In this article I am going to hopefully demonstrate to all of you why the Daleks are the most powerful and dangerous monsters in all of sci fi. I am going to match them up against many other famous alien races such as the Predators, the Martians from War of the Worlds, and the Empire from Star Wars.

Of course I am not saying that this makes the Daleks better villains than any of these characters. At the end of the day no one can say for sure who is the best villain. They all accomplish what they set out to do. The Daleks are the best metaphor for race hatred, the Alien works best in its claustrophobic setting, the Martians are the forebears meanwhile of almost all alien invaders in science fiction.

Still hopefully to those of you who wonder why the Daleks are seen as so scary and dangerous, this will show how the Daleks are easily capable of kicking the shit out of any other alien monster you can think of.

Lets get started then shall we.

1/ Daleks vs Well’s Martians

Well’s Martians ironically were one of the main inspirations on the Daleks. Both are octopus like creatures that house themselves within metallic armour. Also War of the Worlds has been a direct influence on many Dalek stories from The Dalek Invasion of Earth to Journey’s End.

Well’s Martians are truly formidable beasts. They walk around in gigantic tripods that can lift objects as large as trees and toss them through the air as though they were nothing, though their primary weapon is a gigantic heat ray, that can vaporize people and even metallic objects like tanks and boats into nothing.

So how would they fair against the Daleks? Well sadly not great.

To start with the Martians are clearly quite bad planners. It is hinted in the novel that they spent years preparing their invasion of earth, yet despite this they are felled by the common cold!

Clearly they didn’t do that much research into the planet after all. The Daleks meanwhile are expert planners. The Dalek Time Controller as seen in the Dark Eyes audio’s can spend years hiding in the time vortex studying his enemies, with no time having passed on the other side.

In a war between both races the Daleks would obviously study the Martians try and find their weaknesses, whilst the Martians would just wander in there thinking their heat ray could destroy the Daleks. Lets face it they only won against humanity because they were so far in advance of them they didn’t need to do planning. They could just show up and blast them and even then because they didn’t think it through they still ultimately lost against a Victorian with a runny nose!

The Daleks meanwhile have devised strategies that have allowed them to take on and actually win against the time lords.

Also finally look at what the Martians greatest weakness was. Their vulnerability to germs. They have no defences whatsoever against even the most minor infections.

Now look at one of the Daleks greatest strengths. Chemical warfare. In The Dalek Invasion of Earth the Daleks created a plague that very nearly drove humanity to extinction. In Planet of the Daleks they created a plague which could have wiped out all life in the Galaxy.

In Death to the Daleks they created a plague missile that could have exterminated all life on Exxilon.

So with this in mind yeah I think its safe to say that the could easily whip up something to destroy the Martians in no time.

Really Daleks vs Martians as far as I’m concerned would be a curb stomp battle. Daleks observe the Martians from a far, then find out that they can be killed by someone sneezing so they launch a plague missile like the one’s they used to conquer earth and bam. Martian race is exterminated.

2/ Daleks vs The Empire

The Empire are the main antagonists from the Star Wars franchise. Though probably among the most iconic of all sci fi baddies, these guys in a fight with the Daleks would still get their asses handed to them by Skaro’s finest for the following reasons.

1/ The Empire is tiny compared to the Dalek Empire

The empire we are told rules a galaxy far, far away. That’s the point though the Empire covers ONE galaxy. The Dalek empire meanwhile is said to cover several galaxies. Now only does this show the Daleks have more fire power to expand their empire across several different galaxies but also the Empire remember fell after trying to control one galaxy. The Dalek empire though it has suffered several set backs is still going strong as seen in 2014’s Into the Dalek.

2/ Destroying a planet is nothing to the Daleks

 In Army of Ghosts/Doomsday the Doctor tells Mickey that had the Daleks not been able to use the touch of a time traveller to open the Genesis ark they would have drawn energy from the sun which would have blown it up and destroyed the entire solar system. That’s what four Daleks could have done, destroyed our entire solar system to open something! In the Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End the Daleks steal planets from all across time and space. Even the Doctor who is a time lord, a member of a species who have turned time travel (something the Empire can’t do by the way) into a game for children says “that is fearsome technology”. 

Added to that in the 12th Doctor story Into the Dalek, the 12th Doctor mentions that the Daleks have destroyed billions of stars, which means they have destroyed entire solar systems and all of the planets in them too.

In Remembrance of the Daleks the 7th Doctor mentions that one Dalek spaceship can crack open the planet earth like an egg. And that is a ship piloted by only 400 Daleks.

Finally in Death to the Daleks the Doctor states that its the Daleks usual “Scorch the planet policy”

So clearly the act of destroying an entire planet is NOTHING to the Daleks when four of them can do it just to open something!

For the Empire however as we can see in a New Hope destroying a planet is a pretty big deal for them. It represents the pinnacle of what they can do. The Death Star is the ultimate weapon the Empire has, it took them years to build and they never have that type of power again. Four Daleks can already do several times what the Death star could do.

3/ The Reality Bomb is sooooooooooo much more badass than the Deathstar

The death star is a pretty impressive weapon. It can destroy an entire world at the push of a button and is the size of a moon.

Still its laughable compared to the Reality Bomb the Daleks ultimate weapon. The reality bomb to start with is contained within the Crucible a spaceship the size of a planet.

Also the Reality bomb which I might add is powered by stolen planets can destroy every universe across all of time and space itself!  Really show the death star next to the Crucible and I’d be embarrassed for any representative of the Empire. Their ultimate weapon is not even half the size of the Daleks and added to that it’s biggest achievement is that it can destroy one planet. One planet in one solar system at a time as opposed to every single planet and star and every solar system and every galaxy and every universe ever to have existed across all of reality itself!

Really this is a curb stomp battle in favour of Skaro’s finest.

I reckon the Cult of Skaro could take out the Empire by themselves.

Daleks vs Xenomorph’s

This is another curb stomp battle in favour of Terry Nation’s favourite creations. The Xenomorph’s are obviously dangerous monsters, but unfortunately if they were ever to go up against the Daleks they”d be out of their league.

To start with the Xenomorphs are just animals. They rely on brute strength and their strength isn’t even enough to tear their way out of human built spaceships. It seems very unlikely with this in mind that they would be able to tear their way through a Dalek spaceship or even a Dalek casing. Remember how powerful a Dalek casing is. It can withstand blasts from Cybermen death rays without any effect whatsoever.

Added to that the Daleks can fly and thus could just fly to a height where the Xenomorphs couldn’t find them.

Also the Xenomorph’s great advantage is that they can infect others through their face huggers which as their name would suggest leap on to their victims faces and lay an egg in their stomach which bursts out of their chest.

The thing is though the face huggers couldn’t do this to the Daleks. To start with they have no face, second of all how on earth could they get through the Daleks casing. They have been kept out by glass!

Also the Xenomorph’s other big advantage their acidic blood wouldn’t be of any uses to them either. The Daleks death rays seem to work in two ways. Either they destroy you internally or they vaporize you completely.

Either option would prevent the Aliens acid blood from being used. If the Daleks shot them then the death ray would scramble their organs but it wouldn’t make them bleed. A Dalek gun would zap them and leave their bodies unscathed. Remember the Xenomorph’s are vulnerable to energy weapons too as the Predator’s laser weapon was capable of destroying them easily. Also remember that a Dalek weapon at full blast can level an entire building or melt a spaceship as seen in Planet of the Daleks and The Stolen Earth. A Predator ray gun can’t do that!

Either that or it would be like when the Daleks shot Missy or the new Paradigm Daleks shot the old and vaporized them completely which would leave no blood behind.

Also even if they did cut themselves then whose to say their acid could melt the Daleks casing. Dalek casing’s have forcefields remember that can melt bullets. Whose to say that the acid wouldn’t be reduced to nothing. If special bastic headed bullets which are presumably stronger than the regular kind were unable to get through the forcefield then acid most likely wouldn’t. Remember that regular bullets are enough to blow up an aliens entire head!

Finally the Xenomorph’s have no technology to fight back against. Thus the Daleks could easily just nuke a planet they are on any way.

The Daleks would dispose of them effortlessly.

Daleks vs Shadows

Now again the Shadows whilst great villains are clearly outmatched by the Daleks. To them exploring beyond the galaxy, the “Galactic Rim” is a big deal. The Daleks have destroyed countless galaxies and have explored all of time and space itself. So looking at it this way then yes the Shadows are obviously not a match for the Daleks.

However I would also like to point out that the Daleks can match the Shadow’s in terms of manipulation too. That was one of the Shadows great strength was the way they were able to manipulate people such as Londo. The Daleks meanwhile we have seen manipulate individuals such as their own creator Davros, Mavic Chen, Lesterson, The Master and even the Doctor himself! They managed to trick the Doctor their most hated enemy into actually bringing about their resurrection.

Meanwhile in the Parting of the Ways we see how one Dalek the Emperor is able to manipulate all of human history, turning it from the 4th great and bountiful human empire to a corrupt, decadent empire. That’s pretty impressive. Imagine if one Shadow had been able to completely change the course of human history forever!

So yes not only are the Daleks more powerful and dangerous, but I’d say they at least give the shadows a run for their money in terms of being sneaky and manipulative.

Daleks vs The Predators

Once again much like the Shadows the Daleks are obviously far more advanced than the Predators. The Daleks can time travel the Predators can not, the Daleks can rip apart entire solar systems the Predators can not etc.

Still in a one on one fight I think the Predators probably would fare better than most of the other monsters here. One advantage they have over the Daleks is that they can turn themselves invisible something which the Daleks never managed if you’ll remember from Planet of the Daleks.

Still I think the Daleks could probably find a way round this. Later Dalek stories show the creatures as being able to detect other life forms when they can’t see them, so with this in mind they most likely could trace the Predators. Also on top of that the Predators wouldn’t actually be able to see the Daleks. The Daleks are encased in metal casings. Now remember that the Predator sees though infra red heat vision and Arnold Schwarzanegger was able to hide from it by covering himself in mud.

If mud is enough to make Arnie invisible from the Predator then a Dalek mutant which would be the only part of its body that would radiate heat would be completely shielded by the casing.

This coupled with the fact that the Daleks can fly a big advantage in any fight means that the Daleks could just zap them from above and the Predators wouldn’t even be able to see them. It would be yet another curb stomp battle in favour of the Daleks.

Daleks vs Treens

The Treens were the main villains from the British comic strip Dan Dare. They are arguably the most influential race of aliens in all of sci fi after Well’s Martians. Though Well’s Martians were the first invaders the Treens were the first race who were shown to have an empire and a fully functioning society like the Daleks, the Klingons etc.

They were a massive inspiration on the Cybermen, the Sontarans and yes the Daleks with their leader the Mekon being the inspiration for Davros.

Sadly despite their prominence within the genre the Treens once again would be lucky to last 10 minutes against the Dalek Empire.

The Teens for most of Dan Dare are barely a threat beyond their own solar system. Though some strips show them expanding beyond that, by and large the Treen empire consists of one solar system.

4 Daleks as we saw in Doomsday could destroy our entire solar system. Thus 4 Daleks could wipe out the Treens.

Added to that one Dare strip makes a big deal of the Mekon having managed to control a black hole. The Daleks meanwhile fought the species that created black holes the Time Lords and actually beat them!

Also the Treens only conquered the earth once. The Daleks have done it now 4 times 2 of which were when earth was far more advanced than when the Treens did it.

So yeah again there’s no contest really.

Also in terms of being bat shit mental the Mekon is no match for Davros. The Mekon wants to take over the universe so he can study it. Davros wants to burn it all into nothing!

Daleks vs Star Trek Races

Sorry Trekkies (of which I am one) but its true that the Daleks would completely and utterly own the shit out of all the major Star Trek races. Don’t believe me see below.


Come on here this wouldn’t be a battle. It would be a mass slaughter.

The Klingons have an empire which spans maybe a galaxy or a couple of galaxies at the most. To them the Genesis Device which can create or destroy a planet is a huge thing for them.

Again need I point out that 4 Daleks are powerful enough to destroy several planets, and that their empire has destroyed several billion galaxies and that they can also time travel too. Plus the Klingons are so concerned about honour where as the Daleks just don’t give a fuck about anything except destroying all other life forms.

Also look at how badly the Klingons got owned by V,Ger a machine that could have destroyed the entire planet earth. If they get owned by a machine that destroyed an entire world, then how are they going to do against the reality bomb or whatever device it was the Daleks used to teleport planets across all of time and space.

Again its a curb stomp.


Again these guys wouldn’t stand a chance against the Daleks. Romulus was destroyed in Star Trek 2009 by an exploding sun. The cult of Skaro could easily have destroyed Romuluses sun the way that they would have destroyed Earth’s. Also again the Daleks could have just snatched Romulus like they did earth and blitz it with bombs that could shatter whole continents as seen in The Parting of the Ways. Or they could unleash a chemical weapon that could wipe them out like earth. Basically there are about a million ways the Daleks could destroy these guys.


Arguably the most formidable of all the big Star Trek villains sadly they too would be no match for Skaro’s finest.

The Borg have a tough time against the Federation who are able to hold them back and eventually beat them. The Daleks meanwhile when dealing with the fourth great and bountiful human empire decimate the planet earth. I might add the Borg outnumbered the Federation as they had trillions of drones, where as in the Daleks case when they took on the fourth great and bountiful human empire (which was more advanced than the Federation) they numbered half a million whilst on Earth at that point humanity numbered 98 billion!

The result of that fight? One Dalek was temporarily blinded. Humanity was driven virtually to extinction as the Daleks blitzed whole continents of people out of existence.

Also on top of that the Daleks have mastered time travel to a far greater extent than the Borg. The Borg went on one time travel mission whilst the Daleks have mastered it to the point that individual Daleks can emergency temporal shift through time.

Also the Daleks again can destroy stars, catapult planets, break down the barriers between universes, shatter continents from space, crack open planets like an egg.

It is true that the Borg can upgrade themselves, but it is stated that there is a limit and since a single Dalek death ray can level an entire building or melt a spaceship or as seen in the Magician’s Apprentice destroy the TARDIS (remember the TARDIS can survive being buried under several billion tons of lava, and dropped off of several thousand foot mountain without so much as a scratch) then its safe to say that they could plow their way through several Borg drones effortlessly at once.

Are you still not convinced?

Okay take these FACTS into consideration.

In the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover Assimilation the Cybermen kicked the shit out of the Borg.

Here it is.

Not only do the Cybermen humble the Borg, but it is also revealed that had the Doctor not stopped the Cybermen then they would have first of all converted the Borg and then gone on to convert the Klingons, the Romulans, the Carassians, the Ferenghi, pretty much all of the Star Trek universe.

So the Cybermen are far more badass than the Borg, the Klingons, the Romulans and the Cardassians.

How did the Cybermen fair against the Daleks again?

As Rose Tyler said “5 million Cybermen easy”.

Also technically the Daleks very nearly wiped out the Star Trek Universe in the Doctor Who story The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.

It was revealed in the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover that Doctor Who and Star Trek take place in alternate universes to one another.

Now in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End the Daleks threaten to destroy every universe with their reality bomb. Had they not been stopped then they would have succeeded. Rose Tyler comes from an alternate time line where the bomb has gone off and destroyed all realities, though she is able to travel back just as the blast reaches her universe and help prevent the bomb from going off.

Thus had Rose been unsuccessful then the bomb would have destroyed the Star Trek universe and all of the Star Trek aliens, the Klingons, the Cardassians and the Romulans with it.

Nothing the Klingons have ever done has threatened the Daleks.

Therefore its obvious that the Daleks are far more powerful.

Also remember that it is established that the Doctor Who Universe is a parallel universe to the Marvel and therefore the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Furthermore another Star Trek crossover establishes that Trransformers takes place in another universe to Star Trek and therefore Doctor Who.

Also a DC/Marvel crossover establishes that DC Comics takes place in an alternate universe to Marvel too, as does the DC animated Universe. It is established however that DC and Marvel take place in separate multiverses. Still they are part of the same Omniverse

Thus the Whoniverse, the Trekverse, the DC Universe the Marvel universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Transformersverse are all part of one great big multiverse.

Furthermore depending on how seriously you take the Buffy series 8 comic book seriously then Doctor Who and Buffy take place in the same canon as the Tenth Doctor and Rose make a cameo in it.

According to Joss Whedon Buffy series 8 is canon remember. Makes me wonder what Buffy was doing the night the earth was stolen. I guess she and the Scoobies must have been doing their best to fight the Daleks.

So with this in mind had the Daleks not been stopped in using their reality bomb then the following aliens and monsters would have all been destroyed by the Daleks.

They all would have been turned to dust by the reality bomb had it not been for the Doctor.

Technically the most important story in Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, the MCU, Star Trek, Transformers and possibly Buffy the Vampire Slayers canon. The main characters in all of those franchises were in danger from what the Daleks were doing in this story!

Other Doctor Who Monsters

The Daleks have thrashed pretty much every other major Doctor Who villain you can think of.

The Cybermen as we have seen got their assess handed to them quite badly at Canary Wharf, the Zygons, the Autons, their home planets where destroyed by the Daleks, the Time Lords would have lost the time war had it not been for the Doctor cheating.

And finally at the siege of Trenzalore the Daleks beat out the Cybermen, the Sontarans, the Silurians, the Autons, the Ice Warriors, the Slitheen, the Judoon, the Terileptiles, the Silence and the Weeping Angels all at once!

Thus they are unquestionably the Doctors most powerful and dangerous enemies.


No power in this or any universe can stand against the Daleks. They are the ultimate monster in every conceivable way. Face facts when it comes to blowing shit up and committing acts of cosmic genocide then they are unquestionably the supreme beings.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Interesting. Not saying I’m convinced but interesting. 🙂

    I see your Daleks and raise you Sutekh. A single, malevolent being from a powerful race who destroyed his homeworld, left a wake of chaos and destruction across half a galaxy and took over seven hundred of his fellow beings just to defeat and imprison. The Fourth Doctor speculated, should he be freed, not even the Time Lords could have stopped him.

    While stretching the term villain, I’d also add a Culture ship could quite possibly destroy the Daleks before they’d even realize what was happening. With battle times for fleet actions measured in microseconds.

    So I’d argue there’s still a few beings/factions in the multiverse who can match or exceed the Daleks.XD


      • Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something but even if the Daleks could perceive they still would need to be able to react in the tenths of a second which, as far as I know, the Daleks can’t. At which point a Culture ship, depending on load out and mission, could blow up the world the Daleks are on or simply “reprogram” the entire population to do its bidding.


  2. Hello, I have to admit I love sci fi.And I love doctor who. And the daleks. But the daleks aren’t all powerful. Despite controlling many galaxies. One man a time Lord always defeated him. He was called by their creator the destroyer of worlds as seen the stolen earth and it’s sequel episode.
    Apart from the Doctor.
    There is unicron from transformers the movie 1985
    There is galactus, thanos, dormammu, the living tribunal, mephisto, death, ch’thon, satanish, asgardians to name a few from the marvel universe
    There is darkseid of D.C. universe
    There is tralene, Q, the orgainians of star trek universe
    Not to mention the old ones in Buffy the vampire slayer. And illyria from Angel .
    As for star wars , from whils to the father, daughter, and son who are Force Deities from the clone wars episodes. ( sorry I don’t remember their official titles, but the son represents the dark side, the daughter the light side, the father the balance )
    These beings could destroy the daleks like you blowing on a dandelion.


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