Why A Female Doctor Who Is Anti Men Bigotry and Hate

Yes I know another article about why SJW’s have ruined Doctor Who. This is definitely going to be the last one for a long while. After this I am going to say farewell to the new Doctor Who from this point on.

I have touched on the anti men feeling among certain female Doctor advocates before, like Whovian Feminism, but I feel that in the past I have more focused on why a female Doctor is a terrible idea from a creative point of view. So in this article I am going to run through why I feel a female Doctor represents anti men bigotry for many reasons.

I am not saying that everybody who wants a female Doctor is a misandrist. Some people might just simply be curious, but ultimately I feel that the main driving force behind Jodie’s casting is sexism against men and it disgusts me the way its presented as something great and empowering for women.

Hopefully by the end of this article you will agree with me, and if not? Well tell me why in the comments.

1/ Why No Romana, Jenny, or Susan Spin off?

The main question that Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall should be asked at every single convention for the rest of their lives is “why didn’t you at least try to give Romana her own show?”

A lot of female Doctor advocates like Whovian Feminism, Claudia Boleyn, and Paul Cornell, have all said that they want a woman to play the Doctor because they want to finally see a woman play the hero.

Well leaving aside the dozens of female led shows and films that the likes of Claudia Boleyn and Whovian Feminism NEVER watch, review or even comment on, there are actually already THREE time lady characters exactly like the Doctor just waiting to return to the show and be spun off into their own series.

Romana was a character introduced near the end of the 70’s. She was a younger more inexperienced time lady who was somewhat more naive than the Doctor, but also in some ways had the greater scientific mind.

Romana was a very popular character. Not only is she a long standing fan favourite, but she is also fairly recognisable with the general public having been in the highest rated Doctor Who story ever made, City of Death, which was seen by over 16 million viewers.

She was played by the late Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward on tv and in spin off material she has also been played by Juliet Landau, best known for her role as Drusilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Romana ended her time on the show by deciding to explore E-Space on her own, with the Doctors pet, K9 deciding to join her instead of him. Spin off material has since shown her to have returned to our universe and become the President of Gallifrey.

Romana has already carried several spin off series in audio already which detail her rise and tenure as President. We also do not know what happened to her after the time war either, so she is a huge loose end just waiting to be tied up. They could have easily brought her back in the Capaldi era and then spun her off into her own show.

I actually think a Romana spin off series could have been amazing. To start with it would be a solution that would make everybody happy. Those who don’t want a female Doctor don’t have to see the character changed, whilst those who want a female Doctor would get their leading female time lady character. Romana would be a brilliant choice as much like Xena or Buffy or the Charmed ones she is a really strong character who is very feminine too.

Also a Romana spin off much like Doctor Who could run for decades if it was good as the character of Romana can obviously change her face just like the Doctor can. In fact ironically at one point the Romana spin off might have ended up being more popular than Doctor Who itself! In say 10 years Doctor Who might be going through a dry spell whilst Romana could be going through a really good period.

A Romana spin off could also have enhanced the profile of Doctor Who too. It could have been like Buffy and Angel, Xena and Hercules, we could have had brilliant crossover episodes involving Romana and the Doctor being forced to team up to take on greater threats. You could have had Romana fight many of the Doctors enemies, and developed a different dynamic with them, and had her face her own new rogues gallery, many of whom could even cross over into Doctor Who itself.

Wouldn’t two time travelling heroes be twice the fun?

There are also a number of quirky and unusual character actresses who I think would have been excellent as a 21st century Romana, and who could have really developed her character and added more to it.

Dawn Steele, Katie McGrath, Sarah Parish, Hayley Atwell, Carmen Ejogo. Any of these actresses would have been amazing as Romana, and could have easily carried their own series too (particularly Dawn Steele.)

Susan was the Doctors first companion and his grand daughter. She was played by Carole Ann Ford

Susan was a somewhat awkward, shy, geeky young girl. She was the classic screaming female companion who often had to be rescued by the Doctor and Ian and Barbara. However she was still shown to be a strong and brave person at her core when it mattered, such as in the first Dalek story where she ventures out onto the surface of the planet to find the anti radiation drugs that can cure the others.

Susan left the show at the end of the story The Dalek Invasion of Earth after falling in love with Dalek resistance fighter David Campbell.

Sadly 53 years on and the Doctor still hasn’t come back. Personally I’d LOVE to find out what happened to Susan. Even without this silly “we need a female Doctor” crap hanging over our heads, its once again a huge loose end waiting to be tied up.

What would Susan be like now? Did she have an easy life with David? Would she thank the Doctor for giving her this marvellous opportunity? Or would she be bitter and resentful towards him? What happened to her during the Time War? These are all things that could be the basis of an interesting story that reintroduced Susan to the show, and again set things up for her to have her own series.

Just like with Romana there are a lot of actresses out there that I think would be great as Susan. Morven Christie in particular. She is an amazing actress, has got the right look for the part, and could easily capture the characters vulnerability, intelligence, and inner strength, but at the same time I think she could also perhaps bring a real edge to the character brought about by the loss of her husband David and the Time War.

The sad thing is that Peter Capaldi himself wanted Susan to return to the show.

Peter Capaldi Wants Original Companion To Return

Peter Capaldi also mentions Susan in this video, showing that the character was clearly on his mind a lot. Look at the way he acts when talking about Susan in the little bit he improvises as well. Clearly he wanted a chance to do that in the actual show itself, yet he never got it.

Jenny is the Doctors clone daughter. Played by Georgia Moffet (who is not only the daughter of Peter Davison, but the wife of David Tennant.)

Jenny had the same moral code and sense of adventure as the Doctor, however she was shown to be a bit more of a straight forward action hero, and perhaps a bit more ruthless than the Doctor was at the same time.

Much like Romana, Jenny I think balanced out the Doctor quite well. She was a much more dynamic character physically than the Doctor and certainly more quick to use a weapon (which is saying a lot when you think about it).

At the end of her debut she was seemingly killed, but the final scene saw her revived and journey into space with the desire to follow in her fathers footsteps.

JENNY: Oh, I’ve got the whole universe. 
(The shuttle takes off into the sky.) 
JENNY: Planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat, and an awful lot of running to do.

Sadly despite this ending being a clear set up for future stories with the character, Jenny has never appeared again in now almost 10 years. Georgia Moffet has regularly expressed interest in returning to the role even outright saying “please bring Jenny back”.

I find it very bizarre that in all of this discussion about whether or not the Doctor should be a woman, these characters were never brought up as a more suitable alternative?

You’d think the feminists who claim to care about strong roles for women would want one of these overlooked, interesting, original female characters to return, rather than awkwardly crowbar a woman into a male role, and thus basically eliminate any chances of these three characters from coming back?

Ironically the only person I’ve seen mention any of these characters in this debate is Peter Davison, one of the few people brave enough to say he doesn’t want a female Doctor.

The reason for this is because a lot of these female Doctor advocates. Not all, but a lot (and certainly the most vocal ones who are willing to slander other people as sexists like Whovian Feminism.) Actually don’t give a shit about there being more interesting roles for women on tv. All they care about is taking them away from men who they all see as privileged shit lords that need taken down a peg or two.

Of course it wasn’t the feminist fans who actually made the show during the Peter Capaldi era, but as I have been over many times, I feel they had a massive influence on the show during as they slandered Steven Moffat so viciously during Matt Smith’s time that he gave into all of their demands during Peter’s era.

Trigger Warning Sexual Assault In Doctor Who

Problematic Posters For Doctor Who Season 8

Steven Moffat Is A Classist

Has Doctor Who Become Sexist

Doctor Who Is Racist New Book Claims

Asylum of the Daleks Is Problematic

Are Women Just In The TARDIS To Flirt

BBC Responds To Sexist Claims

Karen Gillan “Steven Moffat Is Not Sexist”

Peter Capaldi Dismisses Steven Moffat Is A Misogynist Claims

That doesn’t mean Moffat should be let off the hook of course. Yes it was nasty and hypocritical the smear campaign the feminists launched against him, but he could have had a backbone and stood up for the show he claimed to love.

Instead Steven Moffat will go down as the ultimate traitor of the Doctor Who franchise. Yes Chibnall put the final nail into Doctor Who as Ian Levine put it, but still Moff is the one who for the past three years has done everything he can to set up a female Doctor with things like Missy, and the Generals regeneration from a man into a woman.

Instead Moffat should have spent the last 3 years reintroducing any or all of the 3 time lady characters I have mentioned into the show, and instead of making Class (which was a fucking disaster), made a show about one of these characters.

In fact the return of Susan was the only fanboy wish of Peter Capaldi’s that Steven Moffat ironically didn’t grant to him during his time in the TARDIS.

Peter Capaldi wanted to see the Mondasian Cybermen return to the show.

See here Peter Capaldi Wanted Mondasian Cybermen

Capaldi also wanted a retro TARDIS to feature in one of his stories.

Peter Capaldi Wants Old Tardis To Return

Peter Capaldi also wanted to do a story with the First Doctor too, which is a lot harder since both actors who played him in the original series, William Hartnell and Richard Hurndall are long dead, whilst not only is the original actress who played Susan still alive, but she could also simply have regenerated too.

It Was Peter Capaldi’s Idea To Cast David Bradley As First Doctor

Yet despite this, Capaldi gets his first Doctor story, just like he got his Mondasian Cyberman story and his retro TARDIS.

Still no sign of a Susan adventure however Moffat? Why was that the only one you stamped your foot down on evidently and didn’t do?

I’ll tell you why, because if he had brought Susan back it wouldn’t have pleased the Whovian Feminism demographic that he was trying to win favour with. (Yes ironically bringing back an iconic, and beloved female character from the shows past would have annoyed feminists!)

It would have completely fucked their push for a female Doctor. Here we would have had a female counterpart to the Doctor, who again if written well, and played by an actress like Morven Christie could easily be a candidate for her own show, and then what would the feminists arguments be?

They’d be exposed as being motivated by anti men spite right away, as they’d somehow have to actually argue that they didn’t want an original female character to get her own show, but instead rather the Doctor become a woman to piss off some male fans.

And that’s why Steven Moffat ironically kept all time lady characters away from the show from Romana to The Rani.

Why did Moffat cast Michelle Gomez as Missy and not as The Rani? Again there is already a female character set up if you want a time lady villain.

Yeah it makes more sense to cast Michelle Gomez as that bastard with the beard who hates women, than this woman who looks like her!

The Rani appeared in two stories of Classic Who. The first, The Mark of the Rani was fairly well received whilst the second, The Time of the Rani is often regarded as one of the worst adventures of all time. (Though its not a tenth as bad as Dark Water/Death in Heaven, Hellbent or Kill the Moon.)

Still the character is a fan favourite. Its become a running joke in fact among fans whenever a new female character is announced that everybody thinks/hopes she is really the Rani in disguise.

The character is due a comeback. The reasons Moffat however gave for her not being brought back are incredibly lame. He said that she was in a terrible story, and that no one would know who she was anyway outside of a few fans.

Well to start with mainstream viewers didn’t know who The Autons, The Macra, The Ice Warriors or The Great Intelligence were either who have all been brought back. (The only two stories the Intelligence was in were WIPED at the time he was brought back.)

Also I refuse to believe that Moff who revels in continuity porn would be put off by bringing something old back. Why’d he do a spin off about Coal Hill school if he thinks no one will remember anything from the past? Coal Hill School is hardly one of the big icons of Doctor Who is it?

Second of all, so what one of her stories was crap? What long running villain hasn’t been in a poor story? Not just in Doctor Who?

Surely there is something interesting that could be done with a ruthless time lady scientist who sees her twisted experiments as being for the greater good, who views humans as nothing more than cattle, was once one of the greatest scientific minds on Gallifrey, and who loves Dinosaurs and keeps them as pets?

Added to that Michelle Gomez would actually have been amazing as the Rani. She looks a little bit like Kate O’Mara and her sense of humour matches the character too. Furthermore it would actually have been a chance for her to do something different. The Rani is a more toned down, cold, logical villain and Gomez has often expressed an interest in giving a more subdued performance (as she is normally cast as out of control psycho’s like Sue White and Missy). She actually said that series 10 was her favourite series for this reason.

Also finally I think the season 8 finale actually could have worked a bit better with the Rani. You would still have to throw a lot of it out (like the awful, tasteless Cyber Brig.) Still I think you could have done a great story with the Rani and the Cybermen working together. Both are science gone wrong villains, with the Rani being someone who abuses science, and the Cybermen being the product of science being abused.

You could have had the Rani use the Cybermen as a database. Perhaps she felt that the monsters were a perfect way of storing the minds of the greatest people in near indestructable, ageless bodies that were free of all emotions and could be harvested for their knowledge. In turn for gaining the help of the greatest minds from all planets across the universe who had been cyber converted, The Rani would give the Cybermen knowledge of the time travel allowing them to conquer planets across all of time and space.

Then the next year we could have had the Master show up as a proper version of the character.

What the hell would be wrong with that? Two time lord enemies for the Doctor? You’d still have Michelle Gomez on the show, but she’d be cast in a role that she was right for, and Peter Capaldi would have two villains to play off of.

Again the reason Moffat didn’t do that and awkwardly crowbarred Gomez into the role of the Master was because he was pandering to a group of people who hate men and simply wanted to take as many characters away from them as possible.

Ask yourself, why do all of these people like Whovian Feminism, Anita Sarkeesian etc, view the Doctor being played by a woman, or even the Master being played by a woman as a victory when there are already 4 great time lady characters just waiting to be used? Why do they have such little interest in original female characters like Xena, Buffy, the Charmed Ones compared to female versions of male characters like Thor, the Doctor and the Master?

The way I see it is there are only two options. Either they are self loathing women who just want to be men, and thus playing a man is the ultimate victory for them. Or again having a woman play a man is better for them as in their mind it allows them to get back at the evil white, privileged, cis gendered men.

Personally I think its the latter of those two suggestions (though I’d certainly love to run the first one by them.)

Sadly however Steven Moffat thought these people were the audience he should have been chasing ironically because they were the people who completely and utterly destroyed his reputation. Its because of them that most people view him as a sexist!

2/ The First Thing They Did When It Was Announced Was Gloat

It was very telling the way that when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Doctor, so many people who had wanted it took to twitter, or even wrote articles for various websites, just to gloat about it to the people who didn’t want it (who were all dismissed as woman hating bigots, even if they were women.)

See here.

New Doctor Who Is Woman And Man Babies Are NOT Happy

Spectacular Online Reactions To 13th Doctor

Dear God Please Let The Identity Of Doctor No 13 Upset

This Will Annoy Exactly The Right People

Cry Me A River Song For The Man Babies

Samantha Bee Takes Down Doctor Who Sexists

The Thirteenth Doctor Who Is A Woman Now And Man Babies Are Upset

The Internet Is Roasting Sexist Doctor Who Fans And It Is Magnificent

Jodie Whittaker Will Be A Great Doctor Who

Miriam Webster Elegantly Tweet Slaps Sexist Doctor Who Fans

If You’re Angry At A Female Doctor Who Then You Are The Reason They Cast Her

Quote from Whovian Feminism from before the female Doctor was cast, but it still shows the attitude behind it.

“Supposedly well-meaning observers always like to come in and say that hardcore fans simply won’t accept a woman portraying the Doctor. This attitude does both the show and our fandom a disservice. While there is always a smattering of assholes to prove this type of attitude does exist, they aren’t even close to a majority. And even if it were true, we should not let the direction of the show be dictated by the worst of its fans. If a misogynistic jerk who disparagingly refers to a woman Doctor as “The Nurse” says he’ll quit watching the show, he’s exactly the type of fan we should be proud to piss off. I promise, plenty of new fans (especially ones with disposable income!) are waiting in the wings to take his place.”

Here’s a video by Claudia Boleyn, who is quite a nice person, very open minded, reasonable, sweet, funny and likable overall, but I feel she has been somewhat swayed by this toxic “all men are privileged shitlords” attitude, and thus when Missy was cast in 2014 I think we saw a similar “HAHAHAHAHA take that men” attitude towards the male fanbase.

PS Claudia if you want to do a response to this then go ahead. I understand that some youtubers feel uncomfortable with doing response vids to people with miniscule platforms like me as they think it looks like punching down, but I don’t mind. I can’t throw punches (metaphorically speaking of course) and then whine if someone does a response.

Finally there was this interesting response from Russell T Davies. Now I don’t think Russell was someone who was particularly desperate for a female Doctor, but obviously now that its happened and he is part of the fandom incrowd then he will have to say he likes it regardless.

Still anyway now that Russell has adopted their attitude he had this to say.

Russell T Davies Blames Journalists For Sexist Backlash

Basically he said that there are only a few people who are creating thousands of accounts online to complain about Jodie’s casting. As someone else on a Doctor Who forum pointed out, this is exactly the same thing Michael Grade said on Room 101 when people complained about the show being cancelled.

As another person online pointed out, Grade and Davies’ comments come from the same place. Absolute sneering contempt for a particular type of undesirable pleb. In Grade’s case its just all Doctor Who fans, but in Davies’ its “sexist” Doctor Who fans who dislike Jodie’s casting.

Of course these are just a handful of the responses, but you can see what I mean about how it seems that this whole push for a female Doctor was more just to upset a group of people than for any kind of creative decision.

If something I wanted to happen in Doctor Who actually did happen, my first reaction would just be to be happy, rather than rub it in the faces of people who didn’t like it.

Like take for instance if Osgood, a character I like were made the companion I wouldn’t write article after article about why all the people who hate Osgood are just white men who can’t stand smart non sexualized female characters on tv and then go “Oh its making me so happy to see you all flip out over this HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”.

But again that would be because I would genuinely be happy that Osgood was the companion and not just desperate to annoy people who didn’t like Osgood.

Its not even like they tried to debate with people who disliked the decision (apart from a few exceptions like Claudia Boleyn). In fact ironically Peter Davison who simply suggested that we should try and welcome people who are unsure about it instead of telling them to fuck off was derided as a sexist, and eventually chased off of twitter.

Peter Davison Quits Twitter Over Toxicity Of Doctor Who Fandom

Its very telling that Peter Davison was chased off of twitter for simply saying that people who didn’t like a female Doctor shouldn’t be abused as sexists, whilst Colin Baker was able to slander all those who didn’t want it as not true fans, people who think they own the show and sexists several times, and hey he’s still on twitter.

Colin Baker Supports Female Doctor

Kind of lets you know which side are the bullies doesn’t it Colin?

PS Colin I think its hilarious that WE in your mind are the ones who think we own it. We aren’t the ones who have come to the show later than anyone else and then demanded that the biggest change happen in the entire shows history, and then slandered anyone who doesn’t like it as the worst things imaginable.

And again Colin you can’t say why we couldn’t have just brought Romana, or Jenny, or Susan back and everybody would have been happy.

Colin claims role models for little girls are important. Personally I don’t think they are for either boys or girls, I just hate a female Doctor because I think its a silly idea creatively. I won’t go into too much detail again here, as I have done before, and that’s not what this article is about.

I’ll just boil it down to this. There are only two ways you can have a characters gender change. Write them as being like a real trans character, someone who feels they were born in the wrong body and transition into the opposite gender. Or write them as being generally gender neutral.

Now neither of these options is a good fit for the Doctor. From a real world perspective he has never been written as a genderless character. Yes the Doctor changes his shape, but all of the Doctors are meant to be the same man underneath. Differences in personality simply result from him being in a different body, but he’s the same guy.

Also within the lore of the show, though they changed it a few years ago to pander to the feminists, it still doesn’t make sense to have time lords to gender flip. The Doctor alone has been through 13 regenerations as a man. There is no way that could have been by chance. Flip a coin 13 times and the chances of it coming up heads EVERY single time are 8192 to one.

So the only other option is that the Doctor would want to change into a woman (to be fair it has been hinted that time lords can control how they look when they change since the 60’s.) So again in that case why did the Doctor choose to waste a whole regeneration cycle as a man if he doesn’t care one way or the other? It makes no sense and is in danger of turning the show into a parody.

Still whilst those are my reasons for hating a female Doctor, lets say Colin Baker is right that little girls need role models. Well okay don’t little boys need them too Colin? Don’t give me that misandristic nonsense of “male privilege.” Suicide is the leading killer for young men in today’s society.

Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among Young Men

If role models are crucial to someone’s development and self esteem, then why try and take them away from the group who are killing themselves in record numbers?

And don’t give me that shit of boys have enough role models. To start with so do young women. Xena, Buffy,  Charmed, Once Upon A Time, Sarah Connor, Nikita, Resident Evil, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Earth 2, Charlies Angels, Ghost Whisperer, I Zombie, Sleepy Hollow, Jessica Jones, The Bionic Woman, Sarah Jane Adventures, Kill Bill, Alien film series, do they all mean nothing? How very feminist to say that all of these great female led shows and films are worthless compared to one male character.

Also suppose a young boys favourite show is Doctor Who? Suppose they don’t give a shit about Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man? Are they just to lose that role model then? And the point of “boys can still have a female Doctor as their role model” is hypocritical, cause if that’s the case then why can’t girls still have a male Doctor as their role model?

If you think the Doctor has to be changed to be a woman in order to be a role model for little girls, then he has to be a man to be a role model for little boys too.

So Colin why not just bring back Romana or Jenny, or Susan and make everybody happy?

Girls get their role models and boys get theirs. People like me who don’t care about role models, but think a female Doctor is a really silly idea, don’t have the show ruined, actresses like Michelle Gomez and Jodie Whitaker get to play leading roles in the Doctor Who universe, but its roles that they are actually right for, and thus don’t have to constantly deal with a lot of silly, and pointless controversy.

Sadly however Colin Baker has sided with people who don’t want a happy compromise for everybody, but who just want to take a role away from men because they hate them, and the fact that the first thing they did when Jodie was cast was to gloat about it in the most childish ways just further reinforces this.

I don’t dislike Colin Baker as a person for this by the way. Everybody makes mistakes, and I still think he’s a great guy (having had the pleasure of meeting him personally.)

I am obviously still a fan and defender of his Doctor, but ironically in his current mindset, me who has spent years defending his Doctor and constantly making a case for him being one of the most important, and influential Doctors isn’t a true fan, whilst people who gloat about man babies and say they are happy to annoy massive sections of the fandom are the true fans apparently?

3/ Many Of Its Most Vocal Supporters Are Misandrists

I wonder if Alyssa will be so upset when Jodie saves her male companion and write blog articles saying that the show is anti men? Also whilst I don’t condone online abuse everyone does get it regardless of gender. Alyssa should google Thunderf00t’s video “Hate Mail Special” to see what people who speak out against feminism also get. 

Now I am not saying that all of the people who wanted a female Doctor are misandrists. However the most high profile supporters for a female Doctor, as well as those who arguably had the biggest influence on the decision actually happening have at least expressed misandristic views.

To be fair they might not actively hate men. I think that a lot of these young people as ShoeOnHead has pointed out are simply misguided as they have been spoon fed a lot of this crap at University courses for years and by the mainstream media. They think they are just trying to create an equal society, but little do they know, they have actually been indoctrinated to view a whole section of society, white men, as being responsible for all its problems.

Still if any of the women I am going to talk about in this section want to debate me here in the comments of this article, and get their side of the story out there on this page. Then by all means go ahead. I’m no Steve Shives who’ll just shut them down, they’ll get a fair hearing. Also again I have a small platform, they won’t have to deal with fanboys (or girls) all swamping them if they try and comment. I don’t have any fans!

Anyway yes a lot of the people who were pushing for a female Doctor have said things about men that quite frankly if I were to say to say them about women, I’d rightfully be branded as a woman hating pig.

Lets take a look at Whovian Feminism. Now Whovian Feminism whose real name is Alyssa is a blogger that has interviewed members of the New Who production team like Rachel Talalay, who directed every single finale of the Peter Capaldi era, and writer Sarah Dollard. Talalay has also promoted her blog, whilst others such as Paul Cornell have retweeted her on many occasions too. Russell T Davies also seems to be a big fan as well.

Clearly Alyssa is someone whose opinion the makers of the show care about. There are so many Doctor Who fan blogs out there, yet Whovian Feminism is one of the very few that the makers have given any attention too, even outright promoted and she is nowhere near close to being the most popular.

Now Whovian Feminism has certainly expressed many misandiristic opinions over the years.

For instance she defended a remark in the episode Hell Bent where a character called The General makes fun of men by saying that all men are egotists.

Of course at the same time she also got so angry at a joke about forced sex reassignment surgery in the new Seth McFarlane series The Orville. She said she wanted to burn down the show she was so angry.

Regarding The General’s Ego Line

Whovian Feminism On The Orville

When its a joke tarring all men as egotists then its perfectly acceptable, but if its one that could in any way be offensive to trans people then its so appalling the show needs burned down!

Funny thing is a joke about forced sex reassignment surgery isn’t promoting hatred against trans people. The premise for the episode sees an all male race produce one female offspring who they try to force into becoming a man.

That’s not saying that trans people shouldn’t change their gender, just that its wrong to force someone to change, and hey it is!

Forced sex reassignment surgery is actually implemented for homosexual men in Iran and many of them flee the country rather than go through it.

Gay Men Pushed Into Sex Reassignment Surgery

Are all of these gay guys transphobic then Whovian Feminism?

If Seth McFarlane had made a joke about all trans people being up themselves then yeah fair enough that would be transphobic, but he didn’t.

Also what’s even more hilarious is that technically Steven Moffat used the forced sex change joke himself in the very same scene that Whovian Feminism defended!

Yeah she didn’t notice that did she? The General didn’t want to change from a woman into a man and technically expressed relief that she was no longer transgender “back to normal am I?” are her first words upon regenerating back into the sex she was born in!

Now again I am not saying that this joke was transphobic. It was clumsy and crap, but if we go by Whovian Feminisms “logic” of saying that portraying forced sex reassignment is bad is transphobic (to the point where she wants to burn the set down of a show that does it.) Then ironically that scene which she described from Hell Bent as hilarious, is transphobic too.

But it seems she’s willing to overlook a little bit of transphobia (by her definition) if she can shit on all men.

Whovian Feminism I also find brings up the fact that people she doesn’t like on twitter are white and men. This might seem like a small thing to complain about at first, but its actually very bad.

To start with what the hell does the colour of someones skin have to do with their opinions? Imagine if someone commented here and I just dismissed them as “okay black guy whatever you say”. That would be racist as it would show that I looked down on his opinions even more because he was black.

Whovian Feminism On Seth McFarlane

Add This To Your Collection Of White Men

Whovian Feminism White Women

Whovian Feminism also has openly said that she does not want men to direct female led films and television series such as Wonder Woman, (even stating that she would boycott the Wonder Woman sequel if a man was hired to direct it. And has expressed disappointment when men are hired for important positions directing and producing other films and tv series starring women

Whovian Feminism’s Reaction To J J Abrams Hiring

Whovian Feminism All Female Lord of The Flies

Kind of a bit hypocritical Whovian Feminism when you desperately want more women writing Doctor Who a show (until you got your way.) About a leading male character?

So what in your mind, men aren’t allowed to write something about a woman like Wonder Woman or the all female remake of Lord of the Flies, but men also should be limited or outright refused from being allowed to write for and even play classic male characters like the Doctor or Thor. So basically men are not allowed to have anything at all?

And you wonder why I think you’re a misandrist?

Another notable pro female Doctor advocate is Tabetha Wallace. Now Tabetha Wallace is the host of the RT show Watching the Hawks. I enjoy some of Watching the Hawks. They did make some good points, but ultimately the show ended up becoming far too SJW heavy.

Tabetha seems to be the worst of the lot. She follows both Anita Sarkeesian and Linda Sarsour on twitter. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Sarsour is a woman who thinks that Sharia law, a law that deprives LGBT people and women of basic human rights is reasonable! She’s also said that she hopes Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a true feminist champion) gets her vagina taken away from her and gets the shit kicked out of her too!

Still Tabetha Wallace ironically considers herself a feminist despite following someone like Sarsour, but sadly her brand of feminism seems to be shitting on white men.

Take a look at these tweets.

I’m enjoying the fall of mediocre misogynistic white men

(Its a shame she has to associate the late great Kevin Smith and the wonderful Xena/Hercules franchise with her racist, misandristic tweet.)

Men Are Always Lying

White Men Need To Shut Up

If You’re A White Woman And A Feminist

White Male Fragility

So again baring this in mind its not hard to see how a case could be made for Tabetha caring more about the Doctor being a woman just to get back against white men., than because she gives two shits about the actual show itself.

Another prominent female Doctor advocate is Gaby Dunn, a woman who works for Buzzfeed. Here is a video she did about why the Doctor should be a woman.

Gabby also famously did a video where she said she wanted men to have to gain consent to say hi to women as she hated having to talk to men unless she absolutely had to.

Of course Buzzfeed themselves who Gabby works for were all in favour of a female Doctor and produced videos and articles arguing for it (and took part in the smear campaign against Steven Moffat.)

It would be harder to find a more anti white male organisation than Buzzfeed. They have made countless videos tarring all white men as racists, sexists and homophobic.

Finally the journalist Caitlin Moran who has also expressed anti men sentiments many times is in favour a female Doctor too.

Fishing is just an excuse for blokes to have a sulk

Caitlin Moran’s 12 ramblings from a nonsensical feminist

Now there are many more examples, but I feel these are the most prominent as most of these people will have had something of an influence on the show itself.

Whovian Feminism as we have seen is beloved by many of the people who make the show. Buzzfeed and Tabetha Wallace meanwhile all have a wider reach than most fans and can give off the impression that their opinion is the majority, whilst Caitlin Moran is a close personal friend of Steven Moffat.

Thus I think its fair to say that they will have helped sway the decision more than anyone else, and with this in mind its not hard to see how their anti men sentiment seeped into the show not only with the casting of Jodie designed to spite male fans, but also with the many anti men remarks such as the Generals ego line.

4/ All Male Roles Are Being Replaced

As I have pointed out before its not just a question of the producers being open to having a woman play the Doctor. It seems like they are going out of their way to replace all the male roles with women in the show.

The role of the Master, the main UNIT personnel and now the Doctor all used to be occupied by men, but in the last few years they have all to the last been feminized.

Now I don’t hate the new female UNIT family which consists of Osgood and Kate. In fact I love Osgood as Ingrid Oliver who plays her is one of my favourite actresses and just an all around amazing person.

I also a few years ago when I thought representation was needed thought it was a good thing that we had a female UNIT, and to be fair it does have an actual story justification too. Obviously there is no problem with having women take over the Brig and Benton’s roles as unlike the Doctor and the Master they are not meant to be the same people. Also it might be quite a nice contrast too to have women occupy the roles that used to be occupied by big manly men.

However it just feels that on top of the Master and the Doctor becoming women that they are trying to feminize the show from top to bottom.

Now this bugs me because again it feels like an attack against the fact that Doctor Who was a more masculine show.

Imagine if I were to remake a predominantly female led show like say Xena and replace all of the female roles with men.

Xena herself, her female archenemy Callisto, and the Amazons who she works with, who I suppose in a way are her version of UNIT. Imagine if not only were they all replaced with men, but the new version of Xena was littered with anti women remarks about women being all nags, women being so full of themselves etc.

Female Xena fans would rightfully view this version with contempt not just for messing with the shows dynamic, but for outwardly attacking women by saying “this thing would be so much better if it were starring men”, or worse “I think its time the women who love Xena and the little girls who look up to her get taken down a peg or two and we remake it all with men just to spite them.”

I certainly wouldn’t mind a female UNIT normally. Indeed they already gave the Brig a female replacement in the 80’s and I, nor anybody else cared. Its just on top of everything else it feels like they are basically trying to eliminate every strong male role in the show.

5/ No One Is Pushing For A Male Xena

Okay I know what you are going to say “but Xena doesn’t regenerate”. Well to start with I’ve never really thought that argument had much merit anyway.

You can change a characters gender in any remake you want as a remake is not connected to the old version. Did Batman regenerate from Adam West into Michael Keaton for example? Ironically a female version of a hero like Batman, Superman or Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I don’t think they would be particularly good ideas, but the female Batman wouldn’t actually be any of the previous versions who had suddenly changed his sex for no reason. It would stand as its own separate thing to all the previous versions, just as Christian Bale’s did, so I really wouldn’t give a shit. Make as many female versions of Batman as you want.

With the Doctor however, ironically the fact that he can change his shape I think means he’s probably the only character whose gender you shouldn’t change.

Unlike with Batman, all of the different versions of the Doctor from Hartnell to Tennant are the same person. Thus crowbarring a woman in after 13 men not only looks out of place, but it actually destroys the very delicate illusion that these are all meant to be different aspects of the same man.

Spot the odd one out there? It really isn’t hard.

However the reason I bring up Xena is because Xena does actually have the power to change her shape and gender within the narrative of the original series just like the Doctor.

Sadly its a moot point now anyway as recently it was announced that the Xena remake had been cancelled. I think this is a shame as Xena I feel has a lot of potential for a remake. To me she is a character like the Doctor, or Sherlock Holmes that can be reinterpreted again and again.

Anyway yes within Xena canon it is established that Xena will be reborn again, and again, and again alongside her friend and lover Gabrielle. Now this never played that big a part in the narrative of Xena, but it is still established canon and furthermore its established that Xena can change gender when she will be reborn too.

Thus you could make the next Xena a sequel series following Xena and Gabrielle’s souls reborn into two male bodies in the future, rather than a remake (in this respect you could extent the life of the show too.)

So with this in mind why weren’t people like Whovian Feminism, Paul Cornell and Claudia Boleyn campaigning for a male Xena before the remake was canned.

Absolutely all of the same arguments apply for changing Xena’s sex as they did for changing the Doctors.

1/ Its canon (I might add that it was always part of the canon that Xena could change gender when she is reborn, unlike in Doctor Who where for almost 50 years it wasn’t established that time lords gender bend until the feminist “fans” bullied Moff into making it canon.)

2/ Its something new.

3/ It could give marginalized groups a chance to be the hero (lets make Xena and Gabrielle black gay men, who have fewer role models than women.)

4/ Anybody who doesn’t like my idea of a gay male Xena is homophobic and misandristic. They are probably men hating lesbians who hate men because no man wants to touch them.

5/ Female fans who don’t want a male Xena shouldn’t be allowed to think they own it, by stopping me from coming along and completely changing the dynamic of the show to suit my divisive political agenda.

6/ Since when did Xena need a vagina and a pair of tits to save the day?

7/ Xena always thrived on change, because there were a few continuity blips in the shows history, and they introduced new characters now and again, that means there are no constants apparently.

8/ What possible characteristic does Xena have that a gay man can’t?

9/ Xena was always silly and camp. What gods, women like Callisto coming back to life after being killed in quicksand, women like Alti who feed on people’s souls, and Xena getting a sex change is sooooooooo unrealistic compared to that nonsense?

10/ There are so many men out there who would be amazing as Xena like Tom Ellis. Why should he be excluded just because he has a penis hmmm?

How are those any different to the arguments that actually persuaded Chris Chibnall to castrate the Doctor?

Answer? They aren’t, so why did those who wanted a female Doctor not demand that Xena change sex for all of the same reasons?

They can’t say that they don’t care about Xena, as all of these people like Tabetha Wallace, Whovian Feminism and Caitlin Moran claim to care so much about strong roles for women on tv. So I assume that they would care just a little bit about the return of a female character so iconic she had a planet named after her’s return to tv ?

However they didn’t campaign for a gay, black male Xena, because again all they actually cared about was in taking a role away from men.

Thus a male Xena would rightfully be viewed as a stupid idea by the mainstream media, whilst a female Doctor, though being every bit as stupid an idea, is hailed as a great thing because its seen as a way to kick male geek culture, and male viewers in general in the teeth.


As you can see the motive behind casting Jodie Whitaker was really nothing more than spite against male viewers. There were alternatives that could have created a happy compromise for all viewers, like a Romana, a Jenny, or a Susan spin off.

Added to that the majority of at least the most high profile people who wanted a female Doctor (and who most likely had an influence on the show itself.) Seemed far more interested in “annoying the right people” than they did in Doctor Who itself.

Also many of the most high profile supporters have exhibited clear prejudices towards men many times.

Finally the fact that all male roles in the series have been slowly phased out, mixed in with the fact that there are NO attempts to replace female characters with male counterparts shows that it is all one way directed towards removing strong male characters from tv.

For all of these reasons I refuse to even watch a second of Jodie Whittakers era. I have always disliked the idea of a female Doctor yes, but to be fair if it had happened under different circumstances then I would have at least given her a go, but its the reasons that this already terrible change happened that actually anger me.

The 13th Doctor represents hatred against men, bullies getting their own way by slandering others like Steven Moffat, and even people like Peter Davison and famous Doctor Who fan Ian Levine who has also been derided as a sexist and a bigot after his outburst against Jodie’s casting on twitter.

To those of you who still want to watch it, and aren’t anti men bigots then good luck to you. I hope you do enjoy it, but for me this is the end of Doctor Who.

I will of course still watch the classic episodes and the new who stories from the past I do enjoy, but sadly Doctor Who officially belongs to the anti men bigots, the spoiled brats who always have to get their own way, and the bullies who call anyone who disagrees with them sexists and so it certainly isn’t the show for me anymore.

Thanks for reading.


Doctor Who Reviews/ The Evil of the Daleks

The final Dalek story of the 1960’s. The Evil of the Daleks has a somewhat more surrealist, even whimsical aspect to it, though it would also set down many tropes and ideas that later Dalek stories (particularly those of Big Finish and the New Series) would use.

Sadly all but the second episode is missing from the archives though much like The Power of the Daleks its reputation is still high among Doctor Who fans, with it even being voted the greatest Doctor Who story ever made in a poll taken for the 30th anniversary.


The Doctors TARDIS is stolen in London in 1966. The Doctor and his companion Jamie are able to track the perpetrator down, a man named Edward Waterfield who sells Victorian clocks.

At his shop they discover an advanced, seemingly alien machine at the back, as well as the dead body of a man named Kennedy who appears to have died in the most terrible agony.

Before the Doctor can investigate further however, he and Jamie are knocked out by gas and whisked away 100 years into the past by Waterfield.

There Waterfield reveals why he stole the TARDIS and what his plan is. Waterfield and his friend Maxtible were experimenting with time travel technology which eventually created a portal to another time and world, Skaro!

The Daleks arrived through the portal and captured Edward’s daughter, Victoria who they threatened to kill unless he helped to lure the Doctor into a trap by capturing his TARDIS.

The Daleks threaten to destroy the Doctors TARDIS unless he helps them with their latest experiment. The Daleks have always been defeated by human beings and believe that it is because of certain traits that human beings have. The Daleks call this “the human factor” and wish to isolate it from humans in experiments and transfer it into themselves.

With no other options the Doctor is forced to help the Daleks and even performs experiments on their human captives, Victoria and Jamie.

The Doctor eventually is able to isolate the human factor and transplant it into three Daleks. The Daleks develop human emotions, become happy, caring and even come to see the Doctor as their friend.

The Doctor gives the three Daleks names, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Whilst Edward Waterfield only serves the Daleks reluctantly, Maxtible is willingly working for them as they have promised him the secret of alchemy.

The Doctor plans to spread the human factor like a virus throughout the Dalek race in the hopes that it will lead to a civil war that will destroy them.

However his plan fails and he is captured by the Daleks and taken back to Skaro (along with Waterfield, Maxtible, Jamie and Victoria.) the Emperor reveals that he no longer wants the human factor. Considering the experiment a failure after Omega, Alpha and Beta became too compassionate. The Emperor instead wants the Doctor to implant the Dalek factor (which makes the Daleks evil, xenophobic, and ruthless) into the human race throughout all of history which will wiping humanity from existence.

Once again with no other options the Doctor is forced to help the Daleks. The Doctor is able to isolate the Dalek factor which the Daleks then transplant into Maxtible. Maxtible comes to think and behave exactly like a Dalek just as they hoped. 

The Daleks then plan to implant the Dalek factor into the Doctor himself, in order to make him their servant. Their plan however fails as the Doctor programes the machine to make sure the Dalek factor only infects humans. 

The Doctor however pretends to be loyal to the monsters and works against them from within. Freeing the three humanized Daleks, the Emperor becomes scared that the human factor will spread. The Doctor tells the Emperor to send all Daleks through the Dalek factor machine to which the Emperor agrees.

Unfortunately for the Daleks, the Doctor reprogrames the machine to infect all of the Daleks who go through it with the human factor.

The humanized Daleks soon turn on the rest of their kind and a massive civil war erupts. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria escape to the hills of Skaro where the TARDIS is. Sadly Edward Waterfield is killed whilst saving the Doctor from a Dalek. The Doctor promises Waterfield that he will look after his daughter.

As the city of the Daleks erupts in flames and the Emperor is seemingly exterminated, the Doctor comments to Jamie on how he believes he has seen the final end of the Daleks.


The Evil of the Daleks is overall deserving of its status as a classic story, but I do think its flawed somewhat, particularly when compared with the previous Troughton Dalek adventure.

The Evil of the Daleks was intended to be the final ever appearance of the monsters in Doctor Who, and whilst I am of course glad that it wasn’t, it would have been a brilliant send off for them if it did, and still serves as quite a good ending for the 60’s Dalek stories.

Evil takes us deeper into the monsters psychology, as well as their society and how they function than any other before. We see their chain of command, the Emperor and how they deal with members of their kind who are different.

Before we have only ever seen the Daleks persecute other life forms, but showing them turn on and actually exterminate members of their own kind was a nice twist that made them seem even more horrifying. It also helped to explain why the Daleks were so uniform, and also helps to set up why the monsters are doomed for extinction as ultimately any race or society or belief system that can’t look inward and change when it has too will eventually stagnate and die.

The idea of a Dalek being infected with humanity is an interesting concept, and one which many later stories particularly in the revival, such as Dalek, Into the Dalek and Journey’s End would explore too. Though David Whitaker had explored the idea of a humanized Dalek in The One in A Million Dalek comic story much earlier, Evil marked the first time this idea was explored in the television series itself.

The creatures are also at their sneaky and manipulative best in this story too. We get to see them twist the minds of various people, good and evil over the course of the story. With Waterfield they can recognise that he would never help them willingly so they threaten to hurt the person he loves the most to get him to serve them. Maxtible however fulfils the Mavic Chen type role of being the devious, self serving human who thinks he can use the Daleks for his own ends, but they play on his greed instead.

The interactions between the Doctor and the Daleks are also particularly strong in this story. I think this adventure and Power of the Daleks really helped to shape the kind of Doctor Patrick Troughton ended up being.

When you look at other stories in season 4, Pat’s Doctor tends be a more lighter version of William Hartnell. A crazy old uncle/ grandfather type figure, fond of name dropping all of the famous people he has known throughout history.

However in these two stories we see the Second Doctor become a more manipulative and sly individual, often putting on a bumbling facade and even resorting to lying to his companions too.

This would carry over into stories like Tomb of the Cybermen, The Web of Fear and The War Games and really became the dominant characteristic of Troughton’s Doctor that would also in turn carry over into later Doctors too such as Sylvester McCoy and Matt Smith.

I don’t think the Second Doctors manipulative side however was ever more effective than it was against the Daleks. The Daleks were the only enemies who were a match for the Doctor, as they knew all of his tricks. Thus he would often be forced to go the extra mile against the monsters.

You can see that in Evil the way the Doctor and the Daleks use everyone around them like pieces on a chessboard and are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of each other.

The supporting cast of the story is very strong too. John Bailey is excellent as Edward Waterfield, who is a truly tragic character,

Despite the bad things he does you never lose your sympathy for him as Bailey always gives the character a real gravitas, and its brilliant the way the character is able to find redemption at the end when he sacrifices himself to save the Doctor. The final scene where the Doctor promises the dying Waterfield that he will look after is very touching. Victoria Waterfield played by the late Deborah Watling also gets a strong start.

Some fans have knocked her character for not being strong enough, but personally I think this is unfair. After all how do you expect a young, pampered Victorian woman to react to being menaced by monsters?

I always thought Victoria had a more interesting backstory due to losing her father under such tragic circumstances. On the one hand the last few things he did such as kidnapping the Doctor, and even covering up the Daleks murder of Kennedy were terrible which made his loss even more painful for Victoria as we see in the next story Tomb of the Cybermen, but on the other he only did them out of love for Victoria, and in the end he did give his life for the Doctor, so there is at least that comfort for her.

I also loved her relationship with both the Doctor and Jamie. We got to see a softer side to both characters in the way they take such an instant liking to Victoria and become very protective of her.

I always thought that Victoria served as quite a good surrogate for Susan, whilst at the same time the Doctor would have been a surrogate for her father, (both eccentric, doddering old scientists obsessed with time travel.)

The sets and production values for this story are also among the best for any 60’s adventure. The Dalek Emperor is a truly spectacular prop and its destruction at the end of the story is a thrilling sequence as the monster pitifully begs its own subordinates to try and see reason and stop fighting or else the Dalek race will be destroyed.

In a way it reminds me of Davros later begging the Daleks for mercy in Genesis.

Despite these strengths however Evil is still let down by the fact that its just a bit too long. I think it drags when the Daleks make the Doctor perform their experiments. It picks up again when the main characters get to Skaro, but overall much like the first Dalek story it could definitely be an episode shorter.

Also some of the moments of comedy in the story are a bit too overt too.

Still overall The Evil of the Daleks is a classic, highly influential story and a great end to the 60’s Dalek saga.

Notes and Trivia

  • This is part of a trilogy of stories that all link into each other. At the end of The Faceless Ones the preceding story, the Doctor and Jamie discover that the TARDIS has been stolen which leads into The Evil of the Daleks. At the start of the next story the Tomb of the Cybermen meanwhile, The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are still shown to be on Skaro before they take off for the next adventure.
  • Ian Levine attempted to animate all of the missing episodes for this story, but sadly his version has not been made available to a wide audience as of the writing of this article.
  • Though this was the last Dalek story of the 60’s the monsters would go on to make a cameo appearance in the Second Doctors last story The War Games.
  • Terry Nation the creator of the Daleks hated this story and said that if he had known about it when it was being made he would have pulled the plug on it.
  • Many aspects of this story pop up in future Dalek adventures such as the idea of Daleks being infected with humanity (Dalek, Into the Dalek) the merging of Daleks and humans (Revelation of the Daleks, The Parting of the Ways.) A Dalek civil war (Remembrance of the Daleks) and finally the Emperor of the Daleks (The Parting of the Ways.) Certain bits of dialogue such as the Doctors “final end” also pop up in future Dalek stories such as Victory of the Daleks.
  • Patrick Troughton named this as one of his favourite stories.
  • Fraser Hines who played Jamie has said that he was always desperate for the Daleks to show up as he had enjoyed watching stories with them before he was cast. Sadly for Fraser this marked the only time they appeared during his three year long stint as the companion.

Why William Shatner Has Done More For Social Justice Than Any SJW

Okay now I know I am a little late to this, but still I feel I had to comment on it.

Recently William Shatner provoked outrage among the regressive left when he posted a series of tweets bashing SJW’s.

Now I have always been a massive fan of William Shatner. The original Star Trek series is still my favourite incarnation of Star Trek, but my respect for him just went up even further after this.

As many of my regular readers will know I have felt that SJW’s have had their talons locked around the sci fi and fantasy genres for the past few years. They ALWAYS have to take over everything they become “fans” of. Famous examples of this include Doctor Who, Ghostbusters and both Marvel and DC.

Sadly however whilst most people hate the influence these people are having on things like Doctor Who and Ghostbusters. (As evidenced by the fact that all the SJW versions of these formerly beloved franchises like Doctor Who, Marvel and DC have all to the last been huge flops.)

Figures Reveal Sharp Decline In Viewers For Doctor Who

Marvel and DC Suffer Slump in Sales

Virtually no one within the entertainment industry at least has spoken out against them. The reason for that is because the SJW’s ARE bullies who will slander anyone who disagrees with them and may even finish their careers.

Peter Davison who played the 5th Doctor for instance merely said that people should go a bit easier on those who are unhappy with a female Doctor and was chased off of twitter as a result.

See here. Peter Davison Quits Twitter After Female Doctor Comments

Tim Allen meanwhile in this clip points out how ANYONE in Hollywood who is even remotely pro Trump is like a Jew in 1930’s Germany.

Of course it later cost him his career.

Things aren’t any better for women either.

Nicole Kidman similarly tweeted that since Trump is our President now we better just get behind him. She didn’t even say that she had voted for him, or that she thought he would be a good President, just that at this stage there is no point in complaining about something we can’t change.

Kidman subsequently had to endure a barrage of abusive tweets, including ironically one from Anita Sarkeesian fanboy Joss Whedon, which mocked Kidman’s appearance.

Remember kids the feminist thing to do is call a woman who disagrees with you a turd and mock her appearance.

Then of course any woman who says that she isn’t a feminist is often bullied and forced to say she is one, like Taylor Swift.

So with this in mind first of all I think its incredibly brave of William Shatner to not only say anything even remotely negative about SJW’s, but to do so in such a blunt, aggressive way too.

Also I think its brilliant that not only has such a major figure from the sci fi genre come out and stood up for geek culture by attacking the biggest threat to it. But the fact that William Shatner was also someone who did combat genuine racism, sexism and prejudice in the entertainment industry just further highlights how the SJW’s are not true progressives, but mere posers.

William Shatner starred in one of the most progressive series ever made, Star Trek. It featured a Japanese man a few decades after World War 2, a Russian at the height of the cold war paranoia and a black woman during the height of the civil rights movement among the main cast.

Shatner’s character Captain Kirk also had the first ever interracial kiss in the history of American drama. Both he and Nichelle Nichols sabotaged attempts by the network to block the kiss too.

William Shatner on Interracial Kiss

In addition to Star Trek, William Shatner also starred in a Roger Corman film called The Intruder in 1962.

Based on the novel of the same name by Charles Beaumont, Shatner plays the villain of the piece Adam Cramer who attempts to whip up hatred against the black townspeople. At one point he even goes as far as to frame a black man for raping a young girl.

Its along with Wrath of Khan I’d say the performance of Shatners career. He is every bit as good as the villain as he would later be as the hero.

The Intruder was a remarkable film. Released two years before the Civil Rights Act, it showed how easy it was to whip up racial violence, and the dangerous effect people like Cramer can have on people.

Of course Shatner wasn’t the only famous entertainer who had helped to combat prejudice decades ago, but now viewed the modern day SJW’s with disdain.

The late great John Hurt in one of the last ever interviews he gave complained about how modern day society had become too politically correct and how angry he was that people can just decide something is offensive and that’s that.

Sir John Hurt Slams Modern Society For Political Correctness

John Hurt starred in The Naked Civil Servant back in the 1970’s which told the life of Quentin Crisp, and much as The Intruder showed us the full extent of racism in 60’s America, then The Naked Civil Servant showed us the full extent of homophobia in British society.

Its very telling that people like John Hurt and William Shatner would view the modern day “progressives” as just posers and bullies.

These are people who did combat genuine prejudice within the entertainment industry and now they have to see a bunch of spoiled brats, who’ve never dealt with any kind of genuine prejudice, not only making words like racist, sexist and homophobic lose all meaning by applying them to everything, but also ironically employing genuinely racist and sexist attitudes and policies against people, from barring all white men from being allowed to audition for a character like the Doctor, to calling all white people racist, to accusing all men of being privileged.

And on top of that they have the cheek to compare themselves to people from the 60’s a decade where combating racism wasn’t things like being upset over a Halloween costume, or tweeting about how much you hate Trump to your friends who all think EXACTLY the same way, but instead actually fighting to have equal rights.

So yes I now have even greater respect for William Shatner from not only standing up to these bullies, but also disassociating the true progressives from the modern day posers.

Of course Shatner has since been accused now of being a racist, a sexist, homophobic etc. Fortunately however anyone who has followed his career knows that Shatner has done more for true social justice than posers like these people

Will ever do.





Dinosaurs and Tall Tales

Hi just to let you know I have set up another website called Dinosaurs and Tall Tales. This will be original science fiction and fantasy stories. I’m still running my other blog “The Secret Lives of Vampire Killers”.

I’ve posted less content this year only because I am currently working on so many different stories and articles. I’ve definitely tried to take on too much this year, so with this in mind it might not seem like a good idea to set up a third website.

Still this will contain new and original stories by me that will not be part of the Vampires canon. Nothing will be on the site for a couple of months until I have finished the first few stories, but when it is I’d appreciate some feedback. ANY feedback is welcome as if I’m shit then you can tell me how to improve.

Thanks and see you soon.

Why I Hate Owen Jones

Owen Jones for those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with him is a left leaning political activist, and journalist for The Guardian and The New Statesman. He is also the author of such books as Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.

Now in spite of what people have said about me being alt right I would consider myself a socialist. I believe a total capitalist system leads to corporatism and that we need to at least start making our way towards socialism. Despite its problems for instance I still think the NHS is vastly superior to a privatized health service.

So with this in mind there are probably a lot of things I overlap with Owen Jones on. However ultimately I find him to be someone who does far more harm than good. He is almost a walking parody of a “Social Justice Warrior”.

Now normally simply being an SJW wouldn’t be enough to make me dislike someone. Claudia Boleyn for instance who is a total SJW I actually rather like personally. Whilst I think a lot of her beliefs are silly (as I am sure she does mine.) She’s always very polite to me and other people, and has never EVER tried to shut anyone she disagrees with down. Indeed she doesn’t even delete comments on her channel. So really its very hard to dislike Claudia.

However Owen Jones is actually a threat to free speech, as well as a total hypocrite and a racist, on top of being one of the most high profile apologists for the most retrograde system on earth, and in this article I am going to show you why as I run through the reasons I hate Owen Jones.

Hypocrite on Free Speech

My biggest beef with Owen Jones is the way he tries to present himself in his youtube series such as in the video above, as a laid back, nice guy who is open to hearing other people’s opinions. He even ends his video with a “tell me what you think in the comments below”. The truth of the matter is its best not to disagree with Owen Jones too much or else he will try to shut you down and maybe even get you fired from your job and ruin your life.

The most notorious example of this was when he complained about there not being enough LGBT voices being allowed to talk about the Orlando massacre, yet he deplatformed Douglas Murray, a gay man by refusing to appear on Channel 4 with him because he disagreed with Murray’s views on Islam (and other things).

A more recent example of Jones’ shutting down people he disagreed with was when he got Katie Hopkins fired from LBC.

Now I generally don’t like Katie Hopkins. Much like Milo Yiannopoulis, she is someone who does make some valid points, but generally seems more obsessed with presenting herself as outrageous.

Still Jones behavior towards her was absolutely disgusting. What happened was that Hopkins said there needed to be a final solution to the Islamic problem after the recent Manchester attack.

Now obviously “final solution” was a very poor choice of words, but Hopkins after realizing how bad it sounded apologized and said that she did not mean to encourage violence against Muslims, simply that people needed to wake up to the problems Islamic extremism caused.

That wasn’t good enough for Owen Jones however. Jones started a campaign to get Hopkins fired from her job and sent tweets to her employers. He called for a public boycott against LBC until they fired Hopkins.

Sadly LBC relented and after Hopkins was dismissed from her position Owen Jones spent the next day gloating about it in the most nasty and childish ways.

See for yourself

Owen Jones Tweets About Katie Hopkins Being Fired

Owen Jones Gloats Over Katie Hopkins Firing

Of course after the next Islamic massacre in London, Owen Jones ended up putting his foot in his mouth just as Hopkins did when he tweeted not long after the attack that he was sitting in a pub having a great time.

Many people took it the wrong way and thought that he was gloating over the victims by pointing out that he was having a nice night whilst they were being butchered. Jones however claimed that people were taking him out of context and that he simply meant that he was trying to show how the Islamic extremists have not won as people are still having a nice time in London despite their efforts.

Personally I still thought it was an insensitive remark, but whatever ridiculous statement Jones was trying to make, it was nice seeing him have people refuse to accept his apology, refuse to believe that his words could be taken out of context and jump down his throat like he did to Hopkins.

Owen Jones is a like a little spoiled child, stamping his foot, and refusing to appear on tv if someone he doesn’t like is on with him, or storming off on live tv if everybody isn’t talking about what he wants. Compare him to another left leaning journalist John Pilger who in this clip interviews a truly disgusting individual named Duane Clarridge yet keeps his cool.

And Owen Jones couldn’t even share the stage with Douglas Murray! To even call him a journalist is an insult to true journalists like John Pilger.

Ultimately I don’t think Jones has actually harmed the career of Katie Hopkins or Douglas Murray in the long run, but its not through lack of trying. The fact that he would want to prevent some opinions from being heard, and even ruin people who express a view he doesn’t like’s entire livelihood makes him a threat to free speech and a nasty bully all around.

Rank Islam Apologist

Owen Jones despite being openly gay is an utter apologist for a belief system that wants to criminalize his entire way of life. He treats all legitimate criticism of Islam as comparable to people who want to drag Muslims off the streets and kill them.

The fact is that apart from a few genuine right wing fanatics nobody has ever even tarred all Muslims as evil.

People like Tommy Robinson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Paul Joseph Watson, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray have always stressed that not all Muslims are evil. Indeed the likes of Murray and Harris are close friends with Maajid Nawaz a devout Muslim man and reformer of the Islamic faith. Sam Harris has even written a book with Nawaz.

However whilst there are obviously many decent Muslims, the fact is that Islam itself is a dangerous, violent and evil ideology.

Its holy books the Quran and the Hadith command ALL Muslims to murder all non believers, and apostates, and all LGBT people too. It also says that all women are inferior to men, and that white people are superior to black people too.

Here are some sources to back this up.

Note: I also lost all respect for Kraut the maker of this video after he got Rage After Storm a youtuber fired by contacting her employers. I didn’t agree with Rage’s video that he replied too about race realism, but Kraut much like Owen Jones should not have tried to harm someone’s career. I am no longer subscribed to Kraut on Youtube, and I will not support him any longer. However that said this video is probably the most detailed and well researched on Islam’s violent hatred towards LGBT people, so I will still use it for the purposes of this article. I can dislike someone and still agree with them on some things. Hell like I said before, there are plenty of things I will agree with Owen Jones on too. 

Muslim Grooming Gang Statistics

Easy Meat: Britain’s Islamic Rape Gang Problem.

The Proof That Islam Has A Problem With Homophobia

52 Percent of British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

Now again there are many decent Muslims in the west, but these Muslims tend to either be cherry pickers who select only the good parts of their religion and dump the bad bits, or in some cases I think a lot of them haven’t even read their holy book as David Wood has often pointed out.

However the many Muslims who are raised on genuine Islamic beliefs hold very bigoted views towards women and LGBT people and Jews and Atheists. And this is before we get into the rise in Islamic terrorism which has struck nearly every major European city over the past 4 or 5 years from Paris to Barcelona to London.

Islam’s influence needs limited in the west. All Madrassess and Muslim faith schools should be shut down and a limit must be placed on immigration from any Muslim majority country until these issues can be dealt with. Furthermore all of Islam’s flaws need to aired out in the open, and the religion needs criticised as often as other faiths such as Christianity.  Finally the religion also needs reformed by people like Maajid Nawaz, Imam Tahwidi and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ironically thanks to the likes of Owen Jones who shut down any discussion about Islam, Muslim reformers such as Imam Tahwidi are actually in greater danger as even they are deemed as Islamophobic, and thus their message isn’t able to reach as wide an audience leaving them more vulnerable.

This is not about race, this is about stopping a dangerous and poisonous ideology’s influence from spreading throughout Europe.

Sadly however Owen Jones and others like him have to make it all about race simply because a lot of Muslims have dark skin. This in itself ironically is racist as basically Owen Jones and others like him are not holding dark skinned people to the same high moral standard as white people.

Owen has done all he can to make it impossible for people to talk about the problems with Islamic extremism. From slandering and ruining the reputations of anyone who talks about Islam as a racist like Richard Dawkins, to getting them deplatformed like Douglas Murray, to getting them fired from their job like Katie Hopkins. Jones has also I’ve noticed almost every time there is an Islamic attack managed to shift the discussion away from Islam and onto some kind of manufactured offence against the mainstream media.

After the Orlando massacre, Owen Jones I feel gave a lot of the SJWs an excuse to not talk about what it was that caused the massacre, the Islamic hatred of gays. For the first few hours after the slaughter I noticed a lot of SJW’s I follow like Claudia Boleyn and Paul Cornell being oddly quiet on social media. I think it could have been a turning point for many of them as this was one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history directed solely at a group of people whose rights they claim to fight for. Here for once they couldn’t just sweep it under the rug. They’d have to confront Islamic hatred of LGBT people as dictated by the Quran, but sadly Owen Jones on air tantrums allowed them to side swerve it once again.

Instead all the SJW’s would talk about the next day was “Sky News is so homophobic because it didn’t say LGBT every two seconds and apparently mistreated Owen Jones because of that.”

Similarly after the Manchester bombing, Owen Jones once again diverted attention to Katie Hopkins, and again gave the SJW’s a chance to not talk about the real issue, a religion that commands that all non believers be killed and is inspiring people to do that all over Europe. No the problem is Katie Hopkins tweets of course!

Owen Jones has often compared the hatred towards Muslims in modern society as being comparable to the hatred Jews experienced in Nazi Germany.

I think its disgusting that Owen would try and compare people like Tommy Robinson and Paul Joseph Watson to the Nazis. People like Jones ironically with their obsession with comparing everything to World War 2 (Trump is Hitler, the Muslim ban is like the Holocaust, the EDL are the Fourth Reich etc) are in danger of trivialising the true horror of the Nazis.

The hatred of Jews by the Nazis was widespread, violent, and culminated in an attempted genocide. Its obscene to even attempt to pretend that some bad tweets against Muslims is even remotely comparable.

Furthermore hatred of Jews in Nazi Germany was obviously sanctioned by the government. Laws were brought in against Jewish citizens, police officers wouldn’t charge people who carried out acts of violence against Jews.

In modern European societies there have been some occasions of the authorities actually covering up crimes carried out by Muslims out of fear of looking racist.

Police Cover Up Islamic Hate Crimes

Why Did The Police Cover Up The Abuse Of 1400 Girls

Its Not Only Germany That Covers Up Muslim Sex Attacks

Swedish Police Cover Up Migrant Crime Spree

Can you imagine the Nazis doing all they could to cover up a crime carried out by a Jewish man so as not to appear racist?

The Nazis’ hatred of the Jews was also founded on a racist belief that the Jews were racially inferior, the unter mensch.

Now I’m sure that there are some individual bigots who hate Muslims because a lot of them have brown skin, but certainly the majority of, as well as the most high profile critics of Islam are not racist.

Watch any video by the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, David Wood and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and all of their objections against Islam are to do with the beliefs of Islam, NOT the race of any of its followers.

Ironically Islam as an ideology is comparable to Nazism. Both have a pathological hatred of the Jews, both despise LGBT people, both view dark skinned people as inferior to white people, and both want to impose their own fascist rule on all societies across the world.

With this in mind Owen Jones ironically can only be viewed as a modern day Quisling or Lord Haw Haw. He is betraying everything he claims to support such as free speech, LGBT rights, gender equality, and equality for all based on skin colour by making it virtually impossible to have the discussion that needs to be had about Islam.

Racist, Sexist Hypocrite

Owen Jones like many on the left is not only a racist who I feel refuses to say anything bad against Muslims simply because most of them have dark skin, but he is also happy to generalise all white people and men too.

Want proof? Take a look at this article that Owen wrote about the supposed rape culture in the west.

Not All Men Commit Rape, But All Must Condemn It

In this article Owen argues that all men in the United Kingdom are complicit in the widespread abuse of women due to the culture they live in. Apparently even though we live in a culture where rape is rightfully viewed as one of the worst crimes a man or woman can commit, and where an accusation of rape is enough to ruin a man’s entire life, our culture still somehow tells men that rape is okay?

Yes there are terrible miscarriages of justice in some rape cases, but the same is true for many crimes. Our justice system overall is not perfect.

Still lets play Devils Advocate here and suppose that Owen is right that there is a rape culture in the west.

Okay Owen so if all western men, even those who do not commit crimes are still complicit in it because they are part of a culture that promotes it why does the same not apply to Muslims? Even all of those innocent Muslims? They are part of the same ideology that does say to kill all LGBT people, kill all non believers and that all women are inferior? So using YOUR logic Owen ALL Muslims are complicit even if they don’t take part in the extremists atrocities.

Yet you won’t find Owen ever saying that all Muslims need to take responsibility for the crimes carried out by their religion. In fact quite the opposite

Is Islam the Problem? No

“Look At The Difference In Owen Jones Articles When Its An Islamic Terrorist And A Far Right One

The great irony here is that Owen is judging people for something beyond their control, whilst famous critics of Islam like Tommy Robinson that he regularly derides as bigots are not.

If you are a Muslim then that means you have actually chosen to be one, as Islam is NOT a race or a gender. Its a belief system. Yes okay some people are born into Muslim families, and in a lot of cases are scared to leave the religion out of fear of being killed. Though these people are most certainly not helped by the likes of Jones who shout down anyone willing to talk about the problems of Islam as a racist.

Still in most cases Muslims have chosen to be Muslims and so therefore its not unreasonable to ask them to defend their faith, anymore that it would be to ask a Communist or a Socialist like me to explain why they have chosen to associates themselves with this particular political ideology.

Being a man however is simply how you are born, yet apparently all men are still somehow guilty because of the actions of a few in Owen’s mind?

Of course ironically I have never nor indeed have any of the major critics of Islam like Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad, Douglas Murray Sam Harris, and David Wood have ever said that all Muslims are evil or that they are accountable for what the extremists do.

Indeed as I have been over many of these people have worked with and promoted Muslim reformers such as Maajid Nawaz and Imam Tahwidi.

Still Owen dismisses them all as bigots because they apparently tar all Muslims as evil by simply saying that there is a problem with Islam.

So then by his own standards Owen Jones is a bigot too. Not only is he holding people accountable based on how they were born, but he is also tarring an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Still I suppose because they are white men, then in Owen Jones’ mind that’s okay which makes him a genuine racist.

Worse than that however, Owen Jones has even said that white people are not victims of racism in the United Kingdom.

See here White People Are Not Victims Of Racism In The United Kingdom

Really Owen? So in that case anti semitism doesn’t count as racism? Also what about the unprecedented epidemic of white girls being abused by Muslim men who openly say that they abuse them because they view white women as inferior.

White Women Are Inferior Says Muslim Grooming Gangs

All White Women Are Only Good For One Thing For Me To Fuck Them And Use Them As Trash

Owen Jones for all his talk of socialism and feminism is perfectly happy to throw these young underprivileged girls under the bus by basically denying that they were victims of racism, as hey by his logic they can’t as they are white.

Its very telling that Naz Shah recently retweeted and liked a tweet from an Owen Jones parody account telling white girls who had been abused to shut up for the sake of diversity, thinking it was actually a real tweet of Owen’s.

Naz Shah Shared And Liked Tweet From Parody Account Of Owen Jones Telling Abused Girls To Shut Up For Sake Of Diversity

It amazes me that Owen Jones after this didn’t maybe rethink a few things? Imagine knowing that someone could do a parody of you saying that young girls who have been raped should shut up, and people would actually think it was you!

Personally if that was me I’d definitely reassess my position as a champion of women’s rights and the little guy.


Owen Jones is a bully and a threat to free speech, and is actually helping to stop genuine progress in the United Kingdom. There is a real problem with Islam that needs to be talked about, but the longer it goes unsaid the more not only will innocent people like the victims of the Muslim grooming gangs continue to suffer in silence, but also Muslim reformers will continue to be in danger as they will be left out in cold, and finally there will be a greater chance of a genuine right wing backlash against ALL Muslims.

Finally Owen Jones also seemingly doesn’t care about people as much if their skin is white. He’s happy to demonize a group and hold them all accountable if their skin is white (and their gender male), and he’ll deny that white people are victims of racism in this country even when hordes of young white girls are being sexually assaulted because of the colour of their skin.

With all of this in mind Owen Jones in my opinion can only be viewed as an utter disgrace and a Quisling.






Top 30 Dan Dare Monsters and Aliens

It was recently announced that Titan Comics will be reviving Dan Dare. Whilst the adventures of the pilot of the future have continued in the magazine Space Ship Away, (which only has a very small circulation) and there was also recently an award winning audio drama based on the character. There sadly hasn’t been a mainstream Dan Dare publication for almost 10 years. Its practically a dead brand, so naturally long terms fans are excited at the prospect of a whole new generation being introduced to the character.

I personally have decided to celebrate by looking at what I feel to be the greatest monsters from all of the various versions of Dan Dare throughout the decades. From the hideous Biogs, to the evil super computer Orak, to the bloodthirsty space Vampires to the evil galactic super criminal Xel to the most famous of all Dan’s adversaries, the green skinned, dome headed super genius The Mekon!

30/ Morag

An ally of Dan Dare, appearing in the last ever issue of the 2000 AD series. Morag is an alien whose planet was conquered by the shape shifting aliens known as the Krulgans. The Krulgans were once great rivals of the Treens (who were the only species that could detect them) but by the 23rd century all of their power and influence appears to have gone, with the killer of Morag’s husband even working for the Mekon of all people.

Morag makes her introduction when she sends her pet Pterodactyl to murder the Krulgan. Scenes like this are why I love the 2000 AD version of Dan Dare so much. They’re just so wild and crazy almost anything can happen. Dan and Sondar have been chasing the Krulgan for the past 3 issues (as it was he who framed them both) and just when you think they’ve caught up to him suddenly out of nowhere a Pterosaur shows up and snaps neck!

Morag though having inadvertently blundered Dan and Sondars chance to prove their innocence nevertheless agrees to help them bring down the Mekon. Sadly however it was at this point that the series came to an end, due to the Eagle reacquiring the rights to Dan Dare.

I think its one of the biggest wastes in all of comic books that we never found more about Morag. An alien woman who looked like Xena the Warrior Princess and had a pet Pterosaur that ate people at the very least sounds like a really, really fun character. Apparently there were even plans to give her her own spin off series after a short run in Dan Dare.

Sadly again nothing came of it, but personally I hope that we some day find out what happened to Dan, Sondar and Morag. It would be brilliant if we saw her in the revived Titan series.

29/ Orak

The main villain from the 50’s classic Rogue Planet. Orak is a gigantic super computer that rules over the Phant race who worship him as a God. Constructed many thousands of years ago, Orak ensures that the Phants and the Crypts are locked in a perpetual war through their food rations, with the Phants food making them more aggressive and the Crypts making them more docile.

Orak obviously doesn’t have much of a personality for Dan to play off of, but still his design is brilliant, one of Hampsons best. Like all of his best monster designs it is powerful and menacing looking, yet at the same time it has an oddly pleasing shape with Hampsons use of striking colours and vivid details making it a fantastic piece of art in its own right.

Orak would later go on to influence characters in both Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who. In the story The Underwater Menace, the false God Amdo is based on Orak, whilst the super computer Orac from Blake’s 7 was obviously based on and named after Orac, though Orac in Blake’s 7 was mostly on the side of the good guys however.

28/ Cosmobes


The main villains from the late 50’s story The Phantom Fleet. Now the Phantom Fleet is almost universally regarded as the weakest of the original Dan Dare series by fans. Even Frank Hampson himself hated it.

Personally I think its not a bad story, its still if nothing else enjoyable. Still it definitely is flawed and the Cosmobes probably have the most uninspiring design of any of Hampsons aliens. They are just fish men.

However I have to give them some credit for being among the most dangerous aliens Captain Dan ever faced.

They are shown to have a weapon capable of eating metal, which they use to decimate an entire Treen invasion fleet. This could be seen as one of the first examples of the Worf effect in practice with the Treens who are the most iconic of Dan’s enemies being slaughtered en masse just to show how badass the new villains were.

Dan actually doesn’t manage to defeat the Cosmobes. Its only a blunder with their own weapon that causes their own destruction.

Whilst they may not have been in the best story and their design was quite bland, it cannot be denied that few villains gave Dan as much trouble as these guys so I feel they still deserve a place on this list.

These guys would absolutely thrash the Mekon in a fight.

27/ The Mercurians


Appearing in the third Dan Dare story “Marooned on Mercury” these aliens are peaceful but also somewhat placid too. They are easily conquered by the Mekon and the Treens but eventually Dan is able to convince them to overthrow their reptillian oppressors.

A problem with the Mercurians was that they were in some respects too similar to the Therons who had appeared in the original Dan Dare story Voyage to Venus.

The Therons were similarly a race of peaceful creatures who refuse to fight the Treens, until Dan Dare shames them into taking action against the Treens. The idea of Dan helping a peaceful but useless race of aliens to learn how to fight would also resurface in the Rogue Planet with the Phants and the Crypts.

Still despite this the Mercurians were quite an interesting race all around. They had a bizarre design and I liked the way they were only able to communicate with each other via song too.

Also whilst they were just kind of a retread of the Therons, in some ways I actually preferred them. The Mercurians somewhat refreshingly weren’t that fond of humanity either. The Therons were kind of the standard “thank you wise earth men for teaching us your ways” where as the Mercurians never really trusted humanity and they don’t become our allies afterwards either. Its more of a “get off our planet and keep your war with the Mekon away from us in future” type of agreement they have with humanity. Indeed throughout the story we are left to wonder if they are friend or foe, and in the end they only fight back through their own accord when they realise that the Treens will exterminate them completely.

26/ The Silicon Mass

The Silicon Mass is native to Venus. It lives on the Treens side of the planet in a large molten lake. The Silicon Mass is the most dangerous life form on Venus. Even the Treens are terrified of it. It has no weaknesses and devours anything that comes near it, even spaceships!

The Silicon Mass is an absolutely terrifying villain. You’re never sure just how intelligent it is. In some moments it feels like its on the level of an animal hunting and killing for food, whilst in others there are hints that its perhaps on the level of a human being or a Treen the way it is able to outwit its prey.

The Silicon Mass much like the Daleks in Doctor Who is one of the few genuinely alien life forms in all of science fiction in that there is nothing we can really relate to about it.

Its obviously not human, buts not even like any kind of animal either. Its a sentient, gigantic, well mass of living silicon. I don’t know how it even eats it prey it just seems to envelope them and then they’re gone!

Whilst the Silicon Mass was  brilliant creation, ultimately it only ever played a minor role in any of the stories it appeared in. It understandably was a bit limited as it only lived in one lake on Venus.

25/ Princess Myriad

Princess Myriad is a supporting character throughout the “Servant of Evil” story arc in the 2000 AD series.

Myriad is a warrior princess and ruler of the planet Lystria. She and Dan have a very tense relationship at first, but eventually the two grow to respect one another with Dan even declaring that she had more courage than anyone else he ever met.

Myriad for me was quite an interesting character as she was quite an interesting deconstruction of the stereotypical beautiful female alien in Science Fiction.

In shows like Star Trek we are often introduced to a female warrior alien who is alien looking in that she might have green skin or even have a bumpy forehead or something like that, but otherwise she will still presented in a way that’s designed to be appealing to the male audience. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

Still what I thought was quite interesting about Myriad was that on paper she sounded like the stereotypical savage alien babe that the earth man eventually “civilises” through this strange earth thing called love.

However in Lydia’s case they thankfully don’t go down that route.

To start with they actually make her quite hideous looking. She has a long thin face with no nose, a tiny little blow hole for a mouth, and big black eyes.

Also she and Dan have a totally platonic relationship throughout. Though they clash at first, eventually the two come to have nothing but the utmost respect for one another based on the sacrifices both are prepared to make in order to bring down the Mekon.

Its just such a shame that we didn’t get to see more of Lydia as sadly the strip ended not long after her introduction and thus her story arc was left unresolved.

Personally I would love to see her return as an ally in the new Titans series.

24/ Elektrobots/Selektrobots


From the 50’s classic The Reign of the Robots. These robots were created by the Mekon and used by him to conquer the earth (and Venus) in Dan Dare’s ten year absence from the Solar System.

Reign of the Robots is one of my absolute all time favourite Dan Dare stories, and the Elektro/Selektrobots are a big part of that. They help to make the Mekon and the Treens seem even more menacing than usual. At certain points you honestly feel like there is no way can Dan can win against the robots. Here Dan isn’t just fighting lizard men, or fish men, but huge mountains of flying steel!

I also love their designs as well. Their design can almost be seen as a precursor to many of the robotic monsters in Doctor Who including even the Daleks and the Cybermen themselves.

The Selektrobots have the same basic pepperpot shape as the Daleks, with a similar round base, dome shaped head, and long mechanical grip hands.

There are also elements of the Cybermen’s basic design in the Elektrobots look too, whilst they are almost identical in design to these white robots that appear in the classic Patrick Troughton story, The Mind Robber.

Overall Elektro/Selektrobots are the original classic British robots and its a shame that the Mekon didn’t use them more often.

23/ The Dark Lord

The main villain for most of the 2000 AD series. The Dark Lord was the leader of the Starslayer Empire which covered most of the region of the Lost Worlds Galaxy. In some ways he was quite a flat character. He was just a kind of generic evil space emperor. Even his name was a cliche.

Still I did love the Starslayer empire. It was actually the most ambitious story in probably any Dan Dare series. Normally it would be a big deal for Dan to rescue a planet from under the rule of an alien like the earth from The Mekon in Reign of the Robots, but here Dan would have to try and save an entire galaxy.

What was really interesting about The Dark Lord story arc was that the evil aliens looked mostly human whilst the aliens they were persecuting looked monstrous.

Its true that in most sci fi the sympathetic aliens are made to resemble us. The Doctor, Spock, Dan Dare’s own Therons etc whilst the aliens who are more unsympathetic like the Daleks, the Cybermen, Jabba the Hut and The Mekon are obviously more inhuman. Even the Klingons are later give a more monstrous look than say the sympathetic Vulcans.

However once again Dan Dare is able to turn quite an old Sci Fi cliche on its head by making the evil, frightening, alien resemble us in almost every way. The only difference between us and the Dark Lord physically is that his skin is green. Among the aliens he has conquered however and who Dan mus risk his life for are hideous Insectoid aliens.

Overall whilst he wasn’t the most deep villain the Dark Lord did make an effective nemesis for Dare and once again allowed Dan Dare to flip an old Sci Fi trope on its head.

22/ The Phants


Though they only appeared in The Man From Nowhere trilogy, these aliens are undoubtedly among the most iconic of all Dan Dare’s enemies.

The Phants would wage war on the hapless Crypts for sport every few centuries. They would drive them to near extinction after which the few surviving Crypts would escape and go into hibernation for years before returning to their ruined planet to rebuild, only for the vicious cycle to begin all over again when the Crypts would return to invade them.

It is later revealed that the Phants and the Crypts were both influenced by their food supplies, with the Crypts food making them aggressive and violent and the Phants making them placid and harmless.

Its quite an interesting twist that The Phants who seem like the most formidable monsters are really nothing more than mere pawns themselves of the great super computer Orak.

In terms of design they are reasonably interesting. They have a strange mixture of reptillian and mammalian characteristics. Their skin is scaly like a lizards, but at the same time their faces are long and somewhat deer like. They’re almost like some strange creature from Greek mythology the way they are a mix of different creatures and

However it is really the quality of their single appearance in the original Dan Dare series that scores them a place on this list. Sometimes you can get great monsters who were wasted in crap stories, and other times you can get what are fairly bland monsters that happen to be in terrific story.

I wouldn’t say the Phants are bland, but again its really the quality of their story that I think has made them endure as one of the all time most famous monsters from the Dan Dare franchise.

21/ Krulgans

Introduced near the end of the 2000 AD series, the Krulgans are a race of hairy war like creatures who once held a huge influence in the galaxy, though it appears to have vanished by the 23rd century. They also have the power to shapeshift.

The Krulgans are the sworn enemies of the Treens as the Treens were always able to smell them regardless of whatever form they were in.

It is hinted that the Treens won their centuries long conflict and destroyed their empire as one Krulgan is shown to be a servant of the Mekon.

Sadly as the Krulgans only appeared near the end of the 2000 AD series we didn’t really learn much about them and they have never been featured in any of the other Dan Dare reboots over the years.

I think this was a real shame as the Krulgans had real potential. The idea of giving the Treens a rival race is inspired.

I’ve always loved rivalries between alien species whether that’s the Rutans vs the Sontarans, the Narn vs the Centauri, the Klingons vs the Cardassians, or the Daleks vs the Movellans, there is always a lot of scope for some great stories in there.

You can explore what begun the conflict, show the desperation both species are willing to go to to escape the centuries long war, see how third parties might attempt want to take control of the situation for their own benefit (like the Shadows aiding the Centauri against the Narn) or you can even have our heroes be forced to take the side of one warring race not because they are any less evil, just less dangerous, like the Doctor working alongside the Movellans against the Daleks. Finally you can also have one race triumph over the other for a short while like when we saw the Narn get conquered by the Centauri in Babylon 5 or the Movellans be almost brought to the very brink of extinction by the Daleks.

I always loved these types of stories because it was fascinating watching two races start out as equals only for one to fall so miserably. This seemed to be the direction they were going in with the Krulgans as again the only one we see is the Mekons slave.

On top of their potentially fascinating conflict with the Treens, the Krulgans shapeshifting abilities also opens up a lot of interesting story potential. Unlike Dan’s other enemies there was obviously a real sense of paranoia. Its also worth mentioning that the single Krulgan Dan encountered was able to m

I can’t believe that nobody has ever returned to the Krulgans in all the various Dan Dare revivals over the years. Here’s hoping that Titan think of something cool to do with them in their up coming reboot.

20/ Spiders (The Web of Fear)

Now The Web of Fear is often regarded as one of the all time worst Dan Dare stories of the 60’s (though it did inspire a Doctor Who story of the same name many years later.)

Still the Spiders I thought helped to elevate the story somewhat. Their backstory is barely fleshed out, but they were quite an interesting idea, and the artwork from Keith Watson also helps this story to be more enjoyable than its reputation would suggest. The story is in black and white as many early 60’s stories were. I think a lot of the 60’s stories tend to be looked down upon because they are in black and white, and Dan Dare obviously had become famous in the 50’s for its bright and exuberant colours, so understandably many felt this was a step backwards.

Still for this story I think it worked as it helped to generate a suitably spooky atmosphere with the monsters creeping in the dark, which obviously wouldn’t have worked in a 50’s strip.

The Spiders originate from an asteroid that travels through space. They survive by invading other planets, wiping out the native life forms and taking all they can from them.

In a way the Spiders are a retread of the main villains from the second Dan Dare story “The Red Moon Mystery” but still I think they were quite interesting visually and I particularly liked the way their webs were able to ensnare their victims in space. This is an idea that the Doctor Who story of the same name would later utilise when the Great Intelligence traps the TARDIS in a web in space.

The Spiders are also shown to have telepathic abilities which allow them to control people. Though sadly they didn’t really do much with this power in the story itself I do think it was a great twist that the Spiders seemingly had an almost human like intelligence when we initially they appeared to be nothing more than animals.

The Web of Fear is nowhere near as bad as its made out to be. Whilst I still wouldn’t call it a classic it does have a lot of interesting ideas and the Spiders are great antagonists.

19/ Monday 

Dan’s main ally in taking down the Biogs in the first 2000 AD story. Monday belongs to the 5th generation of humans who have settled on Mars. As a result of this his body has been altered somewhat to survive on the surface of the planet.

Monday was a brilliant character. With a striking design and likable personality, Monday made the perfect ally for Dan Dare. He is presented as being a strong, charismatic leader who will stop at nothing to protect his crew. He can be ruthless, yet is also fair, and though he distrusts Dan at first, eventually the two come to respect each other with Monday later sacrificing himself to save Dan and the rest of the earth.

Mondays death is one of the most moving moments in all of Dan Dare. The cover of his face staring into the sun mere minutes away from death is a truly striking and memorable image.

Whilst Monday’s sacrifice is perfect, at the same time I do think it was a real waste that the authors killed him off. Personally I’ve always thought that Monday, Rok and Doctor Ziggy Rodan would have been better supporting characters for Dan than those he had throughout most of the 2000 AD years, Bear, Gun etc.

18/ The Two of Verath

An enemy of the 2000 AD version of Dan Dare, the Two of Verath was originally two criminals who despised one another, who were subsequently fused together as a punishment.

The Two was an inspired concept. Two sworn enemies forced to spend eternity together, both as different as night and day, with one of the two being a violent savage, and the other being a twisted mad scientist. Despite their animosity however the Two have to rank among Dan’s most dangerous enemies. They commanded an entire planet made up of the worst criminals in the entire Galaxy, and very nearly managed to slay the Mekon too, after the latter had tricked them.

The Two was a brilliant foil for the Mekon. I liked the way that the more intelligent member of the Two is ironically the one who falls for the Mekons trick.

At the same time however I like the way that the Mekon in turn greatly underestimates the Two. The Mekon assumes that as the Two’s minions are criminals, murderers, the absolute worst the universe has to offer, that they will have no real loyalty to the Two and will gladly serve him. However he gets a nasty surprise when the Two return in alliance with Dan Dare and the Mekon discovers that actually all of the criminals are genuinely loyal to the Two after all.

The Mekon discovers much too late that there is honour among thieves after all.

Its sad that the Two like many of the 2000AD characters has been overlooked. Personally I’d love to see him pop up as a sidekick of the Mekon and recurring enemy in his own right in the new Titan series.

17/ The Therons

Arch rivals of the evil Treens. The Therons originate from Venus and are human in appearance. They all have brown skin, and blonde hair.

The Therons are a completely peaceful race, though despite this they were inadvertently responsible for the ascension of the Treens. They evolved on the other side of Venus to the Treens, with the two sections of the planet being separated by a natural flame belt.

The Therons evolved from mammalian like life forms, whilst the Treens evolved from reptiles and Dinosaur like creatures. The Therons built a highly advanced society, whilst the Treens were initially nothing more than savage war like monsters. The Therons would later find a way to cross the flame belt where they attempted to civilise the Treens and help them by supplying the reptile men with pieces of advanced technology.

The Treens played along at first and pretended to be grateful to the Therons, convincing their neighbours that they had honestly changed. Sadly however the Treens would later after mastering the technology granted to them by the Therons, attempt to conquer them and succeed in conquering humanity. Though the Therons managed to drive the Treens off of the Earth, Atlantis, the greatest city on earth was destroyed in the result setting humanity back by thousands of years.

The Therons vowed to never interfere in the affairs of other life forms ever again, but many thousands of years later when the Treens attempt to conquer the earth a second time, Dan is forces the Therons to help him. Following this the Therons would go on to be frequent allies of Space Fleet against the Mekon and other threats such as the Red Moon.

The Therons might seem a bit blander than some of the more colourful monsters in other Dan Dare stories, but they have a very interesting history and made great counterparts to the Treens.

It was a wonderful irony that they had actually created arguably the most dangerous creatures in the entire universe, and it was also I feel quite a nice metaphor perhaps unintentionally for when larger countries attempt to go in and fix the problems of smaller countries, but end up just making everything worse.

The Therons would also go on to influence the Thals in Doctor Who, with the Thals and the Daleks having a similar dynamic to the the Treens and the Therons.

The Therons I feel are often left out of further versions of Dan Dare because they are seen as excessive baggage, but personally I always felt that they helped to flesh Venus and the Treens out more.

16/ Nimbus Aliens

Bellamy's aliens

The main villains from Project Nimbus, probably the best of the Frank Bellamy stories. These aliens are Ant men who originate from another galaxy and seek to conquer our solar system.

Their characters are paper thin, and their motive is very unoriginal. In fact they are so under developed, they aren’t even given names!

Still they score so highly on this list because of their spectacular design. Whilst the stories Bellamy worked on are not that highly regarded most critics and fans I think would agree that at his best, his artwork could rival even that of Frank Hampson, and the Ant Men certainly represent some of his best work.

I think they might have worked better as mechanical creatures. We’ve had a few insect or bug aliens in Dan Dare already, and I think they would have been more interesting if it had been left open as to whether or not they were wholly organic or at least part machine as what’s great about their design is that it looks like it could be a robot or an organic life form.

15/ The Atlantines

The Atlantines were the third intelligent race on Venus. The are not native to the planet however. Originally they came from the most advanced society on earth, Atlantis, but the Treens invaded and conquered their city.

Though the Therons did manage to drive the reptillian monsters away from the planet, unfortunately the Atlantines came to view all aliens as hostile and attempted to destroy them. In doing so they set off a Treen weapon left behind which eventually destroyed the entire surface of Atlantis.

The only Atlantine survivors were those the Treens had brought back to Venus who they would keep as their slaves along with their descendants. The Treens would perform horrific experiments on the Atlantines which caused them to develop a number of physical differences to regular humans such as blue skin, and a large bumpy forehead.

The Atlantines are eventually freed from the rule of the Treens by Dan and the earth men, and later become allies of the earth and the Therons.

The Atlantine’s are often jettisoned much like the Therons from future adaptations. Personally though once again I thought they were a brilliant idea.

They really showed us just how cruel the way the Treens and the Mekon were. It was through their cruel treatment of the Atlantines that Frank Hampson was able to make the Treens into the perfect metaphors for both the Nazis and the South African Apartheid regime.

There was also a certain tragic irony to the Atlantines. They had once been part of the greatest civilisation on earth, but thanks to the Treens when Dan first sees them, they are practically on the level of cavemen. They are violent, seemingly barely above animals, wield clubs, and they all live huddled by a fire in deep dark caves. Its a brilliant twist that I would have never seen coming that these people were once the most advanced on earth.

14/ Rok

Dan’s sidekick from the early 2000 AD series. Rok is a wolf like alien and a life long fan of Dan Dare who joins him on a mission to find the true mastermind behind the Biog invasion (which is later revealed to be the Mekon.)

Though he has some grissly habits like eating his enemies, what I think made Rok quite interesting was that despite his fearsome appearance he was actually one of the sweetest, nicest and friendliest characters.

Indeed he’s far more sympathetic than the overwhelming majority of Dan’s human allies. Its just a shame that they didn’t use him more often.

13/ Living Axe

A minor villain, but still a fan favourite nonetheless. The Living Axe is great because its just such a crazy idea. Its almost comical at first the way Dan’s axe grows a face and then tries to eat him!

However the fantastic artwork from Massimo Belardinelli actually helps to give the Axe a somewhat frightening and disturbing aspect. The creature looks absolutely disgusting with its thick, bulging vains wrapping themselves around the steel, its a truly bizarre mix of flesh and machine.

The Living Axe I think demonstrated what the 2000 AD series did well in that it was able to bring the most over the top ideas, even more so than the original series to life in a way that could still be quite effective.

12/ Solan

A Star Dweller and the main antagonist from 1978 Dan Dare Annual. Solan had a truly spectacular design. Like a weird cross between a Gargoyle and a Treen. Solan was one of the most powerful and dangerous creatures that Dan ever came across.

Solan has incredible mental powers, So much that he is able to build an entire city as well as several creatures and monsters such as the fearsome Scarag. Throughout the adventure Solan works alongside an evil human criminal named Mytax who wants revenge against humanity. The ending of the story sees Solan’s father arrive where it is revealed that Solan is in fact a child.

The ending is lifted straight from the Charlie X episode of Star Trek the original series, and its nowhere near as effective as it either, though the image of the gigantic Star Dwellers flying into space is absolutely striking. Despite the unoriginality of the conclusion to the story I still think that Solan was a great villain who again would have lots of potential in a future Dare series. A god like alien with an unusual friendship with one of the Earth’s worst criminals, who can conjor creatures with his mind, and who looks like a green Angel!

11/ Sondar

The most recurring character in the entire Dan Dare franchise after Dan and the Mekon themselves. Sondar has appeared in almost every iteration of Dan Dare.

Sondar is a Treen who stops suppressing his emotions after a near fatal encounter with the Silicon Mass which causes him to experience fear for the first time.

After this Sondar begins to question the Mekon’s orders and later helps Dan to bring down his regime. Sondar would later go on to aid Dan in future battles against the Mekon and other threats.

Sondar would be the only major supporting character from the 50’s, aside from Digby and the Mekon to appear throughout the 1960’s. He would also be the only character from the original series other than the Mekon and Dan himself to appear in the 70s series where it was revealed that he had somehow managed to survive for over 200 years. Sadly however the strip was cancelled before we could find out exactly how Sondar had survived or indeed how he and Dan hoped to bring down the Mekon who had framed them.

Sondar was a great character who in many ways was quite ahead of his time. The idea of having a more cold, logical, alien member of the crew that didn’t understand human emotions would obviously be something that would be replicated in many subsequent sci fi series, such as most notably Spock in Star Trek.

The idea of an alien from a malevolent race overcoming their naturally ruthless nature and then being rejected by its own kind as a freak is also something we have seen pop up across various other classic sci fi series such as Rusty the Dalek and Strax the Sontaran from Doctor Who or 7 of 9 from Star Trek.

I also felt that Sondar helped to make the series less black and white from the beginning as it showed us that unlike say the Daleks that the Treens weren’t all naturally evil. Most of them had simply been raised on evil beliefs, and if exposed to new ideas they could change.

This of course just made the Mekon all the more twisted at the same time as it showed how he chose to be the way he was after all.

10/ Carnivorous Sand

Sadly I can’t find a picture of this character online so I’ll just post a real sand storm.

Yes you read that right. In an issue of the 2000 AD series Dan goes to investigate what happened to an earth colony on an uninhabited planet that completely vanished.

He discovers that the sand on the planet is alive, and that it eats flesh! Many of Dan’s own team are stripped to the bone by the carnivorous sandstorms, but Dan is ultimately able to escape the planet by using his ship to affect the atmosphere of the planet to the point where it rains which destroys the sand.

What makes the flesh eating Sand so scary is that unlike the Mekon or Xel its obviously not something that you can fight. Its literally a force of nature and once its cornered you, you’re gone. Its a truly frightening moment when Dan realises that basically what he is standing on and everything around him is a predator.

The images of the monster ripping its victims flesh from their bones and eating it in front of them are without doubt among the most gruesome and horrific in the entire 2000 AD series.

One notable thing about this monster was that it inspired a later episode of Blake’s 7 by acclaimed sci fi and fantasy author Tanith Lee called Sand. Sand has almost the exact same premise as this story, involving members of a colony vanishing on a seemingly uninhabited world only for our heroes to discover that it is because the sand on the planet is alive and has eaten the colonists. Avon even escapes the Sand monster using the same trick as Dan of making it rain.

9/ Moebius

The main monster from The Last of the Golden Ones trilogy. This is one of my absolute all time favourite Dan Dare stories. It marks the end of the Lost Worlds story arc and sees the death of all of the 70’s era supporting characters. Though I never cared much for characters like Bear it still was shocking to see them die so suddenly and pointlessly. In a way it kind of reminds me of the ending of Blake’s 7.

Its an even greater irony that the alien that causes their deaths Moebius is actually not even remotely evil. Moebius once belonged to a race of aliens called the Golden Ones who wanted to explore the universe. The crew however were all killed by a space plague, but Moebius who was the last of them to die, was able to download his mind into the ships computer where he would continue to pilot the vessel, exploring the universe on his own for centuries.

Unfortunately the ship soon began to take on a mind of its own and began to conquer and destroy other worlds, and snatch spaceships .

Moebius’ mind was unable to overrun the ships, and there was no crew left to fix it.

The ship ends up snatching Dan’s space craft. There Dan and his men are forced to deal with the descendants of the others who have been captured, and who have since degenerated into brutal savages.

They build up the true mastermind behind the vessel to the point where you think its going to be the ultimate monster Dan has ever faced, and then in a brilliant twist it turns out to be the good guy who has brought Dan here so that he can help him destroy the vessel. Sadly whilst Dan is successful, none of his men are able to escape the ship in time, whilst Dan himself barely manages to escape and is left drifting, near death alone in space until he is discovered by the Mekon (poor guy can’t catch a break.)

Again its a brilliant irony that the one alien that was finally able to bring down Dan’s crew after all they had been through and arguably come closest to killing Dan himself was one of the most benevolent they ever faced who simply wanted them to help him save countless other worlds.

8/ Signa

Again sadly I couldn’t find an actual picture of this character online so this will have to do.

From the 2000AD series, Signa is a gigantic squid over several thousand feet long. It comes from a race who lived in the vaccum of space who were believed to be nothing more than a legend by the people of earth.

Though possessing great power, Signa led a terribly lonely life. Later when he became marooned on an Ice planet, Signa goes to great lengths to lure Dan and his team down to where he is trapped simply so that he can finally have some company before he dies.

Its quite a good twist that Signa despite being one of the most powerful and dangerous of all Dan’s enemies is actually the most pitiful and helpless.

You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him, as ultimately all he wants is just for there to be someone there by his side when he finally dies having never had anyone who ever even remotely cared for him throughout his entire life.

Of course your sympathy can only go too far as Signa is more than prepared to sacrifice Dan and his team in order to simply make his last moments tolerable as when he dies, they die.

Still Signa is arguably the most tragic character in the entire history of Dan Dare.

7/ Dan Dare’s Eagles


From the 1980’s series. Dan Dare’s Eagles were a team of aliens and mutants whose job was to help him track down the Mekon and deal with other threats across the galaxy.

They consisted of communications officer Velvet O’Neil who though appearing human, was later revealed to be half alien, specifically a Scouran, she had the ability to change shape every seven years (and would appear in 3 different forms throughout the series.) Tremloc a mutant Treen with blue skin and a former criminal. Apsilon Stelth an ex Paladin Knight, and Bounty Hunter who is dying of a terminal disease, and finally the only human member of the crew Andy Zapper Lawrence who had been flung forward in time from the 20th century.

The team were something of a mix of Dan’s allies and team mates from both the 50’s series and the 2000 AD series. Scouran obviously was something of an expy for Professor Peabody, whilst Zapper was in turn an expy for Flamer, Dan’s teenage sidekick from the 50’s, and finally Tremloc bares many obvious similarities to Sondar.

At the same time however Tremlocs criminal past, and Apsilon’s status as a bounty hunter obviously owes more to Dan’s allies like Bear from the 2000 AD series who were similarly criminals and murderers.

Whilst not the most original idea, I still really enjoyed the team. They were great allies for Dare as they were a much more varied lot compared to his previous teams. In the 50’s all of Dan’s allies had been fine upstanding members of society, whilst in the 70’s they were all criminals, but among the Eagles we had a hardened, brutal criminal, an enthusiastic young computer genius, a half human/ half alien who had never really fitted in anywhere and finally someone at the end of their life, desperate for one last thrill.

They were a very unlikely group to put together to say the least and that’s why in some ways for me at least they were Dan’s most interesting group of allies.

6/ Xel

Dan’s archenemy in the 1960’s. Xel was a criminal from another galaxy who was accidentally brought to our solar system by Dan himself when Xel stowed away on board his space ship. Xel would go on to become Dan’s main recurring adversary throughout the 60’s apart from the Mekon himself.

Xel was a very different type of enemy to the Mekon. Where as the Mekon was a cerebral character who relied solely on his brains, and was (most of the time at least) a more logical and cold villains, Xel was a savage, brutish, war like character who relied more on his sheer strength and power.

Thus Xel could be a more direct foe to Dan, and actually take him on in one on one fights unlike the Mekon who always had to work through his enemies.

Another great thing about Xel was that Dan was completely responsible for the havoc he wreaked on our solar system, as he brought him here.

Whilst Xel to this day remains one of the most iconic and beloved Dan Dare villains, sadly except for a tiny cameo in the 2000 AD series, Xel has not appeared in any of the mainstream Dan Dare revivals.

Here’s hoping he turns up in the Titans Comics series.

5/ The Biogs

The first villains the 2000 AD version of Dan Dare ever faced. The Biogs are hideous race of mutants whose technology is grown from living tissue. They travel the universe searching for other organic life forms that they can convert into their fuel. In a way they are kind of like an organic version of the Cybermen or the Borg the way they assimilate other races into their own.

The Biogs whilst a fascinating idea only score so highly on this list because of their absolutely spectacular design by Massimo Belardinilli. The Biogs are just a mass of flesh, slime and tentacles desperate to consume everything near to them.

The Biogs definitely helped to establish the 2000 AD version of Dan Dare as being a much darker and in some ways more frightening take on Dan Dare than anything that had come before.

4/ Vampires

From the Lost Worlds story arc. The Vampires are a race of bloodsucking monsters who lure Dan and his men down to their planet (which only has one continent shaped like a heart.)

They pretend to be a friendly and peaceful people at first, but later Dan discovers the awful truth when two of his mean are lured away and killed by having their hearts torn out!

From the start I knew the aliens were really evil, simply because if they weren’t then there wouldn’t be any story, but I honestly would never have guessed that they were Vampires. Its a fantastic and absolutely terrifying twist when Dan finds out what they are and realises that all of his men are trapped unarmed and helpless with the Vampires ready to tear them to shreds.

The artwork for the creatures when they suddenly morph into red skinned, fanged, bestial monsters is fantastic, in fact I’d say that its Dave Gibbons, who drew most of the 2000 AD stories’ best work on the series.

To me the Vampires are without doubt the most frightening monsters in the entire Dan Dare franchise.

3/ The Red Moon Aliens

From the second ever Dan Dare story. The Red Moon Aliens are gigantic insect like creatures who have destroyed countless worlds across the universe simply to survive.

Originally their planet began to drift away from their sun and the beasts were forced to live underground in order to survive. They soon degenerated into hideous beasts who were forced to raid other planets in order to gain the food and resources from them. The creatures would first conquer the native life forms, take whatever they could from them, and then when they were of no further use, completely and utterly destroy them before moving on again.

By far and away one of the most interesting concepts in all of Dan Dare. Though their design isn’t anything particularly special. Its not bad, but it is just kind of a generic big bug. Its the idea behind them that’s so fascinating that on the one hand they are utter monsters, having destroyed billions of worlds across the universe, yet on the other they are also victims themselves having only ended up the way they are because of the tragic circumstances that befell them.

Also I love the way that there’s no easy way out for Dan when facing these aliens. Even when he has diverted them away from earth he still decides to wipe their species out as ultimately he realises that he can’t let them go back into the universe as they will continue to destroy billions more worlds.

Thus in order to save countless lives Dan is forced to carry out genocide.

The aliens recently appeared in the award winning Big Finish audio Dan Dare series. This version gave the monsters a Queen figure that Dan could play off of. Sadly however whilst the adaptation of the Red Moon Mystery was excellent in the end it simply had Dan imprison the monsters rather than wipe them out which I think took away from how dangerous they were in the original story.

Before these monsters felt so unstoppable that Dan of all people was forced to do something utterly heinous to stop them, but here sadly it seems the writers just took the easy way out and had Dan stop them in a way that kept his hands clean.

Still overall both the audio adaptation and the original story are absolute classics. Its worth noting that the Red Moon Aliens were a big influence on the Cybermen from Doctor Who. Kit Pedler, the co-creator of the Cybermen was admittadly a huge fan of Dan Dare, and the Cybermen’s origins are very similar to the Red Moon Aliens.

The Cybermen were originally organic humanoid life forms from Earth’s Twin Planet Mondas. When Mondas drifted away from our solar system however, the Mondasians in order to survive slowly replaced all of their organic components with machine parts until they became the Cybermen. The Cybermen would then in order to survive invade other planets and Cyber convert other races into members of their own kind.

The Cybermen’s first story The Tenth Planet was in turn very heavily inspired by the Red Moon Mystery too.

2/ The Treens 

The main alien race of the Dan Dare franchise. The Treens have appeared in every single version of Dan Dare to date.

The Treens originate from Venus. They evolved from reptiles and were originally a primitive and war like race, but when their neighbours, the peaceful and advanced Therons visited them, the Treens were able to steal their technology and become a highly advanced race in their own right.

The Treens would later suppress their emotions and become a totally ruthless race of conquerors desperate to subjugate all other life forms in the Galaxy.

The Treens would even succeed in conquering the earth a few times too.

Despite their status as the main villains of Dan Dare however, not all Treens were shown to be evil. Sondar was one of Dan’s closest allies, and many of the other Treens were only shown to serve their vile leader, the Mekon under duress.

The Treens are among the most important aliens in all of sci fi. Really I’d argue that they were second only to the Martians from H.G Wells War of The Worlds.

Whilst Wells’ Martians laid down the template for the classic alien invaders, the Treens marked the first time we really saw a fully fleshed out evil alien culture and society. Before the Treens most, though not all invading aliens were simply monsters, whilst with the Treens we saw how their society worked, their full history, and were taken deep into how their twisted minds worked. They also marked one of the first instances of aliens being based on the Nazis too. Frank Hampson openly admitted to this and following the Treens we would obviously see many more examples of aliens and monsters being based on the Third Reich too such as the Daleks from Doctor Who and the Empire from Star Wars.

Whilst the Treens may be overlooked by modern audiences personally I’d say they were every bit as well realised as many other classic alien races in big sci fi franchises such as the Klingons and the Cybermen.

1/ The Mekon

Well who else would it be? The Mekon is the leader of the Treens and Dan Dares archenemy.

The Mekon has entered into popular culture in a way few other villains have. With his popularity at times even exceeding that of Dan Dare himself.

The Mekon was created by the Treens to lead them. There have in fact been several Mekons created through the centuries, but the latest is the only one we ever see.

The Mekon like the rest of the Treens is said to be utterly emotionless, but over the decades he develops a very personal hatred of Dan Dare to the point where he sometimes is even willing to sabotage his own plans just to make Dan pay.

The Mekon has appeared in every single version of Dan Dare to date with it being conformed that he will be appearing in the Titan comics version. Ironically his characterisation has remained far more consistent than even Dan’s himself over the decades.

An enormously influential character (with Davros from Doctor Who having been inspired both visually and in terms of characterisation by the Mekon.) The Mekon is not only the greatest Dan Dare villain, but one of the greatest sci fi and comic book villains of all time too.

Thanks for reading.

5 People Who Killed Doctor Who

It was announced just a few days ago that the next Doctor will be a woman played by Jodie Whitaker.

In my opinion this is the final nail in the coffin of Doctor Who. To me there is no way the show can recover now, but to be fair its not just been this single action that has sunk what was once the most wonderful of series.

Its been a long and slow process leading up to the time lords demise and in this article I am going to run through the 5 people who have contributed more to the demise of Doctor Who than anyone else.

Why A Female Doctor Kills The Show

Before we start I’d just like to establish why I feel a female Doctor is a terrible idea that could potentially sink Doctor Who. (If you are already that way inclined then I’d recommend just skipping this section.)

Of course feminists and virtue signallers will often just say that the reason I and others can’t stand a female Doctor is because we hate the idea of any women having leading roles on tv.

I do think its funny the double standard the way that those of us who don’t want a female Doctor are told we don’t like female heroes, but those who couldn’t bare the thought of the Doctor staying male aren’t treated as though they can’t stand male heroes on tv.

The Depressing, Disappointing Maleness of Doctor Who

A female Doctor is ultimately a terrible idea for many reasons.

First and foremost a female Doctor simply doesn’t mesh with her male predecessors quite as much.

Throughout the entirety of Classic Who and most of New Who not only was it never mentioned that Time Lords could change gender, but all evidence suggested that they couldn’t. It was of course later rewritten that they could from about 2011 on, but more on that later.

We saw many Time Lords such as The Master, Azmahel, Morbius, Rassilon use up all 13 of their regenerations as men. Furthermore we saw many other Time Lords regenerate across old who, spin off material and new who and remain the same gender such as Romana (who regenerated 3 times), River Song, (who regenerated 2 times), Borusa (who regenerated 3 times) The Meddling Monk, The Rani, and K’Napo.

Also what about Susan, the Doctors Time Lord grand daughter and her human husband David?

Suppose she falls and bangs her head and then morphs into a 6 foot 7 burly man with a beard you could lose a badger in! That might make their relationship a bit awkward to say the least. Ditto the Time Lord who married the human Leela. What if he dies and regenerates into Lucy Lawless?

The Doctor and indeed other Time Lords on the show only ever acted as though they could become the same gender they once were.

Look at The War Games. The Time Lords give the Doctor several options for his third body and all of them are men. Wouldn’t there be at least one woman in there if Time Lords had no gender identity at all and didn’t have the same attitudes towards it that we did?

Similarly in Destiny of the Daleks, Romana tries on various new bodies and they are all women. So again why didn’t she try on a male body if time lords don’t have a gender identity like us stupid humans?

The Master, the Doctors archenemy meanwhile was a violent misogynist. How could that possibly be the case if he were from a race that has no gender? Technically the Master is as much female as male as hey, he could have been a woman in any of his previous 15 regenerations, yet he still acts like a human misogynist who views people as inferior because of their gender?

Furthermore it was also established that Time Lords have a complete control over their regenerations.

Romana had complete control over her regeneration into her second incarnation to the point where she could decide to look like someone she had met on a previous adventure. The Master also decides in the story Utopia that his next body is going to be young and strong when he regenerates.

Who would have thought the wife beater who hates women would actually choose to turn into a woman?

Even the Doctor himself, whilst he appears not to be able to control how he looks earlier in his life, by the time of 12 at least he is shown to have mastered this ability (with the implication being that his old faces were always chosen subconsciously anyway) This is meant to explain why in universe Capaldi played 2 roles in the series as he chooses to look like someone he helped years ago (played by Capaldi.)

Does this mean that the Doctor is a sexist then as he has always decided to look like a man both consciously and unconsciously? Even the wife beating Master beat him to being a woman first!

You could maybe argue that Time Lords might only be able to control their regenerations if they bring them about willingly, rather than through a violent death (though this is contradicted in the case of Jacobi to Simm.)

Still if this is the case, and most Time Lord’s appearances are random, then this is even more ridiculous.

The Doctor and the Master were men 14 and 15 times in a row by chance? Romana was a woman 4 times by chance? Rassilon, Asmahel, Morbius, were all men 13 times by chance? Borusa was a man 4 times by chance? How could that possibly be the case if there was a 50/50 chance of gender bending!

I’m absolutely fine with the idea that there are some Time Lords who much like human beings feel they were born in the wrong gender and then decide to regenerate from a man into a woman or vice versa.  However trying to make out that every single Time Lord is non binary is stupid as clearly that’s not the case.

Now the primary reason that this is important isn’t simply because “oh my god it contradicts established canon”. Its because that clearly Time Lords were for almost 50 years not written as genderless characters as the writers had obviously never even considered making them so.

There are only two ways you can have a character change gender and have it make sense.

1/ write a character who is like an actual transexual, IE wants to change gender. Or 2/ write a character who is genuinely genderless. Brainiac from Smallville for instance changed gender and nobody complained as Brainiac was written as a robot who had simply assumed the form of a man to trick Clark, but he never actually acted like a man when he was himself.

Thus when his old body was destroyed and he took over Chloe, played by Alison Mack it flowed brilliantly, and not only did nobody say “OH MY GOD BRAINIAC IS A WOMAN, ITS PANDERING! The majority of people actually liked that story and praised Alison Mack’s performance.

Sadly however neither of these options is suitable for the Doctor or indeed any established Time Lord character. None of these characters have ever been written as someone who would want to change gender, whilst at the same time again none of them have ever been written as genderless characters like Brainiac.

Don’t believe me that gender flipped incarnations of Time Lord characters look out of place compared to the gender flipped Brainiac? Here compare the female Brainiac and the male Brainiac side by side.

See how they flow perfectly into one another?

Now take a look at 5 male incarnations of the Master and then compare them to Missy the female Master and honestly tell me in the comments below if you think she is even remotely believable as ANY of her male predecessors.

Try putting Delgado and Pertwee, Simm and Tennant, McCoy and Ainley in any of those scenes between Missy and Capaldi and try not to laugh. If you tried to do any Missy and Capaldi moments with Tom and the Burned Master meanwhile, it would be horrifying! 

You can see how whilst Michelle Gomez is not even remotely believable as the being the same character as any previous male Master.

Many fans who are in support of a female Doctor will say “oh but Time Lords can change shape why not gender”, but that is not an argument.

Just because a character is a shapeshifter does not mean they have no gender. Does the Martian Manhunter have no gender? Does Mystique from the X-Men have no gender?

Also saying that the Doctor and Master can be anyone is just a gross misunderstanding of both characters. As I have said before there has to be a certain template to a character like the Doctor who constantly changes, as if not then the Doctor ceases to exist as a character. He becomes just a title. Tom Baker has even said this.

In an interview taken for the 1977 documentary Whose Doctor Who Tom Baker said that ironically the Doctor is in some ways the most limited role he has ever played as there are so many restrictions to what the character can be. The role of the actor playing the Doctor is to find something new to do within those limits.

Now the Doctor and the Masters gender are a part of the template’s of their character (same with Romana and Susan too) by default. Again as we have been over the only way their gender wouldn’t have mattered was if they were intentionally written as non binary which again they clearly weren’t for over 50 years. (In the Master’s case he was a violent misogynist!)

Of course those are my reasons as to why a female Doctor wouldn’t work, but other fans have different reasons.

For instance many have said that they feel that the Doctor was one of the few role models for young boys who didn’t use violence and was interested in science. Now personally I don’t think role models really matter. I’ve never had to identify with a character to enjoy them.

However it is a valid point to raise as ultimately the feminists who have been pushing for a female Doctor like Claudia Boleyn, always say its a great thing because it will finally be someone that young girls can look up to. Leaving aside the dozens of female superheroes who feminist fans completely ignore, if you are talking about making the Doctor someone people can relate too, then a female Doctor is the worst thing you could do ironically.

Young boys obviously can’t relate to her, but neither can young girls. She’s ultimately not a female character. She’s a man turned into a woman against his will, so presumably she’d have to act like a man in some ways to keep up consistency with her previous 13 male predecessors. So again she isn’t a character like say Xena, Buffy or the Charmed ones ALL of whom were very feminine, yet strong.

At the same time however she won’t be someone that trans people could relate to either. Trans people feel that they are born in the wrong body and so they go through a long, costly and painful operation to change gender. Time Lords meanwhile it has been retconned have NO gender identity and change in a flash.

They are actually the complete opposite of real life trans people and in no way bring to light the hard time trans people go through.

As you can see gender bending Time Lords bare more resemblance to this hilarious episode of Futurama where all the characters main genders are changed against their will, than they do real trans people.

A female Doctor is a terrible idea all around, but sadly a certain group of writers and fans have been pushing for a female Doctor and a female Master (though bizarrely enough never a male Susan, a male Romana, or a male Rani?) For their own reasons and have retconned the shows lore that all Time Lords are now non binary and apparently regularly gender bend.

The following 5 people however I feel had the biggest influence on bringing this crap into the show and thus must take most of the blame for its decline.

5/ Neil Gaiman

This acclaimed comic book writer began the whole female Doctor idea in the 2011 story The Doctors Wife.

Prior to this as we have been over Time Lords changing gender had never been a part of the shows canon.

The idea of the Doctor becoming a woman to be fair was mentioned in the press before. It first started when Tom Baker said it as a joke when he was leaving. Apparently he did it to wind up then producer John Nathan Turner (who later openly said that a woman should NEVER play the Doctor.)

However Gaiman was the one who retroactively rewrote the shows lore to make Time Lords non binary. Personally I think he did it to make himself into a Gene Roddenberry, Frank Hampson type figure.

For those of you unfamiliar with those two men, they were iconic sci fi writers (with Hampson creating Dan Dare and Roddenberry creating Star Trek.) Dan Dare and Star Trek both gave strong roles for ethnic minorities and women at a time when such a thing was almost unheard of. As a result of this both Roddenberry and Hampson are celebrated as liberal icons within the entertainment industry to this day.

Times have moved on however. Back in the 50’s when Dan Dare was first released, you could break new ground simply having a black character be Dan’s boss. However now in the 2010’s would anyone give a shit if the main characters boss was black? Would anyone care if the main character was black?

Similarly Gene Roddenberry could break new ground in the 60’s by having a black woman and a white guy just snog, but now does anyone even notice if there is an interracial love story like say Lister and Kochanski, that practically drives whole seasons of Red Dwarf?

However again people like Neil Gaiman I feel want to be seen as the big, liberal icon who challenged the sexism and racism around them like Hampson and Roddenberry. Thus Gaiman I feel saw a female Doctor as being his opportunity to make himself that.

In this case it wouldn’t just be creating a female hero. It would be creating a process that led to one of the most popular male heroes becoming female. Gaiman could then present himself as the progressive champion against the supposed sexists who didn’t want a female Doctor.

I might be doing Gaiman a disservice here. Until recently I used to see him as being somewhat more misguided than a poser, but it was after reading these interviews with him I started to see him as being more in it for his own ego.

Neil Gaiman On A Female Doctor

Neil Gaiman On Buffy

You can see what I mean from those interviews its very much a “I’m going to teach you stupid little plebs about women” attitude from the way he tells us to “go out and hang around with women” or when he says that the Doctor should be strong minded, and brave, but that women can have these qualities too. Thank you Mr Gaiman I never knew that until you told me!

Now you might be thinking “well it was only one line, and it was vague, so that didn’t solely lead to a female Doctor”. However the thing with the SJW’s, who are the people who pushed for this the most. (I know some fans probably thought it was an okay idea, and were up for it, and that’s fine. But the people who REALLY pushed for it were the SJW’s who simply saw it as a victory without really knowing why.)

So yes the SJW where the ones who wanted it the most, and these people should NEVER be pandered too. Give them an inch (in this case a throwaway line) and they will take a trillion miles!

For ages afterwards SJW’s who wanted a female Doctor would always says “its canon that they change gender so it has to happen eventually.” Which they could only do thanks to Gaiman. Even then though I still think its weak as an argument. You could technically write in anything you want into Doctor Who canon as its not real, but that doesn’t mean its right for the show.

I could technically come in and write it that Time Lords can regenerate into Dinosaurs, or that they can fly and it would be canon, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t jar with everything that came before.

Still thanks to Gaiman gender bending Time Lords were actually part of the shows lore for the first time, and this just meant that the pressure for there to be a female Doctor became overwhelming when Peter Capaldi was cast.

You can argue that the SJW’s would have put pressure on Moffat to give us a female Doctor anyway regardless, and yes that’s true. They ALWAYS have to get their own way. Still Gaiman was the one that kick started all of this shit from Missy to Jodie Whitaker as the Doctor off.

It would be great poetic justice if some alt right writer came along and revived Gaimans most famous work, and completely rewrote its lore and all of its core characters to fit their divisive political agenda and then slandered anyone who didn’t like it.

4/ Paul Cornell

Now Paul Cornell’s role in sinking Doctor Who is more in relation to how he has behaved outside of the show.

I don’t like any of the episodes he wrote for the series, but they didn’t if I am being fair have any impact on the state of the show now.

Paul Cornell however was one of the most vocal supporters of a female Doctor. Now obviously Paul is entitled to his opinion (though I genuinely don’t understand how anyone who is actually a Doctor Who fan could say that they wanted a female Doctor?)

Still Paul was responsible for pioneering a lot of bad arguments for a female Doctor that ended up being picked up by the papers and a lot of the SJW’s.

Though these arguments were poor. They were more the type that are used to bully people into silence, rather than actually give a proper reason as to why a female Doctor is a brilliant idea, as they often just attacked and smeared people who were against the idea of a female Doctor.

First and foremost Paul called anyone who didn’t want a female Doctor a sexist.

Take a look at this quote.

“The absolute worst extreme of that trait is the sort of fan that thinks there shouldn’t be a female Doctor.  They’re sure they’re good people, so there must, their reasoning goes, be a good reason why they feel that way.  They’re not bigots, after all.  They can’t be.  So they find some very awkward ‘reason’ that can just about be made to sound okay.  But it must be okay.  Because they’re good people.

And they are good people.  It’s just that good people sometimes express bigoted thoughts.  I had a fanzine article published about why the Doctor should always be ‘a fair-skinned being’.  I wasn’t a villain then, I was just infected by bigotry.  Because we all are.  It took many years, but I finally realised I didn’t have a good reason to think that.  (I also needed to realise that admitting I didn’t have a good reason didn’t mean I was suddenly a horrible person, a fear that, I think, lies behind a lot of entrenched fan opinion about this sort of thing.)  I was being a bigot when I said it, but I probably said something entirely sincere against bigotry a few minutes later.  That’s how the vast majority of people are.  These days the consensus is that it’s not okay to have any sort of reason why there shouldn’t be a Doctor Of Colour.  That’s only become the case in the last two or three years.  Though everyone is unconsciously pushing that date further and further back, to the point where soon nobody could ever have believed something as terrible as that.  In a few years, it’ll be the same with the possibility of a female Doctor.”

As you can see here Paul is trying to slander everyone who doesn’t want a female Doctor as a disgusting sexist. Of course this isn’t the only time he has done this. After Dark Water aired and the overwhelming majority of people expressed anger at the Masters sex change, Paul Cornell took to twitter saying

“Anyone who doesn’t like their favourite character changing gender is exactly the type of person who would turn on their own family member for changing gender.”

Its disgusting to be honest that Paul would try and equate someone not liking the decision to turn the Master from the Doctors Moriarty to his sex kitten to someone actually rejecting their own son for changing into a woman.

Sadly however many other female Doctor advocates began to use similar arguments and it became more difficult to say you were against it without being slandered as a sexist.

Whilst Paul obviously didn’t create this type of argument he did popularise it within the Doctor Who fan community as he was a major figure with a large influence (as well as a close personal friend of Steven Moffat too.)

Furthermore Paul Cornell also pioneered the disasterous argument that “Doctor Who is all about change and therefore all change in it is automatically great.”

Paul often used false comparisons such as “Philip Hinchcliff changed things in the past, so those who complain about Steven Moffat’s changes now are the same whiners who complained about The Deadly Assassin”. I must admit even I bought into that crap for a while.

Its nonsense. For one thing the changes that were brought about during the first 4 Doctors eras were different as at that point Doctor Who was really establishing itself. In Hartnell’s time for instance we didn’t know anything about the Doctors people and we knew very little about his own personal history.

Therefore there were many gaps to fill. You weren’t going back at saying “hey actually it went like this instead”. Telling us his planet is named Gallifrey, his people are the Time Lords, that he left because he wanted to explore the universe, that he can regenerate and that he only has 12 regenerations doesn’t actually contradict anything that came before. It fills it in. Of course that’s not to say there weren’t continuity errors as there would be in any show that lasts for so long. Still the point was that at that stage the writers were really just filling the details in. The same is not true by Moffat’s stage.

Also though Doctor Who has a very flexible format that can allow it to change if need be, that doesn’t mean it should just change for the hell of it.

All of the previous writers were able to justify their previous changes. For instance, many accused Robert Holmes of rewriting the Time Lords society by showing them to be more corrupt than before. However Holmes justified in a letter to the fans with proper reasons rather than just abusing the fans as “ming mongs who don’t like change”.

Holmes explained that in his mind the Time Lords had always appeared corrupt and justified it with things like the fact that they had always had the death penalty (as seen in The War Games), the fact that their society had produced so many renegades and psychopaths like the Master, the Meddling Monk, The War Chief etc. Their hypocrisy in exiling the Doctor for interference and then sending him on missions to interfere, and even just the question of why would the Doctor want to leave Gallifrey, if it was such a perfect society?

Similarly Terry Nation justified his changes in Genesis of the Daleks by saying that before we had only heard a few scant historical records of the Daleks origins whilst Genesis gave us a first hand account. He also said that he felt Genesis explained why the Daleks had always behaved in exactly the same way, as they had been conditioned to by Davros.

Also its worth mentioning that Doctor Who is also actually a show with many traditions too. In fact one could argue that its its traditions that are the key to its success as they ultimately are what enables it to still feel like the same show in spite of its many changes.

The TARDIS is still a blue police box after 50 plus years, even though unlike Time Lord gender bending the Tardis’ ability to change shape has been established from the start. So why in a show that according to Paul Cornell is all about change is that thing still a police box? Added to that the Daleks have still met every Doctor onscreen (bar the 8th) the Cybermen, the Master, and UNIT have met almost every Doctor, other characters like Sarah Jane, the Brig, the Sontarans, the Ice Warriors, have spanned many Doctors too.

The Daleks also have the same basic characterisation. Yes other writers have added to their characters over the years and that’s fine. However their basic characterisation of despising all other life forms and being pitiless conquerers has remained the same. As by the way has their basic design too.

The Cybermen also have always remained the same emotionless machine creatures, who want to convert people into members of their own kind.

Even the Sontarans have the same design and personality of being extreme war mongers.

So why have we kept all of these traditions if in Paul’s mind there are no constants in the show?

A change should only happen if there is a proper justification for it. Sadly however as we have been over there is no reason at all for a female Doctor and plenty against it. Paul Cornell knows that however, but he still wants to push it for his own agenda. Much like Gaiman I suspect he wants to be seen as the Hampson, Roddenberry style, wise man who fought against prejudice of his times and will be revered years from now. The reason I say that about Paul is because any interview he gives about feminism or a female Doctor, or representation its all about how great he is compared to the disgusting sexists in the industry about him.

See this quote here

“I think he’s a great choice!” Cornell enthuses, “I would’ve preferred a woman though… I got really annoyed at lots of my friends in the Doctor Who fandom, I’d no idea they’d react so conservatively and negatively to [the idea of a female Doctor]. They seemed to think it was okay to say an awful lot of s***.” Does he think we’ll ever see a female doctor? “Maybe! Neil [Gaiman] changed the world by including that one line in his script about a woman having been a Timelord before, so that opened up the possibility”

See what I mean its not about equality, or wanting to give women roles, its all about him looking better than the rest of us.

Sadly however Paul’s opinion became dominant, and this not only helped to lead to a female Doctor, but it also led to what can only be described as pieces of Doctor Who lore being vandalised in the Moffat era, because the attitude became “all change was good lets do what we want”.

So we got things like it being rewritten that the Doctor left Gallifrey because of the silly Hybrid story line, the Daleks suddenly having a concept of pity, the Master being in love with the Doctor, and of course the notorious Cyber Brig.

You have to like this, because Doctor Who is all about change and so therefore every single change is automatically brilliant. If you don’t like a beloved Doctor Who characters rotting corpse being ripped up out of the ground and turned into a Cyberman you are just an emotional conservative who would have hated William Hartnell becoming Patrick Troughton. That makes sense.

3/ Whovian Feminism

A blogger, this woman is to Doctor Who fandom what Anita Sarkeesian is to Video Game fandom (and trust me I don’t mean that as a compliment.)

Now I do think that the feminists and SJW fans played a huge role in the downfall of Doctor Who in general. They latched onto the show circa 2011-2012 and just like they always do, they complained it was sexist over the most petty reasons and slandered Steven Moffat in particular as everything horrible under the sun. Thus he began to pander to them at the shows expense.

However Whovian Feminism must take most of the blame for many reasons.

To start with she is the one who spoke to people involved in the show directly. People always go on about how Ian Levine had a negative impact on Doctor Who in the 80’s. For those of you who don’t know, Ian Levine was a high profile fan in the 80’s who became the show’s unofficial continuity adviser.

Many have blamed Levine for encouraging John Nathan Turner to include too many references to past stories which alienated new viewers. Many have also blasted JNT for giving too many interviews with the fans and caring about what they thought instead of mainstream audiences.

Yet somewhat hypocritically I haven’t seen anybody complaining about the writers and the directors from the new series meeting up with Whovian Feminism to give her interviews or even promoting her blog?

I might add that whilst Ian Levine has done some outrageous things, at the very least he has also saved dozens and dozens of 60’s Doctor Who stories from destruction, including the first Dalek story. Also Levine only became a part of the show due to his genuine encyclopedic knowledge of the series.

Whovian Feminism however has done fuck all for the good of the show, and only gets to talk to the makers of the series because of her aggressive political agenda where she smears anyone who doesn’t agree with her as a sexist, rather than because of her knowledge on Doctor Who. This is a woman who until 2015 hadn’t seen a single Colin Baker story.

Whovian Feminism Interviews Rachel Talalay

Whovian Feminism Interviews Sarah Dollard

She has clearly had more of an influence on the show than other fans. Obviously its makers have come to see her as representing what most people want and have therefore tailored it to please her and other fans like her.

Now Whovian Feminism to start with is desperate for a female Doctor. She has also labelled just about everyone who is opposed to it a sexist.

Take a look at this gem of a quote.

Supposedly well-meaning observers always like to come in and say that hardcore fans simply won’t accept a woman portraying the Doctor. This attitude does both the show and our fandom a disservice. While there is always a smattering of assholes to prove this type of attitude does exist, they aren’t even close to a majority. And even if it were true, we should not let the direction of the show be dictated by the worst of its fans. If a misogynistic jerk who disparagingly refers to a woman Doctor as “The Nurse” says he’ll quit watching the show, he’s exactly the type of fan we should be proud to piss off. I promise, plenty of new fans (especially ones with disposable income!) are waiting in the wings to take his place.”

The best thing about this quote is how Whovian Feminism for all her talk of equality clearly is a class snob the way she automatically equates having a low income to being a sad, lowlife sexist and bigot.

I guess we don’t want any riff raff, or commoners watching Doctor Who cause they’re all such disgusting sexists eh Whovian Feminism?

Sorry ladies you’re not welcome on the TARDIS anymore. You don’t have enough disposable income!

Still you can see that Whovian Feminism is your typical feminist fan. She shouts down anyone who disagrees with her as being as a revolting sexist, she can never just like something, she has to take it over and make it all about her political movement. Look at what it says on her avatar picture that I posted above. “My fandom will be feminist.

She’s also desperate to find sexism in anything she watches regardless of how benign it is.

See here

Introducing Doctor Who vs Damsels in Distress

She also best of all for all her talk of representation doesn’t actually give a damn about female heroes. How many articles has she written about great female led shows like Xena, Buffy, Charmed, Once Upon A Time, Ghost Whisperer, Earth 2, Star Trek Voyager, The Bionic Woman etc?

Instead all she writes about is a male led show, Doctor Who. I actually brought this up to her on twitter and all she could say back  (aside from calling a random white dude and thus trying to shame for my race.) Was that she loves female heroes because she loved the Wonder Woman movie.

Yeah that doesn’t demonstrate an encyclopedic knowledge of female heroes Whovian Feminism. “I love the film that is currently out in the cinemas and everybody’s talking about!”

The fact that that was the first one she went too if anything shows she doesn’t have that great a knowledge on female heroes as the only one she could say she liked to discredit me was the current blockbuster.

Finally Whovian Feminism is also anti men. Though again she just claims that she is against the patriarchy take a look at this article where she says that men are just scared of women being cast in male led roles because of “fragile masculinity”.

A Fragile Masculinity: Gender Swapped Characters

Funny how she didn’t mention Brainiac from Smallville, an example of a historic male character who has always been played by men, being played by Allison Mack to huge success.

The reason for that is because Brainiac doesn’t fit her narrative, as the fact that nobody minded Alison Mack playing Brainiac shows that actually people don’t mind a male character becoming a woman in principle.

Its just as long as like any other change it makes sense within the story. The reason some of these other examples have not been popular is because they don’t feel like the same character anymore, as in the case of Missy or in the case of others like the female Thor they are filled with cringey SJW bollocks such as in this scene.


Then there is also her attempts to say a scene where all men are dismissed as egotistical and a character refers to being a woman as normal as not being sexist.

Regarding the Generals Ego Line

Imagine if a male character in Doctor Who had said that all women were stuck up bitches. Think she’d say it was okay because that guy had only met a couple of women who were full of themselves?

Whovian Feminisms constant obsession with turning male characters into women can also be seen as an example of her anti men feeling.

I always get the impression that Whovian Feminism, and indeed other people who have been pushing for a female Doctor and female versions of male heroes are more obsessed with taking roles away from men, and upsetting their fans.

See here

Dear God Please The Identity of Doctor Who 13 Upset

I Am Delighted At Annoying The Wrong People

I think its quite funny the way that the perception as you can see from the above tweets is that the pro female Doctor people are all nice, kind and progressive, and the anti female Doctor people are all nasty, sexist and horrible.

Compare the hatred from the above video, and the tweet about wanting Doctor 13 to upset certain fans to this post I found on a Doctor Who website against a female Doctor and tell me which side has the actual argument, and which side just wants to upset the other?

I’m a twenty year old boy who has grown up with Doctor Who on VHS, witnessed the show’s triumphant return, despaired at the show’s terrible demise and am now apathetic as its mangled remains are pulled apart by a PC agenda. 

I don’t want The Doctor to be a woman. This does not however make me a sexist, right-wing conservative. I am quite the antithesis in fact. I’m gay yet I have a massive issue with the ridiculous way Bill’s sexuality was handled. Yet should I voice that criticism, it is likely I would get blasted as a homophobe. In the same way I would be called a British elitist for my opinion that the Doctor should be played by a man from the British isles man. However I am far from that. I’m an Irish boy from Belfast, who speaks Irish and embraces his own culture yet this has nothing to do with what I want from an actor playing The Doctor.

The show is quintessentially British and therefore I wouldn’t want an American Doctor, a French Doctor etc. I’m not racist, in fact I speak French and immerse myself in other cultures. This same reasoning comes to gender. The Doctor is a man, and masculine traits are integral to his character regardless of different character traits found in different regenerations. Yet this does not make me sexist.

I would equally have a problem if Romana or Susan changed genders. In 2017, political correctness has gone absolutely insane, there is nothing wrong with wanting a male character to remain a male, regardless of how some will try to make you feel like a misogynist. When Richard Harris passed away and the role of Dumbledore was taken over by Michael Gambon everything changed, the character’s look and personality became something different.

The fact that the Harry Potter filmakers didn’t cast a woman does not make them elitist sexist pigs, but simply that Dumbledore is inherently a male character with grandfatherly qualities (not unlike the first Doctor) and changing the gender would not fit. In the same way, the Doctor is innately male. My biggest issue is that the decision to make the Doctor female is not for the benefit of the show, the only reason is to make The BBC look like the most progressive corporation around and score PC points with the media.

If the Doctor absolutely had to change gender, it should definitely not be at a time when the show is the worst it has ever been in 54 years. The show needs a return to form before trying something radical. Unfortunately for me, Doctor Who ended in 2010. The show bears no resemblance to the Dalek tin containing Remembrance of the Daleks and The Chase VHS tapes that mesmerised me when I was 4 and pales in comparison to the 2005 series that enchanted me when I was 8. At 20, my affiliation with the series is at an end, but that’s a fact that’s sadly been true since the 50th anniversary. 97 missing eps still to find.”

Baring all of this in mind Whovian Feminism is obviously the last type of person you should ever aim a series at.

To start with ironically she is the most non inclusive type of fan there is. She demands that the entire show be tailored to fit her political agenda. Even if its not right for a certain character, it doesn’t matter. Her agenda must usurp everything else, including decades of characterisation like in The Masters case and anyone who doesn’t like it (which is the majority of viewers judging by how many viewers the show has shed in Capaldi’s time.) Is not only no longer welcome in her fandom apparently, but should be abused on the way out as sexists and bloody little poor people.

Furthermore she is the type of viewer who is never going to be happy either. She wants to complain because its her bread and butter, so she’ll still find something to be unhappy about in the female Doctors portrayal.

Also and perhaps worst of all someone like Whovian Feminism advocates that people are not hired on merit but simply for representation. She not only wants women cast in the role of the Master and the Doctor just simply for her agenda, but she also wants women hired behind the scenes just simply to fill diversity quota’s. She has even promoted a petition to make sure that there is an equal number of men and women writing for the series.

Now whilst this might sound like a decent idea in theory its actually a terrible way to run a series. Ultimately you are not hiring based on talent, but just to tick boxes. You could get a fantastic script like say Survival from a female writer like Rona Munro, but you couldn’t use that script because you’d already taken in your set amount of female writers that year.

Furthermore you could obviously have a great script like say Caves of Androzani from a writer like Robert Holmes that you couldn’t use as you had your specific amount of male writers for that year.

At the end of the day people should only ever be hired based on their ideas and talent, NOT their gender and skin colour as Whovian Feminism advocates.

Yet sadly as seen from the interviews and promotion they have given her, the new who production team saw Whovian Feminism as someone who should be listened too, as well as the audience they are going for.

2/ Steven Moffat

Yes sadly I have to include him here.

For what its worth I used to like his era during Matt Smith’s time, but the damage he wreaked on the series during Capaldi’s tenure was too great.

I don’t think that Steven Moffat was desperate to prove how progressive he was. Sadly however I think he was bullied into making it ultra feminist by the SJW’s who launched an absolutely vicious smear campaign against the man from 2012 on.

They accused him of being a sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, etc. All of their accusations were hollow. Indeed they were often over the most petty things like Karen Gillan is too sexy, his female companions lives revolve too much around the Doctor, the companion is just a sidekick and should be as important as the Doctor etc.

Sadly however Moff took their criticisms to heart and began to write the show for the feminist/SJW’s. This affected the quality of the show in so many ways.

To start with Clara came to dominate the series. Not only did many episodes revolve around her and her place of work too much such as The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, In The Forest of the Night (all very poorly received stories), but they also bigged up her role in the continuity to an absurd degree.

She was retconned into being the hero of every DW story ever made, the reason the Doctor conquered his fear as a boy, the reason he left Gallifrey, the reason he undid the time war, the reason the Time Lords gave him more lives etc. And she even ended the series gaining her own TARDIS and becoming completely unkillable, thus making her a better Doctor than the Doctor himself.

All of this understandably made Clara one of the most hated companions in Who history. Nobody likes a side character who comes in, thinks they are better than the hero, is proven to be better than the main hero, and regularly slaps the main hero.

Then of course there was the Masters controversial (to say the least) sex change and her sudden infatuation with the Doctor as well as the constant anti men and anti white jokes all helped to drive people away in spades.

The viewers for Matt Smith’s last episode were over 10 million. By the end of Peter Capaldi’s last season they were down at barely over 2 million. Now it is true that viewing figures are down for tv in general these days, but still even with that Doctor Who has still suffered a catastrophic fall in viewers. 5 times fewer people are watching it now.

To be fair not all of Moffat’s problems can be blamed on his pandering to feminists. The Cyber Brig for instance, one of the most hated ideas in the history of the show (and with good reason.) Has nothing to do with pandering.

Still for whatever reasons Moffat managed to completely destroy classic characters like the Brig (who he gave an atrocious ending to), and the Master who he turned into a literal parody of himself.

Even if Chris Chibnall hadn’t cast a woman it would have been difficult to carry the show on after the damage Moffat had done, but still in spite of things like Missy and the Cyber Brig, Moffat incredibly enough isn’t the worst thing to happen to Doctor Who.

Sources to back up what I was saying about Moffat pandering to feminists.

In this video Mundane Matt says that Moffat at a convention said that a female Doctor would never happen on his watch back in early 2011.

Feminists slander Moff from about 2011 on.

Steven Moffat Tweets Against Accusation of Sexism

Trigger Warning Sexual Assault in Doctor Who

Problematic Posters For Doctor Who

Doctor Who is Racist New Book Claims

2014 on we get a new Master who is a woman, as well as more examples of feminist pandering.

Steven Moffat We Need More Female Writers

Stop Assuming I’m A Sexist Demon

Steven Moffat “Doctor Who needs to do better on diversity”

1/ Chris Chibnall

It takes some going to be worse than your predecessor before you’ve even produced a single episode (even more so when your predecessor is Steven Moffat.)

Still Chris Chibnall has managed it with his first ever move in casting a woman as the Doctor.

Now as I have been over a female Doctor is to me a terrible idea that completely ruins the show, but its also opened up a can of worms for whoever comes after Chibnall. What happens if someone wants to make the Doctor a male again? We are going to have to deal with the media and the Whovian Feminists saying Doctor Who is transphobic and taking a role away from women (ironically). So what will we have to have 13 women now? In that case the character is now completely different. Don’t even call it Doctor Who anymore because it has nothing to do with William Hartnell’s original character.

Also if we have cast a woman as the Doctor why stop there? Why not demand a black Doctor, an Asian Doctor, a French Doctor, an American Doctor etc. Not that I have any problems with those however, but the point I am trying to make is that we are now casting the role solely to tick boxes rather than because a particular actor is the best for the role.

All of these problems have emerged because of a single foolish decision on Chibnalls part. I don’t why he did it. If it was pandering to feminists like Steven Moffat, virtue signalling, or maybe even just as a cheap gimmick, but whatever the case Chibnall has as Ian Levine put it “put the final nail into Doctor Who

I refuse to watch even a single episode with Jodie Whitaker. Nothing against her personally, but the show no longer feels like Doctor Who anymore, and I hate the fact that it is connected to it. Also I bitterly resent the fact that the show has been basically written for people like Whovian Feminism at the expense of mainstream viewers and lifelong fans because they basically shrieked the loudest.

In my opinion the show is not long for this world and if you want to blame anyone then blame these 5 people. Whilst the SJW’s wanted the show to be done their way, if it hadn’t been for the actions of these 5 individuals then Doctor Who would still be strong and healthy.

Thanks for reading.