Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 9: The New Kingdom


The last of the Professor’s Vampires had been overpowered by the wild Jiang Shi. The villagers had long since given up trying to fight the bloodsuckers and were now blindly fleeing.

The Professors Vampires had fought to the end, and they had taken down dozens of the wild Jiang Shi, but ultimately they were simply outnumbered by the wild Jiang Shi and the villagers were of little to no help. Still at the very least the wild Jiang Shi’s numbers had been dwindled to a mere 20 or so, though that was still more than enough to rip what was left of the village to pieces.

The wild Jiang Shi cut off the exit to the forest and gathered together to chase down the surviving villagers who were forced to flee back into the burning ruins. The monsters however were suddenly stopped in their tracks by the sight of their former pack leader, now standing with the Professor and the others, who emerged from the sea of fleeing, helpless villagers.

The Emperor was completely under the Professors control. Despite his greater strength, all of the Jiang Shi were just as vulnerable to the Professor’s magics.

The Emperor jumped into the crowd of wild Vampires who almost all backed away in fear from him.

One of the Vampires tried to stand up to its former master, only for the Emperor to punch a hole in its chest and then tear its head clean off.

As the other Vampires fled back to the forest in panic, the Emperor chased them down and tore several more of the bloodsuckers apart.

A few of the villagers were distracted by the spectacle and started to cheer on the Emperor which soon drew the attention from the rest of the fleeing civilians.

“I knew that evil would never consume him. Our Emperor is far too strong. He shall use the evil to destroy itself.” One of the villagers cheered.

“Let us not forget who it was that brought this down on us.” Another said.

The Emperor slew another 5 of the Vampires before the rest scattered into the woods, except for one bloodsucker who quickly ran past the Emperor and grabbed a young girl who had become seperated from the rest of the crowd.

The Vampire held its talons up to the terrified childs throat as the Emperor advanced towards him.

“Stop” The Professor commanded which caused the Emperor to halt instantly.

“Clever little bloodsucker” Lindsey said.

“Please, please, don’t let him hurt my baby.” One of the villagers begged. In her panic her child had been swept up in the fleeing crowd. She had tried to find her, but in the stampede she was almost crushed.

“Don’t worry. I promise we won’t let that monster harm her.” Lindsey said reassuringly, whilst the Professor rolled his eyes.

“Honestly I do wish she wouldn’t keep promising things she can’t deliver.” The Professor said to himself.

“How are we supposed to get her out of that Vampires clutches.”

The Vampire holding the child hopped back a few more feet, still clutching the child in its talons. Every time the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee or the Empress would make a move forward, the Vampire would stop and thurst its claws back up to the terrified childs neck.

Suddenly however the Vampire started to claw at the air behind it. It was Asika. The Ghost was still terrified of the Vampires, but ultimately she was even more scared of just being left in this state forever. She had followed the Professor and the others out of the castle. Even if the Vampires did manage to destroy her spirit, it would still be preferrable to being left as a Ghost, able to still see, but unable to ever interact with the world again she thought to herself.

As she tussled with the Vampire however, her old fears started to come back. Still Asika managed to distract the beast long enough not only for the little girl to get away, but for the Professor to impale the Jiang Shi through the chest with his enchanted sword, killing the beast instantly.

“Come we have to stop them escaping into the woods or we’ll never find them.” The Professor said.

Out in the forest the Professor with the Emperor in tow quickly cornered three more Jiang Shi against a small tree.

“I don’t know if any of you can understand me.” The Professor said.

“If you can I just want you to know that I take no pleasure in this, but it has to be done. Emperor destroy every single Jiang Shi here.”

The Emperor started to tear the lesser Vampires apart. Some of them tried to fight back but it was hopeless. The evil had been brewing inside the Emperor for so long that his power was many times that of the rest of the Jiang Shi.

One of the Vampires meanwhile silently headed back to the village. This Vampire had realised that the Professor was controlling the Emperor through the yellow paper. The creature was barely capable of any kind of advanced thought, but it had still been able to work it out when fighting the Professor’s Vampires, when the Vampire accidentally tore the paper off of one of their heads. Even with their more animalistic nature, the Jiang Shi still had limited cognitive abilities. This Jiang however knew that it couldn’t just walk up to the Emperor and rip it off his head, so it quietly crept back into the village to get something that could help it.

The Emperor soon cornered another 4 Vampires, whilst the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee and the Empress meanwhile still searched frantically for more of the bloodsuckers who were now cowering in the woods. Up ahead Lee saw one of the creatures had become stuck in the swamp outside the village. It was buried up to its waist, though the more it struggled, the more it was pulled under.

“Poor soul” Kirsteen said.

“Can’t we do something? I’m not saying we should help him, but can’t you put him out of his misery?”

“I’m afraid not. I’d have to throw this sword straight into his heart from here which I could do, but we need all the weapons we can. We could try and pull him out, but he’d probably try and kill us anyway. As callous as it may sound it is one less Vampire to worry about.”

Within a few more seconds the Vampire sunk beneath the sand completely much to the time travellers horror, whilst the Empress meanwhile was more focused on her husband. Whilst she hated seeing him in this state, in a way she was happy that his last act was to protect the kingdom he had sworn to die for.

Just then however she suddenly noticed one of the Jian Shi in the distance holding a flaming piece of wood. It was the Vampire that had returned to the village. It had ripped a piece of wood off of one of the flaming houses, which it then hurled at the Emperor.

The Emperor’s clothes instantly caught fire, and whilst he did not react at first, eventually the flames spread their way to the paper on his head. The Empress tried to run to stop the fire but it was too late and within a matter of seconds the paper had burned off. The fire from the torch also began to spread its way through the woods behind.

The Emperor then quickly turned around and instantly headed for the Professor and the others, his body still ablaze.

The only way forward for the Professor and the others however was through the swamp, and worse, the three remaining Vampires in the woods around the Emperor soon started to follow him again.

The time travellers stood their ground however, and Lindsey, the Empress, the Professor and Kirsteen all tried to attack the Emperor with their swords. The Vampire managed to dodge every one of their blows, but at least they kept him distracted for the time being. Lee meanwhile used what little magics he had to push one of the Vampires into the other two. Whilst they were down on the ground he then stabbed his enchanted sword straight through one of the Vampires hearts, and decapitated the other as it rose up.

The Vampire that had freed the Emperor however had wisely remained at the back, and it hopped backwards towards the blazing forest where it tore another piece of burning wood from a tree and hurled it at the Wizard knocking him to the forest floor. The Vampire then started to slash the Wizard over and over again. In his desperation Lee called to the others for help, but unfortunately he only distracted them long enough for the Emperor to grab the Empress and sink his fangs into her throat.

Lindsey tried to intervene, but the Emperor with one bat of his hand sent her flying backwards into the swamp.

The Professor tried to strike the Emperor down, but when he tried to swing his sword, the Emperor knocked it out of his hand and into the swamp too.

“Go help Lee now” The Professor said to Kirsteen.

“But what about”.

“Go now!” He shouted.

The Professor picked up the Empress’ sword and tried to strike the Jiang Shi again, but the monster simply threw the Empress’ seemingly lifeless body into the Professor, who he then proceeded to beat viciously.

The Professor tried to fight back, but not only was his strength no match for the Jiang Shi, every time he struck the beast he would simply burn his hands on the fire.

Lindsey watched in horror as the Professor was easily overpowered. She tried to break free from the swamps pull, but it was hopeless. Just as all seemed lost, Lindsey felt something pull her up with a tremendous force. It was Asika.

As Lindsey was hoisted up she grabbed some of the quick sand and threw it at the Emperor, drawing his attention away for a few moments. The Vampire stood in confusion at the sight of Lindsey hovering in the air, seemingly by herself, and the Professor quickly used this opportunity to thrust the Empress’ sword into the Emperor’s chest.

The Emperor let out a scream and the mini explosion from the sword burning him, sent the Vampire hurling ten feet into the swamp to beside Lindsey, though unfortunately he took the sword with him.

The Emperor pulled himself a few feet through the swamp. He still sunk like the others, but his greater strength helped the Vampire to resist the pull for longer and even move about in the swamp.

The Emperor grabbed onto Lindsey’s legs as she was almost pulled free and tried to drag her back down.

Asika tried to pull and pull, but the Vampire held on tight. The Professor meanwhile stood powerless at the side. He desperately racked through spells he could use to hurt the Vampire in his mind, when suddenly the Empress used her last ounce of strength to hurl the body of one of the dead Jiang Shi onto the Emperor which caused him to let go of Lindsey and sink into the quicksand.

The Empress then collapsed into the Professor’s arms.

“Is he gone for good now?”

“Yes he is.”

“I’m going to become one of them soon.”

“I’m afraid.”

Before the Professor could even finish the Empress pulled her knife out and stuck it straight through her heart. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

Kirsteen meanwhile had arrived to see the Vampire standing over Lee’s beaten and slashed body. Just as it prepared to land a killing bite on his throat, Kirsteen stabbed it in the back. The Vampire reached out and grabbed her by the arm, but she pushed her sword in deeper and deeper until the Vampire let go. Kirsteen then pushed the Vampire back away from Lee and slashed it several more times. Rather than stay and fight the Vampire quickly ran through the flaming woods behind, knowing that Kirsteen couldn’t follow it.

Kirsteen pulled Lee away from the fire which soon spread through the most of the nearby forest.

We need to get back to the ship. My magics can repel the flames but we have to hurry. Asika you can’t come with us, but you should be safe here. Thank you , thank you”

The flames soon forced the Professor and the others to retreat to the teleportation site before he could finish properly thanking the Ghost. On the ship the Vampire was able to whip up a quick spell which put out the fire below before it spread to the village.

The Professor, Lindsey, and Kirsteen would return to the forest to search for the surviving Jiang Shi. In some ways that was easier than the task Lee had ahead of him.

Lee had to tell the prince that his mother had not made it. It was decided that it would be better coming from Lee, as even though he had been an enemy to both of the boys parents, the prince still knew Lee and had been friendly with him at some point.

“Where’s mother? Please tell me.”

“I’m sorry son. She died saving all of us. She was a hero to the end.”

Lee’s kind words didn’t sooth the blow for the boy at all.

“Was it, was it that thing that took over my father that killed her.”

Lee didn’t answer. How could he? Still his silence told the boy everything he needed to know, and the young prince collapsed in the Wizard’s arms.

The prince bore the Wizard no ill will. He realised that if Lee had had his way all of this suffering could be avoided. The boy however also understood his mothers reasons and bore her no ill will either.

Sadly however the rest of the kingdom would not be so forgiving to the late Emperor’s family.

The kingdom’s capital lay in ruins and Lee would be forced to take over, with the Prince being too young. The survivors in the capital championed Lee to be their new ruler after the bravery he had shown against the Jiang Shi. Whilst the Wizard was reluctant at first he realised he had no choice, as he had a far greater knowledge of the supernatural than anyone else in the kingdom.

The last of the Jiang had managed to escape in the fire and confusion despite The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen’s best efforts. On top of that there were various other survivors who were infected and would turn over the next few weeks. Though Lee would do his best to try and stamp out the last of the Jiang Shi, the monsters would continue to terrorise the countryside for many more centuries to come and make many more of their kind. They were never able to attack the captial again however, as Lee made sure every civilian knew the weaknesses of the beast. Some Jiang Shi would even be tamed by the magics Lee learned from the Professor and used to protect the cities, but the kingdom would never regain its former protection from the supernatural. Not only would they have to continue to deal with more Vampires, but various other Demons and Supernatural creatures would soon begin to flock to the kingdom once they learned its magical defences were down. Lee would also have to deal with many more spirits and ghosts caused by the magical upheavel too.

Akira meanwhile would decide to stay by Lee’s side. After the Emperor’s defeat, Akira had helped to rebuild the village during which she began to see how her powers could help people. Far from being able to see the world but not interact with it, like she had initially believed, Akira saw that she could influence the world to a greater extent than ever before. She refused to let the Professor exorcise her, though he would leave her with the secrets of how to do so if she ever changed her mind, and she would come close several times as the years rolled on. Still ultimately Akira would continue to help Lee battle the Vampires and other threats to the kingdom for many centuries to come.

Arguably Lee’s biggest obstacle was to arrange a funeral for the Empress. Most of the survivors were against it, but Lee felt he owed it to the Prince who he would look after as his own son. Sadly however the Empress’ grave would be vandalised many times over the next few decades.

The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen would stay for a few months to help Lee get settled in as the new Emperor, before quietly slipping away back to their ship.

Lee had not wanted them to leave at all. He felt that he could only protect the kingdom properly with the three time travellers help, but sadly they were needed elsewhere in another time and another place.

Lee would continue to rule as the Emperor for many more centuries to come, with his magics allowing him to remain immortal. Unfortunately his reign would later end under horrific circumstances, but the immortal Wizard would always stand guard over the kingdom regardless of whether he was its ruler or not.

The End

The Professor, Lindsey, and Kirsteen will return in The Dark Side of the Moon later this month. For now I am going to take a short break from this series and the Circus Master whilst I get this blog in order.

Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 8: The Emperor’s New Clothes

(Sorry about the delay. Christmas has been quite hectic this year. This story is still not quite finished yet, but it will be by next week. At the very least the final two parts are longer.)

The Jiang Shi circled Lindsey. She held up her single half bag of sticky rice against the monsters to try and ward them off, but it wasn’t working this time. These Vampires were bolder, and much more bloodthirsty and feral than before.

As all seemed lost for Lindsey, a small group of villagers emerged from behind the flaming wreckage of several houses, carrying torches and large blocks of burning wood.

The villagers started to fight with the Vampires. They had an advantage at first, more because they surprised the Demons than anything else and were able to knock some of the Vampires off their feet.

It didn’t take long for the Demons to overpower the villagers however. One of the villagers was impaled with his own flaming piece of wood, whilst another was jumped by several of the bloodsuckers who tore her to pieces.

Lindsey tried to help in the fight, but the one of the Vampires quickly tossed her aside with one bat of its hand.

As the Vampire prepared to pin her to the ground, Lindsey grabbed a flaming piece of wood that one of the other villagers had dropped and smacked the Vampire right in the face, sending it crashing to the ground.

Lindsey then placed the flaming wood around a Jiang Shi’s neck from behind. Catching it by surprise, she was able to pull the undead monster away from a villager that it was about to attack, before hurling the Vampire over her shoulder into three more bloodsuckers behind.

“We have to get out of here now.” Lindsey said to the 7 or so remaining villagers.

“Where too? They tore down our last shelter. Those monsters strength is limitless.”

“Where were you hiding?”

“In the temple. We thought its holy power would protect us but.”

“Sometimes it can, but with these things, well lets just say its more mundane.” Lindsey said as she clutched her sticky rice. “Anyway it doesn’t matter, we need to get back to the temple”

“Its doors were ripped open.”

“This will hold them back.” Lindsey said as she held up the little sticky rice she had left.

The villagers felt they could trust Lindsey simply from the fact that the Vampires wanted her dead too. Besides they didn’t have any other options.

The temple was just around the corner. It was a small, modest building. Religion had more or less deteoriated in this kingdom, though there were still some who worshipped the symbol of Buddha, without much knowledge of his teachings. The buildings stood more as significant cultural symbols of the knigdoms great past. Generally speaking magic and spiritualism were seen as a thing of the past.

The two front doors to the Temple had been ripped off completely, whilst a Jiang Shi stood near the door, drinking the blood from the corpse of an unfortunate young woman who had foolishly tried to defend the temple.

The villagers ran past the Vampire into the Temple, though several of the Vampires noticed them, Lindsey was able to block the entrance with the remainder of her sticky rice.

Just as before the Vampires hopped backwards in fear hissing at the entrance. Unfortunately however several more Vampires were soon attracted by the commotion and dozens more of the bloodsuckers gathered around the Temple.

Lindsey searched around the small temple for any exit. All she found was the entrance to a small crypt that led to a dead end.

Lindsey checked the back windows, but unfortunately they were surrounded by streets filled with dozens more Jiang Shi. If they tried to run that way then its possible one of the crowd of 8 would make it,. Maybe.

“We’ll just have to hope the Professor and Kirsteen find us, and soon.” Lindsey said as she stepped down from the window. Meanwhile the horde of bloodsuckers at the front of the Temple continued to grow larger and larger.

On the other side of the village, the Emperor had dragged Lee back to his castle, where this nightmare had all begun. A few Vampires along the way tried to attack the Wizard, but the Emperor would always send them scurrying back with a quick snarl.

Back at the castle, the Emperor woke Lee by slashing him across the face. The Wizard was shocked to see that the Emperor had bothered to take him here. Why didn’t this animal just kill him?

Could it be that there was something left of his old friend there after all.

Lee approached the Emperor very slowly. In truth there wasn’t anything left of the Emperor. There was nothing but a few scant memories of the man, whose body the Demon had taken over. In time they would all fade completely, but for now the Vampire was confused by the emotions he felt just when looking at the Wizard.

The Demon felt the Emperors genuine hatred for the Wizard for his betrayal. Whilst the Emperor had understood Lee’s attempts on his life, to stop the curse from spreading, he still nevertheless hated his former friend for the threats he had made against his people and family.

The Vampire knew it wanted to prolong the Wizards torture for much longer than any of its other victims, it just wasn’t sure why.

The Emperor struck Lee, knocking him out cold. It then started to slash him on the ground several times over before ramming one of its talons through Lees eye. Despite his magic being low, Lee was able to conjur up a puny blast that sent the Emperor a few feet across the room.

Lee stumbled through the main hall, tripping over the mangled bodies of those still fortunate enough not to be turned by the Jiang Shi.

The Emperor however quickly hopped in front of the terrified Wizard. The look of hatred on this seemingly mindless animals face was unmistakable to Lee. For a second it almost was like looking at the Emperor again.

Lee tried to speak with the monster. Since the memories of the man it had taken over were influencing it, Lee felt that perhaps he could jog the memories of the Emperor’s conscience.

“Please Emperor, if there is any part of you still in there, listen to me. The kingdom you gave your life for is in ruins. You’re wife and your son are still out there.”

The Vampire however simply grabbed Lee by the throat and started to choke him in its fury. Lee could feel himself blacking out when the Emperor dropped him to the floor. After a few seconds the Vampire started to attack the Wizard again. It wanted him to experience everything it had in mind for the traitor.

Back at the Temple, the Vampires started to hurl rocks at the windows, breaking several of them. One of the villagers, a young man was hit on the head and killed instantly, but before Lindsey or anyone else could even tend to his body, one of the Vampires started to hurl pieces of burning rubble from the buildings at the Temple.

The furniture quickly caught fire, and though Lindsey and the others tried to put it out with the curtians, the fire spread quickly, overwhelming the room with flames and smoke. They had no choice but to run outside before the exit was completely cut off.

Outside the Vampires were quick to surround Lindsey and the fleeing time travellers, but Lindsey fought back using one of the flaming curtains which she wrapped around two of the Vampires. She then grabbed several bits of burning rubble the Vampires had been throwing at the house and hurled them back at the Jiang Shi, holding the Demons back for a few seconds until the villagers were able to escape.

Two of the Vampires however quickly hopped through the small fire Lindsey had created and grabbed her by either arm

The two monsters pulled so hard, Lindsey thought she was going to be ripped in half. Fortunately just as one of the Vampires was about to sink its fangs into her arm, it was suddenly thrown across the room by an invisible force. The same force then quickly struck the other Vampire down before hurling several large bits of flaming wood at the Vampires behind.

Lindsey didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t like leaving this invisible force, whatever it was alone with those bloodsuckers, but she had to make sure the villagers hadn’t run into trouble.

Up ahead however Lindsey saw 5 Vampires standing there with pieces of yellow paper on their foreheads. From behind them emerged the Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress. The villagers had similarly been stopped in their tracks by this strange sight too. Lindsey couldn’t help but smile in relief.

“What took you so long.”

“Sorry this place is crawling with Vampires you know. I assumed you could handle it.” The Professor replied.

“Yes I could, burning buildings, hordes of super Vampires, and all I had was a bag of rice. It was no problem.”

The Professor’s five Vampires quickly jumped the other Jiang Shi. They dispatched all of the wild Vampires relatively quickly. The wild Vampires were much less organised than the Professor’s and they were distracted by the same invisible force. (In reality Asika.)

The Professor’s Vampires killed the other members of their kind by literally tearing their heads off.

Kirsteen had to look away from the bloody spectacle. She didn’t look on the Jiang Shi as humans at all, but unlike the Professor or even Lindsey who could still crack jokes in the middle of all this bloodshed, Kirsteen was still very new to the gruesome reality of dealing with creatures like the Jiang Shi.

As she looked round at the Professor and Lindsey she could see that even they were wincing as the last of the wild Jiang Shi, a young woman was pinned to the ground by two larger Vampires, with a third proceeding to slash at her neck until she was decapitated.

“Horrible, horrible, but it has to be done.” The Professor said as clutched either side of his cloak.

“Come Lindsey.” He continued. “We need to find the Emperor now.”

“I saw him”. One of the villagers protested.

“Just a few moments earlier, he was heading that way. He was carrying the Wizard with him.”

“That’s the way to the castle.” The Empress said.

“It must be the last of the Emperor’s old memories influencing the beast. My guess is he’ll have something really nasty in mind for Lee. We have to act fast.”

“Its all my fault.” Linsey said with regret.

“I couldn’t save him.”

“You might still be able too, but we have to hurry now.”

“What about the rest of the village.”

“I have more Vampires scattered about. They’ll keep the villagers you rescued safe and destroy any Jiang Shi.” The Emperor gave a loud call, which caused 7 more Jiang Shi to emerge around the villagers that had escaped with Lindsey.” “Protect these people at all costs.” The Professor commanded. “The rest of you, come with me. The Emperor is the leader of the pack. We’ll need all the help we can get. Jiang Shi’s, Empress’ and Ghosts to get him under our control.”

“Ghosts? Oh of course how silly of me. I should have realised that’s what the force was. Thank you wherever you are.”

“Her name is Asika. She’s protected by my magics, though sadly we can’t see her either. I promise Asika, we’ll help you after this.”

“I doubt you will.” She said. The ghost had no faith in the old man, as she still couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her, but at the very least she knew that the Jiang Shi were the bigger danger.

The 7 remaining Jiang Shi gathered around the villagers whilst still making their way through the village for more survivors.

More villagers had survived than Lindsey had initially believed. Several peasants had thrown themselves on the ground and pretended to be among the dead to escape the Vampires. This tactic did manage to dupe some of the bloodsuckers simply because the Vampires were so ravenous they went after anything that moved. Some of the Vampires however could still smell the living among the dead as one unfortunate man who had been forced to lie beside his dead wife discovered, when several Jiang Shi jumped him, and tore him apart like Sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Others meanwhile hid in small alleys, or in the crypts beneath temples and a very few even stayed in their burning buildings, thinking it was better to fight the fire than the Vampires. Even then however many of the Vampires simply walked through the fire and tore the terrified villagers apart.

The Professor’s Vampires meanwhile tended to focus more on battling members of their own kind sadly, than in helping the villagers. Even under the command of the Professor’s powerful magics the Vampires natural instincts for violence overrode everything else.

The Professor’s Vampires would tend to swarm one of the wild Jiang Shi and quickly tear it apart. However the wild Vampires soon caught on to their tactics and they all began to attack the Professor’s Vampires at once. Two of the Professor’s Vampires were ripped apart, whilst the paper was torn off of the head of another, freeing him and causing him to turn on one of the villagers next to him instantly.

Fortunately many of the villagers both within the circle of the Jiang Shi and in hiding tried to join in the fight. They had no idea why some of the Vampires were turning on each other, but some fool hardy villagers hoped that they could take advantage of the situation. All they accomplished however was in distracting the wild Jiang Shi long enough to gain the upper hand. Soon both the villagers and the enchanted Vampires were fighting together.

The Emperor had beaten Lee unconscious 5 or so times. The more beatings he took however, the quicker it took Lee to faint. The Emperor screamed in frustration at Lee constantly interrupting his fun and dug his claws deep into the Wizard’s guts. Lee started to choke on his own blood as the Vampire slowly lifted him in the air.

Lee looked down at the snarling, blood stained face of the Demon that had possessed his friend.

“I’m sorry”. Lee said whilst spitting up his own blood.

“I should have tried to help” The Wizard passed out before he could finish.

“Put him down” the Empress screamed. She was the first to enter the palace, with the Professor just coming in after.

She still hoped in vain that some vague memories of their time together might influence the Jiang Shi, but it was obvious that the monster wasn’t moved at all. In fact it threw Lee across the room and charged at the Empress with a renewed fury.

The Vampire couldn’t understand any positive memories such as love or compassion. Any lingering memories of such feelings would just make the monster feel sick, which was why the first thing Jiang Shi did was often kill their hosts loved ones.

The Professor however sent three Vampires to attack the Emperor. They managed to hold him down for a few seconds before the Emperor tossed all three across to the other sides of the room.

The Professor quickly grabbed swords from the bodies of the guards on the floor and enchanted them, before handing the weapons over to Lindsey, Kirsteen and the Empress.

These weapons could harm the Emperor, but not destroy him. His stength had grown since he last met the Professor thanks to the blood he had drank. The Professors two remaining Jiang Shi tried to hold the Emperor in place, but again they were easily overpowered. Lindsey, The Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress all tried to slash at the Vampire but he was too fast for them.

In the confusion Kirsteen almost slashed Lindsey across the face!

“Not me you idiot.” Lindsey said in a rare moment of anger, though it was really more because of the Emperor than anything else.

“Sorry, you know maybe it turns out I’m not cut out for this life after all.” Kirsteen said sarcastically.

Asika tried to intervene, but the Emperor without even looking hit her in the face, knocking the Ghost out for a few seconds.

The Empress not being able to take seeing her husband in this state for much longer hurled herself at the Vampire bearing her husband’s face, with her sword still in her hand. She tried to ram her sword into her husband’s spine from behind, but the former Emperor sunk his fangs straight into her throat before she could act.

The Empress tried to pull away, but her Vampiric husband just it deeper and deeper. Seizing his chance, the Professor rammed his sword straight into the Emperor’s eye. The Vampire jumped back in pain, taking the sword with him, which he quickly ripped out of his face.

The Emperor then squeezed the blade of the sword in his hand, despite the fact that it burnt him, until the sword snapped into fragments.

Two of the Professor’s Jiang Shi then tried to grab the Emperor from either side, but the Professor simply stuck his hand through one of the lesser Jiang Shi’s chest, whilst ripping the arm off of the other, which he then used to beat both of them!

3 more Jiang Shi however grabbed the Emperor from all sides and tried to hold him down whilst the Professor quickly jumped on the Emperor with one of the final pieces of yellow paper. The Emperor however struggled and struggled and sensing the magics in the paper, quickly jumped free and over twenty feet into the balcony above.

“He can sense what we want to do to him. Fascinating. I always underestimate just how crafty these brutes can be.” The Professor said

Kirsteen meanwhile had tended to the Empress, whilst Lindsey tended to Lee who was barely breathing.

“He’s not going to last much longer. We need to get him back to the ship.”

“We couldn’t possibly make it through that war zone. Not until we get the leader.”

“He won’t last that long I’m telling you we need the magics in the ship.”

Just then Lee suddenly awoke, groaning in pain.

“Its okay I have you” Lindsey said gently.

Lee however instead tried to chant something. He could barely speak from the pain and the blood in his throat, but after a few failed attempts he was able to get the enchantment out. It was a minor healing spell that closed over some of his most severe wounds.

The most advanced healing magics required incredible power that Lee even on his best day didn’t have access too. He would never be able to regrow his eye or a missing limb with magics, but effectively plastering a wound with magic was simple enough.

Lee sat up, trying as best as he could not to let the pain consume him.

“I’m sorry.” He said to the Empress who he could see had been bit.

“It is my fault.” Lee said, whilst still spitting out among the last of his teeth.

“If I had tried to reason with you, tried to appeal.”

“No.” The Empress said. “Its my fault. All of it. I can’t believe I let my husband become that thing. I won’t make the same mistake again. Professor, I know you’ll have to kill me after that thing bit me. I won’t fight you.”

“Its true, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do. I could take you to the most advanced civilisation in the universe and they still wouldn’t be able to undo the curse of Vampirism. Still we need you for now.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been bit”. She said as she showed them her previous bite wound.

“If I’ve been bitten more than once, what does that mean?”

“It means you have less time before you turn. Still as you are alive you should have maybe a few days.”

“A few more days with my son? Well that is something to fight for at least.” The Empress said as she tried to haul herself up.

Lee tried to stand too, but he was far too weak. He tried more healing spells on himself, and though he was eventually able to stand by himself, it was obvious that his power was almost at an end.

“I’m fine” he said. “Well I’m not but I have to do my bit.”

“Don’t expect us to waste time trying to protect you.” The Professor said callously. “I can’t stop you from trying to help but you better not get in the way.”

Just then one of the Professor’s Vampires was thrown from the balcony. Its face had been smashed to an absolute pulp, whilst large chunks of flesh had been torn out of its chest and stomach.

The enchantment had been torn off of its head, but it was clearly no threat to anything now. Lindsey put the beast out of its misery by taking the monsters head off with her sword.

“Our Vampires won’t last much longer.” The Professor said. “We have to move now while we have the advantage. Asika, I don’t know if you can hear me, or if you’re still here, but please just let me know.”

The Vampire received no response.

In truth Asika was too scared to even move. She had been badly hurt by the Emperor’s strike. The sudden reality of the situation had begun to creep in that it wasn’t just her life, but her soul that was in danger.

The Professor’s two Vampires had managed to tackle the Emperor down a small corridor, but the greater Jiang Shi soon fought back by smashing one of the lesser Vampires through a wall, whilst digging his talons into the neck of the other bloodsucker.

The Professor, Lindsey, the Empress, and Kirsteen all jumped the Emperor whilst he was distracted. The Professor tried to place one of the last pieces of enchanted paper on the Emperor’s face in the struggle, but the Vampire bit into his hand. Lindsey jabbed her finger into the Vampire’s eye socket causing the monster to spin round 360 degrees, sending all of its enemies flying.

The Emperor then hopped towards Lindsey in fury, snarling and biting, but Lindsey stabbed her enchanted sword straight into the Vampires chest. Sparks started to fly from its chest and the Vampire grabbed Lindsey by the neck, but she pushed the sword in deeper. It was a testament to the Vampires vastly superior strength that he could endure this pain, but it eventually became too much for him and the Emperor was hurled backwards. Whilst he was on the floor, Kirsteen who the Vampire had not taken notice off quickly grabbed the yellow enchantment that the Professor had dropped and placed it on the Emperor’s forehead before he could react, stopping the bloodsucker in its tracks.

“You did it, you did” The Professor said. “Now we might just have a chance.”

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 7: The Ghost and the Wizard

Sorry about the delay. Been a very difficult two months, but I am back on track now. This story and the Circus Master story Journey to the Centre of Evil will conclude over the next two weeks after which both series will take a break until early January, whilst Scratchman will continue. This blog however will return to opinion pieces over the Christmas period.

Lindsey and Lee had managed to make their way to the centre of the village. They had left the mother and son they rescued on the roof of a large building. They weren’t happy about leaving them, but they felt it was better than dragging the villagers through the hordes of blood thirsty Vampires in the streets below.

Sadly however it appeared that Lindsey and Lee were too late. The fire had spread through a large part of the village, killing any villager the Vampires didn’t get to first. Many of the Vampires meanwhile ran around frantically covered in flames, roaring. They didn’t appear to be in any pain however. Instead they were more angry at the lack of humans around.

“We’re too late.” Lindsey said with regret.”Those monsters haven’t left anyone alive. I’m sorry.”

Just then the Wizard and the time traveller heard the sound of someone screaming. As they turned around they saw a young woman calling for help out of the window of a burning building.

Unfortunately however several flaming Jiang Shi had also seen her too.

“No, no, no I told you repeat after me.” The Professor screamed at Kirsteen.

“I told you I don’t speak Chinese!” Kirsteen fired back.

“Well English is not my first language you know, but I learned it fluently. I’m only asking you to repeat a few words.”

“I thought the magics in this vessel were supposed to translate every language? Why doesn’t it just translate what I’m saying to Chinese? Also how do I know you learned English fluently, you could just be hiding behind your magic?”

“The translation spell’s just an illusion. You have to say the words. I told you, we both need to say them at the same time to channel the spell to the paper.”

“Why doesn’t her majesty do it? She speaks the langauge and this whole thing is her fault?”

“I told you I am not touching those magics.” The Empress said. In reality she was worried that the magics would expose that she had been infected by the Jiang Shi and they would kill her. She just had to hope that she could use her people’s hatred of magic to bluff the old Vampire.

“We don’t have time to convince an Empress to do what she doesn’t want too. Come on repeat after me.”

It took her another few minutes but finally Kirsteen was able to get the pronunciation right. As the Professor had told her, pronunciation was everything!

The spells started to appear on the 15, small thin sheets of yellow paper the Professor had laid out.

The spells still appeared in Chinese to Kirsteen.

“Why haven’t they been translated.”

“It told you that’s just an illusion. A translation spell is most basic, weak form of magic. These enchantments are among the strongest. They have to be to tame a Jiang Shi.”  The Professor said as he stuck 13 of the yellow pieces of paper on either side of his coat. He handed the final two to Kirsteen and the Empress.

The Empress was at first reluctant to take it, but the Professor insisted.

“I’m not sticking them all on myself! Besides if you’re cornered or get seperated from us, you can make the first Jiang Shi that attacks you into your loyal servant. Its either that or you can wait here until we’re done, which considering as Kirsteen pointed out, this is all your fault, are you going to let your people down again?”

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, the Empress quickly snatched the spell from the Professor. Fortunately it didn’t have any effect on her, at least not yet.

“Remember only use these on the largest and strongest Jiang Shi. I’ll try and get the Emperor.” The Professor said as he hurried to the teleporter.

The Empress meanwhile tended to her son.

“I’m only going away for a short while. You need to stay here. You’ll be safe, just don’t touch anything.”

The prince for the first time responded.

“I don’t hate you. Everyone blames you for this, but you were just trying to save father. Please don’t leave me. I can’t lose you too. I don’t care about the kingdom, please mother don’t.” The boy pleaded with his mother. Sadly she knew that no matter what happened she would have to leave her son. She hugged him one last time and promised her boy that she would be back, though she knew this would most likely be the last time she would ever see him.

Who would look after her boy? The Wizard, the Vampire? Would her people blame her son because of her actions? Even if he was allowed to continue on as the Prince how could he deal with the responsibilities? As callous it may have seemed, the Empresses had to put those thoughts out of her mind for now. There may not even be a kingdom for her son to live in. For once she would have to put the good of her people first above her family.

In the forest below, the Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress could see the Jiang Shi all gathered around one small area.

It was the ghost woman. Even though the bloodsuckers couldn’t see her, they could sense her presence. The ghost hadnt moved an inch the entire time she was so terrified.

The Professor used the distraction to creep up on one of the Jiang Shi. The Vampire noticed the Professor however when he got nearer, but as soon as the monster lunged at him, the Professor placed the paper on its forehead, stopping the brute in its tracks. The Professor then shouted out a spell in Chinese, causing the Jiang Shi he had placed the spell on to glow white before it quickly spun round and begun attacking the other Vampires. The Professor’s Jiang Shi batted another of the monsters to the ground, and restrained the one closest to him long enough for the Professor to place another piece of paper on its forehead. The Professor then chanted his spell again, placing this Jiang Shi under his control too.

The Professor’s two Jiang Shi started to fight with the others, whilst he would take another two of the bloodsuckers by surprise and place two more enchantments on their foreheads.

During the confrontation, Kirsteen would attempt to jump one of the Jiang Shi, but the Vampire easily deflected her attack and pinned Kirsteen to the ground, knocking the spell out of her hands in the process.

Before the Vampire could sink its fangs into Kirsteen’s neck however, the Empress was able to surprise it from behind and place her spell over its forehead. Kirsteen then quickly grabbed her spell and managed this time to place it on the head of a Vampire that was just about to pounce on the Professor from behind, whilst he was too busy admiring his own handiwork.

Within a matter of minutes all of the Vampires in the area had been placed under the Professor’s control.

“Brilliant” the Professr shouted excitedly.

“Now we have a fighting chance.”

“Not really” Kirsteen bemoaned.

“We have what twelve Vampires? There are probably hundreds of them in the village by now.”

“I told you, all we need is the Alpha. If we can surround him with this lot, we’ve won. ”

“Also we may have some extra help” The Professor said as he snapped his fingers, causing a young woman to appear.

“Oh that’s right I forgot only I can see her.” Well trust me there’s a Ghost lady there.

“Please I don’t know what you want with me but.”

“I’m sorry, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but you’re dead.”


“Those monsters they killed you. Take a look at this Vampire.” The Professor made a young female Vampire walk forward and lifted the yellow paper up, but not off, revealing its face to be that of the Ghost lady’s herself.

“It’s me, I know that. Those creatures, they created a copy of me. I am not dead, I can’t be.”

“Your spirit has left your body. Its trapped in a limbo. It can potentially happen to any life form, but thankfully most of the time the soul passes on. Sometimes there can be genetic cause for the soul lingering. Ghosts they say run in the family. Sometimes magics can be used to keep a soul here, sometimes if there has been a great magical upheavel, the spirits of people can be affected. I suspect that we’ll be seeing quite a large proportion of ghosts in this area over the next few centuries. I can help you move onto the next life, all I ask is that you help me first.”

The Ghost lady had stopped listening to the Professor. She had instead become focused on the Empress. She didn’t recognise her at first, as why would the Empress be here? Still she never forgot a face, and the Ghost tried to attack the Empress in rage.

“You caused this. You brought those monsters down on us!” The Ghost lady screamed as she tried to grab the Empress’ neck only for her hands to phase through.

“I told you, you’re a spirit. You have no physical presence in this world. That doesn’t mean you can’t help us. Please I don’t expect you to fully understand it, but you can help us stop those monsters from hurting anyone else.

The Ghost lady looked at her nearby surroundings. From here she could see the tree she had tried to climb up in a futile attempt to escape the Vampire, and her own corpse sprawled underneath it. It was beginning to sink in, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

“Why can’t they see me.”

“Most Ghosts are in a state of denial after death. Their subconscious affects their ectoplasm and makes them invisible. As time goes on, many ghosts become secluded and insane and isolate themselves further. There are magics that can fix it and make you visible. The Jiang Shi meanwhile can always detect souls. Like their cousins the Vandals they can even tear them apart, though they don’t feed on souls like they do. I can use stronger magics that can make you invisible to them. If you’re willing you can help us restrain the Emperor. I won’t force you too. There is still a chance the Jiang Shi can find you, even with the spell, and if they do, you’ll be gone forever.”

“My name is Asika” the Ghost lady said.

“I’m only 20 years old. The only good thing is that I’m not leaving anyone behind. My father and my brother were both killed in that awful war, whilst my mother passed away a few months ago. I have no one else. I didn’t have the time and now I never will. Its not fair.”

“I know its not, and I wish we had found you earlier, but you can make the monsters that did this to you pay. End their evil now before it spreads across your land.”

“What can I do? I can’t even touch anything.”

“With my magics you can help. I could force you to help with the magics if I wanted, but don’t worry I won’t. Its up to you if you want help us or not.”

“Help, help, please” the woman screamed from the burning house. An entire crowd of Jiang Shi had gathered below and several of the bloodsuckers ahd begun to crawl up the side of the burning building.

“You have to help her.” Lindsey said.

“What can I do?”

“You can use your magics to teleport her out of the window.”

“I told you using those magics for an extended period of time wears me out. I’m still not completely.”

Lee was interrupted by the sight of one of the Jiang Shi jumping through the air and through the window at the young woman.

Without a seconds delay Lee used his magic to pull the woman out of the window before the Vampire could grab her by the throat.

Lee however struggled to hold her in the air and as he slowly carried her over the crowd of the Vampires he began to weaken until he dropped her into the horde of bloodsuckers.

Lee almost fainted from the strain whilst Lindsey ran to the crowd of Vampires in a futile attempt to help the girl. Within a few seconds however the Vampires had swarmed the girl and started to tear chunks out of her flesh. Lindsey knew it was pointless and walked away slowly and quietly from the gruesome sight to avoid drawing the monsters attention.

Suddenly however the Emperor descended with a lightening speed from one of the rooftops beside Lee. Lindsey called out to the Wizard to try and rouse him but it was no use. The Emperor quickly grabbed Lee and jumped back across the rooftops.

Unfortunately Lindsey’s call to Lee had alerted the other Vampires too her. Having just barely finished tearing the young girl from the burning house apart the monsters quickly circled Lindsey, trapping her.

To Be Continued



Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 6: The Old Magics

Sorry this is later than I promised. My depression came back worse than ever last Saturday, just as I thought I was making an improvement. I have had to double my medication as well as go on extra meds, Diazepam to manage my extreme anxiety. I’m now on 5 pills per day. I am not sure how long it will be before I am completely back to normal, but this last week has been absolute hell. Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to get better. This last month has been among the worst of my life and has badly affected all of my plans for this blog, but hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.

Lindsey stood her ground against the 5 Vampires who surrounded her. She had a few bags of sticky rice, but she didn’t want to waste them all on herself. Still without any other options, Lindsey held one of the bags up to the Vampires who recoiled purely on instinct. When she tried to push past the Jiang Shi however, the bloodsuckers didn’t back down. The Vampires could sense Lindsey’s fear at the same time.

Lee and the Professor quickly intervened, jumping from out of the window Lee had inadvertantly thrown the Vampire and Lindsey through. The Wizard blasted the Vampire that emerged behind Lindsey at full force, sending it flying. Unfortunately however this just roused the other 4 Vampires circling her, who tried to grab the time traveller. With no other choice Lindsey threw her bag of rice into one of the Vampires faces. The beast was flung several feet through the air, with its face catching fire in the process. The rest of the Vampires quickly scattered and Lindsey and Lee used the opportunity to flee into the streets.

The Professor meanwhile jumped back up through the window he had come down from.

“Lindsey and Lee can take care of themselves, come on we need to get back to the ship.” The Professor said to Kirsteen and the Empress and her child. The Empress had intended to stay and help Lee, but now she had no choice, as more and more Jiang Shi began to circle the house.

Lindsey and Lee meanwhile quickly ran down the streets, with Lee blasting any Jiang Shi that came near them. The streets were littered with corpses, and many of the buildings now lay in ruins. It must have been ten minutes or so before Lindsey and Lee came across anyone living, a small boy and his mother, who were cowering in a nearby alley.

“Don’t worry” Lindsey said gently to the scared villagers. “We’re here to help.”

“You can’t help. No one can.” The mother said hysterically as she clutched her boy.

Hordes of Jiang Shi began to circle Lindsey and Lee from both sides. The Wizard tried to knock the Vampires back with his magic, but there were too many of them, and those he did knock down just quickly jumped back up. Worse still the Wizard’s magics had attracted dozens more Jiang Shi from across the village.

With no other choice, Lee and Lindsey headed down the alley the mother and child were hiding in. Lindsey made sure they followed, though she didn’t have too. As soon as the Vampires headed in their direction, the mother and son were off.

At the other end of the alley however were several more Vampires, completely cutting them off at both sides.

With no choice Lindsey used more of her sticky rice to create two lines around herself and the others, blocking the Vampires off either end. The Vampires started to hop back a bit, though not to the end of the alley.

Lindsey turned to Lee. “You need to get us out of here.”

“There’s too many of them for me to blast.”

“You need to try and levitate us out of here.” Lindsey said.

“I can’t lift 3 people at once. I’m not even sure if I can lift one that high, the strain would be so great.”

“You have to try. Lift the mother and her son out first.”

“I can’t leave you.”

“I’ll be safe as long as you hurry. They can’t cross the rice remember. Please just go.”

With no time to waste, Lee tried to lift the mother and her boy with his magics. It took him a few minutes of struggling before they were able to slowly hover up to the top of a small house.

The Vampires meanwhile were getting more frantic. Hissing, snarling and clawing impotently at the air. A few more minutes passed before one of the Vampires tore pieces of the earth up in front of it and threw it over the rice. The Vampire on the other end soon followed suit.

“Damn. I forgot how crafty you little bloodrats can be.” Lindsey said. Like many species of animals, the Jiang Shi whilst driven by their instincts could still master some tools and even tricks if need be.

Lindsey held up her last bag of sticky rice to the Vampires. She really didn’t want to have to waste it, but it soon became apparent that the monsters were not backing down as they hopped slowly towards her, hissing.

Suddenly as the monsters almost closed in on her, Lindsey felt herself being carried up carefully and slowly.

“Not to sound ungrateful Lee, but can you hurry up.” Lindsey said whilst joking to try and hide her fear.

One of the Vampires quickly jumped out and grabbed Lindsey by the foot, forcing her to use some of her sticky rice on the beast. The fire from the Vampires face burned Lindsey quite badly, but she was used to dealing with extreme pain.

Lee managed to place Lindsey safely on the roof alongside the mother and son. He was clearly exhausted, but he had managed it.

“Thank you Lee..”

“Don’t mention it, but just don’t ask me to do it again.”

“We only have one half bag of rice left I’m afraid. We’ll need to rely on your magics to do a lot of the heavy lifting.”

Lindsey looked out over the massive village. So many of the houses had been torn into and there were bodies, and pieces of bodies all over the streets. At the centre of the village was a large burning building, but outside it were several fleeing villagers old and young. They were seemingly the only people left in the village. The villagers were being pursued by several Jiang Shi’s all of whom were ablaze, but didn’t appear

“We have to get there now.” Lindsey said.

“I need a few more minutes.” Lee said exhausted.

“They don’t have another few minutes. We need to go there now.” Lindsey said in desperation.

The Professor, The Empress and her son, and Kirsteen had managed to make their way across the village thanks to the Professors Vampire constitution. The Professor had managed to jump his way across each building using his Vampire strength, whilst carrying Kirsteen, and the Empress in one hand each.

When he finally reached the square however the Professor could see it was filled with Jiang Shi, who surrounded a pile of bodies just as before. There was no way he could make it past them, even through jumping without being seen.

The Professor rattled his brains for a few moments before it hit him. The Jiang Shi were completely immune to fire, even magical flames, but the corpses they were guarding not. The Professor ripped off a small piece of wood from the ruins of a nearby house and asked Kirsteen for her lighter. (Kirsteen was a 6 a day smoker It was the one unhealthy habit she hadn’t been able to kick.)

Using all of his strength the Professor threw the flaming torch at the pile of corpses. It landed right at the top of the pile and caused its clothes to ignite which soon spread, drawing the attention of the Jiang Shi. As the Vampires desperately tried to put the flames out, the Professor and his friends quickly made their escape to the front gates.

In the woods outside the Professor could see several more Jiang Shi emerging from between the trees.

“They’re waiting for us.” The Professor said.

“They can probably sense the magic for the teleporter.”

The Professor however soon saw that the Vampires were distracted by something else. A young woman running through the woods.

“We have to help her.” The Professor said.

“Who?” Kirsteen asked?

“The young woman being chased by those monsters.”

“There’s no one there, we need to move before the Vampires.” Kirsteen said.

The Professor didn’t listen however and jumped after the young woman.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have a vessel where you’ll be safe.” The Professor said.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. Those things they’ve, they’ve turned me into.”

As the Professor reached out to grab her, his hand suddenly went straight through the young woman’s arm.

“Of course you’re a ghost.” The Professor said.

“A what?”

“You’re a.” The Professor stopped as he saw the Jiang Shi get closer.

“I’m afraid I don’t have the time to explain it to you. You deserve to be told properly. Those things, they can still hurt you, even in your current form. Worse, apart from me, they’re the only ones who can see you.”

“I don’t understand, please help me.”

The Professor however simply performed a quick spell that would temporarily make the ghost invisible. Ghosts could normally only be seen through the use of magic, (though Vampires and Demons could see them without magic.) The Professor’s spell however could reverse the effect for a short while.

“I can’t see you right now, but neither can they. I’ll come back for you I promise, but you have to run.” The Professor said before running back to Kirsteen and the Empress.

“Who were you talking too?” Kirsteen asked, worried that the Professor had started to lose his mind.

“It was a ghost of a young woman the Jiang Shi had killed. Poor girl. She has no idea what’s happened to her. This is what happens when you just cower in the dark and pretend the monsters aren’t there.” The Professor said to the Empress as they all ran to the teleporter. (With the Empress and even Kirsteen following the Professor’s lead.)

“These magics your ancestors thought would protect your kingdom have done the reverse. Its left them vulnerable to these creatures and even to themselves. That poor girl will no doubt think she’s a monster when I tell her what she actually is.”

“We had peace for hundreds of years here until those cowardly Hissian’s destroyed our defences.” The Empress said back proudly.

“Those magics made you weak. I know that might sound hypocritical coming from me, but you should never use magic to seal yourself in a bubble to the point where you can’t survive without it.”

They reached the teleportation area, with the Vampires emerging from the trees all around them. As the Professor prepared to teleport them to safety however, the hand of one of the Vampires jumped through the air and landed on top of the Professor.

Pinning him to the ground the Empress was the first to try and pull the Vampire off, handing her son to Kirsteen in the process. The Vampire however quickly turned to the Empress when she got too close and grabbed her in its talons. The Professor instantly seized his chance and tripped the monster up. He then grabbed it by the arm, and before the beast could even react he hurled it over his shoulder into three more Jiang Shi who hopped towards them. The Professor then quickly teleported himself and all 3 of his companions back to the safety of his time vessel.

“Those bloodsuckers will be waiting for us down there, but don’t worry, we’ll be ready for them.” The Professor said confidently as he headed down a nearby corridor.

“There’s dozens, maybe hundreds of those things in the village.” Kirsteen asked as she trailed behind the Vampire as he entered what looked like a laboratory, filled with odd bits and pieces.

“Yes but fortunately the magics I’ve had centuries to amass all of the most effective magics against the Jiang Shi. I’ve been fighting them since before I was a time traveller, since before I was a Vampire. I remember I even used to keep one as a pet for a while, that was a mistake.”

“A pet? You’re not serious.”

“Yes I am. This little beauty here.” The Professor said as he held up a small sheet of yellow paper with some writing on it.

“Will stop a Jiang Shi in its tracks if you put it on its forehead. It won’t kill it, just stop it, after which with some magics you can bend it to your will. The only problem with our Jiang Shi was after a few years under the spell it became, domesticated shall we say. When I tried to put him up against a wild Jiang Shi, well she ripped him to bits. Its funny how so many of us mourned him after. In hindsight we should have just put him to rest right away.”

The Empress had almost drifted off during the Professor’s trip down memory lane, whilst Kirsteen quickly interrupted him.

“So you’re saying we can take over some of the Jiang Shi and force them to fight one another?” Kirsteen asked.

“Well yes, but not just any Jiang Shi. The alpha of the pack. He’s the strongest.”

“You mean my husband” The Empress said.

“Yes I’m sorry but.”

“Don’t be. Like you said Professor. These things need to be put to rest.”

“Well lets get things ready shall we. The magics in this ship were affected a while back, but we should have enough to make a couple more of these. Kirsteen I’m going to need your help.”

“What do I know about magics?”

“You can still help me, I’ll guide you through it. If you want to be part of the team.”

“I don’t but lets just get on with it.”

The Empress meanwhile was busy hugging her son, but not merely to comfort him. When the Empress tried to pull the Vampire off of the Professor it had managed to bite her. It was only a graze, but for all she knew that was enough. She was terrified to tell the Professor in case he would dispose of her, but she didn’t want to make the same mistakes as before.

“No” she thought to herself. “As long as I am myself I have to do all I can to help my people. To help my boy.”

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 5: The Ghost


“This is your doing.” Lee said bitterly to the Empress.

“All of the sacrifices we made to protect this kingdom, and you’ve condemned it because you weren’t prepared to make a sacrifice of your own.”

“There’s no point in that now.” The Professor snapped. “We need to work together.”

“There is nothing that can be done.” The Empress said as she clutched her boy. “Those monsters tore through our personal guard in less than an hour. The villagers don’t stand a chance.”

“Your guards tried to use brute force. A simple tactic, which can sometimes be effective, but not in this case I’m afraid..” The Professor said proudly and somewhat smugly, which greatly annoyed Kirsteen, though Lindsey was used to it at this stage.

“Magic is the only thing that can stop these monsters and fortunately we have plenty of enchantments and spells back on my ship. The problem is getting there.”

“What are you talking about?” Lee asked impatiently?

“I have a craft, it operates by magic. I won’t bother to explain how it works to you as you wouldn’t understand, but up there we have all the magics we’ll need to take care of these monsters. Unfortunately there’s just one spot we can teleport back up to the ship from and its past the village.”

“I can’t take my son through those monsters.” The Empress said.

“If you don’t help us you’ll both die.” Lindsey interrupted. “Where will you go? No one else in this kingdom will know the magics to stop them, and they can’t fight the Jiang Shi any other way.”

Their conversation was soon interrupted by several of the Jiang Shi who had followed the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee, the Empress and her son from the castle. The bloodsuckers hopped furiously towards their prey, snarling, roaring and baring their blood stained fangs.

“Well that settles it then.” The Professor said as they all quickly ran towards the village as fast as they could.

The village however had been almost completely overrun. The Vampires just as in the palace tried to recruit as many as they possibly could.

The last of the Emperor’s guards who had stayed behind to protect the village had quickly given up trying to fight the Vampires, and ran just as helplessly through the village alongside a small group of civillians. The guard had tried to hold off the Vampires when they had first arrived at the at the gates, but the fight was over as soon as he stabbed his sword into one of the Jiang Shi, and it broke in half!

The blood sucker then grabbed the guards arm and sunk its fangs deep into his flesh. The guard had never experienced pain like it before, as the Demons teeth cut right into his bone. He tried to struggle free, but it was no use. In desperation, the guard managed to grab the blade from his broken sword. Rather than use it to try and fight off the Vampire however, instead he hacked off his upper arm which the Vampire was biting. It was his only option. If he had tried to use it on the Vampire it would have simply broken off of its flesh.

The guard then ran from the Vampire in his shame. He could barely stay awake from the blood loss, never mind fight back against the monsters. His lowest moment however came later when he was forced to rip a piece of clothing off of a mangled corpse to bandage his stump!

By the time the former guard reached the small group of desperate villagers he was now fleeing with, none of them even noticed, or cared for his uniform they were so terrified. He was lucky in this respect. If this were any other crisis they would decry him as a coward for fleeing, but now? The villagers knew that no one could protect them from the blood suckers.

The group of villagers had taken refuge in a small alley between two houses. In front of the house was the square. There were 6 Vampires in total, standing, completely motionless around several corpses in the centre of the square, that the beasts were clearly waiting on to rise.

On the other side of the building however was absolute chaos. People fleeing in the streets from the bloodsuckers, others trying to shelter themselves in their houses, some even trying to fight back. It ultimately made no difference whatever the villagers did. The Vampires would still tear them apart no matter what.

“There’s no way out. Those monsters have cut us off at both sides.” One of the villagers, a young man named Hin said.

“We have to stay here until.” Another one of the villagers, a women named Asika said only to be interrupted by Hin.

“Until what? No one is coming to save us, no one can.” He screamed.”

“Keep quiet you idiot, those things will hear us.”

“He’s right” The former guard said in a loud, but faint voice.

“The only way out of the village is by the square. I’ll have to distract them.”

“They’ll tear you to pieces.” Asika said.

“I won’t last anyway. I’m bleeding to death. It was my job to protect the Emperor, the village. I don’t want to live knowing that I failed.”

Asika didn’t bother to try and talk him out of it any longer. She like the rest of the village knew the guards devotion to their cause was so great that death would be preferable to failure.

The guard ran into the Vampires. He tried to make one last futile strike at the Demons, by trying to tackle one of them, but the Jiang Shi quickly dogpiled on the broken man and started to tear him apart. The rest of the villagers tried to run past the Hopping Demons whilst they were distracted, but unfortunately three of the corpses gathered at the centre of the square soon rose. One of them instantly pulled one of the fleeing villagers into the mass of bodies where it tore his throat out.

The rest of the Vampires soon turned their attention to the fleeing villagers. Even in death the guard had sadly failed his duty. The Jiang Shi soon caught up to all of the fleeing villagers in a matter of minutes, save for Asika. She managed to almost make it to the end of the village, but just as she as reached the gates, she found to her horror that its doors were locked from the outside. The two guards had not only deserted their post, but had sealed it shut to keep the Vampires in!

Asika pounded on the doors and screamed for help, but it was no use. There was no one around and the bloodsucker was closing in on her. Asika didn’t try and run past it however. It was much too fast for her anyway. She had just one chance. She would have to trick the monster into using its strength to tear the doors down.

The blood sucker reached its arms out to try and slash Asika across the face, but she managed to narrowly dodge its attack. The monster tore a hole in the door, but it was not near the lock. The beast tried to slash her again, but this time Asika was not so fortunate and the monster clawed her across the stomach. Asika collapsed to the floor in pain, but when the monster reached out for her a third time, Asika grabbed both of its hands and thrust her foot into its chest, pulling it forward ove her into the two doors which the monster crashed through. Asica then quickly ran past the Vampire into the woods outside. The bloodsucker however instantly jumped up and hopped after her at a lightening speed. Asika knew it wouldn’t be long before the Vampire caught up with her and in desperation tried to crawl up a nearby tree to safety, or even just to hide. The Vampire however started to crawl up after her with its long claws. Once she had reached the top, Asika tried to kick the Vampire in the face. It did nothing at first, but when the Vampire tried to reach out and grab her foot, Asika was able to land a good kick in its chest, which caused the monster, now only holding on with one hand, to go tumbling back, taking the piece of tree it was holding onto with it.

The Vampire hit the ground head first, but it instantly jumped up again and started to slice at the tree with its claws. Asika tried to jump to the tree next to her, but she merely fell through the branchs. Worse the tree she had jumped from soon collapsed thanks to the Vampires actions into the tree she had tried to flee too causing them both to fall.

Asika was caught between the two tree logs, which broke both of her legs. She still tried to crawl free as the Vampire hopped slowly towards her. The Demon seemed to be prolonging her torment for as long as it could. It simply stood over Asika for a few seconds, staring at her. Though the Jiang Shi were for the most part animals, they were still able to derive a certain twisted pleasure in their victims suffering. Like all children of Khastran, his evil ran through their veins. Asika however didn’t give in and show fear. To the end she still tried attack the Vampire throwing anything she could find on the forest floor in a series of futile attacks on the Vampire. The beast responded by quickly finishing her and sunk its long yellow fangs into Asika’s throat, draining her dry in a less than a minute.

Unfortunately however it was not over yet for the poor woman. As soon her life faded for her, Asika found herself standing right beside the bloodsucker in the woods. At first she tried to flee, only to see that the corpse it was feeding on the floor was her.

Asika had become a ghost, more importantly the first ghost to exist within her kingdom for centuries. The same magics which prevented any supernatural creatures from entering the kingdom also ensured that no spirits existed either.

Asika didn’t even know what a Ghost was. She tried to rationalise it that she must have escaped the Demon and it was creating a duplicate of her. When her corpse rose as one of the monsters, Asika almost couldn’t look at ot. The Jiang Shi were not really the people they took over in life. They were Demon souls, merely inhabiting human corpses. Asika tried to grab the Demon that bore her face, but to her horror, Asika’s hands passed right through the Vampire.

The Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee, The Empress and her son had managed to escape the Jiang Shi in the woods thanks to Lee’s magic. He had managed to conjur up a small blast which knocked the Jiang Shi off of their feet, for just a few moments that allowed the Professor and the others to get a head start on the Demons. Once they reached the village, they quickly took shelter in a small house on the Professor’s urging, keeping out of sight of the Jiang Shi who were too preoccupied with the fleeing villagers.

The Empress’ son had remained completely quiet since they left the castle. His mother had carried him the entire way, holding him so tight he could barely breathe. The boy barely even acknowledged his mother however. Whenever she tried to tell him it would be okay, he’d simply respond with a blank stare.

“Why are we stopping here?” Kirsteen asked whilst the Professor rummaged through the living room of the small house.

“I thought you said we needed to get back to the ship.”

“We do Kirsteen, but its going to be rather difficult don’t you think? We need a weapon. Ah found it!” The Professor said excitedly.


“Sticky rice.” The Professor said as he held up a few small bags.

“Sticky rice? You’re seriously not going to tell me.”

“Yes I am. Its not so ridiculous is it? Some Vampires can be repelled by garlic, or putting two sticks together.”

“Rice though?” Kirsteen said

“Demons are repelled by natural elements Kirsteen, though not all Demon or Vampire breeds are repelled by the same natural elements. Some Vampires are vulnerable to wood, others to silver, others to the light of day, and in this case sticky rice, among other things.”

The Vampires who had followed the time travellers from the Castle soon arrived, hissing and roaring. The Professor placed a small line of rice in front of the door, causing the Vampires to instantly hop backwards.

Kirsteen started to laugh.

“Sorry” she said to the others. “Its just such a relief to see them backing down for once.”

“They can’t cross a line of sticky rice, but we obviously can’t stay here.” The Professor said.

“We’ll get more work done if we split up. Lee and Lindsey, you need to try and get as many of the villagers as you can somewhere safe.” He continued whilst handing Lindsey the remaining bags of rice. “Remember only use this rice to create a barrier around the villagers once you get them to safety. Kirsteen and I will make our way back to the ship.”

“We will?” Kirsteen said somewhat nervously.

“Would you rather stay here? Besides you keep saying you want to be a more proactive part of the missions”

“No I said I want you to take me home and stop dragging me to places with Demons, Aliens, Zombies, Vampires and god knows what else!”

“I’m pretty sure you said you realised that there are some terrible things in the universe, that need to be fought and that you wanted to do your part in the good fight? No? Well you should have said that, but still we don’t have time to talk it over.”

“Okay fine but if I come back as a Vampire please make sure you chop my head off.”

“You don’t even have to ask”. The Professor responded.

“No wait, please”. The Empress interrupted.

“Please take my son with you.”

“Empress I don’t think.” The Professor tried to say, only for the Empress to cut him off again.

“You said your, whatever it was would be the safest place. Please take him there. He certainly can’t stay here. I want to help, and I can’t do that if he’s here.”

The Professor realised she was right and picked up the boy.

“I promise.” He said. “Those monsters won’t harm him.”

Again the boy did not react.

Suddenly there was a crashing sound coming from upstairs.

Lindsey, the Professor, Kirsteen, and Lee quickly went upstairs. The Empress meanwhile stayed behind with her son.

Up stairs there was just one room, with 3 beds. The bottom section of the house was nothing but the living room.

It was very dark, but they could see that the window was broken. As Lindsey got near it to have a better look, she was suddenly jumped by a Jiang Shi that emerged from the darkness. The Professor and Kirsteen tried to pull the Jiang Shi off of Lindse, but the Vampire backhanded them across the room. Lee fired his magics at the beast but it ended up sending it tumbling out of the window, with Lindsey who it still held onto.

Outside Lindsey found herself surrounded by 4 more Jiang Shi who closed in on the time traveller.

To Be Continued

Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 4: The Kingdom of the Dead


The Emperor slowly strangled the former Wizard. With his last ounce of strength Lee managed to conjur up a magical energy blast from both of his hands, which he thrust into the Jiang Shi’s chest. It ultimately did nothing however but singe the monsters robs. Lee was too weak to use the full power of his magics, and as the Wizard felt his life slowly slip away, he could see a hideous smile form on the Vampires face. It was almost as though the Vampiric Emperor could remember the Wizards betrayal in life. With its strength the Vampire could have snapped Lee’s neck like a twig in an instant, but it seemed to be savouring every second of its old friend’s torment.

Lindsey and Kirsten tried to pull the beast off of Lee, but it’s strength was virtually limitless compared to theirs. After Lee fainted, Lindsey quickly grabbed a large block of wood and tried to pull the Vampire back by the throat with all her strength, but again the Vampire didn’t even react to her presence. Suddenly however the monster jumped backwards in pain, as sparks flew from its chest. Lindsey and Kirsteen turned around to see Professor Fang standing where the Jiang Shi had been with a glowing sword.

The former Emperor retreated as the Professor continued to slashed at the bloodsucker, landing two more strikes across its chest, which knocked the Emperor flat on his back.  Kirsteen tended to Lee, whilst the Professor handed both Lindsey and Kirsteen similar glowing swords.

“What is that?” Kirsteen asked.

“I enchanted a few of the guards swords that I found on the floor, with a very basic Jiang Shi repellent. It’ll only last for a few minutes before the swords go back to normal however, lets use them wisely.” The Professor said confidently.

Both Lindsey and the Professor stabbed their swords into Emperor as the Demon jumped back up to face them. Neither stabbed too deep however as the sword could become embedded in the Vampires thick flesh. The Professor instead made a swing for the Emperors neck, which the monster only barely managed to dodge before jumping back on both feet.

The Emperor looked absolutely terrified. In its short time on this earth it wasn’t used to pain. The Vampire jumped back a few more feet into a wall, almost cowering like a frightened animal. The Professor and Lindsey confidently moved towards the Vampire brandishing their swords, when suddenly two of the corpses behind the Professor and Lindsey instantly rose up and tried to grab them. Lindsey noticed it in time and stabbed her Vampire in the stomach, whilst the Vampire behind the Professor sunk its claws into both of his shoulders, and lifted him over its head before throwing the Professor back across the room, to three more corpses that soon rose as Jiang Shi around him.

“Damn I forgot how crafty these Demons could be.” Lindsey said as she realised the Emperor had lured them to corpses it knew would rise as Jiang Shi.

Lindsey was now left to face three Vampires by herself. She repeatedly slashed at the three Demons as they tried to strike at her. She even managed to slice the fingers off of one of the monsters. As she backed away however, one of the corpses, a young maiden behind Lindsey suddenly rose up and grabbed her in a bear hug. Lindsey however still clutching her sword, was able to stab the Vampire in the leg causing it to release her. One of the Vampires quickly tried to jump Lindsey in the confusion, but she stabbed her sword into the bloodsucker’s eye. She stabbed her sword in so deep that she had trouble pulling it out. It was only because of the Vampire that threw her several feet backwards that she was able to pull the blade out. Kirsteen and Lee meanwhile were both preoccupied with holding off 5 more corpses that had risen as Jiang Shi around them.

“How many of these things are there.” Kirsteen said as she nervously held her sword up to the bloodsuckers.

“All of the corpses in this room that haven’t been completely torn to pieces no doubt.” Lee said grimly. “They want to create as many as they can.”Lee coprse as he looked round with regret at the corpse of the woman he had once loved. He picked up a sword and quickly parted the her corpse’s head from its shoulders.

“I couldn’t help her before, but at least I can save her from becoming one of them.”

Kirsteen slashed at the Jiang Shi as they drew closer, but each time the monsters were too quick for her and backed away before she could land a hit. Lee meanwhile was able to conjur up an energy beam that knocked one of the Jiang Shi off its feet and sent it hurling backwards into a near by pillar, though it did no lasting damage to the beast.

Whilst she was distracted, one of the Vampires quickly grabbed Kirsteen by the neck and lifted her off the ground. Kirsteen with all her strength swung her sword backwards into the monsters hands, severing them both. She then stabbed her sword straight into the Vampires heart, creating a small explosion that hurled it several feet across the room, taking the sword with it.

The other 4 remaining Vampires soon closed in on Kirsteen, but Lee quickly send them all back a few feet with an energy blast.

The Professor meanwhile had managed to fend off the three Vampires that had cornered him, even slicing one of the Demons heads off with with one swing of his glowing sword. He then headed for the Emperor who he tried to do the same too, but the Vampire grabbed him by the hand and threw the lesser Vampire into the two Jiang Shi behind who were advancing on Lindsey. The Professor simply bounced off of the two beasts however, causing one of them to turn round and begin throttling him. Lindsey seeing the Professors plight slashed the Jiang Shi that was closing in on her in the throat, before stabbing her sword into the Vampire that was grabbing Professor Fang. This time however she simply heard a snapping sound, with the Vampire not even reacting to her strike.

Lindsey looked down and saw, much to her horror that her sword, which was no longer glowing, had broken in half! As she looked round, Lindsey saw the magic on the Professor’s sword had worn off too.

The Professor struggled to break free from the Jiang Shi’s inhuman strength, but it was only with the help of Lee who quickly fired an energy beam into the beast that he was able to escape.

Lindsey, Lee, The Professor and Kirsteen all gathered round each other as more and more corpses in all directions began to rise as Jiang Shi. There must have been over 30 of the bloodsuckers in the main hall, and more were emerging from rooms on both the ground floor and balcony above.

The exit was completely cut off. 12 or so of the Jiang Shi or so stood between the time travellers, the Wizard and the front door, with the Emperor being among them.

The Jiang Shi were unlike anything Kirsteen had ever seen on her travels with the Professor and Lindsey so far. The Zombies had been on the level of animals, whilst those trapped in the Abyss were more pitiful. Even the hideous winged Demons she had faced at least had some intelligence. These beasts however were nothing but sheer rage and bloodlust. They constantly kept hissing and snarling, baring their yellow, sharp fangs and clawing at their intended prey. Some of the bloodsuckers even fought with each other they were so desperate to get at the fresh blood. Kirsteen could barely stand to look at the Jiang Shi. The idea that anyone could be reduced to this horrified her more than anything else she had seen.

Lee tried to hold the monsters off with his magics, but there were too many of them. The Professor frantically tried to enchant an axe he had found with the anti Jiang Shi magics as the monsters closed in on them from all angles.

“I don’t mean to hurry you Professor but.” Kirsteen said in panic. Just then the blade of the axe lit up and the Professor quickly swung it at an attacking Jiang Shi, parting its head from its shoulders.

“We can’t get out the front, there’s too many of them that way.” Lee said. “We’ll need to get upstairs.”

“We can fight our way out.” The Professor said confidently as he ran to attack the Jiang Shi. He managed to decapitate another one of the Demons and drive a few more of them back, before the Emperor himself grabbed the axe from the Professors hand. The Emperor placed his hand around the glowing blade. Though it burned his flesh horribly, the Vampiric emperor eventually crushed the blade to pieces, before backhanding the Professor back across the room into Lindsey, Kirsteen and Lee, using the same burned hand it had crushed the axe with.

“On second thought.” The Professor said as Kirsteen helped him up.

“Maybe a less direct approach is needed.”

The foursome ran up a near staircase ot the balcony aboe. There was only one Jiang Shi at the top of the stairs as the others had jumped off the balcony to get at the fresh blood below. The Professor and Lee, using their magics together were able to throw the Vampire over the edge of the stair case into the Jiang Shi below. Once they reached the top of the stair case however, more Jiang Shi began to pour out of every room and corridor.

“Jesus Christ how many of these bastards are there.” Kirsteen said in despair.

“Its what the Jiang Shi always do. They’ll kill as many as quickly as they can to create an army. Its part of why they’ve become Apex Demons.” Professor Fang said.

Lee tried to hold as many of the Vampires off as he could, but it was no use. The Professor with nothing to lose jumped on one of the Jiang Shi coming down the main corridor. Catching it by surprise he managed to push the Vampire into a nearby wall, but with one punch the Jiang Shi smashed the Professor backwards into another wall. The blow would most surely have killed the Professor were it not for his Vampiric constitution.

Still he bought Lee enough time to knock the Vampire the Professor was fighting off its feet with a quick blast. It was the only Vampire down that particular corridor, and so whilst the Vampire was temporarily down, Lindsey, Kirsteen, Lee and the Professor quickly ran down the corridor, with a horde of bloodthirsty monsters in pursuit.

The foursome were forced to retreat to the very top of the castle where the Emperor and Empress’ room were. The only way out, as far as they knew was a window at the end of the corridor. It was a huge drop below however, one that would kill Lindsey and Kirsteen under normal circumstances. Fortunately Lee could use his magic to slowly lower them to the ground, but the Professor still went ahead to see if the coast was clear below.

Outside of the window, the Professor could see there were dozens of Jiang Shi in the garden hopping aimlessly around whilst several more were heading out of the palace gates and into the village.

“We have to stop them.” The Professor said.

“They’re making their way to the village. If they reach there the entire kingdom coul be in danger.”

“What can we do now.” Lee said. “I warned them, I tried to, but now they will pay the price.”

“Maybe if you, you know didn’t try and kill them they’d have listened to you.” Lindsey said.

She was soon interruptedby the moans of more of the Jiang Shi hopping up the stair case after them.

“We’re trapped.” The Professor said as he tried to think of way past the Jiang Shi below. Suddenly the wall just ahead of them opened and a young boy stepped out. It was the Emperors son.

“Please you have to help my mother.” The boy said tearfully.

The foursome quickly followed the boy into the passage and shut it behind them. Inside they saw the boys mother lying on the floor bleeding.

“Its the Empress.” Lee said. “She caused all of this. Let me put her out of her misery. Its more than she deserves but still.”

The boy screamed and begged Lee not to harm his mother, but it took Lindsey getting in the way to stop him.

“We don’t know if she’s been infected yet. We’re not going to let you take another life.” Lindsey said firmly.

The Professor sat next to the Empress and chanted a quick spell which healed her. The Empress was quickly jolted awake and quickly recoilled in disgust at the sight of Lee.

“Keep away from my son you monster.” She said as she pulled her son towards her.

“I only ever wanted your husband. I wanted to end this plague before it could begin, but you stopped me. You have the blood of all those people on your hands not me.” Lee fired back.

The Empress offered no defence. “I know, I know.” “I don’t deserve to live after this.”

“You won’t. One of the beasts infected you.”Lee said with an almost perverse glee.

“We don’t know if she will yet.” The Professor interrupted. “I managed to heal her wounds with magic, but if she was infected then. We’ll know in a few hours.”

Two Jiang Shi’s claws suddenly came bursting through the wall behind them.

“They’ve found us? How.” The boy said.

“Its our friend here, and me.” The Professor said. “They can sense magic from a mile away. Its just about the only thing that can harm them, so it sends the monsters into a fury. We have to go.”

The time travellers, the Wizard and the Empress and her son quickly headed down the stair case before the Vampires tore down the wall and into the garden below.

Outside lay the body of the guard the Empress had been forced to leave. His head had been ripped clean off by the Jiang Shi that had attacked him, and his guts had been ripped out. One of his arms had also been ripped off and his heart appeared to have been torn out too. The Jiang Shi in its ravenous fury had left little of him.

“At least we won’t have to worry about him getting up.” Lee said callously.

Suddenly 5 more Jiang Shi emerged from behind the trees forcing the 6 reluctant travellers to quickly flee out of the garden, sealing the gate behind them.

In the woods outside, the Professor, the Empress, her son, Lee, and Lindsey and Kirsteen could see the village whose people were fleeing and panicing in the streets as the Jiang Shi descended on them.

“All is lost.” The Empress said as she held her boy.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 3: The Demon King


(Apologies for the delays in Doctor Who, The Circus Master and Professor Fang over the last few weeks due to my illness. Everything will be back to normal with all 3 series resuming over the course of this week.)

“Please, please Cheun if you can hear me” the Empress said in desperation as her husband stood, seemingly motionless by the door. Was there still something of him in there after all she thought? Why hadn’t it attacked yet?

Whilst the Empress tried to keep her husband distracted, one of the guards jumped the former Emperor from behind, but the Jiang Shi quickly spun round, grabbed the guard and sunk its fangs deep into his neck. The Empress in response grabbed a chair and smashed it over her former husbands back, but he didn’t even flinch. The Empress then reached for the guards sword that he had dropped and thrust it into her husbands back, but the sword broke in half. The Empress then reached for a large pot, but the Emperor dropped the guard’s lifeless corpse to the ground before turning round to face his former wife.

Up close the Empress could see for sure now that this monster was not her husband. His mouth, which was dripping with the blood and flesh of his own loyal men, started to distort into a hideous fanged grin. There did perhaps appear to be more under the surface to this beast, but it wasn’t in any way shape or form the man she had once loved.

The Emperor with one hit sent his wife flying across the room, before turning his attention to his son, who was so overcome with terror he didn’t even attempt to flee.

The Empress quickly jumped up and delivered an air kick to the Vampire Emperor’s back, causing the Vampire to spin round and face her. The Empress tried to punch her husband, but the Vampire grabbed her arm and brought the Empress to her knees, before sinking his fangs into her shoulder. The Empress had never felt pain like it before in her life. The Vampires fangs cut clean through her skin, muscle and bone!

The Empress desperately grabbed a nearby candle stick and started to hit her husband repeatedly which did nothing to deter the Vampire. Almost blacking out from the pain, the Empress with her last ounce of strength rammed the Vampire into a wall which caused the beast to loosen its bite slightly, allowing her to wiggle free. The Empress had lost all use in her arm however as a result of the Vampires bite. Most people would have fainted by now, but the Empress’ iron will drove her on.

When the Vampiric Emperor tried to move in for another bite, the Empress rammed the candle stick down her former husbands throat and pushed him back. The Empress then quickly picked up her son with her remaining arm. Her son had been to terrified to even move during the Empress fight with her former husband. Not that there was anything he could have done, but it was traumatic for the boy that he couldn’t even look at what was going on. “This can’t be happening.” He said to himself over and over again. “My father could never be taken over by any curse.” Whilst the Emperor bit through the candle stick and tore it apart with his claws, the Empress jumped over the bed with her son and out of the room.

Outside however the Empress could see to her horror, her entire special guard lay slain. Some of them had bite marks on their throats, others faces were mangled beyond recognition, some had even had their heads torn off!

“What have I done”. The Empress said to herself. “If only I had listened. Those poor men. All of them deserved so much better.” Suddenly one of the slain guards rose, followed by another and another. They all had the same expression of rage and hunger that the Emperor had, and all bore the same yellow fangs and red eyes that he did.

The Empress quickly jumped over the monsters and ran down the hall screaming for help as the horde of bloodthirsty Jiang Shi, including her husband hopped after her, but there was no one around to help. She could hear her servants and guards screaming for help from the lower levels.

The Empress reached the end of the main hall and prepared to descend down the stairs, but she could see a whole horde of Jiang Shi ascending from the bottom of the stair case. Caught between two hordes of monsters, the Empress simply sat hugging her boy.

“Its okay, it’ll be okay.” She said to her boy knowing that it wouldn’t be. As she prepared for her last breath, the Empress quickly noticed that the guards and her husband were fighting among themselves. They were all nothing but animals now, clawing and biting at each other for the last bit of food.

The Emperor still appeared to be the strongest of the Jiang Shi. He tossed the other guards aside effortlessly, but it didn’t take long for the other Jiang Shi to dogpile on the Emperor and start clawing at him. The Empress seized her chance and ran past the ravenous Vampires, and down the other side of the hall.

There was somewhere she could run on the top level. A safe passage for her and the Emperor during emergencies which led to a backdoor exit from the castle. She just hoped that monster that bore a twisted caricature of her husbands face didn’t remember the safe passage either.

The safe room was hidden through a secret passage in a wall, just beside the Empress and the Emperors room. She hadn’t ran to it before as her Vampiric husband had blocked the way, but now that he was distracted, the Empress who kept a key for the room at all times was able to quickly enter it with her son. The room was relatively small, narrow and dark, but still they were both able to fit reasonably well. The Empress told her boy to wait whilst she checked the exit which lay below at the bottom of a spiral staircase.

At the bottom of the stair case the Empress opened the door which led to a small garden path outside the castle. In the garden however lay two guards corpses, whilst another of the former Empress’ guards wandered dazed and aimless, clutching at his neck which dripped with blood. The Empress could see one of the Jiang Shi, a young female hopping towards the guard from behind. The guard was in too much pain to notice the monster creeping up on him. The Empress was torn. She couldn’t leave one of the guards who had sworn to protect her above all else just be torn to pieces, but at the same time there was nothing she could do to help him. She was struggling just to stay awake herself. Furthermore if she tried to fight the Jiang Shi she would be exposing her son upstairs, to this and possibly other monsters that were around.

With regret the Empress shut the door quietly and headed back upstairs, though she could hear the guard screams of agony, as well as the Jiang Shi’s ravenous roars as the Demon tore her loyal servant to pieces.

The Empress barely made it up the stair case she was so weak. The adrenaline that had helped her fight through the pain and blood loss was beginning to wear off. Back at the top she almost fainted and her boy quickly ran to help her up. The Empress son sobbed almost uncontrollably as his mother almost collapsed, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Please, please son you have to stop crying. You can’t make a sound. If those Demons hear us.” The Empress said faintly as she struggled to stay awake.

Every second was torment as the Empress and her son heard the Jiang Shi’s roars and hisses from outside, terrified that at any second the monsters could tear the wall down and find them. The screams and cries of her guards, maidens and servants rang through the entire castle.

Worse still the Empress knew she was infected. For all she knew she could turn at any minute. It had taken her husband several months, but the guards and servants had risen in a matter of minutes.

She would have happily gone outside and allowed the monsters to tear her to pieces to save her boy, but doing so would alert them to him. “Who will come to save us?” She thought. Those monsters tore their way through the elite guard effortlessly. How would the villagers be able to cope? What would become of the kingdom?

“What have I done.” She said to herself over and over again.

The Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, and Lee had reached the palace doors. The Guard who had come from the palace had decided to stay behind in the village in case any of the creatures had come down from the palace. There was no one in sight, and an eerie silence to the place.

“I fear we are already too late.” Lee said, before the giant doors burst open. Two guards came running out, both covered in blood, and bites and scratches.

“Run those monsters, they” The two men shouted before the Professor and Lee stopped them in their tracks, though the Professor was more gentle in stopping his guard.

“Relax we’re not going to hurt you” The Professor said as he held his in guard in place, whilst Lee hoisted his up in the air using his magic.

“Please lets us go its the Emperor, he’s, he’s become a monster.” The guard who was held in the air said.

“He started to attack the guards, some of them, they, they’ve become monsters too.”

“Wait a minute I thought you said the Emperor was bitten months ago?” Kirsteen asked? “How are the guards changing so fast?”

“If the Jiang Shi kills its victim then the change happens faster. If you’re alive it can take months.” Lindsey said. “Its worse if you live however.” Lindsey continued. “The Demon is allowed to grow over a longer period of time and become stronger. The Emperor will be extremely powerful from the sounds of things. The undisuted leader of the new pack of Jiang Shi.”

“There’s nothing we can do.” Lee said as he lowered the guard to the ground.”My magics aren’t powerful enough to deal with what the Emperor has become.”

“Well you’re in luck.” The Professor said boastfully. “I know a thing or too about the Jiang Shi. Even before I became a Vampire I had more than a few encounters with them. Granted it will take time to get together some of the spells, but.”

“We don’t have time. Bloodsucker.” Lee spat back. “They got us in the end. They got us.”

“Who?” Lindsey asked.

“The Hissians. A rival kingdom of ours. We fought for centuries, and just when they we were on the cusp of victory they destroyed the ancient magics that had protected our kingdom for years.”

“What do you mean?” The Professor asked?

“The reason nobody here knows about the Jiang Shi is because many, many centuries ago, a great sorceress, with a far greater knowledge of magic than you or I banished all Demons from this land. As I told you before the unholy monsters used to dominate what would one day become our and the Hissians kingdoms to a greater extent than in any of the other kingdoms.

The Sorceress named Asia Moon would go on to be celebrated as our greatest hero. Whilst the Jiang Shi spread all over the rest of our land like the plague they are, our tiny little patch of land enjoyed a freedom from their evil.

Unfortunately however as time went on and we had no need for the black arts, very few in our kingdom came to knew about magic. Even the Demons passed into legend. The Hissians were the same, but when we were on the brink of victory, the Hissians made a discovery that would allow them to doom us even as their kingdom fell.”

Lee continued. “They discovered the ruins of the first kingdom beneath theirs, the one the Jiang Shi and other Demons had destroyed. I was part of a slave force to dig the ruins out. In their desperation they hoped they could find some powerful form of magic to use against us. They found the amulet that Moon had used to constantly repel the Demons from kingdom and they destroyed it.”

“That doesn’t make any sense? They’d die too?” Kirsteen asked.

“They knew they were beat. Their leader tried to blackmail The Emperor Cheun. He told him that they would unleash the dark forces if Cheun didn’t surrender, but Cheun didn’t believe them. The Hissians would rather die than live under us. As soon as they broke the amulet one of the Jiang Shi returned to our kingdom, though they may have brought it here I don’t know. I was liberated just after the Emperor had been infected. I had been able to transcribe the old ruins left by Moon where I learned the truth of the ancient beasts that once roamed the land. I just managed to seal the original Jiang Shi in the old ruins, but when I tried to warn the Emperor that he too would become one of those monsters, his wife refused to listen to me. She is a remarkable woman in many ways. She fought at his side, she helped to save the kingdom from the Hissians, but now she has helped to doom it.”

“Well I can’t say that we can permanently purge this kingdom of evil like this Moon woman did, but we can help deal with the Jiang Shi” The Professor said. “Please help us. From the sound of things you’ve been through a lot for this kingdom already. Do you really want to give up now?”

“Well I suppose I don’t have anything to loose?” Lee said begrudgingly.

“First however we must stop the spread of evil.” Lee said before he quickly snapped the necks of both prisoners.

“You murdering scum.” Kirsteen said in rage.

“They were infected by the beasts. If you are serious about protecting this kingdom then you will do the same too.”

“They might not have turned.” Lindsey snapped. “Not all those the Jiang Shi bite become members of their kind. We could have had time to see.”

“Its that type of thinking from the Empress that doomed the kingdom.”  Lee said as he hurried into the castle not wanting to discuss it anymore.

“I’m still not sure if he’s the real monster.” Kirsteen said.

The inside of the castle was filled with corpses, all mangled and in some cases torn to pieces. There were no signs of the Jiang Shi however.

As the foursome wandered through the blood stained palace, Lee was suddenly struck by the sight of one of the corpses. It was of a young woman who he had known many years aho, one of the palace guards. Though their relationship had ended a long time ago, and she too had come to despise Lee for his crimes against the Emperor. Still Lee had always maintained his feelings for her, and broke down at the sight of what those monsters had done.

Unfortunately whilst Lee was distracted, neither Lee, nor Lindsey, nor the Professor noticed the Emperor himself slowly creeping towards them from the upper balcony. Covered in cuts and bite marks, the Emperor had nevertheless managed to fight off the other JIang Shi and establish his dominance.

The Vampire jumped from the balcony behind Lindsey, and Kirsteen who he quickly tossed aside. The Professor tried to fight the monster off, but it quickly hurled him through the air too and went straight for Lee. It seemed to target him above the others.

Lee tried to repel the beast with his magics but it was no use. The Emperor grabbed him by the throat and started to slowly crush the life out of its old friend.

To Be Continued

Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 1: The Emperors New Clothes


“It’s no use. Whatever that devil poisoned me with, even the most powerful magics can’t undo its effects.” The Emperor said as he embraced his tearful beloved.

“There must be something. After all you’ve done for this kingdom, it’s not fair that you should die like this.”

“I have no complaints. Thousands of other young men lie dead on that battlefield. I’m lucky that I was able to spend even a short time longer with my family. It’s up to you now. You must.”

The Emperor suddenly clutched his sides in pain. “I don’t have much time left. Please I want to speak with our son one last time.”

“Don’t say that, there is still.”

“No my love, there is no hope. You must find a way to kill me now. I can feel the poison of the Demon growing within me. If you don’t act fast, the kingdom, everything we fought for could end.”

“Ah Kirsteen my dear. I was looking for you. We’ve reached our next destination.”

“Really already? That was quick.”

“Well the journey’s are unpredictable. It is a time machine after all.”

Kirsteen was still having trouble taking in what she had seen in the Abyss. She knew now after visiting that nightmarish place that she would never be able to get her old life back, but strangely enough she wasn’t that upset. There really was nothing waiting for Kirsteen back in the 20th century. Her family were long gone, and all of her friends had turned their backs on her. Even her career had been in taters. Kirsteen also quite liked what the Professor and Lindsey had told her, that after her “death” she was remembered as a legend for centuries to come. “Unlike most others I’ve lived long enough to enjoy being a dead legend.” She had joked to the Professor.

Still Kirsteen wasn’t sure what to make of her new life here. The monsters were terrifying enough, but now she knew if she made the slightest little mistake, she could end up trapped in that hell like those other poor souls. There were times where Kirsteen felt so scared and trapped she just wanted to scream for help. She knew it wouldn’t do her any good with the Professor. Most of the time he seemed rather indifferent to her.

Lindsey meanwhile Kirsteen felt she could trust. There had always been a somewhat more warm and caring aspect to Lindsey, but sadly since their last adventure she had been somewhat closed off.

Even the Professor hadn’t spoken to her much since their trip to the Abyss, as he knew there was nothing he could say.

“Please be a dear and fetch Lindsey would you, I have to prepare.”

“Where have we landed?”

“Earth. Many thousands of years in your past. The teleporter will take us to China specifically, though I’m afraid I don’t recognise the name of the kingdom. It appears to have been lost to time. I’m sure we’ll find out why soon enough.”

“Yeah I can’t wait.”

Kirsteen found Lindsey in her room, absorbed in one of the few books left on the ship.

“Lindsey we’ve”

“I know I’ve been on this ship long enough to sense it. You will one day too.”

“I hope not. No offense.”

“None taken. It’s really not that great a life is it? Even with a time machine you still wish you could go back and do things differently.”

“Lindsey I don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine how hard this is, I’ve been through loss myself.”

“So have I. This isn’t just losing someone Kirsteen. I abandoned her Kirsteen. She was my friend and I left her to rot in that place forever.”

“There was nothing you could have done. I know that now. You can’t change history.”

“I’m sorry Kirsteen.” Lindsey said as she put her book down. “I haven’t even thought about what visiting the Abyss must have done to you. To finally learn that you might never see your home again.”

“It’s okay. As strange as this all is. I’ve made peace with it in a way. There wasn’t much for me back there. No friends, family, career. Looking back on it I don’t even know what I’d do if you put me back there. ”

“Maybe this is the best place for you after all then. I was actually in a similar position to you when I first joined. I’d lost the people I cared about and didn’t really have anything waiting for me back home either, but I had the Professor for support.” She continued. “I’m sorry I’ve been so self pitying this entire time. Like it or not we are sent on these missions by a reason and the only way we can get through them is we support each other.”

The Professor waited patiently by the teleportation chamber, dressed in his long flowing black cape and red frock coat. The Professor underneath his somewhat cold, hard exterior was deeply worried about Lindsey. In many ways the old Vampire viewed Lindsey as the daughter he never had. He didn’t contrary to what she thought dislike Kirsteen. He was just a little unsure of whether or not she would ever fit in. She was his first companion who had been forced on him by the time vortex himself. He also hadn’t been eager for another companion after what had happened with Hilioma.

Unlike Lindsey, the Professor carried no guilt over what happened to Hilioma however. He had made it clear to her not change history, yet she arrogantly had done so and had run the risk of condeming the Professor and Lindsey to the Abyss too. The Professor was still sorry for Hilioma, but he didn’t let it trouble him. He was more concerned with what meeting their former companion again had done to Lindsey.

“Lindsey, Kirsteen what took you so long.” The Professor said in an awkward, jovial mood. Lindsey however wasn’t really in the mood for his usual humour and spoke straightly with the Professor.

“Kirsteen tells me we’ve arrived back on earth.”

“Eh yes, China I believe. It’ll be good to go back to the motherland. I don’t think I’ve visited my home country in over 100 years.”

The trio teleported down to a large forest. A few miles up ahead they could see a large castle looming over a large city, whilst a large river flowed next to them, straight into the centre of the city. It was bright daylight, but there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

Lindsey started taking pictures of the beautiful countryside on her phone.

“I’ve always wanted to go to China.” Lindsey said as she snapped as many pics as she could.

“Come on the city is where we’re needed.” The Professor said.

“How do you know?”Kirsteen asked. “How do you know that what we’re doing is the right course of action for history.”

“Instinct my dear. Thanks to advanced magics I can sense when events are supposed to come together and when we’re on the right path and when we’re not. The city is where we need to go.”

As the three time travellers wandered through the woods, little did they know they had been spotted by a hunter who had seen them arrive in a ball of blue light.

“Wizards, there have been so many of them in the last few weeks. All trying to fix the Emperor.” The hunter thought to himself. “The Empress has bled the kingdom dry paying for these charlatans. This one seems to be the real deal though.”

“Bring me the Emperor now” The Wizard said as he brought several villagers to their knees with his magic.

“Please I beg you don’t harm my boy.” The mother of one of the villagers the Wizard was holding hostage cried.

“I don’t want to harm anyone, but you have no idea what the Emperor will become. If he is not dealt with now, we’ll all be in danger. If he really cares about his own people then he will show himself now.”

The Emperor would have been more than happy to sacrifice himself, but sadly there was no way the Empress would let him, even if he could. This was not the only Wizard to try and kill the Emperor in the last few weeks. Dozens of Wizards had been brought forth from various kingdoms to try and cure the Emperor, who was beloved by not only his own kingdom, but by those around him for leading the battle against the regenegade kingdom of Hissain. It was during the final battle against Hissain however that the Emperor had become infected by the evil that now threatened to claim his life.

Initially many of the most powerful Wizards and magic users from the various kingdoms were only too happy to help the Emperor (though various charlatans would also come along, claiming to have a cure.) A few who had examined him however, had subsequently attempted to slay the Emperor. They were ultimately always repelled by the other Wizards who remained loyal to the Emperor.

This Wizard however, Lee Sian Ye, had actually fought with the Emperor during the battle against the Hissain’s and had known him for many years, yet he had been the most determined to slay the Emperor from the start. He had actually tried to kill the Emperor the night he had returned home.

“Tell the empress if she does not bring her husband down here in ten minutes, I will kill every single one of my prisoners.” The Wizards magics started to tighten around all 10 of the villagers he was holding.

“Do you hear me! How many people will she sacrifice for your husband who is already damned!”

The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen reached the gates of the city.

“Ah yes.” The Professor said to the two guards, struggling to think of a reason to let them in.”

“We are humble travellers here to do some business, if you don’t mind.”

“The only people the Emperor is interested in seeing are magic folk” One of the guards said. “If you don’t have any magic please leave.”

The Professors face light up. “You’re in luck.” He said as conjured up a quick energy ball in his hand. It was the most basic magic, nothing but a glorified party trick, but it was enough to get them in.

Once inside the Kingdom, the Professor could see several people fleeng in terror.

“Looks like we found what we came for.”

The trio quickly ran towards the square where the Wizard was holding the prisoners hostage. Various guards had attempted to shoot the Wizard with arrows, but he had managed to deflect them, though doing so had appeared to take a strain.

As soon as the Professor arrived in the square the Wizard could sense his presence.

“What are you”. The Wizard said in an almost frightened tone.

“I could say the same to you” The Professor joked.

The Wizard dropped his prisoners and focused solely on the Professor. He fired an energy blast at the Professor, which the Vampire was quickly able to dodge. The Professor then leaped at the Wizard, only to be blasted backwards into a nearby house. Whilst Lindsey and Kirsteen tried to help the prisoners escape, the Wizard started to choke them both with his dark magics.

“Servants of evil, you shall die alongside your inhuman master.”

To Be Continued