Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 5 The Demon Bomb


Lindsey awoke to see the Professor standing over her with a large piece of rubble sticking through his chest. The Vampire wasn’t even remotely phased by it. He just wanted to make sure she was okay. Lindsey could also see Kirsteen perched over a nearby rock wincing in pain, with blood running down the side of her head.

“Thank god for a second there Lindsey I thought”. The Professor couldn’t even finish that sentence.

“She’s okay, can we please just get out of here?” Kirsteen moaned.

“Honestly Kirsteen. Its just a few bruises. Try being impaled, which by the way only happened because I pushed you out of the way.” The Professor said as he pulled the shard from his stomach.

“Where are the Demons and the aliens?” Lindsey said as she scrambled up.

“Well most of the Demons flew away when we crashed and of the aliens, all but the leader didn’t make it. Even then I don’t know if he’s alive I just haven’t found the body yet.”

“I can assure you I am fine” The leader said from a distance. As the three time travellers turned around they saw he was surrounded by dozens and dozens of Maliak foot soldiers.

“As for you lot however? That depends on if you do as we want” He continued.

“Well isn’t that just the way.” The Professor said. “We help you escape from Demons who want to eat you and.”

“Actually your harebrained scheme got my entire platoon killed” The leader interrupted angrily.

“Personally I think you’re not a tenth as clever as you think you are, but the master has ordered you be brought to him..” The Leader continued.

“The Master? Just a short while ago you were proclaiming him to be a false god.”

The Maliak leader looked somewhat nervous and quickly punched the Professor. “LIAR I ALWAYS REMAINED LOYAL” He said in rage.

“If any of your platoon had survived they would back me up”. The Professor said.

The leader simply grabbed the Vampire who didn’t even look remotely scared.”Our leader will see through this fools bluster and lies.” He said as the soldiers gathered around the three time travellers.

“There’s nothing there!” The Demon screamed at its subordinates.

“It is obviously some form of magic my lord.” The underling said nervously.

Several Demon ships and mountains had gathered near a seemingly empty area of space, just outside the Maliak’s home planet. Any of the Demon vessels that tried to cross through this area would be held back. In truth it was the Professor’s vessel. Its magic shielded it from detection

Unfortunately however one of the Winged Demons flying mountain’s had stumbled upon the ship when trying to get to the Maliaks home planet and Fnag’s ships forcefield prevented the mountain colliding with it. Now dozens of Demon spaceships had gathered around the ship. None of them could see the ship, and none of their weapons could harm whatever was there.

“It doesn’t make any sense? The Maliaks don’t have that kind of magic. Also if they did, why would they only use it to block one tiny little area in front of their planet?”

“Perhaps it conceals a weapon sir.”

“Then why did they wait for us to destroy the surface of their planet before using this weapon? Nothing about this makes sense. Whatever the case I want to know what’s in there. Order all units to attack this forcefield or whatever it is.”

“We have the aliens sir.” The leader of the Maliaks said to its so called god who as always concealed his face behind a cloak.

“I was just about to give up on your people. I chose you all to cleanse this universe, and look how easily you’ve been conquered by those savages.”

“Sir if you would only let us use the Demoniatria then we would triumph.”

“NO, that weapon is an abomination against this universe. How dare you question my will again.”

“I’m sorry my liege.”

“You should have heard what he was saying about you outside.” The Professor said smugly.

The Maliak’s god however paid no attention the Professor’s taunts. He was far more interested in what the Professor was.

“You’re a Vampire?” A child of Khastran. I can see his stench all over you. Your breed is not the kind who decimated the red planet? How did you get this far from home. How did you get past the Demons above?”

“Well you know how it is, I’m terrible at directions. I was just trying to get to the pub and I ended up here.” the Professor said flippantly. The “God” was not amused however.

“You think the destruction of an entire world is funny do you little man? Of course you do you’re a Vampire. Children of the most deplorable Demon in all of existence.” It said back. “Still you are not going to withhold any secrets that could potentially help my children?”

“Children? Well it depends on if you lot deserve my help.” The Professor replied.

“What are you talking about” Kirsteen said. “You saw those Demons out there. What they did to us? How could you be on their side?”

“I never said I was on their side. You don’t always have to be on one side in a war. There isn’t a good guy in every fight.”

“What do you care about morality Vampire?” The God sneered.”We are talking about the survival of an entire species.”

“Why can’t you help them?” The Professor asked. ” I mean you’re their god and everything.”

There was a silence before the God grabbed the Professor and started to beat him. The Professor tried to fight back, but it was hopeless. Lindsey and even Kirsteen tried to intervene but the Maliaks held them back with their guns.

The monster continued to beat the Professor until eventually Lindsey, unable to take it anymore screamed out.

“STOP…. Please. I’ll tell you everything if you spare him.”

By now the Professor was beaten to unconsciousness. The God held his beaten and bloody body up with one hand.

“Tell me now or I’ll rip his head off.”

“We’re time travellers. The Professor he created our vessel by magic. Its in a state between the present and the time vortex to allow us to enter it, but to protect it from intruders. That’ll be why those Demons couldn’t find it. We can take you there.”

The God wasn’t sure whether to believe Lindsey or not. Her story was fantastic, even by his standards but she didn’t seem to be lying. The fear in her voice was genuine at least.

“This vessel can travel across time and space you say?”

“Yes” Lindsey said nervously. “You can’t change time I’m afraid. Not without being trapped in an empty space forever.”

“I don’t care about that. I am not someone who ever looks back over mistakes.” The God said as he looked at the Maliak soldiers with disdain. A plan began to form in its head. “Bring me the Demoniatria”. The God said.

The Maliaks all looked shocked. “But sir you said.”

“I know what I said, but now it seems we might have a way of depositing the bomb against our enemies.”

“Bomb what bomb” Kirsteen asked.

“The Demoniatria is a weapon devised by my people. It attacks Demons. They don’t belong in this universe and so its able to single them out. I would never allow its use.Its too unstable and unpredictable. Up above however when its safely away from our people. Then you can launch it.”

“You mean to say you’re happy to sacrifice us.

“What are three lives for the sake of a world?” The God said. “Besides as you two are not Demons then the bomb will not harm you.”

“What do you mean you two?” Lindsey asked.

“The Vampire stays here. The bomb will kill him too. Besides I have a feeling he is the most useful of you all.”

Kirsteen looked at the leader of the Maliaks.

“After all you said back in the camp, you’re now willing to follow this asshole again?”

“They would all follow me to the end of the universe. I was the one who raised them from mediocrity and with your help. I’ll do it again.”

“If you kill us you’ll never be able to enter the ship.” Lindsey said.

“I’ll find a way eventually and if I don’t I’ll make sure you suffer most of all. You will help us. One way or another.” The God said as it held the Professor by the throat.

Lindsey knew there was nothing she could do against this monster now. For the time being they were its slaves as much as the Maliaks.

To Be Continued


Doctor Who: The Fire of the Daleks: Part 4:

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“She’s a tough one. If this were the king that coward would have cracked by now, but her? I’m impressed”

The rebels had been torturing Zoella for the last two hours. They had beaten her unconsciousness several times, burned her with lasers and stabbed hooks through her hands and feet.

After each session however Zoella who never screamed throughout it, would just spit back in her tormentors face.

“All men and women can be broken. You just have to find their weakness. Isn’t that right my dear.” The leader of the rebels said as he entered the room with a young, deathly pale, little boy, no older than 8 years old.

“I believe you know this young man” the leader said.

“You’ve reached a new low.” Zoella said as she spat out one of her last teeth. “Threatening children.”

“Why not? That king you so willing served murdered thousands of innocent children.”

“I didn’t serve him you fool. I served us. I fought against those monsters out there that threatened our entire world. You were either too scared or stupid to realise the danger we are all in.”

The leader responded by hitting Zoella across the face.

“Believe me when I tell you that I’ll kill him. Your own son right in front of you if you don’t tell me where the king went.”

Zoella’s son, Misaca was the only family she had left. Her husband and daughter had both been tragically killed many years ago in a riot for resources. Her son had since fallen into the care of one of her friends, Estelica who had cared for him for the past two years, whilst Zoella had been fighting the Daleks.

It was agony every second being separated from her only child. Still Zoella didn’t regret it as after the death of her daughter and the man she loved, Zoella had been determined to help stop the war that killed her family.

“What did you do to Estelica.”

“Lets just say you’ll have to find a new babysitter”

“You sick, cowardly.”

The rebels leader held his gun to Misaca’s head. “Last chance.”

“Okay, okay. The two strangers the King fled with where aliens from another world. They have a ship that can take him out of here. Its in the badlands in the wreckage of the ship I crashed here in.”

The leader was skeptical, but he didn’t think Zoella was lying. For the first time he could see how scared she was for her son.

Another one of the rebels came bursting into the room.

“Sir, Sir, in the lower levels of the cavern we have discovered a spaceship. Its huge.”

“Is it a war vessel?”

“No sir. According to one of the King’s special guard that we interrogated, it was an escape vessel. Whilst idiots like this woman here were hopelessly fighting against those monsters, the King and his elite were going to leave them all behind.”

“Does it work?” The leader asked which caused Zoella to burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at? You’re the fool who was happy to sacrifice herself for a coward.”

“Just like your followers are?”

The leader of the rebels grabbed her son and threw him towards Zoella who instantly stood up in her chains.

“Keep them both here whilst I investigate the vessel. If she tries anything, shoot her son first.”

Zoella had never hated anyone as much as the rebels leader. She hated him even more than the Daleks, but she had to bide her time for now. The chains were unbreakable. None of it probably mattered anway she thought. The Daleks most likely kill all of them in a few hours anyway. She just hoped that they would kill the rebels first.

The Doctor, Dana and Asica headed towards the forcefield’s generator. Along the way below they saw nothing but constant fighting among the people. It was absolute chaos.

“There won’t be any of them left when the Daleks get here.” Dana said. “We have to do something. We have to tell them what’s really going on.”

“They won’t listen”. The Doctor replied. “No offence, but I don’t think having his majesty here on our side will exactly endear us to them. We have to stop that Dalek or they’ll all die.”

“I didn’t want it like this.” Asica said. “Believe me. Every second of every day and night I’m awake I think about what I’ve done to our planet.”

“Well I’m sure that’ll make them all forgive you. I’ve done horrible things, but I’m really sorry about it.” Dana said in response.

“You have no idea what those creatures are capable of.” Asica said in response.

“Yes I do, which is why I don’t judge you” The Doctor said. I don’t agree with anything you’ve done, but I understand that there are no easy options against a race like the Daleks.”

The ship came to a giant facility which housed the generator. Outside there were hundreds of Heglozians fighting with one another. The guards of the facility and the terrorist group Heglozia first. The national guard were too preoccupied with putting down the riots in the cities caused by the Dalek releasing the prisoners, whilst the King’s forces had similarly been overtaken by the rebels and the escaped prisoners working together.

The guards still appeared to have the upper hand in the fight, due to their more advanced weaponry, but more and more people were joining the side of the rebels. They foolishly believed that destroying the forcefield would bring an end to the war.

“We have to scatter them.” The Doctor said. “The guards can’t possibly hope to fight both that army and the Dalek. What kind of weapons does this ship have?” The Doctor asked.

“You’re not seriously thinking of killing the rebels.” Dana said in shock.

“Why not” Asica interrupted. “They’re about to doom this world.”

“Of course I’m not going to kill them.” The Doctor said whilst ignoring Asica. “I need to scatter them though.”

“You lack the stomach and courage to do what’s necessary” Asica said with disgust.

The Doctor gave Asica a glare. “You have no idea. Unlike you I don’t believe in senseless murder. Maybe if you’d thought the same then we wouldn’t be in this situation. We do things my way, understand.”

The Doctor fired several missiles at a small hill beside the facility, blowing it up and sending many of the rebels and eco terrorists fleeing. Several of them however still stood their ground and opened fire on the King’s vessel. Their rays however simply bounced off of the vessel and the Doctor fired several shots back. Again he aimed for their feet and simply knocked the rebels off balance.

Just as most of the rebels fled, which was met with a resounding cheer from the guards. Something struck the King’s vessel from behind.

“We’ve been hit. The back engines have been damaged. None of the rebels have firepower that strong.” Asica said.

“Which can mean only one thing.” The Doctor said as he checked the monitors to see the Dalek flying behind the vessel.

“Its here, we just might have enough power to take it down.” The Doctor said as he tried to adjust the weapons.

The Dalek however opened fire again, sending the ship spinning through the air. Several of the guards turned their attention to the Dalek and they managed to distract it for a few minutes, before it started to exterminate them.

The Doctor managed to stablise the ship, but as he prepared to fire two missiles at the Dalek. The ship came under more fire from the rebels. As the back part of the ship had been blown open by the Dalek, this time their fire actually affected the ship and began to cause it to fly out of control again. As the ship hurled its way through the sky, the Dalek opened fire on the vessel again causing it to crash. Several of the guards ran towards the vessel whilst the combination of the Daleks and the rebels cleared out the remaining guards in front of the base.

The Doctor, Dana and the King had managed to survive the crash, though the king broke his arm in the process.

“My liege thank god you’ve survived. The cities have been overrun.”

“Its the Dalek” The Doctor said.

“It released the prisoners . All of the terrorists and rebels and the people his majesty just locked for stealing a loaf of bread are attacking you. They’re not your biggest problem however.”

Suddenly a barage of rays hit the wreckage of the ship. The rebels were zeroing in on the Doctor and the others.

“I’ll have to give myself up to them now” Asica said. “I’ve no choice. That Dalek can’t be allowed to get near the generator.”

“It won’t do any good” the Doctor said. “These people don’t just want you dead. They want to tear down the forcefield too.”

“We’ll hold them off” the leader of the last of the guards said.

“You’re outgunned now. They’d slaughter you” The Doctor told him.

“We promised to defend the forcefield with our lives. We’ll do just that as long as you stop that monster.”

“Yet more young men and women dying in my name” Asica said bitterly.

“Make our sacrifices worth it.”  The commander said before he and the handful of men and women left went out to face the rebels. They lasted just a few minutes before being overwhelmed, though it was enough for the Doctor, Asica and Dana to slip by. Along the way Asica made sure to grab a gun from one of the fallen soldiers.

When the Doctor, Dana and the former King entered the facility they could see its corridors were already littered with dead bodies.

“He’s been through here. We may already be too late” the Doctor said.

Three rebels emerged from down the corridors firing at the two time travellers and former despot who took shelter behind a nearby corridor. Asica fired back at them and managed to hit the leg of one of of the rebels, a young woman. As another tried to help her up, Asica shot both of them in the chest and head. The surviving rebel screamed in rage, but her anger clouded her judgement and she started to fire at Asica blindly allowing him to pick her off easily. Asica managed to hit her in the kneecap, shattering it. As she lay on the floor, bleeding and helpless, Asica raised his gun to finish her off.

“No Asica there’s been enough senseless killing”. The Doctor said. Asica hesitated for a few minutes before relenting.

“You’re lucky that there are more important things to deal with now. Still know that whatever happens your actions may have doomed this world. Far more than mine.”

On the upper level the Dalek was fighting its way through the surviving guards alone. The monster in spite of its power had needed help to make its way through the Heglozian forces, but now only a small skeleton force of soldiers were left between it and the forcefield’s power source.

They fought valiantly but the Dalek cut them all down effortlessly in a matter of minutes before reaching the main generator.

The main generator was a gigantic cylinder in the centre of the building which reached its way to the very top of the building and above it.

A few blasts from the Daleks gun would be enough to tear it apart. As the Dalek prepared to fire Asica, accompanied by the Doctor and Dana shot at the monster from behind.

The Dalek turned to face them and they all retreated to behind a nearby wall.

“YOU ARE THE DOCTOR YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE DALEKS! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED” The monster shrieked as it opened fire. In between its shots Asica would try and fire back at the Dalek, but each shot simply bounced off the monsters armour.

The Doctor quickly grabbed the gun from Asica.

“What are you doing.” Ascia asked.

“No offence I’m a better shot.” The Doctor said. “This gun won’t even dent the Daleks casing, but there are weak points.”

The Doctor quickly jumped out and fired at the Daleks eyestick destroying it.

“MY VISION IS IMPAIRED” the monster screeched as it fired blindly all around, but the Doctor next fired at the monsters gun stick. He managed to shoot right down the barrel of the gun which caused it to explode. The Doctor next fired at the monsters sucked arm, completely disabling it too. The Dalek was now completely defencless and blind.

“You’ve failed Dalek.” The Doctor said. “After all your dirty, cheap little tricks.” The Dalek wasn’t beaten yet however.

“SELF DESTRUCT INITIATE.” It said much to the Doctors horror. The Daleks self destruct unit would be more than enough to destroy the generator.

The Doctor opened the Daleks casing with his sonic screwdriver. He tried to reverse the process but it was no good. Dana and Asica got a glimpse of the hideous creature within for a split second, which was enough to make them instantly look away in disgust. Even the Doctor with all he had seen could barely stand to look at it.

Realising there was no way he could reset the monsters self destruct device, the Doctor tried to take control of its motor power, but the monster had anticipated this and blown its motor unit. The Doctor, Dana and Asica tried to move the monster by force, but it had used all of its excess energy to magnetise itself to the floor. They pulled and pulled with all their strength, but it was no use.

“We have to move now.” The Doctor said.


“There’s nothing else we can do.” The Doctor said as he was forced to overpower Asica and drag him away along with Dana. Just before the Dalek blew up it declared.


The explosion completely destroyed the generator and within seconds the forcefield around the planet vanished. The Doctor, Dana and Asica had only just managed to escape, though the explosion still threw them. The Doctor quickly jumped up and ran back to the smoking ruins of the generator. He sank to his knees in despair.

“We’ve failed this planet Dana. The forcefield is gone. In minutes an entire battle fleet of Daleks will be here.”

To be Continued

The Circus Master: An Eye For An Eye: Part 5: Death of a Planet


“You fool if you don’t let me go now, we’re all dead.” The Hylexan commander shouted at Florence.

“She knew he was right, but at the same time if she released him she and Keptis would most surely die. Maybe it was better to take the monsters down with her than let Keptis suffer in the pit?

The ship started to rock back and forth as the monsters attacked it.

“Release the prisoners from the pit and I’ll release you” Florence said more firmly.

Knowing he was out of options, the Hylexan commander was forced to agree.

“Release the Quilex’s and the strange green alien for now.”

The Hylexan soldiers however refused.

“You heard what I said. Release them now!”

“We cannot obey commander. A Hylexan commander must never give in to enemies demands. You have forefieted your right to command.”

The Hylexans magic was linked to how obdient they were. If any Hylexan disobeyed their superior’s orders, then their own magic would destroy them. The Hylexan commander knew this of course, but was finally willing to sacrifice his life in order to pass on his command to another member of the crew afer some hesitation.

The red Hylexan’s skin started to turn black as the magic of the vessel upgraded the red Hylexan to the rank of commander, whilst another blue Hylexan’s skin turned red as it was upgraded to the rank of second in command.

The black Hylexan in the Circus meanwhile screamed as it began to vanish into a puff of green smoke.

“DESTROY THOSE MONSTERS” The new Hylexan commander shouted as magics fired from the flaming craft into the giant ravenous Lystergia’s outside. One of the beasts exploded completely whilst the others began to scatter. As the Hylexan commander prepared to fire another missile however, he suddenly saw something else come into view. It was a gigantic flying, glowing city!

“Incredible. I can’t believe the Quilax’s have created such a thing!” The Commander said.

“You are not allowed to praise our enemies” The second in command said or rather thought angrily.

“I apologise. The city may look striking, but it will easily crumble before our weapons.”

“It doesn’t even look striking” the second in command said bitterly.

Florence meanwhile searched frantically through the weapons chest to try and find a weapon that could hurt the monsters. Unfortunately almost all of the magic on board the tent had mysteriously vanished? Florence felt that it had to be the work of the Hylexans, but how? “How could those freaks drain our magics? If they can do that, why not just come in and get me now?”

Whilst Florence was searching for a suitable weapon, the Strange Boy grew impatiant and hopped out of the tent. Florence didn’t even notice at first, and neither did the Hylexans. The Strange Boy jumped out of the tent and onto the back of the new Hylexan commander.

Before the octopus like creature could respond, the Strange Boy dug his talons into both sides of the monsters amoprhous body and pulled with all its strength, ripping the Hylexan in half down the middle. Without the commander the ship began to spiral out of control.

The second in command’s skin started to turn black. The ships had to be powered by a being of incredible magical power, the commander. Only the strongest members of the Hylexans could become the commanders however.

There would always be a few back ups on each vessel, but if the Strange Boy could kill them all then the vessel would crash. The Strange Boy quickly grabbed the red Hylexan as it was in the process of changing’s tentacles and pulled it towards him, impaling the octopoid on his hand.

Two more Hylexan soldiers wrapped their tentacles around the Strange Boy and started to dig their tentacles under his skin and shock him. The Strange Boy tried to fight through the pain. He was by far the strongest member of the Circus Folk physically, but as more and more tentacles poked their way under his skin; the Vampire child was unable to even move.

Florence having heared the Hylexan’s cries when they were slaughtered by the Strange Boy struck both of the Hylexan’s attacking the Vampire with an axe. The axe was not magical and so it only produced a minor wound on both monsters which quickly healed, but it was enough to distract them long enough for the Strange Boy to escape the beasts tentacles.

The Strange Boy then jumped onto the new commander who was in the process of changing. This commander however managed to run several of his tentacles through the Strange Boy’s chest. The Vampire and the Alien wrestled with each other, whilst Florence distracted the guards. She spent most of her time simply dodging their attacks and occasionally striking at their tentacles with her axe. Each time she sliced a part of them off however, the tentacle would simply grow back.

Whilst the two Vampires held off the Hylexan’s, over in the city; the Circus Master prepared a weapon to use against the alien invaders. The Lystergias meanwhile had been commanded by the Quilax to hold off the approaching Hylexan army from behind.

The giant monsters didn’t last long. Whilst they were capable of breaching the Hylexan’s defences they were vastly outnumbered. In under a minute the Lystergia’s were whittled down to just one by the Hylexan army. The final Lystergia was only able to distract the Octopoids rather than fight them.

With Denika’s help the Circus Master began to cobble together some of the magics from the city itself. He was forced to make a weapons building disappear in the process. Some of the soldiers complained about losing one of their buildings, but the Circus Master assured them that all of the weapons in the building combined couldn’t take down one Hylexan vessel.

“It took us ages to build that. It was our main defence centre. You better know what you’re doing” the angry general said.

“I’ve only known them a short while, but trust me they do” Carlene replied.

The Circus Master and Denika constructed the gun in a matter of minutes through various enchantments. The Circus Master seemed to do most of the work. Whilst he may not have been as skilled as Denika at magic. In some ways the Circus Master’s knowledge of magic eclipsed hers in certain areas.

“There that finally seems to be it. Denika, you just be ready to catch it when it falls.” The Circus Master said as he aimed the glowing, red cannon.

“Care to fill us in?” Ashlei asked.

“I’ve cobbled this weapon together from spare magics in this city and some spare magics from Denika. It won’t be able to destroy the vessel up ahead, but if I’m correct then we might be able to shut down all of the magics in the ship, reducing it to just a hollowed out metal shell. Denika will have to catch it afterwards if we are to get our ship back.”

“How good a chance do you give us?” Ashlei asked. The Circus Master didnt respond and simply fired the canon. The Hylexan’s ship began to spin out of control. Inside the floor began to vanish, as did all of the equipment.

The Hylexan commander managed to throw the Strange Boy across the room as the Vampire was distracted by the ship rocking. The commander then took control of the ships remaining weapons and fired them at the city.

Denika was barely able to block the blast with her magic and doing so threw her 20 feet from the edge of the city.

Fortunately Carlene managed to catch her in time, but Denika was knocked out cold.

“What are you waiting for?” One of the Quilax commanders shouted as the Circus Master.

“I can’t fire. Denika can’t catch it in our current state. We’ll lose the ship.”

“If you don’t fire it will destroy us”

“Yes but if I knock them out of the sky, my ship will be destroyed and this city which draws energy from it will fall out of the sky.”

The Circus Master ran towards Denika and tried to help Carlene rouse her, but again it was no use.

The last surviving Lystergia attacked the Hylexan vessel Florence, the Strange Boy and Keptis were locked in. Due to their magical nature the monsters could sense when their Quilaxen commanders were in danger. Whilst the Lystergian distracted the Hylexans, Carlene and the Circus Master were finally able to wake Denika.

“Finally. Great time to blank out on us Denika.” The Circus Master said angrily.

“Sorry I only got hit in the face by a giant magical death ray!” Denika replied.

The Hylexan fleet quickly vaporised the Lystergia from behind. The Quilax watching from the city all bowed their heads in respect. The Lystergia had been the last of its kind. Their race had existed for millions of years before even the Quilax themselves. The Lystergia had always been seen as symbols of great power and beauty among their people and were even worshipped as gods by the Quilax’s early ancestors. Now if the last of the Quilax survived, none of their descendants would ever set eyes on one of these beautiful creatures. Nevertheless the creatures sacrifice had bought the Circus Master enough time to blast the Hylexan vessel containing Florence and the others with his cannon, completely destroying the magic of the ship.

Denika managed to catch the empty metal shell the ship became in a magical tractor beam. It was an incredible strain for the Witch just to hold it in place however.

As the Hylexan fleet drew closer, the Circus Master started firing at them. He managed to bring down dozens more ships, but the Hylexans also managed to fire several shots at the city too. They destroyed dozens of buildings, killed hundreds of Quilax civilians, and caused the back section of the city to collapse.

Carlene and Ashlei ran to the areas that had been hit to try and help any survivors, but there was only a handful of survivors.

Inside the Hylexan vessel containing the Circus meanwhile the dark matter dungeon vanished and all of the Quilax, the Hylexans, the Circus as well as Keptis were thrown together inside a small metal room that could barely contain them.

The Quilax instantly started to attack the Hylexans but they were easily overpowered and ripped to pieces. Keptis meanwhile overcome with rage grabbed his flaming saw and stabbed it into the Hylexan commander from behind whilst it was distracted by the Quilax, before slicing it straight down the middle.

Whilst they were fighting, Florence quickly ran back into the Tent to search for more weapons. She managed to find a few of Carlene’s spare gas bombs which she used to scatter the Hylexans. Florence’s Vampire senses allowed her to see through the gas and she quickly snatched Keptis, the Strange Boy and the three remaining Quilax back into the Tent.

“I’m glad I got the commander at least.” Keptis said.

“Actually that was a different commander, but he deserved it anyway.” Florence said as she piloted the ship. Florence thought about the Circus Master as she threw the coins into the main fountain hoping it would take her to him. She didn’t know what situation he was in, but she felt she had to find the rest of the team to warn them about the Hylexans.

In a flash the Circus vanished in a puff of smoke and appeared at the every edge of the city in front of Denika, the Circus Master and the crowd of Quilax.

“Thank god” Denika said as she let the Hylexan vessel fall thousands of feet to the ground. She couldn’t take the strain of holding it up much longer.

Florence, The Strange Boy, Keptis and the Quilax soon emerged from the tent. The two surviving Quilax’s families quickly ran to them.

“Glad to see you made it from those vengeful Octopus'” The Circus Master said cheerfully, though Keptis was in no mood for his humour.

“Can one of you be a dear and hold off the fleet for a bit. I need to check inside.” The Circus Master continued.

Keptis grabbed the Cannon. “After what I went through in that pit I want to take down as many of these monsters as I can.” He said bitterly.

The Circus Master searched through the Circus. So much of it had vanished and been reduced to nothing but bland stone. Fortunately the city would not drain the vessel completely. Its power created by the Vandals and modified by both Professor Fang and The Circus Master himself was constantly able to renew itself. At the same time however as more and more of the ship was drained then its defences and most of its kitchen and its toilet (both kept below the living room.)

“I spent so long decorating this place” the Circus Master mused to himself as he looked at the engine of his beloved vessel, the fountain. The Circus Master began to chant over the fountain. He hoped to infect it with an invisibility spell. He and Denika had collected some invisibility spells on their travels, which were now being drained. Invisibility spells could only work on one person at a time. They also weren’t full proof. Vampires for instance could still trace people by scent, whilst other Demons and even magical creatures could sense the magic used to create the invisibility. In some cases it could ironically make things worse!

Still it was the city’s best chance of escape. There is no way, even with the Circus Masters weapon they could fight the Hylexan fleet off, and they couldn’t outrun them too.

The Circus Master hoped that as the city was drawing from the Circus for power that if he could make the Circus invisible, then the spell would spread out over the entire city. The Vandal just had to find a way to stop the remaining invisibility spells from being converted into the magic for the city.

Outside Keptis fired at the Hylexans with rage taking down dozens more of their vessels. Florence had never seen him overcome with such anger. “My god I think he hates these things more than Vampires.” She thought to herself.

The Hylexans rained down more lasers and magical blasts on the city, killing hundreds. Carlene and Ashlei frantically ran around the city to try and help the fleeing Quilax, but there was really nothing they could do.

The Strange Boy meanwhile simply stood there watching the chaos, completely disinterested. He only seemed to enjoy helping if there was a chance for him to fight. Otherwise he was completely dead to everything around him.

Keptis was so busy attacking the Hylexans that he didn’t care about the civillians either. Florence was forced to push him out of the way of one of the Hylexan’s rays just in time, but in the process he dropped the cannon that was completely destroyed by the Hylexans rays.

“You stupid Vampire”. He screamed. Florence was worried. As miserable and moody as Keptis always was, she’d never seen the Martian quite like this. What had those slimy Octopuses down to him?

Some of the Hylexan vessels began to hover over the city. Clearly they were getting ready for a landing to scoop up whatever Quilaxans they could for their twisted master. Just as they were on the verge of victory however, to the Hylexan’s shock the city suddenly vanished. The Circus Masters spell had worked!

“Denika get us out of here now” The Vandal shouted as he ran from the tent. Denika was able to pilot the ship out into the sky and into the planets atmosphere, evading all of the Hylexan war ships along the way.

Within a few minutes the surviving Quilax were able to look down on their planet from the stars. Unfortunately the Circus Folk could not use the Circus Tent to help the Quilax escape. As it was so linked to the city’s core, if they were to use it to escape the city would break apart. Not all of the Quilax would be able to fit in the tent for one journey either.

Hundreds of the Quilax had escaped, but sadly up to half of the city’s entire population had been slaughtered in the bombardment. Carlene, Ashlei, the Circus Master and Florence tried to help the few survivors whilst Keptis just sat at the edge of the city.

Florence was the most concerned about him. In spite of their differences she knew Keptis better than anyone else and could see the Martian was practically a broken man. Sadly she didn’t have time to help him now as there were dozens of Quillax still lying under the rubble.

Suddenly however the entire city’s attention was drawn back to the Quillax’s homeworld. In the distance the planet began to burn in a blaze of magical fire.

The Hylexans knew that somehow the Quillax city had escaped the planet. Their vessel could pick up faint traces of the city’s magic in space, though they couldn’t place its exact location.

Still they knew that several of the Quilax were in space and so they had no need for their planet anymore. They were more than capable of destroying it before now. They only didn’t because they wanted the last of the Quilax to hand over to their leader. Thus the Hylexans finally ordered the planets destruction.

It only took a few minutes for the Hylexan’s dark magics to burn the planet into nothing. The Quilax knew their world was beyond saving. Still to see it go shocked them all. Even the Circus Folk with everything they had seen had to look away at the planets final few moments.

“An entire world. Gone in a flash. Even at our worst we were never capable of such senseless destruction. We truly are the only survivors now” the Quilax commander said as he bowed his head.

“I’m sorry commander. No one should have to see their world end like that. Still this does not need to be the end of your people. Your world can live on through all of you.” The Circus Master said.

The soldier composed himself. “You are right strange alien. Thank you. Thank all of you” He said to the Circus Folk. “We have to do all we can to help the civillians now. We can’t let this all be for nothiing.”

To Be Continued






Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 4: Special Meat


The Demons three heads on its three tails started to attack the soldiers, whilst its front head held off the three time travellers and the Maliak that had escaped the pit with Lindsey.

The Professor jumped over its single front head and onto the monsters back. He then grabbed its two poison tipped fangs from behind. Their poison may have been toxic to most life forms, but as a Vampire, the Professor was completely immune.

The three heads on the monsters tails quickly turned to face the Professor instead. They all bit him, but again their poison had no effect on the Vampire. The three heads bit hard and tried to pull the Professor off, but he held on with all his inhuman strength. The three heads instead simply tore massive chunks of the Vampires flesh off. The three heads then started to all repeatedly bite the Professor who tried to ward them off.

Whilst the Demon was distracted, Lindsey, the Maliak and Kirsteen tried to help the wounded soldiers get away to safety, but the monster quickly threw the Professor off. Overwhelmed from so many Demon bites the Professor eventually lost his grip and was thrown across the room.

Lindsey, the Maliak and Kirsteen all stood in front of the soldiers as the monster towered over them.

“I’ve got to wake up any minute now” Kirsteen thought to herself.

The entire room began to shake and rocks began to fall from the ceiling. The monster stumbled a little whilst Lindsey and the Maliak both grabbed large rocks that had fallen from the ceiling and started to fend off the monsters heads with them.

“Get the men to safety” the Maliak shouted at Kirsteen. One of the creatures three heads however batted the rock from the Maliaks hands. The monster tried to strike at the soldier, but Lindsey got in the way, holding the rock up, causing the monster to bite the rock instead breaking its front teeth in the process.

As the creatures three heads rose up to tear Lindsey and the Maliak to pieces. The Professor having healed from his wounds, jumped onto the beasts back whilst carrying a massive boulder, (larger than his own body.) Before the monster could even react, the Professor brought the boulder down on the monsters main head. With a few strikes the Professor smashed the monsters head in, before using the rock to impale it through the spine into the ground.

The three heads on the creatures tails began to writhe and scream in desperation and the Professor quickly jumped onto the middle head and started to choke it. The other two heads started to bite him, but Lindsey and the Maliak seized their chance and attacked the heads at either side. The Maliak struck the neck from behind with a large, sharp rock repeatedly until he cleaved it in half. Lindsey meanwhile faced the monster head on. When it tried to bite her she would hit it with a rock. She hit it a few times until the head collapsed from the pain and bloodloss before she finally brought it down on the monsters skull smashing it open.

Kirsteen meanwhile had roused the few surviving soldiers. Only 4 of them had survived the fall including the leader. One had a broken leg, whilst another had several broken ribs. The leader meanwhile was barely even hurt. The room began to shake again, with Lindsey only barely managing to push the Maliak out of the way of another falling boulder in time.

“We need to get the men out of here now” The Professor said as he dusted his torn clothes and wiped the Demon blood off his hands.

“What is going on?” One of the winged Demon commanders shouted.

“Its the Maliaks. They have ensnared us in their tractor beam.”

“I thought we destroyed all of their bases?”

“We never found the one their supposed god was hiding out in.”

The general laughed. “The fool. Even if he caught us, he’s just exposed where he is to our armies.”

“Why would he take such a risk for a scout ship?”

“It must be the special meat. Whatever it is we can’t let them have it!”

The time travellers were lost in the catacombs below. The Professor carried two of the soldiers, whilst Lindsey and the Maliak carried the other.

“Well no offence special meat.” The Maliak said to Lindsey. “Your friends here aren’t quite what I was expecting?”

“I just helped to save you all from an ugly four headed monster. Isn’t that enough?” The Professor said sarcastically as he looked around the dark, dank caverns.

“His last plan didn’t exactly work out. My entire platoon almost completely dead.” The leader of the Maliaks said with regret and sorrow.

“I’m sorry” The Professor said. “These Demons since I last saw them, they’re a lot more dangerous. I still don’t understand it? How were they able to get hold of this technology. They’re just animals.”

Suddenly one of the Asikori Demons grabbed one of the soldiers the Professor was carrying from above. The Professor held onto the soldier. His strength was slightly above that of the average of Asikori, but several more of the monsters soon descended from the darkness above.

There were too many of the Asikori for the time travellers and the surviving Maliak soldiers to fight back, though it still took three of the monsters to restrain the Professor. The Demons flew their prisoners up a large shaft where they were taken to the leader of the Asikori vessel.

“I’m impressed.” The Demon leader said. “You’re the first prisoners to escape the Hiliaxar Demon in those caves. Though I suspect it was more down to the eh, special meat, than these pathetic creatures who were tricked by a false god.”

“I’d rather you just eat me than keep calling me special meat” Lindsey said as she winced in disgust.

One of the Demon’s grabbed Lindsey from behind.

“Whatever you are you may just well have helped us find their god.”

“What do you mean” One of the Maliak’s said with fear.

“It seems your god has an interest in the special meat too. So much so he’s willing to risk everything.”

Whilst the Demon was talking the Professor used his chance to jump over the leader’s head. Rather than try and fight him however, the Professor simply fled.

“Where are you going? You got me into this you fucking coward!” Kirsteen shouted after the Vampire.

The Maliak leader meanwhile quickly jumped the Asekori leader. Catching the Demon off guard he managed to pull the winged abomination to the ground and started to beat him.

Lindsey and the Maliak survivor from the pit both joined in and started to attack the Asikori, whilst Kirsteen helped the Maliak leader. She jumped the Asikori leader from behind just as it had overpowered the Maliak commander.

Kirsteen’s intervention proved timely as it allowed the Maliak commander a chance to grab the Demon in a headlock where he snapped its neck.

The other Demons gasped in horror at the sight of their leaders death, before desecnding on the Maliak commander who they started to savagely attack. Kirsteen, Lindsey and the survivor from the pit tried to help him but they were all easily overpowered.

Just as all seemed lost the Demons were suddenly knocked to the ground. The Professor had managed to say the enchantment in time. He had run away only so that he could say the enchantment in peace.

“Thank you Professor. Sorry about the whole calling you a coward thing” Kirsteen said.

“Now, now Kirsteen if you’re going to be part of this team you’re going to have to accept my more unorthodox methods.” The Professor said proudly.

“I don’t want to be a part of this team” Kirsteen snapped back.

The whole mountain began to shake again as a large green light enveloped the mountain.

“What’s going on” Lindsey asked.

“Its one our bases. Its pulling the mountain towards it in a tractor beam.” The Maliak leader said.

“Can you stop it.”

“Not without activating the security system, which only their commander can operate.”

“And you had to kill him”. Kirsteen said.

“It probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.”

The mountain was suddenly tipped to its side causing two of the wounded Maliak soldiers to fall off the top. The Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen, the leader and the survivor from the pit all held on as the mountain went hurling towards the ground.

“Hold on this is definitely not going to be a smooth landing!” The Professor shouted.

To Be Continued



Why The Left Are Hypocrites For Not Supporting Tulsi Gabbard

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A short article but one I feel needs to be written. Tulsi Gabbard is a Democratic senator who is running for President in 2020.

Tulsi if elected would in my opinion be the best President since World War 2. Tulsi is a staunch anti war candidate. She supports genuine left wing ideas such as free healthcare and welfare, she is critical of the US’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and unlike Bernie Sanders (who said that white people don’t know what its like to be poor.) She does not divide people by race or gender, or focus on infantile identity politics.

Sadly as a result of this both the establishment right and left have attempted to sabotage Tulsi in various ways.

Whilst this is to be expected from the war hawks on the right, I think we can see quite an interesting bit of hypocrisy from the left here.

In 2016 many on the left declared their support for Hillary Clinton because if elected she would have been the first female President. Personally I don’t think having a female President matters one bit. As long as a woman can be President, then what difference does it make who is first? Elect people based on their ideas, not their gender. I personally didn’t want Hillary Clinton to win because she was a war hawk who would have been more dangerous than Trump.

See here.

Still I and many other critics of Hillary were called sexists for not wanting a woman to be President regardless of her appalling record. Flash forward to 2020 however and these same people on the left are not pushing for Tulsi the same way they were Clinton?

Surely if having a woman President is the most important thing, then shouldn’t all of these people, like Caitlin Moran, entertainers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga be every bit as supportive of Tulsi (who is more of an underdog and thus could actually use their support.)

I would have thought that this woman here.

Was a better role model for young girls, than this crooked, corrupt, blood stained war mongering psychopath here?

Yet bizarrely enough virtually NONE of the high profile Hillary supporters in the mainstream media have got behind Tulsi.

Of course again not that I’m saying I want people to only vote for Tulsi because she is a woman. Vote for her because she is a fantastic candidate. Still going by those on the left, who not only pledged their support for Hillary, but for Obama for being the first black President’s way of thinking; shouldn’t they all automatically be behind Tulsi, a non white woman?

Ultimately I think this goes to show that those on the left are phonies who use representation to manipulate and bully those around them into silence. Hillary and her supporters didn’t actually care about having a woman as the President, but it was an easy way of dismissing any of her critics as “being sexists for not wanting a woman in a position of power.”

We see a similar thing happen in the entertainment industry too. I have been called a sexist by people like the youtubers Samuel Davis, and Mr Tardis for not liking the new female Doctor Who, played by Jodie Whittaker. Apparently that means I can’t stand dirty women in strong roles. Meanwhile I have used my platform to promote Tulsi, a woman, for the highest and most important position on earth, whilst they both probably don’t even know who Tulsi is!

The reason is because again they don’t actually care about female representation. They simply claim they do either so they can smear critics of a particular woman, or so they can jump on a bandwagon that might suit them. It was trendy for people like Mr Tardis to make out how much they hated Trump and supported Hillary for instance, but its not for Tulsi who is a genuine underdog and who the dominant political class don’t like.

So Tulsi despite being an immeasurably better choice for the first female President gets a millionth of the support Hillary does.

Now I don’t mean to tar all of those who would idnetify as being on the left. I personally don’t identify with either the left or the right, but I’m sure there are some people on the left who did support Hillary and now want Tulsi to be the first female President.

Still there are not nearly enough, and next time those on the left try and make out that they care more about female representation than anyone else, that actually its just a ploy to silence critics.

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Doctor Who: Fire of the Daleks: Part 3

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“Its over.”

“Finally! Even I couldn’t take it another second. No one deserved to die like that. Not even a man like him.”

The man is question was Tyresia, leader of the terrorist origanisation Heglozia First. Heglozia First were devoted to ending the war with the Daleks in order to preserve the planet. They foolishly believed that their leaders were just as responsible for the conflict as the Daleks, and hoped to persuade them (through violent means.) To settle their differences with the Daleks.

Their most heinous crime had been the sabotage of a war vessel, the Osteria, which caused it to explode before taking off. Over 2000 young men and women were lost their lives in the explosion. There were no survivors. Tyresia had himself orchestrated the sabotage.

Nevertheless Tyresia’s own executioners could not help but pity him in his final moments. The lack of resources meant that they were not allowed to use guns and waste ammunition to execute the prisoners. Instead a lethal form of chemical called Ixeri was used, which would kill its victims slowly and painfully over the course of several hours. It wasn’t just a lack of resources as to why this chemical was used however. The king wanted it to be used as a form of terror. Any disloyalty to the king was met with execution by Ixeri.

The executioners had been forced to slaughter many innocent men and women. When Tyresia had been brought in, for once they were happy at the prospect of executing someone who deserved it. Still now that the grissly deed (that had taken over two hours) was done, the two executioners had instead come to the conclusion that no one deserved to die from Ixeri.

“The king should be made to see just how that poison eats people from the inside.” One of the executioners said as he carried Tyresia’s putrid, stinking corpse from the table.

“I sometimes think it would be better if that entire forcefield just collapsed on us.” The other said as he mopped up the mess created during Tyresia’s death throes.

Suddenly the two men were alerted by screams. The executioner carrying Tyresia’s corpse dropped it and ran to the window. Outside to his horror he could see the guards one by one falling to a Dalek.

“My god one of the Daleks is here.”

“What? That’s not possible? What would it want here anyway? To kill all our criminals?”

“”I don’t know but we have to get out of here now!”

The two men were not soldiers. The only reason they were in this position was to avoid having to fight in the war. Every day they regretted it and contemplated going off to fight against the Daleks and die an honourable, yet completely pointless death. Ultimately however their fear of the Daleks always won out and they instead decided to sacrifice more innocent lives in the hopes that they could wait out the war. (Regardless of how hopeless that seemed.)

The two men ran down the long corridors filled with prisoners, most of whom were there for minor crimes, such as stealing resources to feed their families.

Most of the prisoners were asleep, but a few were woken up by the commotion. One of the prisoners a young man reached out and grabbed one of the executioners as he ran past. He managed to pull the executioner right up to the bars and hold him in place by placing his arm around his neck.

“Please help me” the executioner shouted to his friend, who without a seconds hesitation ran away.

“You coward. We were in this together.” He shouted after his former comrade.

“Tell me, what’s going on? Why are you two leaving? Where are all the guards? Answer me!” The prisoner shouted.

“There’s a Dalek outside. I don’t know what it wants, but its coming in here.”

“A Dalek that’s not possible, unless our forcefield’s down. If it is, why bother running?”

“What else can we do?”

Outside the Dalek had slaughtered almost all of the guards. Only 4 out of 50 in total remained. As the last 4 survivors ran for cover the Dalek hovered about twenty feet in the air and blasted a hole in the prison wall before entering. The Dalek made its way into the room the main generator was kept in. The generator controlled all of the doors in the facility. It was also capable of electrifying them if the prisoners got too close.

The Dalek killed two of the three soldiers guarding the generator, (with the other fleeing in panic) before placing its sucker arm on the generator. The 4 soldiers outside regrouped and continued to fire desperately at the creature to no avail. The soldier who fled returned. Having given into his fear for a moment, he returned in shame to try and make up for actions. The guard attempted to grab the metal monster from behind and pull it off the generator, but he wasn’t able to move it a fraction of an inch!

The Dalek was able by linking its own software with the generator to override the electronic locks on every door in the prison and open them. Once it was finished the Dalek spun round, knocking the soldier off its back.  The Dalek then exterminated the last of the guards below, before turning to face the guard it had knocked down, who it cornered against a wall.

“HUMANOIDS KILL HUMANOIDS. THE DALEKS ARE UNITED THAT IS WHY WE ALWAYS TRIUMPH!” The monster said before exterminating the guard and leaving the area.

The criminals were easily able to overrun the few remaining guards in the prison who they literally tore apart with their bare hands. The executioner who had been abandoned’s neck was broken by the criminal who had restrained him. The other executioner meanwhile was beaten to death by a crowd, made up of people whose loved ones he had either personally killed, or people he was due to execute. Though the executioner fought back at first, he soon realised it was pointless and gave in to the prisoners. In his final few moments he was relieved more than anything else to finally be free of the nightmare his existence had become.

“Come on” Asica shouted. He the Doctor, Dana and Zoella had fled down a secret passage from the throne room in case of an emergency, whilst his guards fought off the Hiaska’s.

Zoella’s injuries from the crash however were beginning to catch up with her and she needed a few minutes to rest.

“We should just leave you here. You’re a liability!” Asica snapped.

“If you leave her, I’ll never show you how my ship works.” The Doctor said in anger.

“Now I’m starting to see how so many people have died in your name. You keep leaving them to die.” The Doctor sneered.

“Its not about me. If what you say is true your ship is our last hope. These Hiaska’s might win this battle and if they do, they’ll tear down our forcefield.”

“Why would they do that? The Daleks will destroy them too? What do they want” Dana asked?

“They don’t care about the Daleks. They don’t know them like those of us on the front line. To them its just another war. What they really want? Is just to make him pay” Zoella said from the side.

“According to our old legends, Hiaska was the god of justice. The Hiaskans are made up of the relatives of the people he butchered, sent away to die, executed in cold blood. If we just hand him over to them, they might let us go.”

“You can’t be serious?” Dana said in shock.

“Of course I am. Its our best chance for us to get free and get to your ship. If the king means what he says, he’ll lay down his life now for his people.”

Zoella’s words shook Asica. He’d always claimed he’d be happy to lay down his life for his people, but now his bluff was being called.

“They’ll never let any of you go.” Asica said.

“Its you they hate. I’m just a soldier, and these two, well who knows what they are?”

“Do you think they’ll believe that? They’ll tear you apart just as soon as they would me.”

“Lets put it to the test shall we.”

“Enough” the Doctor shouted over them.

“No one is getting left behind. If we are going to not only get out of here, but stop the Daleks we have to stay together. I don’t care what problems you have with each other. Right now we are all in the same, unfortunately hopeless situation.” The Doctor said firmly.

“All right” Zoella responded. “If they catch up to us though I’m throwing our beloved king to them.”

“That’s the spirit” the Doctor said mockingly.

As the four somewhat reluctant companions treked down the dark, musty corridor, they were tormented by the sounds of both the soldiers and the rebels killing one another above.

“Even in this time we can’t work together” Asica said bitterly.

“Conflict is the price we sometimes have to pay for individuality.” The Doctor said. “The Daleks above are not squabbling, but none of them are able to choose their own destiny’s.”

Just a few feet ahead there was a massive explosion. The Doctor instinctively tried to push Dana back. Even though she was more than capable of taking care of herself, the Doctor couldn’t help but be overly protective of her. It was the same with all of his companions. The explosion however knocked all 4 of them off their feet.

Through the smoke two armed men and women emerged, dressed in tattered, bloody clothes.

“Don’t bother calling for help.” The leader of the group sneered at Asica.

“Your palace is ours.”

“I don’t understand? How could you do it?” The king said in shock.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re finally going to get what you deserve. Look at you. Trying to run like a coward while those men up there die for you. That was always your way of fighting your enemies.”

“He’s not your enemy.” The Doctor protested. “The Daleks are. The future of your race is at stake if you.” The rebel punched the Doctor before he could finish.

“It wasn’t the Daleks that killed my son. ” He spat back at the Doctor. “I can’t believe that any of you are with him. You’re all traitors! Still there’s been enough killing. Stand aside and we’ll let you go.”

The Doctor looked back at Asica who tried to keep his cool, but was clearly terrified.

“Alright” the Doctor said calmly as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Doctor you can’t.” Dana said in shock.

“Its not our concern Dana, we just have to” suddenly mid sentence the Doctor knocked the leader out with a bit of Venusian Karate, before kicking the gun out of the other male rebels hand. He then flipped the male rebel over his shoulder into the two female rebels, disarming them as well.

Dana and Zoella quickly jumped the female rebels, whilst the Doctor fought with the male rebel. The Doctor blocked one punch before delivering two strikes to the rebel, one to his stomach and another to his face sending him back into a wall. Dana meanwhile managed to pin her rebel to the ground. Her rebel was just a teenage girl, no older than 18 and Dana was mindful not to hurt her. Zoella meanwhile still struggled with hers due to her injuries.

Whilst they were fighting, Asica grabbed the first rebel the Doctor had knocked out’s gun and shot the rebel fighting with Zoella. The others all froze, and Asica then shot the male rebel, before shooting the rebel the Doctor had knocked out. He then turned the gun to the rebel Dana was restraining.

“No don’t” Dana said as she let the girl go who tried to run, but Asica shot the girl in the back.

“You murderer” Dana screamed in rage and disgust.

“I had no choice. They’re a danger not only to me but to this entire planet.”

“There will be no one left on this planet you’re trying to save when you’re done with them!” Dana snapped.

“Look what’s done is done, we need to get out of here before more of the rebels come” the Doctor shouted as he ran ahead. The Doctor was disgusted with Asica’s ruthless actions too, but he knew that it would do no good to bicker about it now. He didn’t know how, but he felt sure the Dalek had somehow aided this rebel attack. Its what they always did when their numbers were low or they were weak. Make their enemies fight among each other. The Time Lord wasn’t about to give in to what the monsters wanted now. Asica was the first to follow the Doctor. Neither Dana nor Zoella wanted to be in front of the king.

The foursome ran a couple more feet until they eventually reached a massive cavern, with a small fighter jet in the centre.

“My escape jet. It won’t get us off this planet. That’s your job.” Asica said to the Doctor as he prepared to board the jet. Suddenly another explosion blew open the wall on the right hand side of the cavern. 10 or so rebels emerged from the smoke firing their weapons at the foursome.

“No, I want the king alive” the leader shouted. “A simple blast is too good for him. Kill the others.”

The Doctor, Dana, the King and Zoella hid behind the jet with the King firing blindly at the rebels.

Zoella quickly grabbed the gun out of the King’s hands and fired at the rocks above the rebels sending them scattering.

Zoella then ran out to face the rebels and shot two more of them.

“Go now.” She shouted.

“We can’t just leave you” the Doctor said whilst Asica had already jumped into the jet.

“I’m wounded. I’ll only slowly you down. If you do have a way of getting some of us out of here. Take it now.” Zoella ran into the rebels and realizing there was nothing they could do, the Doctor and Dana jumped into the jet which quickly took off. The rebels weaponry had no effect on the jet which was made of the strongest metal on the planet. Its fire power was also vastly superior to that of most conventional crafts which it demonstrated when after escaping outside, it easily destroyed three fighter jets, hijacked by the rebels.

Back in the cavern the rebels easily overpowered the wounded Zoella.

“Where was the king fleeing.” The leader barked at the wounded soldier.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

The rebel leader placed his foot on Zoella’s broken arm.

“You think you’re a hero fighting against the Daleks? You’re actually working for our real enemy. Now tell me where he’s gone or else.” He said as he pushed his foot down harder.

“I hate the King too, but he’s irrelevant you moron. Right now that man and that woman you almost killed might hold the key to the survival of our race.” Zoella said.

The leader responded by punching her in the face.

“If you’re not going to tell us where he is, I guess we’ll just have to take our frustrations at the King out on you!” The leader said with a sadistic glee.

The Doctor, Dana and the King flew out across the badladnds towards the wreckage. Along the way they could see scores of people fighting and killing one another. Almost every buidling was on fire, whilst masses of bodies lay in the streets.

A message suddenly came through on the king’s transmitor.

“Please help us, this is the national guard, we’ve been overwhelmed, the prisoners have escaped from Kisakr. We’re outnumbered.”

“The Dalek. It did this” the Doctor said.

“It wants us to kill ourselves so they won’t have too?” The King asked?

“No” the Doctor responded. “They always like to launch the final attack themselves. They have warships that can shatter planets, yet they still will always launch an army to wipe out the population. It’s what they live for. This is just a distraction so the Dalek can tamper with your forcefield to let the army through. We have to get to it now.”

“Are you kidding? We have to get to your ship and get out of here.” The King said.

“Look around your heiness” The Doctor replied. “You think you’re going to convince the people down there to stop fighting and walk into a little blue box? The Dalek is already on its way to your forcefield. We have to get there now.”

The King still refused. “Exactly if what you say is true then its already there in which case its too late.”

“Well how about that. It turns out you were just a coward after all.” Dana interrupted.

“How dare you, I’ll”

“You’ll do what? There’s no one around to throw me in prison anymore your majesty. You’re on your own now, and you have two choices. One try and flee and even if you make it, have the death of a world on your conscience? Or prove that you were doing it for the greater good and help us buy your people more time to escape? From what I gather you’ve already got enough on your conscience.”

The King hesitated for a few moments before turning the ship in the opposite direction.

“I hope you’re right aliens.”

“I’m afraid I am” The Doctor said. “We have to act fast or else your world dies tonight.”

To Be Continued



The Horse Shoe Effect: Part 1: Freedom of Speech

Image result for tommy robinsonImage result for julian assange

Two brave men who sadly have been made shining examples of the left and the rights contempt for freedom of speech. 

For the first article in the Horse Shoe Effect series we will be taking a look at how both the left and the right despise freedom of speech. I didn’t intend to cover this subject first. I wanted to start with more low key issues such as the left and the right’s impact on the entertainment industry before moving onto how their tribalism impacts greater society as a whole.

The recent arrest of Julian Assange however motivated me to cover this now. I feel that anyone who claims to care about freedom of the press needs to stand with Assange, regardless of how small their platform is. Every bit of support matters. (This article will not just cover Assange, but he will still be a major focus of the article.)

McCarthyism vs Feminists

The left and the right have both shown throughout their history that they can’t stand even the slightest contrary opinion. They will tar even the mildest centrist as a Communist or a Nazi and try and shut them down.

We can see this clearly in the right’s case with Joseph McCarthy and in the left’s with third wave feminism.

Joseph McCarthy was a US senator in the 1950s who helped to kick off the second red scare policy where those accused of being communists or communist sympathizers were fired from their jobs, blacklisted and in some cases even imprisoned.

Most of those McCarthyism labelled as communists were completely innocent. As Humphry Bogart said. “They’ll nail anyone who ever scratched their ass during the national anthem.”

Now you might be thinking well why bring up McCarthyism? It happened 60 years ago? The point is that McCarthy shows how the right are capable of shutting people down, slandering people based on no evidence and ruining people’s lives over nothing.

How The Red Scare Destroyed A Small Town Teacher

7 Artists Almost Ruined By McCarthyism

Remembering McCarthyism

McCarthyism Victims

The Injustice of McCarthy

Threat of McCarthy

Its not even as though the modern right disavows McCarthy. Sargon of Akkad has outright said that McCarthy never did anything wrong, whilst Stefan Molyneux has tried to reassess McCarthy as a hero.

See here.

Related image

With this in mind I can’t help but feel that if the right regained the social power the left currently has, they would return to shutting down “Evil commies” and smearing anyone with even the mildest left wing views as “evil socialist, commie bastards.”

The left meanwhile has its own version of McCarthyism. Third wave feminism. Often if you disagree with, or offend a feminist online the first thing they will do is ask to speak to your employer.

I’m not saying that all feminists are willing to ruin someone’s life over a joke. Still feminism certainly has the power to shut people down and ruin their livelihoods. Much like religion many decades ago; feminism in modern society is seen as untouchable. If you have any objections to third wave feminism you must be a sexist, same way if you weren’t a Christian years ago then you must not have a moral code.

Sadly however many modern day feminists are only too happy to abuse the privileged and powerful position feminism has in modern society.

Here are some examples of feminists getting people fired for simply disagreeing with them.

Feminists not only have the power to get people fired, but much like McCarthy they have the power to get them blacklisted to the point were they’ll never work again. One such example was Tim Hunt a noble prize winning scientist who was fired and in his own words left hung out to dry, after making some lame jokes that feminists deemed too offensive.

Tim Hunt: The Guardian

The most extreme example of leftist McCarthyism in the 21st century however is the trial and conviction of Scottish comedian Mark Meechan.

Meechan (who is better known by his youtube moniker Count Dankula) is fairly left leaning. He supports both the NHS and the Welfare State as well as gay marriage.


Count Dankula on Twitter

Count Dankula NHS

In 2016 Mark Meechan was arrested after he posted a video where he made his girlfriends pug perform a Nazi salute. Dankula made it clear in the video that he hates the Nazis. He explicitly says that he is sick of his girlfriend going on about how cute the Dog is, so he wanted to make it do the most horrible thing he could think of to annoy her; which is imitate the Nazis!

Still Meechan was accused of promoting Nazism. He was fired from his job, unable to get a job anywhere else and was routinely slandered by the mainstream media as a hate preacher.

The charge against Meechan hung over his head for two years until he was finally charged in early 2018 and forced to pay a fine, (which he has refused to.)

Man Arrested After Teaching Dog To Perform Nazi Salute

Man Guilty of Hate Crime For Dog Video

Much like McCarthy, its disgusting and terrifying that modern day leftist ideologues are able to ruin a man’s life over something so trivial and inconsequential as a joke to wind up his girlfriend!

Just as McCarthy would nail anyone who scratched their ass during the national anthem. Then so will the leftists nail anyone who makes at worst a tedious joke they can’t stand.

Fidel Castro vs Agusto Pinochet

When Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died in 2016 the left almost all lined up to cannonize him as a great man and a fighter for justice.

In all fairness Castro did free his country from the rule of what were essentially US backed criminals before him. It also cannot be denied that Castro improved the life expectancy of Cubans.

When the Mob Owned Cuba

The Rise of Castro

Castro Derails The Mob’s Plans in Cuba

How Cubans Live As Long As Americans At A Tenth the Cost

10 Facts About Life Expectancy In Cuba

Whilst its true that Cuba has suffered extreme poverty since Castro’s rise to power. This is arguably more down the blockades placed around what is a small country by the US, than Castro himself.

See here.

The Impact of US Sanctions

Cuba is Poor But Who Is To Blame

The Effect of US Embargo on Cuba.

These facts are often ignored by Castro’s critics on the right such as Sargon of Akkad.

Still whilst there are some legitimate arguments in defense of Castro it cannot be denied that he was a dictator who subjected homosexuals to brutal treatment.

See here.

This Is How Castro Persecuted Gay People

Castro Takes Blame For Homosexual Persecution

With this in mind its completely inappropriate for those on the left who see themselves as champions of LGBT rights to overlook Castro’s record on gay rights.

Those on the right such as Sargon of Akkad and Dave Cullen were quick to attack Castro’s defenders on the left for praising a dictator and overlooking Castro’s victims.

At the same time however many on the right, including Sargon himself have been rank apologists for Pinochet.

Agusto Pinochet was Chilean Capitalist dictator who overthrew the democratically elected leader Salvadore Allende. His dictatorship not only drove the Chilean economy into the ground, but it was also notorious for its horrific sadism.

They Were Taking It In Turns To Electrocute Us

Victims of Pinochet Reveal Torture

How I Survived Torture Under Pinochet

Excavations of Pinochet Torture Site

Pinochet Coup Victims Recall Horrors

In spite of all of this Sargon, who did an entire video trashing Castro’s supporters claimed that Pinochet only killed 400 communists and that he was good for his economy.

See here.

I think he killed more than 400 people Sargon. A LOT more. Also mr free speech, are you saying it would have been okay for Pinochet to torture and slaughter people, just because they follow an ideology you don’t like?

Chile Identifies 35000 Pinnochet Victims

Sargon is far from the only right winger who defends Pinochet. There are even memes of Pinochet killing his victims by dropping them out of helicopters. Go on just about any video documenting Pinochet’s heinous crimes and you will see a comment like this.

“Big deal some Commies got free helicopter rides.”

Its hilarious that in their defense of Pinochet, the right are guilty all of the things they accused the left of when they defended Castro.

They too are happy to see a dictator remain in power and they are happy to disgrace the victims of said dictator, as long he follows their ideology. I actually think that the right in this case are worse than the left. Not only was Pinochet far more brutal than Castro, but Pinochet overthrew a previously democratically elected leader.

Furthermore whilst Castro did improve the life expectancy of the Cubans. Pinochet’s policies did nothing but harm for the Chilean economy.

See here.

How Pinochet Destroy The Economy

Chile’s Failed Economic Laboratory

Now fair enough in some cases it can actually be worse to remove a dictator from power. Personally I don’t want Bashir Al Asaad removed from power because it would destablise Syria. Similarly I thought the same about removing Sadam Hussein from Iraq (and I was proven right.) However I would never dream of describing Asaad as a hero, or disgracing his victims as getting what they deserved as both the left and the right do about Pinochet and Castro’s victims.

Ultimately in both cases we can see how the left and the right’s tribalism supercedes their actual principles and beliefs. The left may claim to care about LGBT rights, whilst the right may claim to care about the right to freedom of speech. They may even believe they do, but when its someone who is seen to represent their tribe that violates those rights they will still defend them no matter what.

Tommy Robinson vs Julian Assange

Image result for tommy robinsonRelated image

Tommy Robinson and Julian Assange are both brave men who have helped to shed light on some of the greatest injustices in, or perpetrated by the west for the past 30 years. Sadly as a result both have been demonised by the crooked and cowardly mainstream media and subjected to persecution and even torture by the government.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon is the former founder of the EDL and a journalist. (The only reason he changed his name was because of threats to his family.)

Tommy Robinson is an outspoken critic of Islam. He is not contrary to what the mainstream media tries to paint him as. A white supremacist. Tommy Robinson is actually a supporter of multiculturalism and a staunch critic of race realism.

He also does not tar all Muslims as being the same. In fact Tommy Robinson recently presented a more favourable view of the Muslim community than the mainstream media in regards to a proposed statue of Lee Rigby. The mainstream media claimed that a statue to Rigby (slain in the middle of the streets by extremist Muslims.) Would offend the Muslim community, whilst Tommy Robinson took to the streets to actually interview Muslims and found out that they wouldn’t mind a statue to Rigby in the slightest.

Ironically with this in mind it was actually the mainstream media who were in danger of whipping up tensions between Muslims and non Muslims by assuming that the Muslim community would object to a tribute to a young man killed by extremists, until Tommy put people straight.

All Tommy Robinson has ever done is attack the ideology of Islam. Tommy Robinson has simply argued that Islam is a dangerous religion that needs reformed, and its influence limited in the west for the following reasons.

Islam’s holy books, the Quran and the Hadith command all Muslims to either slaughter or subjugate all non Muslims. It also commands that all homosexuals be executed, that all black people are inferior to white people, and that all women are vastly inferior to men.

10 reasons Islam is not a religion of peace

Now it is true that there is horrific violence in the Old Testament. From a practical point of view however the Old Testament is less dangerous than the Quran. The Old Testament is too contradictory to live your life by. It is also not presented as the definitive word of god so there is some room for interpretation. The Jewish religion is also a more loose and tribal religion over all, with a vaguer concept of the afterlife. Finally the Jewish religion has been amended and reformed over the centuries too.

The Christian’s holy book, the New Testament meanwhile though containing some dodgy passages still ultimately tells its followers not to murder their enemies. Jesus is also presented as a martyr who forgives those who tortured him to death.

Islam’s holy book meanwhile is not contradictory. Muhammad does tell his followers to live in peace with non believers, but that is ultimately superceded by his later violent commands. The Quran is also presented as the definitive word of god, so there is no room for interpretation. Everything in it must be taken literally. Finally Islam has had no reformation throughout its entire history.

Now this does not mean that all Muslims living in the west live by Muhammad’s violent teachings. Many Muslims abandon the violent parts of the Quran and simply use their religion as a way of keeping their community together, or as a form of comfort for the hardships of life. Still those who are raised on what Muhammad actually says at the very least hold bigoted views towards Jewish people, homosexuals and women.

In countries that follow Islamic law homosexuality is illegal or even punishable by death. Even in the UK over 50 percent of British Muslims think homosexuality should be criminalised.

See here.

Over 50 Percent of British Muslims Think Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

Islamic Hatred of Gays and Lesbians

British Muslim Parents Object To Same Sex Lessons

Birmingham Stops Same Sex Lessons After Majority Muslims Protest

Women fare little better in Islamic countries as well, whilst even in western countries, grooming gangs and female genital mutilation are statistically much higher among the Muslim communities.

As A Rotherham Abuse Survivor I Want People To Know

Muslims Think Most Women Should Wear The Veil

To say that all religions are equally bad is not only dishonest. Its moral cowardice. There are very specific problems with Islam that need to be resolved. All Tommy Robinson has ever wanted is for these issues to be talked about. Not once has he ever said to ban all Muslims from the country.

Tommy Robinson has simply advocated for a reformation of the Islamic faith in the west, a limit (not a ban) on Islamic immigration, and for Islam to be as scrutinised as much as other religions and ideologies such as Christianity and Scientology.

Sadly however the mainstream media has tarred Robinson as a white supremacist. I’m not saying that Tommy Robinson is perfect or that all of his methods are right. I don’t think street protests that Tommy regularly uses are a good way of raising awareness to the problems caused by Islam.

Street protests are easy to demonise. They also can in all fairness appear intimidating to moderate Muslims and scare them away, and they are not always easy to control either.

Still whilst Tommy Robinson has made mistakes. His arguments about Islam are ultimately right. (Even if Tommy was a closet racist who actually did just hate all brown people then it wouldn’t matter in regards to his arguments about Islam, which are still based on facts and evidence.)

Sadly however the mainstream media and the government hate Tommy Robinson because he exposes them for the cowards they are.

The mainstream media and the government are scared to criticise Islam for many reasons. First and foremost there is the violent retaliation from extremists. No one wants to end up like Charlie Hebdo. Second there is also the social stigma attached too.

As Islam is a religion practised by predominantly dark skinned people, then criticism of Islam is often misinterpreted as racist by the left.

Ironically this itself comes across as racist, as essentially those on the left are not holding dark skinned people to the same high moral standards that they would white people. Compare say Scientology, an ideology practised by mostly white skinned people that the left has no problem insulting.

Still the leftist stigma helps Islam to be a protected faith almost as much as the violent retaliation from Islamic extremists.

As a result the victims of Islam are left out in the cold, as are Muslim reformers, whilst tensions between Muslims and non Muslims have risen dramatically.

See here.

Politically Correcg Do Gooders Shutting Down Discussion That Needs To Be Had

Why Won’t Feminists Stand Up For Women

Goldsmith Feminist Side With Islamists

Feminist Mayor Betrays Women

Rochdale Abuse

Rochdale Inquiry Lied

Telford Abuse Scandal

Tommy however is not afraid to call Islam out for the problems it causes, and so the mainstream media tries to slime him as a Nazi to stop people realising how they have been betrayed by those in power.

All of Tommy’s platforms on social media have been either shut down or severly limited. His facebook and twitter pages have been deleted. (Even mentioning Tommy’s name on facebook will get you a strike for hate crimes.)

Youtube unpersons Tommy Robinson

Facebook Unpersons Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson’s high profile arrest in 2018 meanwhile for supposedly sabotaging the trial of several Muslim men found guilty of sexual abuse was completely bogus.

The mainstream media claimed that Tommy Robinson had violated the reporting restrictions, even though he only reported what a newspaper had previously printed.

See here for further details.

The Injustice Against Tommy Robinson

It was an obvious pretense to jail Robinson and during his three months in prison Robinson was subject to solitary confinement. Worse he was moved from a prison with a low Muslim population to one with among the highest, simply so that he could be forced into solitary confinement. His cell was even placed right next to the prison’s Mosque. As a result Muslim prisoners were able to throw feces through his windows which forced him to board them up, leaving Tommy in perpetual darkness for 3 months. Robinson described the experience as mental torture. One only has to look at the physical effects his time inside had on him.

Related imageImage result for tommy robinson time in prison

Tommy both before and after his time in prison.

This is not the first time Tommy’s life has been put in danger. In 2012 Robinson was again sentenced to 5 months in solitary confinement for spurious reasons which caused him to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (something the authorities were well aware of when he was imprisoned again in 2018.)

Tommy Robinson also recently exposed the BBC’s attempts to smear his name in their documentary series Panorama. Here the BBC were shown to actually try and bribe former associates of Tommy Robinson into writing smear articles about him. They also did so little research into his past, that they used a fabricated story about Tommy (that he himself had put forward to see if they would take the bait.) In a further effort to smear him.

See here.

Regardless of whether you support or dislike Tommy Robinson, I don’t think it can be denied that he has been persecuted by both the state and the elite simply for being critical of Islam. He has been smeared as a Nazi, arrested, subject to mental and physical torture in prison, and been wiped from every major platform online. The leftist elite want to not only silence Tommy Robinson, but remove all trace of him from social media simply because he exposes the truth about Islam. Islam is the most conservative ideology on the planet, and the left have ironically made it untouchable simply because of their soft bigotry of low expectations towards dark skinned people.

On the other side of the spectrum however are Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Julian Assange has been subject to the right’s fascism and much like Tommy Robinson has been unpersoned, smeared and subject to torture.

Assange founded Wikileaks in 2006, an international publishing organisation known for publishing leaks about human rights violations. They came to widespread attention in 2010 however when Chelsea Manning published a series of leaks detailing American war crimes in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Since then the American government has attempted to silence Assange and Manning through any means necessary.

Remembering the Crimes of the Powerful Exposed by Julian Assange

In 2010 Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange, following allegations of sexual misconduct. He denied the charges, claiming that they were simply an excuse for the Swedish government to extradite him to America, where he could face the death penalty.

UK Labour Leads Rape Smear Accusations Against Assange

Assange would eventually seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy where he would remain for 7 years, until Ecuador’s new President Lenin Moreno, finally ended his asylum.

Chelsea Manning in the meantime was arrested in 2010 and initially sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, before Obama shortened her sentence to 7 years. She was arrested again in 2019 however for refusing to testify against Assange.

In prison Manning much like Robinson was subject to solitary confinement and poor conditions.

Torture of Chelsea Manning

The US government under both Obama and Trump have continued to persecute both Assange and Manning. Trump during his Presidential campaign expressed great admiration for Wikileaks, but recently claimed that he knew nothing about Assange and that his arrest didn’t interest him.

This sadly proves once and for all that not only is the President a puppet for those around him, but that people only care about freedom of speech when it affects them.

Hence why when Wikileaks are attacking his enemies, Trump loves them, whilst at other times he has apparently never heard of them? Similarly Sargon will champion Count Dankula’s freedom of speech, whilst being an apologist for those who persecute communists like Pinochet and McCarthy, whilst the same left who lived through McCarthyism will think nothing of Tommy Robinson being unpersoned and arrested for his beliefs.

Freedom of speech must ultimately apply for all political groups. As soon as you get into the mindset of “well communists or Islamophobes are too dangerous to be allowed to spread their harmful ideas.” Then you end up becoming the very thing you hate. If ideas are truly terrible, then they will exposed as such when brought to the public’s attention.