Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 6: Friends and Enemies


“You’re awake. Finally, now we can have a long and civilised talk like gentlemen.” The Maliaks “God” said mockingly to the Professor.

“Demons more like” The Professor said as he stood up, his hands and feet both chained to a wall.

“I know what you are” The Professor continued. “I’ve met a few gods on my travels to know a phoney when I see one.”

“Ah yes in your time vessel. I’m still not sure about that, but well we’re out of options for now. Such a disappointment about the Maliaks.”

The Professor looked around and saw no one else was around. “Where are Lindsey and Kirsteen. If you’ve hurt either one of them I swear.”

“You’ll do what? I may not be a god, but I can still take care of a miserable child of Khastran no problem.”

“Where are they” The Professor said showing no concern at all for the “God’s” threats.

“They’re on their way back to your vessel. One of the females said she knows how to pilot it. They’re going to deposit a weapon against the Demons in the sky. One capable of harming all Demonic life. Sadly by the time my people developed it those monsters had swarmed our world. There’d have been no way of getting it into space, but with your vessel? We just might have a chance.”

“I see you weren’t willing to detonate it here because you’d go up with it. You were happy to let the Maliaks all die just to save your own skin.”

“Why should I sacrifice myself for them”. The God said in anger.

“They were nothing without me. Another primitive race who’d probably never have made it to the stars and would have been swept away by a natural disaster, exploited by a more advanced species, or vanished without a trace when their sun died. I gave them a purpose and a special place in the universe.”

“To be wiped out by Demons?”

“Its not my fault they weren’t up to task. I gave them all the knowledge and magic they needed. I appealed to their feeble superstitious brains. Told them that I was their god, I even assumed his form.” The Demon said as he morphed back into his true form and back. The Demons true form was much large and more forboding looking. It had white plated skin, large green eyes, 6 horns on its head and 4 sets of large sharp teeth.

“Its funny they seemed to be on the verge of giving up on that superstitious belief when I arrived.” The Demon said. “I told them that I had grown displeased with my other creations across the universe and that it was their job as the only children I was proud of to cleanse the universe of life. At first under my leadership they did manage to conquer a few primitive worlds and exterminate all of their inhabitants. Then they moved on to more advanced planets and even toppled a few empires. I was so proud. Then however several allied planets fought dirty. They forced all of their Demonic races to ally against my children. They were unprepared for such a force. They’d fought Demons on many worlds before, but on most planets Demons are tiny scattered forces. We were overwhelmed and pushed back to the Maliaks home planet. If they fail this time then I’ll leave them to their fate. There are trillions of other worlds out there.”

“I just don’t understand why? Why take an ordinary race and advance them through science and magic. You’re a Demon? Why not find a way to make them creatures like you?”

“I tried that many times before. Demons have greater power than any of the natural creatures. Your average Demon could tear apart 5 of my Maliaks in a fair fight. Unfortunately however Demons are all such cowardly backstabbing, worms. They can never work together. Every time I tried to lead them it was a disaster. They were constantly trying to usurp me, stab me in the back, abandoning each other in times of need. I could never hope to mobilise them as an effective force.”

“Angels meanwhile” he continued. “Even if they did ever follow me would never take another life unless it was defence. The Gods meanwhile were too powerful for me to lead, and even if I could they only care about themselves and their own interests. Natural creatures however? They’re the perfect foot soldiers. They can have the necessary aggression and desire to dominate like Demons. However they can also possess loyalty to one another, and to a strong leader like me. Sure physically most of them are weak, but even then that can be amended to with a little bit of genetic tampering here, a little bit of magic there, and a few culls of the weak and infirm of their race.”

“I think I’m going to be sick” The Professor said.

“You seem to be something of an anomaly” The God said to the Professor, ignoring his insults. “You’re a Demon, but you actually seem to care about those two women?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

“That’s okay I don’t need too. All I need is to know that I can use that to force you to share your secrets of other worlds with me. If you don’t those two women will suffer. Assuming they make it back of course. If they don’t well I’ll butcher one Maliak child in front of you every day until you tell me. Understand.”

“I understand. I’m going to have to kill you, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.” The Professor said back to the God who didn’t show any fear of the Vampire whatsoever.

“I used to collect the spines of people who promised that as trophies. I can’t remember why I stopped.” The Demon said.

The Professor still didn’t show any fear much to the gods annoyance. The god quickly called on his guards to take the Vampire away.

“You’ll learn to obey me Vampire.” The God said as the Professor was taken away.

“You’re a god make me and show your followers.” The Professor said as he was carried away.

Lindsey and Kirsteen were taken to the area they could teleport to the Professors vessel by an escort of 6 Maliak troops including the leader of the platoon that had ironically helped Kirsteen and the Professor break into the Demons mountain. Lindsey and the Professor could sense where it was due to their connection to the ship. Kirsteen could even feel its presence somewhat too, though her connection obviously wasn’t as strong.

Along the way they saw hundreds of mountains flying over the planet. The Maliaks were able to keep out of sight however, knowing it would be foolish to fight them. At various points Lindsey thought about running. She knew the Demons would still kill her regardless, but she felt it was worth it not to let the time vessel fall into the Maliak’s hands. Ultimately however she didn’t for Kirsteen’s sake. She and the Professor had brought her into this mess after all. They couldn’t have returned her to her own time, but they should never have brought her to this planet when she was inexperienced. Lindsey vowed that no matter what she was going to get Kirsteen out of this mess.

They soon reached the spot. “Remember not to try any tricks. We still have the old man and if you try anything we’ll send him back to you in pieces.” The leader of the Maliaks said.

“Born again little bloodthirsty fanatic aren’t you.” Lindsey said to the leader who pushed his gun to the side of Kirsteen’s head in response.

Lindsey hoped to stall the Maliaks long enough for the Demons to find them. They were out in the open now so there was a chance they could be spotted. Lindsey pretended the spell wasn’t working for a few minutes.

“What do you mean its not working.”

“I dont know maybe those Demons managed to find our ship, but the magic’s not taking us up.”

The Maliak’s leader was no fool and in response he shot Lindsey in the leg.

“You think you can trick me. Next time I’ll blow off each of your fingers.” The Maliak said.

“Okay, okay” Lindsey said knowing she was beat. In a flash they were all taken back up to the Professor’s vessel.

“This place is dire” The leader said derisively.

“Well we didn’t have time to redecorate after a Demon tried to kill us all. He was a real monster. He’d make short work of you and your punk ass god. ” Lindsey said as she fought through the pain in her leg.

“Can you take me to the medi bay please? If I bleed to death  I can’t help you” Lindsey said.

“First take us to the control room. You can show us just before you bleed to death. The god however will not be kept waiting any longer.”

“God I hope those Demons eat you.” Lindsey said as the Demons made her limp down the corridor to the control room.

There Lindsey checked the controls and saw that there were hundreds of Demon ships outside.

“They obviously noticed there was something wrong with this area of space and they’ve gathered around it. There is nothing we can do to right now. If we move they’ll catch us for sure.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not take a look at the scanner.”

“Its an illusion, you will take this ship to the furthest reaches of the solar system or I’ll.”

Suddenly Kirsteen broke down into tears.

“Stop making that noise its pathetic” The leader said to Kirsteen, whilst Lindsey limped over and tried to comfort Kirsteen.

“I can’t take this anymore, I just want to go home.” She whimpered. “My old life was miserable, but compared to this I just can’t.”

Before she finished Kirsteen kicked the Maliak nearest to her in the crotch and pulled its rifle off of it whilst it was in pain. She then shot two more Maliaks dead before pushing Lindsey behind a nearby control panel.

“I’m impressed” Lindsey said.

“Thanks. To be fair what I said is true, this is a fucking nightmare, but still.”

The 4 remaining Maliaks shot at the the control panel. Lindsey took the gun off of Kirsteen.

“No offence, but I’m a better shot” she said.

Lindsey shot at the ceiling above the 4 Maliaks. The blast distracted them for a few seconds allowing Lindsey to jump towards to the corpse of one of the Maliaks which she quickly hoisted up as a shield.

The Maliaks blasted chunks out of the former soldier, whilst Lindsey shot three more of the creatures before throwing what was left of the soldier she used as a shield into the leader. Whilst he struggled under the corpse, Lindsey held her gun at him, but did not fire.

The Maliak tried to reach for his gun, but Lindsey shot his hand off before shooting him in the chest. Lindsey then sank to her knees and began to faint. All of the adrenaline she had used to overcome the monsters began to wear off and the pain and the bloodloss was beginning to catch up with her. Kirsteen managed to catch Lindsey just as she fell.

“Lindsey, Lindsey come on we need to get you help.” Kirsteen said desperately.

Whilst she was distracted however, little did Kirsteen know the leader of the Maliaks who was stronger than the others had survived the shot to the chest. He was dying, but with his last ounce of strength he managed to push the corpse off of him and jump onto the main control panel. He quickly pushed several buttons which thrust the ship forward into the Demon vessel.

The entire vessel was rocked back and forth from the collision and Kirsteen and Lindsey were sent hurling to the other end of the room as was the Maliak and its bomb which it clutched onto.

Two of the Demon vessels were knocked out of orbit by the Professors vessel, but the hundreds of others began to surround the ship, ready to attack.

To Be Continued

Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 5 The Demon Bomb


Lindsey awoke to see the Professor standing over her with a large piece of rubble sticking through his chest. The Vampire wasn’t even remotely phased by it. He just wanted to make sure she was okay. Lindsey could also see Kirsteen perched over a nearby rock wincing in pain, with blood running down the side of her head.

“Thank god for a second there Lindsey I thought”. The Professor couldn’t even finish that sentence.

“She’s okay, can we please just get out of here?” Kirsteen moaned.

“Honestly Kirsteen. Its just a few bruises. Try being impaled, which by the way only happened because I pushed you out of the way.” The Professor said as he pulled the shard from his stomach.

“Where are the Demons and the aliens?” Lindsey said as she scrambled up.

“Well most of the Demons flew away when we crashed and of the aliens, all but the leader didn’t make it. Even then I don’t know if he’s alive I just haven’t found the body yet.”

“I can assure you I am fine” The leader said from a distance. As the three time travellers turned around they saw he was surrounded by dozens and dozens of Maliak foot soldiers.

“As for you lot however? That depends on if you do as we want” He continued.

“Well isn’t that just the way.” The Professor said. “We help you escape from Demons who want to eat you and.”

“Actually your harebrained scheme got my entire platoon killed” The leader interrupted angrily.

“Personally I think you’re not a tenth as clever as you think you are, but the master has ordered you be brought to him..” The Leader continued.

“The Master? Just a short while ago you were proclaiming him to be a false god.”

The Maliak leader looked somewhat nervous and quickly punched the Professor. “LIAR I ALWAYS REMAINED LOYAL” He said in rage.

“If any of your platoon had survived they would back me up”. The Professor said.

The leader simply grabbed the Vampire who didn’t even look remotely scared.”Our leader will see through this fools bluster and lies.” He said as the soldiers gathered around the three time travellers.

“There’s nothing there!” The Demon screamed at its subordinates.

“It is obviously some form of magic my lord.” The underling said nervously.

Several Demon ships and mountains had gathered near a seemingly empty area of space, just outside the Maliak’s home planet. Any of the Demon vessels that tried to cross through this area would be held back. In truth it was the Professor’s vessel. Its magic shielded it from detection

Unfortunately however one of the Winged Demons flying mountain’s had stumbled upon the ship when trying to get to the Maliaks home planet and Fnag’s ships forcefield prevented the mountain colliding with it. Now dozens of Demon spaceships had gathered around the ship. None of them could see the ship, and none of their weapons could harm whatever was there.

“It doesn’t make any sense? The Maliaks don’t have that kind of magic. Also if they did, why would they only use it to block one tiny little area in front of their planet?”

“Perhaps it conceals a weapon sir.”

“Then why did they wait for us to destroy the surface of their planet before using this weapon? Nothing about this makes sense. Whatever the case I want to know what’s in there. Order all units to attack this forcefield or whatever it is.”

“We have the aliens sir.” The leader of the Maliaks said to its so called god who as always concealed his face behind a cloak.

“I was just about to give up on your people. I chose you all to cleanse this universe, and look how easily you’ve been conquered by those savages.”

“Sir if you would only let us use the Demoniatria then we would triumph.”

“NO, that weapon is an abomination against this universe. How dare you question my will again.”

“I’m sorry my liege.”

“You should have heard what he was saying about you outside.” The Professor said smugly.

The Maliak’s god however paid no attention the Professor’s taunts. He was far more interested in what the Professor was.

“You’re a Vampire?” A child of Khastran. I can see his stench all over you. Your breed is not the kind who decimated the red planet? How did you get this far from home. How did you get past the Demons above?”

“Well you know how it is, I’m terrible at directions. I was just trying to get to the pub and I ended up here.” the Professor said flippantly. The “God” was not amused however.

“You think the destruction of an entire world is funny do you little man? Of course you do you’re a Vampire. Children of the most deplorable Demon in all of existence.” It said back. “Still you are not going to withhold any secrets that could potentially help my children?”

“Children? Well it depends on if you lot deserve my help.” The Professor replied.

“What are you talking about” Kirsteen said. “You saw those Demons out there. What they did to us? How could you be on their side?”

“I never said I was on their side. You don’t always have to be on one side in a war. There isn’t a good guy in every fight.”

“What do you care about morality Vampire?” The God sneered.”We are talking about the survival of an entire species.”

“Why can’t you help them?” The Professor asked. ” I mean you’re their god and everything.”

There was a silence before the God grabbed the Professor and started to beat him. The Professor tried to fight back, but it was hopeless. Lindsey and even Kirsteen tried to intervene but the Maliaks held them back with their guns.

The monster continued to beat the Professor until eventually Lindsey, unable to take it anymore screamed out.

“STOP…. Please. I’ll tell you everything if you spare him.”

By now the Professor was beaten to unconsciousness. The God held his beaten and bloody body up with one hand.

“Tell me now or I’ll rip his head off.”

“We’re time travellers. The Professor he created our vessel by magic. Its in a state between the present and the time vortex to allow us to enter it, but to protect it from intruders. That’ll be why those Demons couldn’t find it. We can take you there.”

The God wasn’t sure whether to believe Lindsey or not. Her story was fantastic, even by his standards but she didn’t seem to be lying. The fear in her voice was genuine at least.

“This vessel can travel across time and space you say?”

“Yes” Lindsey said nervously. “You can’t change time I’m afraid. Not without being trapped in an empty space forever.”

“I don’t care about that. I am not someone who ever looks back over mistakes.” The God said as he looked at the Maliak soldiers with disdain. A plan began to form in its head. “Bring me the Demoniatria”. The God said.

The Maliaks all looked shocked. “But sir you said.”

“I know what I said, but now it seems we might have a way of depositing the bomb against our enemies.”

“Bomb what bomb” Kirsteen asked.

“The Demoniatria is a weapon devised by my people. It attacks Demons. They don’t belong in this universe and so its able to single them out. I would never allow its use.Its too unstable and unpredictable. Up above however when its safely away from our people. Then you can launch it.”

“You mean to say you’re happy to sacrifice us.

“What are three lives for the sake of a world?” The God said. “Besides as you two are not Demons then the bomb will not harm you.”

“What do you mean you two?” Lindsey asked.

“The Vampire stays here. The bomb will kill him too. Besides I have a feeling he is the most useful of you all.”

Kirsteen looked at the leader of the Maliaks.

“After all you said back in the camp, you’re now willing to follow this asshole again?”

“They would all follow me to the end of the universe. I was the one who raised them from mediocrity and with your help. I’ll do it again.”

“If you kill us you’ll never be able to enter the ship.” Lindsey said.

“I’ll find a way eventually and if I don’t I’ll make sure you suffer most of all. You will help us. One way or another.” The God said as it held the Professor by the throat.

Lindsey knew there was nothing she could do against this monster now. For the time being they were its slaves as much as the Maliaks.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 3: The Flying Mountain


Lindsey and the strange aliens quickly ran from the pit. They didn’t even know where they were going, but at the very least they all agreed it would be better to go out fighting above than to die in that wretched hole.

Several Asikori Demons soon emerged from behind several rocks above, hissing and screeching at aliens.

“DON’T LET THE SPECIAL MEAT ESCAPE!” One of the Demons shouted whilst pointing at Lindsey. The aliens were not able to stand against the Asikori in one on one fights. The winged beasts were simply so fast that they were never on the ground long enough for the aliens to fight them properly.

The Demons would swoop down in a flash and lift the aliens into the sky, where they’d either tear their throats out or throw them back into the pit.

Lindsey was at the front of the fleeing mob of prisoners. As she was a lot smaller than the aliens, she could run a lot faster. All of the aliens at the back were picked off first. Within a few minutes only Lindsey and 6 others remained. The alien straight behind Lindsey was grabbed by an Asikori, but this time Lindsey came to its aid. There was nothing she could have done for the others, but this alien was right behind her and she couldn’t leave it to the mercy of those horrors.

Lindsey grabbed the alien by its feet as it was pulled into the sky. She only held it down for a few seconds before the Demon started to pull her off the ground too. Still it was a long enough delay for two more aliens to join in and together with Lindsey’s help they pulled the Demon to the ground. The three aliens then dogpiled on the Demon and tore it apart. Two of the aliens ripped its wings off which they then used as weapons to bat other Asikori away. Nevertheless two more aliens were still carried away back to the pit.

The alien that Lindsey had saved was shocked at her actions. “We’re all in this together.” She said to the alien before they were forced to flee from more Asikori’s. Lindsey and the few surviving aliens managed to make their way to the edge of a cliff that led to a valley below filled with thousands of Asikori!

They couldn’t go back the way as not only were there hundreds of Asikori, but it simply led back to the pit and a dead end beyond that.

“Out of the frying pan” Lindsey said to herself as she struggled to think of a way out. She wouldn’t have time to recant the ritual now. Two of the aliens just simply ran into the valley. One of the aliens was grabbed and tossed into the air, whilst another was jumped by three of the Demons who quickly tore him to pieces.

Lindsey and two more aliens (who were all that was left of the refugees from the pit.) Huddled together in fear, lashing out at any Demon that came close. They knew they couldn’t hold on for long and so Lindsey decided to act.

“Follow my lead. When one of them grabs me. You jump on him. We can maybe use one of those freaks to fly over this valley.”

Lindsey didn’t give the aliens time to disagree and she quickly ran down the valley. Sure enough one of the Demons flew down and grabbed her. The two aliens quickly jumped on top of the Asikori that tried to fly back to the pit, but the aliens punched and kicked the Demon causing it to fly off course over the valley. In the ensuing struggle, the Demon let go of Lindsey. She still tried to hold on, but the monster kicked her off. Lindsey fell from over 80 feet in the air, but a tree broke her fall. One of the aliens quickly jumped after Lindsey, whilst the other alien still tried to fight the Demon. The two spun through the air for a few minutes, until the Asikori flew into a flock of Asikori who ripped the alien apart.

Lindsey and the sole surviving alien quickly jumped down from the tree. They had landed near the middle of the valley in a small forest area. The cover of the trees made it somewhat easier to hide from the Demons. On the ground the alien was more of a match for the Demons, though they were greatly outnumbered.

The alien used its strength to rip a giant piece of wood from a nearby tree to use as a weapon against the Demons. He managed to impale one of the monsters in the chest when it swooped down on him, and quickly broke the arm of another when it tried to grab him from behind.

Whilst the alien fought with the Demons Lindsey went behind a tree to try and chant the ritual. One of the Demons however quickly spotted her and and flew towards the time time traveler. The alien threw the piece of wood through the Demons chest before it reached Lindsey, killing it stone dead.

Lindsey was able to finish the ritual knocking 50 or so Demons in the nearby area out. The alien and Lindsey then ran through the forest searching for anywhere they could hide. Several more Demons started to circle the area, though they kept their distance for a short while as thy were not sure how Lindsey had been able to knock the other Demons out.

The alien spotted a small cave at the edge of the forest, but as he and Lindsey ran there a particularly bold Demon swooped down through the trees and grabbed onto the alien. Lindsey however reached into the earth and threw dirt into the monsters eyes, temporarily blinding it, whilst Lindsey and the alien made their way into the cave.

Though more Demons had spotted the two fleeing prisoners, they didn’t pursue them.

“Fools” said one of the Demons. “When they see what’s in that cave. They’ll have wished they died in the pit.”

“What? You can’t be serious? They’ve surrendered? The Maliaks do not surrender.” The leader of the Asikori said.

“It’s true my lord. The last platoon in this area are at the bottom of the mountain waiting for us. They claimed to have captured two strange aliens that they want to hand over as a show of good faith. They also claim to be willing to hand over their supposed leader.”

“Well” the Demon smiled. “Its seems they’ve finally realized what a liar and fool that so called God of theirs is.” “Still” he continued. “I better check this out for myself. Maliaks are such slimy, treacherous devils.”

The Maliak troop along with the Professor and Kirsteen had been brought to the foot of the mountain after seemingly surrendering. A large green magical ray pulled them right to the top of the mountain right before the Asikori leader and 20 other elite Demons.

“Well I never thought I’d see the day.” The leader of the Demons taunted the Maliak’s.

“Our father is no better than you.” The leader of the Maliak’s said back. “I refuse to die for him. We will hand over his location as well as these freaks.” He said whilst pointing at the Professor and Kirsteen. “As long as you let the last of us live and rebuild.”

“I can’t promise that.” The leader of the Demons laughed. “You at least will be killed quickly though. Well quicker than your team mates here.”

The Maliak leader smirked. “And here I was feeling bad that we’d tricked you. NOW” He shouted as the Professor finished the same chant as Lindsey that similarly knocked out all of the Demons, except for the leader. Being stronger than the rest he was thrown back, and greatly weakened by the spell but it didn’t knock him out.

“Clever. You must be from our world to know those magics? Are you a Demon of some kind? Why side with these monsters! They’ll kill us all.”The Asikori leader shouted. Three Maliak soldiers however jumped the Demon and started to beat it. The Demon with its last ounce of strength to thrust its hand through the chest of one of the Maliak soldiers.  The leader of the Maliak’s however grabbed the Demon from behind and prepared to snap its neck.

“NO” The Professor shouted. “We need him alive as leverage.”

“Well it seems my spell still works.” The Professor said smugly. The Professor roused one of the fallen lackeys.

“Tell them I have your leader. I know what you Asikori’s are like. You may be Demons but you have an undying loyalty to your King or Queen. If you don’t release all of your prisoners then I’ll tear his head off.”

The lackey however simply laughed. “Did you really think it would be that easy?” Suddenly an alarm system went off and the ground began to shake.

“What the hell is going on?” Kirsteen said as she was thrown off her feet.

“Your little magic tricks won’t work on him.” The beast taunted before flying towards the leader who he carried away. Some of the aliens tried to stop him, but the ground was shaking so hard that they could barely stand.

Suddenly the ground began to disappear and one by one the aliens fell into a black abyss. Grabbing Kirsteen the Professor jumped over twenty feet to the edge of the cliff , but it too began to crumble.

“Please” Kirsteen begged as the Professor held her over abyss. “I don’t want to die.”

“I’m sorry Kirsteen I” before the Professor could finish the entire structure crumbled and they both went tumbling into the seemingly endless darkness below.

“I don’t like this.” Lindsey said as she and the Maliak wandered through the dark tunnels.

“Why aren’t they chasing us? Those things really wanted to eat me.”

“Clearly there’s something down here that they think will do the job.” The alien said with regret. “We have to keep moving forward though. I’d rather deal with one monster than 1000.” He continued.

As Lindsey and the Maliak made their way deeper into the cave suddenly it began to shake again.

“What’s going on?” Lindsey asked.

“The mountain. Its flying!” The Maliak said.


“These mountains are ships constructed through magic. The Demons use them to travel through space. I’m sorry Lindsey but there’s no hope for us now. We can’t escape now. They’ll take us back to their HQ or let god knows whatever’s down here deal with us.”

“Don’t give up. My friends will find us. I’m sure of it. They have a ship that can get us all out of here. I just hope they get to us first.”

“I’m sorry my liege.Our armies have been beaten back.”

“That is not possible. I chose the Maliaks because I saw a strength in you, of all my creations to cleanse the universe of my mistakes and you have let me down.”

The cloaked figure stood out of its chair and began to conjure up a fire ball in its hand.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t destroy you and your miserable race.”

“We have a report of several strange aliens on the surface of the planet, who have reportedly aided some of our soldiers.”

“That’s not possible. Those Demons have this entire solar system cornered off. Also why would any intelligent life form want to help us?”

“I have no idea, but they found a way through the Demon blockade. Sadly according to our latest communication they are the prisoners of the Asikor in a mountain that was last seen fleeing the planet.”

“Find them now. I want to know who these aliens are. That mountain must not be allowed to leave this planet!”

As Lindsey and the Maliak made their way through the tunnels, they could see a light shinning ahead.

The light lead a to a large, empty room where the bodies of several Maliak were scattered. Right at the far edge of the room Lindsey could see the bodies of Professor Fang and Kirsteen.

She ran towards them in panic. “Kirsteen!” “Professor!”

Both began to stir.

“Oh thank god.”

“It was a close thing” The Professor said as he dusted himself down.

“The ground gave way and we fell over 200 feet. I was able to break Kirsteen’s fall.”

“Thank you Professor” Kirsteen said as she hauled herself up.

“Don’t mention it. I did get you into this to be fair.” The Professor said as he looked around.

“We better help the men.”

Suddenly however a gigantic roar bellowed from above. The three time travelers looked above to see a gigantic monster crawling down the wall.

The beast was over 30 feet long. It had a squat face with 4 black eyes like a spider, two massive poison tipped fangs, a large serpentine tongue, 4 pincer like limbs, a long body with massive spikes that ran down the centre, and three tails, all of which ended in similar hideous squat heads.

Quick as a flash the monster jumped in between Lindsey, the Professor, Kirsteen and the soldiers, with its heads at both ends being ready to strike.

To Be Continued







Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 2: Behind Enemy Lines


“LINDSEY!” The Professor shouted in despair as the monster carried her high into the sky.

There was nothing Kirsteen or even the Professor could do to help Lindsey however. The Professor tried to jump over thirty feet using his Vampiric strength to catch the Demon, but the monster was too high, and the Professor simply went crashing back down.

“We have to follow her.” The Professor told Kirsteen as he ran ahead over the hill, not even bothering to look back and see if Kirsteen was following or not. The Professor recognised the Demon. At least he thought he did. It was a particularly nasty breed native to the planet Ghastriax. The Professor and Lindsey had helped rebel an infestation of the monsters in the largest city on the planet many years ago (from their perspective at least.) The Professor had created a magical blast that wiped out thousands of them. He still remembered the formula, but he obviously didn’t have the time to whip it up now.

As the Professor made it over the hill however, several hideous undead Demons suddenly came crawling out of the ground. The monsters were utterly hideous in appearance. Their skin was rotting, and slimy, whilst their teeth were long, thin, white and extremely strong. They had no eyes and long, grey flowing hair. About twenty of the monsters in total emerged from the ground.

Kirsteen stood near the Professor and picked up a rock for defence. It probably wouldn’t do her any good but she had to try something.

The Professor bared his fangs and ran into the monsters. He tossed three of them through the air and punched a hole in another’s chest, tearing its heart out, before throwing him to the others.

The Vampire then used his fangs to rip the throat out of one Demon, before spitting its flesh and blood in another attacking Demons face, distracting it long enough for the Professor to then break its neck.

Kirsteen was quite taken aback at the display. She knew the Professor was a Vampire, but to see him degenerate into such an animal shocked and terrified her.

The Professor was still in complete control however. He knew that his blood lust would never vanish. As a Vampire it was part of who he was, so he would always make sure to channel it against monsters instead of people.

Whilst the Professor was clearly stronger than these beasts, one of them was able to catch him unaware. The monster was still underground, and it reached its hand out and grabbed the Professor. It only held him in place for a few seconds but it distracted the Professor long enough, for three more of the Demons to jump him from behind and pin him down. The monsters started to bite and claw at the Professor. Kirsteen tried to help the Professor by striking one of the Demons from behind with her, but it quickly spun round and knocked the rock out of her hand.

As it tried to hold Kirsteen still to get a good bite however, Kirsteen was able to grab one of its arms and flip it over her shoulder. Whilst the monsters may have been a good bit stronger than the average human, they were very slow. Kirsteen quickly dodged another one of the monsters and punched it in the stomach and then the face. Whilst she was fighting this monster however, the beast she had flipped over her shoulder managed to grab Kirsteen from behind and within a few seconds, three of the monsters were swarming her.

Just as all seemed lost, the monster holding Kirsteen from behind collapsed to the floor with a smoking hole in its back. Kirsteen looked around to see three strange soldiers standing at the side, wielding large laser rifles. They mowed down all of the undead Demons in a matter of seconds.

Kirsteen instantly went to the Professor was lying on the floor, covered in bite and scratch marks aid.

“I’m okay. A bit worse for wear, but I’ll heal. My clothes won’t sadly. I’ll have to toss this suit out. Shame. I loved the cape. Thank you, and thank you gentleman.” He said to the soldiers. “May I ask who were owe our lives to?”

The soldiers however simply fired at both Kirsteen and the Professor’s feet.

“You will accompany us or you will die”.

The Professor smirked. “I’m afraid that won’t kill me” before rushing the soldiers. All three fired at him, but their rays didn’t even slow the Vampire down. The Professor tossed two of the soldiers aside, and grabbed the gun from the leader of the group that he quickly snapped in half.

Unfortunately one of the soldiers however quickly grabbed Kirsteen and held its gun to her head.

“Are you so sure that our weapons won’t harm her?”

The Professor stopped. “I need to stop travelling with humans. They’re too easy to kill.” The Professor said bitterly as he put his hands up.

The winged creature carried Lindsey to a large mountain where it dropped her in a pit with various other strange creatures.

The creatures belonged to the same race as the soldiers who had abducted the Professor and Kirsteen, though Lindsey of course didn’t know this.

The creatures all had a yellow, greenish skin, thick lizard lips, a large, almost neanderthal brow, 4 rows of white hairy spikes that ran from the top of their heads, straight down their back. Three eyes, which were long, and purple with a yellow iris, and three rows of sharp teeth. They were all relatively large. Not one of them was below 6 feet, and they all had large builds too.

The monsters all turned their attention to Lindsey. She tried not to show any fear. She wasn’t even sure if they meant her any harm. They all seemed to be more curious of her than anything else.

“What are you?” One of the creatures asked.

“I’m from earth” Lindsey said somewhat nervously. “Its a small blue planet.”

“I’ve never heard of it.” The creature interrupted.

“Oh well you should go. The food and the music is to die for. The people not so much.” She joked.

“You don’t look like a Demon?” It said.

“No just a passer by. I don’t suppose one of you minds telling me what.”

The creatures attention was diverted to several of the giant flying beasts, hovering over the pit.

“They look tasty, I can’t wait for the feast tonight.” One of the smaller creatures said whilst licking its lips.

“I don’t like the look of that weird one.” Another one of the flying Demons said referring to Lindsey. “Its head’s got too much hair, and that’s the best bit.”

“I want to see what it tastes like, its a one of a kind.”

“I want its fingers. I love fingers.” Drooled another one of the monsters.

“Its all mine” shouted the monster that captured Lindsey. “I caught it.”

The Demon’s started to fight over who got to taste the strange, pink alien’s flesh below.

“Well I don’t know about you” Lindsey said to the other creatures. “I don’t intend to become Demon droppings.”

“You mean escape? I don’t know why none of us ever thought of that before.” Replied one of the strange creatures from behind in a sarcastic tone.

“I see sarcasm is a universal trait among sentient life forms? Well not to toot my own horn, but I’ve encountered these creatures before. I assume we’re in the Myserik Galaxy?”

“Actually that’s the neighbouring Galaxy. We’re being invaded.”

“Well wherever we are, I know a spell that can hurt these creatures. If you give me a few minutes I can create just a small amount magic.”

“Why only a small amount?”

“In order to to broadcast the spell wide enough to take out hundreds of those monsters I’d need the proper equipment. However if I remember the enchantment I might be able to take down a few.”

“A few? There’s millions out there.”

“Fine I’ll do nothing and we can just get eaten.”

“How long will you need.”

Back in the aliens camp which just a short while away from where they were captured, the Professor and Kirsteen were brought before their leader. The leader was much larger than the others and his horns were bright red though other than that there was little physical difference between the aliens.”

“What are these creatures? Are they Demons?” The leader barked?

“Well I am technically but I’m one of the nice ones.” The Professor joked only to get thumped in the face in response by one of the aliens.

“Please we’re just travellers, we don’t mean any harm, a friend of ours, well his, was taken by those flying things. We have to find her!” Kirsteen interrupted.

The leader sensed it could trust Kirsteen. Unlike the Professor who it thought there was something off about, it felt her pleas sounded genuine.

“If those things got your friend, then I’m sorry. They’re already dead. It won’t matter though, soon our entire race will be.”

“NO!” Shouted another one of the aliens from the back.


The leader laughed. “Absolutely pathetic that you still cling to that liar’s promises.” Three underlings tried to attack the leader in response, but he simply shot them down.

“Don’t worry aliens. I didn’t kill them, though at this stage it would probably have been better than to let them get torn apart from those winged beasts.”

The Professor interrupted. “I don’t understand? I recognised the stars. This isn’t the Myserik galaxy. Those monsters out there I know them. Asikori Demons. Vicious little brutes, but they’re a long way from home. How? When I fought them before, they were just beasts?”

“Yes well they’ve had a little help in attacking us.” The leader replied.

“I didn’t recognise those Demons that came out of the ground? Are they not from the same world as the Asikori?”

“They are not even of the same solar system. All of the main Demon races from the neighbouring galaxy have formed an alliance. An alliance to destroy us.”

“Why you” Kirsteen asked.

“Well its not just us. Any life forms they come across. These monsters, after they overrun their own worlds, they decided to form an army to take over as many others as they could.”

“Tragic.” The Professor said shaking his head. “I visited Ghastriax many times. It was a beautiful planet and its people were among the finest I’ve ever encountered. Far better than yours Kirsteen.”

“All right you were once one of us too.”

“Yes but not anymore.”

“So you’d much rather be a Vampire then?”

“Touche Miss Williamson.”

“Enough!” The leader shouted in frustration.

“What do you mean you’ve faced these Demons before?” He continued. “How did you escape them?”

“Well I didn’t just escape them. I beat them. I had help, but still. It was through magic.”

“Could you recreate this magic for us.”

“Not on the same scale I’m afraid. I had help from the people of Ghastriax. Their technology allowed me to blast the magic over a city wide area.”

“I think you’ll find that we have the same resources.” The leader said.

“Well maybe. You don’t look as if you do? Still for the time being I could whip up a few spells. Enough to save Lindsey, if you’ll help.”

“WHAT! YOU WOULD DARE TO FORCE US TO HELP YOU” shouted one of the monsters at the back before being shut up by its leader.

“I’m not telling you. I’m asking. If you won’t help? Fine, we’ll go ourselves.” The Professor said.

“Of course we’ll help you.” Said the leader much to everyone, including the Professor’s surprise.

“Well that I was not expecting.” The Professor said.

“The way I see it. We have no choice. We’re beaten anyway so either we sit and wait to die, or we help you and you help us.”

“Why don’t you just try and force me to give you the magics?” The Professor asked, with Kirsteen nudging him to shut up, not that he acknowledged her.

“You don’t strike me as the sort of man who breaks easy. Like I said we don’t have the time.”

“I just wish those little runts would stop hiding.” Said one of the Asikori as it sat over the pit Lindsey and the aliens were held in.

“Well to be fair considering what we did to their friends can you blame them” Said another of the abominations.

“No I suppose not.” It laughed thinking of the horrors it had helped to inflict on the people of this world. Its just been days since we last found any of them. I’m starting to wonder if this lot are the last left.”

“Did you hear that” it taunted whilst leaning over the pit. “You lot might be the last of your kind. When we kill you, well”….. The Demon stopped as it noticed something strange in the pit.

All of the aliens were attacking Lindsey. They were throwing her around and striking her before dogpiling on her.

“They’re killing the rare meat quick, quick stop them.” The Demon screamed.

All of the Demons around the pit quickly flew in causing the aliens to scatter from Lindsey.

They gathered around her for a few seconds, poking her to see if she was alive, before Lindsey jumped up and cited a strange enchantment from memory. She had been doing so for the last few minutes in order to draw the magics out, now she just needed to say the final part.

The spell killed the two Demons in front of her and knocked the other three to the floor. Wasting not time the aliens quickly seized their chance and tore the Demons apart.

“Hope we didn’t hurt you too much.” One of the aliens said to Lindsey.

“Oh not at all I’ve been through worse. Besides we had to make it look real. Still now the hard bit begins.”

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 1: Men and Monsters


“Please don’t leave me” the soldier begged as he struggled to lift himself up his injuries were so severe.

“We were told to face our deaths with dignity. You bring shame to our master” said a fellow soldier who had known his injured comrade for virtually his entire life, as he left him to bleed to death.

The winged abominations had butchered the two soldiers entire team. The two men were now completely surrounded. The soldier who had left his injured, former friend was aware of how grim the situation was, and wanted to take as many of the monsters down as he could with his last breath.

“Over here, come on you freaks!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“What are you doing?” the injured man spluttered out.

“Going out in a way our master would be proud” the other soldier said as he lifted out a small bomb, powerful enough to take out several of the creatures.

“COME ON!” he shouted at three of the winged beasts who descended slowly towards him.

The Demons wingspans were all over 30 feet long, whilst their bodies were all over 8 feet. Their skin was red and slimy, whilst their arms were far longer than their legs, and each of the 4 beasts had a long, forked tail. Each of their faces meanwhile had 4 green eyes, no nose and a massive mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

The lead Demon made a move towards the soldier who instantly raised his weapon and started to activate it. Whilst he was distracted however another one of the Demons from the side managed to whip the bomb out of his hand with its tail.

As the soldier tried to reach for the weapon, the Demon from the back pinned him to the ground, whilst the centre Demon flew towards the bomb, picked it up and threw it using its super strength several miles away before it exploded.

Now completely helpless the soldier understood his comrade’s terror, but still tried to keep his cool as the monsters tore into him. The wounded soldier meanwhile who watched the gruesome sight from a short distance, pulled his gun out and said “May the Master forgive me!” before shooting himself to avoid the same fate.

Kirsteen had spent the last few hours sitting alone in the living quarters of Professor Fang’s vessel. Lindsey had attempted to comfort her, but Kirsteen seemingly just wanted to be alone.

“I’ve never needed a drink more than today.” She thought to herself. “Vampires, Zombies, Demons. I just hope they both take me home.” Even though Kirsteen didn’t have anything waiting for her back in England, she knew she wanted out of this insane place as fast as possible. She had been working up the courage to try and ask the Professor for the last few hours to take her back. She didn’t like the Professor. She thought he was creepy and nasty, but she was really scared that he wasn’t going to take her back. She had a feeling that she would have stay here.

The Professor meanwhile was searching through the library or rather what was left of it. Absolutely nothing had survived.

“I’m sorry Lindsey. That blasted Demon has destroyed everything. I forgot how petty Demons can be.” The Professor said bitterly.

Lindsey was absolutely devastated. She had spent years building up her collection. It included the final copies of some classic works that had been lost in wars, migration to other worlds, and alien invasions. Lindsey felt tremendous guilt for not making more copies while she had the time, or making them public to various civilisations and colonies. Lindsey felt she had deprived future generations of classic literature, and in many ways she had.

“That damn Demon, I hope he suffered.” Lindsey spat out, almost in tears as she held the charred pages of one of her favourite books in her hands. She could still make out a tiny part of the title on the cover, but other than that it was burnt to a crisp.

Kirsteen heard Lindsey’s crying from down the corridor and went to comfort her.

“I’m sorry. Who was it” Kirsteen said assuming that Lindsey and the Professor has lost someone to the Demon.

“My collection. That monster burned it all. I’d spent years building it up, that thing destroyed it. So much great literature, art, music now gone forever, and its my fault.”

“Are you serious” Kirsteen said in anger. “All of those innocent people were torn to shreds by those monsters. That young girl Alice, she told me about her mother Noella when you locked us up in that room. She told me how she couldn’t bare the thought of Noella losing her only daughter, and never knowing what happened to her. Now that’s happened, only its worse. Alice’s mother will be waiting for the rest of her life to find out what happened to her and she’ll never know, and you’re whining about some fucking books! You’re partly responsible! Feel guilty for that.”

“Well” the Professor interjected. “Having listened to some of your music Miss Williamson, it doesn’t surprise me that you have no appreciation for great art.”

“Now you listen to me you creepy old bastard.” Kirsteen replied before Lindsey tried to break them up.

“Okay calm down the pair of you. Of course we regret what happened Kirsteen. We did all we could to save those people and if wasn’t for us, you’d be dead. You could show a little gratitude.”

“You’re right, I’m, I’m sorry. Its just I, I don’t belong here” Kirsteen replied. “Please just send me home where I can get pissed enough into thinking this was all just some fucked up dream.”

“Well now seems like as good a time as any to tell you miss Williamson.” The Professor said in a somewhat more soft tone than usual.

“I’m afraid that you can’t go home.”

“What do you mean?”

“According to the history books, when that ship abducted you, you were never found. It has to stay that way.”

“I don’t understand.”

The Professor sighed which greatly irritated Kirsteen.

“You can’t change history. You make history. For instance if you were to travel backwards in time and stop a great war from happening, then you’d create a time paradox. A paradox eats away at the universe, traps people, planets, races to relive the same moments over and over again. The universe will send creatures known as the Guardians to capture the person responsible and seal them away in an abyss forever, never ageing never dying. If we were to take you back they would come for all three of us. Since we haven’t exactly got off on the best foot Miss Williamson, I don’t think an eternity together would be desirable.”

“I don’t understand though, didn’t you change history by saving me? If I’m supposed to have died on that godforsaken ship.”

“I never said died, just that you didn’t get home. I’m sorry Kirsteen but you absolutely can not go home.”

“What if you bring me back in secret and I go into hiding.”

“No I’m afraid not. There’s still a risk. We have two options. Either we find you another time and place to live. The ship will monitor if you can be slotted in there without interfering. That could take years however, if we even find you a place. Or you’ll just have to stay with us.”

Those words filled Kirsteen with horror.

“You’re joking. Surely you’re joking!”

“I’m not thrilled about this either Miss Williamson, but I don’t see any other choices.”

“I am not staying on this ship, not another minute.”

Suddenly the ship came to a halt.

“Ah we’ve landed somewhere. Come on.” The Professor said almost ignoring Kirsteen’s pleas. Kirsteen turned to Lindsey.

“Please I know you’re not like him, you have to tell him that I don’t belong here.”

Lindsey paused for a minute. “I’m sorry Kirsteen, its”

“I don”t want to hear some time travel bullshit. I want you to take me home.”

“I can’t” Lindsey said firmly. Kirsteen still didn’t accept it and followed the Professor down the hall.

The Professor was preparing to use magic to teleport to whatever world they had landed near below. The planet was not in the ships memory banks.

“I do so love visiting a new world for the first time.” The Professor chuckled.

“Excuse me” Kirsteen shouted much to the Professor annoyance.

“We hadn’t finished talking.”

“We had. Well at least anything of any relevance. I am sorry Miss Williamson I really am. Believe you me if I could I would take you back home in an instant. I can’t, its as simple as that. Maybe we can find somewhere nice and peaceful for you to live. Until then you’re stuck here with us.”

Kirsteen knew deep down that he was right, but she didn’t want to believe it yet.

“Why don’t you come with us in exploring this new planet.”

“What” Lindsey said in shock?

“You want her to go exploring some alien world? She’s just a pop singer?”

“Hey I helped you against those Zombies” Kirsteen protested.

“Yes I know, I just meant that its not fair to put someone untrained and inexperienced through this kind of mission.”

“How is she ever going to learn otherwise? Its like I said, she could be with us for a long time. We might never find a world she is supposed to settle on? You want her just to cooped up in this ship all the time. That’d drive anyone mad. Even more so now that our collection is gone.”

“I want to go down”. Kirsteen said, much to Lindsey’s surprise.

“You’re not getting rid of me, at any point until you take me home.” The Professor rolled his eyes in response. “Also” she continued. “If anything happens to the pair of you I want to know. I don’t just want to be left rotting on this ship for the rest of my life.”

The Professor smiled. “Smart woman. Trust me you’ll get used to this in time.” The Vampire said as he prepared the spell that would send them to this new unidentified world. The magic that brought them there would make sure that they could breath, regardless of the atmosphere.

Before Kirsteen could even prepare for the magic to work, in a flash she found herself on a strange new alien world.

The landscape ahead was dark and seemingly barren. There was nothing but scorched rocks ahead.

“Not quite what I was hoping for, for our new recruits first planet.” The Professor said with a hint of regret.

“I’m not a recruit” Kirsteen snapped, with the Professor once again ignoring her as went on to explore ahead.

“Remember Miss Williamson, we can only teleport back up on the exact location we arrived in. You’ll always be able to sense where it is regardless.” The Professor said as he ran ahead

“How do you put up with him.” Kirsteen said.

“Well he has his good points. For a Vampire he’s quite charming.”

“Well I’m sure he is” Kirsteen said sarcastically. “Still. How did you end up with him? You seem somewhat normal.”

“It was a long time ago. He was there for me when I needed someone. Fighting monsters, saving people, I was doing that long before I met the Professor.”

“How Long?”

“Before my son was born”

Kirsteen felt she shouldn’t push it any further after that revelation.

The Professor meanwhile had climbed up a nearby hill to get a better look at the landscape. To his shock he could see scores and scores of dead bodies littered ahead on a massive field. “Looks like we’ve landed in the middle of a bloody war” the Professor thought to himself.

As he looked round to let the two women know what he had seen, the Professor saw a giantic winged Demon hovering above Lindsey and Kirsteen, who were completely unaware.

Before he could shout out to them, the creature quickly swooped in and landed on Lindsey, grabbing her in its massive claws.

To Be Continued





Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 5: Old Friends and Enemies

(Sorry about the delays. Once again my computer was acting up. I was getting a new internet provider, and there were some problems that left me without the internet for a few days. Sadly I wasn’t able to get Doctor Who done in time. Fortunately the connection is now completely fixed, and Doctor Who, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will be back at all their usual times this week.)

The Demon slowly emerged from the hall, allowing the prisoners to get a good look at the monster.

It was gigantic. It stood about 9 foot tall, had thick black plated skin, pointed ears like a bat, long pointed teeth, claws and spikes from its head all down its back made of fire, and a long, spikey tail. that ended in a purple spike made of bright, purple energy. Jenna gripped Kirsteen hard. Kirsteen was just as helpless as she was, but Jenna instinctively clung to the woman she had looked up to for her whole life.

The Demon stared the petrified crowd down for a few minutes before its tail reached out at a lightening speed and grabbed the little urchin.

The boy screamed as the monster shone its purple flame into his face. The old man instantly ran at the Demon, but it managed to slash him with its flaming claws. Flames started to appear in the old man’s chest. The old man knew he was done for, as his body began to twist and change into something else.

“Run all of you” he screamed in pain as he rugby tackled the Demon to the ground. The Demon quickly overpowered the old man and started slashing and biting him. The 4 others (including Kirsteen) realising there was nothing they could do quickly ran past the Demon, but Jenna, who trailed along at the back, was impaled by the beasts tale.

Kirsteen turned around to see the monster impaling Jenna, before it ran its tail right up through her, slicing her in half up the middle. Kirsteen would never forget the final look on Jenna’s face for the rest of her life before it tore her in half. For just a short while on this horrible night, Jenna had taken Kirsteen’s mind off of her troubles, not just here, but in general. She had made Kirsteen feel more accepted than ever before and now her life had been cut short in the most cruel way. Kirsteen wanted to tear the Demon’s head off, and she almost went to attack it, but the soldier pulled her back before the Demon could claim her too.

The old man writhed in agony on the floor as the flames consumed him, whilst the boy meanwhile’s face hadn’t been burned by the purple flames, but instead had been twisted into a hideous Demonic form.

The old man soon rose up, his body now completely made of fire. All humanity had literally been burned out of him and he was now a Demon.

The child and the old man bowed to their new master Slekovora, who said calmly “this ship is dead. We need to take the one its docked too. Gyster. I shall infect him and he will be my new servant. There is nothing I can’t accomplish with the living ship at my disposal.”

The 3 survivors included Kirsteen, the confederate soldier, whose real name was Luke, and a woman from the far future named Alice. Alice had been born on a space station known as Eden. Eden was created entirely through magic. It was an experiment to see if humanity, could create a hospitable environment entirely through magic.

The experiment was a success at first. Two entire generations were born on the magical station of Eden, but sadly during the time of the third, mankind became involved in a war with a hostile race of Demons from another world. The Demons were able to find a way to twist the magic of Eden into black magic, corrupting the people on board into monsters.

Gyster abducted Alice from just a few months before the station was corrupted. Luke meanwhile was chosen simply because of his status as a soldier. Gyster would often pluck people from random wars, often not caring what side they were on (apart from a few circumstances) to use as foot soldiers.

“If only I had a gun” Luke said in frustration as they ran down the dark corridors.

“I don’t think that would make a difference with that thing” Kirsteen said as she ran behind them. They could see the old man, now a hideous fire Demon at the other end of the corridor chasing them. He lit up the entire corridor!

The fire Demon shot a ball of flame at the three time travellers, who barely managed to duck in time. Alice was the first to get up and she quickly ran down the other end, whilst Luke tried to help Kirsteen up. Alice had lived a relatively sheltered life in a beautiful magical kingdom, so she wasn’t exactly used to facing creatures like Slekovora, though neither were Kirsteen or even Luke either.

When Alice saw that her two companions weren’t behind her, she did run back for them, though it was more out of fear of being alone on this ship than anything else.

The fire Demon proved to be too fast and quickly advanced on the three petrified travellers. As it raised its hand to hurl another fire ball in their direction, suddenly the monster became distracted by a groaning sound at the other end of the corridor.

It was a Zombie. The monsters had managed to make their way to the dock of Gyster, and without any magic protecting the Professor’s vessel, they easily tore it down and were now swarming the Professor’s ship.

“How tiny you seem to me now” the Demon said as it laughed at the puny, shuffling Zombie. Thinking quickly, Luke grabbed the Zombie as it stumbled near and pushed him into the fire Demon. The fire Demon quickly overpowered and destroyed the Zombie, but Luke’s actions gave the 3 time travellers enough time to flee down the corridor.

Slekovora meanwhile had made his way to the bottom floor of the ship where Professor Fang kept his collection of art, literature, and films, gathered from planets all over the multiverse. Photograph’s Lindsey had taken of all the planets they had visited all over the universe were also stored here.

The Demon started to burn them all. It was a petty, childish act. It knew how much the Vampire and Lindsey adored their collection. The Demon didn’t want to destroy the Professor’s vessel for now. It may need it, if Gyster’s will and magic proved to be too strong. Still for the time being it was taking a great pleasure in destroying the the collection, the Professor and Lindsey had spent years gathering together. Many of the works of art and literature they had collected, represented the last known copies in the entire universe that would sadly now be lost forever.

Kirsteen, Alice and Luke had managed to evade the fire Demon. It had become distracted by two more Zombies who had jumped it in one of the corridors, thinking it was one of the humans in the dark.

The fire Demon effortlessly tore the two undead creatures to bits and burned the remains, but the Zombies had unintentionally given Kirsteen, Luke and Alice a good head start on the Demon and they were able to slip down a nearby corridor.

The three quickly made their way to the main room the Professor and Lindsey had brought them too in the first place. Unfortunately it was now filled with Zombies.

The three kept hidden just outside the room, watching the monsters shuffle and groan. There was no way they could make their way through the Zombies, but they couldn’t go back either. They could hear the flame Demon coming up the other way. There was no other way out.

“I’m sorry ladies, I don’t think there is any way out of this. I could always distract some of those freaks, but there’s so many, they’d spot both you when you tried to run past.”

Alice broke down into tears. Kirsteen was terrified too, but she still couldn’t believe the situation she was in. She almost felt like laughing. “I always thought I’d OD or be in a clumsy accident. I didn’t think I’d be eaten by space Zombies!” She thought to herself as she constantly looked behind for the Demon.

Suddenly however the three prisoners heard a voice echoing in their heads. It was Gysters.

“I am sorry. I dragged you into this. All of you would have died anyway had I not abducted you. Please believe me I was only trying to help.”

“Did you hear that?” Kirsteen said, wondering if she was going mad.

“It is I Gyster. The ship who abducted you. I only ever wanted you to be my new crew.”

“I’m sorry did you say you were a ship?” Kirsteen said.

“Yes, a living vessel, made from magic. I can help you escape from here, but only if you follow my instructions.”

“Its a trick” Luke protested. “Its that Demon”

“Trust me, if I was that Demon I wouldn’t waste time with tricks. You can get out of this, but you have to do exactly as I say.”

“Alright fine” Kirsteen said much to Luke and Alice’s surprise.

“Well like you said, we’re all dead anyway. Either eaten alive or burned to death. What difference does it make?” Kirsteen responded.

“Okay now what I want you to do is imagine you are somewhere safe.” Gyster said.

“What do you mean?” Luke responded.

“I’m still weak after the operation, but I might still have enough power to send you all weapons. They will help you deal with the Zombies, but if you see the Demons run. If you imagine you are out of this nightmare, then my limited magic will do it all it can to help you, by sending you a weapon.”

“That’s ridiculous” Luke shouted.

“No trust me I’ve lived my entire life with magic. He’s telling us the truth” Alice said.

Before Luke could protest, he was suddenly distracted by the sound the fire Demon roaring from down the corridor.

The three instantly started to think of their homes. Luke thought about his wife and child that he had left behind during the war, Lucy and Jonathan. Jonathan was just 3 when Luke had been drafted. He wanted nothing more than to see his little boy again, but he had prepared himself over the last few years for the possibility that would never happen. Still he thought hard about his family, and how he was determined that he would see them again in spite of the monsters.

Alice meanwhile thought about her mother, Noella. Noella had raised Alice by herself, as her father had been killed in a tragic accident when she was young. Noella had been there when she saw Alice be abducted by Gyster. Eden had detected the presence of Gyster arriving, but they thought their defences could take care of it. Sadly for Alice they were mistaken. Alice was determined to see Noella again, not just for her sake, but because she couldn’t bare the thought of her mother losing her only daughter as well as her husband.

Kirsteen meanwhile didn’t have anyone to think of back home. All she had was her dingy little home, and her old life of feeling rejected by her friends and the public. She tried to think of the fact that her music would be remembered, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

Two weapons appeared in Alice and Luke’s hands. Luke quickly pulled the door open, alerting all of the Zombies. They stared at Luke for a few seconds before all lurching towards him. Fortunately Luke and Alice were able to mow them all down with their new death rays.

“What kind of an evil could turn men into these things” Luke said bitterly as he looked down at the burnt remains of the Zombies.

“The kind of evil that just saved your life”,  Gyster said in a somewhat angry tone.

“Listen to my instructions and you can make your way back to me.”

“Aren’t there hundreds of Zombies on your ship.”

“Yes but there I and two other people can help you now move, that Demon’s on your tail.”

Back in Gyster, Lindsey and the Professor were still trapped behind a blue wall of energy that blocked off the corridor. Not all of Gysters wounds had healed yet.

“You can’t wait for that wound to heal.” Gyster said.

“Besides he’s waiting for you on the other side.”

“Jiazan” Lindsey said?

“Yes, he’s been waiting for the last few minutes. You won’t escape from him in here. He’s even stronger than you Professor, and your little stick won’t slow him down this time.”

“Well I suggest you teleport us away like before.” The Professor said indignantly.

“I can’t, as you said I’m still weak. You’ll have to climb to the top of this room. There’s a vent up there, but”. He paused

“But what.”

“It only leads to my zoo.”


“Yes where I collect animals from all over the entire universe. When you crashed into me, the power to the cages went down. Fortunately I was able to lock the door to stop those things from getting out, but.”

“So it seems to escape from one monster, you want us to run through a room with hundreds?” Lindsey replied.

“Trust me you’ll have a better chance up there. Most of my creatures will have probably killed each other by now, and there is more space to run. Hurry you don’t have much time.”

The Professor quickly ran up the wall. He may have looked like a frail old man, but his Vampiric powers meant he could move really fast. Lindsey meanwhile struggled behind him as the wall of blue light began to fade. The Vampire quickly jumped back down and pulled Lindsey to safety, just before the blue light vanished and the furious Zombie below emerged, screaming impotently for revenge.

The Professor and Lindsey crawled through the vents into a large room that stunk even worse than the Zombies.

In the pitch black they could see several empty cages as well as in the distance, what appeared to the remains of a gigantic four legged, blue creature! Its guts had been torn out and its head had been ripped clean off.

The two time travellers slowly crept through the room, careful not to draw attention to themselves. They could hear screams and moans of other animals in the distance.

“Just keep walking ahead, you’re near the door, I’ll open it” Gyster said.

Suddenly however Lindsey and the Professor heard a thumping sound coming behind them. They slowly turned round to see what looked like a large, predatory Dinosaur in the distance.

It was an Allosaurus. Lindsey recognised it right away even in the dark. Lindsey had seen many Dinosaurs out in the wild on her journey’s, but even before she had become a time traveller, Lindsey had been a huge Dinosaur fanatic.

The Allosaurus stood about 15 feet tall and was close to 40 feet long. It’s body was positioned in a horizontal frame, whilst it stood on two kangeroo like legs, counterbalanced with a long stiff tail behind. Its forearms were long and thin, and each ended in three sharp claws. Its neck was long and ended in a long crocodile like head, with two large, red crests above its eyes. The monsters face was still smeared in the blood of its previous victims.

The Allosaurus had been the apex predator of its home era, the Jurassic, over 150 million years ago. Ironically this species had always been a big favourite of Lindsey growing up, but now it seemed to be focusing on Lindsey more than the Professor.

The Professor was a Vampire and therefore dead to the Allosaur. Even though the Dinosaur could see him moving, he still smelled cold to it. Lindsey was alive and warm and so the monster viewed her as prey. The creature let out a roar and chased Lindsey, though the Professor ran too at first, it soon became apparent that it was after Lindsey more.

The Professor jumped out of the Allosaurus’ way, and after it ran past him, he grabbed it by the tail.

He briefly held the Allosaurus in place for a few seconds with his Vampiric strength, allowing Lindsey to get a good distance from it. The Allosaurus however flipped the Professor over twenty feet in the air with its tail before charging at him.

Lindsey paniced for a minute. She didn’t know how to help the Professor, but she still grabbed the Professor’s magic staff that he had dropped when dodging the Allosaur. If she could revive one of the larger fallen beasts, maybe it could distract the Allosaur long enough for the Professor to get away.

Lindsey looked ran back to the corpse of the giant four legged creature and fired the staff at the creature. It briefly revived the beast which started to crash into some of the cages.

The Allosaurus had cornered the Professor, but it hadn’t attacked him yet. It was more curious about this strange smelling, small, yet strong creature. Still the giant headless behemoth managed to distract the Allosaurus, who again stared at the beast more out of curiosity than anything else. The Allosaurus had actually killed the giant just a few hours earlier!

Whilst the Allosaurus was distracted, Lindsey would revive another one of the creatures using the staff. Behind one of the cages, she saw several Raptors, feasting on the corpse of a gigantic, green bipedal, Wolf like creature.

As soon as Lindsey revived the monster, it scattered the Raptors, managing to grab one in its jaws and crush it.

The Wolf then instinctively went for the other giant predator in the room, the Allosaur. It was about as large as the Dinosaur. Once again however the Allosaur was more confused by the sight of the larger Wolf than anything else. The Wolf however struck the Allosaur, and it hit it so hard that its own, rotting, putrid arm came off!

The Allosaur in response rammed the Wolf, shoving it back into one of the cages, whilst Lindsey and the Professor ran ahead to the door Gyster had already opened for them.

Once they made their way out. Gyster closed the door before the Allosaurus, or anything else could follow them. (With both the Wolf and the giant having died again.)

Unfortunately however before Lindsey could get her breath back, the two time travellers suddenly heard a growling sound and looked up to see a Sabre Tooth Cat at the other end of the corridor. It had managed to sneak its way out when the door was open.

The prehistoric monster went for Lindsey again, much like the Allosaur, but the Professor managed to tackle the Cat to the ground just as it pounced on her, and with one strike to its face, knocked it out cold.

“I hope more didn’t get out. The Zombies were enough” the Professor said as he adjusted his suit.

Back on the Professor’s ship, Luke, Kirsteen and Alice had managed to make their way through more Zombies, following Gysters directions to the dock of the ship.

Luke handed his gun to Kirsteen, telling her to fire at any Zombie or Demon she sees, whilst he and Alice try to pull the door open.

Kirsteen didn’t know how to use a gun, but she hoped she wouldn’t have to.

Luke and Alice pulled and pulled at the massive door until it started to open a little bit.

Just then however a noxious substance from above splashed into Luke’s face causing him to collapse in agony.

It was the young urchin child who had been turned into a Demon. He had managed to make his way to the end of the ship first and had been waiting for the right moment to strike.

The boy, who was now completely unrecognizable. He had morphed into a hideous, horned, goblin like creature, jumped on top of Luke and started to bite and claw at him.

Knowing he was done for Alice pulled at the door which came open a lot more easily now. As soon as she opened it however, several Zombies came pouring out!

To Be Continued.


Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 4: Old Demons


(Sorry this was delayed by a few days. My internet connection has been non existent for the better part of the past 4 days meaning I couldn’t get any work done on it. Apologies for the delay and enjoy! PS Doctor Who part 5 will be back this Saturday at the usual time after all, as will the 5th part of Professor Fang,  but sadly due to delay’s and other real life issues, part 5 of The Circus Master will be delayed for a whole week.) 

As Jiazan raised the Professor over Gysters heart, Lindsey quickly grabbed the Professors staff and fired it at the undead monster. The staff, just as before had a brief effect on the Zombie causing some of its wounds to heal.

Disoriented by the magic, Jiazan dropped the Professor and turned his attention to Lindsey. Lindsey kept firing the magic at the Zombie however and whilst it didn’t revive Jiazan it appeared to have a much greater mental effect on him than even the Professor could have imagined. Memories of the man Jiazan used to be started to creep back into his rotting skull.

He had once been a kind, brave man, a hero even. After he had been revived however all that was left was the bitterness, and jealousy he had occasionally felt in life.

Zombies were never fully the people they had once been in life. Raising the dead exactly as they were was a rarity in the universe, even with the strongest magics. Often physically the body would be a rotting husk, but even if the body was repaired, then mentally there would still be something missing.

Indeed most Zombies were the work of crude magics and therefore both mentally and physically they were nothing more than shambolic, repulsive husks, barely on the level on animals, living for nothing but to feed on the living, or obey their masters orders.

Even those who were almost completely perfect physically however would still often be lacking mentally in something vital they once possessed in life.

Now however for a few moments, Lindsey gave everything back to Jiazan and it was enough to almost kill him. He ran screaming from the room and down the corridor, consumed with guilt over the people he had killed. After just a few moments however Jiazan could suddenly feel his old self slipping away again, as the effects of the staff wore off. “No, no, I must remember who I am, I am a good man, I am a good man!” He kept saying to himself as the homicidal rage and jealousy slowly crept its way back into his very soul.

Lindsey helped the Professor up to his feet and handed him back his staff. “Thank you Lindsey in another minute I’d” he was interrupted as suddenly the whole ship began to break and more beams of blue light began to burst from parts of Gyster.

Gyster let out an ear piercing scream. “Please I can’t hold on much longer.”

The Professor started to work on the ships heart. He used his staff to heal some of its injuries and then began a healing ritual to fully repair the heart, though even as he was performing it, the heart still fluctuated, causing massive flashes of blue light to appear all over the ship.

One flash of light very nearly vaporised Lindsey, who barely managed to get out of the way in time. The Professor meanwhile took no notice of the magical blasts and continued to chant the ritual.

Fortunately one of the blue flashes of light appeared in the corridor just in front of Jiazan, (who had now fully regressed back to being a monster) which prevented him from interrupting the ritual again.

As more and more holes began to appear in the ship, all seemed lost until suddenly the shaking stopped.

Gyster let out another groan. “I can feel the pain going away.”

“You have nothing to worry about now” The Professor said smugly. “An old healing ritual from the planet Skrelian. Its like a magical bandage over your wounds, or think of it as like magical stitches. You’ll never be as strong as you once were though. Don’t over exert yourself or they might pop.”

“Thank you Vampire” Gyster said. “I’m afraid however my lack of strength is going to be a problem for you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“In those last few minutes, when it looked like your ritual wasn’t going to work I drained the energy from your ship. Forgive me. I had no choice, and if I hadn’t I probably would have exploded before your spell could have worked. You’d all be dead now.”

A look of horror came over The Professors face. “Please tell me you left the emergency banks alone.”

“I am afraid.”

“You fool, do you realise what you’ve done.”

“I am sorry Vampire. I know how much you cared for that vessel, but it is not more important than my, or your, or Lindsey’s or any of the people I chose to be my new crew’s lives. All of you can stay here and be my new crew.”

“Believe me, as horrifying as the idea of us being part of your new crew is” The Professor snapped. “You don’t understand. There was a creature locked away deep inside my ship. A monster that makes all of your Zombies look like the pathetic runts they truly are.”

Jiazan waited patiently for the blue light to disappear. He wanted to make Lindsey pay for making him feel guilt. He started to thump the walls in frustration until he heard the faint sound of music in the distance. It was coming from the old disco.

Surely no one could be in there now of all times, dancing to music? It must be an old jukebox, he thought. Still the monster didn’t want to take the tiny chance there was someone in there that he’d let go and so he decided to investigate.

Sure enough when he peered through the doors he saw the two Zombies dancing to romantic music. It almost seemed like a comical sight in the middle of everything that was going on.

Jiazan kicked the two doors down in rage. How dare they think they can just dance and have a nice time whilst I’m on a rampage, Jiazan thought.

The male Zombie pushed the female behind him and spoke, somewhat nervously to Jiazan.

“Please I know you. We travelled together for many years, decades even. We fought side by side, we slew monsters, saved worlds. Please, me and wife we just want to spend our last few minutes together. Let us have that. Remember the man you used to be. Jiazan.”

Jiazan responded by punching a hole through the lesser Zombies chest before throwing him 10 feet across the room.

The female Zombie let out a scream before picking up a chair and smashing it over Jiazan’s head. It didn’t even make him flinch, and the female Zombie in response quickly picked up one of the chairs legs and jabbed it into Jiazan’s eye. It still did nothing. She then ran across the room, with the giant, psychotic Zombie in hot pursuit. She grabbed two bottles from a nearby table as she ran and threw one at Jiazan’s head but the monster still wasn’t hurt and managed to grab her.

In desperation she smashed the other bottle off of a nearby table and tried to jab it into the larger Zombies face, but Jiazan just threw her over another table, before mounting himself on top of her.

The Zombie grabbed her throat with both hands and prepared to tear her head clean off her shoulders.

Before he could however the male Zombie grabbed Jiazan in a bear hug from behind and pulled him backwards.

“You’re nothing but a pitiful monster now. I’ll put you out of your misery.” The male Zombie said as he tried to pull on Jiazan’s neck.

Jiazan however quickly overpowered the lesser Zombie and tore both of his arms off, before lifting him over his head.

“PLEASE, PLEASE FOR PITY’S SAKE, WE’LL DO ANYTHING.” The female Zombie shouted and begged in desperation. Jiazan however didn’t even acknowledge her screams and instead ripped the male Zombie in half.

The female let out a scream and ran at Jiazan, who effortlessly knocked her to the ground with a quick strike. He then picked up the severed arms of her former lover and started to beat her relentlessly with them.

Jiazan’s strikes were so fast and so relentless that the female had no time to defend herself, even if she had wanted to.  Jiazan broke her ribs, her spine, and both of her legs, using her former lovers own severed arms, before smashing her skull in.

With her last actions the female Zombie crawled around the upper half of her lover and wrapped her arm around him.

Like the other undead creatures on the vessel, the two love Zombies were not the people they once were. In life they had been great heroes who would have done all they could to help the still living members of Gysters crew who were in danger, and even Gyster himself.

Now however all they cared about was each other. Even if they had seen a child being torn to pieces by Zombies outside, then they still wouldn’t have bothered to interrupt their dancing to help him.

Still at the very least, unlike Jiazan the two were even as Zombies able to retain the selfless love they had felt for another person in life, and in her final few seconds, the female made sure that she was still by the side of the man she loved no matter what.

Jiazan meanwhile laughed at the female’s final display, muttering “pathetic” under his breath.

Slaughtering the two lesser Zombies had been an amusing distraction for the monster, but his thoughts soon drifted back to the Professor and Lindsey. They had evaded and in his mind humiliated them. “You two got off lightly compared to the Vampire and his little bitch” Jiazan said bitterly as he looked down at the beaten and mangled corpses of his previous two victims.

“Who was this Demon?” Gyster asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“Slekovora, the curser of worlds.” The Professor responded. “He is said to come from the darkest world in all of the hell universes. Each planet he visits he transforms into a copy of his own world, through black magic. According to the legends, unlike most other Demons, he hated the hell he was born into, and despised other races that he felt were born into more privileged worlds. He targeted the most peaceful, and advanced planets in all of creation and would condemn them through the blackest magics.”

“Yes I’ve heard of him.” Gyster responded with regret. “He destroyed my favourite world. The planet Hystari. I saved its people from an invasion of Vampires many millennia ago. They hailed me and my then crew as their greatest heroes. We would visit their world many times after, often helping them against some other threat. Sadly however the last time we visited Hystari it had been twisted into a hellworld.” The ship paused for a moment. “I’ll never forget seeing the people who had once cheered me as I flew by, twisted into monsters, tearing each other apart. I lost 5 of my crew to that world.”

“I’ve visited Hystari.” The Professor replied. “Its’ now known as one of the worst hell planets in its galaxy.  I never knew it was anything other than that. I’m sorry. I can relate however. We encountered Slekovora on one of our favourite planets. Liova. It wasn’t as far gone as Hystari however. Its people for years had been working on a spell to contain Slekovora. Doing so drained their world of all magics and left them a burned out husk, but they were eventually able to trap that monster.

The last few surviving Liovans gave his cage as it were, to us. Since we’re never in one place too long, they figured it would be safer with us, as his minions couldn’t track us across all of time and space. For years Lindsey and I tried to find a way to kill that monster while he was vulnerable, but we couldn’t do it. No magics were powerful enough to actually harm him.”

“And now” Lindsey interrupted. “He’s escaped. We’ve failed. We’ll have the death’s of billions of worlds on our conscious”

“Come on we can’t think that way. We’re all responsible, but if we work together, we can put him back in his cage.” Gyster responded with faux optimism.

“We’re not all responsible. You are, you drained the power from my ship” The Professor snapped.

“You were the one who crashed into me, and wasted too much time dicking about with those Zombies out there.”

“Okay, okay” Lindsey interrupted. “It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, first things first we need to get back to the ship. Those poor people you abducted think they’re safe back there, when in truth we’d have been better bringing us with them”.

Back on the Professor’s ship, Gyster’s would be crew were alarmed at the room suddenly going black. A door also appeared at the far end of the room as the magic was filtered out of the room. None of them were brave enough to be the first to go through it however.

“Is it a power cut? I thought this ship was supposed to be magic or something” Kirsteen grumbled.”

Suddenly the group could hear something shuffling in the corridor.

“Is it one of they Zombie things?” The young urchin said. “I don’t like this, that creepy old man is in league with them I tell ya. He’s left us here to be eaten by em.

“Now, lets not jump to conclusions. I don’t know what he’s up to but.” Kirsteen said as suddenly the door began to open.

The crowd all backed against the wall in terror. They couldn’t make out what was standing in the doorway, but they knew it wasn’t even remotely human. All they could make out were its red eyes, piercing through the darkness.

To Be Continued.