7 Actresses Who Could Play Xena


It was announced recently that Xena the Warrior Princess will be rebooted over 20 years after the series first debuted.

Very soon there may well be a whole new generation of young fangirls performing the Xena war cry.

Nothing is known about the reboot yet in terms of casting so we can only speculate as to who may be involved. In this article I am going to offer 7 suggestions for who I think could be great as one of the most iconic television characters of all time.

Lucy Lawless is pretty big shoes to fill and I must admit at first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a remake for that reason, but the way I see it if its good? Great! It will bring a whole new generation of fans to the series and if its crap? Well then the original still stands as the classic it is.

All of these actresses I think would do the role justice.

Jill Wagner

Jill has the right build and gravitas for Xena and she has plenty of experience playing action roles in fantasy series such as Teen Wolf and Blade the Series.

I can see her take on the character being much darker than Lucy’s which might benefit the show depending on what direction they were going in.

Xena could be both camp and very dark much like Batman and perhaps this remake will focus solely on the darker elements of the character such as certain versions of Batman have over the years.

Jill would probably be the best choice for a grittier take on Xena that focuses more on her brutal past and her blood feud with Callisto.

Jill is most famous for playing the psychopathic villainous Werewolf hunter Kate Argent in Teen Wolf. Her character was the constant tormentor of protagonist Derek Hale throughout the first season. Not only did she kill his family but she tortured him A LOT!

Poor Derek. It seems he didn’t do anything in series one but get tortured and beaten up by Kate.

The only reason you wouldn’t cast Kate as Xena is because she might be perfect as one of the villains of the series instead. She would be excellent as Alti, one of Xena’s archenemies in particular. Still I can also see her giving us a much grittier and darker version of the Warrior Princess herself.

Rachel Shelley

An English character actress best known for her role as Helena Peabody in The L Word (where she acted alongside Lucy Lawless herself). Rachel has had a consistent career on both sides of the Atlantic, but she has only ever really played guest or supporting roles which is a shame as I think she is a very good actress who could carry a series if given the chance.

She certainly looks the every inch the perfect Xena with her raven hair and piercing blue eyes and I think she would be able to handle the physical aspects of the role too.

The original and the second Xena together perhaps?

Katrina Law

Best known for her roles as Mira in Spartacus Blood and Sand and Vengeance as well as Nyssa Al Ghul in Arrow.

She’s already shown promise in both roles, with Mia in particular being one of the most well developed characters across the series as we see her go from a meek slave girl to a warrior in her own right.

I’d imagine that she would similarly be able to develop Xena in an interesting way as well as capture the various different sides to her personality.

Dawn Steele

A ridiculously underrated actress. Dawn is probably best known for her role as Lexie MacDonald in Monarch of the Glen though she has also appeared in other high profile British series such as Wild at Heart. She currently stars as Doctor Annie Jandhu in River City.

She is completely unknown to American audiences but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all Lucy Lawless herself was a total unknown when she was cast as Xena. Sometimes casting an unknown in a big role like Xena or the Doctor can work as it can allow the actor to blend into the role more easily.

Dawn is excellent at playing strong, complex and sexy characters as seen with her role as Annie alone. Also as you can see physically she is a great choice for Xena as she bares a rather startling physical resemblance to Lucy Lawless.

Katee Sackhoff

Already a genre queen thanks to her performance as Lieutenant Kara Starbuck Thrace in Battlestar Gallactica, Katee could play a role like Xena in her sleep at this point!

She’d have to dye her hair for the part however. Xena must always have dark hair in my opinion. A blonde Xena would just wouldn’t look right.

Jennifer Connelly

A highly respected and talented actress, Connelly has the right look and build, though she is quite small at only 5 foot 5 inches. She is a lot older than the other actresses on this list, but I actually think that would work in her favour.

The thing about Lucy Lawless was she actually wasn’t old enough to have lived the life that Xena was supposed too. Lucy Lawless was 27 years old when she first played Xena and thus it felt a little bit jarring when they gave her so much backstory as it feels like she would have had to have lived at least another 20 years in order to have done all of those things.

To start with her son Solon was 14 years old when he first appeared (so Xena would have to have been 13 when she had him!) Also Callisto’s family were meant to have been killed by Xena when Callisto was a little girl and Xena was the head of an army. Thing is Hudson Leick is the same age as Lucy Lawless so unless we assume that Xena was the head of an army when she was 7 then it can be safely assumed that Xena is much older than the 27 year old actress who played her.

Thus casting an older actress in the part might actually work better. It doesn’t seem likely that Connelly will play Xena, and I can see why out of all the choices on this list she probably seems like the odd one out, but still I think she would be good as an older more mature version of the Warrior Princess.

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid Oliver is easily one of my favourite people. She is an incredibly versatile and sadly somewhat under appreciated actresses in the United Kingdom. She is best known for her comedy double act Watson and Oliver and for guest starring in other series such as Peep Show and Doctor Who.

I think she would be an excellent choice for the warrior princess for a number of reasons.

First of all she can play strong, aggressive characters brilliantly such as Natalie, one of my favourite performances of hers in Peep Show. Natalie is a butch tomboy that the main characters Mark and Jeremy think is a lesbian, but she later ends up raping Mark whilst he is asleep.

You can see how from this she could play a similarly aggressive and tough Xena.

Ingrid also has a natural flair for comedy too. You can see this in her performances in Watson and Oliver and in Doctor Who where she played the nervous, shy, cute, sweet natured Osgood. She was able to cope with the more serious aspects of Osgood’s character too obviously but at the same time she was able to inject a certain comical shyness into the character which just made her all the more endearing. Osgood and Natalie demonstrate her versatility alone as both are literally polar opposites. I reckon Mark would have liked Osgood better than Natalie.

I think Ingrid much like Lucy Lawless could capture the zany humour of the character perfectly as well as the darker qualities.

Personally I think Ingrid would be the best choice for the role of Xena.

My dream cast for this reboot would be Ingrid as Xena, Margot Robbie as Callisto, Jill Wagner as Alti, Colin O’Donoghue as Autolycus, Katie McGrath as Velasca, Michael Sheen as Cesar and Tom Ellis as Ares.

Look at him in Merlin where he played basically the same character, a cocky, egotistical guy with long hair who fought with a psycho screaming blonde all the time.

I must admit I am not sure about who could play Gabrielle and Joxer however?

Still whilst Ingrid would be my number 1 choice for Xena I think all 7 of these actresses would have something to bring to the role and I’d be happy with any of them. Let me know what you think in the comments and please tell me any suggestions you have for Xena and other characters in the series.


One thought on “7 Actresses Who Could Play Xena

  1. Decent list of options, and I hope this new take on Xena happens. Personally from your list I’d like either Katrina Law or Rachel Shelley, but if she could be torn away from movies I reckon Gal Gadot could do a great job of bringing Xena to the small screen again.

    As for Gabrielle my inital thought would be Stephanie Leonidas, and someone like Jason Momoa for guest appearances as Hercules


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