Top 10 most Horrific Deaths on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s classic series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and  since I started my blog I have wanted to write about it. Its hard however to think of something new to cover as more essays have been written about Buffy than any other television series!

So I have decided to come up with this gruesome little list (though even this has probably been covered a lot of times too.) I am going to look at the nastiest deaths in the entire history of the show.



10/ Celia, Buffy’s Cousin/ Killed by Death

Sadly Buffy’s sweet cousin Celia gets one of the most frightening deaths in the entire history of the show. Celia is a victim of the demon called Der Kindestod. Der Kindestod is a demon that can only be seen by those who are ill and only targets children.

When the monster attacked Celia, Buffy was standing right there but couldn’t see it and assumed that Celia was simply succumbing to her illness. Its only years later when Buffy has an encounter with the demon herself whilst she is ill that she realizes what really happened.

The flashback we are later shown where Celia screams and panics as the invisible monster kills her is definitely one of the shows most terrifying moments. This is what Der Kindestod looks like by the way.

Imagine that thing bearing down on you whilst you are a child, ill and no one else, not even your family who are standing next to you can see it!


9/ Sunnydale Swim Team/ Go Fish

The Sunnydale Swim team are infected with a chemical that causes them to mutate into heinous monsters. Its bad enough becoming a horrible savage Fish man who has to go and live in the ocean for the rest of your life, but the way they change is even more horrible as the monster they become literally bursts its way from under their skin.

8/ The Monk/ No Place Like Home

Not quite as creatively horrible as some of the other deaths on this list. It earns a place for how brutal it is. This unnamed monk is the last survivor of the order of dagon all of whom one by one are tracked down and killed by Glory who is searching for the Key. The last of the Monks is tortured throughout the entire episode by Glory. Though Buffy does manage to get him out of there he ultimately succumbs to his wounds they are so great.  Glory would torture a few other people including Spike for the location of the Key throughout series 5, but none of them died so evidently this poor monk got it the worst.


7/ Catherine Madison/ Witch

Unlike the previous victims on this list Catherine completely brings this on herself (literally Buffy deflects her own spell back at her). Still her fate is truly horrifying as Catherine ends up trapped in her own statue seemingly forever unable to move or speak. I don’t know whether to class this as a death as technically Catherine’s mind survives in the statue. Still she’s dead technically as her body was destroyed and also since the statue is presumably later destroyed either when the school or Sunnydale are later destroyed, then it can be assumed that Catherine did die anyway, but had to spend years trapped in a statue.

6/ Spike/ Chosen

Spike’s death whilst noble and poignant is also pretty fucking horrific when you think about it. The amulet he wears which ultimately destroys the Uber Vampires also slowly burns him to death from the inside out causing his skin to slowly burn off, his eye balls to melt in their sockets, his organs to explode and his bones to crumble to dust and he’s conscious right until the end of it. Though to be fair Spike does relish in the mayhem he causes and we all know this death didn’t take anyway as Spike later returned in season 5 of Angel anyway.


5/ Rickie/Anne

Poor Rickie is a victim of the demon Ken. Ken captures runaway’s and forces them to work in a hell dimension for the rest of their lives where they are brutalized and tortured to the point where they don’t even remember their own name. As time runs differently in hell dimensions 100 years in hell is equivilant to only 1 day on earth. Thus Rickie is gone for only a few hours on earth before being spat out as an insane, aged old man who dies from the life time of abuse he has endured.

Anne 180


4/ Student/ Hush

A legendarily horrible scene from possibly the greatest of all Buffy episodes. The Gentlemen, ghastly demons steal everyone in Sunnydale’s voices so that they can attack them in their sleep an cut their hearts out (they need 7 for some nefarious scheme that is never revealed). One unlucky student is cornered by the monsters and has his heart cut out slowly by the grinning monsters as hopelessly tries to scream for help.

“You’re gonna die screaming but you wont be heard” 


3/ Caleb/ Chosen

Caleb played by Nathan Fillion is the recipient of one of the most gruesome and emasculating deaths in the entire history of the series. Fortunately he is the one person who you not only don’t mind it happening to, but you are actually happy for it to happen too!

Caleb is one of the shows nastiest villains. Aside from blinding Xander in one eye, Caleb is also shown to enjoy brutally torturing and murdering young women for fun. This makes his gruesome death at the hands of an iconic female hero like Buffy (who kills him by stabbing him in the balls with an axe and then slicing him up the middle) probably the least subtle death in the entire history of the show. Still its nevertheless one of Buffy’s defining moments as both a hero and a feminist icon.


2/ Warren Mears/ Villains

I know what your thinking shouldn’t this be number 1? Well as nasty as this is I actually think there is one worse which is really saying something. Much like Caleb, Warren is not exactly that sympathetic a character. Having already murdered his girlfriend in cold blood (after having attempted to turn her into his sex slave) and also having murdered fan favourite Tara Maclay, he was probably the best person to give this horrible fate to. Warren is tortured by a vengeful Willow who strings him up, stitches his mouth together so that he cannot scream and slowly sticks the bullet into his chest. Later when Warren pathetically begs for his life, Willow grows bored of him and strips the skin from his body before burning him alive. It is later revealed however in the season 8 comic that Amy, an old witch rival of Willows teleported him to safety after Willow flayed him. However he did still die as the first was able to take his form, so in his later appearances he is technically undead.  Later when magic is banished from our reality Amy’s magic that is keeping him alive after losing his skin vanishes and he finally dies from the flaying.

Sometimes a pic isn’t enough.

1/ Skinned Teen/ Same Time Same Place

Buffy’s most gruesome death is another flaying, but this is even worse than Warrens. The perpetrator is a Gnarl demon that kills its prey by slashing them with its claws which completely paralyses them leaving them unable to move or speak. The Demon then uses its claws to slowly peel the skin from their bodies piece by piece and eat it in front of its victim who is unable to move, speak or scream.

This seems to be a common theme throughout Buffy of being attacked, but being unable to call for help. Buffy’s cousin is attacked by Der Kindestod and no one but her can see it, The Gentleman take away your voices so no one can hear you scream when they tear your heart out, Willow stitches Warren’s mouth up so he can’t scream as she slowly sticks the bullet into his chest, and the Gnarl paralyses its victims to the point where they can’t scream for help.

This is definitely more horrible than the others for me. Warren’s flaying whilst vile is at least over in a second, similarly the Gentleman’s victim and Celia’s deaths would have been over much more quickly. This however goes on for hours and added to that the Gnarl looks a lot uglier and nastier than even the Gentlemen or Der Kindestod. Willow ironically very nearly becomes a victim of the Gnarl, but Buffy manages to save her and gives the Gnarl itself a pretty horrible death by putting her fingers through its eyes.

Unfortunately at the start of this episode she is unable to save a young teen from the same fate which is our number 1 most gruesome death in Buffy, (if not anything.)

703 STSP2



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