Why Ingrid Oliver Should Play She Hulk

Now I have mentioned this in a few previous posts including my Top 10 Contemporary Underrated Actors article, but I have decided to devote an entire article to it here, as I feel that Ingrid is such a good choice for the role of one of Marvels leading heroine’s that I really should put her case forward properly.

The character of the She Hulk for those of you who don’t know is the cousin of Doctor Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk. She is named Jennifer Walters and she is also a lawyer too.

Jennifer is initially a somewhat mousy, meek, shy bookish character, but that changes when she is wounded by a crime boss and her cousin Dr Banner gives her a blood transfusion which saves her life, but as his blood is radioactive it also causes her to become a large green brute like her cousin.

As the She Hulk, Jennifer is not nearly as strong as the regular Hulk, but she is far more intelligent and is actually even able to hold onto her old personality in her Hulk form.

Over the years She Hulk has had many series revolve around her, though she has also been a member of both The Fantastic Four and The Avengers. She has also appeared in many animated series over the years and has been voiced by actresses such as Lisa Zane, Cree Summer and Eliza Dushku. There have been a number of attempts to produce a live action version of the character that have come to nothing sadly. Originally she was going to appear in the third Hulk telemovie based on the 1970’s series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, but sadly these plans were abandoned. There were also plans in the early 90’s for a television series on ABC and a film to be directed by Larry Cohen, starring Brigitte Nielson as the She Hulk, with Nielson even appearing in publicity shots as the character.

However again these plans sadly came to nothing. Now however with Marvel’s popularity having reached new heights with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’d say the chances of She Hulk appearing on the big screen are greater than ever. I’d say at the very least we will see She Hulk in a future Avengers movie, if not in a film of her own.

Though the character of She Hulk was initially nothing more than just a cheap, female knockoff of a male character. Ultimately she has managed to carve out her own identity and become a respected icon in her own right, with many even seeing her as potentially being Marvels leading female super heroine, including Peter David a former She Hulk author who said of the character.

She-Hulk has the potential to be our Wonder Woman. A powerful female with a strong moral center and a determination to do what’s right. She’s also a unique combination of brains and brawn. The ideal She Hulk story is one that plays on both aspects of her make up, the intelligence, combined with her strength.”

So with this in mind yes its very likely that we will see the She Hulk introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe some time soon and I can think of no one better for the role than Ingrid Oliver.

Now Ingrid for those of you who might be unfamiliar with her work is an English actress and comedienne who is best known for her double act Watson and Oliver and her performance in Doctor Who as nerdy, cosplay loving, asthmatic Doctor fan girl Osgood.

Now at first glance Osgood might seem like a weird choice for the She Hulk, but hear me out on this one. In my opinion She Hulk is one of the most difficult characters to cast.

You need to get someone who can capture both the timid shyness and meekness of Jennifer, but the confidence, strength and aggression of She Hulk too. You essentially need someone who is a nerd and a tomboy at the same time.

Its kind of like casting Superman, you need someone who can be a big geek as Clark Kent, but also a big strapping hero for Supes.

A lot of the choices I have seen for She Hulk by fans online are often only right for Jennifer or for She Hulk, but not for both. Brigitte Nielson for instance would have made a great She Hulk, but would not have been believable as the mousy Walters. Similarly other picks like Angie Harmon and Lucy Lawless I feel might not be quite as believable as the shy and retiring Jennifer as well. Then obviously there are the actresses who would look too small and timid to be the She Hulk. However Ingrid I can definitely see doing both. To start with as her role as Osgood shows she could definitely play the more mousy and nerdy Jennifer. Some versions of Jennifer look like a cartoon version of Osgood already.

Jennifer Walters

As you can see Ingrid certainly would make a good Jennifer, however she would also make a great She Hulk. Ingrid as I have said many times before is a very versatile actress. There really is no type of role she can’t play. One of my favorite performances of hers is in the British comedy Peep Show where she plays a character called Natalie who is the polar opposite to Osgood. Natalie is a butch, tomboy whom everyone thinks is a Lesbian. Later however we see this isn’t the case when she forces herself on one of the main characters named Mark, played by David Mitchell and she effectively rapes him. Though it is played for laughs the episode addresses a very serious issue of how female on male rape can often be seen in a less serious way as Mark refuses to acknowledge that he was raped when he clearly was.

Quite different to Osgood I trust you’ll agree.

Ingrid as you can see could easily play a more aggressive character and she has a good build for the She Hulk she is naturally quite broad shouldered and quite tall too. If she beefed herself up a bit she would look every inch the She Hulk.

You can see what I mean about how she does have the right look for she Hulk too. I think Ingrid would really capture the vulnerability of Jennifer and the cockiness and humour of She Hulk better than anyone else, and I really hope that somebody at Marvel casts her in the role.

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