know yet.”

“Well I’m afraid we have more important matters to discuss if you’ll.”

“I’m afraid sir there was…. There was a Dalek on board.”

Asica’s blood ran cold.

“How, how could it get by.”

“We don’t know yet, but there is a possibility that it may have survived and be loose on the planet right now..”

“Send a team to the badlands to be sure. The possibility of a Dalek on this world and the fact that we are the last survivors means the final option must be implemented.”

“Doctor, Doctor wake up”. Dana roused the Doctor after the debris had fallen on him when the ship was struck by the missiles. Together they then shifted the boulder off of Zoella.

“Quick we have to get to the safe room.” Zoella shouted. The Doctor could not disable the trap the Dalek had placed on the lock of the TARDIS in time and more rubble had fallen in front of the TARDIS anyway.

Their chances of survival in the safe room were still very slim, but it was their only chance. The corpses of Zoella’s team still littered the room. Dana could barely look at them, but Zoella showed no emotion. Zoella had seen entire worlds burn by this point. The Doctor similarly had seen so many people, even entire races fall victim to the Daleks that he was sadly used to it by now.

It soon became apparent to the Dalek that the ship could not be redirected, and so the monster quickly followed the trio to the safe room

“YOU ARE TRAPPED” the Dalek shouted as it fired at the three cornered humanoids. The downward trajectory of the ship however quickly sent the Dalek flying back to the other end of the room

The safe room survived the crash, but it was blown to the other side of the wreckage. The Doctor, Dana and Zoella had managed to hold on, but when it finally hit the ground all 3 were knocked out cold.

Zoella’s right arm was broken in the impact, whilst the Doctor suffered two broken ribs.

Dana was the luckiest in the crash as she only had a few broken fingers. The Dalek had been thrown out of the room into the rest of the ship meanwhile.

The Doctor was the first to wake up.

“Dana.” the Doctor said as he roused her and clutched his ribs. “I take it we’ve landed. Not my smoothest landing, but not my worst either.”

Zoella started to wake up. Unlike the Doctor she didn’t even take notice of the pain.

“Where is the Dalek.” She shouted

“First let me see if you’re all right.” Dana asked as she tended to Zoella.

“We need to find it. We can’t let it loose.”

Suddenly the room began to shake again.

“Its the military. They’re destroying what’s left of the ship. We have to get out of here!” Zoella said.

The Doctor climbed out first. The entire room had been knocked on its head with the door facing up the way. In the sky above the Doctor could see the Dalek flying through the air and fighting with several smaller fighter ships. None of them were able to land a hit on the Dalek however it was so fast. The Dalek meanwhile was able to bring down each ship with just one blast each.

“It won’t take it long to finish them.” The Doctor said. Dana followed him, but Zoella couldn’t because of her arm. She tried to fight through the pain, but it was too much even for her. The Doctor reached down and with Dana’s help pulled Zoella up.

The Doctor, Zoella and Dana jumped off of the wreckage while the Dalek was distracted with the last of the fighter jets. Below however the trio were confronted by several soldiers pointing guns at them. There must have been over 50 there in total.

The soldiers attention was quickly diverted to the Dalek as it flew overhead. The soldiers much like Zoella’s crew were frozen with terror when they first saw the monster. They had heard so much about the Daleks, but up until now had been lucky enough not to meet one.

“EXTERMINATE” The Dalek screamed as it fired on several of the soldiers. The rest started to scatter whilst firing back at the Dalek. The Dalek didn’t even bother to dodge their attacks, as the rays simply bounced off of its casing.

“AIM FOR THE EYEPIECE” The Doctor shouted in desperation. None of the soldiers even acknowledged him however. They had never felt so helpless and just fired blindly in fear and desperation.

As the Doctor continued to try and warn them, one of the soldiers hit the the Doctor over the head with the butt of his gun. The Doctor was knocked out cold and the soldier responsible quickly pointed his gun at Dana and Zoella before they could come to the Time Lord’s aid.

“Come with me now. The King will want to speak with you himself. NOW!” He said as he hoisted the Doctor over his shoulder. The soldier took Dana and Zoella away on a small vessel whilst the rest of his platoon desperately tried in vain to bring down the Dalek.

The Dalek seemed to take its time in killing the soldiers. It could have wiped them all out in under a minute, but it prolonged their deaths for as long as it could. It let the final soldiers ammo run out on its casing, before cornering him against a rock. The Dalek simply stared the petrified soldier down for a few minutes, bringing him to the very limit of his terror before exterminating him in cold blood.

All a Dalek existed for was to destroy all apparent “lesser life forms.” Whenever they could they would savor a kill.

As the Dalek headed across the wasteland it tried to contact the mothership through its own in built communicator.


A voice came in, though the line was very weak and crackling.




The line started to break up.

“A BLUE BOX HAS BEEN SIGHTED ON THE PLANET! ALERT ALL DALEK UNITS!” The drone said, only to be met with more static before the line cut off. It was hard for the signal to be broadcast through the forcefield, but the Dalek knew its task and set about accomplishing it.

The Doctor awoke in the King’s room. Asica had asked they be brought to him as he always liked to shame traitors himself. In his own mind it was his way of getting back at his own people who had decried him as a monster for so long.  The Doctor awoke to both Zoella and Asica screaming at each other.

“You should have stopped him. You’ve doomed our entire planet.” Asica screamed at Zoella.

“Well dooming our planet is nothing you haven’t done.” Zoella said back “You’re a weak man. You always were. A semi competent leader could have helped to save at least one of the planets in this galaxy.”

The Doctor interrupted. “Excuse me, hate to be a bother but could you direct me to a large blue box?”

“Doctor.” Dana said. “The Dalek it, it killed all of the soldiers. Its loose.”

“Yes thanks to you three.” Asica snapped.

“Excuse me, we just arrived in this galaxy. We didn’t know anything about your war until 30 minutes ago! Now please can you tell me did your men find a blue box from the rubble”.

“Those men rescued you from the monster you brought here, and all you care about is some trinket” Asica shouted.

“You’re the leader here am I right? In that case those men died in your name, not mine. Also that ‘trinket’ is actually a complex, space and time machine that can get you and the rest of your people out of here. Its called the TARDIS and from the looks of things its your people’s last hope.” The Doctor said boastfully.

Asica was silent for a few minutes.” I know you are not one of us.” He said. When the Doctor and Dana were brought in, their bodies were scanned which instantly revealed that they were not only not of this world, but of this galaxy. “Did the Daleks create you?”

“Oh not this again look I already went through this with her. I’m a time traveller.” The Doctor said impatiently

“Did you cross entire galaxies just to taunt a dying race.”

“I crossed billions of galaxies to get here, but I am not lying when I say I can help you. Please we need to stop that Dalek first, and then get your people out of here while the forcefield still holds.

Asica wasn’t sure what to think. As far as he knew time travel was an impossibility, yet if the alien was telling the truth then he couldn’t ignore a chance to help his people.”

“What do we have to lose” The king said in a somewhat pessimistic tone. “Your ship can it take off right away?”

“Yes. It can go anywhere, to another world, another time. We can make as many stops as we need.

” You will accompany a team to the wreckage to fetch this blue box if what you say is true. We will deal with the Dalek itself.” The King said.

“Well that’s the thing I have some experience in dealing with these monsters if you’ll only listen to me.” The Doctor said.

“We’ll see if you’re telling the truth about this vessel first. The Daleks are our priority. We’ve been fighting them for longer. I’m not going to listen to a total stranger about the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced.”

“You two” he said to two soldiers. “Take him back to the wreckage. Zoella and the other alien will stay here.”

“No” the Doctor said. “They both come with me.”

“You’re wasting time” Asica said. “I won’t hurt them I promise, but you wouldn’t expect me to give up my only leverage?”

“Just go” Dana said. “He’s right all the time we spend here arguing, the more the Dalek gets a lead on us.”

“If only that fool would listen. With his resources I might be able to whip up a weapon against that monster.” The Doctor thought to himself as he was carried away.

“Its over.”

“Finally! Even I couldn’t take it another second. No one deserved to die like that. Not even a man like him.”

The man is question was Tyresia, leader of the terrorist origanisation Heglozia First. Heglozia First were devoted to ending the war with the Daleks in order to preserve the planet. They foolishly believed that their leaders were just as responsible for the conflict as the Daleks, and hoped to persuade them (through violent means.) To settle their differences with the Daleks.

Their most heinous crime had been the sabotage of a war vessel, the Osteria, which caused it to explode before taking off. Over 2000 young men and women were lost their lives in the explosion. There were no survivors. Tyresia had himself orchestrated the sabotage.

Nevertheless Tyresia’s own executioners could not help but pity him in his final moments. The lack of resources meant that they were not allowed to use guns and waste ammunition to execute the prisoners. Instead a lethal form of chemical called Ixeri was used, which would kill its victims slowly and painfully over the course of several hours. It wasn’t just a lack of resources as to why this chemical was used however. The king wanted it to be used as a form of terror. Any disloyalty to the king was met with execution by Ixeri.

The executioners had been forced to slaughter many innocent men and women. When Tyresia had been brought in, for once they were happy at the prospect of executing someone who deserved it. Still now that the grissly deed (that had taken over two hours) was done, the two executioners had instead come to the conclusion that no one deserved to die from Ixeri.

“The king should be made to see just how that poison eats people from the inside.” One of the executioners said as he carried Tyresia’s putrid, stinking corpse from the table.

“I sometimes think it would be better if that entire forcefield just collapsed on us.” The other said as he mopped up the mess created during Tyresia’s death throes.

Suddenly the two men were alerted by screams. The executioner carrying Tyresia’s corpse dropped it and ran to the window. Outside to his horror he could see the guards one by one falling to a Dalek.

“My god one of the Daleks is here.”

“What? That’s not possible? What would it want here anyway? To kill all our criminals?”

“”I don’t know but we have to get out of here now!”

The two men were not soldiers. The only reason they were in this position was to avoid having to fight in the war. Every day they regretted it and contemplated going off to fight against the Daleks and die an honourable, yet completely pointless death. Ultimately however their fear of the Daleks always won out and they instead decided to sacrifice more innocent lives in the hopes that they could wait out the war. (Regardless of how hopeless that seemed.)

The two men ran down the long corridors filled with prisoners, most of whom were there for minor crimes, such as stealing resources to feed their families.

Most of the prisoners were asleep, but a few were woken up by the commotion. One of the prisoners a young man reached out and grabbed one of the executioners as he ran past. He managed to pull the executioner right up to the bars and hold him in place by placing his arm around his neck.

“Please help me” the executioner shouted to his friend, who without a seconds hesitation ran away.

“You coward. We were in this together.” He shouted after his former comrade.

“Tell me, what’s going on? Why are you two leaving? Where are all the guards? Answer me!” The prisoner shouted.

“There’s a Dalek outside. I don’t know what it wants, but its coming in here.”

“A Dalek that’s not possible, unless our forcefield’s down. If it is, why bother running?”

“What else can we do?”

Outside the Dalek had slaughtered almost all of the guards. Only 4 out of 50 in total remained. As the last 4 survivors ran for cover the Dalek hovered about twenty feet in the air and blasted a hole in the prison wall before entering. The Dalek made its way into the room the main generator was kept in. The generator controlled all of the doors in the facility. It was also capable of electrifying them if the prisoners got too close.

The Dalek killed two of the three soldiers guarding the generator, (with the other fleeing in panic) before placing its sucker arm on the generator. The 4 soldiers outside regrouped and continued to fire desperately at the creature to no avail. The soldier who fled returned. Having given into his fear for a moment, he returned in shame to try and make up for actions. The guard attempted to grab the metal monster from behind and pull it off the generator, but he wasn’t able to move it a fraction of an inch!

The Dalek was able by linking its own software with the generator to override the electronic locks on every door in the prison and open them. Once it was finished the Dalek spun round, knocking the soldier off its back.  The Dalek then exterminated the last of the guards below, before turning to face the guard it had knocked down, who it cornered against a wall.

“HUMANOIDS KILL HUMANOIDS. THE DALEKS ARE UNITED THAT IS WHY WE ALWAYS TRIUMPH!” The monster said before exterminating the guard and leaving the area.

The criminals were easily able to overrun the few remaining guards in the prison who they literally tore apart with their bare hands. The executioner who had been abandoned’s neck was broken by the criminal who had restrained him. The other executioner meanwhile was beaten to death by a crowd, made up of people whose loved ones he had either personally killed, or people he was due to execute. Though the executioner fought back at first, he soon realised it was pointless and gave in to the prisoners. In his final few moments he was relieved more than anything else to finally be free of the nightmare his existence had become.

To Be Continued

Doctor Who: The Fire of the Daleks: Part 1

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“We can’t retreat” Zoella shouted.

“We have to. They’ve got us completely out gunned. If we don’t we’ll burn with the others” her Captain, Shreskia said before sending the ship on a course for home.

Zoella attempted to stop her captain physically, but she was easily overpowered thanks to his greater experience.

Zoella wasn’t the only member of the crew angry with the Captain. 5 more soon arrived on the flight deck, furious that their Captain had in their minds, brought shame to their crew.

The largest of the crew had to be restrained by two others from attacking his Captain. “How could you! We vowed that we would give our lives for the people of Meliscor! They had sacrificed so much for us!”

“I had no choice. Meliscor was done for. Those monsters, they had destroyed all of their defences and begun blitzing Meliscor’s continents. The last message I received from their main command centre was nothing but screams. What could we out here in space have done?”

“A lot more than just running away.” Zoella said with disgust.

“We have to get back to our world Zoella. We are now the last planet standing in this entire galaxy. Our people are going to need as many soldiers as they can.”

“They won’t want our help.” She sneered.

“Well if it makes you feel any better our world probably won’t survive long enough to reject us anyway.” The Captain snapped back.

“I can’t believe it.” He continued. “82 inhabited planets in this galaxy, and one by one they’ve all fallen. So many great civilisations, and not one survivor from any of them. If we are to join our comrades. I want to at least see my family one more time, would you begrudge me that.”

“You don’t think I miss my boy every second of every day?” Zoella said? “We all have a duty to our people that.”

Suddenly a bright light began to shine at the other end of the room. All of the soldiers pointed their guns at it, whilst the Captain checked the readings.

“No, it can’t be” he said with horror. “One of them is…. how?” He instantly tried to set a new course for the ship, only for a green ray to fire from the light at the controls, destroying them.

Just then the light began to fade and in its place emerged the image of the monster that had spelled the doom for the crews entire galaxy. A Dalek!

They all froze in fear for a moment. They had never had an encounter with a Dalek up this close. No one who did had ever lived to tell about it. For a second they all felt like running away, but the largest at the centre of the group started firing at the Dalek, only for the rays in his gun to bounce off of the monster’s armoured casing.

EXTERMINATE” it shrieked in its hideous, rasping, metallic voice, before opening fire on all of the crew, except for Zoella and the Captain who stood at the other end.

Just one shot was all it needed. It filled the entire area with a green light. The entire crew screamed in absolute agony. The rays from a Dalek gun stimulated every single pain receptor in its victims body to the absolute maximum they could be. Though the crews death only lasted a few seconds, the pain was so intense it felt like several hours.

The Captain pushed Zoella behind him.

“Zoella go, you have to warn the others, we can’t let even one of these monsters get back home. Its my fault. Go!”

Zoella protested, not wanting to leave her captain and so he shoved her out the door and then locked it, whilst firing at the Dalek.


The Captain felt tremendous pain run through his entire body, pain like he’d never felt before. After the sensation was over however, to his horror, the Captain was still alive.

He couldn’t move a muscle in his body. He couldn’t even scream! The Dalek approached the immobilised and petrified Captain.


“Ah good we’ve finally landed.”  The Doctor said as put his book down and headed for the console room.

The Doctor had spent most of the journey in his vast library, catching up with his collection. Dana had urged him too, feeling that it was a shame all of those great books were going to waste with no one reading them. The Doctor had actually read them before, but that was many faces and several thousand years ago. Dana was amazed she had actually convinced him to do anything. He was so stubborn and grumpy when it came to taking any advice.

“So where’s it taken us this time Doctor.” Dana said as she arrived in the console room from the lounge.

“According to these readings we’ve arrived at the Myosirka Galaxy. That’s all it’ll tell me for the moment. Mysorika? That name is familiar to me? I can’t remember why.”

“Well I’m sure it will come back to you.”

“I suppose. You know Dana when’ you’ve been around the universe as much as I have the galaxies really do all start to blend together.”

The Doctor and Dana exited the TARDIS and discovered that they had landed on a spaceship. There didn’t appear to be anyone around however. The ship was dull, grey and depressing.

“God how hard is it for people to make a cosy spaceship” the Doctor moaned.

“Well maybe boring and grey is this species idea of cosy.” Dana said as she looked down the nearest corridor.

A scream started to echo down the corridors. It was absolutely blood curdling, but neither the Doctor nor Dana could see any signs of anyone or anything nearby.

“What is it a ghost?” Dana said jokingly, whilst still somewhat nervous and scared.

“No it’s a communicator of some sort I’d wager. Whoever, whatever, is responsible for that horror, wants the rest of the crew to know what’s in store for them.”

The screams chilled both the Doctor and Dana to the bone, but as always the more scared they were, they more curious they became.

The two time travellers explored the nearest corridor with the screaming ringing in their ears. They’d never heard anything quite like it. There wasn’t even a seconds relief for the victim.

“Poor soul” Dana said. “So much for landing somewhere nice and quiet.”

At the end of the corridor they discovered a large weapons room, filled with several rows of strange rifles.

“Well now at least part of this is starting to make sense, the Doctor said. We’re on some kind of military vessel. I’m afraid I don’t recognise the weaponry but”

Just then a young man appeared from behind one of the rows of rifles and ambushed the Doctor, pointing his gun into the Time Lords spine.

“Thanks for the heads up Dana” the Doctor said sarcastically.

“Sorry I was little distracted by all the screaming.”

“Who are you? How’d you get on board” the figure said frantically.

“Well now look I can’t tell you if you shoot me can I, why don’t you just put the gun down and”

The Doctor quickly spun run and knocked the gun out of the soldiers hand, before kicking the gun back to Dana. He then floored the soldier with a quick hit to the stomach and another to the jaw.

“There now perhaps we can have a more civil conversation about just what the hell is going on here” the Doctor said somewhat pompously. Five more figures however quickly emerged from behind the weapons cabinets.

“Ah okay maybe not” the Doctor said as Dana dropped her gun to the floor.

The young soldier the Doctor had hit jumped up and punched the Doctor in the face in anger. When he tried to hit him again Dana got the soldier in an arm lock.

“We don’t have time for this, we need to get these people, whoever they are to the safe room now!” A young woman who appeared to be the leader of the group said.

The soldiers took the Doctor and Dana through a door at the other end of the weapons room, which led to another long corridor, that ended in two flight’s of stairs, and then two more corridors. In the middle of the second corridor, the young woman activated a device which caused a hatch to suddenly appear in the floor. The hatch led to a safe room. Along the way, the screaming stopped. It didn’t come to a sudden stop. It more slowly died down.

There was only one soldier in the safe room waiting for them, a young man trying frantically to work several controls.

“They don’t look like enemy agents.” He said whilst peering over his soldier.

“I can assure you we’re not anybody’s agent” the Doctor said.

“Why don’t you tell me what’s going on here.” The Time Lord continued.

The leader pointed her gun at the Doctor. “We’ll ask the questions. We detected the presence of something on one of the upper levels. Why are you siding with them?”

“With who?” the Doctor said in frustration.

“Don’t lie to me. Even if you weren’t one of their agents, no one in this Galaxy hasn’t heard of the Daleks.”

Both the Doctor and Dana’s faces filled with horror at the mention of that name.

“There are Daleks on board. Please you have to let me help you. I am a traveller. My vessel’s on the upper level. I swear we came here by accident, but if the Daleks are involved.”

“Involved?” The woman laughed. “They’ve destroyed every planet in this entire galaxy! All except ours. For the past 30 years I’ve had to watch trillions of young soldiers sacrifice themselves for nothing against those monsters. I’ve seen entire cities, continents and planets burn.”

“I know” the Doctor said. “I’ve seen the Daleks destroy millions of worlds throughout all of history. Please just let me and Dana help.”

The figure at the controls suddenly interrupted. “I’ve managed to hack into it Zoella” he said to the leader of the group.

Zoella paused for a minute.

“Do it” she said.

“Do what?” Dana asked.

“There is a self destruct device on board this ship. Only the Captain knows the code. Fortunately our friend here, Resicha was able to hack the mainframe.”

“Fortunately? I assume you have a way off this ship.” Dana said in disbelief.

“No we don’t. Our lives don’t matter at all. The Daleks let this ship escape. They were manipulating us. There’s an impenetrable forcefield around our planet. Its the main reason our world is the last one standing. Though maintaining it has not been without cost.” She said with regret.

“The Daleks haven’t be able to penetrate it, yet.” Zoella continued. “So they let one of our ship go, and then teleported one of their own into our vessel. We didn’t know they had teleportation technology. They must have developed it recently. They want to get one of their own into our forcefield.”

“Why don’t they just teleport in?” Dana asked.

“The forcefield probably prevents that too.” The Doctor said. “Its very rare to find teleportation technology that can penetrate forcefields, and if my estimates are correct, this is an early point in the Daleks history.”

“Once that Dalek is on our world it’s all over. We can’t take control of the ship, its locked it on a course for home and it has our Captain.”

“Those screams. That’s who they were from?” The Doctor asked.

“Yes. For the past two days since it first came here, the Dalek has been torturing him and forcing us to listen. We get a relief from it every now and again only because he faints. We tried to rescue him, but every time we’ve sent more up there, it kills them. There were 60 of us. Now there’s only 12. This place is sealed from the rest of the ship. Even then I think the Dalek more hasn’t found us because it doesn’t care. It seems to only care about him. Its time to end his pain as well as ours.”

“No you can’t give up.” The Doctor protested.

“We’re giving our people back home maybe a few more months before the Daleks find a way to break through the forcefield anyway. We also won’t have to watch our world burn like the others in this galaxy. I’d say its our best option” Zoella said.

The Doctor and Dana attempted to plead with their captors further, but they didn’t listen. The countdown started. The Doctor punched one of the soldiers next to him and flipped the other over his shoulder into two more, but when he tried to make a move for the control panel he was overpowered by three more. Before Dana was able to make a move, the soldiers pointed their guns into her stomach and back.

The countdown went to zero and nothing happened.

“No, no, no! That Dalek, it must have overrun the security system.” Zoella said in despair.

“Well how’s that for one of life’s little ironies. I owe my life to a Dalek.” the Doctor said in a somewhat chipper tone.

Zoella shoved the Doctor against a wall.

“You think this is funny?” She screamed in rage.

You’re right, I’m sorry, but had you blown us all up you’d have taken us with you. Now you might have a chance. We’ve fought the Daleks before and we’ve won against. I have equipment in my vessel, the TARDIS that might be effective against them.”

“Might be?”

“Well I’m not exactly sure what year it is. These Daleks seem to be quite primitive if they have only just mastered teleportation, but still.”

“You’re saying you’re a time traveller?”

“Yes and I’ve seen the Daleks throughout their entire history. No one is ever able to completely destroy them. Some have survived their evil however, and you can too, but only if you let us help you.

“What do we have to loose Zoella?”  Resicha said.

“This vessel of yours? Its on the level we found you?” Zoella asked.

“Yes we can take you there now.”

“I’ll take some of the team. I warn you however. If you try anything you’ll both die before either of us.”

The Dalek meanwhile had also detected the presence of something on the upper deck. The creature decided to investigate. It knew that none of the races in this galaxy had access to teleportation technology. At the same time he knew that it couldn’t be any more of his kind, as they couldn’t teleport this far.

When the Dalek arrived at the source of the disturbance, it was shocked to see the all too familiar blue box. It had heard so much of it back on Skaro. It belonged to the Doctor, their legendary enemy who had been attempting to destroy the Dalek race since their birth. The Dalek however had personally never believed them. Like all members of its kind it couldn’t fathom the idea of any life form being superior to them. It believed that the Doctor was just a lie invented by their leaders to make sure the Daleks never became stagnated.

Now however it was being faced with the reality of this enemy of the Daleks. It wasn’t scared however. More curious. The Dalek examined the strange blue box. It knew that its fire power couldn’t harm it, but perhaps there was something it could learn from the TARDIS.

“So tell me about your world.” The Doctor asked as they made the long trek back to the TARDIS.

“You really claim to not be one of us?” Zoella asked. The Doctor didn’t even bother to answer.

“Our world, Heglozia, was once the most advanced of its galaxy. It was a paradise world filled with red skies, golden water and green lands.”


“Like I said in order to keep the forcefield running and even just to supply weapons and resources to the other worlds. Our planet was stripped clean. Its a waste land now. People fight for the tiniest, most basic resources, the air is polluted, diseases we conquered centuries ago have returned and run rampant; there are constant coups and civil wars to overthrow the governments. Since the start of this war about 80 percent of all life on Heglozia has been extinguished.  The Daleks almost don’t need to invade. They’ve already practically killed our world.”

“I’m sorry” Dana replied. “They did the same thing to my world too. It wasn’t in my time, but still seeing what they did to my people, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live through it.”

“When the war started, everyone came to us for protection.” Zoella continued. “We had been the first race to develop space travel in our galaxy. We had a good head start on the others. We didn’t always treat them right. We exploited them during a large part of our history. Still we tried, we threw everything we could at the Dalek but we… we failed our kin.”

“I’ll make sure I won’t fail your world” the Doctor said.

“Well forgive for not believing you. Before this war started I had a family you know. I’ve not seen my son in so long now. I don’t think I’ll ever see him again” Zoella said with regret.

They soon approached the TARDIS.

“That’s your ship? Is it not a little small?” Zoella asked.

“Dana can you go through the usual its bigger on the inside than the outside thing, I have to go and try cobble together something for the sake of this charming young woman’s species.”

As soon as the Doctor put the TARDIS key in the lock his entire body was consumed in a flashing blue light before he collapsed on the floor.

“DOCTOR!” Dana shouted as she rushed to his aid.

“Quick we have to get out of here” Zoella said. “Help him” she said to her two men who lifted the Doctor up by one arm each.

“STAY WHERE YOU ARE! YOU ARE TRAPPED” The Dalek shouted from the direction they had just come from.

“Quick we need to move now!” Zoella shouted.

The only way forward was to the control room. In there Zoella saw her former Captain, whimpering and shaking on the floor, a completely broken man.

Despite her recent differences with him, Zoella had still always admired her Captain. In his prime he had been one of her people’s greatest war heroes. To see him reduced to this by one of those monsters was both terrifying and heartbreaking.

One of the soldiers tried to shut the door, but the Dalek had jammed the controls. “YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOU ARE TRAPPED” The Dalek barked from down the corridor as it glided towards them. The soldier attempted to shoot the monster and went for its eye stick, but the Dalek shot him down first.

The soldiers agonised screams were deafening and seemed to last a lot longer before his body crashed to the ground, his face twisted in the most horrific expression of agony.

Just then the Doctor suddenly jumped up and with his sonic screwdriver quickly sealed the door shut. The Dalek blasted at the door several times, and though it burned some holes in it, the door withstood the monsters weapon.

“Doctor I thought you were dead.”

“No that Dalek I’d wager wanted to interrogate me. Not to big myself up, but for a Dalek finding out I exist must be like finding out the monster under your bed is real. It underestimated me though. A little shock like that would have been enough to kill you, but me well.” Dana rolled her eyes.

“He’d take any excuse to boast” she thought.

“Better luck next time” the Doctor taunted the Dalek.

The Dalek didn’t respond however. It had other plans in mind.

The Captain started to scream and ran towards the door. The remaining soldier tried to restrain him, but it took the combined might of the soldier and Zoella to hold him in place.

“What did that thing do to him” the soldier shouted.

The Doctor used a Venusian neck pinch to render the Captain unconscious before examining him.

“I’ve seen them do this before. We must be at a fairly early point in the Daleks history right enough” the Doctor said.

“Before they’d mastered proper mind control techniques, they’d inject their victims with a chemical. It caused the most unimaginable pain in the victims to the point where it would literally break them. Turn them into nothing but slaves who obeyed the Daleks every whim. Often the victims just died, or they became vegetables. Clearly the Dalek was hoping to use it on the Captain so that when he reached your planet he’d vouch that the ship was free to enter the forcefield.”

“Is there anyway to reverse the chemical’s effects?” Zoella asked?

“I’m afraid not” the Doctor said.

Zoella then shot her Captain in the head. Dana and even the other soldier were absolutely horrified at her actions.

“You heard the expert. There’s nothing we could do for him. Besides now that monster can’t use him. He’d rather it was this way.”

The Doctor meanwhile who had understood her logic, started to work the controls.

“My people are a good bit ahead of the Daleks at this stage of development. More so than the Daleks are ahead of yours. I might be able to pilot the ship off course.”

“Where will we go?” the surviving soldier said grimly.

“To another galaxy for help. You’re right, you can’t even hold the Daleks off for much longer never mind beat them. We’ll need to keep looking until we find someone willing to help.”

“There is no life in the galaxy next to us. We explored it many centuries ago.” Zoella replied.

“Well then we’ll explore the one after that, and after that. With a few adjustments to this ship we should be able to find a new galaxy with a new civilisation sometime soon. We The Daleks have a habit of uniting all other species together. Trust me, we won’t have to look hard to find someone willing to help. Case in point, me and Dana both come from galaxies trillions of light years beyond yours and we’re willing to help you against them.”

“ATTENTION, ATTENTION”. The Daleks voice suddenly croaked through its communicator.


“It knew where we were hiding all along” Zoella said.

“Yes. It probably kept you alive in case the Captain died from the chemical so it could just pop down and snatch as many of you as it needed, either to use the chemical on or force to help it. It never once viewed any of you as a threat it needed to deal with right away.”


The voice of one of Zoella’s team came through the communicator.

“Please Zoella don’t give in, our lives aren’t important.”

She was suddenly cut off by a zapping sound, followed by a blood curdling scream. There were several more shots and screams, that were then followed by a deathly silence.

“All those men and women lost?” The soldier said with regret.

“Possibly” the Doctor said. “The Dalek won’t have slaughtered its entire leverage. It has something planned which is why I’ve got to act fast.”

In the safe room the Dalek had slaughtered everyone except for Resicha. The monster had sensed he was weaker than the others. The Dalek cornered the terrified soldier against a wall.


Resicha thought back to his Captain’s constant screams. He’d never been the strongest of the soldiers. In fact he had only signed up to avoid starving back home. Sadly at this point the war was so desperate, there were very few actual soldiers left. Zoella and the Captain were among the last. There is no way he would hold out.

“I’ll do whatever you want.” Resicha said to his eternal shame.


“They won’t accept my word?”


Back on the flight deck the Doctor had struggled to take control of the ship.

“What, what’s wrong” Zoella asked.

“The Dalek has created a forcefield around the back up controls. Its drawing energy from the core of the vessel itself. If I attempt to touch it, or even any of the wires; I’ll be vaporised. I could maybe try and find a way, but we don’t have time.”

“After all your talk of being the thing the Daleks fear in the dark, and it turns out you’re totally useless.” Zoella shouted.

“Well we’re not completely finished yet. I might be able to take over the communicator from here. We can warn your people before the Dalek can trick them.”

“But they’ll blast us out of the sky”? Dana said.

“I know Dana, its a risk we’ll have to take to save an entire world.” He said with regret.

“Its just one Dalek?” She replied.

“You know what one of those things can do. Chances are it knows everything about their forcefield. The Daleks will have made the members of Zoella’s race they took prisoner talk. They can make anyone talk. If that thing gets down there, it could easily dismantle the forcefield and allow its army to get in. We have to stop it now.”

“I understand. Like you said. Its a small sacrifice to save a planet.”

“Hopefully we’ll be able to make it back to the TARDIS in time. The planet below will need us to survive too, as we’re the only ones who can fetch help. Still our first priority is too stop that monster from getting down there” the Doctor said as he tampered with the communications device.

There was a brief shock. “Damn he’s booby trapped everything, this isn’t as complicated as the guidance system however if I can just.”

“You’re too late.” Zoella said.

“We’ve reached our world”

Suddenly the they heard the voice of Resicha in the safe room coming through.

“Hello control, hello control, I would like you to lower the forcefield for us.”

“Resicha! The traitor!” Zoella shouted. “I’ll kill him, I swear.”

“We hear you, all vessel’s were ordered to stay and fight no matter what the cost, to save Meliscor.”

“We only fled because the Daleks had already destroyed their world. We also have Dalek technology. It’s vital for the war front.” He held up a Dalek sphere that the monster had given him through the visual communicator.

“Please this could help sway the war in our favour.”

There was a moments silence before the ship was given the all clear.

“The fools.” Dana shouted.

“They’re desperate.” The Doctor replied.

“The idea of having some of the Daleks technology to use against them. It was far too tempting.”

The Doctor continued to tamper with the controls. Several bolts of blue lightening started to shoot out across the room, one of which struck the surviving soldier knocking him back.

Zoella didn’t even bother to check on him, she was too fixated on what the Doctor was doing.

Dana tended to the soldier. He was badly burned from the blast, and could barely stand without Dana’s help.

“Finally! I’ve got it!” the Doctor said as he managed to adjust the speaker.

“Zoella quick whilst we still have control.”

As Zoella spoke through the communicator the Doctor tended to the soldier. He had been too worked up in dismantling the communicator to notice. “We need to get him help, fast or else he won’t live” the Doctor said.

“This is first officer Zoella. The Captain is dead. Killed by a Dalek that’s still onboard. You have to shoot this vessel down now. Blow it to pieces before it can reach.” Suddenly the device broke down.

“Please, please don’t kill me” Resicha pathetically begged the Dalek as it cornered him.

“I did everything you said.”


“We have to get to the TARDIS now” The Doctor said as he opened the door with his sonic screwdriver. Zoella and Dana carried the wounded soldier with them down the corridor.

The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to try and detect the booby trap the Dalek had left on the TARDIS door.

“Come on Doctor” Dana shouted frantically.

“I’m trying believe me.”

Suddenly a Dalek ray blasted the door of the TARDIS, scattering the Doctor, Dana and Zoella.

The monster soon emerged from the corridor, with Resicha in tow.

“You pathetic coward. You sold out your entire world.”

“I’m sorry Zoella. Please forgive me. I’m not a real soldier, you know that. I couldn’t end up like the Captain.”

“Oh don’t worry you won’t” Zoella said coldly as she shot Resicha in the head.

“You monster.” Dana said with disgust to Zoella. “You’re no better than the Dalek”

“SILENCE” the monster shouted.

“You’re too late. They’ve already got the warning. You’ll go up in smoke with the rest of us.” The Doctor taunted.



The Dalek responded by shooting the wounded soldier dead.


Before the Dalek could make good on its threats, a massive explosion burst its way out of the flight deck. The ship was being fired at on all fronts.

The Dalek instantly retreated into the control room to try and pilot the vessel, whilst the Doctor attempted to dismantle the booby trap. A further knock to the ship however caused a massive piece of debris to fall on Zoella. Dana tried to life it up. Despite her feelings towards Zoella she wasn’t about to just leave her to die.

Unfortunately another piece of debris fell on the TARDIS and knocked the Doctor out cold.

Dana tried to rouse the Doctor as more and more flames began to burst their way from the corridors of the ship.

To Be Continued.








Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 6

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Dana prepared for the worst as the two monsters moved in for the kill. Suddenly however she heard a shot and as she looked up, she saw the phasing monster standing there with a smoking hole in its chest.

The beast collapsed to the ground dead. Dana looked ahead to see another member of Exelicos’ species standing at the tunnel on the other end of the room. It was a female, who looked as though she’d been through quite a few scrapes in her time.

The female alien quickly ran to Dana and tried to help her up. Unfortunately the giant above started to poke its hand through the crack in the ceiling, and tried to grab the female who quickly fired another shot into the giants eye, which made it retreat for a few seconds in pain.

The female managed to help Dana up and the two ladies quickly ran down the tunnel, dodging the hand as it descended from ceiling again.

“I’m sorry I was too late to save your friend” the female alien said as the two ladies caught their breath at the other end of the tunnel.

“Poor Reosa. Those things took everything from her.” Dana said bitterly.

“They’ve taken everything from me too. A few minutes ago, I saw the man who had raised me, made me the person I am today, more or less kill himself because he felt it was pointless to go on any longer against those monsters.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. He’s free now. The two of us? We’re trapped down here with hundreds of those things, and there’s only one charge left in the gun. If they corner us I’ll let you use it. I vowed not to take the easy way out.”

“Well thank you” Dana said, not sure if she meant it.

“I don’t intend to have to use it” Dana continued. “There’s a friend of mine down here, who might have a plan for stopping those things, but we have to get to him first.”

Suddenly the tunnel began to shake, and the giants roar came bellowing down the caves.

“Its back. It can smell us, we need to go now.” The female Alien said.

“Wait tell me your name first, I want to at least know who I owe my life too.”

“Its Mirash, and you?”

“Dana, now you’re right lets get out of here and try and find the Doctor. He should be at the generator.”

“The generator? There were hundreds of those things down there?”

“Not anymore the Doctor.”

The room began to shake again.

“I’ll explain on the way.”

The Doctor was deep in the lower levels of the caves. Just like Dana he had come across the slaughtered remains of several more Mihia’s.

“I’m so sorry Exelicos” the Doctor said over the communicator.”

“I did not expect any of them to have survived. I prepared myself for this.”

The Doctor had followed Excelicos’ directions through the caves to the main power source, but the Time Lord had had some difficulty following them. He had never had a good sense of direction to be fair. To the Doctor each little gloomy tunnel looked the same. He must have got lost about 3 times.

Suddenly the Doctor heard a rumbling sound coming from above as though something huge was coming.

“Exelicos is the giant still eh… indisposed?”

“Yes Doctor, I can see still him on the monitor. There must be another one.”

“Another one, what the hell do you mean?”

“I don’t know. Normally they only send one of them on missions. One is all they normally need.” Exelicos said.

“Considering this is the most important mission they’ve ever been on, they may have sent more than one.” He continued.

“Well how many do you think they sent?” The Doctor said somewhat panicing.

“I don’t know. Maybe only two, maybe. You need to hurry Doctor now.”

The rumbling sound grew larger and the tunnel began to shake violently. The Doctor ran down the long tunnel, following Exelicos’ instructions. Just as the Doctor was about to reach the main room with the generator, a large hand came crashing through the roof of the tunnel. The Doctor only barely managed to get out of its way.

“It’s here, tell them you’ll fry its leader if the spare giant eats me.” The Doctor said as he backed away from the giant clawed hand.

“Hello can you hear me? We know what you’re up to. Your spare giant failed. Call it off or I’ll kill your leader.” Exelicos barked through the speaker.

“We do not command the giants. They command us. We would rather it backed off so as to spare our king, but if another giant doesn’t care then we cannot stop him” the leader of the Hylerax responded.

“Doctor, I’m afraid it doesn’t care if we kill the other giant. I’m not surprised there’s not any honour among those brutes. You’ll have to get out of there now!”

“I can’t. Billions of worlds are at stake” The Doctor replied as he struggled to think of a plan.

The giants hand swung towards the Doctor who barely managed to dodge it and quickly ran towards the generator.  The whole room began to shake. The monster was breaking its way in from above, and the Doctor was trapped! Still the Doctor kept a level head and quickly headed over to the control panel.

“Come on, come on” the Doctor said in frustration as he operated the machine. The roof soon caved in completely , and the monsters hand began to reach down towards the Time Lord.

The Doctor however managed to fire a large bolt of blue lightening from the long strip of energy in the middle of the cave against the giant. The creature let out a scream that echoed through all of the caves. Within a matter of seconds the monsters flesh sizzled, boiled and began to drip off of its bones before its lifeless carcass dropped to the ground, causing a small quake in the process which knocked the Doctor off his feet.

“Doctor, Doctor? Come in?” Exelicos shouted frantically.

“Its okay, I’m fine. The giant tried to get me, but I was able to sciphon off just a tiny bit of the power from the compacted sun at the beast. It was risky, but I managed it. Even a brute that size couldn’t withstand that power.”

“Well done Doctor, I didn’t think it was possible to take down one of those monsters.”

“Well don’t thank me yet, It’ll probably take me twice as long to get the forcefield up now that I had to mess with the energy supply.”

Mirash and Dana had heard the giants screams and quickly headed to the main generator.

When the two ladies arrived at the generator they saw the giants hand slumped from the roof by the blue strip, its sizzling, burnt flesh slowly dripping from its arm.

“Dana, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.” The Doctor said as he worked on the machine. “Reosa where is she?”

“I’m sorry Doctor. She died trying to save me.” Dana said.

“Poor woman. Hopefully I can get this ready in time to stop those monsters from hurting anyone else.”

“What are you doing with this, what the hell is it” Dana asked.

“The power to another universe Dana. The scientists of this facility, they created another entire universe up stairs. Its no bigger than a couch from our perspective, but from the inside, its just as big as ours. These creatures that are attacking us, they’re from that universe. They took it over and now they want ours. If I can’t find a way to block them, they’ll invade billions of worlds across this universe.”

“I believe you come from their universe young lady” the Doctor said to Mirash.

“How do you know this?” Mirash asked.

“I met a friend of yours, Exelicos. He told me everything about your people. I’m sorry I can’t help them now, but hopefully if I get this barrier around their reality, then it will buy us time to help them.”

The Doctor tossed his communicator to Mirash.

“Excelios, can you hear me.”

“Mirash! I can’t believe it, I didn’t think any more of us could have survived.”

“I’m the last one. Those monsters, they killed us all.” She paused for a minute to let Excelios take it in.

“Your friend here seems confident he can stop those monsters.”

The Doctor interrupted.

“I just said I was our best bet. I never said how good a bet that was.”

Suddenly Exelicos noticed something on the monitor. The second giant had begun to wake. As it hoisted itself up, the Hylerax approached it and said.

“Please master don’t move. The scientists have a bomb rigged up behind you. It will explode if you try to move. The giant looked around at the machine for a few seconds before smacking the Hylerax across the room.

“Morons!” It shouted before smashing the machine to bits. “This worthless piece of tech is burnt out. Any idiot can see that. All of you find that meddling scientist.” It screamed.

Exelicos looked on in horror as all of the monsters on every floor headed towards the caves.

“The giant’s woken up, it knows we were lying Mirash, they are all headed your way, get out of there now.”

“We have to go, every monster in the facility is headed down here.” Mirash said.

“I can’t, I just need a few more minutes.” The Doctor said as he frantically worked at the controls.

“Doctor you heard her those things” Dana said in shock.

“I know, I know but if we leave now, they’ll get us wherever we go.”

Suddenly the Doctor, Dana and Mirash heard the sound of screaming coming from down the tunnel. Dana and Mirash moved slowly towards the tunnel whilst the Doctor worked on the machine.

“Remember I have one shot left” Mirash said.

Just then three of the large blue creatures came charging down the tunnel. Thinking quickly, Dana grabbed Mirash’s gun and shot at the ceiling just in front. She could see it was weak and crumbling after the giant had collapsed on it. The entire structure caved in and even buried two of the monsters, whilst blocking the others off.

Dana breathed a sigh of relief, but three of the phasing monsters soon emerged through the rubble.

“Oh right I forgot they could do that.”

The monsters attacked both Dana and Mirash who tried to fight them, but every time they tried to land a blow the beasts simply phased through each of their attacks. The monsters in turn managed to land several slashes against the two women, including a deep one in Dana’s stomach that knocked her off of her feet. Two of monsters grabbed Dana by either arm and started to pull, whilst Mirash tried to help Dana, the other phasing monster was able to grab Mirash in a head lock from behind and tried to snap her neck.

“Stop” the Doctor shouted.

“Okay, I surrender.” The Doctor said as he walked slowly away from the control panel with his hands up.

The phasing beasts dropped the two women to the ground and approached the Doctor.

“You two, check the machine see if he’s tampered with it” the leader of the three shouted whilst grabbing the Doctor’s neck.

They obliged, but as soon as they touched the panel they both burned into nothing. The Doctor seized his chance and pushed the head phasing monster a few feet into the blue light before it could react. The monster was instantly vaporised it into nothing.

“What did you do” Dana said as she got up, despite the pain.

Suddenly the door behind the monitor broke down and one of the armoured monsters with a long tail came crawling through.

“No time for that now” the Doctor said as he climbed up the dead giant’s arm, with the other two women following him.

They managed to make it into the cavern above where the giant’s corpse lay. Most of its flesh had melted off, and its bones were charred.

The Doctor, Mirash and Dana ran down the nearest tunnel, but they were forced to retreat into a nearby hole in a wall when several more Hylerax came running down the tunnel. Fortunately they didn’t see the Doctor or his two companions.

“Where are we going?” Dana asked.

“There’s a safe room on the bottom floor. We just have to get there.”

“The last safe house wasn’t very safe.”

“I know but we’ll just have to hope they can’t find us. Its below their universe.”

“Exelicos” the Doctor spoke into the communicator. “Are there any more on the bottom floor?”

“No, but you have to hurry, their crawling all over the place trying to cut off any point of exit.”

The Doctor, Dana and Mirash quickly ran down the tunnel which led to a hole in the ground. Below was just a short distance to some vents leading to the lowest level.

Several of the monsters of different breeds were running below however. The Doctor, Dana and Mirash were forced to wait for a few minutes before the horde had seemingly run by.

When they jumped on the ground however, one of the monsters noticed and alerted the others. The horde of creatures came charging after the Doctor, Mirash and Dana.

The Doctor, Dana and Mirash managed to make it the vent, but one of the monsters, a Hylerax had kept close on their tail.

The Doctor, Mirash and Dana crawled their way through the vents until they reached the lower floor.

Unfortunately the Hylerax was too quick for them and just as the Doctor and Dana were about to make it to the room above the safe area, the monster managed to grab them both with one arm each and lifted the Doctor and his companion into the air.

They both kicked at the monster but it was futile. Mirash quickly jumped at the Hylerax, but it overpowered her in seconds. Exelicos looked at what was happening on the monitor. Even after all this time he was still terrified, but he knew that he couldn’t leave the Doctor, Mirash and Dana to be torn apart by those monsters. If they caught the Doctor, they could force him into undoing whatever it was he had done to the generator, either through torture, or threatening Dana’s and Mirash’s life.

The monster threw Mirash into Dana, knocking them both to the other side of the room. It then shoved the Doctor into a nearby wall with both hands. It wanted to make him suffer the most for humiliating its leader.

“Lets have some fun” it hissed as it started to slowly dig its claws into the Doctors stomach.

Before it could hurt the Doctor, Exelicos quickly grabbed one of the guns from the fallen soldiers corpses, and shot at the beast several times. With its last ounce of strength the Hylerax hurled itself at Exelicos and snapped his neck like a twig.

The Doctor wasting no time hit the monster from behind with both hands, knocking it down. He then grabbed Exelicos’ weapon and shot the monster in the face as it made one final attempt to attack the Doctor.

“Come on they’re coming” the Doctor said to Dana as he tried to rouse her. He could hear the horde crawling from the vents just down the hall.

The Doctor was forced to carry Dana who was still too weak from her wounds into the safe room which he quickly shut behind him.

In the safe room the Doctor could see on the monitors that the horde didn’t even both to search in the room their universe was contained, as they believed it was a dead end.

The Doctor made the finishing touches to his forcefield around the universe from here.

Dana started to wake.

“Doctor, Doctor.”

“Its okay Dana I’m here”

“What, what happened, what did you do?”

“I was able to use the power from the compacted star at the centre of this planet to create a barrier around their universe. It will stop them from sending any more of their kind into ours. I also used some residual energy to create a solar barrier around the generator. If any of the monsters touch it they’ll be vaporized as we saw down in the cave. It’ll only last for a few days however, though the forcefield that I had to power from up here, partially, will run indefinitely. We just have to wait the monsters in our universe already out.”

“Wait them out?”

“Yes, the plague. You destroyed the last sample of the cure remember? By my estimates within a few hours they should die. We just have to hope they can’t find us by then.”

“Where’s your friend?”

“He sacrificed himself to save us Dana. Not just us, but all of the other worlds. If those things had found us, they would have forced me to undo the forcefield. ”

“I can’t believe it. I didn’t even get a chance to meet him and he gave up his life for me.” Dana said with regret.

“Well lets just hope his sacrifice wasn’t in vain. We just have to keep our heads down and keep quite for the next few hours.

The next few hours felt like days as the Doctor, Mirash and Dana watched the monsters anxiously on the monitor. The giant tore just about every room it came into in rage and even killed several of its underlings. Several more of the monsters tried to fix the generator, but each time they were vaporised thanks to the Doctors booby trap.

After several hours, the monsters began to fall over and die, one by one. Their deaths all looked so peaceful, though that was only because they had become so weak they could no longer fight anymore. The giant was the last to die. It collapsed on the third floor, that it had torn apart. The monster with its last action dug its claws into the corpses of one its minions, a Hylerax who it cursed with its dying breath for failing it.

Even after the monsters died the Doctor waited 10 or so minutes to make sure that they weren’t just tricking him.

“I’m sorry Mirash that we couldn’t help more of your people.” Dana said as she and the Doctor prepared to leave.

“Its okay you already have. The monsters are vulnerable now. They can’t escape their universe and when our creators arrive I’ll make sure that they fix the mess they created.”

“We should stay Doctor.” Dana said. “We can’t just leave Mirash to deal with it alone.”

“Trust me we’ll just overcomplicate things. You saw how the rescue team reacted to us. There are records of Mirash’s people in the room we were hiding in below.”

“He’s right this isn’t your mess to clean up” Mirash said. “You need to go now.”

It would take the Doctor and Dana several hours to make their way back through the facility, the caves and the jungle below. Along the way Dana would place her coat over Excelios’ corpse as a sign of respect. It was the least she could do she felt.

It took them another hour or so once they reached the jungle to find the TARDIS from where the giant had thrown it.

“What did he do to you old girl” the Doctor bemoaned.

“Well Dana all I can say is that for once I hope it is a long while until the next stop. We could both be doing with a rest after that.” The Doctor said as the TARDIS went hurling through the vortex to another time and place.

                                                 Next Adventure

                                            The Fire of the Daleks.












Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 5

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“We failed”

“Please just hold on”

“What for? To see another universe crash and burn just like ours? I’m finally free.”

They were the last two survivors of Exelicos’ race known as the Mihia down in the caves. All of their team members had been devoured by the hideous blue monsters. They had no idea if Exelicos himself was even still alive. Mirash and Lehoris had been among the last 12 who launched a suicide attack on the blue monsters (who were known as the Reschikars) guarding the compacted star.

They had only a few basic weapons and were vastly outnumbered, but they hoped that the could perhaps destroy the control panel for the compacted star. Doing so would cause the star to explode, destroying this planet and the Mihia’s home universe. They didn’t care. Their universe was already a lost cause as far as they were concerned.

The Mihia hadn’t even got near the panel however. One of the Reschikars had managed to trace the Mihia’s through the cave without their knowledge, and had warned the other members of their attack.

It could have just dealt with the Mihia there and then, but it decided to have some fun with them, and let them walk into an ambush.

Only Mirash and Lehoris had managed to escape, and Lehoris had been mortally wounded. One of the Reschikars had managed to ram its claws straight through his guts, but Lehoris had still managed to drag him to safety.

With his last breath, Lehoris begged Mirash to end her life too.

“Please Mirash. I’ve loved you like a daughter. I don’t want you to end up at the mercy of those abominations. There’s no hope left. Its our only way out.” He then let out a final scream of pain before collapsing.

Mirash was now completely alone in the dark caves, filled with monsters that wanted her dead.

She had just three charges left in her gun, barely enough to kill one Reschikar. She put the gun to her head and for a few minutes contemplated following the man who had been like a father to her’s advice. She remembered the suffering her comrades had endured at the monsters hands, which almost made her pull the trigger. Fortunately Mirash pulled herself together. She had vowed to her people back home that as long as there was still breath in her, she would never stop fighting against the monsters. Though how she was going to honour that now, she had no idea.

“I think I’ve already shown you that I’m not one to be bargained with.” The leader said to Dana, as it looked at Reosa with murderous intent.

“Well you’re going to kill us anyway. This way I might as well take you lot down with me. Don’t give me the crap of you’ll go easy on us if we hand over the cure. I know for a fact you won’t either way.”

The leader knew he was beat for now and agreed to let Reosa join Dana.

“Okay good, tell your friend out there to let us get back to the vents. Once we’re free we’ll message you where I left the cure. Make any attempt to come after us, and I’ll smash this to bits do you understand.”

The leader couldn’t bring himself to respond he was so angry, but the look he gave showed that he knew.

Dana and Reosa made their way out of the corridor, past the monsters and to the vents, with Dana making sure Reosa got up first.

The leader started to smash the room apart in anger. It was the first time anyone had gotten one over on him in his entire life. The reason for that was more because he had been used to dealing with terrorised and helpless slaves he could easily bully than his own intellect or skill. Still he wasn’t used to failure, and he took it out on his men.

On the lowest level the Doctor had finally managed to rig up his weapon.

“Right now you say we can reach the caves via the ventilation system.” The Doctor asked.

“Yes, but I’m afraid once we’re in the caves I don’t know where we will go. As you can see those monsters disconnected the security to the caves. When I tried to sciphon off the power from the core, they disconnected them. I guess they didn’t want me or anyone to see what they were doing.”

“Well we will deal with that when we have to, right now we just have to get those monsters away from the core.”

The Doctor was able to control the generator next to the giant from here. He intended to release some of the power from it, enough to give the creature a large shock. He had to be very careful to adjust it in such a way where it would not explode so as not kill the giant. They needed him as a bargaining chip.

“Check the monitors, we need to make sure there’s at least a safe route out of here” the Doctor said to Exelicos.

The Doctor waited for a few minutes until the giant, who was still throwing a tantrum like a spoiled brat got close enough to the large generator, after which he then released the power.

The giant was caught in the shock, but it didn’t collapse. The Doctor was sure that would be enough to level the beast, but it struggled to pull free.

“Incredible.” The Doctor said. “How can he even still be standing!” The Doctor increased the power dramatically, but the monster still fought against it. If he increased the power anymore he might kill the monster, or drain the reactor completely.

Eventually the giant began to slump, but in a last futile attempt to break free it struck the reactor which created a mini explosion that knocked it flat out cold.

The reactor was completely broken however. The Doctor couldn’t make it explode now. The giant was not dead, though the Doctor had no idea just how badly he had hurt it.

“We’ll have to tell a little white lie” the Doctor said.

“Hello? This is the Doctor? Ah good its on. Okay now listen to me, I’ve knocked your leader out with the power from one of the reactors. If you don’t follow my instructions, I will make it explode and kill him.

The monsters all paused for a few minutes, before one of them on the the 6th floor, a large creature, with 4 arms, a hideous oval shaped face and a dark, spiked body responded to the Doctor.

This creature belonged to a race known as the Hylerax. They ranked second only to the giants. Neither the giants nor the Hylerax had been part of the first wave, as they were deemed too important. However they were the first to enter the Doctors universe of the second wave, with the giant being teleported in before the Hylerax.

“We do not believe you could have harmed our lord. You couldn’t even stand against our lowliest servants” the creature laughed. “How could you have possibly harmed him.

“I knocked him out on the 14th floor. Go send one of your lackeys down there if you don’t believe me, though I warn you any tricks and I’ll blow him to pieces.”

The monster who spoke crawled all the way down to elevator shaft the 14th floor. When it saw its leader lying by the reactor, seemingly lifeless, it broke down into tears.

“How touching.” The Doctor said sarcastically.

“I swear when I find you, you will suffer, I’ll make sure .”

“You’ll do nothing I don’t want you too, unless you want all of your men to have pick up bits and pieces of your leader for the next few months.”

“What do you want” the monster said extremely reluctantly.

“Simple for all of your men in the caves to cease the work they are doing on the generator.”

“How do you know what we’re doing?”

“I worked it out. I know what you intend to do. Honestly I would have thought one universe was enough for you to terrorise. Greedy little abominations aren’t you.”

“All universes will fall before our might. As much as we may love our king, he is a necessary sacrifice.”

The Doctor paused for a minute.

“Doctor what are we going to do.” Exelicos began to panic.

“I think he’s just bluffing. Thing is how do I show him I mean business? If only that giant hadn’t smashed the reactor.” The Doctor replied

The Doctor thought for a moment or two.

“Perhaps I can maybe send a slight energy pulse into the reactor from here. It won’t be enough to cause an explosion, or even send a shockwave to the monster, but it might make him think I’m about to detonate. We’ll just have to hope he hasn’t figured it out. They are intelligent, but this equipment is new to them in some areas.”

“The Doctor spent a few more minutes adjusting the machine. The Hylerax started to think the Doctor was all talk and taunted the Time Lord.

“Just as I thought you’re bluffing. There’s no way our king could be destroyed by such miserable.”

Suddenly a buzzing noise came from the reactor which was enough to silence the creature.

“Ah yes you were saying about how your king couldn’t be felled by someone like me? He does have a size advantage I’ll give you, but that doesn’t matter when you have a nuclear reactor.” The Doctor said smugly over the communicator.

The Hylerax still didn’t back down completely and the Doctor was forced to keep powering the broken down machine. Fortunately the creature eventually relented and begged the Doctor to stop.

Just as well, the Time Lord thought. “I wouldn’t have been able to bluff much longer.”

“I’ll order the men to retreat right away.”

“Good chap” the Doctor replied mockingly. “I warn you if you make any attempt to go near the main reactor, my friend here will blow your commander away.”

The Hylerax understood and contacted its servants in the caves. It was able to contact them telepathically. The Hylerax could not read the minds of other life forms normally.

They and the creatures who served them had been genetically engineered to receive each others thoughts.  Exelicos and his team however had had extensive brain surgery to prevent the Hylerax from reading their thoughts.

“I swear we will find you, and you will pay for this indignity.” The monster fumed.

“Yes well I’m not through yet. No harm is to come to two survivors from the rescue team and my friend. Two young women and a man.”

The Hylerax hesitated, not sure how to tell the Doctor.

“I saw the three survivors, similar to you earlier on the monitors, just before you came in.” Exelicos said.

“What happened to them” the Doctor said, terrified of the answer.

“The Reschikars, those blue monsters tore the male apart on the first floor. They took the two women down to a lower level. Unfortunately that level’s security has been cut off by the monstrosity that made its nest there. I’m sorry.”

The Doctor paused for a few moments as he tried to take in that Dana may be dead.

“Where are the two women. Where did you take them.” The Doctor said over the monitor. He tried to keep his cool, but his anger was evident.

“We don’t know” The Hylerax said. “They tricked us and stole the last sample of the cure.”

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t think the monster was lying.

“Well it seems we outwitted you again. I don’t see you conquering anymore universes personally. You’ve become lazy and stagnated.”

“Oh just you wait. We’ll find your little friends and we’ll make you watch as we tear her flesh, and crush her bones into dust.

The Doctor meanwhile ignored the monsters sadistic taunts and made preparations to leave.

“We’ll keep in contact with this communicator. If I see any monsters in the caves, I’ll tell you.” The Doctor said to Exelicos.

“Until they know we can’t do anything to hurt their leader.”

“Well I didn’t say it was a full proof plan, but I hope it can buy me enough time to get a good look at the reactor.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“I’m hoping I can use the power from the reactor to create a force field around your universe to stop any more of those monsters from getting out. It’s not an ideal solution. I don’t like the idea of trapping your people in there with those things.”

“My people were lost many millenia ago. What’s important is to spare the worlds of this universe the same fate.”

“Don’t say that. The fact that you are still hear doing all you can to stop those abominations means they haven’t won. They haven’t crushed your people’s will yet. I’m hoping that this forcefield will stop them for now, and when the next rescue team and more scientists arrive they can help your people.”

“You want the creators to interfere again? They didn’t exactly do a great job before.”

“Agreed, they were reckless and cowardly. This time they’ll have to take responsibility.”

“What if they decide to just destroy our reality?”

“They won’t. Its illegal in this part of the galaxy, and goes against all of their principles. They’ll have to sort it out. I’ll make sure.”

“You’re a very brave man, eh?”

“Doctor, and I’m only doing what anyone would do. Necessity is the mother of courage as well as invention. You need to stay here, not just to threaten them, but I’ll need your help when readjusting the power. Also keep a look out for my friends.”

I’m not too upset at being made to wait here Doctor, but I’ll do whatever I can to help you and others.”

“Good man, now lets see about saving two, and possibly more universes shall we?”

Dana and Reosa had heard the Doctors ultimatum as they crawled through the vents.

“We have to get back to the caves.” Dana said.

“Whatever reason the Doctor has to drive them away from down there, we have to help him.”

“I agree, but how can we help him? We’re unarmed, and the monsters will probably be waiting for us down there. We could end up being more of a burden than anything else.” Reosa replied

“We still have the cure. If the Doctor is cornered we could use it as a bargaining chip.”

Reosa thought for a few moments before agreeing.

“Okay, fine. They’ll probably catch us wherever we go anyway”

“That’s not a very hopeful attitude.”

“Well you know seeing your team mates and son be ripped to pieces doesn’t exactly fill you with optimism.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. At least we can do all we can to make their killers pay.”

“That I can get behind”

Dana and Reosa crawled back down the shaft to the lowest level in the caves. They tried not to make a sound so as not to alert the monsters. The two women hoped that the aliens efforts would largely be on the Doctor now.

The two women managed to make it to a room in the caves. It contained a generator, and was littered with corpses, though these were not the corpses of scientists. Instead they were of Exelicos people.

“I saw one of these creatures before.” Dana said.

“When me and the Doctor first arrived in this godforsaken place, we came through the caves, and we saw one of these creatures. It was dying, the poor thing. It didn’t seem like the other aliens we’ve seen in the facility, though granted it was dying.

“Even dying, one of those blue freaks would try and rip your throat out” Reosa said with anger. “Sadly it doesn’t seem to matter if these things were on our side or not.” She continued.

“No I suppose not.” Dana said with regret. “Come on we need to.” Suddenly Dana froze as she noticed there were three of the blue monsters standing in the only way out, aside from back up the vent, blood dripping from their mouths.

“Now look. We have the only known cure to a virus that’s currently killing all of your superiors above. Come one step closer and I’ll drop it.”

The monsters didn’t seem to believe her however and walked slowly towards the two ladies. Suddenly a hand came bursting through the floor and grabbed onto Dana’s leg. It was one of the phasing monsters. Reosa was right. The aliens had been expecting them to follow the Doctor and had laid a trap for the two women.

Dana struggled to break free, whilst Reosa fetched for a large rock to use as a weapon. One of the blue creatures however grabbed Reosa and bit into her arm, Reosa in desperation bit the monster back.

She didn’t do much to hurt it, but the shock was enough to surprise the beast, allowing Reosa to pull her arm free and punch it right in the mouth. Again however her hit did little to hurt the monster either, but Reosa quickly grabbed the large pointed rock she had been heading for and hit the monster in the jaw breaking it. She then rammed the rock straight into the beasts chest and shoved it against a wall. The rock pierced its skin, but its muscles were so thick she wasn’t able to make a deep cut.

The monster tried to push back, but Reosa kept hitting the monster in its broken jaw with her fist. Eventually when she realised that she didn’t have the strength to impale the monster, she pulled the rock out of its chest and started to hit the monster across the face until it collapsed to the floor. Reosa continued to beat it until she smashed its skull in completely.

The other two monsters meanwhile grabbed Dana by either arm. One of them tried to pull the cure out of Dana’s hand, but in desperation she threw it to the ground and destroyed the last sample.

Both monsters dived to grab it, but they were too late. Dana meanwhile managed to pull her leg free from the phasing monster below.

The entire room began to shake. Rubble began to fall from the ceiling, and Dana was almost impaled by a large shard of rock, which she barely managed to dodge.

Both of the monsters lunged at Dana, desperate for revenge, but she quickly picked up the shard that had almost impaled her and thrust it through one of the monsters chests.

The shard was longer and stronger than the rock Reosa had used. Dana pushed the corpse of the first monster back into the second, sending it backwards into Reosa who struck the second monster from behind with her rock, knocking it out, after which she then smashed its skull in whilst it was on the floor.

The phasing monster soon emerged from the floor, roaring and hissing, but again the room started to shake. Rather than try and fight the monster, Dana and Reosa quickly ran down the corridor.

“What the hell is causing that?” Reosa asked.

“It sounds like the giant? but I thought the Doctor said” Dana was interrupted by room shaking so badly that more rubble fell from the ceiling, and this time a large piece landed on Dana, trapping her.

“Just go, that thing is coming up behind us. You’ll die if you stay.”

Reosa didn’t listen to Dana however. She tried to push the rubble off of Dana’s leg, but it was no use. Still Dana helped to push, as she realised that she couldn’t make Reosa leave otherwise.

As she pushed harder and harder, Dana looked around to see the phasing monster standing at the other end of the corridor.

She pushed harder and harder, when suddenly more rubble came crashing down from the ceiling. Some of it landed on Reosa causing her to fall on top of Dana. As Reosa tried to get up, a massive hand came from above through the falling rubble. Before Dana could even warn her, the claws on the end of its fingers impaled Reosa right through the stomach. It then pulled so hard that it tore her in two.

Dana screamed and struggled to get free, but it was futile. She could see large green eyes peering through the hole in the ceiling that the hand had come down through. At the same time Dana suddenly saw the phasing beasts feet right beside her head.

To Be Continued.





Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 4

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What do you mean? The Doctor said in shock.

“You heard me” Exelcios said impatiently.

“It was the ultimate project the great minds at this facility were working on. The creation of an entire universe in a lab. What they didn’t count on was that one day, the life forms in that universe would find a way to escape.” Exelicos said as he continued to work on the controls.

“What are you doing. Perhaps I can help.” The Doctor said.

“I doubt it.”

“Well not to toot my own horn but I am a rather clever.”

Exelicos screamed in frustration. “Damn it. There’s nothing I can do. They’re blocking the power. I’m sorry, I truly am.”

“Why?” The Doctor asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“The monsters, they don’t intend to just overrun this world. They’re using all the power they can to teleport armies onto billions of worlds across your universe. They’ve already overrun our reality. Yours will be next.”

Dana, Sleera and Reosa were completely outnumbered by the monsters on the first floor who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. All three tried to fight back, but the monsters were too fast for them. Even if any of the three had managed to land a hit then it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

Dana knowing that they couldn’t outfight the monsters, tried to bargain with them with the only thing she had.

“If you kill us you’ll die too” Dana screamed which caused all of the monsters to suddenly stop. “Yeah that’s right, what you freaks don’t know is that you’ve all been poisoned. Its part of a security system here. In a few hours you’ll die just like the previous wave you sent. Only we know where the cure is.”

The largest of the monsters, clearly their leader walked slowly towards Dana. It struck her right in the face.

“You will tell me where the cure is, or else I will make you. Do you understand? Its not about if you die. Its about how much fun we have with you first!” The monsters believed Dana about the poison. They had no idea as to why their predecessors had died, but they hadn’t found anything in the records (the security team had enough problems hacking the records after several hours.)

Dana clearly terrified, still stood her ground. “You don’t know how stubborn I am do you? I might die first, your eh boys might get a bit too carried away, or after you’ve torn my legs off, I might lie to get revenge and direct you to some poison instead? You don’t have time to take that chance.”

The leader knew she was right and reluctantly agreed. “Fine. I promise that when we get the cure, I’ll give you a 5 minute head start to get away.”

Dana knew that the monster would most likely go back on its word even for that, but she had bought them all a few more minutes anyway. Or so she thought.

Two of the monsters suddenly dragged Sleera way from Reosa towards the end of the hall.

“What are you doing” Dana asked.

“Well” the leader said with a sadistic glee. “I can’t let it be known that people can just blackmail me and get away with it. I only need two of you. One who knows where the cure is, and another to threaten for a bargaining chip. The other you can watch die now. You need to see who you are dealing with.”

“Please, I know exactly what you are capable of.” Dana said. “All of you freaks, I know there’s no low you won’t stoop too. Please don’t do this.”

“Apparently you still underestimate me, as you still think you can beg me for anything!”

The monsters tore open Sleera’s guts, and pulled out his intestines, whilst two more bit into his throat. Another two broke both of his legs, whilst two more pulled on his arms, and bit off all of his fingers! Both Dana and Reosa tried to stop them, but they were both restrained. More and more monsters piled on top of Sleera until eventually all that was left of the former soldier was a few pieces of mangled flesh and broken bones on the floor.

“Now you know what will happen to either of you if you cross me” the monster said with a perverse pleasure to his two frightened and disgusted prisoners.

The Doctor tried to figure out the controls. It was too much to take in at once, even for someone like him. Exelicos meanwhile just simply sobbed in the corner.

“Now come on man. That won’t get us anywhere. Please you have to tell me more about this place, about your people.”

“Why bother. In a few moments trillions more worlds will go through the pain my people did, all because I failed. I was hand picked for this mission, and I failed.”

“Now look, I’ve been in far worse situations than this before now, and I don’t intend to die or even regenerate here. You can either wallow in self pity or help me do something about it. What’s it going to be.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, it was just the thought of other planets going through what we did.”

“What happened to your world?”

“We were taken advantage of and then abused. The monsters you see now may seem savage, but they were all once the masters of our universe.”

“I didn’t think they were unintelligent. They all showed signs of sentience, but at times they were so brutal that it was hard to believe they were anything but monsters.” The Doctor winced as the images of the monsters past victims went through his mind.

“They were once the creators of our universe’s chosen people.”

“You mean the scientists of this facility?”

“Yes. The people of this strange place, they created our universe as a simple experiment. They replicated the same explosion that created your reality, but on a smaller scale and created a mini universe. It may have seemed small to you on the outside, but from our perspective, it was a full reality filled with planets, stars, and galaxies just like yours.”

“Fascinating” the Doctor replied.

“For years I wasn’t sure what to make of our creators.” Exelicos continued. “I hated them for interfering, I hated them for not interfering. I hated them for making us just for an experiment, something to show off in a lab, but looking at what these monsters have done to them now. I can’t help but pity the fools.”

“Yes well I understand. I’m disappointed in this facility for taking such a huge risk, but well its no use now. Its not like you change the past. You really can’t. I know that better than anyone.” The Doctor said.

“Well whatever the reason, at first when they created our universe the scientists only observed. Time ran differently in our reality. Millions of years in our universe would only be a few months here. According to the legends, they wanted to help, when they saw how much we suffered, but they always felt it would stunt our development if they did. They were worried that we couldn’t handle the truth that we were just an experiment.”

“Eventually however” Exelicos continued “several races across our universe reached a technological level where our creators thought that they could handle the truth. For years our creators shared secrets with these chosen races as we came to refer to them. Collectively the chosen people built a massive Federation, and would help to elevate other races across the universe. Our people were among those species. At first the chosen races treated us apparent lesser beings with kindness, but as time went on; well they started to exploit us, under the justification that we were apparently created to serve them.”

“It seemed the so called chosen people still weren’t ready to hear the truth” the Doctor said with regret.

“Quite so. Eventually wars broke out between their Federation as the races tried to settle who was the one chosen race. Our creators tried to tell them not to fight, but it didn’t matter. Whole planets, solar systems were destroyed by the wars, the Federation fell, and the chosen races degenerated into savages, monsters.

The creators were ashamed of what they had done. They abandoned us once again. Eventually when they saw how degenerate their chosen people became, they stopped monitoring us altogether and wrote the experiment off as a failure. They didn’t pull the plug on it thankfully, but they didn’t bother with us again, which turned out to be a mistake.

The chosen races remained savage, degenerate, monsters, but unfortunately the technology from their ancestors, and the secrets about how the universe worked, the creators had given them still persisted. Eventually one of the chosen races was able to conquer the others. The Liexsha.

“Which monsters are they?”

“The giants. They were able to conquer the other races and unite them into an empire that spread out across our universe and conquered it. Once they were done with us, they sought to conquer the creators themselves. The knowledge of their universe the scientists gave the Liexsha many centuries ago would later allow them to shield themselves from the creators. The creators hadn’t bothered to check our universe for a long while anyway, but just in case they did, the Liexsha were able to operate in secret. The first wave they sent here were killed by that plague. I was part of that wave. I tried to help the scientists, but the monsters found out I was a double agent along with some others. They killed most of the other members of my team. A few others escaped. I don’t know if they are still out there or.”

“I saw one of them in the cave” The Doctor said. “Sadly he was dying. I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t think any would survive. My people are an expendable workforce. There are so few of us left. The giants eat those of us that aren’t deemed of any use.”

He paused for a minute before continuing. “I was able to hide information about the cure from the first wave. Unfortunately however I evidently wasn’t able to stop a second group from arriving. I spent days in here trying to place a force field around the universe, but I couldn’t manage it. The second wave eventually came here and they decimated the rescue team.”

The Doctor looked at the monitors which covered various rooms in the facility, though not as many as the safe room. “You saw the team had arrived. Why didn’t you warn them.”

“There were bodies of creatures like me up there. I didn’t think they would trust me.”

“I understand” the Doctor said. “But we can’t let billions more of those creatures infest this universe.”

The Doctor looked closely at one monitor of a lower level where the giant was throwing a tantrum at having failed to kill the Doctor. He noticed a large power generator next to it.

A plan began to form in the Time Lord’s mind.

“Tell me why can’t you create the force field around the other universe above?”

“It can’t sciphon off enough power from the core around it. This facility is powered by a compacted star at the bottom of the mountain.”

“So that’s what that blue light was?” the Doctor said.

“Yes, I hoped I could take part of it to use for the force field, but leave enough for our universe to be powered. Unfortunately however a few of their party managed to make it down to the caves, where the generator is and they managed to block my attempts. I suspect it won’t be long before they trace me here. The chosen races will use all of the power of the compacted star to send all of the other members of their kind into your universe, to strategic planets, centres of empire, isolated worlds they can build power bases on in safety. They need a combination of all the energy in their reality, and some from yours to send all of their armies through.”

“I suspect that once they are in my universe, they won’t care about the one they leave behind?”

“Correct. All the energy from the star will be used up, and my universe will fizzle and burn into nothing. All of my people and the other races who have suffered under their rule for thousands of years will vanish, except for a few they’ll use as foot soldiers to help conquer other worlds.

“Well like I said I think our friend can help us out here. If what you said is true, then the giant is the leader of their little group which means we can use him as a bargaining chip.”


“Let me show you.”

Dana and Reosa were taken to the 3rd floor where the cure was by the monsters who climbed down the elevator shaft now that the lift was gone. Two of the monsters carried Dana and Reosa on their backs like small children. On the third floor the giant monster and its children were warded off by the blue creatures as Dana and Reosa led their captors to the room with the cure.

“Well here it is. I take it that 5 minute head start is off the table?” Dana asked already knowing the answer.

“Oh of course not” the leader grinned. “I’m afraid though that my friend out there won’t want to do the same. She seems to want a piece of you.”

Dana looked at Reosa to signal her, though for what Reosa wasn’t exactly sure, but she knew Dana was planning something.

“There is a thing you should know about the cure though.” Dana said?


Dana suddenly jumped towards the cupboard that contained the cure. Though the leader attempted to stop her, Reosa quickly grabbed the leader from behind. He managed to shake her off quickly, but it was enough to distract the leader long enough for Dana to knock all of the samples of the cure off of the shelf to the floor where they smashed except for one, which she grabbed.”

“Just one sample left in the entire facility. If you freaks want it you’re going to let us out of here now.”

To Be Continued



Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 3

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The monsters started to circle Dana who stumbled over a corpse, or rather what was left of one. With no weapons or way of even defending herself, Dana grabbed the nearest thing she could. The severed arm of one of the previous monsters victims which she used to hit the first creature that tried to attack her right in the face.

Dana then jumped to her feet and started swinging the arm around blindly. The monsters however kept phasing through each of her attacks. Still as long they were phasing then they couldn’t harm her either.

One of the monsters soon managed to land a lucky strike on Dana’s back. It phased its hand through her spine, and slowly began to make its hand materialise.

Dana fell to her knees, dropping the arm. As Dana lay on the floor, temporarily unable to move from the pain in her back, the monsters gathered over her. Some of them were fighting over which one would be the first to disembowel her.

Fortunately before the monsters could do anything, the roof exploded and they were forced to scatter as bits of rubble fell from the ceiling. Dana wasn’t able to get up however from the pain in her back, but she managed to roll onto her side, narrowly avoiding a large sharpened rock from the ceiling.

After the smoke cleared the Doctor came jumping down from the hole in the ceiling and grabbed one of the monsters from behind. He struck it over the back of its head before throwing it into two others. Another monster tried to attack the Doctor and though he was able to dodge its attacks, any time he tried to punch it the beast phased into nothing.

“That’s cheating” the Doctor said in anger. Whilst he was distracted with this monster, another one of the creatures picked up a large shard of rubble the ceiling and tried to strike the Doctor from behind. The Time Lord however was able to dodge its attack, causing the creature to impale its comrade by mistake. Whilst it was in shock at what it had done, the Doctor, wasting no time, knocked the monster out with a quick strike to its neck and pulled the blood stained piece of rubble from the other beast’s chest; which he then used to hold off the others who started to circle him.

Whilst the Doctor was fighting the monsters off, Reosa and Sleera quickly jumped down and helped Dana to her feet. She was still in tremendous pain, but she was able to walk again. Reosa didn’t have a weapon on her. The Doctor had used it to blow the hole in the floor. Laragesh warned the Doctor that they couldn’t take the lift as the monsters had blocked the passage way to it below with rubble. They had turned the floor below into the perfect trap for their victims where they couldn’t escape.

Just as he had done with other two weapons before, the Doctor turned Reosa’s gun into a bomb. Reosa protested, but the Doctor didn’t listen. He simply snatched the gun from her hands and before she could try and stop him he had already adjusted it to explode.

Reosa was furious at the Doctor for leaving them defenceless, but she didn’t have time to argue about that now. Reosa struck one of the monsters from behind with a large piece of rubble and quickly knocked another out that turned to face her. Dana and Sleera meanwhile also started to pelt the monsters causing them to phase into nothing.

The Doctor quickly ran past the beasts whilst they were distracted and started to climb up the mass of rubble that led to the hole in the roof.

“Well don’t just stand there come on!” He shouted to the others who quickly followed him. As they made their way up the rubble, the Doctor who was the first to get up, continued to throw pieces of rubble at the monsters who attempted to follow to hold them back.

Once they reached the floor above, the foursome quickly made their way to the elevator, but once again one of the creatures below emerged in front of the elevator just as they were about to enter it.

This time however Reosa stabbed the monster through the chest with a piece of shard she had picked up below, managing to catch it before it could phase.

The Doctor, Dana, Sleera, and Reosa then quickly pushed past the dying monster, as more of its kind began to emerge through the floor behind them and made their way into the lift.

The lift took them all the way back up to the first floor which the Doctor knew was empty. The four took a minute to get their breath back before Reosa hit the Doctor.

“You fool, you wasted our last weapon, we’re completely defenceless now.”

“If I hadn’t acted right away those things would have torn Dana apart!” The Doctor protested. “Besides those weapons were useless anyway.”

Reosa slammed the Doctor against a wall.

“You stupid, arrogant fool. How can you be so dismissive.” Dana quickly interrupted Reosa and pulled her away from the Doctor.

“Now look, I’d much rather he didn’t risk his or anyone’s lives just to save mine, but he was just trying to help me, and I’d have done the same thing for him as I’m sure you would for someone you care about.”

Reosa let the Doctor go and said “if we all get killed I’m blaming you no matter what” to the Doctor in an aggressive, bitter tone.

Sleera meanwhile was trying to signal Laragesh on the radio through the commotion

“Hello Sleera can you hear me” the tinny voice came crackling through.

“Finally, please Laragesh did you find out where the cure is?”

“Yes, I managed to access the records and its on the 3rd floor, but you need to be careful. One of the monsters is down there. Its very large, fast and dangerous and its right by the lift.”

“We don’t have any guns left. The Doctor destroyed the last one.”

There was a pause for minute or so.

“I’m sorry Sleera, that creature has built its nest by the lift. There’s no way you can get down there without a weapon. Even with a weapon I’m not sure you could get past that thing. I don’t know what to do.”

“Its okay Laragesh, its not your fault” Sleera said softly.

Even the Doctor was stumped for a minute or too, before it hit him. “Of course the ventilation system. If I can crawl down there to the 3rd floor, there’s a chance I could make it past that thing. Is there an opening in the room with the cure.”

Laragesh checked the monitors. “There’s one outside it Doctor, but that thing’s children will be crawling all over the place. If one of them sees you”.

“Well we always knew there would be risks. Its our only chance, and I’m not feeling any better.”

“Okay fine, take the communicator and I’ll let you know if the creatures are on the other side of the vent.”

Laragesh didn’t fancy the Doctors chances. She’d seen these monsters tear her team mates to pieces. There was no way the Doctor could outrun them, and he certainly couldn’t outfight them if he was cornered.

On the floor of the shelter Taresk started to wake up.

“What’s going on why am I tied up? That scruffy guy in the fancy coat. Where is he I’ll.”

“Oh shut up Taresk, I have important things to do. If I don’t help the Doctor he could die.”

“The Doctor? You mean you’re going to actually help that lunatic get out of here? Even at the risk of letting those things get in here?”

“Look around commander” she said mockingly. “He already got out of here when you were out cold. He’s on the first floor. You were wrong Taresk. The Doctor is our only hope of getting off this planet. He has a ship that can take us to safety and you would have let him die in here, just because you were afraid.”

“Now wait a minute, you can’t talk to your”

“Save it, you know its true. Its okay though, I was afraid too. We all are. None of us have seen anything like these creatures before. To be honest I don’t even think the Doctor can help us out here, but still if there’s a sliver of a chance, we have to take it.”

Back on the first floor, the Doctor and Dana prepared to go down the ventilation system together. The Doctor as per usual didn’t want her risking his life, but he realised it was pointless to try and convince Dana not to come.

The Doctor told Sleera and Reosa to search the bodies to try and find any spare weapons just before he left.

Sleera kept in contact with Laragesh, who kept him updated on the Doctor.

It took the Doctor and Dana about 10 minutes to reach the third floor. The Doctor went ahead first. When he reached the grill, he could see the corridor ahead was covered in green slime. There were also 5 eggs littered up and down the corridor, each about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

The Doctor unscrewed the grill with his sonic screwdriver and slowly jumped onto the floor. Unfortunately however the slime covered every inch of the floor, and the Doctor slipped and fell on his back as soon as he landed.

“Oh damn it, I love this coat” the Doctor groaned as he stood up, covered in a foul smelling goo.

“Shhhh” Dana whispered in frustration.

“What, oh right yes the monsters” the Doctor said as he tried to rub the goo off.

Dana gave him another glare and the Doctor knew he had to be quiet.

Unfortunately however the Doctor moaning about his coat had seemingly alerted one of the creatures. He could hear a scuttling sound coming from down the other end of the corridor. Unfortunately it was the end the room with the cure was in. They had to get there quickly. The Doctor tried to help Dana out of the vent, but as he pulled her back he slipped backwards again and Dana fell face first into the slime.

Dana peeled herself up from the slime and wiped it off her face.

“As I said earlier I need to take about a million showers when I get back to the TARDIS. Slime and blood isn’t the best combination to smeared in!”

The Doctor and Dana quickly hurried into the room at the end of the corridor, after which the Doctor sealed the door with his sonic screwdriver, for all the good it would do.

The Doctor and Dana hid behind a desk in the room and waited for a few minutes. They heard what sounded like a truly immense creature pass by. Fortunately it didn’t seem to notice them. It was more focused on its eggs which were about to hatch.

“It’s preoccupied with its children” Laragesh said to them. “But it won’t be distracted for long. If it picks up your scent you’re dead. The cure’s in the cupboard at the far end of the room. The code to open it is”

“Thank you, but it will probably be quicker with this” the Doctor said as he lifted out his sonic screwdriver.

Dana kept a close eye on the door. Every little screech from the monsters outside was enough to terrify her.

Sadly both she and the Doctor failed to notice that one of the monsters twisted offspring was in the room and that it was slowly crawling towards Dana.

The creature had 4 pincer like legs, three tails, and a humanoid upper body with 6 arms, each of which ended in clawed hands and two heads. Its entire body was covered in purple fur. It’s two mouth’s were on the top of its two heads whilst it had three large long, thin eyes in the middle of each head.

The creature scuttled towards Dana quickly and dug its pincers into her leg. Dana screamed in pain and quickly kicked the monster off.

Unfortunately the monsters outside heard Dana’s scream and headed towards the door. The mothers claws came piercing through the door and ripped it off its hinges. The Doctor (who had managed to open the lock to the cupboard and take two samples of the cure) and Dana stood completely frozen in fear. Even Laragesh had no idea what to say to help them.

The creature peered one of its hideous two heads through the door. It must have been over 10 feet tall and 30 feet long.

Whilst Dana and the Doctor were distracted by the creature, its offspring tried to attack Dana again.

This time however Dana was able to overpower it easily. As Dana wrestled with the little monster, the Doctor saw what almost appeared to be a look of concern on the mothers face.

“Don’t” the Doctor shouted as Dana overpowered he creature.

“What do you mean?”

“Look at that thing. It cares about its children. We can use that.”

“I know you can understand me. Let us go or else.” The Doctor said. Dana held the child’s throats tighter and the mother instantly retreated. The two left the room, with Dana holding onto the creature as the Doctor checked ahead.

He could see the mother, a truly immense creature standing in front of the vent. Fortunately they didn’t need to escape up that way again. The Doctor and Dana backed away down the opposite end of the corridor, with the Doctor going ahead to make sure there were no other offspring.

The two managed to make it to the lift, with the mother following them. Once they were in the lift, Dana threw the child back at its mother unharmed. Before the giant could retaliate the lift took the Doctor and Dana to safety and back to the first floor.

On the way there, the both drank the cure.

“Actually that’s not that bad.” The Doctor said. “I might nip down and get another sample. Figure out the recipe” he joked.

“Well I just hope we don’t get eaten now.” Dana said. “It would be annoying after going through all of that for the cure.”

Laragesh couldn’t believe they had actually found the cure. It had all seemed so hopeless. Her joy was short lived however as she and the other soldiers suddenly heard a massive crash coming from outside, followed by the sound of all the horrors above scurrying away.

“Its found us. That giant freak.” Laragesh said with horror. The giant monster that had first attacked the Doctor and Dana when they landed on this godforsaken planet, had come smashing its way from outside, being able to stay clear of the monitors.

“Its okay it can’t get it in here.” Said one of the soldiers at the back.

Just then however the hatch began to shake, and massive claws pierced it, before the hatch was ripped clean out.

“I can’t believe it” Taresk said trembling with fear. “Nothing can get through that  The monster grabbed Taresk first, who was completely unable to defend himself. It crushed him to a pulp and then swallowed him whole. Another soldier tried to run towards the ladder and escape, but the monster caught him and bit him in half.  The other soldiers fired at the beast repeatedly, but it did no good.

They were completely cornered and in desperation Laragesh called for the Doctor and Sleera.

“Please, Doctor, Sleera, Reosa, help us, the giant’s back, its ripped off the hatch.”

The Doctor and Dana had only reached the first floor. They barely had enough time to tell Reosa and Sleera what happened when the hopeless message came crackling through the recorder.

The Doctor, Dana, Sleera and Reosa instantly headed to the 14th level in the elevator. Even though they knew it was pointless and there was no way they could even harm the monster, they still couldn’t just leave Laragesh and the others down there.

As they headed to the 14th floor, they could hear Laragesh scream through the recorded as the monster grabbed her. “PLEASE HELP ME, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

When they arrived at the 14th floor, they saw the giant, crouched over the pit holding the broken, crumpled body of one of the soldiers.

“The giant noticed the four new arrivals and smiled, revealing its blood stained teeth, that still had bits and pieces of the soldiers caught between them.

Thinking fast the Doctor ran to the other end of the room.

“What are you doing? Reosa shouted.

“Get the survivors out, I’ll draw him over here.”

The monster followed the Doctor allowing Reosa, Dana and Sleera to make their way to the pit.

Unfortunately when they got there, they saw much to their horror that the monster had eaten all of the soldiers, including Laragesh. All that was left were a few bits and pieces scattered about the room, and the corpse of Reosa’s son (the monster clearly didn’t like left overs.)

Sleera didn’t believe it at first, and looked around to see if Laragesh was hiding somewhere.

The monster started laughing maniacally. It had clearly been toying with all of them, letting Sleera and Reosa think there was a chance for their friends until the last minute.

The monster then fired two death rays from its eyes at Dana and Reosa who barely managed to escape the blast.

It continued to fire at the three of them. The creature generally didn’t like to use its eye rays on smaller creatures. It preferred to crush and eat them. It was really more toying with them than anything else.

The Doctor meanwhile started to experiment with some of the broken down pieces of machinery. He hoped he could create a bomb out of one of them. He was familiar with most of the pieces of equipment here. It seemed not much had changed in the centuries since he worked at the facility. He knew the technology well enough to make it unstable.

The monster quickly grew tired tired of toying with its victims and snatched Reosa. With no time to try the makeshift weapon from bits and pieces of what he could find, the Doctor threw it at the beast. It created a minor explosion, enough to deter the monster briefly, and cause it to drop Reosa.

The creature now turned its attention to the Doctor and tried to blast him with its eye beams, but the Doctor was able to avoid it.

“Go away now”, the Doctor shouted as he tried to lead the monster to the other end of the room.

Sleera and Reosa didn’t want to leave the Doctor, but they could see there was nothing they could do. The monster was blocking any hope the Doctor had of escape, and they had no weapons, and unlike the Doctor they had no way of using the bits and pieces of tech around. They headed for the elevator. Dana of course stayed as she didn’t want to leave the Doctor, but Reosa and Sleera dragged her away.

“There’s nothing we can do, come on” Reosa said as they pulled Dana to the elevator and took it to the first floor.

Once they were in the elevator, Dana shoved Sleera and Reosa against a wall when they tried to comfort her.

“We shouldn’t have just left him. After all he’s done for me and I couldn’t help him when he needed me.”

“My best friend was just torn to pieces down there by those things. You’re not the only one who lost someone”

“The difference was we didn’t abandon your friend. We rushed down there even when it was hopeless.”

“There was nothing we could have done.” Sleera said bitterly. “If we all die, then our friends died for nothing” he said bitterly, not sure if he even believed it.

The trio soon reached the first floor, but this time they saw it was not empty. The corridors were filled with creatures, similar to the blue monsters Dana had seen in the caves.

On the 14th floor the Doctor was able to keep avoiding the giant monsters eye beams, but it eventually managed to corner him at the very far edge of the room, against a large broken down machine.

“Wait” the Doctor shouted. I know you are intelligent. You’re not just an animal. I think you’ll be interested to know that this entire area has been infected with a lethal chemical. There is an antidote that I’d be happy to share with you, if you don’t burn me to a crisp, or crush me and eat me that is.” As the Doctor spoke he adjusted the machine from behind. He recognised it as a Rastrix device.

He had worked on them during his time with the facility. They were designed to convert energy into matter in an instant. There was enough power left in this one to create a minor death ray.

The monster paused for a moment at the Doctors words. It really wanted to kill him, but now it wasn’t sure.

“Come I’ll show you the cure” suddenly the Doctor skid right between the monsters legs, as the Restrix machine fired at the giants face, temporarily phasing the monster.

The Doctor then ran as fast as he could down the other end of the room with the monster chasing him, firing its rays. The Doctor managed to evade them however and make his way to the lift.

The monster however thrust its hand through the wall. Its fingers blocked the lift going up, and so the Doctor was forced to use his sonic screwdriver to send the lift one stop down to the very bottom floor, before the monster cut the cable trapping the Doctor.

The bottom floor seemed to be deserted, though like the others it was littered with bodies. The Doctor explored the long corridor and in one of the rooms at the left hand side, he saw the mangled remains of a young woman.

This was unlike the other bodies however. It looked like it had been attacked by several monsters at once. Ahead of the corpse were two open doors leading to a room with a massive, blue glowing sphere.

The Doctor was intrigued to say the least, but as he examined the blue sphere, he suddenly heard the sound of more creatures coming.

“Oh great, any time I find something interesting here, and I have to run.”

As the Doctor prepared to flee, suddenly a hole in the floor opened up below the sphere. A creature identical to the one the Doctor had comforted in its dying moments in the cave emerged from the hole and told the Doctor to get inside.

With no other options the Doctor agreed and the hole sealed itself up again.

“Thank you eh”

“My name is Exelicos”

“Well its nice to meet a friendly alien on this planet. You know I think you’re the first one that hasn’t tried to kill me, or at least held a gun to my head?”

Exelicos was busy working on some of the controls to bother. The room was small and surrounded by a control panel, with a large monitor on right side.

“Do you mind telling me what that blue sphere is” The Doctor asked.

“It is where I was born” Exelicos said. “It is where all the monsters that are infesting this facility come from. It is our universe.”

To Be Continued







Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 2

Related image

The Doctor struggled with all his might to pull free from the beasts iron grip but it was no use.

“Go all of you, you’ll be killed if you don’t. No point in all of us being eaten by that thing.” The others refused to leave. In Dana’s case it was out of loyalty to her friend, in Sleera and Laragesh’s case it was out of fear. Whilst he may not want to admit it, Sleera knew that the Doctor was his best bet of making it through this nightmare alive. The Time Lord had already demonstrated incredible skill and cunning which seemingly surpassed all of his team mates. Though even with the Doctors help, Sleera knew their odds weren’t good.

The monster was clearly toying with its prey like a cat would a mouse. It was strong enough to pull the Doctor out in seconds, but it wanted to extend his torment for as long as it could.

Eventually even Laragesh and Sleera realised it was hopeless and ran. Sleera tried to pull Dana away, but she didn’t give up for a second and still pulled on the Doctor with all her strength.

Suddenly a barrage of lasers struck the monsters face causing it to let go of the Doctor. As the Time Lord sprung back to his feet he saw 15 more people standing beside Laragesh and Sleera.

They were all wielding weapons much larger than either Laragesh or Sleera’s weapons.

“Well don’t just stand there run you fool.” One of them who was clearly the leader shouted as he and the rest ran back towards the lift. The monster however having recovered from the pain reached its massive clawed hand into the room again. This time the Doctor and Dana managed to dodge it (barely.) Sadly one of the team a young woman, was not as lucky. The monster managed to wrap its grotesque fingers around her. In contrast to how it slowly pulled the Doctor out, the monster, overcome with rage, wasted no time and crushed the poor woman to death in an instant. Whilst it was busy gnawing on her crushed corpse the others hurried back to the lift.

Once there the leader of the team pointed his gun at the Doctor and Dana. “Who are you? I didn’t see either of you on the database? You’re not dressed like scientists? What are you doing here.”

The Doctor sighed. “Oh look not this again, if I was really in league with those this thing, would, would” the Doctor suddenly felt a bit faint. He stumbled about a bit before the leader of the team pushed him against the wall.

“I don’t care if you’re in league with those things or not, you’re still trespassing. Tell me why are you here.”

The Doctor regaining his composure shoved the solder back.

“Now look” the Time Lord said in a firm tone. “I thank you for saving my life, but I will not be treated like a common criminal. Fact is you should be damn grateful I happened to stop by as I’m you’re only chance off this.” The room suddenly began to shake. The giant monster hadn’t given up on its prey just yet and was now tearing through the side of the facility to try and get them. It could smell its intended victims from miles away. The monster was not just pursuing the Doctor. It had caught scent of the team and had attacked them earlier too, managing to catch three at once when it struck its hand through a window. The rest of the team had only managed to escape the beast because it became distracted after picking up the Doctors scent.

“Can we please just get out of her before that thing eats us!” Dana screamed more out of frustration than fear.

“I quite agree” the Doctor said as he used his sonic screwdriver to open the lift doors. They all barely managed to squeeze into the lift just as the wall began to break down. They were all desperate not to be the last one left!

The leader of the team sent the lift to the 14th level almost at the very bottom of the facility.

The 14th level was a massive hangar, littered with more mangled corpses and smashed equipment. At the centre of the room was a large red hatch. “We need to get there to regroup NOW” the leader shouted in panic as he pushed past the others.

The hatch was so massive, the leader needed a few others help to open it. As soon as it opened however a massive spiked tail cut clean through the leaders chest and pulled him below.

As the others backed away from the hatch suddenly they all noticed several hideous creatures emerging from the shadows and climbing down the walls from around them.

These creatures were again different to any of the others the Doctor and Dana had encountered. They had short squat, dark blue bodies, goblin like faces with pig snouts, bright red eyes, and tails about three times longer than their bodies, each of which ended in a spike. They all had massive hard shell shells on their backs.

The monsters scuttled down the wall and the floors like crabs at a tremendous speed. The team opened fire on the beasts, but it was no use as their lasers simply bounced off of their shells. There were about 100 or so of the abominations in the room.

“They laid a trap for us. They knew we would come here” the Doctor said to himself.

The creatures used their tails, which could move at a lightening fast speed to strike at their enemies. Two of the team were disarmed whilst a third had his throat cut open. Dana tended to the wounded man, but it was hopeless. He was dead before he hit the floor. Dana picked up his weapon and started firing at the monsters, but not being trained how to use the weapon, her fire was more scattershot. Still Dana accidentally struck one of the broken down pieces of equipment causing a mini explosion, powerful enough to send several of the monsters flying and scatter some of the others.

The monsters completely surrounded their prey from all angles, seemingly cutting off all hope of escape. One member of the the team named Clavetch, in sheer desperation tried to run through the monsters. At first he managed to catch a few by surprise and knock them off balance, but one of the monsters wrapped its tail around him, and hoisted the poor soul into the air. He screamed at the rest of the team to help him, but there was nothing they could do. Apart from Sleera they didn’t even notice he was gone as they were too busy trying to hold off the monsters themselves.

The creature repeatedly slammed Clavetch against the wall, face first. It broke his nose and several of his teeth before throwing him violently to the floor. As Clavetch desperately tried to crawl to safety, the monster brought its tail down through both of his hands, one after another, breaking them both, before repeatedly slashing his back.

It then impaled him through his right leg. The monster finally hoisted Clavetch through the air a second time and dangled him over more of its kind who started to claw and bite at his face and torso. One of the monsters stuck its hand through Clavetch’s chest and started to pull. A tug of war with Clavetch’s mangled body ensued which resulted in the soldiers body being pulled into two pieces.

Three more of the soldiers had tried to escape down the hatch, firing down the hole at the monster in there, but its tail simply batted the guns out of their hands and wrapped itself around the neck of the man nearest to the hatch which it then snapped.

Whilst the tail was distracted by the other two hapless soldiers, the Doctor seized his chance. Thinking quickly he started to push the hatch back down from the other side on the monsters tail. He needed help to move it however, and so he shouted out to Dana who helped him close it on the monsters tail.

The monster let out an ear piercing scream and tried to push the hatch back up, but fortunately two other soldiers jumped on top of the hatch alongside the Doctor and Dana, which caused it close completely and sever the monsters tail.

The Doctor then started to pull the hatch open, though again he had to have help from Dana and the others.

“Get in now” the Doctor shouted to the others who were still pointlessly trying to fight off the hordes of monsters around them. They all dived down the hole, though one of the team was impaled by one of the monsters tails as she tried to flee.

The Doctor was the last to go down, though as usual Dana wanted to the be the last, still the Doctor forced her to go down ahead of him.

The Doctor and Dana started to close the hatch once they were inside, but two tails from the monsters above soon swung down and started to attack them. The monsters couldn’t quite see where they were going however, as they were still a few feet away from the hatch.

The Doctor and Dana pulled as hard as they could at the hatch to come down on top of the two tails. In desperation one of the tails did manage to slash Dana across the arm but it was only a minor wound, and she didn’t let the pain deter her. The monsters quickly pulled their tails from the hatch, not wanting to lose them like the earlier beast had.

Meanwhile below, the other members of the team alongside Sleera and Laragesh were distracted by the monster whose tail the Doctor had taken off.

Without its tail it was considerably less dangerous, but the thick armour on the abominations back still protected it from their weapons.

The monster ran at the team who scattered, but it managed to pursue one of them to the end of the room. The others kept firing at the monster, but it did no good. Once it had cornered its prey, it stood back on its hind legs and pinned its victim against the wall.

“Stop that won’t do any good” the Doctor said to the team who ceased their fire as they saw their team mate was already dead.

“Dana, follow my lead” the Doctor said as he ran at the monster and grabbed one arm from behind. Dana grabbed the other arm, but despite pulling with all of their strength they weren’t able to tear the beast off of the lifeless carcass it was devouring. The monster threw the body on top of Dana and turned to face the Doctor. The Doctor managed to dodge the monsters attacks and again went round the monsters back. This time however he stepped on what was left of its tail. The monster had kept the tiny half of its ripped tail stuffed under its shell before, but after the Doctor and Dana had distracted it, it let its tail down.

Whilst the monster was briefly overcome with the pain in its tail the Doctor grabbed it from behind by both of its arms, and spun the monster round to face the team.

“Quick shoot it now” the Doctor said as he briefly held the monster in place. The team were only too happy to oblige and opened fire on the beasts soft stomach under its shell. Its orange blood and guts splattered all over the floor as the lasers cut through its flesh. The Doctor then kicked the monster face down to the floor where it writhed for a few seconds, spitting out more blood and groaning, before finally breathing its last.

The Doctor helped Dana up. The body the monster had thrown at her’s guts and throat had both been torn out and she was now covered in them.

“Remind me to take 58 showers when we get back to the TARDIS.” She said as she tried to wipe the blood and entrails off.

In the background were the sounds of the monsters from above clawing, banging on the hatch and screaming in frustration.

“Don’t worry” said one of the team to the Doctor and Dana. “They’ll never get inside. The hatch is made from the strongest material in this galaxy.”

Another one of the soldiers, a young woman knelt over the body of the man the beast had killed, weeping.

“I’m sorry” Dana said as she tried to comfort the woman who shoved her away.

The surviving members of the team meanwhile began to search the room for supplies as well as check the computer screens by the wall.

“Do you mind telling me where we are” the Doctor said, somewhat stumbling over his words as a great fatigue suddenly came over the Time Lord.

“This is a shelter” one of the soldiers, who had clearly taken over as the new leader of the team said.

“It was built in the case of emergencies. The hatch, the walls and the floors are made from Ratiam, the strongest metal in this entire galaxy. We can also monitor most of the other rooms in the facility from in here too.”

The Doctor was skeptical. “If nothing can get in why didn’t any of the scientists hide in here.”

“It appears that when the first wave of those creatures appeared in the facility, they teleported in instantly. The poor souls didn’t have time to run or flee.”

“Then what killed the monsters?”

“A security system. It releases a toxic chemical that is designed to attack any creature that is not a native of this galaxy. The chemical is alive, to some extent and its programmed to recognise any hostile alien intruder. There are many other forms of security in here of course, but it appears these creatures were able to disarm them all except for the poison.  We only found out about it recently when we managed to hack the last of the files above. It was also how we found out about this place.”

The Doctor and Dana both looked somewhat worried. “A bit careless of you don’t you think? What if there is just a friendly alien passing by.”

“Trust us, no friendly alien is able to just pass by this facility. There’s too much at stake here. For many centuries we were under attack from creatures beyond our galaxy who wanted to gain access to our technology. This was the best way of protecting it. Of course there is a different security system to take care of intruders from this galaxy. You can never be too careful.”

“Well” the Doctor said as he started to feel a pain in his chest. “I think you need a new system. Those monsters have still managed to overrun you facility, and me and Dana are both dying.”

“What do you mean”, the new team leader asked?

“We’re aliens. We’ve both started to feel a bit faint since we got here. At first I thought it was just you know, because we’d been chased, beaten and almost devoured by heinous monsters, but it turns out we’ve been poisoned too.”

The soldiers all pointed their weapons at the Doctor and Dana. (Save for Laragesh and Sleera who just sighed at having to go through this again.)

“Where are you from? Who sent you?” the new leader barked.

“I’m Doctor and I’m from Gallifrey and this is Dana, she’s from earth. Though if I said I’m from Telos and she’s from Skaro would it have made a difference.”

Dana sighed at the Doctors attempts at to diffuse the situation with humour. “I think he forgets that I can’t regenerate too when he keeps insulting people with guns.” She thought to herself.

“These people may be aliens, but trust me, they’re here to help us. I don’t know how or why but you can trust them” Laragesh said as she tried to lower the leaders weapon.

Sleera interjected “He also has the only way off this planet.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well as I said before I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that giant creature we faced on the upper level destroyed your ship. I don’t think there were any survivors. I’m sorry.” The Doctor said a little bit more gently than before.

The soldiers were shocked. The team had all worked together for many years. They had been hailed as heroes of the galaxy. It had been a long while since they had dealt with something that could even threaten them. To be placed in this situation felt like a terrible nightmare.

Laragesh spoke. “I didn’t want to believe it either. My little brother was on the vessel. We all knew the risks when we signed up, but still I can’t accept it.” She started to cry. Dana was the first to comfort her. The soldiers weren’t used to seeing their team mates break down like this. They weren’t sure how to react.

The Doctor spoke to the others. “I’m sorry for all your losses, but right now if you don’t want to die at the hands of those, things, up there you’ll need to help us find a cure for the poison.”

The leader wasn’t convinced. “Why? We could just wait for the poison to kill the monsters above and then call for a rescue ship.”

“We helped you escape up there and you’d just let us slowly die” Dana said angrily.

“You were just helping yourself out. Besides it would be suicide to try and escape through that sea of creatures up there.”

“What if those creatures find a way to cure your plague? The first batch didn’t, but maybe this group have learned their lesson. Also what if they send a third group? You don’t know where they came from or just how many there are? What if they get hold of a weapon in the facility that could harm the other worlds in the galaxy? You can’t just sit in here and hope for the best.” The Doctor said angrily.

“Those creatures are animals” the Leader protested.

“You know that’s not true. They’ve already outwitted us. Your previous leader already paid a heavy price for underestimating those monsters. They’re intelligent. I don’t know to what extent, but they are most certainly not animals. Savage yes, but for all we know they could be smarter than you or me. ”

The leader was visibly scared. “Even if what you say is true, how do you expect me to help you get through that lot out there.”

“Well I have a plan, but I need to know if there is a cure for this bacteria or if at least one of the labs still has functioning equipment. Failing that we could always get back to the TARDIS and go somewhere else. Our odds aren’t great but we have to try.”

“There is a cure. The researchers here don’t like to take a life unless they absolutely have too. In the lower levels there is a cure for the bacteria, a shot that kills the bacteria cells, but again you’ll have to get through those horrors outside.”

“No problem” the Doctor said as took the previous leaders gun which caused the others to point theirs at him

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. These rifles. I have a way of turning them into bombs. We can use it to scatter those things above. Though after that I must admit we’d be on our own with no weapons unless one of you heroes comes with us?”

The Doctor was met with a silence. “Fine I’ll go on my own, but I hope that at least one of you will show me the exact level.”

“I’m afraid not, Doctor.” The leader said pointing his gun at the Time Lord. “You opening that hatch is a risk to all of us. No one is leaving here.”

“So what? You’re just going to sit back and watch us die?”

“Why should I care about either of you? You still haven’t told me how you got in here. As far as I’m concerned you’re enemy spies. I can put you both out of your misery right now if you want. Other than a few twinges in your chest though, the poison isn’t a painful death. Its designed to sneak up on you.”

“Well I’m not going to just sit back and take it” the Doctor protested which caused the leader to fire at him. Though the Doctor managed to dodge the blast the other soldiers were shocked.

Laragesh got in the way of the Doctor and Dana. “Taresk what on earth are you doing? You can’t just shoot this man”

Taresk then fired just beside her.”I mean it. I am not going back out there. Look at what those things did to us. We are going to wait here for the poison to take effect on those monsters. Anyone tries to open that hatch I’ll kill them.

Just then the Doctor kicked the gun out of Taresk’s hands and quickly knocked him out with a bit of Venusian karate.

“He’ll be out for a while. Thank you Laragesh.” The Doctor said.

“I didn’t agree with his methods Doctor, but I’m afraid I’m not sure any of us will be willing to help you either.”

“In that case you might as well have just let him shoot us” Dana said bitterly.

“She’s right you know. You were sent here as a rescue team, yet you’re just going to leave two people to die. Besides I’m not asking you to help me anyway, but please let us leave. I have to do everything I can to try and help Dana, I brought her here.”

“You didn’t bring me anywhere Doctor, I came here on my own accord. I’d do the same again. You’re not to blame at all.” Dana reassured the Doctor. “However” she joked “Having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to get the TARDIS fixed if we make it out of this.”

“Well at any rate we should be going now, please just give us two guns and we won’t trouble you any more.”

The soldiers looked ashamed of themselves. They felt like miserable cowards, though to be fair to them, these creatures were unlike anything they had ever faced before. Even the Doctor himself didn’t think much of his or Dana’s chances against the creatures, which was why he wasn’t really pushing for any of the soldiers to help him, just to let him leave the shelter.

Sleera however to the Doctors surprise would be the first to offer his help. Sleera’s offer wasn’t so much out of nobility however. The Doctors warnings had gotten through to him. He was particularly worried about what the Doctor said about the monsters gaining access to the secrets of this facility. For all he knew they were using them to attack the empire. There may not even be anywhere for him to escape too. This Doctor guy seemed to know what he was talking about, Sleera thought to himself. Even if he is a conceited, condescending know it all.

After Sleera offered to help, the woman who until now had simply sat over the corpse of the fallen soldier offered to help too. Her name was Reosa. She was the oldest member of the team, being well over 600 years old. The fallen soldier was in fact her son. She had begged him not to join the team. Unlike the others, who she regarded as being nothing more than glory hounds and show offs who had never faced real danger, she always was wary of a real threat emerging in the galaxy. Despite her age she was not the team leader, simply because she refused the offer.

Reosa did not like to be in charge of other people. She actually preferred to work on her own, but was willing to put up with others if they didn’t get in her way.

Reosa was willing to help the Doctor and Dana, not simply for altruistic reasons either, but because after what had happened to her son, she didn’t care anymore.

“Well I can hardly let Sleera go without me” Laragesh said as she went to join the Doctor and the others. The Doctor however, much to Laragesh’s surprise, stopped her.

“No” the Time Lord said firmly. “As much as I hate to admit it, you’re commander was right. This is the safest place, and some of you need to stay here in case I don’t make it back. Besides we’ll need someone here to check the monitors for us. It can be very frustrating to turn a corner and not know if there’s a giant monster waiting to eat you. You lot can at least give us a heads up.”

“Okay fine” Laragesh sulked. She and Sleera had always had the closest bond of anyone in the team outside of her and her little brother. She couldn’t bare the thought of him going out alone. Still she could see that the Doctor was right. She could be more help to him in here. She didn’t even say anything to Sleera. The team never liked to show any weakness, but he knew how much she cared for him, as he did for her.

The Doctor went to fetch Reosa’s son’s weapon. Dana could see that Reosa was upset by the Doctors somewhat callous nature, and put her hand on Reosa’s shoulder to comfort her. Reosa was a little unsure of this gesture at first, but this time she didn’t rebuff Dana’s attempts to comfort her.

After adjusting the weapon weapon the Doctor shared his plan with Dana, Reosa and Sleera.

“I’m going to open the hatch. Reosa, Sleera, I’ll need you to fire on the monsters at first before I can get a good distance out.  Aim for the tails. They’re a quick target, but they’re the monsters weak point. ”

Dana, Reosa and Sleera helped the Doctor to open the hatch from below. The Doctor and Dana managed to push it backwards onto two of the monsters behind the hatch, crushing them, whilst Reosa and Sleera started firing on the monsters from the front, aiming for their tails.

Reosa managed to sever two of the beasts tails which briefly sent some of the others scurrying in panic.

The Doctor and Dana each held one of the guns the Doctor had turned into bombs. Dana was the first to use hers. She threw her bomb in front of her, at a massive machine, about ten feet away behind the sea of monsters.

Having remembered how unstable the equipment was when she shot it earlier and hoped to provoke a larger explosion. She knew it was dangerous, but there was so many of the monsters, seemingly more than from before and they were closing in fast with no way of escape (the hatch had been closed behind them.)

Sure enough the bomb created a massive blast, so big it even knocked the Doctor, Dana, Reosa and Sleera off of their feet.

All of the monsters next to the machine were killed instantly whilst those on the periphery were still knocked out, or thrown several feet across the room. Even those on the outskirts began to flee back up the walls.

The Doctor was the first to get up and quickly roused Dana who had been knocked out by her own bomb. Sleera was more badly hurt. His arm had been fractured in the blast, but he managed to fight through the pain and still fired his weapon at the monsters as they started to come back. Reosa meanwhile being the farthest away from the blast was mostly okay. Her weapon had been knocked out of her hand however, and when she tried to reach for it, one of the monsters quickly batted it away with its tail and nearly struck Reosa who was only able to barely get out of its way.

“Sorry Doctor, there was just so many I, I can’t believe I was so reckless” Dana said as she struggled to get herself back up.

“No time for that now Dana, come on while they’re still scattered.”

Dana’s blast had managed to kill most of the monsters blocking the way to the elevator, but there were still more and more crawling down from the walls on either side. The Doctor, Sleera, Dana, and Reosa ran as fast as they could towards the elevator, dodging the monsters tails, with Sleera also firing indiscriminately at the creatures.

They managed to make it to the elevator, with hordes of the monsters in pursuit. The Doctor however was able to scatter them again by throwing his bomb right into the centre of the crowd of beasts. This time the creatures attempted to flee, and most of them managed to escape the blast. The Doctor’s bomb only managed to get about 4 or 5 of the creatures, though it still did knock a few more off of their feet at least.

Whilst the Doctor and the others were distracted however, one of the monsters managed to crawl down the wall just above the elevator and wrapped its tail around Sleera, causing him to drop his gun.

Sleera screamed in pain, but by the time the Doctor, Dana and Reosa had turned round, the monster had already hoisted him about ten feet in the air. Dana who was the closest to the gun Sleera had dropped, picked it up and fired at the monster. She didn’t have a perfect aim, but she still managed to hit its tail and wound the creature enough to drop Sleera, who fell on his fractured arm.

Reosa helped Sleera up whilst the Doctor started to operate the elevator.

The monster that had grabbed Sleera quickly descended from the wall beside the Doctor, but both Sleera and Reosa grabbed it from behind before it could pounce on the Time Lord. They struggled against the monsters strength, but Dana managed to shoot it in the tail, severing it this time. Whilst the monster was distracted from the pain, Sleera and Reosa managed to pull it on its back, allowing Dana to open fire on the beasts stomach, killing it.

“Come on” the Doctor shouted as the elevator doors swung open. The foursome managed to make it in just in time as the hordes of ravenous monsters descended on the elevator doors. With no time to spare the Doctor sent the lift to a higher level. At random, he picked the 4th floor.

“We made it, I can’t believe it” Dana said through heavy gasps. Sleera meanwhile tried frantically to get through to Laragesh on his communicator, but there was no response.

The doors suddenly swung open to reveal a long black corridor.

The Doctor was the first to explore, as always. There were a few remains of scientists scattered throughout the 4th floor. One of them, a soldier at the very end looked embedded in the floor up to his chest.

“Come in, come in” Sleera shouted. “Don’t let me down now.” He said as he started to worry if something had gone wrong in the shelter.

Reosa meanwhile spoke with the Doctor. “This isn’t the right level for the cure, we need to head to the 6th floor”.

The Doctor at first didn’t answer. He was too distracted by the figure stuck in the floor. Suddenly however the entire team were distracted by the sound of something huge lumbering outside.”

“He’s back” the Doctor uttered quietly in fear. “We need to get to the lift now.”

“Yes, like I said the cure is on the 6th floor Doctor.” Reosa said sharply.

“Right sorry about that, I was a bit distracted by the dead body welded to the floor.”

The room started to shake and the four started to run. Just as they did however, Sleera suddenly heard a noise coming from his communicator.

“Sleera, come in Sleera!”

He quickly responded.

“Get out of there now. Its coming your way.”

“Yes thank you for your timely interruption, we are fleeing from that giant freak.”

“Its not the giant, its coming from beneath you. Stay away from the lift!”

Suddenly a hand came bursting out of the floor, right in front of the lift, Stopping the Doctor, Dana, Reosa and Sleera in their tracks. The hand was black and ended in long, thin claws. Interestingly enough however, the hand did not actually break the floor. It seemed to phase through it.

A creature, standing over 7 feet tall, and completely black and featureless, except for a mouth filled with 3 sets of long, blood stained teeth stood in front of them.

Reosa, (who had taken the weapon off of Dana in the elevator.) Tried to shoot the beast, but its body became transparrant, causing the laser to fire through it. The monster then briefly became flesh before grabbing Dana, after which they both vanished through the floor in a flash.

Below Dana fell roughly 10 feet, but before she hit the hard metal floor, a similar creature caught her in its arms.

It lowered her slowly to the ground, allowing her to see ten more similar creatures behind it. The room was covered in blood and the mangled remains of various soldiers who had been pulled under to the same gruesome fate.

To be continued.