Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 6: The Dragon’s Mountain


The Tyrannosaurus Rex lunged forward, with it’s jaws wide open at it’s victims, but Lindsey, thinking quickly grabbed the riders spear and stabbed it into the Tyrant Lizard King’s mouth.

She embedded the blade right into it’s tongue causing the giant to to thrash around in agony. It tried desperately to shake the spear out of it’s mouth, but when it bit down on the weapon, it just cut the spear in half. Lindsey, Kirsteen, Hersa and the rider quickly fled to the nearby cave for safety.

Whilst the Tyrannosaur struggled to get the blade out of it’s tongue, one of the riders, a young woman returned. She tried to impale her spear into the Tyrannosaurs mouth having seen what Lindsey had done, but the creature quickly spat what was left of Lindsey’s spear out, narrowly missing the rider before pursuing her.

Though the Pterosaur tried to fly as high as it could, it’s rider kept forcing it to go lower so as to keep the Tyrannosaurs attention.

“I’m sorry old girl, but we have to get him away from here.” She said.

The rider managed to drag the Tyrannosaur back down the passage way and into the ruins of the village.

By this stage Professor Fang’s bones had mostly healed and he was ready to try and take on the Tyrant Lizard King again, regardless of how futile that may be.

As the monster reached up and nearly grabbed the Pterosaur, the Professor quickly pulled the fabric off of the ruins of a tent and jumped over 20 feet in the air, onto the Tyrannosaurus’ neck. He then wrapped the cloth around the Dinosaurs eyes.

“Stop it, you’ll be killed.” The rider shouted out in desperation at the Professor.

The Tyrannosaur however struggled to throw the Vampire off, with the Professor holding on with all his strength. The Tyrannosaur stomped it’s way blindly through several more ruins, very nearly tripping itself up. As it let out a series of deafening roars in frustration, the rider flew over it’s mouth and hurled her spear straight down it’s throat, cutting it open.

The Tyrannosaur soon collapsed to the floor, choking on both the spear and it’s own blood. In it’s last few moments the Dinosaur managed to gag the spear out of it’s mouth, but it’s inner throat had been cut completely open.

The rider flew back to the top of the mountain to inform the survivors that the crisis was over, whilst the Professor sat beside the Tyrannosaur as it took it’s last breaths. He even rubbed it’s lower jaw to try and comfort the Dinosaur.

“Sadly it was you or us. Nature’s cruel that way.” The Professor said.

Lindsey, and Kirsteen were the first to return to the ruins of the village.

“There are some perks to being a Vampire it seems.” Kirsteen said upon seeing the Professor had mostly healed.

“Yes well it doesn’t feel that way when you’re still awake whilst all your bones are being crushed by a Tyrannosaur, but I get your meaning.” The Professor replied.

Suddenly the remainder of the Pterosaurs and their riders returned to the village.

“You arrived just in time.” Lindsey said sarcastically.

“Who are you?” The leader of the riders, a large burly man snapped?

“Just travellers passing through, I happened to help save your village, or rather what’s left of it. Ask your friend when she get’s back, you know the one of you who stayed behind to fight the monsters.”

“The flyers got too wild being near that thing. We couldn’t control them.”

“Well she managed it?” The Professor said.

“Okay Professor” Lindsey interrupted. “Best not to antagonise the angry people with spears.”

The rider who the Professor had helped slay the Tyrannosaur soon returned.

“It seems we owe you our thanks.” The leader said, somewhat reluctantly to the female rider.

“You DO.” The Professor said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to slay the monster had it not been for this, eh mysterious traveller.” The rider said.

“Yes well you can thank me later, but right now I need your help. The mountain that’s the centre of the valley. I, we, need help getting there.”

The leader laughed.

“You think an old man like you can make your way past those beasts. They have been twisted by the dark magics into being creatures far beyond.”

“Yes I know your friend Hersa told me, by the way how is she.”

“She’s fine. Obviously taking a rest after her ordeal, but she’ll live.” The female rider said.

“Yes well not for long if you don’t help me, us get to the mountain. I might be able to fix the core. I can’t promise anything, but not to sound smug, I have a much, much better grasp of magics than you do.”

“If you’ll just lend us a Pterosaur we’ll be on our way.” The Professor said somewhat jokingly.

“I admire your confidence old man, but our entire valley is at stake.”

“I’m not just an old man” The Professor said as he bared his fangs.

“Vampire!” The leader shrieked as he held his spear in place.

“There are Vampires on the moon as well as Dinosaurs?” Kirsteen said in surprise.

“Well if some of the humans ancestors who were brought here were infected, why not?” The Professor replied.

“Vampires are evil, bloodsucking monsters. I don’t know what cheap trick this is.”

“It’s no trick, I’m one of the few nice Vamps.”

“Or” Lindsey interrupted. “Even if you don’t believe that which I wouldn’t blame you for, he’s in the same position as you. If this valley explodes into space, he’ll die too. In fact, worse as a Vampire, the lack of oxygen won’t kill him, he’ll just float through space forever. You can count on him to want to help save this valley regardless.”

“Well I don’t know I’d imagine he’d be okay with nothing but his own company forever” Kirsteen said.

“But ehm seriously though you can trust us to want to save our own necks.”

“He did help me slay the monster.” The female rider interrupted. “I couldn’t have done it without him. He covered the monsters eyes, allowing me to get close to it’s mouth, Any other Vampire would have fled at the sight of one of those giants, but he didn’t.”

The leader frowned. “Well I suppose we don’t have anything to lose. The mountain could go at any minute. I want you to go with the Vampire, and I shall come too.”

“We’ll need a full army to get to that mountain.”The female rider said.

“Maybe not. That’s the mistake we’ve made every time. We charge in there and the monsters see us coming. Maybe stealth is the only way to get to it.”

“You know he’s probably right.” The Professor said.

“That is if we can still trust you Vampire.”

“Well I’m not the one who ran away from the Tyrannosaur.” The Professor responded.

“Okay, let’s not fight.” The female rider said. “It probably doesn’t matter what we do as the valley’s doomed regardless. I’ll get the flyers ready.”

Hersa meanwhile rested at the very top of the wall that surrounded the village, near where the Pterosaurs were normally kept.

All of the wounded were kept in this area, though Hersa’s screams in her sleep meant that none of them were able to get any rest.

She kept dreaming she was back with Orlagia, fleeing from the Allosaurus and failing to save him again.

As the leader and the female rider prepared Pterosaurs for the three time travellers, Kirsteen went to try and comfort Hersa.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe now, the Tyrannosaurus is dead.”  Kirsteen said.

“I left him. I left him. In all the confusion I, I.”

“It’s okay” Kirsteen said, having no idea what she was talking about.

“We’re going to the mountain. The Pterosaurs will take us there.” The Professor told Hersa.

“You have to let me come with you.”

“No you’re still too cut up from the Raptors.” Kirsteen said firmly.

“She’s right, besides we need all the people we can to protect what’s left of the village anyway. If you do feel better, you can help there.” The leader said.

The female rider helped The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen get strapped to their Pterosaurs.

“I trust none of you have ever ridden one of our flyers before?” She said.

“Well me and Lindsey have ridden on the backs of Pterosaurs and other flying creatures many times, but Kirsteen here, well.”

“Sorry I was off singing when all my friends were learning how to fly Dinosaurs.”

“Pterosaurs actually” Lindsey had to interject.

“Well don’t worry.” The female rider said.

“We’ve put you with our oldest and most experienced flyers. As long as you don’t startle them they’ll take you there no problem. They’ll follow our lead.”

“Can I ask what your name is?” The Professor said.


“And yours?” He said to the leader.


“Alright I’m Fang, this is Lindsey and eh, I’ve forgotten your name again?” The Professor said jokingly to Kirsteen who didn’t appreciate it. “It’s Kirsteen, Kirsteen.”

The Pterosaurs departed from the cliff top at a lightening speed. Kirsteen could not stop screaming at first. It didn’t help that she already had a fear of heights. Her screaming however caused the Pterosaur to begin to panic and fly off course. Fortunately Tiseia was able to command the beast to follow her, though not before telling Kirsteen to shut up.

The 5 Pterosaurs took the Professor and the others across the valley and to the mountain in just over 20 mins.

Despite how badly it had been ravaged by the magics collapsing, the valley still looked beautiful. There were massive lakes, forests and open fields, filled with wonderful prehistoric creatures below.

Brachiosaurs, Stegosaurs, Triceratops, various species of Hadrosaur all herded together for protection.

There were a few gruesome sights along the way however. They witnessed a Carnotaurus attack and kill a small sauropod, and also by one of the lakes. A gigantic Spinosaurus emerge out of the water like a Crocodile and pull a Hadrosaur down to a watery grave.

“Remind me not to go skinny dipping in this valley.” Kirsteen said at the sight of the Spinosaurus’ lake going red with the Hadrosaurs blood.

“Spinosaurus” Lindsey said. “They were always among my favourites. The biggest meat eaters ever to walk the earth. Don’t worry though they only like small wet areas. We’ll be fine where we’re going.”

“You’ll soon be eating those words.” Miscorak said.

As soon as they came near the mountain the Pterosaurs suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“We’ll need to land and try and get in from the bottom.” Miscorak said.

“If we try and fly to the top, the”

Before he could finish a large shrieking sound suddenly came piercing from the mountain.

“Damn those monsters. It’s like they can sense us.”

Several large, hairy, yellow, Pterosaur like creatures soon came flying from the mountain. The sight of the monsters was enough to make a pack of nearby Allosaurus’ scarper for the nearest wood.

The monsters were incredibly fast, but under Tiseia’s command they were able to keep a good distance ahead of them, except for Kirsteen’s Pterosaur. Her screaming at the monsters caused her Pterosaur to fly slightly off  direction, allowing one of the mutated Pterosaurs to fly ahead and cut her off.

Kirsteen stared into the creatures hideous face. It had three eyes, all of which were bright green, with a red iris. Green slime meanwhile dripped from it’s long, thin jaws.

The monster soon spat it’s slime right into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur’s face causing it to scream. Some of the noxious liquid splashed Kirsteen and burned her skin too. The mutated Pterosaur then rammed into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur and clamped it’s jaws around it’s neck.

Kirsteen tried to fight the mutant off, but several more started to swarm her. Lindsey soon noticed Kirsteen wasn’t with them, but when she tried to direct her Pterosaur back the way, several more of the mutants soon swarmed her too.

To Be Continued.


Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 5: The Doomed Valley


(Sorry about the delay. I was really ill this last week. Thankfully it wasn’t the Corona Virus, just a regular serious chest infection.)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex had always been Lindsey’s favourite Dinosaur as a child, and even up close she couldn’t help but stare in awe at this majestic, powerful beast before the reality hit her, when the Tyrant reptlie roared and splattered blood from it’s mouth all over her and her friends.

Kirsteen tried to run away she was so scared, but the Professor caught her.

“No sudden movements. This thing is fast and it’s very, very intelligent. It’s smarter than a Lion, or a Tiger never mind another Dinosaur. Hell it’s probably smarter than you.” The Professor said.

The Tyrannosaurus was inspecting the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen more than anything else, as it had never seen a human quite like them. It wasn’t even used to human beings in general as they were normally wise to keep out of it’s way. Nevertheless within a few seconds it grew impatient and instantly went for Lindsey.

The Professor jumped onto the side of the Dinosaurs head just as it was about to strike, causing it to swerve to the side. Had it not been for the Professor’s intervention it surely would have snatched Lindsey who was not fast enough to escape it’s grasp.

The Professor tried using all of his strength to keep the Tyrannosaurs jaws open but the force they could exert completely dwarfed his and indeed most Vampires strength. The Professor still clutched on to the side of the Dinosaurs skull, but the Tyrannosaur rammed the side of it’s head into the nearby cave wall several times.

Had the Professor been human he would have been crushed into paste, but even with his Vampiric constitution the Tyrannosaur still broke every bone in his body. Something smelled off about the Professor to the Tyrannosaurus, so it didn’t bite him, but Lindsey and Kirsteen seemed ideal prey.

Kirsteen fled with Hersa to one of the few remaining tents in the ruins of the village, despite Hersa’s protests.

The Tyrannosaurus simply smashed the tent apart, burying the women under rubble. As Kirsteen crawled out from under she said to herself.

“Maybe he is smarter than me.”

Lindsey tried to draw the Tyrannosaurs attention away by hurling a spear she found near the half eaten body of a native at the Tyrannosaurs neck.

The spear however simply bounced off of the Tyrannosaurs scales.

The Tyrannosaur then instantly turned it’s attention to Lindsey, and though she had a good head start on it, the king of the Dinosaurs soon caught up to her. Lindsey was forced to jump into a the river just in front of the village to escape, but to her surprise and horror, the Tyrannosaur followed her in.

The Tyrannosaur stood up to it’s knees in the river, and would strike it’s head down to try and catch Lindsey like a bird trying to catch fish. Fortunately it’s movements were somewhat slow and jerkier in water, though even then Lindsey was forced to hide at the very bottom of the river to keep out of it’s range of vision. She couldn’t hold under for long however and the Tyrannosaur was absolutely relentless in it’s attacks.

Kirsteen and Hersa ran to help the Professor, hoping he could do something to help Lindsey, but the Vampire wasn’t even finished nitting his bones back together yet.

Lindsey meanwhile crawled along the bottom of the river bed until she managed to get a few feet ahead of the Tyrannosaur before being forced back up for air.

The Tyrannosaur noticed her right away and lunged at the terrified time traveller, and though she managed to narrowly dodge it’s jaws, the force of the Tyrannosaurs head hitting the water beside Lindsey still sent her flying over 10 feet in the air onto the river bank.

The Professor seeing the danger Lindsey was in jumped onto the Tyrannosaurs tail. Even though all of his bones had not yet repaired, the Professor was still able to jump over 20 feet through the air and grab onto the tip of the Dinosaurs tail with a tremendous grip.

The Tyrannosaurus tried to shake him off, but the Professor held on harder than he ever had before. He tried to bite the Tyrannosaurs tail, but it’s scales were too thick for his teeth to puncture.

Kirsteen and Hersa ran past the Tyrannosaurus as it smashed it’s tail in the few remaining huts in an effort to shake the Professor off.

On the other end of the bank Lindsey was badly injured. She had broken her wrist when the Tyrannosaurus slammed her to the ground.

“I prefer it when T-Rex’s are killing Triceratop’s instead of me.” Lindsey said as Kirsteen helped her up.

The Professor kept trying to bit the Tyrannosaurs tail but as it swung him around more furiously, it broke his teeth. The Tyrannosaur smashed the Professor off of the ground a few more times, breaking his legs, before smashing his spine off a nearby rock after which it then threw him 40 feet through the air with it’s tail.

The Tyrannosaurus then sped after the three women, moving at a tremendous speed despite it’s massive size.

Knowing they couldn’t keep ahead of the Dinosaur Kirsteen ran away from Lindsey and Hersa, hoping she could distract the Tyrannosaur long enough for her two wounded companions to escape. As she ran into the darker side of the cave she tripped over a small rock.

The Tyrannosaurus quickly caught up to her with it’s jaws open. It only stopped because Lindsey who managed to catch up, (having been forced to leave Hersa) managed to distract it.

The Tyrannosaurus however was not so easily fooled this time. The monster stood back slowly, until it was about an equal distance from both women.

There was no way either of them could escape now, at this range and with it’s speed. The Tyrannosaur opened it’s jaws, and this close Lindsey could see the blood from it’s previous victims stained over it’s massive sharp teeth, as well as bits and pieces of it’s previous victims caught in between it’s teeth including what looked like the mangled arm of one of the natives.

With nothing left to lose Kirsteen reached into the dirt beside her, grabbed two handfuls and threw them into the Tyrannosaurs eyes.

The monster stumbled back a bit, whilst Lindsey and Kirsteen quickly ran to Hirsa and helped her up.

“That’s what happens when you’ve got small arms. You can’t rub your eyes.” Kirsteen said, though Hersa was hardly in the mood.

The three woman ran to the other end of the cave, and down a passage on Hersa’s urging. Neither Lindsey nor Kirsteen liked to leave the Professor, but there was nothing they could do for him at the moment. His Vampiric healing factor would heal his injuries in due time, and the Tyrannosaur was solely focused on them anyway.

The T-Rex chased the three women down the long passage way, though it struggled to fit down it somewhat which gave the three girls a good head start.

“It’s just up ahead, if we can reach the cliff top.” Hersa said.

The passage got narrower and narrower the further down it they went, until eventually the Tyrannosaurus got stuck near the end of the passage, whilst the the three women were able to escape down a larger part of the cavern at the other end of the tunnel, that led to the entrance to a cave.

The Tyrannosaurus desperately tried to struggle free, but it’s shoulders were jammed between the narrow passage. Still the more and more it pulled, the more the rocks on either side began to give way.

The three women prepared to make their way into the cave but just as they did several flying reptiles began to descend from the sky. These Pterosaurs were Quetzalcoatlus, the largest creatures ever to take to the wing. Riding on their backs were several humans, the last survivors of Hersi’s tribe.

This tribe had managed to tame a large pack of Quetzalcoatlus as pets. These Pterosaurs were vital to the tribe’s survival as they helped them cover masses of land in a short time. They never used the flying beasts for hunting however as their delicate wing membrane’s meant that they could be easily overpowered in a fight and they were too valuable in other areas of the tribe’s life.

Desperate times however called for desperate measures. The Tyrannosaurus had destroyed the tribes main area of defence in the cave effortlessly, wrecked their village and devoured most of the tribe. The few survivors had, just like Hersa had intended, fled down the passage way, through the smaller cave at the back, and up to the highest cliff edge, whilst the Tyrannosaur was killing the rest of the tribe.

They could have stayed there and been perfectly safe, but the natives felt they needed to destroy the Tyrannosaurus. It was so much more dangerous than any of the predators they had normally come into contact with, the Raptors, the Sabre Tooth’s, and the Allosaurus, they couldn’t let it wander around this area and even build a nest near the cave.

The Tyrannosaurs normally lived on the outer reaches of the valley, but now they had been forced inland.

Hirsa shouted at her friends to get away from the Dinosaur, but it was no use.

The 8 or so Pterosaurs all hovered around the Tyrannosaurs face as it continued to try and pull itself free.

They hurled their spears at the Dinosaur, in an effort to try and find it’s weak spot, but as it thrashed it’s head around their spears simply bounced off of it’s scales. The Tyrant Lizard King soon broke free and leaped out at one of the Pterosaurs. It’s jaws narrowly missed the flying reptile’s wing, another Quetzacoatlus soon jumped onto the Tyrannosaurs back, with it’s rider, a young woman frantically hiting the Tyrannosaurus’ back with her large, spiked club.

Again however it did nothing to deter the Dinosaur and when the Tyrannosaur rose up, the Pterosaur quickly retreated.

The Pterosaurs all started to circle the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with it’s riders all hurling spears and even some torches down at the Dinosaur. The Tyrannosaur growled in anger and tried to reach up to bite it’s flying enemies, but they were too far out of reach.

The Tyrannosaur then started to crouch down, to try and lure it’s enemies closer to the ground.

They all however wisely kept their distance, with one of the group flying behind a nearby boulder that the Pterosaur then attempted to push onto the Dinosaur from behind whilst it was seemingly distracted by the rest of the pack. Suddenly however the T-Rex  ran into the wall causing the boulder to fall on top of it. The boulder despite it’s massive size, did little to deter the Tyrannosaur and simply bounced off of it’s back, but the Pterosaur was caught off guard and nearly pulled down with it. Though the Pterosaur managed to regain it’s flight, it had fallen too near the Tyrannosaurus which reached out and crushed the lower body of the Pterosaur and it’s rider in a single bite.

Lindsey, Kirsteen and Hersa could hear the rider’s bones snap from over 20 feet away. The Tyrannosaurus’ bite was the greatest of any predator on earth (or rather the Moon.)

The rider was crushed into past instantly, and the Tyrannosaur threw what was left of the Pterosaur into another one of the reptiles sending it crashing into the ground.

As the other Pterosaurs swooped in to try and help their comrade, but still keeping their distance, the Tyrannosaur crouched down, but this time swung it’s tail upwards. With it’s tail hitting one of the Pterosaurs, and crushing it and it’s rider into mush against a nearby wall. As it swung again, it managed to hit another Pterosaur on the wing sending it an it’s rider crashing nearby. The remaining riders all fled the area, not that they had much choice as their Pterosaurs, though well trained were too terrified to be near the Tyrannosaur again.

Kirsteen, and Hersa ran to try and help the rider whose Pterosaur had crashed, with Lindsey quick to follow.

As soon as they reached the rider however, who was nothing more than a teenage boy, the Tyrannosaurus had already caught up to him and stood in front of the four helpless humans ready to strike.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 4: King of the Dinosaurs


The Carnotaurus almost caught up to Lindsey, but she quickly managed to side swerve the giant’s snapping jaws.

The Carnotaurus could bite with a force greater than any modern day predator. Just one little nip would be all it would need to take Lindsey’s arm or head clean off!

Fortunately whilst the giant was fast, its large bulky body wasn’t very manuverable and so the more Lindsey kept swerving to the side, the more the Dinosaur was struggling to keep up with her. Eventually in a desperate attempt to catch it’s prey, the Carnotaurus leapt forward, but once again Lindsey was too fast and the giant went tumbling off it’s feet.

As it was the monster very nearly fell on Lindsey, but again she managed to swerve to the side. When she ran past the giant it still reached out and tried to bite her.

Still Lindsey was able to get a good head start on the Dinosaur as it’s tiny arms meant that it couldn’t get up easily, and she quickly made her way back to Kirsteen and the girl.

“Quick we need to get out of here, there’s a big meat eater heading this way.”

The giant’s roar quickly followed Lindsey through the tunnels, and Kirsteen instantly jumped to her feet. The time travellers, helped the young woman up and ran back down the way they came with her.

When they reached the cavern with the Raptors, most of the feathered monsters had gone, having followed the Professor instead.

“Come on we need to get down this tunnel.” Lindsey said.

“Are you insane? That’s where the Raptors went?” Kirsteen replied.

“Yes I know. We can get them to fight the Carnotaurus. Plus the Professor went that way come on.”

As the Carnotaurus came crashing round the corner, Kirsteen couldn’t afford to argue any longer, though she still thought Lindsey’s idea was insane.

Not long into the tunnel they came upon the horde of Raptors all gathered below a small hole in the cave roof, where the Professor had escaped too.

Even Lindsey froze at the sight of that many Raptors for a few seconds, before the Carnotaurus forced her and the others forward.

The Carnotaurus just as Lindsey hoped soon turned it’s attention to the Raptors, who in turn began to flee.

A few bold Raptors however stood their ground. Whilst obviously outmatched physically, the Raptors were considerably faster than the larger theropod. Lindsey, Kirsteen and the girl meanwhile tried to get to safety at the other end of the tunnel, but they were forced to hide behind a nearby rock as the Carnotaurus started to thrash around in rage at the Raptors.

The Professor meanwhile had been drawn back to the hole by the sound of the larger theropod.  Peering through he managed to catch a sight of Kirsteen, Lindsey and the girl. He slowly crawled along the roof towards them and then dropped down behind.

“Professor” Kirsteen said with relief.

“Sorry I almost thought I’d got you killed.”

“You did, but to be fair I’ve almost got you killed several times over too. Come on we’ll be safe up there.”

The Professor carried the wounded young girl and then jumped up with his Vampiric strength through the hole he had made in the ceiling. He then quickly returned for Kirsteen and Lindsey.

As he prepared to jump up to the ceiling with both however, the trio were suddenly swarmed by 4 of the Raptors who had taken notice of the time travellers.

The Professor tried to jump up, but one of the Raptors managed to jump on his back this time, causing him to drop Lindsey and Kirsteen and crash to the cave floor.

Two more of the Raptors swarmed the Professor at the same time as the monster on his back, whilst the 4th and final Raptor went for the two women.

Lindsey and Kirsteen both stood their ground against the Dinosaur, but it clearly wasn’t intimidated and moved slowly towards them, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Fortunately the young woman who they had rescued dropped a large rock from above on the Raptors back. The Raptor was knocked out cold instantly, and Lindsey grabbed the rock from the Raptors back and hurled it at one of the monsters attacking the Professor. This distracted the other two Raptors long enough for the Professor to throw them both across the cave with his strength. He then quickly grabbed his two companions and jumped through the hole before any more of the Raptors could attack.

From above the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen and the girl all watched with a grim fascination as the Carnotaurus and the Raptors fought with one another.

The Carnotaurus despite it’s fantastic size was utterly hopeless against the Raptors. The smaller Dinosaurs were able to jump around the Carnotaurus no problem. Much like Lindsey, it didn’t take the Raptors long to realise what the giant’s weakness was. It was a dangerous predator, with a devatatingly powerful bite force, and could run at tremendous speeds, but not only were the Raptors much faster; they were highly agile and manuverable too. They could jump onto the Carnotaurus’ back and tear chunks out of the animal before it could even react.

Normally a Raptor pack wouldn’t dare take on an animal like a Carnotaurus, but these were not normal times. Furthermore there were so many of the Raptors now as more and more of the creatures kept returning from down the tunnel. The Carnotaurus was also weak from several days without food and very little water too.

It was even more clumsy than usual, and in an attempt to catch the Alpha Raptor, that had landed more strikes against the larger theropod, the Dinosaur ended up tripping over a large rock and was sent crashing head first to the ground.

Not only did it break several ribs in the fall, but the Carnotaurus’ little arms meant that it would have a hard time getting up.

All of the Raptors soon descended from the tunnel and pilled on top of the fallen Dinosaur like a herd of locusts. Keeping away from it’s massive head, the Raptors slashed at it’s body and tail with the claws on their feet and hands, and tore massive chunks of flesh out with their jaws.

In a few minutes the Carnotaurus’ body was just a heaping mass of mangled flesh. Some of the Raptors were even bold enough to attack it’s face, as the Dinosaur let out it’s final, agonized roars and died.

“Disgusting creatures.” The young women they had rescued spat out as she looked away.

“Come on let’s get out of here before they fancy seconds.” The Professor said as he carried the young woman down the dark tunnel ahead.

The 4 of them walked slowly, not saying anything at first so as not to alert any Raptors or any other unpleasant creatures that might be near. After a few minutes the girl however brielfy spoke.

“I don’t know who any of you are. You are clearly not of this valley. We are the only tribe left now, but whoever you are thank you.”

“Well you have Kirsteen to thank. As much as I hate to admit it, I was going to leave you down there. I didn’t want to alert those Raptors.” The Professor said.

“I understand.” She said. “I would have done the same thing. What is your name.”

“You can call me the Professor, that’s Lindsey, and that’s Kirsteen.”

“My name is Hisera” She said.

“Do you have any idea where we are going” Lindsey asked.

“In truth? No, but all that matters for now is getting somewhere safe where we can at least get an idea of our bearings.”

“Not so eager to jump ahead now.” Kirsteen said smugly.

“No, I am not. I underestimated those Raptors back there. We need time to figure out where it is we need to go next.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you” Hisera said.

“You punched a hole into a level I’ve never been too before. The good thing is that there probably aren’t any Raptors here either as they’re not strong enough to break through the walls o the cave either. You’re not entirely human are you?”

“Not one bit. I was, but well that’s in the past. My two friends are human though as you can see.”

Kirsteen was rather flattered at being called one of his friends. It was probably just for practicality sake, but it still meant a lot to her, simply because it had been a long while since she had a friend of any kind.

The foursome must have wandered for roughly half an hour or so before they came across a tiny flickr of light from above.

“Up ahead, there’s a way out.” Hisera said.

“I’m afraid not” The Professor replied.

“We need to find the magical core of this valley, or else the Raptors will be the least of our problems. Chances are it’s in here.”

“It’s not” she said.

“We know where it is. It’s atop the highest mountain in the valley. ”

“For god’s sake” The Professor shouted, only to be instantly shooshed by Lindsey and Kirsteen.

“Sorry, but a core like that needs to be underground. That way you can channel it to one location easier. Up above and the energy is in more danger of being spread out too far. The way it is now, I’m not surrpised the energy is fading.

“You could reach it through these caves.” Hisera said, “but not only would it take weeks, there are hundreds of Raptors here.”

“Yes well if you know of a quicker way by all means.”

“I do, but the mountain is even more dangerous. We know full well of what is happening to this valley stranger. We’re not primitives by choice. The magic’s that once held this place together are crumbling. We have been preparing for this disaster for centuries, but the magic’s of the mountain, now that they’re acting up, well they have had unintended side effects on some of the creatures nearby.”

“How do you mean?” Lindsey asked.

“Some of the great reptiles nearest to the mountain have been, twisted into unnatural beasts. Many of our tribe have tried to reach the mountain, but none of them have got by those monsters. Even with your great strength and tricks I doubt you’d last long.”

“Probably not but the valley won’t last much longer if we don’t.”

“I’ll show you the way, but first we need to get back to my tribe. They’ll have the man power and the magics you need. We have to get out of these caves first.”

The Professor jumped up to the roof using his strength and saw that the hole was relatively small. With his strength he widened it, and then just as before he jumped up with one of the women after another, taking them with him.

On the other side of the hole was a slope that led into a small jungle area.

“The village is just ahead of that jungle. If you hadn’t punched your way through the cave, it would have taken hours to reach.”

“I don’t like the look of that jungle.” Kirsteen said. “Looks like the kind of place Raptors could live.”

“It is but we have no options for now.” The Professor said as he marched ahead, carrying Hersa with him.

The foursome tread carefully through the jungle below. Surprisingly there were hardly any Dinosaurus in the area. Along the way they came across the mangled corpse of a Triceratops, as well as a few tiny Raptors running in the opposite direction from the village. Several trees had also been trampled too, clearly by a stampede of large plant eating Dinosaurs.

Up above they could also see several Pterosaurus flying in the opposite direction too.

“I don’t like the look of this.” Hersa said. “Something must have happened at the village.”

When they reached the end of the jungle they could see the entrance to the village, two gigantic doors, bridging a gap between two small mountains that formed into a large circle behind. It was seemingly the perfect place to hide, but the two doors had been smashed open by something.

The Professor, Hersa, Lindsey and Kirsteen slowly walked inside. There was almost a mini valley in between the two mountains, with a large river, and a small village beside that now lay in ruins. There were half eaten and trampled bodies spread everywhere.

Hersa was almost on the brink of tears at what had become of her people, whilst Lindsey examined a nearby footprint.

It was a three toed footprint, but belonging to an animal far larger than either an Allosaurus, or a Carnotaurus. Lindsey knew exactly what had made it.

“We have to get out of here now” she said.

Suddenly a massive roar came bellowing through the lair, so loud it felt like the mountain itself was shaking. The earth then began to rumble and out of the darkest corner at the end emerged the most ferocious of all meat eating Dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex!

To Be Continued



Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 3: Cave of Dinosaurs


The three Raptors slowly advanced on the two women, with one of the beasts dropping the Hadrosaur infant it was carrying by the neck, and hissing at the two time travellers.

Lindsey reached for the nearest rock she could find. It was small, but quite sharp. It might be able to hold one of the monsters off if she used it wisely.

Whilst Lindsey tried to keep her cool as the Raptors stared her down, Kirsteen started to panic as she looked down at the pack of Raptors below tearing into the Professor.

The Dinosaurs were constantly slashing with the claws on their feet and hands. Each time Kirsteen thought the Professor must be dead, she’d see him suddenly rise up and try and pull one of the Raptors down, only for the other three Dinosaurs to dogpile on him again.

Kirsteen couldn’t bare to see the Professor endure this any longer and threw herself on top of the Raptors. The Raptors though deadly killers were also somewhat fragile physically as their bones were hollow.

In the collision, Kirsteen not only broke the Raptor she landed on’s arm, but she sent it tumbling into another Raptor.

The Professor quickly siezed his chance and jumped on the back of one of the two Raptors standing over him as it was distracted. He quickly snapped the Dinosaurs neck before turning his attention to the other Raptor that now began to cower in fear.

The Professor was overcome with bloodlust after his ordeal. Kirsteen almost didn’t recognise him, but he quickly calmed down as the Raptors fled.

Up above meanwhile, the leader of the trio of Raptors tried to jump Lindsey, but she managed to throw her rock at the Raptors chest, breaking its wishbone.

The Raptor fell back into its two allies, after which Lindsey quickly jumped into the cave below. She hadn’t even noticed Kirsteen was gone.

Two of the Raptors followed Lindsey down however, and one even managed to jump her from behind. The Professor however in trun quickly grabbed the beast  by its tail, lifted it up in the air and broke its back over his knee.

The other Raptor quickly fled back up the cave, also leaving its fallen comrade in the tunnel above in the process.

For a minute Lindsey was a little shaken at the sight of the Professor, but he was able to quell his bloodlust yet again.

“Damn” the Professor said. ” I really liked this cloak.” He said as he looked down at his shredded, blood stained clothes.

The Professor darted down the tunnel at the other end of the cave, with Lindsey and Kirsteen following.

“You’d think he’d be more careful after that.” Kirsteen frowned.

“Please he’s been through worse and it never stopped him before.” Lindsey replied, before following her reckless friend.

The tunnel was long, dark and again littered with remains of unfortunate creatures that had survived the trip to the cave, but not made it out of the cavern.

“There’s more of those Raptors up ahead. I can smell them.” The Professor said with regret.

At the very end of the long tunnel, the Professor saw a gigantic cavern, filled with literally hundreds of Raptors. They were all gathered round the carcasses of their former kills, which included some humans. There was one tunnel at the bottom of the caver, but the rest of the tunnel’s were on the upper level of the cavern, though it was only ten feet or so above the sea of ravenous Dinosaurs.

“We might be able to sneak our way past them if we’re quiet.” The Professor said.

The Dinosaur were in the middle of a feeding frenzy, but a further problem however was which tunnel? In this maze of catacombs they could be lost for hours, days, even weeks and for all the Professor knew the valley wouldn’t last another hour.

“Can you sense any magic nearby?” Lindsey asked.

“No I’m afraid not.” The Professor said. “I’m at a bit of a loss. The fewer Raptors there are, the more likely we are to reach the magical centre of the valley. I guess we’ll just have to go where there are fewer Raptors, which isn’t here.”

“Fewer Raptors? I’m all for that.” Kirsteen said.

“Then keep quiet and tread carefully. And thank you Kirsteen.” The Professor said, much to the former rock stars surprise. That may very well have been the first nice thing the Vampire had said to her. “For helping me up there. Those Raptors couldn’t have killed me, but being clawed by them hurt like hell. I should know I’ve been there.”

The three time travellers crept slowly along the ledge, careful not to make a sound. The two women could barely look down at the gruesome sight below, as the Dinosaurs ripped what was left of their victims apart. The Professor loathe as he was to admit it, wasn’t bothered by the sight below. As a Vampire the sight of blood and gore couldn’t help but be enticing to him.

As they presseed on to the first tunnel however, Kirsteen suddenly noticed that one of the Raptors victims, a young human woman was alive.

She was cornered by two Raptors away from most of the rest of the frenzy, who were clearly playing with her.

She was covered in cuts and scratches, but she still did her best to try and fight the Raptors off. She clutched onto a large piece of wood that she would wave, ineffectively when one of the Raptors got too close. The Raptors however would bite her hands and cover her in small bites before dragging her 10 feet, near to the frenzy after which they’d let her crawl back and attempt to fight them off again.

“We have to help her.” Kirsteen said.

“There’s nothing we can do.” The Professor replied as he slowly crept towards the nearest tunnel. Lindsey was quick to follow, but Kirsteen stopped her.

“You can’t be serious?”

“He’s right what can we do? There’s hundreds of those monsters down there. Even the Professor would get ripped to pieces.”

Kirsteen couldn’t stand to watch it another minute however, and she jumped into the cavern below.

Fortunately most of the Raptors didn’t notice her, they were too busy feasting.

Some of the Raptors however started to stalk her, but Kirsteen paid them no attention and headed for the Raptors that were tormenting the girl. She managed to jump the Raptor that was dragging the young woman away and knocked it off its feet. Whilst the other Raptor was distracted, the young woman managed to hit the Dinosaur right in the face and briefly knock it out. She then did the same to the other Raptor whilst it was struggling to shake off Kirsteen.

Unfortunately more Raptors had noticed the fight and they started to surround Kirsteen and the woman as Kirsteen tried to help her up.

With no other choice the Professor and Lindsey were forced to help Kirsteen. The Professor was able to pounce on one of the Raptors from behind which drew the attention of the others. Lindsey meanwhile helped Kirsteen get the young woman, who couldn’t walk by herself to safety.

The Professor broke the neck of the Raptor he had ambushed and used its corpse to whack two more that attempted to jump him.

Unfortunately however the noise soon started to attract more of the Dinosaurs from their feast and within a few minutes, a swarm of Raptors started to head after the Professor who was forced to flee.

The Professor led the Dinosaurs down a different tunnel from Kirsteen and Lindsey. He had no idea where he was going, and even he couldn’t fight that many Dinosaurs off, but he knew he had to get them away from Lindsey and Kirsteen. Not even a healthy human could outrun these Dinosaurs. Even with his Vampiric speed the Professor was struggling to keep ahead.

Just when the Vampire thought he had managed to get a good distance on the ravenous Raptors, one of them jumped over twenty feet ahead and landed on his back.

The Raptor dug its sickle like claw straight into the Professor’s back. This would have been enough to knock even a strong human to the ground, and slice through an ordinary humans spinal cord, but the Professor was able to hurl the Raptor over his shoulder. The delay still cost him dearly as more Raptors jumped him.

The Professor pushed more and more of the monsters away, but several began to swarm and surround him, cutting off his way forward.

With no way of escape, the Professor quickly, using all of his Vampiric strength jumped onto the ceiling of the cave, with his Vampiric powers allowing him to stick to the ceiling.

He was just a little bit too high for the Raptors, who furiously jumped up to try and bring him down.

Over 100 hundred Raptors gathered below. At the very least he seemed to have drawn all of their attention away from Lindsey and Kirsteen.

He couldn’t wait here for long however. Though he was out of reach, it was only barely.

The Professor started to punch a hole in the roof of the cave with his strength.

“I just hope there are no Raptors on the upper level.” The Vampire thought as he tore his way through the rock.

Lindsey and Kirsteen meanwhile had been forced to flee down a different tunnel. Lindsey only noticed the Professor wasn’t behind them, when she saw the Raptors go down a different tunnel.

The three women were able to hobble together a good distance away, before the wounded stranger had to take a break.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” She said. “Thank you both. I think I can walk, I just need a minute.”

“I’ll go and check ahead.” Lindsey said, whilst Kirsteen tended to the woman’s wounds.

“Thank you, those things they were. They were.”

“Take it easy.” Kirsteen said.

“I just hope I haven’t killed the Professor.” She said as she examined the girls leg.

“We couldn’t have left you though. I’d rather die at least trying to do the right thing.”

Lindsey had reached the end of the tunnel. Just up ahead was a large cavern with a lake at the centre. The lake seemed to spread out to either side, beyond what Lindsey could see.

The only way forward was through the lake, but Lindsey knew from experience that some of the most dangerous prehistoric creatures resided in the water. She walked slowly to the lake and threw a pebble in to see if it would startle any creature.

There was nothing, but she still had to be sure. As she got closer to the water, she could see it was dark, murky and not likely to house any kind of life. She wasn’t looking forward to wading through it, but it seemed like her only option.

As she looked at either side of the cavern, she suddenly noticed a large figure emerging from the right hand side.

It was a large meat eating Dinosaur, a Carnotaurus. The animal had the same basic body plan as most large meat eating Dinosaurs.

It stood on two strong legs, had a long upright tail,  and a large head. Its arms however were much smaller than any other meat eater, even Tyrannosaurus. They were basically two stumps. Above each of its eyes meanwhile were large horns that almost made it look like a Demon.

The Dinosaurs skin was extremely thick, dark and plated meanwhile.

Lindsey had never actually seen one of this breed in the wild before, but she knew it from the Dinosaur books she had read as a child and adult. She was almost tempted to take a picture, but she wisely and slowly walked backwards from the the theropod.

The Carnotaurus didn’t seem to notice Lindsey. Instead it turned its attention towards the water. As Lindsey backed away, she almost tripped, but she managed to keep her footing. Unfortunately however the vile taste of the water made the Carnotaurus gag and vomit, and as it thrashed around it caught a sight of the time traveller. The Dinosaur didn’t live in the cave normally. Even the Raptors had only moved in her within the last few months. The shrinking of the valley had thrown its ecosystem into absolute chaos and the Dinosaurs were now moving beyond their natural habitats. The Carnotaurus had fled to the caves, simply to escape its part of the valley breaking off.

It was the last surviving member of its pack, and possibly of its species on the Moon.

Lindsey instantly ran as soon as the Dinosaur caught sight of her.. She knew from all the books she had read throughout her life that Carnotaurus was the fastest of all the large meat eating Dinosaurs. It could run up to 40 miles per hour, as fast as an Ostrich.

As she stumbled through the dark cave, she could hear and feel the giant catching up to her, with its hot breathe on her neck.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 2: The Last of their Kind

The Brontosaurus continued to chase the time travellers, it was absolutely relentless. The monster had become so paniced and stressed by the lack of food, and the loss of its herd, that it was almost crazed. It could think of nothing but stomping out any nearby threats.

Unfortunately the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen soon came to a dead end, with a gigantic mountain being ahead of the nearby jungle.

“Quick we need to hide in the undergrowth, He might miss us there.” The Professor said as he jumped down beneath some ferns and bushes.

The Brontosaurus knocked over dozens of trees as it stomped around in rage. At first it did miss the time travellers who tried to crawl to safety.  The Brontosaurus was not only a very stupid creature, but it had very poor eyesight.

When the animal saw it had come to a dead end via the mountain however, the Brontosaurus started to go beserk and blindly trampled the woods near it. It very nearly crushed Lindsey and Kirsteen under its gigantic foot without realizing, but fortunately they were both able to quickly swerve to either side. In the confusion however, Kirsteen became seperated from her two companions, whilst the monster continued to stomp around in panic.

As she tried to get away Kirsteen ended up running ahead of the beast and came into full view of the Sauropod.

The Brontosaurus quickly reached down and prepared to clamp its small jaws around Kirsteen, bu she easily managed to dodge the lumbering giant in time.

“You’re only supposed to eat plants” Kirsteen said in annoyance.

In truth however the Brontosaurus was not trying to eat her. It was just using any weapons it could against its enemies. Lindsey quickly ran in front of the monster and tried to distract it by throwing any twigs and dirt she could find at the beast. As soon as it turned its attention to her however, Kirsteen tried to draw it back away from Lindsey.

“Get out of here now.” Lindsey shouted.

“Why do you think you can handle it any better? You get out of here.”

“Oh for god sake” Lindsey said.

“This isn’t a macho thing, I have experience with Dinosaurs I know.” Before Lindsey could finish the Brontosaurus’ long serpentine neck quickly darted for Lindsey. Before she could evade it, the monster scooped her up in its jaws and lifted her into the air.

Fortunately its mouth wasn’t big enough to swallow her, and its tiny pegg shaped teeth barely cut her skin. The monster shook her from side to side in its mouth, but even then, the shakes were very slow and just made Lindsey feel a bit sick more than anything else.

The Dinosaur however still lifted Lindsey over 40 feet off the ground as it raised its neck upwards. Lindsey was almost sick at the sight below her. She’d never been good with heights.

Kirsteen could only watch helplessly. She wanted to do something, but if she did somehow manage to distract the Brontosaurus then it would most likely drop Lindsey to her death.

“Where the hell is the Professor.” Kirsteen said to herself.

As the Sauropod started to bite harder, its peg like teeth started to pierce Lindsey’s skin, and in pain and panic she kicked wildly, with one kick landing straight in the Dinosaur’s eye.

The Brontosaurus dropped Lindsey, who fell into a large tree. The branches broke her fall, but she still fell through them until she hit the ground below.  She didn’t break anything, but she was knocked out and the Brontosaurus started to close in on her.

Kirsteen quickly ran in front of Lindsey and started to throw things at the Brontosaurus for all the good it did.

Just then Kirsteen noticed some of the trees behind being trampled over.

“Oh god there’s not another of these bastards.” Kirsteen thought to herself.

The Professor however soon came running from the direction of the trampled trees. Behind him, Kirsteen could see what looked like a gigantic predatory Dinosaur, in actual fact an Allosaurus, the most numerous of the carnivores of the valley. The Allosaurus immediately set its sights on the Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus was about 5 times the size of the Allosaurus, yet the Brontosaurus looked far more scared than the Allosaurus.

The Brontosaurus reared up on its back legs, looking even larger than before. The Allosaurus however simply darted around with its much greater speed, confusing and scaring the giant.

The Brontosaurus was forced to stomp back down to the ground after a few minutes the strain on its back legs was too great, and for the few seconds it was disoriented, the Allosaurus jumped on the Sauropods side. It gripped onto the Brontosaurus’ body with the long talons on its hands, and slashed its head at the long necked giant’s side like a hatchet, cleaving off massive pieces of flesh.

The Brontosaurus thrashed around in in deseperation, knocking several trees down. Kirsteen was barely able to pull Lindsey’s unconscious body away in time from one of the Brontosaurus’ feet.

The Brontosaurus tried to ram the Allosaurus into some trees, but the meat eater was too quick and crawled onto the top of the larger Dinosaurs back, where it continued to slice more flesh off of the Brontosaurus’ gigantic bulk from either side. Unfortunately neither the Brontosaurus’ neck or tail could reach the Allosaurus’. The crafty theropod knew this, and it would always strike at the centre of the beasts body as a result. One whack from the Brontosaurus’ tail could kill the Allosaurus.

Eventually after a few minutes the Brontosaurus collapsed onto its belly from blood loss. Too weak to barely raise its tail, the Allosaurus still held on to its back even as the giant collapsed, and would continue to slash away for a few more moments until it was sure the Brontosaurus was down for good.

The Professor quickly ran by the Allosaurus as it feasted on its kill. The Allosaurus wouldn’t give them anymore trouble. It was too busy focused on its well earned larger meal. The Professor had counted on that. He knew that he couldn’t have taken down the Brontosaurus itself, so he quickly searched for a predatory Dinosaur that could.

It wouldn’t be too hard to find one here he guessed, as there were so many herbivores nearby. It was then just a simple question of leading it to the Brontosaurus.

Lindsey stared at the Allosaurus tearing into the Brontosaurus’ carcass with an almost grim fascination. She wanted to take a picture of the gruesome spectacle, but she thought it would look a bit strange in front of Kirsteen.

The Allosaurus itself was a truly remarkable animal. The perfect blend of savagery, cunning and speed. That fact that it was able to bring down such an animal 5 times its size with minimal effort, almost earned it Lindsey’s respect. The large meat eaters had always been her favourites as a child after all.

The Allosaur however soon noticed the awestruck and horrified humans and Vampire and let out a mighty roar to scare them away.

“I think we should be going” The Professor said.

“I didn’t enjoy leading that monster to the Brontosaurus, but he didn’t leave us much choice” The Professor continued as the three time travellers crept their way through the thick jungle, past the Allosaurus that returned to devouring its kill.

As the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen made their way through the jungle, they saw more Dinosaurs in the woods. Mostly Triceratops’ and Hadrosaurs. These two Dinosaur species didn’t normally socialise, but as the populations had dwindled so much, various different species had gathered together for protection.

At the end of the forest, the Professor could see what looked like the entrance to a cave system. The cave was connected to the mountain that had blocked their path ahead earlier, and ran right around the forest.

Just next to the cave, and beyond the forest was a large open plain, where dozens of Triceratops and Hadrosaurs all congregated.

In the very distance of the plains, near the forest Lindsey could see what looked like a pack of Dromeosaurs circling a Hardosaur.

These Dromeosaurs or Raptors were far larger than those Lindsey, the Professor and Kirsteen had seen when they first entered the valley.

They were at least 6 feet tall, and over twice as long. They still looked small however compared to the Hadrosaur.

The Raptors were not hunting the Hadrosaur itself however. Lindsey could see that several of the Raptors had made their way to the Hadrosaurs nest in the woods behind, where they were dragging the baby Hadrosaurs away kicking and screaming.

Once they got the infants a good distance away, the Raptors killed them either by slicing their stomachs open with the sickle like claws on their feet, or by ramming their claws into the infants necks and choking them on their own blood. The infants screams soon alerted the adult Hadrosaur who charged back in the direction of the nest.

Whilst the rest of the Dromeosaurs scattered, one quickly descended from the tree tops, like a giant bird of prey. This Raptor looked larger than the rest and was probably the alpha, Lindsey thought.

The alpha Raptor sunk the claws on both its hands and feet into the Hadrosaurs back, and held on, similar to how the Allosaur had jumped onto the Brontosaurus.

The Raptor however didn’t attack in quite the same way. Instead it merely held on, whilst the Hadrosaur frantically tried to shake it off.

The Raptors were capable of bringing down big game, but only when they had too. Even for a pack it was still difficult taking down a 40 foot long Dinosaur such as a Hadrosaur, and so they preferred to target their offspring instead.

The Alpha held the Hadrosaur off long enough for the rest of the pack to drag the Hadrosaurs infants deeper off into the woods out of sight. The Alpha then retreated back to the tree tops, whilst the rest of the pack scattered back into the woods.

“We should have done something”, Kirsteen who had also noticed the gruesome sight said with regret.

“No” The Professor said firmly. “We have to let nature take its course, besides we don’t have time.”

The Professor had barely paid any attention to the Raptors. He was focused instead on the cave. It looked more like the rest of the moon, than the artificial magical landscape around it.

“The magical centre of the valley like I said will most likely be underground” the Professor continued as he walked towards the cave.

“There are a lot of corpses in there. I can smell them.” The Professor said.

“It does appear to be our only way forward though.”

“There’s bound to be more caves around here somewhere.” Kirsteen replied.

“Yes but we don’t have the time to look for them. This whole valley is holding on by its finger nails.” The Professor marched ahead into the cave without even looking back.

“He never likes to talk things over” Kirsteen said.

“To be fair he’s right this time.” Lindsey replied.

“You saw those Dinosaurs floating off into space. He has no idea where those caves lead, but still its not exactly safe out here either.” Lindsey said as she saw one of the Raptors drag a small Hardosaurs away in the distance.

The inside of the cave was surprisingly light. It was grey and dusty however, much like the moon’s surface.

“I can sense the magic here. Its stronger than anywhere else. We’re on the right track though I still have no idea where this centre is, or how we are going to fix it.”

“Well journey of a thousand miles and all that.” Kirsteen said.

“I just hope something doesn’t eat us before we finish the journey.” She continued

“Well if we run into something hungry you can always sing.” The Professor said, whilst Lindsey struggled not to giggle.

The three time travellers reached the end of the tunnel, where they saw a massive cavern below that was filled with the bones of various Dinosaurs and other animals, including human beings.

All of the Dinosaurs and animal bones looked relatively small. Some of them were clearly infants of larger Dinosaur species.

“This is the Raptors cave.” Lindsey said.

“They must drag the babies they kill in here.”

Suddenly several Raptors began to emerge from behind the corpses, roaring and hissing.

“Well I think that’s our cue to get of here.” Kirsteen said

“No” The Professor replied.

“I told you we have to go ahead. Its only Raptors.”

The Professor jumped down to face the three Dinosaurs, baring his fangs and roaring. The Raptors were a little taken aback at first. They had hunted many humans, but they had never seen even the largest and strongest humans face them so brazenly. Little did they know the Professor wasn’t even human.

Still the largest Raptor jumped at the old Vampire who quickly tossed the Dinosaur aside. The second Raptor meanwhile, the Professor sent tumbling over his shoulder and into a larg pile of human bones behind. The final Raptor started to back away a bit in fear, as the Professor slowly walked towards it.

The Raptor tried to hiss at him, but the Professor simply laughed and snarled back.

The Vampire however realised too late that it had been tricked, when a fourth Raptor emerged from behind a small pile of bones and jumped the Professor from behind. Before he could react, the third Raptor then jumped on top of him, as did the first two Dinosaurs who had recovered.

They all slashed their claws into the Professor. Had he been an ordinary human, the Raptors would have cut him to pieces! Still he was unable to break free from the Dinosaurs.

Lindsey and Kirsteen prepared to jump into the cavern below to help the Professor, but as they did, they suddenly heard the sound of several Raptors behind them.

Three of the Raptors from the forest, with one of them holding the body of a Hadrosaur by the neck had managed to creep up on the two time travellers.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 1: Valley of the Beasts


“Get behind me.” Orlagia shouted. Even though he was much older, weaker and slower than Hisera, he still couldn’t help but see her as his little girl who needed to be protected.

Granted it didn’t matter much either way as neither would have much chance against an Allosaurus.

The Allosaurus stood 13 feet at the shoulder and was almost 40 feet long. It stood in a horizontal bird like stance, whilst its skin was thick and scaly like a crocodiles. It balanced itself on two bird like legs, whilst its tail that was positioned upright swung from side to side. The monsters forearms were relatively short compared to the rest of its body, though they still came equipped with three, very sharp claws. The Allosaurus’  head was long and ended in a sharp, pointed snout, whilst its large green eyes were placed at the front of its head. Just above its eyes were two large, red crests.

The monsters long, razor sharp teeth were dripping in blood and smeared in pieces of flesh from its latest victims. It had been hunting the same small hadrosaur that the two humans had been chasing. (It was a testament to how skilled the Allosaurus were as ambush hunters that the humans hadn’t even noticed the giant creeping in the bushes behind. )

Now however the Dinosaur’s attention was focused on the two humans.

The Allosaurus were the most numerous carnivore species in the valley. Though not the largest or most powerful, they were still among the fastest, and this coupled with their large size meant that no human could possibly hope to either outfight or outrun them.

As a result the humans normally did all they could to avoid these carnosaurs. They normally didn’t even bother the Hadrosaurs and the Stegosaurs that the Allosaurus hunted. However recent conditions in the valley had forced all of the creatures within to alter their behaviours drastically. Even the Allosaurus had found it difficult to adapt to these new circumstances.

Orlagia held his spear up at the Allosaurus’ face and waved if for a few minutes. The monster seemed more confused by this display than intimidated. Normally its prey, regardless of its size would run. The Allosaurus let out a roar in frustration, but the caveman stood his ground. Hisera tried to pull the foolish old man away, but as she did, he hurled his spear straight at the neck of the Allosaur. Unfortunately however the spear more or less bounced off of the Dinosaurs thick scales, producing only a minor cut.

This was still enough to enrage the theropod however and the monster charged at the two, terrified humans. Hisera pushed Orlagia out of the way in time, but the Allosaur still knocked her off her feet with one swing of its head.

The Allosaurus had among the thickest and strongest skulls of any meat eating Dinosaur. One whack from its head was enough to break 4 of HIsera’s ribs and one of her arms.

As she crawled along the floor with her remaning arm the Allosaurus started to toy with its prey. Every time she managed to haul herself up, the Allosaur would push her down again. After a few more minutes of playing, the monster then started to open its jaws around Hisera’s head. Its hot, stinking breath made her almost want to choke.

Not giving up, Hisera pulled a stone knife from her back pack and stabbed it into the Allosaurus’ tongue just as its jaws were about to clamp shut around her. The monster screamed in pain and jumped backwards, quickly spitting the knife out before it choked. The monster tore down several trees in its distress, whilst Orlagia tried to help Hisera up.

As the two weakened humans tried to crawl away before the Allosaur recovered, a much bigger danger soon emerged.

In the distance, Orlagia could see several trees being ripped off of the ground and flying through the air by an unknown force. All of the mighty Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the area soon followed, as did rocks, and even the earth itself. They all vanished upwards into the black abyss above.

“We have to move now.” he said to Hisera. Unfortunately however she couldn’t walk, as the Allosaurus had twisted her ankle when it pushed her. The old man was forced to carry her. As much as he struggled, he couldn’t just leave her to the mercy of the mysterious force that had torn up their entire valley.

The Allosaurus also began to flee, with even the great reptile shrieking in terror as the trees and landscape ahead were literally ripped from the ground.

The Allosaurus quickly ran ahead of the two humans, but as it did the ground ahead started to shake and within a few seconds the trees and the earth started to float off into the dark sky.

The Allosaurus tried to keep ahead, but even with its great speed it was no match and the monster was soon lifted up into the sky. The former ruler of the valley now looked an almost pitiful sight as hopelessly clawed and kicked att he air before floating away to his doom, alongside the other giants of the valley.

Orlagia and Hisera quickly retreated back down the way they came, through an old cave system which led underground. It was the perfect way to escape any giant predatory Dinosaurs as they were too big to make their way down the hole.

Unfortunately as they neared the entrance, Orlagia began to feel himself drifting off of the ground and with his last ounce of strength, he threw Hisera to the cave entrance. Hisera tried to crawl back the way but she could see it was too late. Orlagia had already begun to float away into the sea of giant beasts up ahead. Unlike the Dinosaurs however he appeared to accept his fate, with his final words being to tell Hisera to flee.

Hisera quickly dropped herself down into the cave below. The underground was safe for now from the strange force that was ripping their valley to pieces (which was another reason it was the perfect route for her tribe.)

How much longer could they last however. Within the last few months the valley been torn almost completely apart by this strange monstrous force. So little of their once beautiful land remained. There was just a tiny scrap in the middle, that was gradually breaking apart and once it was gone, there would be nowhere else for her people to escape too.

“Ah we’ve finally reached our destination.” The Professor said enthusiastically.

“Its only been a couple of weeks. Hardly enough time to unwind after all that crap with those hopping Vampires.” Kirsteen moaned.

“Well the journey’s seem a lot longer with you constantly moaning young lady.”

“Its not my fault there’s nothing to do here.”

“Well I’ve tried to restore our collection after that Demon destroyed it haven’t I?” The Professor said impatiently.

Lindsey and the Professors priceless collection of books and art gathered from all across the universe had been destroyed by a Demon during their first adventure with Kirsteen, and The Professor at first believed them to be gone forever. Recently however he had stumbled upon an obscure enchantment in his even greater collection of spells, that he hoped could bring at least some of the collection back.

The enchantment was one of the most powerful and unpredictable spells in all the galaxies. It could bring something back, up to and including a person, or even several people from a simple memory in someone’s mind.

The strain involved however was so great that it would often destroy the person whose memory was being used. Added to that, like any resurrection spell, it rarely brought the dead back as they once were.

The Professor however felt that the magics could be used to bring back his collection from his memories. If it went wrong then it wouldn’t be the same as trying to bring back a person and it going wrong. Also the strain of bringing back books and art would not be as great either.

Unfortunately however whilst some of the books did return as they were, many of them were caricatures of their former selves. The magics were so unstable that they confused many of the Professor’s memories together, resulting in several classic books being merged together.

1984 and Gone with The Wind were merged into a strange, masochistic love story, with Scarlet torturing Winston Smith instead of O’Brien and falling in love with him during their torture session. A Christmas Carol was merged with War of the Worlds and saw  Scrooge receive a vision of the Martians invading from the Ghost of the last of the previous race the Martians wiped out (the previous race on Mars), and the ghost of someone in the future after the Martians tear down all earth cities. Scrooge then tries to warn everybody, but they refuse to listen to him, due to his miserly past. Scrooge eventually learns to be a better person when he helps to save people during the war, and helps to rebuild humanity afterwards.

Lindsey found the new versions distasteful, as did the Professor, though Kirsteen actually thought they were quite funny. Sadly for her however the Professor refused to try and use the magics to recreate the books again, leaving Kirsteen with very little to do.

“I liked A Christmas War.” Kirsteen protested to the Professor. “I always hated Dickens personally. His work needed an editor. This was an improvement.” Kirsteen said.

“Yes well thankfully most people throughout human history have better taste than you Miss Williamson.”

“Still there’s no point in having a time machine if you are just going to sit in reading books.” The Professor continued.

“Yes well you know you could probably make some money out of those books.”

“That would change the timeline Kirsteen” Lindsey said.

“Plus I wouldn’t want anyone to know that we were responsible for those monstrosities. I shudder to think what has happened when people have used those magics to bring people back.” Lindsey continued.

“Well whatever the case” The Professor interrupted. “It looks like we’ve landed near the moon.”

“The moon? Are you telling me there’s aliens on the moon right enough.” Kirsteen said excitedly.

“Of course not. Its a tried up rock, no life could live there. It has however become a perfect hiding place for Demons and other monsters as a result.”

“Stand still, I’ll need to perform a spell that will allow us, or rather you two to survive the atmosphere down there. Think of it like a magical space suit, except you can wear whatever you want with it.”

“Good I always like to dress my best when I’m on a giant, dusty rock filled with Demons.” Kirsteen replied.

After quickly finishing the spell, the Professor teleported himself and his two companions down to the surface of the moon. They landed on the side of the moon facing away from the earth.

“Damn I wanted to get a picture of the view of the earth.” Lindsey said.

“This side really is a wasteland.”

“Yes I must admit I wouldn’t have chosen the dark side of the moon, or the far side to be more accurate as one of the first places to take our new friend, but remember we go where we are needed.”

“What year is this.” Kirsteen asked.

“Are we in danger of running into any moonbases or.”

“No I’m afraid not. Its 1965 to be exact. No humans have set foot here yet. Whatever is lurking in these craters is completely unknown to man. Until now.”

“I can’t wait.” Kirsteen said sarcastically.

“Its funny” Kirsteen continued. “To think down there I’ll be just 10 years old, annoying my brother by singing over his favourite Beatles songs when they’d come on the radio. I always thought they were simpler times, but now apparently there Demons on the Moon even back then.”

“You can sing now if you want” Lindsey said.

“We have nothing else to do in this godforsaken place. If it’ll make you happy. I always loved your music, and there isn’t even anything that would make a good picture. Just rocks and craters.”

“Exactly” The Professor interrupted. “So why should we be punished further.”

In response Kirsteen started singing just to annoy the Professor.

In truth the Professor didn’t mind her music at all, but he was such a snob he would never admit to liking any popular music from the 20th or 21st or 22nd centuries.

He looked down on those eras as being periods of great stagnation.

As the trio reached the top of the mountain, the Professor suddenly stopped.

“Oh come on my singing isn’t that bad.” Kirsteen joked.

The Professor simply pointed up in amazement. In the distance of the black sky the Professor could see what looked like a gigantic Triceratops floating through space. Behind it were the bodies of several smaller meat eating Dinosaurs, Raptors, that had clearly been fighting with the herbivore before being dragged sucked out into the abyss of space.

“Unbelievable, Dinosaurs on the Moon.” Kirsteen said.

“You sure we’re in 1965?”

The Professor however simply leaped over the top of the hill, with Kirsteen and Lindsey following.

On the other side of the hill the three time travellers could see what looked like a valley filled with forests, lakes and prehistoric creatures.

It was hard to make out, but they could what looked like several sauroped, long necked Dinosaurs running around scared. They could also see what looked like several people, cornering a small ceratopsian Dinosaur near the ruins of an old mountain.

“Of course” the Professor said as he clutched his lapels proudly.

“Its a Dragons land.”

“A what?” Kirsteen asked.

“Dragons land” Lindsey repeated. She was better at explaining these things than the Professor, who would often get too impatient.

“You see Kirsteen Dragons are not only real, but they’re Dinosaurs. Just as humans become Witches, and Warlocks when exposed to magic, then Dinosaurs become Dragons when exposed to magic. The first Dragons were created by a Witch named Sarkassan. According to the legends she performed a resurrection spell on the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and brought it back to life. She did more than that however. She infused it with magic, creating the first Dragon, who would then go on to resurrect more of his kin. The Dragons sought to rule the earth, and warred with the Gods. In some places like in China the Dragons won, and were revered as magical, majestic creatures, whilst in Europe, they lost and were reduced to becoming outlaws, thieves and monsters.”

“What does this have to do with the moon?” Kirsteen asked.

“Patience, God she’s as impatient as you Professor.  During their war with the Gods, the Dragons built several isolated areas where they bred resurrected Dinosaurs. Dragon Lands or Lost Worlds, whatever you want to call them. That way there would always be more Dinosaurs for them to turn into Dragons. The lands were hidden all over the earth, on remote islands, plateau’s, the tops of mountains. The Dragons lands were artificial environments, created entirely through magic, but they had enough plants, water and artificial, magical sunlight to ensure the Dinosaur populations would thrive. After the Gods won the war, they allowed these Dragon Lands to continue to exist. The Dinosaurs without magic after all were just simple beasts. There were hundreds of Dragon lands or Lost Worlds, hidden all over the earth, we’ve visited a few, but I had no idea there was one on the Moon. Makes sense after all. It would not only be the perfect place to hide, but also for the Dragons to launch an attack on the earth.”

“What about the people down there?”

“Sometimes the Dragons would keep small populations of humans in their lands too. Either humans they hated and wanted to punish, or sometimes the reverse was true, and they’d place humans they wanted to survive in the lands; though they’d put them in secure places, away from the Dinosaurs. From the looks of things however these humans were on the Dragons shit list.”

“Possibly not” The Professor interrupted.

“This Dragon land is clearly breaking apart. That explains our friends floating about up there. I’ve seen it before. The magic used to create these artificial environments was often quite unstable. The Dragons were able to manage them no problem, but now that they’re gone. These lands often break apart into magical tornado’s which either rip the life forms in them apart, or hurls them into the air, which obviously happened here.”

“So I guess that’s why the Gods didn’t destroy the Lands. It was easier just to let them crumble to bits and not get their hands dirty.” Lindsey said with regret.

“Exactly, and that’s clearly why we’re here. To stabilise this land of prehistoric, wonderful creatures before it breaks away into space. For all we know this could be the last Dragon land in existence.”

“How can we possibly do that?”

“If we make our way to the core of the valley, underground then a quick shot of magic should help to stabilise it. It won’t be easy though as we’ll have to make our way through the Dinosaurs.”

“That’s the best part.” Lindsey said excitedly.

“Yes well lets just try to keep our heads down.”

The three time travellers walked down the hill into the valley which looked as though it was in the middle of the day. It was tiny flickr of light and life on an otherwise barren rock.

When the three time travellers entered the valley, they saw several small meat eating Dinosaurs, similar to Raptors standing near the edge in both curiosity and fear. The creatures looked starved and weak, and some were even snapping at each other.

“Poor devils” The Professor said.

“Even if we fix the valley, its ecosystem has probably been damaged beyond repair.”

Up ahead the trio could see a small heard of sauropod Dinosaurs drinking from a small lake.

Lindsey instantly got out her camera and started to take photos.

“God I love Dinosaurs. I prefer them to most people I’ve met.” Lindsey said as she snapped at the giants ahead.

“I prefer them at a distance myself.” Kirsteen said as she looked back, somewhat nervously at the Raptors.

Suddenly the tree up ahead came tumbling down, nearly crushing the Professor who managed to catch it with his Vampiric strength and hold it up for a few minutes before he was forced to let go.

The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen came face to face with a gigantic Brontosaurus. This was a male and was thus not only larger and more aggressive, but from the looks of things starving.

Not only had most of the valley broken off into space, but the few plants and vegetation left in the valley had begun to wither and die too. This had naturally caused many of the giant herbivores to die off, as well as the carnivores who preyed on them. The few survivors were now pushed to their very limits, with even the gentle giants like the Brontosaurus having become hostile and aggressive. The herbivores not only had to constantly fight off the desperate carnivores who had become a lot more bold and reckless in their desperation, but even each other for the few scraps of vegetation left.

The Brontosaurus started to roar and stamp its feet at the sight of the three time travellers.

It was frightened of the humans, some of tribes of whom in desperation had attacked the giants. The humans had been able to take down the giant Sauropods by chasing them over the edge of cliffs using flaming torches, similar to how humans hunted Wooly Mammoth’s thousands of years ago.

“Calm down big fella, we’re not going to hurt you.” Lindsey said gently to the monster as she and the others slowly backed away.”

“Can you speak Dinosaur?” Kirsteen asked, genuinely.

“Of course not, don’t be silly.”

“Hey there are Dinosaurs on the moon and he’s a Vampire.”

The Brontosaurus let out a massive roar and started to chase the three time travellers deeper into the valley.

Though it was slow moving, its gigantic size allowed it to keep up with Lindsey, Kirsteen and even the Professor. On step for the Brontosaurus was like 7 for the humans and the Vampire.

“I thought the long necked ones were supposed to be friendly.” Kirsteen shouted.

To Be Continued




Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 9: The New Kingdom


The last of the Professor’s Vampires had been overpowered by the wild Jiang Shi. The villagers had long since given up trying to fight the bloodsuckers and were now blindly fleeing.

The Professors Vampires had fought to the end, and they had taken down dozens of the wild Jiang Shi, but ultimately they were simply outnumbered by the wild Jiang Shi and the villagers were of little to no help. Still at the very least the wild Jiang Shi’s numbers had been dwindled to a mere 20 or so, though that was still more than enough to rip what was left of the village to pieces.

The wild Jiang Shi cut off the exit to the forest and gathered together to chase down the surviving villagers who were forced to flee back into the burning ruins. The monsters however were suddenly stopped in their tracks by the sight of their former pack leader, now standing with the Professor and the others, who emerged from the sea of fleeing, helpless villagers.

The Emperor was completely under the Professors control. Despite his greater strength, all of the Jiang Shi were just as vulnerable to the Professor’s magics.

The Emperor jumped into the crowd of wild Vampires who almost all backed away in fear from him.

One of the Vampires tried to stand up to its former master, only for the Emperor to punch a hole in its chest and then tear its head clean off.

As the other Vampires fled back to the forest in panic, the Emperor chased them down and tore several more of the bloodsuckers apart.

A few of the villagers were distracted by the spectacle and started to cheer on the Emperor which soon drew the attention from the rest of the fleeing civilians.

“I knew that evil would never consume him. Our Emperor is far too strong. He shall use the evil to destroy itself.” One of the villagers cheered.

“Let us not forget who it was that brought this down on us.” Another said.

The Emperor slew another 5 of the Vampires before the rest scattered into the woods, except for one bloodsucker who quickly ran past the Emperor and grabbed a young girl who had become seperated from the rest of the crowd.

The Vampire held its talons up to the terrified childs throat as the Emperor advanced towards him.

“Stop” The Professor commanded which caused the Emperor to halt instantly.

“Clever little bloodsucker” Lindsey said.

“Please, please, don’t let him hurt my baby.” One of the villagers begged. In her panic her child had been swept up in the fleeing crowd. She had tried to find her, but in the stampede she was almost crushed.

“Don’t worry. I promise we won’t let that monster harm her.” Lindsey said reassuringly, whilst the Professor rolled his eyes.

“Honestly I do wish she wouldn’t keep promising things she can’t deliver.” The Professor said to himself.

“How are we supposed to get her out of that Vampires clutches.”

The Vampire holding the child hopped back a few more feet, still clutching the child in its talons. Every time the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee or the Empress would make a move forward, the Vampire would stop and thurst its claws back up to the terrified childs neck.

Suddenly however the Vampire started to claw at the air behind it. It was Asika. The Ghost was still terrified of the Vampires, but ultimately she was even more scared of just being left in this state forever. She had followed the Professor and the others out of the castle. Even if the Vampires did manage to destroy her spirit, it would still be preferrable to being left as a Ghost, able to still see, but unable to ever interact with the world again she thought to herself.

As she tussled with the Vampire however, her old fears started to come back. Still Asika managed to distract the beast long enough not only for the little girl to get away, but for the Professor to impale the Jiang Shi through the chest with his enchanted sword, killing the beast instantly.

“Come we have to stop them escaping into the woods or we’ll never find them.” The Professor said.

Out in the forest the Professor with the Emperor in tow quickly cornered three more Jiang Shi against a small tree.

“I don’t know if any of you can understand me.” The Professor said.

“If you can I just want you to know that I take no pleasure in this, but it has to be done. Emperor destroy every single Jiang Shi here.”

The Emperor started to tear the lesser Vampires apart. Some of them tried to fight back but it was hopeless. The evil had been brewing inside the Emperor for so long that his power was many times that of the rest of the Jiang Shi.

One of the Vampires meanwhile silently headed back to the village. This Vampire had realised that the Professor was controlling the Emperor through the yellow paper. The creature was barely capable of any kind of advanced thought, but it had still been able to work it out when fighting the Professor’s Vampires, when the Vampire accidentally tore the paper off of one of their heads. Even with their more animalistic nature, the Jiang Shi still had limited cognitive abilities. This Jiang however knew that it couldn’t just walk up to the Emperor and rip it off his head, so it quietly crept back into the village to get something that could help it.

The Emperor soon cornered another 4 Vampires, whilst the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee and the Empress meanwhile still searched frantically for more of the bloodsuckers who were now cowering in the woods. Up ahead Lee saw one of the creatures had become stuck in the swamp outside the village. It was buried up to its waist, though the more it struggled, the more it was pulled under.

“Poor soul” Kirsteen said.

“Can’t we do something? I’m not saying we should help him, but can’t you put him out of his misery?”

“I’m afraid not. I’d have to throw this sword straight into his heart from here which I could do, but we need all the weapons we can. We could try and pull him out, but he’d probably try and kill us anyway. As callous as it may sound it is one less Vampire to worry about.”

Within a few more seconds the Vampire sunk beneath the sand completely much to the time travellers horror, whilst the Empress meanwhile was more focused on her husband. Whilst she hated seeing him in this state, in a way she was happy that his last act was to protect the kingdom he had sworn to die for.

Just then however she suddenly noticed one of the Jian Shi in the distance holding a flaming piece of wood. It was the Vampire that had returned to the village. It had ripped a piece of wood off of one of the flaming houses, which it then hurled at the Emperor.

The Emperor’s clothes instantly caught fire, and whilst he did not react at first, eventually the flames spread their way to the paper on his head. The Empress tried to run to stop the fire but it was too late and within a matter of seconds the paper had burned off. The fire from the torch also began to spread its way through the woods behind.

The Emperor then quickly turned around and instantly headed for the Professor and the others, his body still ablaze.

The only way forward for the Professor and the others however was through the swamp, and worse, the three remaining Vampires in the woods around the Emperor soon started to follow him again.

The time travellers stood their ground however, and Lindsey, the Empress, the Professor and Kirsteen all tried to attack the Emperor with their swords. The Vampire managed to dodge every one of their blows, but at least they kept him distracted for the time being. Lee meanwhile used what little magics he had to push one of the Vampires into the other two. Whilst they were down on the ground he then stabbed his enchanted sword straight through one of the Vampires hearts, and decapitated the other as it rose up.

The Vampire that had freed the Emperor however had wisely remained at the back, and it hopped backwards towards the blazing forest where it tore another piece of burning wood from a tree and hurled it at the Wizard knocking him to the forest floor. The Vampire then started to slash the Wizard over and over again. In his desperation Lee called to the others for help, but unfortunately he only distracted them long enough for the Emperor to grab the Empress and sink his fangs into her throat.

Lindsey tried to intervene, but the Emperor with one bat of his hand sent her flying backwards into the swamp.

The Professor tried to strike the Emperor down, but when he tried to swing his sword, the Emperor knocked it out of his hand and into the swamp too.

“Go help Lee now” The Professor said to Kirsteen.

“But what about”.

“Go now!” He shouted.

The Professor picked up the Empress’ sword and tried to strike the Jiang Shi again, but the monster simply threw the Empress’ seemingly lifeless body into the Professor, who he then proceeded to beat viciously.

The Professor tried to fight back, but not only was his strength no match for the Jiang Shi, every time he struck the beast he would simply burn his hands on the fire.

Lindsey watched in horror as the Professor was easily overpowered. She tried to break free from the swamps pull, but it was hopeless. Just as all seemed lost, Lindsey felt something pull her up with a tremendous force. It was Asika.

As Lindsey was hoisted up she grabbed some of the quick sand and threw it at the Emperor, drawing his attention away for a few moments. The Vampire stood in confusion at the sight of Lindsey hovering in the air, seemingly by herself, and the Professor quickly used this opportunity to thrust the Empress’ sword into the Emperor’s chest.

The Emperor let out a scream and the mini explosion from the sword burning him, sent the Vampire hurling ten feet into the swamp to beside Lindsey, though unfortunately he took the sword with him.

The Emperor pulled himself a few feet through the swamp. He still sunk like the others, but his greater strength helped the Vampire to resist the pull for longer and even move about in the swamp.

The Emperor grabbed onto Lindsey’s legs as she was almost pulled free and tried to drag her back down.

Asika tried to pull and pull, but the Vampire held on tight. The Professor meanwhile stood powerless at the side. He desperately racked through spells he could use to hurt the Vampire in his mind, when suddenly the Empress used her last ounce of strength to hurl the body of one of the dead Jiang Shi onto the Emperor which caused him to let go of Lindsey and sink into the quicksand.

The Empress then collapsed into the Professor’s arms.

“Is he gone for good now?”

“Yes he is.”

“I’m going to become one of them soon.”

“I’m afraid.”

Before the Professor could even finish the Empress pulled her knife out and stuck it straight through her heart. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

Kirsteen meanwhile had arrived to see the Vampire standing over Lee’s beaten and slashed body. Just as it prepared to land a killing bite on his throat, Kirsteen stabbed it in the back. The Vampire reached out and grabbed her by the arm, but she pushed her sword in deeper and deeper until the Vampire let go. Kirsteen then pushed the Vampire back away from Lee and slashed it several more times. Rather than stay and fight the Vampire quickly ran through the flaming woods behind, knowing that Kirsteen couldn’t follow it.

Kirsteen pulled Lee away from the fire which soon spread through the most of the nearby forest.

We need to get back to the ship. My magics can repel the flames but we have to hurry. Asika you can’t come with us, but you should be safe here. Thank you , thank you”

The flames soon forced the Professor and the others to retreat to the teleportation site before he could finish properly thanking the Ghost. On the ship the Vampire was able to whip up a quick spell which put out the fire below before it spread to the village.

The Professor, Lindsey, and Kirsteen would return to the forest to search for the surviving Jiang Shi. In some ways that was easier than the task Lee had ahead of him.

Lee had to tell the prince that his mother had not made it. It was decided that it would be better coming from Lee, as even though he had been an enemy to both of the boys parents, the prince still knew Lee and had been friendly with him at some point.

“Where’s mother? Please tell me.”

“I’m sorry son. She died saving all of us. She was a hero to the end.”

Lee’s kind words didn’t sooth the blow for the boy at all.

“Was it, was it that thing that took over my father that killed her.”

Lee didn’t answer. How could he? Still his silence told the boy everything he needed to know, and the young prince collapsed in the Wizard’s arms.

The prince bore the Wizard no ill will. He realised that if Lee had had his way all of this suffering could be avoided. The boy however also understood his mothers reasons and bore her no ill will either.

Sadly however the rest of the kingdom would not be so forgiving to the late Emperor’s family.

The kingdom’s capital lay in ruins and Lee would be forced to take over, with the Prince being too young. The survivors in the capital championed Lee to be their new ruler after the bravery he had shown against the Jiang Shi. Whilst the Wizard was reluctant at first he realised he had no choice, as he had a far greater knowledge of the supernatural than anyone else in the kingdom.

The last of the Jiang had managed to escape in the fire and confusion despite The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen’s best efforts. On top of that there were various other survivors who were infected and would turn over the next few weeks. Though Lee would do his best to try and stamp out the last of the Jiang Shi, the monsters would continue to terrorise the countryside for many more centuries to come and make many more of their kind. They were never able to attack the captial again however, as Lee made sure every civilian knew the weaknesses of the beast. Some Jiang Shi would even be tamed by the magics Lee learned from the Professor and used to protect the cities, but the kingdom would never regain its former protection from the supernatural. Not only would they have to continue to deal with more Vampires, but various other Demons and Supernatural creatures would soon begin to flock to the kingdom once they learned its magical defences were down. Lee would also have to deal with many more spirits and ghosts caused by the magical upheavel too.

Akira meanwhile would decide to stay by Lee’s side. After the Emperor’s defeat, Akira had helped to rebuild the village during which she began to see how her powers could help people. Far from being able to see the world but not interact with it, like she had initially believed, Akira saw that she could influence the world to a greater extent than ever before. She refused to let the Professor exorcise her, though he would leave her with the secrets of how to do so if she ever changed her mind, and she would come close several times as the years rolled on. Still ultimately Akira would continue to help Lee battle the Vampires and other threats to the kingdom for many centuries to come.

Arguably Lee’s biggest obstacle was to arrange a funeral for the Empress. Most of the survivors were against it, but Lee felt he owed it to the Prince who he would look after as his own son. Sadly however the Empress’ grave would be vandalised many times over the next few decades.

The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen would stay for a few months to help Lee get settled in as the new Emperor, before quietly slipping away back to their ship.

Lee had not wanted them to leave at all. He felt that he could only protect the kingdom properly with the three time travellers help, but sadly they were needed elsewhere in another time and another place.

Lee would continue to rule as the Emperor for many more centuries to come, with his magics allowing him to remain immortal. Unfortunately his reign would later end under horrific circumstances, but the immortal Wizard would always stand guard over the kingdom regardless of whether he was its ruler or not.

The End

The Professor, Lindsey, and Kirsteen will return in The Dark Side of the Moon later this month. For now I am going to take a short break from this series and the Circus Master whilst I get this blog in order.

Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 8: The Emperor’s New Clothes

(Sorry about the delay. Christmas has been quite hectic this year. This story is still not quite finished yet, but it will be by next week. At the very least the final two parts are longer.)

The Jiang Shi circled Lindsey. She held up her single half bag of sticky rice against the monsters to try and ward them off, but it wasn’t working this time. These Vampires were bolder, and much more bloodthirsty and feral than before.

As all seemed lost for Lindsey, a small group of villagers emerged from behind the flaming wreckage of several houses, carrying torches and large blocks of burning wood.

The villagers started to fight with the Vampires. They had an advantage at first, more because they surprised the Demons than anything else and were able to knock some of the Vampires off their feet.

It didn’t take long for the Demons to overpower the villagers however. One of the villagers was impaled with his own flaming piece of wood, whilst another was jumped by several of the bloodsuckers who tore her to pieces.

Lindsey tried to help in the fight, but the one of the Vampires quickly tossed her aside with one bat of its hand.

As the Vampire prepared to pin her to the ground, Lindsey grabbed a flaming piece of wood that one of the other villagers had dropped and smacked the Vampire right in the face, sending it crashing to the ground.

Lindsey then placed the flaming wood around a Jiang Shi’s neck from behind. Catching it by surprise, she was able to pull the undead monster away from a villager that it was about to attack, before hurling the Vampire over her shoulder into three more bloodsuckers behind.

“We have to get out of here now.” Lindsey said to the 7 or so remaining villagers.

“Where too? They tore down our last shelter. Those monsters strength is limitless.”

“Where were you hiding?”

“In the temple. We thought its holy power would protect us but.”

“Sometimes it can, but with these things, well lets just say its more mundane.” Lindsey said as she clutched her sticky rice. “Anyway it doesn’t matter, we need to get back to the temple”

“Its doors were ripped open.”

“This will hold them back.” Lindsey said as she held up the little sticky rice she had left.

The villagers felt they could trust Lindsey simply from the fact that the Vampires wanted her dead too. Besides they didn’t have any other options.

The temple was just around the corner. It was a small, modest building. Religion had more or less deteoriated in this kingdom, though there were still some who worshipped the symbol of Buddha, without much knowledge of his teachings. The buildings stood more as significant cultural symbols of the knigdoms great past. Generally speaking magic and spiritualism were seen as a thing of the past.

The two front doors to the Temple had been ripped off completely, whilst a Jiang Shi stood near the door, drinking the blood from the corpse of an unfortunate young woman who had foolishly tried to defend the temple.

The villagers ran past the Vampire into the Temple, though several of the Vampires noticed them, Lindsey was able to block the entrance with the remainder of her sticky rice.

Just as before the Vampires hopped backwards in fear hissing at the entrance. Unfortunately however several more Vampires were soon attracted by the commotion and dozens more of the bloodsuckers gathered around the Temple.

Lindsey searched around the small temple for any exit. All she found was the entrance to a small crypt that led to a dead end.

Lindsey checked the back windows, but unfortunately they were surrounded by streets filled with dozens more Jiang Shi. If they tried to run that way then its possible one of the crowd of 8 would make it,. Maybe.

“We’ll just have to hope the Professor and Kirsteen find us, and soon.” Lindsey said as she stepped down from the window. Meanwhile the horde of bloodsuckers at the front of the Temple continued to grow larger and larger.

On the other side of the village, the Emperor had dragged Lee back to his castle, where this nightmare had all begun. A few Vampires along the way tried to attack the Wizard, but the Emperor would always send them scurrying back with a quick snarl.

Back at the castle, the Emperor woke Lee by slashing him across the face. The Wizard was shocked to see that the Emperor had bothered to take him here. Why didn’t this animal just kill him?

Could it be that there was something left of his old friend there after all.

Lee approached the Emperor very slowly. In truth there wasn’t anything left of the Emperor. There was nothing but a few scant memories of the man, whose body the Demon had taken over. In time they would all fade completely, but for now the Vampire was confused by the emotions he felt just when looking at the Wizard.

The Demon felt the Emperors genuine hatred for the Wizard for his betrayal. Whilst the Emperor had understood Lee’s attempts on his life, to stop the curse from spreading, he still nevertheless hated his former friend for the threats he had made against his people and family.

The Vampire knew it wanted to prolong the Wizards torture for much longer than any of its other victims, it just wasn’t sure why.

The Emperor struck Lee, knocking him out cold. It then started to slash him on the ground several times over before ramming one of its talons through Lees eye. Despite his magic being low, Lee was able to conjur up a puny blast that sent the Emperor a few feet across the room.

Lee stumbled through the main hall, tripping over the mangled bodies of those still fortunate enough not to be turned by the Jiang Shi.

The Emperor however quickly hopped in front of the terrified Wizard. The look of hatred on this seemingly mindless animals face was unmistakable to Lee. For a second it almost was like looking at the Emperor again.

Lee tried to speak with the monster. Since the memories of the man it had taken over were influencing it, Lee felt that perhaps he could jog the memories of the Emperor’s conscience.

“Please Emperor, if there is any part of you still in there, listen to me. The kingdom you gave your life for is in ruins. You’re wife and your son are still out there.”

The Vampire however simply grabbed Lee by the throat and started to choke him in its fury. Lee could feel himself blacking out when the Emperor dropped him to the floor. After a few seconds the Vampire started to attack the Wizard again. It wanted him to experience everything it had in mind for the traitor.

Back at the Temple, the Vampires started to hurl rocks at the windows, breaking several of them. One of the villagers, a young man was hit on the head and killed instantly, but before Lindsey or anyone else could even tend to his body, one of the Vampires started to hurl pieces of burning rubble from the buildings at the Temple.

The furniture quickly caught fire, and though Lindsey and the others tried to put it out with the curtians, the fire spread quickly, overwhelming the room with flames and smoke. They had no choice but to run outside before the exit was completely cut off.

Outside the Vampires were quick to surround Lindsey and the fleeing time travellers, but Lindsey fought back using one of the flaming curtains which she wrapped around two of the Vampires. She then grabbed several bits of burning rubble the Vampires had been throwing at the house and hurled them back at the Jiang Shi, holding the Demons back for a few seconds until the villagers were able to escape.

Two of the Vampires however quickly hopped through the small fire Lindsey had created and grabbed her by either arm

The two monsters pulled so hard, Lindsey thought she was going to be ripped in half. Fortunately just as one of the Vampires was about to sink its fangs into her arm, it was suddenly thrown across the room by an invisible force. The same force then quickly struck the other Vampire down before hurling several large bits of flaming wood at the Vampires behind.

Lindsey didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t like leaving this invisible force, whatever it was alone with those bloodsuckers, but she had to make sure the villagers hadn’t run into trouble.

Up ahead however Lindsey saw 5 Vampires standing there with pieces of yellow paper on their foreheads. From behind them emerged the Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress. The villagers had similarly been stopped in their tracks by this strange sight too. Lindsey couldn’t help but smile in relief.

“What took you so long.”

“Sorry this place is crawling with Vampires you know. I assumed you could handle it.” The Professor replied.

“Yes I could, burning buildings, hordes of super Vampires, and all I had was a bag of rice. It was no problem.”

The Professor’s five Vampires quickly jumped the other Jiang Shi. They dispatched all of the wild Vampires relatively quickly. The wild Vampires were much less organised than the Professor’s and they were distracted by the same invisible force. (In reality Asika.)

The Professor’s Vampires killed the other members of their kind by literally tearing their heads off.

Kirsteen had to look away from the bloody spectacle. She didn’t look on the Jiang Shi as humans at all, but unlike the Professor or even Lindsey who could still crack jokes in the middle of all this bloodshed, Kirsteen was still very new to the gruesome reality of dealing with creatures like the Jiang Shi.

As she looked round at the Professor and Lindsey she could see that even they were wincing as the last of the wild Jiang Shi, a young woman was pinned to the ground by two larger Vampires, with a third proceeding to slash at her neck until she was decapitated.

“Horrible, horrible, but it has to be done.” The Professor said as clutched either side of his cloak.

“Come Lindsey.” He continued. “We need to find the Emperor now.”

“I saw him”. One of the villagers protested.

“Just a few moments earlier, he was heading that way. He was carrying the Wizard with him.”

“That’s the way to the castle.” The Empress said.

“It must be the last of the Emperor’s old memories influencing the beast. My guess is he’ll have something really nasty in mind for Lee. We have to act fast.”

“Its all my fault.” Linsey said with regret.

“I couldn’t save him.”

“You might still be able too, but we have to hurry now.”

“What about the rest of the village.”

“I have more Vampires scattered about. They’ll keep the villagers you rescued safe and destroy any Jiang Shi.” The Emperor gave a loud call, which caused 7 more Jiang Shi to emerge around the villagers that had escaped with Lindsey.” “Protect these people at all costs.” The Professor commanded. “The rest of you, come with me. The Emperor is the leader of the pack. We’ll need all the help we can get. Jiang Shi’s, Empress’ and Ghosts to get him under our control.”

“Ghosts? Oh of course how silly of me. I should have realised that’s what the force was. Thank you wherever you are.”

“Her name is Asika. She’s protected by my magics, though sadly we can’t see her either. I promise Asika, we’ll help you after this.”

“I doubt you will.” She said. The ghost had no faith in the old man, as she still couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her, but at the very least she knew that the Jiang Shi were the bigger danger.

The 7 remaining Jiang Shi gathered around the villagers whilst still making their way through the village for more survivors.

More villagers had survived than Lindsey had initially believed. Several peasants had thrown themselves on the ground and pretended to be among the dead to escape the Vampires. This tactic did manage to dupe some of the bloodsuckers simply because the Vampires were so ravenous they went after anything that moved. Some of the Vampires however could still smell the living among the dead as one unfortunate man who had been forced to lie beside his dead wife discovered, when several Jiang Shi jumped him, and tore him apart like Sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Others meanwhile hid in small alleys, or in the crypts beneath temples and a very few even stayed in their burning buildings, thinking it was better to fight the fire than the Vampires. Even then however many of the Vampires simply walked through the fire and tore the terrified villagers apart.

The Professor’s Vampires meanwhile tended to focus more on battling members of their own kind sadly, than in helping the villagers. Even under the command of the Professor’s powerful magics the Vampires natural instincts for violence overrode everything else.

The Professor’s Vampires would tend to swarm one of the wild Jiang Shi and quickly tear it apart. However the wild Vampires soon caught on to their tactics and they all began to attack the Professor’s Vampires at once. Two of the Professor’s Vampires were ripped apart, whilst the paper was torn off of the head of another, freeing him and causing him to turn on one of the villagers next to him instantly.

Fortunately many of the villagers both within the circle of the Jiang Shi and in hiding tried to join in the fight. They had no idea why some of the Vampires were turning on each other, but some fool hardy villagers hoped that they could take advantage of the situation. All they accomplished however was in distracting the wild Jiang Shi long enough to gain the upper hand. Soon both the villagers and the enchanted Vampires were fighting together.

The Emperor had beaten Lee unconscious 5 or so times. The more beatings he took however, the quicker it took Lee to faint. The Emperor screamed in frustration at Lee constantly interrupting his fun and dug his claws deep into the Wizard’s guts. Lee started to choke on his own blood as the Vampire slowly lifted him in the air.

Lee looked down at the snarling, blood stained face of the Demon that had possessed his friend.

“I’m sorry”. Lee said whilst spitting up his own blood.

“I should have tried to help” The Wizard passed out before he could finish.

“Put him down” the Empress screamed. She was the first to enter the palace, with the Professor just coming in after.

She still hoped in vain that some vague memories of their time together might influence the Jiang Shi, but it was obvious that the monster wasn’t moved at all. In fact it threw Lee across the room and charged at the Empress with a renewed fury.

The Vampire couldn’t understand any positive memories such as love or compassion. Any lingering memories of such feelings would just make the monster feel sick, which was why the first thing Jiang Shi did was often kill their hosts loved ones.

The Professor however sent three Vampires to attack the Emperor. They managed to hold him down for a few seconds before the Emperor tossed all three across to the other sides of the room.

The Professor quickly grabbed swords from the bodies of the guards on the floor and enchanted them, before handing the weapons over to Lindsey, Kirsteen and the Empress.

These weapons could harm the Emperor, but not destroy him. His stength had grown since he last met the Professor thanks to the blood he had drank. The Professors two remaining Jiang Shi tried to hold the Emperor in place, but again they were easily overpowered. Lindsey, The Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress all tried to slash at the Vampire but he was too fast for them.

In the confusion Kirsteen almost slashed Lindsey across the face!

“Not me you idiot.” Lindsey said in a rare moment of anger, though it was really more because of the Emperor than anything else.

“Sorry, you know maybe it turns out I’m not cut out for this life after all.” Kirsteen said sarcastically.

Asika tried to intervene, but the Emperor without even looking hit her in the face, knocking the Ghost out for a few seconds.

The Empress not being able to take seeing her husband in this state for much longer hurled herself at the Vampire bearing her husband’s face, with her sword still in her hand. She tried to ram her sword into her husband’s spine from behind, but the former Emperor sunk his fangs straight into her throat before she could act.

The Empress tried to pull away, but her Vampiric husband just it deeper and deeper. Seizing his chance, the Professor rammed his sword straight into the Emperor’s eye. The Vampire jumped back in pain, taking the sword with him, which he quickly ripped out of his face.

The Emperor then squeezed the blade of the sword in his hand, despite the fact that it burnt him, until the sword snapped into fragments.

Two of the Professor’s Jiang Shi then tried to grab the Emperor from either side, but the Professor simply stuck his hand through one of the lesser Jiang Shi’s chest, whilst ripping the arm off of the other, which he then used to beat both of them!

3 more Jiang Shi however grabbed the Emperor from all sides and tried to hold him down whilst the Professor quickly jumped on the Emperor with one of the final pieces of yellow paper. The Emperor however struggled and struggled and sensing the magics in the paper, quickly jumped free and over twenty feet into the balcony above.

“He can sense what we want to do to him. Fascinating. I always underestimate just how crafty these brutes can be.” The Professor said

Kirsteen meanwhile had tended to the Empress, whilst Lindsey tended to Lee who was barely breathing.

“He’s not going to last much longer. We need to get him back to the ship.”

“We couldn’t possibly make it through that war zone. Not until we get the leader.”

“He won’t last that long I’m telling you we need the magics in the ship.”

Just then Lee suddenly awoke, groaning in pain.

“Its okay I have you” Lindsey said gently.

Lee however instead tried to chant something. He could barely speak from the pain and the blood in his throat, but after a few failed attempts he was able to get the enchantment out. It was a minor healing spell that closed over some of his most severe wounds.

The most advanced healing magics required incredible power that Lee even on his best day didn’t have access too. He would never be able to regrow his eye or a missing limb with magics, but effectively plastering a wound with magic was simple enough.

Lee sat up, trying as best as he could not to let the pain consume him.

“I’m sorry.” He said to the Empress who he could see had been bit.

“It is my fault.” Lee said, whilst still spitting out among the last of his teeth.

“If I had tried to reason with you, tried to appeal.”

“No.” The Empress said. “Its my fault. All of it. I can’t believe I let my husband become that thing. I won’t make the same mistake again. Professor, I know you’ll have to kill me after that thing bit me. I won’t fight you.”

“Its true, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do. I could take you to the most advanced civilisation in the universe and they still wouldn’t be able to undo the curse of Vampirism. Still we need you for now.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been bit”. She said as she showed them her previous bite wound.

“If I’ve been bitten more than once, what does that mean?”

“It means you have less time before you turn. Still as you are alive you should have maybe a few days.”

“A few more days with my son? Well that is something to fight for at least.” The Empress said as she tried to haul herself up.

Lee tried to stand too, but he was far too weak. He tried more healing spells on himself, and though he was eventually able to stand by himself, it was obvious that his power was almost at an end.

“I’m fine” he said. “Well I’m not but I have to do my bit.”

“Don’t expect us to waste time trying to protect you.” The Professor said callously. “I can’t stop you from trying to help but you better not get in the way.”

Just then one of the Professor’s Vampires was thrown from the balcony. Its face had been smashed to an absolute pulp, whilst large chunks of flesh had been torn out of its chest and stomach.

The enchantment had been torn off of its head, but it was clearly no threat to anything now. Lindsey put the beast out of its misery by taking the monsters head off with her sword.

“Our Vampires won’t last much longer.” The Professor said. “We have to move now while we have the advantage. Asika, I don’t know if you can hear me, or if you’re still here, but please just let me know.”

The Vampire received no response.

In truth Asika was too scared to even move. She had been badly hurt by the Emperor’s strike. The sudden reality of the situation had begun to creep in that it wasn’t just her life, but her soul that was in danger.

The Professor’s two Vampires had managed to tackle the Emperor down a small corridor, but the greater Jiang Shi soon fought back by smashing one of the lesser Vampires through a wall, whilst digging his talons into the neck of the other bloodsucker.

The Professor, Lindsey, the Empress, and Kirsteen all jumped the Emperor whilst he was distracted. The Professor tried to place one of the last pieces of enchanted paper on the Emperor’s face in the struggle, but the Vampire bit into his hand. Lindsey jabbed her finger into the Vampire’s eye socket causing the monster to spin round 360 degrees, sending all of its enemies flying.

The Emperor then hopped towards Lindsey in fury, snarling and biting, but Lindsey stabbed her enchanted sword straight into the Vampires chest. Sparks started to fly from its chest and the Vampire grabbed Lindsey by the neck, but she pushed the sword in deeper. It was a testament to the Vampires vastly superior strength that he could endure this pain, but it eventually became too much for him and the Emperor was hurled backwards. Whilst he was on the floor, Kirsteen who the Vampire had not taken notice off quickly grabbed the yellow enchantment that the Professor had dropped and placed it on the Emperor’s forehead before he could react, stopping the bloodsucker in its tracks.

“You did it, you did” The Professor said. “Now we might just have a chance.”

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 7: The Ghost and the Wizard

Sorry about the delay. Been a very difficult two months, but I am back on track now. This story and the Circus Master story Journey to the Centre of Evil will conclude over the next two weeks after which both series will take a break until early January, whilst Scratchman will continue. This blog however will return to opinion pieces over the Christmas period.

Lindsey and Lee had managed to make their way to the centre of the village. They had left the mother and son they rescued on the roof of a large building. They weren’t happy about leaving them, but they felt it was better than dragging the villagers through the hordes of blood thirsty Vampires in the streets below.

Sadly however it appeared that Lindsey and Lee were too late. The fire had spread through a large part of the village, killing any villager the Vampires didn’t get to first. Many of the Vampires meanwhile ran around frantically covered in flames, roaring. They didn’t appear to be in any pain however. Instead they were more angry at the lack of humans around.

“We’re too late.” Lindsey said with regret.”Those monsters haven’t left anyone alive. I’m sorry.”

Just then the Wizard and the time traveller heard the sound of someone screaming. As they turned around they saw a young woman calling for help out of the window of a burning building.

Unfortunately however several flaming Jiang Shi had also seen her too.

“No, no, no I told you repeat after me.” The Professor screamed at Kirsteen.

“I told you I don’t speak Chinese!” Kirsteen fired back.

“Well English is not my first language you know, but I learned it fluently. I’m only asking you to repeat a few words.”

“I thought the magics in this vessel were supposed to translate every language? Why doesn’t it just translate what I’m saying to Chinese? Also how do I know you learned English fluently, you could just be hiding behind your magic?”

“The translation spell’s just an illusion. You have to say the words. I told you, we both need to say them at the same time to channel the spell to the paper.”

“Why doesn’t her majesty do it? She speaks the langauge and this whole thing is her fault?”

“I told you I am not touching those magics.” The Empress said. In reality she was worried that the magics would expose that she had been infected by the Jiang Shi and they would kill her. She just had to hope that she could use her people’s hatred of magic to bluff the old Vampire.

“We don’t have time to convince an Empress to do what she doesn’t want too. Come on repeat after me.”

It took her another few minutes but finally Kirsteen was able to get the pronunciation right. As the Professor had told her, pronunciation was everything!

The spells started to appear on the 15, small thin sheets of yellow paper the Professor had laid out.

The spells still appeared in Chinese to Kirsteen.

“Why haven’t they been translated.”

“It told you that’s just an illusion. A translation spell is most basic, weak form of magic. These enchantments are among the strongest. They have to be to tame a Jiang Shi.”  The Professor said as he stuck 13 of the yellow pieces of paper on either side of his coat. He handed the final two to Kirsteen and the Empress.

The Empress was at first reluctant to take it, but the Professor insisted.

“I’m not sticking them all on myself! Besides if you’re cornered or get seperated from us, you can make the first Jiang Shi that attacks you into your loyal servant. Its either that or you can wait here until we’re done, which considering as Kirsteen pointed out, this is all your fault, are you going to let your people down again?”

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, the Empress quickly snatched the spell from the Professor. Fortunately it didn’t have any effect on her, at least not yet.

“Remember only use these on the largest and strongest Jiang Shi. I’ll try and get the Emperor.” The Professor said as he hurried to the teleporter.

The Empress meanwhile tended to her son.

“I’m only going away for a short while. You need to stay here. You’ll be safe, just don’t touch anything.”

The prince for the first time responded.

“I don’t hate you. Everyone blames you for this, but you were just trying to save father. Please don’t leave me. I can’t lose you too. I don’t care about the kingdom, please mother don’t.” The boy pleaded with his mother. Sadly she knew that no matter what happened she would have to leave her son. She hugged him one last time and promised her boy that she would be back, though she knew this would most likely be the last time she would ever see him.

Who would look after her boy? The Wizard, the Vampire? Would her people blame her son because of her actions? Even if he was allowed to continue on as the Prince how could he deal with the responsibilities? As callous it may have seemed, the Empresses had to put those thoughts out of her mind for now. There may not even be a kingdom for her son to live in. For once she would have to put the good of her people first above her family.

In the forest below, the Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress could see the Jiang Shi all gathered around one small area.

It was the ghost woman. Even though the bloodsuckers couldn’t see her, they could sense her presence. The ghost hadnt moved an inch the entire time she was so terrified.

The Professor used the distraction to creep up on one of the Jiang Shi. The Vampire noticed the Professor however when he got nearer, but as soon as the monster lunged at him, the Professor placed the paper on its forehead, stopping the brute in its tracks. The Professor then shouted out a spell in Chinese, causing the Jiang Shi he had placed the spell on to glow white before it quickly spun round and begun attacking the other Vampires. The Professor’s Jiang Shi batted another of the monsters to the ground, and restrained the one closest to him long enough for the Professor to place another piece of paper on its forehead. The Professor then chanted his spell again, placing this Jiang Shi under his control too.

The Professor’s two Jiang Shi started to fight with the others, whilst he would take another two of the bloodsuckers by surprise and place two more enchantments on their foreheads.

During the confrontation, Kirsteen would attempt to jump one of the Jiang Shi, but the Vampire easily deflected her attack and pinned Kirsteen to the ground, knocking the spell out of her hands in the process.

Before the Vampire could sink its fangs into Kirsteen’s neck however, the Empress was able to surprise it from behind and place her spell over its forehead. Kirsteen then quickly grabbed her spell and managed this time to place it on the head of a Vampire that was just about to pounce on the Professor from behind, whilst he was too busy admiring his own handiwork.

Within a matter of minutes all of the Vampires in the area had been placed under the Professor’s control.

“Brilliant” the Professr shouted excitedly.

“Now we have a fighting chance.”

“Not really” Kirsteen bemoaned.

“We have what twelve Vampires? There are probably hundreds of them in the village by now.”

“I told you, all we need is the Alpha. If we can surround him with this lot, we’ve won. ”

“Also we may have some extra help” The Professor said as he snapped his fingers, causing a young woman to appear.

“Oh that’s right I forgot only I can see her.” Well trust me there’s a Ghost lady there.

“Please I don’t know what you want with me but.”

“I’m sorry, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but you’re dead.”


“Those monsters they killed you. Take a look at this Vampire.” The Professor made a young female Vampire walk forward and lifted the yellow paper up, but not off, revealing its face to be that of the Ghost lady’s herself.

“It’s me, I know that. Those creatures, they created a copy of me. I am not dead, I can’t be.”

“Your spirit has left your body. Its trapped in a limbo. It can potentially happen to any life form, but thankfully most of the time the soul passes on. Sometimes there can be genetic cause for the soul lingering. Ghosts they say run in the family. Sometimes magics can be used to keep a soul here, sometimes if there has been a great magical upheavel, the spirits of people can be affected. I suspect that we’ll be seeing quite a large proportion of ghosts in this area over the next few centuries. I can help you move onto the next life, all I ask is that you help me first.”

The Ghost lady had stopped listening to the Professor. She had instead become focused on the Empress. She didn’t recognise her at first, as why would the Empress be here? Still she never forgot a face, and the Ghost tried to attack the Empress in rage.

“You caused this. You brought those monsters down on us!” The Ghost lady screamed as she tried to grab the Empress’ neck only for her hands to phase through.

“I told you, you’re a spirit. You have no physical presence in this world. That doesn’t mean you can’t help us. Please I don’t expect you to fully understand it, but you can help us stop those monsters from hurting anyone else.

The Ghost lady looked at her nearby surroundings. From here she could see the tree she had tried to climb up in a futile attempt to escape the Vampire, and her own corpse sprawled underneath it. It was beginning to sink in, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

“Why can’t they see me.”

“Most Ghosts are in a state of denial after death. Their subconscious affects their ectoplasm and makes them invisible. As time goes on, many ghosts become secluded and insane and isolate themselves further. There are magics that can fix it and make you visible. The Jiang Shi meanwhile can always detect souls. Like their cousins the Vandals they can even tear them apart, though they don’t feed on souls like they do. I can use stronger magics that can make you invisible to them. If you’re willing you can help us restrain the Emperor. I won’t force you too. There is still a chance the Jiang Shi can find you, even with the spell, and if they do, you’ll be gone forever.”

“My name is Asika” the Ghost lady said.

“I’m only 20 years old. The only good thing is that I’m not leaving anyone behind. My father and my brother were both killed in that awful war, whilst my mother passed away a few months ago. I have no one else. I didn’t have the time and now I never will. Its not fair.”

“I know its not, and I wish we had found you earlier, but you can make the monsters that did this to you pay. End their evil now before it spreads across your land.”

“What can I do? I can’t even touch anything.”

“With my magics you can help. I could force you to help with the magics if I wanted, but don’t worry I won’t. Its up to you if you want help us or not.”

“Help, help, please” the woman screamed from the burning house. An entire crowd of Jiang Shi had gathered below and several of the bloodsuckers ahd begun to crawl up the side of the burning building.

“You have to help her.” Lindsey said.

“What can I do?”

“You can use your magics to teleport her out of the window.”

“I told you using those magics for an extended period of time wears me out. I’m still not completely.”

Lee was interrupted by the sight of one of the Jiang Shi jumping through the air and through the window at the young woman.

Without a seconds delay Lee used his magic to pull the woman out of the window before the Vampire could grab her by the throat.

Lee however struggled to hold her in the air and as he slowly carried her over the crowd of the Vampires he began to weaken until he dropped her into the horde of bloodsuckers.

Lee almost fainted from the strain whilst Lindsey ran to the crowd of Vampires in a futile attempt to help the girl. Within a few seconds however the Vampires had swarmed the girl and started to tear chunks out of her flesh. Lindsey knew it was pointless and walked away slowly and quietly from the gruesome sight to avoid drawing the monsters attention.

Suddenly however the Emperor descended with a lightening speed from one of the rooftops beside Lee. Lindsey called out to the Wizard to try and rouse him but it was no use. The Emperor quickly grabbed Lee and jumped back across the rooftops.

Unfortunately Lindsey’s call to Lee had alerted the other Vampires too her. Having just barely finished tearing the young girl from the burning house apart the monsters quickly circled Lindsey, trapping her.

To Be Continued



Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 6: The Old Magics

Sorry this is later than I promised. My depression came back worse than ever last Saturday, just as I thought I was making an improvement. I have had to double my medication as well as go on extra meds, Diazepam to manage my extreme anxiety. I’m now on 5 pills per day. I am not sure how long it will be before I am completely back to normal, but this last week has been absolute hell. Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to get better. This last month has been among the worst of my life and has badly affected all of my plans for this blog, but hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.

Lindsey stood her ground against the 5 Vampires who surrounded her. She had a few bags of sticky rice, but she didn’t want to waste them all on herself. Still without any other options, Lindsey held one of the bags up to the Vampires who recoiled purely on instinct. When she tried to push past the Jiang Shi however, the bloodsuckers didn’t back down. The Vampires could sense Lindsey’s fear at the same time.

Lee and the Professor quickly intervened, jumping from out of the window Lee had inadvertantly thrown the Vampire and Lindsey through. The Wizard blasted the Vampire that emerged behind Lindsey at full force, sending it flying. Unfortunately however this just roused the other 4 Vampires circling her, who tried to grab the time traveller. With no other choice Lindsey threw her bag of rice into one of the Vampires faces. The beast was flung several feet through the air, with its face catching fire in the process. The rest of the Vampires quickly scattered and Lindsey and Lee used the opportunity to flee into the streets.

The Professor meanwhile jumped back up through the window he had come down from.

“Lindsey and Lee can take care of themselves, come on we need to get back to the ship.” The Professor said to Kirsteen and the Empress and her child. The Empress had intended to stay and help Lee, but now she had no choice, as more and more Jiang Shi began to circle the house.

Lindsey and Lee meanwhile quickly ran down the streets, with Lee blasting any Jiang Shi that came near them. The streets were littered with corpses, and many of the buildings now lay in ruins. It must have been ten minutes or so before Lindsey and Lee came across anyone living, a small boy and his mother, who were cowering in a nearby alley.

“Don’t worry” Lindsey said gently to the scared villagers. “We’re here to help.”

“You can’t help. No one can.” The mother said hysterically as she clutched her boy.

Hordes of Jiang Shi began to circle Lindsey and Lee from both sides. The Wizard tried to knock the Vampires back with his magic, but there were too many of them, and those he did knock down just quickly jumped back up. Worse still the Wizard’s magics had attracted dozens more Jiang Shi from across the village.

With no other choice, Lee and Lindsey headed down the alley the mother and child were hiding in. Lindsey made sure they followed, though she didn’t have too. As soon as the Vampires headed in their direction, the mother and son were off.

At the other end of the alley however were several more Vampires, completely cutting them off at both sides.

With no choice Lindsey used more of her sticky rice to create two lines around herself and the others, blocking the Vampires off either end. The Vampires started to hop back a bit, though not to the end of the alley.

Lindsey turned to Lee. “You need to get us out of here.”

“There’s too many of them for me to blast.”

“You need to try and levitate us out of here.” Lindsey said.

“I can’t lift 3 people at once. I’m not even sure if I can lift one that high, the strain would be so great.”

“You have to try. Lift the mother and her son out first.”

“I can’t leave you.”

“I’ll be safe as long as you hurry. They can’t cross the rice remember. Please just go.”

With no time to waste, Lee tried to lift the mother and her boy with his magics. It took him a few minutes of struggling before they were able to slowly hover up to the top of a small house.

The Vampires meanwhile were getting more frantic. Hissing, snarling and clawing impotently at the air. A few more minutes passed before one of the Vampires tore pieces of the earth up in front of it and threw it over the rice. The Vampire on the other end soon followed suit.

“Damn. I forgot how crafty you little bloodrats can be.” Lindsey said. Like many species of animals, the Jiang Shi whilst driven by their instincts could still master some tools and even tricks if need be.

Lindsey held up her last bag of sticky rice to the Vampires. She really didn’t want to have to waste it, but it soon became apparent that the monsters were not backing down as they hopped slowly towards her, hissing.

Suddenly as the monsters almost closed in on her, Lindsey felt herself being carried up carefully and slowly.

“Not to sound ungrateful Lee, but can you hurry up.” Lindsey said whilst joking to try and hide her fear.

One of the Vampires quickly jumped out and grabbed Lindsey by the foot, forcing her to use some of her sticky rice on the beast. The fire from the Vampires face burned Lindsey quite badly, but she was used to dealing with extreme pain.

Lee managed to place Lindsey safely on the roof alongside the mother and son. He was clearly exhausted, but he had managed it.

“Thank you Lee..”

“Don’t mention it, but just don’t ask me to do it again.”

“We only have one half bag of rice left I’m afraid. We’ll need to rely on your magics to do a lot of the heavy lifting.”

Lindsey looked out over the massive village. So many of the houses had been torn into and there were bodies, and pieces of bodies all over the streets. At the centre of the village was a large burning building, but outside it were several fleeing villagers old and young. They were seemingly the only people left in the village. The villagers were being pursued by several Jiang Shi’s all of whom were ablaze, but didn’t appear

“We have to get there now.” Lindsey said.

“I need a few more minutes.” Lee said exhausted.

“They don’t have another few minutes. We need to go there now.” Lindsey said in desperation.

The Professor, The Empress and her son, and Kirsteen had managed to make their way across the village thanks to the Professors Vampire constitution. The Professor had managed to jump his way across each building using his Vampire strength, whilst carrying Kirsteen, and the Empress in one hand each.

When he finally reached the square however the Professor could see it was filled with Jiang Shi, who surrounded a pile of bodies just as before. There was no way he could make it past them, even through jumping without being seen.

The Professor rattled his brains for a few moments before it hit him. The Jiang Shi were completely immune to fire, even magical flames, but the corpses they were guarding not. The Professor ripped off a small piece of wood from the ruins of a nearby house and asked Kirsteen for her lighter. (Kirsteen was a 6 a day smoker It was the one unhealthy habit she hadn’t been able to kick.)

Using all of his strength the Professor threw the flaming torch at the pile of corpses. It landed right at the top of the pile and caused its clothes to ignite which soon spread, drawing the attention of the Jiang Shi. As the Vampires desperately tried to put the flames out, the Professor and his friends quickly made their escape to the front gates.

In the woods outside the Professor could see several more Jiang Shi emerging from between the trees.

“They’re waiting for us.” The Professor said.

“They can probably sense the magic for the teleporter.”

The Professor however soon saw that the Vampires were distracted by something else. A young woman running through the woods.

“We have to help her.” The Professor said.

“Who?” Kirsteen asked?

“The young woman being chased by those monsters.”

“There’s no one there, we need to move before the Vampires.” Kirsteen said.

The Professor didn’t listen however and jumped after the young woman.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have a vessel where you’ll be safe.” The Professor said.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. Those things they’ve, they’ve turned me into.”

As the Professor reached out to grab her, his hand suddenly went straight through the young woman’s arm.

“Of course you’re a ghost.” The Professor said.

“A what?”

“You’re a.” The Professor stopped as he saw the Jiang Shi get closer.

“I’m afraid I don’t have the time to explain it to you. You deserve to be told properly. Those things, they can still hurt you, even in your current form. Worse, apart from me, they’re the only ones who can see you.”

“I don’t understand, please help me.”

The Professor however simply performed a quick spell that would temporarily make the ghost invisible. Ghosts could normally only be seen through the use of magic, (though Vampires and Demons could see them without magic.) The Professor’s spell however could reverse the effect for a short while.

“I can’t see you right now, but neither can they. I’ll come back for you I promise, but you have to run.” The Professor said before running back to Kirsteen and the Empress.

“Who were you talking too?” Kirsteen asked, worried that the Professor had started to lose his mind.

“It was a ghost of a young woman the Jiang Shi had killed. Poor girl. She has no idea what’s happened to her. This is what happens when you just cower in the dark and pretend the monsters aren’t there.” The Professor said to the Empress as they all ran to the teleporter. (With the Empress and even Kirsteen following the Professor’s lead.)

“These magics your ancestors thought would protect your kingdom have done the reverse. Its left them vulnerable to these creatures and even to themselves. That poor girl will no doubt think she’s a monster when I tell her what she actually is.”

“We had peace for hundreds of years here until those cowardly Hissian’s destroyed our defences.” The Empress said back proudly.

“Those magics made you weak. I know that might sound hypocritical coming from me, but you should never use magic to seal yourself in a bubble to the point where you can’t survive without it.”

They reached the teleportation area, with the Vampires emerging from the trees all around them. As the Professor prepared to teleport them to safety however, the hand of one of the Vampires jumped through the air and landed on top of the Professor.

Pinning him to the ground the Empress was the first to try and pull the Vampire off, handing her son to Kirsteen in the process. The Vampire however quickly turned to the Empress when she got too close and grabbed her in its talons. The Professor instantly seized his chance and tripped the monster up. He then grabbed it by the arm, and before the beast could even react he hurled it over his shoulder into three more Jiang Shi who hopped towards them. The Professor then quickly teleported himself and all 3 of his companions back to the safety of his time vessel.

“Those bloodsuckers will be waiting for us down there, but don’t worry, we’ll be ready for them.” The Professor said confidently as he headed down a nearby corridor.

“There’s dozens, maybe hundreds of those things in the village.” Kirsteen asked as she trailed behind the Vampire as he entered what looked like a laboratory, filled with odd bits and pieces.

“Yes but fortunately the magics I’ve had centuries to amass all of the most effective magics against the Jiang Shi. I’ve been fighting them since before I was a time traveller, since before I was a Vampire. I remember I even used to keep one as a pet for a while, that was a mistake.”

“A pet? You’re not serious.”

“Yes I am. This little beauty here.” The Professor said as he held up a small sheet of yellow paper with some writing on it.

“Will stop a Jiang Shi in its tracks if you put it on its forehead. It won’t kill it, just stop it, after which with some magics you can bend it to your will. The only problem with our Jiang Shi was after a few years under the spell it became, domesticated shall we say. When I tried to put him up against a wild Jiang Shi, well she ripped him to bits. Its funny how so many of us mourned him after. In hindsight we should have just put him to rest right away.”

The Empress had almost drifted off during the Professor’s trip down memory lane, whilst Kirsteen quickly interrupted him.

“So you’re saying we can take over some of the Jiang Shi and force them to fight one another?” Kirsteen asked.

“Well yes, but not just any Jiang Shi. The alpha of the pack. He’s the strongest.”

“You mean my husband” The Empress said.

“Yes I’m sorry but.”

“Don’t be. Like you said Professor. These things need to be put to rest.”

“Well lets get things ready shall we. The magics in this ship were affected a while back, but we should have enough to make a couple more of these. Kirsteen I’m going to need your help.”

“What do I know about magics?”

“You can still help me, I’ll guide you through it. If you want to be part of the team.”

“I don’t but lets just get on with it.”

The Empress meanwhile was busy hugging her son, but not merely to comfort him. When the Empress tried to pull the Vampire off of the Professor it had managed to bite her. It was only a graze, but for all she knew that was enough. She was terrified to tell the Professor in case he would dispose of her, but she didn’t want to make the same mistakes as before.

“No” she thought to herself. “As long as I am myself I have to do all I can to help my people. To help my boy.”

To Be Continued