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Just a quick update. Next week I am going to be quite busy. Its nothing serious, I just have a lot on my plate and sadly, The Circus Master, Doctor Who and Professor Fang will all be taking a short break for that week.

They will all be back the week after at the same time.

The Circus Master: The Book of the Vampires: Part 4: London’s Bleeding


Richard’s was restrained with magical chains right by the fountain of the Circus. Despite the Vampires greater immunity to magic, these chains were forged by the the most powerful magics at the very edge of the universe itself. There was no way the Vampire could break free.

The Circus Master was preparing a truth spell that would force Richards to talk, but it would take a few minutes. The others sat impatiently by Richards who had already awoken from Denika’s spell.

“What are you going to do to me you freaks.”

“Kill you eventually” Carlene said bluntly.

“But right now the boss is just whipping something up to make you talk.”

“It doesn’t matter if you kill me, there are more like me waiting in the wings.”

“Yeah we know darling, that’s why we want you to talk so we can kill them too” Carlene replied.

Denika meanwhile looked somewhat worried.

“We should have heard back from Florence by now. I wouldn’t have thought it would have taken that long to take down a child Vampire.”

“You didn’t see what the little bugger was capable of” Carlene replied. “I have a new digestive system because of him.”

“Well” The Circus Master interrupted. “In a few minutes we’ll know just how many of those things are loose in London as well as how we can kill them thanks to our friend here.”

Richards tried to struggle to break free again, but it was no use. He then started laughing.

“What’s so funny you freak” Keptis responded.

“Just that you lot combined had trouble bringing me in. I shudder to think how you’ll cope with the others. If you’d wanted to know where they were, you should have just asked. I’d love to have seen them rip you to pieces”

Florence had been able to track the Demon child all the way across London. Florence much like Carlene had an advanced sense of smell, which allowed her to pick up the Demon child’s scent. She carried with her a large bag containing various Vampire repellents.

The trail ended at a nearby hospital. Florence had been there as a little girl. She had most unpleasant memories of a particular Doctor named Malstrom. Malstrom was a famous quack who had a pathological hatred of woman. According to some rumours he had murdered his mother and father both of whom he allegedly poisoned. His first wife also died under mysterious circumstances too.

Malstrom would later be arrested for the apparent murder of a patient, a young friend of Florence named Sally, for which he was later hanged. Florence at just 9 years old had even given a testimony against Malstrom’s character in court, vouching for his hatred of women and his violent tendencies, which she had seen him act out on other patients. At one point he even threatened Florence herself, but she was fortunate enough to have never been the recipient of his violence.

Florence broke down the two rotten front doors of the hospital. Oh how she wished she had just let Carlene follow the boy now. This would be a very unpleasant trip down memory lane.

The hospital had been abandoned after the scandal about Malstrom. Very few people ever went there again, and eventually it shut down. It hadn’t been demolished, but rather was simply left to rot right in the heart of the city.

The whole place stunk of urine and vomit that had been allowed to congeal over the years, as well as rats that ran everywhere along the mouldy floors.

Even with the repulsive odours, Florence could still pick up the Vampires scent. He was clearly trying to conceal himself in amongst these horrible smells she thought. As she made her way to the upper levels however, Florence was suddenly able to make out more strange, distinct smells, the scene of more Vampires. There were clearly dozens more in the hospital, maybe even another Alpha. The little boy had actually led her into a trap. Florence slowly backed away back towards the stair case she had just come up, hopeful that the Vampires weren’t aware she was there yet.

Unfortunately however a  figure suddenly came emerging from the door closest to the stairs. As it wandered out of the darkness it revealed a hideous, bright green, slimy face. The monster had no hair, whilst its skin looked rotting and pungent. Its nails were long, almost as long as the Circus Masters, whilst its eyes were completely round and red with a black iris. The monster also had a forked tongue that slithered out of its mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

The monster attacked Florence, but before she could fight back the young urchin Vampire that she had chased in the first place managed to sneak up on the Siren while she was distracted and grabbed her by the back leg. When she turned around to try and push it off, the slimy, Vampire grabbed Florence in a bear hug from behind. The monster’s slimy skin was burning to the touch, and ate through her clothes and flesh! It managed to pull Florence backwards into a room filled with corpses of the monsters previous victims before throwing her to the floor.

Florence landed right in front of the body of an old man, most of whose skin had been ripped off along with both of his arms. His guts had also been torn out and were smeared all over the nearby wall. Rats had already begun to feast on his mangled innards.

The green Vampire, roaring and hissing grabbed Florence by the legs and pulled her back towards it. Florence however managed to pry herself out of the beasts grasp, flip onto her back and kick the monster several times in the chest and face, sending it backwards.

As she got up to stand her ground, she could suddenly hear more roars and hisses from Vampires coming down the halls. There seemed to be dozens of them from the sounds of things. It seemed every room in this hallway was filled with at least one Vampire. “I shouldn’t have gone on ahead alone” Florence said to herself, as she desperately tried to think of a way out.

When the Vampires came in, they started firing globs of slime from their hands at her, which ate through the walls and floor of the hospital. Florence managed to dodge the monsters attacks, though one bit of acid managed to splash on her arm. It was only a tiny bit, but it still melted right through to her bone before it quickly healed.

Florence was able to trick the Vampires into using their acid to burn a hole in the floor which she quickly escaped through.

Below Florence fell onto the corpse of a young woman lying an old bed. The woman was not one of the Vampires victims. She appeared to have been dead for a few years, and had died quite peacefully in her sleep. Sadly however it seems she had just been forgotten about when the hospital shut down. One of the Vampires soon fired more acid at Florence from above, though once again she was able to dodge it, with the acid eating through the dead woman’s face and the bed.

Florence quickly opened her bag and threw a bottle of holy water at the Vampire. It did nothing. Next she lifted out a stake and managed to ram it through the first Vampire that descended from the ceilings heart. It killed the beast instantly. Unfortunately however the stake melted inside the Vampire quickly. Florence only had another two stakes in her bag.

“Oh dear this isn’t going well is it?” She said to herself in panic. Another one of the Vampires jumped down and blocked the door to the hall in front of her. Dodging its acid attacks, Florence pulled out a cross which caused the Vampire to back down a little at first, but the monster was quickly able to fire a blotch of acid at her cross, which melted it and burned her hand.

In desperation, Florence next lifted out a bottle of condensed magical flames. These weapons were created by Denika. Whenever one was opened, the flame would escape and burn whoever its owner wished it too. The weapons were somewhat unpredictable however, and at close quarters the flames could sometimes consume everything in the nearby area. Denika had meant to try and find a way to perfect it, but she had never got around to it. Florence fled to the other end of the room and before the Vampire could follow her, she emptied the bottle of fire onto the beast causing it to go up instantly. The other Vampires above backed off a little bit, allowing Florence to flee the room, running past the burning Vampire as the flames consumed him completely.

In the filth ridden hall, Florence saw a window at the other end of the room which led outside. Florence would have to jump about 4 stories out of the window to reach the ground, but that would be no problem for her Vampiric constitution. Florence intended to escape through the window and then use her 5 remaining flame bottles to burn the hospital to the ground from outside. Florence could tell that there were no remaining humans in the area. Even with the pungent odours of sick, rats, blood and the Vampires themselves, she would still be able to pick up their scent if there were any people.

Suddenly however as Florence prepared to leave, she felt the roof and the walls around her shaking. There was something on the floor above, something a lot larger and more powerful than the Vampires chasing her. It was the Alpha, unquestionably. Florence quickly headed to the window, throwing one of her bottles at the door behind her as she ran, which held the Vampires back.

After jumping to the ground below. Florence threw 3 remaining bottles at the hospital. She threw two at the upper levels the Vampires had been chasing her on, and another at the door below.

The building went up very quickly. Some of the Vampires were able to make their way to the windows, but Florence held her cross to the monsters, causing them to double back into the flames. Some of the Vampires tried to fire acid at her from above, but Florence managed to dodge their attacks even more easily this time, whilst still holding the cross up.

Suddenly just as the Vampires seemed beaten a gigantic figure came crashing through the walls of the building, covered in flames.

The monster must have been about 7 feet tall. Its skin was green and slimy just like the other Vampires, except it had long slimy tentacles coming from its hands. Its eyes were also black like a shark.

This was clearly the Alpha, and Florence was now going to have to face it alone!

The monster reached its tentacle out and grabbed hold of Florence’s left leg as she tried to run away. It pulled her back and started swinging her around before throwing her back into the inferno she had created.

Florence managed to jump out of the flames however just in time and tore a large flaming 2 by 4 out of the rubble as she fled.

Florence used it to hit the Alpha several times in the face, but the monster quickly batted it away. As Florence managed to dodge the monsters strikes, she noticed a sense of familiarity in its face.

She didn’t have time to figure it out now however. Florence quickly made a dive for her bag of weapons, but as she tried to grab it, one of the Vampires that had managed to escape the hospital grabbed her from behind. It held her in place for its “father”, but Florence was able to flip it round, causing the Alpha to hit the Vampire with its tentacle instead. Florence then rammed the lesser Vampire into the Alpha, knocking them both back before she dived for the weapons bag.

Florence threw the bottle at the Alpha who not knowing what it was, managed to knock it out of reach, but it still broke when it hit the ground, which unleashed the flames on the Alpha anyway.

As the Alpha struggled in the flames, another lesser Vampire managed to escape the inferno and started to attack Florence. This creature managed to strike Florence’s weapons bag with an acid attack, but Florence managed to pull a stake and a silver blade out of her bag before it all melted. Florence would then throw the stake straight into one of the lesser Vampires hearts.

Dodging the other monsters acid attacks, she then sliced its arm off with her blade. Sadly however the blade melted from the monsters acidic slime, but Florence then quickly grabbed the flaming 2 by 4 and drove it through the Vampires heart when it tried to attack her.

The Alpha meanwhile, unable to put the flames out (the magic ensured that they could not be extinguished until their target was dead) collapsed onto the floor in pain.

It still wasn’t completely dead however, but Florence, using what was left of the 2 by 4 prepared to stake the Vampire through the heart.

However just as Florence was about to strike the killing blow, she was struck from behind by one of the Vampires. It was ironically the urchin Vampire that Florence had chased to the hospital in the first place. The Vampire hit Florence with a led pipe, hard enough to knock her to the floor, and when she tried to get up, the Alpha seizing its chance, jumped up and struck her in the face, knocking Florence out cold.

As soon as Florence was knocked out, the flames disappeared from the Alpha, as they were dependent on the users will.

“You’re going to pay for this bitch” the Alpha said as its charred flesh started to repair itself.

Meanwhile back at the Circus, the magic had begun to affect Richards. Despite his best attempts to fight them, they were simply too strong.

“Curse you Circus Freaks. I swear, I will make you all pay for this.”

” I thought you were confident your master could tear us apart? Hmm seems you’re actually bit scared. Anyway can please tell us who created you and where are they?” The Circus Master said.

“. I just hate being used” Richards spat back. “I was made by Marcozia Agner in the small seaside town of Lourouse. That’s where he is creating all of us. The town was abandoned 100 years ago. Apparently it was because it was cursed. We have children all over this country. You can’t stop us now.”

“Marcozia Agner?” Carlene replied in shock. “I know who that is. He must be lying.”

“I assure you he is not.” The Circus Master said.

“Marcozia is a Vampire hunter. He is one of the greatest I’ve ever met. He’s a total prick mind you. Tried to stake me several times. Still I find it hard to believe that he would ever allow himself to be turned. He hated Vampires even more than this bloke here” She said whilst looking at Keptis. “Even if he became one, he’d definitely stake himself.”

Richards smiled “You have no idea. He is our leader, our commander. He will lead us to victory. He will tear you all to pieces.”

Carlene still couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“This is not good. A Vampire hunter that has turned over to their side. He knows all of their weaknesses and how to overcome them.” Denika said.

“Well I know Marcozia” Carlene replied “and if there’s one thing” suddenly a noise from outside interrupted Carlene.

It was a young boys voice shouting on the Circus Master to come out. Carlene recognised it as the young urchin Vampire.

“That little prick. I thought Florence would have got him by now”.

“She hasn’t and that’s very worrying” the Circus Master said. “Stay in here. This could be a trap, and no use in all of us walking into it.” Before the others could protest The Circus Master had already gone on ahead.

“What do you want Demon child” the Circus Master said with disdain.

“Its simple. We have your little Siren friend. If you want to see her ever again in one piece, you’ll surrender to us right away.”

To Be Continued

Why I Want A Doctor Who Meets Scratchman Film

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Doctor Who Meets Scratchman was an idea for a Doctor Who movie originally dreamed up by 4th Doctor actor Tom Baker and Ian Marter during the filming of season 12.

Its premise would have seen the 4th Doctor, Harry and Sarah land on an island off the coast of Scotland where they would battle living scarecrows, before discovering that they were minions of Satan himself, called Scratchman!

The Doctor and his companions would then travel to Scratchman’s home dimension, where they would encounter other mythological figures such as the Greek God Pan and the Ferryman of the dead, Charon.

The finale would see the Doctor, Sarah and Harry battle Scratchman inside a giant interdimensional pinball machine!

The film came very close to being made towards the end of the 70s, but sadly a lack of funding and the release of Star Wars eventually brought an end to Baker’s plans to bring the Doctor to the big screen. Over 40 years after it was first conceived, Tom Baker and Ian Marter’s screenplay was finally adapted into a book, written by Tom Baker and James Goss. It was released in January 2019.

Personally however I still think the idea could work as a film. Scratchman to me is the perfect Doctor Who story. It combines horror, science fiction and surrealism together to create a truly unique adventure.

In this article I will give my opinion of the 2019 novelisation of Tom’s script, run through why I want Scratchman to be adapted, what I would like from said adaptation, and who I would like to play the Doctor, his companions and the titular villain.

Why Scratchman has potential

Image result for doctor who meets scratchman

Doctor Who Meets Scratchman could still work as a film, even after all this time, as it has a suitably epic story, potentially stunning visuals, and a fascinating, terrifying villain in the form of Scratchman.

Scratchman is an ancient being from another universe who feeds on psychic energy. His hunger is so great that he eventually consumes each universe he visits.

Scratchman is a sadistic monster that enjoys reshaping each universe he overruns into a hideous hell dimension. He twists aliens into being his Demonic servants, and torments them until he gets bored and moves on.

This disturbing scene from the 2019 novelisation where Scratchman forces several of his minions to kill themselves by throwing themselves into a firey pit, shows the full extent of the torment he inflicts on his minions.

“You’re one of the new arrivals aren’t you? You’ve caused so much damage. You have cost the lives of so many of us.’ ‘I’m dreadfully sorry about that’, said Harry sincerely. ‘Don’t feel too bad, the creature said,’ but clearly didn’t mean it. ‘We are just memories of life, twisted into something to amuse our master. You’re thinking of fighting back, of escaping-but really, you’ll just cost more lives and you’ll end up like one of us- sooner or later. Sooner in your case.’ ‘Thank you,’ said Harry. ‘And then nothing awaits you but milleia of service as one of us, and finally, as fuel for him.’ ‘Fuel?’ ‘We must keep his dreams aloft.’ The creature nodded miserably. ‘If I were you I’d save myself the torment and jump now.’ ‘Will it be quick?’ Asked Harry? ‘No,’ the creature said, ‘but it will at least be over.’ And it launched itself into the air, dived down into the sulphurous pit, gave a single cry, and burst into flame.”

The current universe Scratchman inhabits resembles hell from various religions, with figures such as Charon existing. However the creatures are given somewhat modern and humorous twists, with Charon now being a down on his luck cabbie who drives people to their final destination, and Scratchman’s chief torturer being a lazy giant lizard.

Scratchman has destroyed billions of universe throughout all of time, but now he sets his sights on our reality. He has been attempting to enter our universe for centuries, and has been able to project his thoughts into our universe for centuries too, influencing humanity, and giving rise to myths and legends about the devil. Scratchman has also been able to pull the minds of people from our universe into his own to torture them, giving rise to myths about Charon and the afterlife.

The whole point of doing a film version of a long running television series, is to do something that you couldn’t do on tv. Scratchman still fits that criteria. Even with the improved effects of New Who, the visuals of the Underworld would be too grand to do on the tv shows budget. Also the images of people being tortured and damned in hell would perhaps be too frightening and violent for the tv audience. Scratchman could up the horror ante from even the Hinchcliff era.

A problem I have had with the 21st century version of Doctor Who is that overall it’s somewhat more toothless than the original. The 1963-1989 classic era of Doctor Who regularly pushed the boundaries in terms of its violent content and provoked extreme controversy. At times the original Doctor Who was almost a horror series as much as a sci fi show.

Doctor Who Meets Scratchman, which has the potential for some really terrifying ideas and set pieces could help restore Doctor Who’s reputation as a horror series.  Indeed Doctor Who Meets Scratchman is arguably one of the darkest Doctor Who stories ever made.

Though the Doctor does defeat Scratchman, he fails to save the entire universe that Scratchman took over. The Third Doctor story Inferno was always one of the most terrifying stories for me as a child because the Doctor failed to save the earth. It was an evil, alternate version of the earth, but still seeing an entire world actually burn on screen was utterly horrifying.

Now imagine seeing the Doctor fail to save an entire universe!

Worse than that however, the universe Scratchman has taken over has been ravaged by him to such an extent, that he is the only thing that is holding it together. Therefore in order to save his universe, the Doctor has to sacrifice another!

Scratchman is even by Doctor Who standards a huge threat. He is an individual villain that can consume entire universes, and has slaughtered more people than the Daleks, the Master, and the Cybermen combined.

The story also pushes Doctor Who to its limits in terms of how surreal it is. A story with living scarecrows, the Devil, Greek Gods, and giant pin ball machines, even by Doctor Who standards is somewhat unusual.

Nevertheless it still stays within the limits of what Doctor Who can be. Scratchman is not actually a supernatural creature. He is still an alien, and the world he lives in is not actually the afterlife, just another universe.

Also whilst its true that the idea of the Doctor fighting the Devil has been explored in the television story The Satan Pit/The Beast Below, a lot of other ideas in Scratchman are still new territory for Doctor Who, such as the concept of hell. The finale featuring the Doctor and his companions being trapped in a giant pinball machine would still make an absolutely spectacular and surreal sequence too.

With a decent budget I think Scratchman could still be a unique, imaginative, and scary Doctor Who story that truly goes beyond what the tv series would be capable of.

My Opinion Of The 2019 Scratchman

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Personally I wasn’t that keen on the recent adaptation of Scratchman. The first half of the book, which stays closest to Tom and Ian’s original script is fantastic. There are some genuinely chilling moments, and the story plays out like a classic Phillip Hinchcliff era gothic story.

Sadly its from the second part on that the book starts to lose it. I suspect in this part of the book, co-author James Goss’ input became greater, as it doesn’t seem to match Tom’s style.

The second section of the book is done more in the style of New Who. Leaving aside the fact that I am not a big fan of the 21st century version of Doctor Who (certainly not compared to the original.) The new style also does not fit Tom’s Doctor at all.

Rather than be just a bumbling traveller with great improvisational skills like in the original series, the Doctor is rewritten in the book to being an angry lonely god. The way the Doctor defeats Scratchman by creating illusions of all the monsters the Doctor has faced on his travels to destroy him is exactly the type of thing I’d expect to see in a Moffat script.

Its an attempt to big up the Doctor (with Scratchman commenting that no one could stand against all of the creatures culled from the Doctors mind) that goes against the logic of the story. Scratchman is a creature that has eaten entire universes! How on earth could the Doctor, who has only explored part of one universe, have possibly have seen anything that could shock Scratchman?

Scratchman 2019 also plays on the idea of all the Doctors being different people, and the Doctor never wanting to change. This is again something that New Who pioneered during the Tennant era. In the classic series the Doctor was never scared of regeneration. Troughton’s Doctor does protest, but once they tell him that he can choose what his next face looks like, he says “that’s not so bad”, showing that they are all meant to be the same man underneath. Making all of the Doctors into different people, destroys the Doctor as a character overall, as it now essentially turns him into a title passed onto 13 different characters.

Scratchman 2019 also features pointless cameos from other Doctors, which I feel drags the story down into fan fiction territory.

Something as large as the first 4 Doctors meeting (even if it is only scarecrow copies of the first three) should not be crowbarred into a story that is not about that, and was never intended to be about that.

Worst of all however is the fact that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor appears. Now I freely admit that I despise Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. Everything about her from the reason she was cast, to her voice, to her annoying scrunch habit, to her attitude to her critics, to her costume, to her costume is awful.

Still sticking such a controversial version of the Doctor into a story that she was never intended to be in, seems like a nasty, spiteful, mean spirited taunt to Jodie’s critics on behalf of the co-author, James Goss. (I very much doubt that it was Tom’s idea to include Jodie. Remember Tom is a man who refused to be in The Five Doctors as he didn’t want to appear with any other Doctors, and who always jokingly responds “OTHER DOCTOR” when fans ask him who his favourite other Doctor was. I very much doubt with this in mind that he would go out of his way to include other Doctors in a story that was only ever intended to feature his Doctor.)

Fair enough not everybody hates Jodie, though I think its fair to say that she is not one of the most popular incarnations of the Time Lord to say the least.

Image result for doctor who rotten tomatoes

Still this is not like someone having a line up of all the Doctors and Jodie’s critics getting angry at her being included at all.

This book was a chance for old school fans to enjoy a new story from the most popular Doctor of the original series, that Jodie was never a part of at all. James Goss however wouldn’t even let us have that. He has such contempt for classic era fans that he had to force the revival into it, and the most controversial, hated aspect of the revival too, regardless of how out of place it seemed. It sullied the entire book for me.

Its a shame as well as the second section of the book contains the most wild and imaginative aspects of the story, but Goss’ tampering with Tom and Ian’s ideas lets it, and consequently the entire story overall down.

The subsequent film adaptation would in my opinion have to leave out cameos from all the former and future Doctors, focus on the other universe and its history, how it tried to fight and ultimately fell to Scratchman, the Doctors dilemma in having to destroy another universe to save his own, Scratchman’s influence on human history, and the various monsters in his universe. All of these ideas are only touched upon in the 2019 version, as the story seems to be more concerned with focusing on analysing the Doctors character instead.

Who Would I Cast

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For a hypothetical film version of Scratchman I would like to see Julian Richings as the Doctor, and Dana Delorenzo and Colin O’Donaghue as his two companions.

I have mentioned all 3 of these actors before as being my ideal Tardis team. I think Julian would be perfect as an old school, alien, distant, no nonsense Doctor, based on his stellar performance as Death in Supernatural.

See here.

The Doctor

Dana Delorenzo and Colin O’Donaghue meanwhile are both actors with prior genre experience, (Delorenzo was one of the stars in the cult series Ash Vs Evil Dead) whilst Colin starred as Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time for 6 years.

And his companions

Colin and Dana would both be very physical companions who would make a great contrast with the more cerebral, cold and elderly Doctor.

All 3 actors together would bring a very different dynamic to the story than Tom, Sarah and Harry would have done, but that’s okay. You could never replicate the chemistry those three characters had, so it would make sense to try something new.

Julian’s more serious Doctor could help play up some of the horror aspects, whilst Dana and Colin could at the same time allow a chance for there to be greater action in the film.

I have mentioned in the past that I would prefer to see an alternate sequel to Classic Who that ignores New Who, and a Scratchman film could serve as quite a good pilot to this hypothetical sequel.

Personally I think it would be for the best if they ditched Jodie’s era which is already failing hard next year, gave the show a rest for a few years, and then produced Doctor Who Meets Scratchman with Julian, Dana and Colin in 2023 for the 60th anniversary, followed by a new series with that cast.

As for Scratchman personally I would like to see Bruce Campbell play the role. Bruce Campbell is a horror icon best known for playing Ash Williams in The Evil Dead franchise. He has played a few villains in his long career such as Assault on Dome 4, as an evil Witchfinder in Charmed, and as Ash’s evil counterpart in both Army of Darkness and Ash vs Evil Dead.

In my opinion Campbell would be the best choice for Scratchman as he would be able to inject enough humour into the role. Part of what makes Scratchman such an effective villain is his twisted sense of humour. Campbell has a real talent for being able to blend overt horror and comedy together almost like no other angle.

When he wants too Campbell can be menacing as seen in Ash Vs Evil Dead when his evil counterpart brutally murders and taunts Amanda Fisher, or in Army of Darkness where the evil version of Ash rapes Shelia! (Which may be the most disturbing moment in any of the Evil Dead movies.)

Also its known that Tom Baker wanted Vincent Price to play the original Scratchman. Price even expressed interest in the role. Thus it would make sense to get another legendary horror actor to play it today.


I would also have Scratchman survive the Doctors attempts on his life (as was planned in the original script by Tom and Ian) so that he could then recur in the series as another major enemy of the Doctor. I think there is enough in the Scratchman character to bring him back for later stories. (If he were to be played by Bruce Campbell then that would just be all the more reason to bring him back! Its a scientific fact that you can increase the enjoyment of something by the inclusion of Bruce Campbell.)

For the role of Charon, I think Mark Hamill would be an excellent choice. Hamill’s talent as a voice actor could allow him to come up with a suitably unique and creepy voice for the ferryman, or cabbie of the dead.

For the role of Mr Tembel, the Lizard who attempts to torture the Doctor by boring him to death, I think David Warner would be an excellent choice. Aside from being an all around excellent actor, Warner’s role as the inept, useless torturer would be a nice contrast to one of his most famous roles as the Cardassian torturer in Star Trek The Next Generation. It would also give him a chance to show off a more comedic side as well.

Finally as for the role of Mrs Tulloch, the mean spirited woman in the village, I would cast Lucy Lawless. Lucy Lawless who is best known as Xena is excellent at playing villains. In this hypothetical film version you would have to expand Tulloch’s role of course, so as not to waste Lucy. I would have her rather than simply be killed, be turned into a Demon by Scratchman and be one of his main servants in hell chasing the Doctor and his companions.

Lucy would make an amazing Doctor Who monster. She’s already proven she can play really horrific, vicious monstrous characters as seen with Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead, and the various times Xena was turned into a Demon, Vampire etc.

Related image

Mrs Tulloch

My Own Version Of Scratchman

Regardless of whether or not we will ever see a version of Scratchman on the big screen, I will be doing my own adaptation of the story as part of my own alternate sequel series. I wanted Scratchman to be canon to my series that ignores New Who, as I wanted to use the character of Scratchman as a recurring foe for the Doctor, but sadly I can’t use the 2019 version due to the inclusion of Jodie’s Doctor.

So instead I will be doing my own version. (I will not be using Tom’s Doctor as I obviously could never hope to write his Doctor as well as he could.)

My version will be released in weekly instalments over the Chirstmas period in 2019. Think of it as being this years Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you think Scratchman could ever work as a film, and what you thought of the recent adaptation.



Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 3: The Forgotten Heroes


“I still don’t trust you Vampire”, the old man from the future said with venom to the Professor.

“I don’t care. The fact is you need to stay in here until we have repaired the vessel.”

The Professor and Lindsey had taken the humans Gyster had kidnapped to the emergency room of the ship. It could only be accessed with a specific spell that the Professor knew.

He felt that it was the only place they would be safe, as there was always the possibility the Zombies could get into Fang’s vessel now that they were both docked.

“You’ll be perfectly safe in here” Lindsey said more softly.

After the two left the former hostages went frantic and started to hit on the door desperately, all except for Kirsteen who simply sat at the back, absorbed in her thoughts. She started at the table of drinks ahead of her. Even in these circumstances she didn’t want to undo all of the great work she had done in conquering her addictions.

“I’m still waiting to wake up” she thought to herself. “Vampires, aliens, Zombies, time travel. I could maybe take one, if I was pissed, but all of them. The girl seem’s nice but that guy? God I’ve never wanted a drink more than now” she thought as she flicked her way through the books on a nearby shelf, looking for something to kill what might be her last few hours. “It’d have to be a good book to take my mind off of the fact that I might be eaten by spaces Zombies in a few minutes” she thought.

The Professor and Lindsey opened the hatch to Gyster. There was a long seemingly empty corridor ahead. Once they entered it they heard Gyster’s voice booming.

“About damn time” the living ship complained. “What took you so long.”

“Well you know how it is, trying to fix a broken down living spaceship, I just need the right tools.” The Professor said sarcastically.

The Professor had a large staff that ended in a green glow. It was a powerful magical healing device. The Professor hoped it could at least eleviate some of the symptoms as he fixed Gysters core engine with enchantments.

“I just hope we don’t run into any of your friends” Lindsey said. “I’ve always hated Zombies, but if I die don’t you dare turn me into one of of your little pets.”

“You’ve not earned that privilege” Gyster said, which made Lindsey wince in disgust.

“There is one that you should be scared of. My former favourite, Jiazan.”


“He was once the greatest of all my warriors. He was a beautiful, kind generous soul. He was killed by Vampires, monsters like you Professor on a mission” Gyster said with anger.

“When I brought him back I thought he would be happy to help me again like he always had. Instead he tried to kill my latest friends. He ate them. This was years before you crashed into me. I laid him to rest again. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Just before I killed him a second time, he told me that he couldn’t bare the fact that I had replaced him. Now he is killing everyone on board this and not just killing them. He crushes them into nothing. He wants to be the only one here forever. If you see him run.”

“Yes thank you for the warning. I already had a couple of nasty little encounters with your former friend.” The Professor said. “In fact I was barely able to rescue your last hostage from him. Please though whatever you do, don’t ever consider me and Lindsey your friends. It seems they suffer more than your enemies.” The Professor said mockingly.

“If only you could know the great things my crew have done over the years. The worlds we saved. I elevated them to heroes. Heroes whose story will vanish unless you save me.”

Gyster continued to bore The Professor and Lindsey with tales of his former crews heroics and tedious small talk, as they ventured through the large catacomb of tunnels and corridors.

“I”m not normally quite so dark and dank you know” Gyster said.

“Please we have to concentrate. There could be Zombies round any corner.” The Professor snapped.

“I was just trying to make conversation. Anything to avoid thinking about my impending death.”

“Well no offence intended, but being eaten by Zombies, is really not much worse than having a conversation with you” The Professor said.

“You’re a miserable old git aren’t you. I can’t believe my fate rests in the hands of someone so mean!”

“I’m mean” the Professor gasped. “I don’t turn people into monsters.”

Lindsey rolled her eyes. “To be fair she thought. The Professor is quite rude at times.”

Suddenly a Zombie came peering round one of the corridors. It was a young woman. She appeared to have died only recently. She was carrying a large blunt instrument and hissing at the two time travellers. The Professor fired his healing ray at the Zombie. It confused and disoriented the monster for a short while and some of its scars began to heal, but the creature was too far gone for the spell to revive it completely.

It tried to attack the Professor in rage, but Lindsey managed to kick the monster’s weapon out of its hand, which she then picked up and used to smash the monsters head in.

She turned to look at the Professor, somewhat annoyed. “What the hell were you doing?”

“I just wanted to know if I could heal a Zombie. Since I first got this little contraption a few months ago, I’ve been wondering if it can actually raise the dead.”

Suddenly their discussion was interrupted by several more groaning sounds coming from down the corridor. There were dozens more Zombies, coming their way.

As the two time travellers turned to flee they saw Zombies coming back down the other way too.

They were completely trapped. The Professor might be able to fight through that many Zombies, but there was no way he could protect Lindsey at the same time. She was a highly skilled fighter, but that many Zombies would be too much for anyone.

“Do something” The Professor said in panic.

“Oh so now you want my help?” Gyster said indignantly.

“Fine we’ll die painfully, and you’ll die painfully.”

Just then a red light appeared, followed by the sound of Gyster gasping in pain.

“Get in, now!” Gyster shouted. Lindsey and the Professor ran through the light, and suddenly found themselves in a large disco.

“Where are we”

“In the disco. The core engine is just right around the corner from here. I teleported you here with my last ounce of strength. I’ve shortened my life however in the process. I have about 30 minutes left. You have to hurry.”

Lindsey and The Professor ran through the large empty Disco, but as they reached the end of the room, they were suddenly distracted by a most peculiar sight.

Two Zombies were dancing with one another near the only door. Their faces were both decaying. The male Zombies face had rotted to the point where it was almost unrecognisable.

Both Lindsey and the Professor stared in amazement at the creatures for a few seconds, before Gyster started to groan in pain. Unfortunately this alerted the two Zombies who suddenly noticed the Professor and Lindsey at the other end of the room.

“Please don’t hurt us” the female Zombie said.

“Don’t hurt you?” Lindsey said in response, completely puzzled.

“Please we don’t know how much longer we have left. We just want to spend it together.”

The male Zombie spoke up.

“We were picked by Gyster thousands of years ago. We first met each other on this very floor at a party Gyster held to welcome his new friends.”

“Prisoners more like” Lindsey said under her breath.

“We were from two different worlds and two different eras, but we fell in love. For years we journeyed the universe together, fighting evil, slaying monsters, saving planets. Unfortunately Gyster never let us have children. He wanted to be the only one who decided who got to live here.

“The more and more I hear about Gyster the more I like him.” The Professor said sarcastically.

“We both understood. We were not angry with him. Had it not been for Gyster we would never have met and never done all the great things we did. Sadly however our time would come to an end. Slakia was killed defending a group of children from a Marishu beast. Nasty creatures. When she died I did too.” The male Zombie said as he clutched her hand. “I’d spent the rest of my life on Gyster, never bothering to visit another world, and constantly waiting for that wonderful day when we would be reunited again. Now it has finally come. For just a few hours we can be together again. Its a miracle.”

“Miracle? You’re missing half of your face!” The Professor said in shock.

“Leave us alone you heartless bastard” Slakia shrieked. Just then the whole ship began to shriek and a large blue light came bursting through the floor, narrowly missing Lindsey and the Professor. It burned a hole right through the roof. Slakia and the male Zombie huddled together in fear.

The blast was followed by an ear piercing scream from Gyster. “Please I’m dying!” He screamed.

The Professor and Lindsey ran past the two love zombies and down the corridor outside of the disco which ended in a T junction.

“Which corridor Gyster. Gyster!” The Professor shouted, but all he heard were groans of pain. Just then the Professor noticed a large flash of blue light coming from down the left corridor.

“Well I guess we don’t go down that way then” Lindsey said. The Professor however had the opposite reaction.

“No I think its this way” The old man ran down the corridor, much to Lindsey’s annoyance.

The Professor felt that the flash’s of blue light, in reality magic, were the ships blood, and the closer they got to the light, the closer they got to Gysters “heart”.

When they reached the  light however they had to stop. It was burning to the touch and would have incinerated them both within seconds. The Professor however was able to make it disappear by using his magical healing staff to close the “wound” the light was emerging from, allowing he and Lindsey to cross.

Just ahead was a room with a massive oval shaped, metallic, floating object above.

“The core engine that radiates magic throughout the entire ship and gives Gyster life. I reckon I have about 15 minutes before it explodes.” Said the Professor.

The Professor got to work with his staff, trying to ease some of the more unstable areas of the “heart”.

Unfortunately both he and Lindsey were too distracted by the heart to notice the lumbering, Zombie giant, Jiazan slowly sneaking up on Lindsey. The monster had also made its way to Gysters heart, hoping that it could control it and make Gyster its puppet to go exploring the universe with.

Before she could even react, the monster grabbed Lindsey from behind and started to throttle her.

The Professor quickly jumped up and started to grapple with Jiazan. Unfortunately the monsters strength was far too great and it batted the Professor across the room easily.

Sensing that he was the greater threat, the monster tossed Lindsey aside and picked the Professor up. It dragged the Vampire across the room to the unstable “heart” of the ship. Just touching it would be enough to vaporise the Professor.

Fang struggled in the monsters grip, but it was no use. Lindsey also attempted to help by hitting the monster repeatedly, but it quickly knocked her out with one punch.

The Zombie then lifted the Professor up over its head and prepared to throw him into the ships heart.






Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 3

Related image

The monsters started to circle Dana who stumbled over a corpse, or rather what was left of one. With no weapons or way of even defending herself, Dana grabbed the nearest thing she could. The severed arm of one of the previous monsters victims which she used to hit the first creature that tried to attack her right in the face.

Dana then jumped to her feet and started swinging the arm around blindly. The monsters however kept phasing through each of her attacks. Still as long they were phasing then they couldn’t harm her either.

One of the monsters soon managed to land a lucky strike on Dana’s back. It phased its hand through her spine, and slowly began to make its hand materialise.

Dana fell to her knees in agony, dropping the arm. As Dana lay on the floor, temporarily unable to move from the pain in her back, the monsters gathered over her. Some of them were fighting over which one would be the first to disembowel her.

Fortunately before the monsters could do anything, the roof exploded and they were forced to scatter as bits of rubble fell from the ceiling. Dana wasn’t able to get up however from the pain in her back, but she managed to roll onto her side, narrowly avoiding a large sharpened rock from the ceiling.

After the smoke cleared the Doctor came jumping down from the hole in the ceiling and grabbed one of the monsters from behind. He struck it over the back of its head before throwing it into two others. Another monster tried to attack the Doctor and though he was able to dodge its attacks, any time he tried to punch it the beast phased into nothing.

“That’s cheating” the Doctor said in anger. Whilst he was distracted with this monster, another one of the abominations picked up a large shard of rubble the ceiling and tried to strike the Doctor from behind. The Time Lord however was able to dodge its attack, causing the creature to impale its comrade by mistake. Whilst it was in shock at what it had done, the Doctor, wasting no time, knocked the monster out with a quick strike to its neck, and pulled the blood stained piece of rubble from the other beast’s chest, which he then used to hold off the others who started to circle him.

Whilst the Doctor was fighting the monsters off, Reosa and Sleera quickly jumped down and helped Dana to her feet. She was still in tremendous pain, but she was able to walk again. Reosa didn’t have a weapon on her. The Doctor had used it to blow the hole in the floor. Laragesh warned the Doctor that they couldn’t take the lift as the monsters had blocked the passage way to it below with rubble. They had turned the floor below into the perfect trap for their victims where they couldn’t escape.

Just as he had done with other two weapons before, the Doctor turned Reosa’s gun into a bomb. Reosa protested, but the Doctor didn’t listen. He simply snatched the gun from her hands and before she could try and stop him he had already adjusted it to explode.

Reosa was furious at the Doctor for leaving them defenceless, but she didn’t have time to argue about that now. Reosa struck one of the monsters from behind with a large piece of rubble and quickly knocked another out that turned to face her. Dana and Sleera meanwhile also started to pelt the monsters causing them to phase into nothing.

The Doctor quickly ran past the beasts whilst they were distracted and started to climb up the mass of rubble that led to the hole in the roof.

“Well don’t just stand there come on!” He shouted to the others who quickly followed him. As they made their way up the rubble, the Doctor who was the first to get up, continued to throw pieces of rubble at the monsters who attempted to follow to hold them back.

Once they reached the floor above, the foursome quickly made their way to the elevator, but once again one of the creatures below emerged in front of the elevator just as they were about to enter it.

This time however Reosa stabbed the monster through the chest with a piece of shard she had picked up below, managing to catch it before it could phase.

The Doctor, Dana, Sleera, and Reosa then quickly pushed past the dying monster, as more of its kind began to emerge through the floor behind them and made their way into the lift.

The lift took them all the way back up to the first floor which the Doctor knew was empty. The four took a minute to get their breath back before Reosa hit the Doctor.

“You fool, you wasted our last weapon, we’re completely defenceless now.”

“If I hadn’t acted right away those things would have torn Dana apart!” The Doctor protested. “Besides those weapons were useless anyway.”

Reosa slammed the Doctor against a wall.

“You stupid, arrogant fool. How can you be so dismissive.” Dana quickly interrupted Reosa and pulled her away from the Doctor.

“Now look, I’d much rather he didn’t risk his or anyone’s lives just to save mine, but he was just trying to help me, and I’d have done the same thing for him as I’m sure you would for someone you care about.”

Reosa let the Doctor go and said “if we all get killed I’m blaming you no matter what” to the Doctor in an aggressive, bitter tone.

Sleera meanwhile was trying to signal Laragesh on the radio through the commotion

“Hello Sleera can you hear me” the tinny voice came crackling through.

“Finally, please Laragesh did you find out where the cure is?”

“Yes, I managed to access the records and its on the 3 floor, but you need to be careful. One of the monsters is down there. Its very large, fast and dangerous and its right by the lift.”

“We don’t have any guns left. The Doctor destroyed the last one.”

There was a pause for minute or so.

“I’m sorry Sleera, that creature has built its nest by the lift. There’s no way you can get down there without a weapon. Even with a weapon I’m not sure you could get past that thing. I don’t know what to do.”

“Its okay Laragesh, its not your fault” Sleera said softly.

Even the Doctor was stumped for a minute or too, before it hit him. “Of course the ventilation system. If I can crawl down there to the 3rd floor, there’s a chance I could make it past that thing. Is there an opening in the room with the cure.”

Laragesh checked the monitors. “There’s one outside it Doctor, but that thing’s children will be crawling all over the place. If one of them sees you”.

“Well we always knew there would be risks. Its our only chance, and I’m not feeling any better.”

“Okay fine, take the communicator and I’ll let you know if the creatures are on the other side of the vent.”

Laragesh didn’t fancy the Doctors chances. She’d seen these monsters tear her team mates to pieces. There was no way the Doctor could outrun them, and he certainly couldn’t outfight them if he was cornered.

On the floor of the shelter Taresk started to wake up.

“What’s going on why am I tied up? That scruffy guy in the fancy coat. Where is he I’ll.”

“Oh shut up Taresk, I have important things to do. If I don’t help the Doctor he could die.”

“The Doctor? You mean you’re going to actually help that lunatic get out of here? Even at the risk of letting those things get in here?”

“Look around commander” she said mockingly. “He already got out of here when you were out cold. He’s on the first floor. You were wrong Taresk. The Doctor is our only hope of getting off this planet. He has a ship that can take us to safety and you would have let him die in here, just because you were afraid.”

“Now wait a minute, you can’t talk to your”

“Save it, you know its true. Its okay though, I was afraid too. We all are. None of us have seen anything like these creatures before. To be honest I don’t even think the Doctor can help us out here, but still if there’s a sliver of a chance, we have to take it.”

Back on the first floor, the Doctor and Dana prepared to go down the ventilation system together. The Doctor as per usual didn’t want her risking his life, but he realised it was pointless to try and convince Dana not to come.

The Doctor told Sleera and Reosa to search the bodies to try and find any spare weapons just before he left.

Sleera kept in contact with Laragesh, who kept him updated on the Doctor.

It took the Doctor and Dana about 10 minutes to reach the third floor. The Doctor went ahead first. When he reached the grill, he could see the corridor ahead was covered in green slime. There were also 5 eggs littered up and down the corridor, each about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

The Doctor unscrewed the grill with his sonic screwdriver and slowly jumped onto the floor. Unfortunately however the slime covered every inch of the floor, and the Doctor slipped and fell on his back as soon as he landed.

“Oh damn it, I love this coat” the Doctor groaned as he stood up, covered in a foul smelling goo.

“Shhhh” Dana whispered in frustration.

“What, oh right yes the monsters” the Doctor said as he tried to rub the goo off.

Dana gave him another glare and the Doctor knew he had to be quiet.

Unfortunately however the Doctor moaning about his coat had seemingly alerted one of the creatures. He could hear a scuttling sound coming from down the other end of the corridor. Unfortunately it was the end the room with the cure was in. They had to get there quickly. The Doctor tried to help Dana out of the vent, but as he pulled her back he slipped backwards again and Dana fell face first into the slime.

Dana peeled herself up from the slime and wiped it off her face.

“As I said earlier I need to take about a million showers when I get back to the TARDIS. Slime and blood isn’t the best combination to smeared in!”

The Doctor and Dana quickly hurried into the room at the end of the corridor, after which the Doctor sealed the door with his sonic screwdriver, for all the good it would do.

The Doctor and Dana hid behind a desk in the room and waited for a few minutes. They heard what sounded like a truly immense creature pass by. Fortunately it didn’t seem to notice them. It was more focused on its eggs which were about to hatch.

“It’s preoccupied with its children” Laragesh said to them. “But it won’t be distracted for long. If it picks up your scent you’re dead. The cure’s in the cupboard at the far end of the room. The code to open it is”

“Thank you, but it will probably be quicker with this” the Doctor said as he lifted out his sonic screwdriver.

Dana kept a close eye on the door. Every little screech from the monsters outside was enough to terrify her.

Sadly both she and the Doctor failed to notice that one of the monsters twisted offspring was in the room and that it was slowly crawling towards Dana.

The creature had 4 pincer like legs, three tails, and a humanoid upper body with 6 arms, each of which ended in clawed hands and two heads. Its entire body was covered in purple fur. It’s two mouth’s were on the top of its two heads whilst it had three large long, thin eyes in the middle of each head.

The creature scuttled towards Dana quickly and dug its pincers into her leg. Dana screamed in pain and quickly kicked the monster off.

Unfortunately the monsters outside heard Dana’s scream and headed towards the door. The mothers claws came piercing through the door and ripped it off its hinges. The Doctor (who had managed to open the lock to the cupboard and take two samples of the cure) and Dana stood completely frozen in fear. Even Laragesh had no idea what to say to help them.

The creature peered one of its hideous two heads through the door. It must have been over 10 feet tall and 30 feet long.

Whilst Dana and the Doctor were distracted by the creature, its offspring tried to attack Dana again.

This time however Dana was able to overpower it easily. As Dana wrestled with the little monster, the Doctor saw what almost appeared to be a look of concern on the mothers face.

“Don’t” the Doctor shouted as Dana got it in a headlock.

“What do you mean?”

“Look at that thing. It cares about its children. We can use that.”

“I know you can understand me. Let us go or else.” The Doctor said. Dana held the child’s throat tighter and the mother instantly retreated. The two left the room, with Dana holding onto the creature as the Doctor checked ahead.

He could see the mother, a truly immense creature standing in front of the vent. Fortunately they didn’t need to escape up that way again. The Doctor and Dana backed away down the opposite end of the corridor, with the Doctor going ahead to make sure there were no other offspring.

The two managed to make it to the lift, with the mother following them. Once they were in the lift, Dana threw the child back at its mother unharmed. Before the giant could retaliate the lift took the Doctor and Dana to safety and back to the first floor.

On the way there, the both drank the cure.

“Actually that’s not that bad.” The Doctor said. “I might nip down and get another sample. Figure out the recipe” he joked.

“Well I just hope we don’t get eaten now.” Dana said. “It would be annoying after going through all of that for the cure.”

Laragesh couldn’t believe they had actually found the cure. It had all seemed so hopeless. Her joy was short lived however as she and the other soldiers suddenly heard a massive crash coming from outside, followed by the sound of all the horrors above scurrying away.

“Its found us. That giant freak.” Laragesh said with horror. The giant monster that had first attacked the Doctor and Dana when they landed on this godforsaken planet, had come smashing its way from outside, being able to stay clear of the monitors.

“Its okay it can’t get it in here.” Said one of the soldiers at the back.

Just then however the hatch began to shake, and massive claws pierced it, before the hatch was ripped clean out.

“I can’t believe it” Taresk said trembling with fear. “Nothing can get through that  The monster grabbed Taresk first, who was completely unable to defend himself. It crushed him to a pulp and then swallowed him whole. Another soldier tried to run towards the ladder and escape, but the monster caught him and bit him in half.  The other soldiers fired at the beast repeatedly, but it did no good.

They were completely cornered and in desperation Laragesh called for the Doctor and Sleera.

“Please, Doctor, Sleera, Reosa, help us, the giant’s back, its ripped off the hatch.”

The Doctor and Dana had only reached the first floor. They barely had enough time to tell Reosa and Sleera what happened when the hopeless message came crackling through the recorder.

The Doctor, Dana, Sleera and Reosa instantly headed to the 14th level in the elevator. Even though they knew it was pointless and there was no way they could even harm the monster, they still couldn’t just leave Laragesh and the others down there.

As they headed to the 14th floor, they could hear Laragesh scream through the recorded as the monster grabbed her. “PLEASE HELP ME, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

When they arrived at the 14th floor, they saw the giant, crouched over the pit holding the broken, crumpled body of one of the soldiers.

“The giant noticed the four new arrivals and smiled, revealing its blood stained teeth, that still had bits and pieces of the soldiers caught between them.

Thinking fast the Doctor ran to the other end of the room.

“What are you doing? Reosa shouted.

“Get the survivors out of the pit, I’ll draw him over here.”

The monster followed the Doctor allowing Reosa, Dana and Sleera to make their way to the pit.

Unfortunately when they got there, they saw much to their horror that the monster had eaten all of the soldiers, including Laragesh. All that was left were a few bits and pieces scattered about the room, and the corpse of Reosa’s son (the monster clearly didn’t like left overs.)

Sleera didn’t believe it at first, and looked around to see if Laragesh was hiding somewhere.

The monster started laughing maniacally. It had clearly been toying with all of them, letting Sleera and Reosa think there was a chance for their friends until the last minute, allowing them to see the gruesome sight below.

The monster then fired two death rays from its eyes at Dana and Reosa who barely managed to escape the blast.

It continued to fire at the three of them. The creature generally didn’t like to use its eye rays on smaller creatures. It preferred to crush and eat them. It was really more toying with them than anything else.

The Doctor meanwhile started to experiment with some of the broken down pieces of machinery. He hoped he could create a bomb out of one of them. He was familiar with most of the pieces of equipment here. It seemed not much had changed in the centuries since he worked at the facility. He knew the technology well enough to make it unstable.

The monster quickly grew tired tired of toying with its victims and snatched Reosa. With no time to try the makeshift weapon from bits and pieces of what he could find, the Doctor threw it at the beast. It created a minor explosion, enough to deter the monster briefly, and cause it to drop Reosa.

The creature now turned its attention to the Doctor and tried to blast him with its eye beams, but the Doctor was able to avoid it.

“Go away now”, the Doctor shouted as he tried to lead the monster to the other end of the room.

Sleera and Reosa didn’t want to leave the Doctor, but they could see there was nothing they could do. The monster was blocking any hope the Doctor had of escape, and they had no weapons, and unlike the Doctor they had no way of using the bits and pieces of tech around. They headed for the elevator. Dana of course stayed as she didn’t want to leave the Doctor, but Reosa and Sleera dragged her away.

“There’s nothing we can do, come on” Reosa said as they pulled Dana to the elevator and took it to the first floor.

Once they were in the elevator, Dana shoved Sleera and Reosa against a wall when they tried to comfort her.

“We shouldn’t have just left him. After all he’s done for me and I couldn’t help him when he needed me.”

“My best friend was just torn to pieces down there by those things. You’re not the only one who lost someone”

“The difference was we didn’t abandon your friend. We rushed down there even when it was hopeless.”

“There was nothing we could have done.” Sleera said bitterly. “If we all die, then our friends died for nothing” he said bitterly, not sure if he even believed it.

Just then the doors opened to the first floor, but this time they were not empty. The corridors were filled with creatures, similar to the blue monster Dana had seen in the caves.

On the 14th floor the Doctor was able to keep avoiding the giant monsters eye beams, but it eventually managed to corner him at the very far edge of the room, against a large broken down machine.

“Wait” the Doctor shouted. I know you are intelligent. You’re not just an animal. I think you’ll be interested to know that this entire area has been infected with a lethal chemical. There is an antidote that I’d be happy to share with you, if you don’t burn me to a crisp, or crush me and eat me that is.” As the Doctor spoke he adjusted the machine from behind. He recognised it as a Rastrix device.

He had worked on them during his time with the facility. They were designed to convert energy into matter in an instant. There was enough power left in this one to create a minor explosion.

The monster paused for a moment at the Doctors words. It really wanted to kill him, but now it wasn’t sure.

“Come I’ll show you the cure” suddenly the Doctor skid right between the monsters legs, as the Restrix machine blew up, temporarily phasing the monster.

The Doctor then ran as fast as he could down the other end of the room with the monster chasing him, firing its rays. The Doctor managed to evade them however and make his way to the lift.

The monster however thrust its hand through the wall. Its fingers blocked the lift going up, and so the Doctor was forced to use his sonic screwdriver to send the lift one floor down to the very bottom floor, before the monster cut the cable.

The Doctor made it to the bottom floor, but now he was trapped.

The bottom floor seemed to be deserted, though like the others it was littered with bodies. The Doctor explored the long corridor and in one of the rooms at the left hand side, he saw the mangled remains of a young woman.

This was unlike the other bodies however. It looked like it had been attacked by several monsters at once. Ahead of the corpse were two open doors leading to a room with a massive, blue glowing sphere.

The Doctor was intrigued to say the least, but as he examined the blue sphere, he suddenly heard the sound of more creatures coming.

“Oh great, any time I find something interesting here, and I have to run.”

As the Doctor prepared to flee, suddenly a hole in the floor opened up below the sphere. A creature identical to the one the Doctor had comforted in its dying moments in the cave, emerged from the hole and told the Doctor to get inside before the creatures come.

With no other options the Doctor agreed and the hole sealed itself up again.

“Thank you eh”

“My name is Exelicos”

“Well its nice to meet a friendly alien on this planet. You know I think you’re the first one that hasn’t tried to kill me, or at least hold a gun to my head?”

Exelicos was busy working on some of the controls to bother. The room was small and surrounded by a control panel, with a large monitor on right side.

“Do you mind telling me what that blue sphere is” The Doctor asked.

“It is where I was born” Exelicos said. “It is where all the monsters that are infesting this facility come from. It is our universe.”

To Be Continued







Why I Want Tulsi Gabbard For President

Image result for Tulsi Gabbard

In January of this year, the Democratic representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard announced that she had put herself forward as a candidate for President of the United States in 2020.

Personally I’ve never been more excited about a political candidate than Tulsi. Though I am not an American myself, the influence of American politics goes far beyond just their country. To me the positive impact Tulsi could potentially have on left wing politics on a global scale can not be understated.

In this article I am going to run through the reasons as to why Tulsi in my opinion would be the best US President of the last 50 years, and is the Democrats only choice to wrestle power back from the Republicans. As always the opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Tulsi is the perfect candidate for me first and foremost because she is anti regime change.

The main reason I wanted Donald Trump to win over Hillary Clinton was because Trump was at that point opposed to US intervention in other countries such as Syria.

Hillary Clinton was quite possibly the biggest war monger in US politics (and that’s saying a lot.) She voted in favour of the war in Iraq, a potential war in Iran, played key roles in destablising both Honduras and Libya, and wanted to topple President Bashir Al Assad.

This was the main reason Clinton lost to Trump. Idiots like Michael Moore and Stephen King try and paint the rise of Trump as being a modern day rise of the Third Reich, but in truth it was simply because Trump was less dangerous than Hillary.

Many left wing people voted in favour of, or expressed support for Trump solely based on his stance on foreign policy, such as Susan Sarandon, a famous left wing actress, and George Galloway, a left wing MP.

See here.

George Galloway: Trump is Better Than Clinton

Susan Sarandon: America Would Be At War If Clinton Had Won

John Pilger meanwhile, arguably the most prominent left wing journalist of the entire 20th century, also voiced his support for Trump in 2016.

Pilger has done more to expose the true horrors of American interventionism in other countries than anyone else, having produced extensive documentary’s on countries the US has devastated such as Vietnam, Iraq, Chile, and Cambodia.

Yet he of all people urged Americans to vote for Trump because of his stance on foreign intervention.

Its also worth noting that a lot of Trump’s right wing supporters such as Info Wars pushed Hillary Clinton’s atrocious war record as the main reason not to vote for her too. Its not often that you see the likes of Alex Jones and John Pilger, or Paul Joseph Watson and Abby Martin saying the exact same things!

Face facts, Americans are fed up of money, resources and countless young men’s lives being wasted on pointless wars that are designed to benefit only those at the very top. They are fed up of more time being spent dismantling other countries governments, whilst America itself is an absolute shithole.

Quality of life for Americans in the 21st century.

Poverty in America

Extreme Poverty in America

Poverty in America: Greater Than Expected

Most Americans Away From Financial Disaster

1 out of 3 Americans are one paycheck away from poverty

Meanwhile over 2 trillion dollars has been wasted in the war in Iraq alone.

Americans are also fed up of the disgusting hypocrisy of their leaders, telling their people that their country has a moral right to dispose of the likes of Gaddaffi and Assad, whilst sucking up to the likes of Saudi Arabia, the vilest country on earth.

Trump’s Hypocrisy On Saudi Arabia Is Part Of US Tradition

Americans (and the rest of the world) are also fed up of constantly living in fear of a full scale conflict with Russia.

Nuclear Close Calls A Timeline

Finally most Americans are also fed up of their country being hated by the rest of the world. They’re government has invaded over 30 countries since the end of World War 2, is in bed with the most twisted nation on earth, and is generally seen as an evil, imperialistic force in the world.

Trump who promised to put America first, improve relations with Russia and pull out of the middle east was clearly the better option than a woman who represented the epitome of American imperialism.

Sadly Trump has gone back on his promises. He has improved relations with Russia to some extent, as seen here.

Putin Thanks Trump For Foiling Terrorist Attack

However Trump has also launched two illegal strikes on Syria, and is now planning to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Venezuela, and install a puppet leader of his own.

He has also stepped up the use of drone strikes and has continued to, in Tulsi herself’s own words “been Saudi’s bitch.”

Overall I still think he was the better choice than Hillary. The problem with Trump, for all his base love to call him an alpha male, is that he is actually quite weak and easily manipulated. I feel he has been pushed into a lot of his worst foreign policy blunders by the war hawks around him. I also think that he is desperate to win favour with the mainstream media, (who have in all fairness put far more pressure on Trump than practically all Presidents of the past 50 years combined!)

Still Trump has not honoured his non interventionist promises and so in 2020, Tulsi who is very anti regime change is now the better candidate.

Tulsi is a long standing critic of US foreign policy in countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, and unlike Trump she is firmly against regime change in both Syria and Venezuela.

Bashir Al Assad is a brutal dictator, but toppling him at this stage is the worst option. It would throw Syria into absolute chaos, and allow Islamic extremists who are on the verge of defeat the perfect opportunity to gain a footing again.

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Trump

Tulsi Gabbard Is More Of An Anti War Candidate Than Bernie Sanders

From a purely practical point of view, the Democrats could steal a lot of support from Trump with Tulsi as their candidate, as now ironically the Trump of 2020 is closer to Hillary, with his attempts to overthrow democratically elected leaders in other countries, and illegal strikes on Syria.

In addition to her stance on foreign policy, Tulsi I also feel could bring credibility back to left wing politics.

I myself would by and large identify as left wing. I hate labels of any kind, but I think I would in all fairness tend to fall on the left side for many key issues. I support socialised healthcare and welfare and re-nationalising the roads, railways and gas and electricity, as well as gay marriage.

However that said I would never wish to associate myself with the modern left for various reasons.

The modern left by and large are extremely bigoted towards white men, are fascistic and try to shut down contrary opinions, and also focus on laughable, petty concerns, whilst shutting down any legitimate criticism of the bigotry caused by Islam as “racist.”

Just a few examples of the lefts disgusting bigotry towards white men, and its contempt for freedom of speech.

As a result of the left’s actions, more and more people are turning against left wing politics. The next generation after millennials, Generation Z are said to be the most conservative since World War 2.

Why Democrats Should Be Losing Sleep Over Generation Z

Its great that young people are waking up to how toxic the regressive is, but sadly I feel that the next generation, (if the polls are to be believed,) may very well end up going too much the other way.

I can easily see right wing identity politics taking the place of current left wing tribalism. In 20 years time anyone who doesn’t have an Ayn Rand style opinion of the poor being entitled, lazy bastards who deserve to be at the bottom of society, could end up being labelled as a Stalinist, the same way anyone with any criticism of Islam or feminism is labelled as a Nazi today.

Tulsi however could change that. Tulsi unlike Trump supports genuine left wing ideals. She supports universal health care, increasing the hourly minimum wage, and making community college tuition free for all Americans.

At the same time however Tulsi is a critic of identity politics and is not afraid to call out the genuine problems there are with Islamic extremism too.

Tulsi’s criticism of Islam is fair and measured. She has not tarred all Muslims as evil, despite the mainstream medias attempts to smear her as a bigot.

Tulsi Gabbard is Not Bigoted Against Muslims

Tulsi could show the next generation that left wing politics does not have to be associated with the revolting misandry and fascism of the regressive left. If she is elected President then America could very well have universal health care, which would set a good example to other western countries.

Finally Tulsi’s election much like Trump’s is also a blow to the biased and crooked mainstream media. Much like with Trump, the media attempts to slime her as a bigot and a Russian stooge, simply because of her anti war stance.

The mainstream media’s

Mainstream Medias Smearing of Tulsi

The only one of the mainstream media’s complaints against Tulsi that holds any water is her record on LGBT issues. Until 2012, Tulsi was opposed to gay marriage, but she has since changed her stance, and has even apologised to the LGBT community for her previous views. The same was true of Hillary Clinton as well who was opposed to gay marriage for many years too, though oddly enough the regressive left didn’t see that as an issue in Hillary’s case.

Ultimately Tulsi Gabbard for me would be the best choice for President as she would do all of the things Trump promised to do, like focus on America first, stop the American government from launching illegal invasions of other countries on flimsy moral reasons, whilst sucking up to Saudi Arabia, and give the mainstream media another kicking. At the same time, however unlike Trump, Tulsi would also support genuinely left wing ideas like Universal healthcare and bring some much needed credibility back to left wing politics, after the cancerous regressive left’s influence.

To be fair to Trump, given how corrupt the system is, Tulsi could always end up being pressured into going back on her promises too. I don’t think she would, but ultimately you can never say for sure.

Still in the here and now, just as Trump was the better candidate than Hillary in 2016, then Tulsi for me is the best Presidential candidate in 2019, and I will do everything I can to promote and support her campaign, and you should too.

Thanks for reading.



The Circus Master: The Book of the Vampires: Part 3: The Satanic Mills

Kelly couldn’t take another second. She had been on her feet non stop for about 6 hours, and she still had another 6 to go. Kelly had worked in this rotten flower mill for the past 8 years. She had the scars, as well as a few missing fingers to prove it.

Things had become a lot harder for Kelly in the last year however as her husband, Christopher had tragically been killed in accident in this very mill. The two working together barely scraped enough money for their three children, two girls and a boy, all under about 6. Kelly and Christopher were almost like strangers to their children they got to spend so little time with them.

Kelly hated the mill more than any of the other poor souls who were forced to work there. Every day she would come in and be forced to stare at the machine that tore the man she loved to pieces. Sadly she couldn’t leave however as work was scarce elsewhere. At certain points she even contemplated forcing her children to work in the mill she was so desperate. Ultimately however she always thought better of it. Kelly had been forced to work by her own father since she was 4 years old. She’d never really had time to figure out who she was, or what she wanted in life. Almost all of her days had been spent in a noisy, hot, dangerous factory of some kind, with only a few hours of comfort sprinkled in between. She was determined that her children were going to have more of a chance than she ever did.

Still now that Christopher was no longer there, she was having to work twice as hard, and she felt like throwing in the towel at some point during every long, grinding day.

“I just hope that rotten Ferguson doesn’t stiff me with some truck wages again” Kelly said bitterly as she took her five minute break to have a smoke.

She had to go outside the factory to smoke. Heaven forbid my smoking should pollute the already poison air we breath in here she thought to herself, but still she had to obey the rules. The higher ups would take any excuse to fine her.

Kelly wasn’t in the best of health, and the 18 cigarettes a day certainly hadn’t helped her. Still it not only got her out of the factory for a short while, but it was the only way she could cope with the stress. If she knew she could get a fag at the end of a 6 hour shift, it was something to strive for.

This time however would be different. For once Kelly would actually regret coming outside.

As she stood by the wall near the door, taking in the fresh air, before inhaling nicotine into her lungs, she suddenly felt a drip on her shoulder. “Oh great its going to rain” she thought. “I’ll have to trundle home in the most miserable weather.” She had about an hours walk to get to work.

As she went to wipe it off her shoulder however she saw that the “rain” was red. She dropped her fag and screamed only to see there was more blood on the floor next to her.

“Some poor soul must have had an accident” she thought, but then as she slowly looked up, following a trail of blood up the wall, she saw a flayed, mutilated body, hammered to the top of the building. Kelly wasn’t the squeamish type. This was a woman who had seen people, including her husband suffer fatal accidents her entire life. She saw her own father get his hand caught in a machine when she was just 9 years old, which he then had to have amputated! Still this was enough to make her sick on the pavement.

After puking her lungs out, Kelly got a better look at the body. She could see that it was her former miserly employer, John Ferguson! She could tell because of how fat the corpse was more than anything else. Even then however most of his guts had been torn out, along with both of his legs.

Kelly ran back into the factory, coughing and spluttering as she did.

“Someone call the police” she shouted through coughs to her co-workers. Most of them didn’t take notice however as the noise of the machines drowned her out.

As she frantically ran around trying to get their attention, suddenly she noticed a tall, hideous looking figure standing by the front door.

The creature had white skin, long pointed features, thinning, scraggily hair, and when it smiled, it revealed a mouth full of razor sharp, blood stained teeth.

The monsters chest and hands were completely covered in blood. Kelly was so scared at the sight of the creature she was frozen, but the beast got everyone’s attention soon enough when it let out a roar. All of the workers had the same reaction as Kelly. They all stood in silence at the sight of this unholy monster as it relished in the terror it was provoking.

“Don’t worry” it said. “I am here to elevate some of you from this life of drudgery and pain. Others meanwhile, you will finally be getting what you deserve.”

“I don’t see why we have to wait here” moaned Ashlei.

“I’m sorry darling but its for your own good. You’re just children, there’s no way you can face those monsters.” Carlene responded as she prepared to leave the children in her mansion to rejoin the Circus Folk. After her meeting with them, Carlene agreed that the 4 children should be kept at her mansion whilst they hunted for the Vampires. Ashlei wasn’t exactly eager to meet any more of those disgusting creatures either. Still she was used to being in charge and being the protector of her two little boys. She didn’t like just being pushed to the side. Fortunately however Ashlei’s pride didn’t overrule her common sense. She might have moaned about it, but she knew Carlene was right.

Besides after having spent so long in the gutter, the 4 children almost couldn’t believe that they’d get to spend a day indoors, and in a place like this! Tom could barely contain his excitement, though Brian however seemed a little deadpan, which was most unlike him.

Carlene assured the children she would be back soon as she packed her anti Vampire weapons into her hair and headed off to the Circus.

They still had a couple of hours of daylight left. Hopefully enough to find at least one of the new Vampire breeds and find out who was creating them from it.

As Carlene made her way through the streets of London, with almost everybody staring at her as usual she thought about whether or not she wanted to go back to her home time.

There was no one waiting for her back in her own time, but still she did miss the anonymity that she had in the 21st century. Also she thought about the children. She couldn’t possibly send them back onto the street, but she didn’t want to adopt them either.

She had grown quite fond of them, and she had always wanted children but she knew it wouldn’t be safe for them to stay around her. She hoped that the time travellers would take her with them and that she could then leave the mansion to the three children. Even then however she wondered if doing so would change history. As horrible as it may seem, maybe the children were destined to die on the streets? Maybe she was destined to never get home and die at some point in the 19th century. The fact that The Circus Master seemed to know who she was troubled Carlene somewhat too.

Suddenly the Vampire was interrupted from her anxious thoughts by the scent of blood. It was unmistakble for a Vampire. She could pin point it almost exactly. It was down a nearby alley. The perfect place for a Vampire to pick off some unsuspecting poor soul. Carlene followed the scent down the alley, being sure to pull a stake from her hair first. Little did Carlene know however a young couple, named Martin and Claire had begun to follow her. After she had been spotted with the children earlier at the circus, there was an outrage within the local community that several children were in the care of a Vampire. Martin and Claire just couldn’t take the police’s protection of this apparent beehive topped monster anymore and were resolved to do something about it. They decided to follow Carlene to see if they could catch her out on anything.

When Carlene made her way down the alley she found a young woman lying in a heap on the floor, covered in her own blood, cuts and weeping. Carlene approached her slowly so as not to startle the poor woman.

“Don’t be scared darling I’m here to help” Carlene said as she reached out to help the woman up.

The woman tried to run away but Carlene held her back. As they struggled Carlene saw Martin and Claire behind her. They had tried to hide, but the Vampire was too quick for them.

“What are you two wankers doing here? I don’t have time for this crap, please bugger off.”

“Why so you can kill her like you did those two children.” Martin said whilst shaking with fear.

“I didn’t kill anyone, and if you actually thought I did, two bergs like you wouldn’t be following me. You’re just wanting to look brave and cool to your posh little friends, well fuck off.” Carlene said as she restrained the young woman.

“P-please I have to get out of here, those things, they’re, they’re coming.” The woman said she she tried to pull free.

“It’s all right love, I’m not going to hurt you, but I need to know more about these things okay.”

“N-no, you’ll die, just like they did”


“I’ll’ I’ll show you shall I?”

Just then the woman’s skin turned completely white, her finger nails grew into long black talons, he teeth grew into razor sharp fangs and her thick, dark hair turned into thinning grey strips.

She slashed Carlene across the face and punched her into the nearby wall. This Vampire’s strength already dwarfed that of Carlene’s breed considerably.

Before Carlene could even reach into her hair the Vampire girl grabbed Carlene by the back of the head and started to smash her face into the wall several times over.

Martin and Claire both screamed in terror and ran in the opposite direction. Martin however in his haste tripped and fell. Claire didn’t even notice he wasn’t behind her until it was too late.

When she turned round she saw the Vampire lady holding Martin above her head with both arms. Quick as a flash she brought him down on her knee and not only snapped his spine, but broke him in half completely off of her knee!

Claire was violently sick and began to faint at the gruesome sight, but the monster quickly turned its attention to her. It grabbed her by the throat and slammed Claire into a wall.

Claire kicked as hard as she could but it was hopeless. She screamed out for help. In her desperation she even called out to Carlene, who tried to stake the Vampire from behind, only for the monster to shove the stake into Carlene’s stomach before striking the beehive topped Vampire in the face, sending her crashing to the ground.

When Carlene got back up just a few seconds later she saw that the Vampire had already ripped Claire’s spine out and was licking the blood off of it. Carlene tried to pull another weapon from her beehive, but the Vampire lady rammed Claire’s spine right through Carlene’s stomach and pinned her to the wall. She then pulled it up through Carlene, ripping a hole in her right from her stomach, through her shoulder. The Vampire girl then started to beat Carlene to the floor with Claire’s spine.

The Vampire girl screamed in frustration as Carlene still didn’t die and she stabbed Claire’s spine into Carlene’s head and pinned her to the ground with it!

She then started stabbing Carlene in her chest over and over screaming each time it failed to kill Carlene.

Carlene meanwhile reached into her beehive and pulled out a silver knife which she stabbed into the Vampire girls shoulder.

Her flesh began to sizzle and boil. Clearly silver was a weakness. This wasn’t just a random guess on Carlene’s part. This was clearly a new breed of Vampire, but it looked similar to other breeds who were vulnerable to silver. It was a good guess that this type would also be weak to silver too.

The Vampire girl staggered back with the knife still in her shoulder whilst Carlene scrambled to her feet. Carlene’s Vampiric healing powers allowed her to patch up her wounds in a relatively short space of time.

The Vampire girl pulled the silver knife from her shoulder, with the wound having turned green, and her arm underneath having turned completely limp.

Both Vampires bared their fangs as they screamed in rage at the other. Both were in tremendous pain, but that just pushed them even further.

The Vampire swung at Carlene with her own silver knife. She was able to match Carlene’s speed and slice her several times across her chest and stomach.

Carlene wasn’t deterred however as silver was not a weakness for her breed. Carlene managed to kick the blade out of the Vampire girls hand. They both went to reach it, but the Vampire girl got there first. Carlene jumped on her back however and bit into her hand. Carlene bit so hard she cut through the Vampire girls bone and nearly took her hand clean off!

Though the Vampire girl managed to knock her off, Carlene grabbed the knife first. She slashed her Vampiric enemy several times across the face, throat and stomach. Unlike with Carlene however, these wounds had a devastating effect on the Vampire girl. They all sizzled and boiled and turned green, weakening her to the point where she collapsed backwards onto the floor. Carlene quickly pinned the weakened monster to the floor.

“Please don’t kill me” the Vampire, now too weak to fight back pleaded pathetically.

“I’ll help you if you tell me what I want to know” Carlene said holding the knife to the monsters throat.

“Who made you? Where did you come from?”

“Ferguson’s flour mill”. The Vampire lady replied, struggling through the pain. “A man came in, he, he used to work there, but he had become a, a monster. He turned several of us. Said he was elevating us. He sent a few out into London, I was told to find you, the creepy lady.”

Carlene heard all she needed to know and raised her silver knife.

“You said you’d spare me” the Vampire lady said in terror.

“No I said I’d help you, and trust me I am” Carlene replied coldly, as she finished the monster by plunging her silver knife through its heart. The Vampire instantly crumbled into nothing but a pile of green dust on the floor.

Carlene took a rest for a few minutes to heal her wounds. “That was a tough bitch” she thought as the bones and muscles in her shoulder nitted together.

As she popped her knife back into her beehive Carlene looked around at what was left of the poor sods who’d followed her down the alley. As much as she hated herself for it, the sight of their blood was making her hungry.

As she prepared to leave, suddenly Carlene noticed someone else had followed her down the alley. It was a young urchin, ironically the one who Carlene had bought the ticket for the Circus from yesterday. He had seemingly followed Carlene solely in the hopes of making another sale.

“No darling listen to me, see that little green pile of dust there, well” the boy didn’t listen however. He was so scared he ran back down the alley screaming for help.

“Please someone, that creepy lady’s gone beserk. She’s killed two people! Tore em up.”

Carlene managed to catch up to the boy, but as she tried to hold him still and explain, the boy dug his finger into one of her stab wounds that hadn’t closed over yet causing her to let him go.

The boy managed to make it to the end of the alley, and though Carlene caught up with him again, this time his screams alerted people outside. A crowd soon gathered around Carlene and the boy.

“Oh fuck, you know this really isn’t a good time.” She said somewhat nervously, but the little boy spoke up.

“She’s a monster, she tore two people up back there, ripped one in half and tore another’s spine out. Kill her”

Carlene tried to cover his mouth but it was no use. The crowd didn’t need a reason to want to see Carlene dead so they naturally believed the young boy without any proof.

“I really don’t have time for this” Carlene thought. “The police will clear it up. They need me” She let go of the boy and scaled the nearest building in a matter of seconds. The angry crowd tried to follow her on the streets below, but the Vampire was too fast for them. Within a matter of minutes Carlene managed to jump across various buildings and out of sight thanks to her Vampiric speed.

Little did the crowd really know the boy had in fact deliberately set Carlene up. He too was a Vampire of the same breed as the one that Carlene had just fought with. The poor  boy had managed to secure a job in the mill, on the night he had managed to sell his last ticket to Carlene. He was among the first Richards had turned into a Vampire, as Richards felt that a child would be able to pass undetected more successfully. This breed like many species of Vampires had the power to assume human form. Carlene should have noticed the boy was a Vampire, but she was too distracted on trying to stop him from shouting, as well as weak from her wounds that she had sadly slipped up this time.

Still she didn’t care. For now she had a bigger concern, to make her way to the Circus and tell them about the Mill..  When Carlene arrived at the Time vessel, the Circus folk were already to go.

“Another minute and we’d have left without you” Denika snapped.

“Yeah sorry about the hold up, I had to you know face a new breed of Vampire, watch it kill two people, get stabbed in the stomach and in the head by one of its victims spine’s, and then get blamed for the murders and chased across London. Other than that though I did manage to find out where one of the new Alpha Vampires is. Its turning people in Ferguson’s Mill.”

“Ferguson’s Mill?” Florence said with a shocked expression? “I know him. I remember from my youth he disappeared one day. God if the Vampires have turned him then I shudder to think what he’s like now.”

“She said it was one of his employees. He’s promised to elevate them from their, humble little existence.”

“Is that how he describes it” Keptis said with disgust. “Well we need to get there now. Keptis was holding a most unusual weapon, clearly from the far future. It was a chainsaw that’s saw was made of fire! Keptis had picked it up on the Circus folk’s previous adventure to the magical world of Kastericia. He couldn’t wait to test it out on some Vampires.

The others meanwhile were carrying more conventional weapons, save for the Circus Master who carried nothing but a cane, the bottom of which seemed to glow red.

“I’m afraid I’m going to need to ask some of you to help me check on my mansion. I left the children there, but there’s probably an angry crowd outside.” Carlene said with regret.

I’ll go with you.” Florence replied. “The rest of you get to that flower mill now.”

Carlene and Florence quickly made their way to the mansion, jumping back across the rooftops, and generally keeping out of sight, whilst the others made their way to the Mill. (Florence knew the way to the Mill and told the Circus Master.)

When they arrived outside the house, there was a massive crowd descending outside, carrying torches and pitchforks, screaming for Carlene to show herself. A local police officer tried to diffuse the situation, but it was no use. From the crowd’s perspective they were finally going to rid themselves of the monster that had terrorised their local community, and nothing was going to stop them. Carlene could see Ashlei peering out of the window from the rooftop they had both perched on behind the crowd. Ashlei looked scared, but she was confident that the crowd wouldn’t hurt her and the boys at least.

Florence started singing and within seconds the entire crowd began to calm down. They all slowly turned to face Florence, utterly mesmerised by her voice. All except for one that is, the little street urchin.

Confused as to why everyone had suddenly stopped, he ran in front of the crowd and started screaming.

“What’s the matter with you? The creepy lady lives in there. Lets get her.”

“Bloodthirsty little maniac aren’t you?” Carlene said as she descended from the roof, getting the boys attention. “I wonder why you’re the only one not affected? Maybe you’re more of a rock and roll kind of a boy. It won’t be invented for another 70 years or so, but still.”

Carlene could see the boy wasn’t human now, and felt like kicking herself for not noticing it.

“I didn’t kill those two in the alley, it was a monster just like this boy here” Carlene shouted to the crowd.

Realising his ruse was up, the boy quickly morphed into his Vampire form and killed a young woman standing at the front of the crowd. He stuck his hand right through her stomach and pulled her long intestine out. He then used it as a lasso to trip Carlene up when she ran to stop him.

The crowd started to scatter. The Siren’s hold over them was very weak. If just one of the crowd was hurt then the illusion would be broken. Older and more powerful Sirens could influence people to kill others, or hurt themselves, and even walk over a cliff if they wanted. Florence’s power in comparison however was very basic.

As the crowd ran, the boy killed the police officer who bravely attempted to restrain him. He tore the officers arm off and impaled him with it! He then attacked another older woman. He jumped on her back, and grabbed her head by either side and pulled until he tore her head in half. He then pounced on another young, teenage girl who was fleeing in the crowd and pinned her to the ground. The girls mother tried to pull him off, but the boy slashed her across the throat with his talons, killing her instantly, before sinking his fangs into the girls neck.

This time Carlene was able to grab the boy and hoist him in the air. The boy however despite his size, was still several times stronger than either Carlene or Florence and managed to escape Carlene by head butting her. He then sunk his fangs into her arm, and bit right through her bone! Carlene screamed in pain as she tried to shake him off.

Florence tried to pulled the boy off Carlene’s arm, but his grip was too tight,. Still Florence didn’t give up and the boy in response slashed her across the face, knocking the Siren off her feet.

Whilst Florence was on the ground, the boy quickly jumped on top of her and stuck his hand in her mouth.

“Lets see how well ya sing without one of these ya bitch.” He cackled as he tried to pull her tongue out. Florence bit down on the Vampires hand to try and deter it, but the boy just smiled as it dug its claws harder into Florence’s tongue.

Whilst the boy was distracted with Florence, Carlene reached into her beehive for a bottle of holy water. She threw it on the boy. It didn’t hurt him as much as it had the Vampires in the underground, but it still produced minor burns and smoke. Enough for Florence to push the Demonic child off.

The boy crawled along the floor to get away from the two women. (By this stage the entire crowd had fled the area in panic.) Carlene lifted out a silver blade from her hair, and prepared to stab the monster through the heart. Just as she raised the knife however, the boy morphed back into his human form.

Carlene hesitated for a moment. She knew it wasn’t a child at all. It was a Demon wearing the corpse of an innocent child. Still she couldn’t help but see it as a boy, and as she tried to work up the courage, the monster seized its chance and jumped up, sticking its claws right through her stomach. It pulled Carlene’s intestines and guts out, and smeared them in her face.

By the time Carlene had already pulled her guts away from her face, the monster child had scaled a nearby building and made its way across several roofs.

Florence helped Carlene up.

“Man those things are vicious” Carlene said as she threw her old guts to the ground.

“I’ll follow him. He can’t have gone too far. You need to get to the factory.” Florence said as she wiped her blood from her mouth.

“We need to stay together, that thing is one vicious little bastard, and he could have made more like him for all you know”. Carlene protested.

“I can handle it. You need to help the others at the Mill. If I run into the the locals again, I can always use my voice. Now go”.

Carlene saw that she was right and headed off to the factory. She was relieved somewhat. She didn’t want to have to stake the child Vampire. “Poor blighter” she thought as she made her way across the rooftops. “I’ll find what ever turned that boy into a monster and make the bugger wish he’d stayed dead.”

“Just when you think Vampires can’t repulse you anymore” Denika said as she stared up at what was left of the mangled and flayed corpse of John Ferguson.

Even with everything they had seen, Keptis, Denika, and the Circus Master struggled to look at the body.

“Well I guess this is the right place at least” Keptis said as he fired up his flaming chainsaw.

“Remember, we have to take the leader alive. He knows where these new Vampires are being created.” The Circus Master said as the 4 time travellers entered the Satanic Mill.

There were bits and pieces of people scattered all over the dank Mill, and the walls were literally dripping with blood. The Circus Master used his stick to light the way ahead.

Many of the victims had clearly not even been killed for their blood. Denika could see the top half of a young man, no older than 18 stuffed into it a large machine. His face was twisted into an expression of the most unbelievable agony. At the back of the room meanwhile was another victim, nailed to the wall, with long strips of skin having been ripped off, and his guts splattered about in front of him.

In one of the corners, Denika could also see the body of a young girl, no older than 13 or 14 with her jugular torn out. It was too much, even for someone like Denika who had seen her home world invaded and she had to take a minute to regain her composure. Much like Carlene, Denika had a real love for children.

Unfortunately however little did Denika know, the young girl was not dead. None of the Circus Folk noticed the girl slowly rise from the blood and entrail stained floor.

The Circus Master was too busy investigating another body that he suspected may rise soon, whilst both Keptis and the Strange Boy had gone on ahead.

As Denika tried to take in what she had seen, the monster slowly crept towards her, with Denika only noticing when it was too late.

The beast knocked Denika to the floor, laughing at Denika’s apparent helplessness. The Circus Master turned around, but as he did, the body he had been investigating quickly rose and grabbed him from behind.

The monster threw the Circus Master onto one of the large machines, similar to a threshing machine on a farm. and quickly jumped on top of him. The Circus Master’s strength was no match for this brute either.

As the teenager held Denika down, and prepared to strike, Denika started to chant a basic deflector spell. It was all she would have time for. She just had to hope that this particular breed of Vampire was more vulnerable to magics than others.

The magic threw the Vampire about 4 feet through the air. If it had been an ordinary human it would have not only thrown them farther, but also through any nearby solid object and rendered them helpless for a few minutes.

The Vampire however instantly got up and hissed in rage at Denika. Denika however this time was able to conjure up more powerful magics.

Denika’s hands and her eyes both started to glow bright blue. The Vampire was curious for a few moments, before lunging at her anyway. Denika fired a blue beam from her hands, which cut a hole straight through the Vampire. Sadly it did little to deter it. Denika was able to evade the monster by floating about 10 feet in the air, when it came at her however.

Denika would then attempt to fire another energy beam at the monster, this time aiming for its neck, but the Vampire was too quick. It not only dodged her attack but jumped ten feet in the air and managed to grab onto Denika.

Denika tried to knock the Vampire off using the deflector spell, but the Vampire dug its claws deep into her shoulder and held on. As the Vampire made its way for Denika’s throat, Denika used her powers to fly head first into one of the large machines below. Once again this did little to hurt the Vampire, but the jolt was enough to distract it long enough for Denika to get out of its grip.

Denika then using her magic lifted up a massive pole with her mind and impaled the Vampire with it through the chest into the machine.

The Vampire however grabbed the pole and tried to pull it out. Denika however tried to stop the Vampire with her mental powers, but the Vampire’s strength was too great and it managed to rip the pole out which it then used to beat Denika. It struck her in the face, the stomach and her right leg. In the process it broke her jaw, her ribs and her leg, before it stabbed the pole right through her left hand.

The Vampire cackled like a hyena at Denika’s pain and after it pulled the pole out of her hand it started to lick her blood off of it with a perverse ecstasy.

Denika felt like blacking out from the pain, but she didn’t give up. Using her magics she made the pole fly out of the Vampires hands and go right through its foot. Whilst the Vampire was distracted Denika hobbled to safety and quickly performed a healing spell which fixed her broken leg, ribs and jaw instantly and repaired her hand.

Now a good distance away from the Vampire, Denika fired more magical blasts from her hands, but the Vampire was quick enough to dodge them again. The Vampire moved so fast her magical blasts constantly missed. The monster taunted Denika, but it had unknowingly stood in front of a broken down machine, which Denika noticed.

Denika fired her magical blast at the Vampire, and it dodged her again, but this time her magic hit the machine and triggered an explosion which threw the Vampire across the room.

Whilst it was vulnerable Denika fired her magical rays at the monsters legs and arms, severing them. Now unable to defend itself, Denika finished the monster off with a silver sharp through its heart.

The Circus Master meanwhile was still wrestling with his Vampire. It tried to shove his head into the gears of machine below, but the Circus Master was able to use the claws on his right hand to disembowel the Vampire. It did little to deter it, with the Vampire even laughing at the Vandals attempts to hurt it at first, but the Circus Master thinking quickly, grabbed one of the monsters intestines and threw it into the gears of the machine which pulled the Vampire into it. The Vampire clogged the machine and started to tear it apart from the inside.

Whilst it made its way through the machine, it lost its arm in the process, and its face and body were badly mangled too.

The monster roared in anger at the Circus Master, who tipped his hat in a mocking way before the Vampire tried to attack him again.

The Circus Master dodged its attacks and quickly went for his cane which he used to set fire to the Vampire. Denika hovered near to the Circus Master. “That beehived Vampire was right when she said these guys were tough.”

“Her name is Carlene, Denika. But you’re right, lets find the others.”

Keptis and the Strange Boy meanwhile had made their way to the other end of the factory. They had been following the sound of screaming. Along the way they had encountered more bits and pieces of other unfortunate workers, as well as smashed machinery.

At the far end of the room, Keptis saw 4 Vampires bending down over a young girl, covered in blood and cuts, screaming in agony. He and the Special Boy ran to aid her, but unfortunately they weren’t fast enough.

Two of the Vampires grabbed her legs, whilst another two grabbed her arms. They both pulled at either end until they ripped her in two. Keptis froze for a second at the gruesome sight before him. “Denika’s right just when you think you freaks can’t repulse me anymore.”

The Special Boy jumped through the air, managing to land right on the nearest Vampire by the woman’s severed legs, and knocking it into the other. The Special Boy was actually stronger than this breed of Vampire, with the Jiang Shi being among the strongest of all Vampires. He was able to hold the monster he landed on to the ground. The other Vampire quickly grabbed The Special Boy however and hoisted him in the air. The Special Boy however flipped backwards out of the Vampires grasp and landed on its upper back. He then grabbed hold of its head from either side and pulled so hard he ripped it clean off and threw it at the other Vampire, before pouncing on him.

This Vampire however managed to swat The Special Boy backwards through a nearby window and out onto the streets.

Keptis meanwhile attacked the other two Vampires with his chainsaw. He managed to saw one of the Vampires arms off as it raised it to strike him, whilst the other jumped onto a nearby wall and scaled it in a matter of seconds onto the ceiling.

Keptis quickly decapitated the Vampire whose arm he had sliced off, but the Vampire on the ceiling was able to jump him from behind and knock the chainsaw out of his hand.

Keptis tried to struggle free from the Vampires grip but it was no use. The monster would then start bashing Keptis’ face off of a nearby cotton machine, breaking his nose in the process.

Through the pain, Keptis was able to pull a knife that’s blade was made from lightening out of a holster in his shin and stabbed it into the Vampires kneecap. The Vampire was jolted by the brief flash of pain enough for Keptis to get free from its grasp. Keptis then instantly reached for his flaming chainsaw.

As he tried to strike however the Vampire managed to pull the knife from its knee and used it to deflect the chainsaw’s flaming blade.

The Vampire who was considerably faster than Keptis, was able to slash the martians arm causing him to drop the saw. Before Keptis could even make a move for the saw, the other Vampire that had knocked The Special Boy out of the window grabbed Keptis from behind and held him in place.

“Flay him” the Vampire said as it dug its claws into Keptis’ arms. Just then however a blue light suddenly severed the Vampire holding the knife’s arm. Keptis looked up to see Denika hovering in the sky, her hands and eyes shinning blue, and below her the Circus Master whose bright, garish clothes pierced the darkness of the factory just as much as the flame the fired from his cane and burnt the Vampire that had been holding the knife to a crisp.

Seizing his chance, Keptis headbutted the Vampire from behind and got free. Quickly grabbing his chainsaw from the floor, he took both of the monsters arms off before slicing its head clean off its shoulders.

Carlene and the Special boy came bursting in through a window a few seconds later, with Carlene brandishing a long silver blade. Carlene had seen the Boy outside and helped him back up,

Carlene looked around to see the last Vampire’s corpse slowly melt away into nothing.

“Well I guess I came in the nick of time” Carlene said jokingly to the others.

“It seems you did. I’m glad I don’t have to track down all my major enemies. Now I can kill them all in one place.” A voice from the distance said.

Carlene and the rest of the Circus Folk turned round to see a large figure emerge from the shadows. It was Richards, the Alpha Vampire of this breed.

“You killed some of my children. It doesn’t matter though. More of my children are already loose in this miserable city. They will make more and more and soon London will belong to us.”

The Circus Master didn’t even let him finish his rant. He fired his cane at the monster, but this time the cane didn’t shoot fire, but instead a large beam of electricity that wrapped itself around the Vampire. Richards simply grabbed hold of the electrical beam undeterred however and used it to pull the Circus Master about ten feet towards him, before breaking through the beam and punching the Circus Master in the face.

Denika responded by flying into the air and shooting at Richards. Richards however much to her surprise was able to block her beams with the palm of his hands, before blasting them back at her, which sent Denika flying outside of a nearby window.

Carlene quickly jumped through the air to try and catch Denika before she fell outside.

Whilst Richards was distracted by Denika, Keptis rammed his chainsaw into the monsters chest, but Richards simply smiled at the Martian and said, mockingly “Is that supposed to hurt.”

He grabbed the chainsaw with both hands and not only pulled it out of his chest, but hit Keptis in the face with the butt of the weapon. The Circus Master then tried to fire his cane at the monster, but Richards dodged the blast and sliced The Circus Masters cane in half using Keptis’ flaming chainsaw.

He then tried to attack the Circus Master with the weapon, but the Circus Master was able to dodge Richard’s attacks, though he wasn’t able to offer any counter attacks of his own.

Denika (who had been prevented from falling by Carlene) was able to blast the chainsaw out of Richards hands and get a second hit as he turned around, knocking him a few feet across the room. Carlene then threw a silver knife from her hair into Richards leg as he tried to get up.

The silver didn’t hurt Richard as much as it had his children, but Carlene could see that it had caused him pain, and the wound hadn’t instantly healed, unlike those made by the chainsaw.

The Circus Master started to strike Richards repeatedly with his claws, whilst The Strange Boy sneaked up on Richards and jumped on his back. Whilst Richards struggled to throw the little Vampire off, The Circus Master pulled Carlene’s knife from his leg and slashed Richard across the chest several times before stabbing him in the stomach with it.

In pain and desperation, Richards was able to throw the Special Boy off his back and into the Circus Master. Carlene however was next to join the fight with another silver knife she had pulled out of her hair. She slashed at the monster and managed to hit Richards a few more times in his face, but Richards now overcome with rage managed to hit the weapon out of Carlene’s hand, and land another hit in her stomach. He then grabbed Carlene by the throat and lifted her above the air.

“I always hated you, you creepy bitch” Richard spat as he prepared to tear her head off. Fortunately the Circus Master jumped Richards from behind causing him drop Carlene. The Circus Master was able to stab Richard two more times with Carlene’s knife, including in his spine, before Richards shook him off. Whilst Richards was distracted by the Circus Master, the Strange Boy grabbed Richards by the back leg and pulled him down to the ground.

Carlene and the Circus Master jumped on Richard’s back, holding him down before he could get up. Keptis meanwhile using his flaming chainsaw sliced both of Richards legs off.

Denika who had been hovering in the air, waiting for a moment to strike arrived in front of Richards and began to chant in a strange language. Richards became more desperate and tried to push the two time travellers off, but the Strange Boy quickly jumped onto his back as well, firmly holding him in place.

Eventually Denika’s magic took effect on the monster and Richards passed out.

“Its a sleeping spell. It’ll only work on him for a bit. but we got him” Denika said whilst panting. It had taken quite a lot out of her just to put the Vampire out for that short a space of time.

“Now we can find out who is creating these monsters” The Circus Master said as he hoisted Richards unconscious body over his shoulders.